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Hour 1: Matt Nagy


At indeed we believe a resume is a great way to see an overview of a candidate but you're not hiring a resume. You're hiring person. That's why indeed offers tools that help bridge the the gap between the candidate and the resume skill tests which let you actually see a candidate's abilities action to make sure they're a good job. See beyond the resume with indeed experience indeed for yourself today and get a free sponsor job of grade on your first posting at indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply morning. It is time to get up with cuyler murray game number two for pick number one. What is the one thing our guys need to see from him. They will i'll tell you right off the top then i have no choice but to explain exactly what the cowboys should do about zeke elliot and then i'll explain why there's no chance of actually doing flushing the coach of the bears joins us live through the monsters of the midway. Make miami this year. There's lots to talk about. Let's get up with us starting right now. From at the york delighted to have you with us here on what is going to be a very interesting day in the national football league. Sam is back bobby back. Jordan rodgers made his way in <hes> <hes> nice to see you for together here very glad to have. You got a lot of quarterback stuff to get to and a whole lot more. We have five games on the n._f._l. Preseason schedule tonight going to pick one thing. We're looking forward to bobby go. I'm looking at the washington redskins dwayne haskins can he bounced back throwing a pair of picks against the browns. He did a good job. He made some some nice throws but as a rookie. You're going to see improvement each and every week. Are you going to move from those mistakes. He space in the bengals now candy be more efficient and accurate down the field jordan jordan. What are you looking forward to seeing tonight. I mean everybody wants to know what this packers offense is. Gonna look like but actually i'm more than lamar jackson. I mean they're going to revolutionize the offense offense as horrible said but one hundred forty seven rushes from the quarterback position. That's not sustainable in preseason. They don't want him to run. I wanna see what he looks like playing from the pocket it in a preseason game where you should look polished. I want to see if you can do it from the bucket sam. What are you looking for stan hat on right now. I was born and raised in phoenix and it's it's been a long time since we've been this excited about a quarterback. The cardinals have not had a rookie quarterback start week one since nineteen fifty four. We saw what would happen last year. We see how confident cuyler murray is. Let's see if you can keep the confidence up. Keep getting the ball out of his hand quickly and get this fan base bastogne again. That is very homeric of you. I would never do such a thing. I'm looking forward to the jets. The jets and everyone is talking about their offense and darnold. I'm looking afford to see what their defense can do. Buried beneath the explosion of daniel jones coverage is that in the one series the jets ones were on the field last week. They held eli and the giants to a three three and out the jet defense with the new coordinator greg. Williams should be very different this year and much improved. I'm looking forward to seeing them on the field tonight okay. That's what we're looking forward to watch it. How about you. How about our second. Look at the number one pick column or tonight as the cardinals host the raiders the games on e._s._p._n. He was six of seven for forty four four yards that his preseason debut last week. So what do we expect for tonight booger mcfarland. We'll be on the call. He has these thoughts book. Thanks things greening ever since we got out here in the desert listen to columbine cliff kingsbury. They're anxious. They want to get back on the football field their offense. We call a murray at the him only played a series his own opening night now tonight. We're going to see colin murray in this offense for about a quarter. Maybe a little more. Obviously that could change. They come down to score pretty quick. What are you going to see i. I want to see something very similar to the golden state warriors. It's called pace in space. They're not gonna go up tempo but the ball is gonna come out in rhythm. They talk about the ball coming out a quarterback's hands in two and a half seconds or less if they can do that now you get the ball to your playmakers in space another thing look for the ball to go to the running backs every cliff kingsbury offense. The ball goes to the banks and the banks have a lot of reception so i think it's going to be no different. David johnson talks about he wants to be thousand yard rusher and a thousand yard received. Well guess what they're gonna. Throw him the ball here and if you're tuned into nine you want to see callum run the football. You're probably not gonna see that cliff kingsbury saving the calamari run game until the regular season should be a fun night. Hope everyone tunes in back to you. Green booger thank you we're looking forward to that and we should see calum murray for at least a quarter. Tonight is what we are told and maybe a little more bobby. What do you need to see from the number one pick tonight well last last week. We saw him get the ball out of his hands like burger was saying all quick game to the outside mccollum rue. The one thing that everybody talked doc was his height. Would he be able to stand the puck tall offensive line. He was actually really good in college. He's able to push the ball down. The field in the middle had great success or the best than f._b._i. V._s. doing so but all the quick game seeing here is fantastic. Kenny stand there through over the offensive line and like dwayne haskins did through the second level routes over talk with the linebackers it underneath the safeties that are challenging for quarterbacks. That may not be all that taw jordan. Are you covered mostly the college here and so i have not had a chance to get your perspective perspective and i'm not sure if everyone watching has how high are you on cuyler murray generally speaking coming in number one pick you watched him obviously all of last year and projecting him vote. How high are you on college. Kylo really high. I think in the last four years him baker mayfield. I'm not just saying this because they played at the same school and they have similar games. They play with a suddenness and those two guys more than any. I've seen the last four or five years coming out into the n._f._l. Get to their second birth progressions so quickly and so accurately they play with the suddenness which means when they get off that i read get to their second or their third. The ball comes out right away now. What i'm looking forward to seeing is how his accuracy measures up in the n._f._l. Because your second third option in college is usually pretty wide open if you get to those you're going to be a good quarterback in the n._f._l. Does windows are much tighter. One see that accuracy on this the general concepts of whatever this cliff kingsbury offense is going to being again. We're not going to see that and and they're going to hold a bunch of tricks up their sleeve until we but the general stuff that feels like it is going to be a greater experiment than we have seen even in chip kelly and some of the others in the past. Do you believe that will work on this level with all of the athletes that will be on defense that are not there in the big twelve. I think it will work work especially for this first half of this is mentioned see as defenses start to narrow in on what they do and what they do well. That's what the n._f._l. Does well but here's what i'll say. The appeal was a different animal hannibal. You can scheme for it. All you want at the end of the day. A linebackers gotta make a decision and if he makes a decision the quarterback is quick enough. He can't be right so in a way. It's tough to scheming. I understand that but there was one thing i will keep coming back to and i remember on the whole show. Mike used to say all the time. You know what you're never see old running quarterbacks so i kinda murray. We're not going to see him run with the football tonight. I understand that but when this offense starts becoming what this offense is going to be here is a man who is diminutive in stature by n._f._l. All standards who is going to be running with the ball in his hands a lot. Does that not concern you that is concerning for me and that's why i want to see him eventually. Throw the ball second level from the pocket because you said you'd never see old running quarterbacks to win the n._f._l. At some level you have to be able to sit in the pocket and make those downfield throws collar. Did it in college. I want to see him now will do in the n._f._l. Games nice the running terrific but there are some tried and true principles and that is one of them visit. I'm rooting for it. I know everyone sort of thinks that i'm opposed to this. I've just just been around long enough that i if i've never seen something happen. I'm very skeptical that it can and so we'll see we'll get a taste of it tonight in arizona again the cardinals taking on the raiders burger and company anthony eight eastern on e._s._p._n. Looking forward to seeing that and while most of the attention will be centred. I'm tyler murray in that game. Our louis riddick actually has his eyes on the other our quarterback it was on twitter last night talking about derek carr and again when lewis speaks if you're not listening you're making a mistake and this is what louis riddick tweeted at one thirty four four in the morning quote raiders quarterback derek carr about to have the best season of his career this very consequential to me because of my extraordinary ordinary respect for lewis and be because i think it's pretty much contrary to what everyone else's expectations seen to be with antonio brown missing so much time with a mix of jon gruden and derek carr so not looking so good through at least the first season and whatever we've got a training camp here the fact that they owe him no money going into next year here. I think more people i've talked to think this will be cars last year as the quarterback with the raiders because i think a lot of those people you're talking to participate him coming out and playing poorly and and as a quarterback can really any position especially with jon gruden who his favorite quarterback is always the next one. It's about the confidence and derek carr is a couple years removed from being twelve four when he had a murray cooper there he was pretty good. He was on the shortlist for being m._v._p. So the tools are all dare to me what the issue was was this confidence and i think the the wounded best things that happened for him was hard knocks and that may be contrary to a lot of people's opinion but i think the relationship between him gruny's appear to be positive on air and whether no not that exists privately we don't know but i think that the public recognition helps him knowing that appears john gruden's in his corner and he'll be able to go out there and cut it loose. I think i think we have we have we have decided to sooner who derek carr is if you look at last year fifty one sacks thirty one more than two thousand seventeen when he was a player that a lot of people were talked about being the next aaron rodgers being the next guy to be in this league <hes> so i think we were too soon on off line play in a new offense as a quarterback. You can't understate how important those two things are who you are who talent as talented as you can be if you're on your back. You can't play the position well. I think he's got a little bit of fire under them. I think he's got got a chip on his shoulder. I think he's as talented as anybody. I think he can put it together this year so i'm more inclined to agree with louis especially since it was one thirty in the morning so we probably grinding on film you didn't just tweets weekday out of nowhere and listen to to louis his point. He knows this derek. Carr have the best season of his career. He had a huge season a few years ago. The year the raiders has made the playoffs and he wound up being hurt and they got blown out and look just terrible in his absence but he was a legit m._v._p. Candidate the point that you just made so i mean if he's going to be better than that and maybe the raiders will surprise a lot of people with the season this year and maybe antonio brown. We'll be ready to be a part of us. Jacobs will help out with that as well too yeah. They had three first first round picks in. They're very difficult to project. What oakland is or isn't going to be louis. Riddick is bullish to say the least week two of the preseason ten teams in action tonight. Let's run the hurry up quickly bobby bobby packers and baltimore tonight. What are you watching in this game. Well just like the rookie quarterback somebody looking at the second year guy and lamar jackson what he's able to do and can't heathrow from the pocket. Kenny improves accuracy last week. We're watching this ball here. I think that was supposed to go to the tight end on an out route so you his numbers were bad but he's able to hang in there. Throw want to see this. New-look offense improve a little bit. We won't see a ton of it but he needs to be more efficient on the other side jordan what part of green bay most interesting tonight and it's really the deep inside. It's been four four. Maybe five years since the packers had a guy like clay matthews when clay matthews what's who we was that could dominate double teams dominate one on one match ups for sean gary kim to do that. He's a freak athlete but can you put it together. As production disappeared at times in college. It did in the first preseason game. I wanna see his body and his intangibles lineup with production now the game tonight bobby bengals and washington. What are you watching in this game. I'm watching the bengals offensive line. You see joan williams right there. The first round pick isn't going to be playing. He was supposed supposed to be the answer for this team. They've got good skill players. They've got void a._g. Green snicked up but he's been good joe mixing elite running back but if they can't protect them they can open up any holes old struggling so they're going to need to continue to improve and they can't afford any injuries and on the other side dwayne haskins washington jordan. What are you going to be watching enhanced. It's just decision vision making them a couple of interceptions early that's understandable. He is by far the most talented quarterback on this roster. I mean when the ball comes out of his hands. It doesn't look like that when it comes out of mccoy oy or keenum's hands but those guys have been around the league along time because they make good decisions. They protect the football to learn to do that but he's got to get a lot more reps. He's gotta take care of the football but i want to talk more about him for just a minute. I didn't have you here during the draft time. I'm very high was very high on dwayne haskins and obviously mr ohio state over here it goes without saying what was your take on haskins coming into the draft extremely talented love the background that he came from in the offense that they ran a translates exactly to what he needs to do with the n._f._l. Level and i think his decision making in college is i didn't question as much but things change in the n._f._l. Especially at that second level the biggest change for me at the quarterback position is the speed of the linebackers which means those windows close so much faster faster than they did in college. There's an adjustment period. He's got the talent. I think the smarts between the ears he's got that and he's got a chip on shoulder. I think he's got the entire recipe to be successful. It just might take him come in in second at some point during this season he's coming. He's going to play. He has all the arm out in the world and sometimes when you're a rookie and you get thrown in there your your fundamentals your mechanics. If you watch his base at times i think it wasn't as good as it needed to be and that's sometimes jordan because you're you're seeing where they're supposed to trying to figure everything now but he did make some elite throws that decision making like you mentioned got to wrap it up and tighten it a little look if you watch those games last week kyla <unk> only played a little bit dow jones only played one series haskins askins played a lot more. They opened it up a lot more so it may be made sense. He would make more mistakes. He played a lot as i mentioned last week against the browns six series. The results were mixed. The skins turned it over at each of his first two manufacturing just one first down over his first three jobs but again there were a lot of things in there to light sam talk about another quarterback. Yeah let's move. Yvonne andrew luck his status for week. One remains uncertain as he is recovering from an injury. That's been attributed to his catt a bone in his foot and now the high ankle area his head coach frank right was asked how long he can wait to make a decision on the colts week one starter ideally the more time you have the better <hes> but you know by the by the end of the third preseason game. I think you just have to know something. You know you gotta be able to make the call move so a move from there on whether the full speed with andrew after that third preseason game or at that point you know. Are we going to go with jacoby so we'll make that decision when that time comes all right. Let's bring in our n._f._l. Reporter jeff darlington jeff. I know you're all over this. I it seems in some ways almost caught them off guard. That andrew hasn't been able to play this off season. How much do you think they knew about whether or not he'd be able to play sim. This did catch them off guard. I was actually listening to free creek several weeks ago. On august third talk about how he felt like andrew luck was progressing was ramping it up and seemed like he should be at practice now all of a sudden. He's asking for basically some clarity on whether he can even play week week one. What's peculiar about that. Time line that he just laid out is that august twenty fourth is that final preseason game and they don't play in the regular season or the third preseason game in the regular season till september eighth so we're talking about two weeks that he wants to have some clarity when it comes to injury luck at this point i continued to be told this is about pain management. It's not necessarily about whether he needs surgery. They don't have surgery on the table more about whether he can play through this injury but look kobe percent looked very good against the browns around. I'm not saying that he's the answer for the for the colts this year but he at least is getting the practice reps that if andrew luck can't go after that third preseason game the frank reich decides that you've over percents the guy at least gotten some time with the stars yeah. That's definitely the silver lining in all of this for jacobi present. Let's stick to the quarterback theme and get to what's in your notebook. Let's start with the dolphins so i guess we should have seen this coming sand but josh rosen now a little bit of push to ryan fitzpatrick brian flora's the head coach had made clear that patrick was leaving the competition but suddenly i am told that rosen is making a push his own chip on his shoulder seems to be doing just fine. I you can see this thing. He <hes> quite quite a lot by going all right. Let's also talk about cam newton. We haven't been talking about him a lot recently but a lot of is is on the carolina panthers and his shoulder. What's the latest there. We should keep our eyes on cam newton. This could be one of those comeback of the year type stories the people in carolina that i've been speaking to you said that this guy is starting to look like that <hes> that m._v._p. Guy that we saw several years ago he's firing on all cylinders and he loves the cast around him. I think this will be an offense to watch my sources and carolina's saying the cam newton looking like the guy that we all came to know when he made that super bowl run yeah another year under norv turner system stomach could be interesting to watch this year all right. Thanks jeff has always okay. It's time to get up and go jimmy garoppolo through five straight interceptions at forty niners practice on wednesday bobby. I know that's bad but is it a big deal. It's almost you almost can't even fathom it swimming to throw five fixing practice okay that happens. I've seen the happens some pretty good quarterbacks at times especially you might be installing something you are going against the different defense but five consecutive interceptions that almost doesn't even make sense. Oh i'm going to throw this out and let's see through his five picks in a game or does something like nathan peterman style. I think he's going to be okay. Another shot at nate peterman. He's having a good preseason alright bobby to baseball. The yankees continued their dominance over the orioles to sixty five win on wednesday their sixteenth straight over baltimore according to elias biased. That's the most consecutive wins in a season. Any one team has had over another in the divisional era. The yankees won the season series with baltimore more seventeen to two team u._s._a. Basketball continuing their preparations for the world cup that they had a rough scrimmage yesterday. Losing to a select team made made up of mainly g. league overseas players thirty six to seventeen the loss will do nothing to quell concerns over the quality of the team u._s._a. Roster after many superstars withdrew from the team this summer and switching golf tiger woods set to tee off at twelve fifty four p._m. Eastern today in the first round one of the b._m._w. Championship at dina tiger completed a successful nine holes in the pro-am on wednesday after the round. He said he was feeling much better. Take a listen way better yeah. It was nice to take those those days off and i had just let it calm down and and <hes> get a bunch of treatment on it. Definitely i feel like i did on friday. That's for sure i'm trying to win this tournament just like anybody else in this field and trying to get the eastlake and trying to get to the place where a lot of things changed last year for me and hopefully i can make that up eastlake was of course where he claimed his first victory since twenty thirteen this week he'll be making his fifth career start in which he withdrew in the middle of the previous easiest week tournament. It'll be his first such start in over five years back to the two thousand fourteen p._g._a. Championship when he posted consecutive rounds over par to miss the cut. Did you see this yesterday <hes> bobby. You're gonna need to explain this ohio. State university is seeking to trademark the word the for the for use on clothing and hats. I'm not one hundred percent sure bobby. This means that no one else will be allowed to use the word <hes> for the it'll make it very complicated to speak the english language and also was a free opportunity for us to show you a little bit of bobby carpenter playing football. Oh by the way they they got trolled obviously yesterday by their rivals team up north is urban used to call them the university of michigan who might be trying to trademark the word of <hes> but here's a look. You know i mean listen. I i liked the fact it's the ohio state university but the fact is trying to trademark it now like just saying the lane we can gonna have it. I don't know if we need to go all the way there feel like they always do those polls of the most hated fan bases and i'm actually scared to say this because twitter is not going to be kind but probably this does not help help your case okay. This is not helping your people go further with it either. We're on the same team. Wow are you kidding before trademark deal house that unit. I love it. I just can't get past the hair. I we're gonna have to have a lengthy conversation about what exactly it was. You were thinking king back then for all right as we continue ezekiel. Elliott's holdout moves on we'll tell you why jerry jones has to decide between business and personal and why in my opinion you won't plus expectation sky high in the windy city can trubisky lead the bears back to the super bowl his coach matt nagy joins us live in this hour on e._s._p._n. Get up is brought to are you by geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance and by miller lite break taste and only ninety six calories or and i there's a tradition and get it still seems kind of mean dodger rookie edwin riyaz hit his first two major league home runs last night and both times got the silent treatment and the dugout football players. Tell me how how would you like this. He's just like no one's even looking at they want. They want acknowledge him. I think it's funny. I get out of it. I mean kitten and you have to think how great of a tradition that is like london. Romantics are my favorite part about baseball. I wish we had that kind of thing in full knowledge in a lonely anyway as we continue in this half hour what jerry should do and why he won't z. In five minutes this tango vilo deserve to be at the top of everybody's draft board and the coach of the bears joins joins us live all that more as we roll on its get up on e._s._p._n. And indeed we understand that when it comes to hiring it's important to have a large talent pool that she was from but sometimes too many good options can be overwhelming. That's why indeed doesn't just get you access to a large pool of job seekers. We also offer screener tools that let you instantly narrow down your search hone in on hiring with indeed experience indeed for yourself today. Hey get a free sponsor job of great on your first posting and indeed dot com slash promo terms and conditions apply. It took three outside right out today. Listen we all know how zeke elliott holdout is going to end right. Jerry jones is going to cave. He can't help himself and part of that is because does he wants so badly to win but i believe there's another reason as well i believe jerry genuinely cares about his players and doesn't want to do to zeke what he absolutely could all right. Here's the deal. Ezekiel elliott is not in the position. That levy on bell was in last year or even were dak. Prescott is right now. He's a first round pick who was played a total of three seasons and if he holds out indefinitely do you know when he would become a free agent. Never if jerry wants to he can tell zeke. You have to show up here. If you ever want to get paid need to play football again in your life. Would that be the right thing to do. That's not for me to say but you can make a pretty strong argument to pay any running back. The money's zeke elliott has asking for makes no sense first of all. No one else is doing it and i felt team spent less money on their running backs last year than they did ten years ago. Even though the salary cap has has increased by fifty percent that is because no one runs the ball anymore the average game last year had fifty two rushing attempts. That's the fewest ever and that is because running the ball. All is no longer the way to win. You know the last team the lead the n._f._l. In rushing and win the super bowl was the eighty five bears the last player to lead the league in rushing and win. The super bowl was was terrell davis. That was one thousand nine hundred ninety eight. It hasn't happened this century for crying out. Loud more kickers signed contracts worth ten million guaranteed dollars this off season than running backs. So where does that leave the cowboys in the driver's seat if they want to be it's unfortunate and it's probably fair but of jerry jones doesn't want to pay zeke elliott fortune of money. He absolutely doesn't have to and you could make a pretty strong argument that he probably should not. That's what i think i now. I'm going to duck tuck. Turn to bobby carpenter the former cowboy and ask him if you agree with either thesis one that he doesn't have to pay a running back that kind of money and paying one makes no sense to that the reason he will at least in part is he doesn't want to do that to the kid because he likes him. I agree with parts of both i think first of all they're they're only probably three or four running backs that are worth top dollar and it's because they not only contribute in the running game but they can contribute in the passing game and zeke elliott attributed for thirty six percent and of the dallas cowboys offense last year. That's greater than any other player and the n._f._l. In three years he's been the best running back jim brown in n._f._l. History running the football and one of the main things that he does is he makes their defense significantly better. They have all these talented players over there. They've got demarcus lawrence jalen smith vandross andress. These guys are really good and he makes them better because the time of possession is on their side. The cowboys running slower paced offense than anybody in the n._f._l. They're built to pound and they're not built to throw it all over the place and jerry he does love his players. He doesn't wanna do that the zeke but he also loves winning and while he may never have to pay z. He may also never everyone is super bowl winner superbowl though by playing that style i just demonstrated for you that no one has in this millennium no you don't and that's the thing i agree that this this offense is built to have zeke in it but then again last year there were twenty sec in yards per game twenty second points until cooper showed up and they jumped up to around on fifteen so they are much better with the maury cooper because that allows dak prescott to be better so i'll ask you this over the next five years if you could choose to have zeke beep the best running back in the league and play a high level or dak be top five quarterback in the league and play at a high level what you're going to choose the more likely option which is being a top five running back okay but i'm saying i'm saying in order for that to happen in order for dak to actually get to the point where he can do that in justify the amount of money. You're going to have to pay him. You have to have a more cooper and you can't have all three of those guys get the money that they want so cooper. Index is the combo that you have to keep together more so than pay zeke and trying to pay all three of then. It's not gonna work. They were winning games even when their offense was bad defense was better was holy when zeke was suspended two seasons ago those six games. They struggled because they couldn't run the football. Their defense was on the field more throwing the ball. Maybe the way to win but they haven't built this team with thirty five million on a quarterback which you're gonna have to can you justify justify spending top dollar on a running back or when you spend that money on a quarterback that guy better be able to make everybody on that roster better and elevate the plane no matter who you plug. It's not the formula for winning a super bowl recently. We've seen that we know that just look at what bill belichick's done with relative unknowns at the position but what else do we we know about jerry jones. Jerry jones loves us star and just need the one on the helmet. He loves a big name guy. That's going to be talked about on t._v. Every day he he loves that zeke is just that and the other thing about billionaires and not that i know any really any but they don't wanna look cheap right. A billionaire does not wanna look cheap if he nickels in dimes this whole thing we saw him in the interview the other day saying like i could actually afford these guys on my own but you know the system won't allow it. I think the deal ends up getting done. It'll get done because jerry wants to win that super bowl. I keep going back to that and here's the thing you can talk to get zeke. I don't know what he would get on the open market but i don't something that would would garner thirty four million on the open dark. I ordered either to me. He's thirty million dollar guy. They'll pay him more than course once just to make him feel good and then. I don't know how the jury is going to try to figure out amari cooper somehow someone paid a whole lot of money for a lot of other quarterbacks that have accomplished a whole lot less. Dak prescott has accomplished this far in his career. It'll it'll be very interesting to watch where this thing goes again. I don't like saying the things that i said because a totally unfair to these running backs but those are the reality of the situation. Meanwhile todd mcshay has dropped his big board and at the very top of the number one slot for next year his alabama quarterback to a tongo vilo was coming off a season way through forty three touchdowns engine ran for another five joined at the top of this by teammate and frequent target. Jerry judy was at number two and you can see some of the other players on this list. I immediately looked to see where we're justin herbert pop in the next quarterback and he is at number seven. There were a lot of people who thought he could have gone into the draft. This past year would have adapted very high. Had he been so again. He's got to at number one. He's got berber at number seven. If you're wondering where's trevor lawrence and all this trevor lawrence is not involved. He cannot be drafted next year. He's not coming in so it really is. At this moment. I went about those two quarterbacks so i'm looking to you and your mind right now. As a prospect who's better to a tongo by lower or just harvard and this is one. I go back and forth on right now. I think i have a lot of questions about sung by lower right now. The four best defense is he played last year six interceptions. He turned the ball over against the best teams efface last year. I mean we've seen him. Put together a complete game against a defense that you'd say well that shows me he can play at the next level. Now are there translatable skills absolutely throws off platform platform great decision making great anticipates in touch but it doesn't have the arm strength that just in herbert has either oh and also we only put the top ten of their jerry judy at number two henry rugs and number eleven eleven so too was playing with two guys that are top fifteen picks possibly in the n._f._l. In todd mcshay is what if you put just her with those guys how i think there's questions ends about both but has not proven to me yet in his body of work that he can go against the best and consistently be the best choose the little slider. He's a little smaller than herbert herbert and look at that he hasn't started to me really started and finished in one game. You could throw the oklahoma game there but came in in the second half of the national championship game aimed at defensive swiss cheese did but in you look at that and then the s._e._c. championship he had to be bailed out by jalen hurts and then in the national championship game you watch what happened the doors up and there's three stages of quarterback rankings. You have the preseason then you've after season and then you have after the combine all the way leading up or these guys are going to get spun through through and that's where i think justin herbert when you look at him he's six. He's almost two hundred forty pounds. He's not nearly as athletic but he's falsely athletic and can move enough. He has the strong arm canadian a little stiffer. He doesn't have that athleticism but i think people are gonna fall in love with all of those measuring. He's going to allow people once he starts throwing for them and everybody everybody sees them because right now he's on the pac twelve and he's on the west coast and no one's really watching a ton of those games. Some of us are just about to obviously his size isn't going to be an issue. We've seen that the last two years ears with the number one overall pick. That's not a big deal in terms of the defenses egos up against agree with you in games but he also goes up against a nasty defense everyday in practice he used used to that but i don't think any quarterback will go number one because if you look at the teams that might be in that spot cardinals maybe lions bills jags. None of those guys are taking a quarterback. I think jerry judy or an alignment ends up going. I don't agree with that. I agree with you that maybe the team that winds up there. Does it need a quarterback but someone will trade up to get these guys. I actually heard will cain yeah. I'll give him credit at a really nice segment yesterday where he looked at the number of teams that will probably be looking for quarterbacks next year and i think i was listening on the radio. Yesterday i think it was in the context of dak prescott like if backward to become a free agent how many teams would be dying to get him and there was something in the neighborhood of ten teens that project. You need a quarterback next year if two of sort of blows everybody away if he's really good this year i think he's a guy teams will be trading up to number ones to try to get right. He's got that kind of star quality about him and i agree with we do herbs the kind of guy that gm's will talk themselves into they'll see him. Throw that ball me. He is impressive throws it more impressively than two but both those guys are gonna improve any number of those ten teams. You're talking about and look there are other quarterbacks that will be involved in this conversation as well and that's where the free agency part of it comes in so we'll see it'll be interesting to watch. We'll be talking about another quarterback order back as we continue next and that one went number two once upon a time mitchell trubisky he and the bears have super bowl aspirations his head coach matt nagy talks about about those live with us next on e._s._p._n. We are back on get up more preseason football football tonight and tomorrow including bears. Let's talk about them. Obviously you remember last season ended in heartbreak. Cody parkey missing potential game winning field goal would have given the bears their first playoff win since two thousand ten but on they go with their third year quarterback mitchell trubisky coming off a breakthrough season so i'm finished third in the n._f._l. S cheering total q._b._r. Do you know that only behind patrick mahomes and drew brees and in their defense got back to their vintage holding opponents of the fewest points in the national football league. It was the first first time chicago led the league in scoring defense since two thousand and five. Let's talk about it all by bringing their head coach into the conversation the twenty eighteen coach of the year matt nagy entering his second year with the bears coach. Thank you very much for doing this. I want to start talking about your offense. I was reading a story recently with the idea that mitchell trubisky this year. We'll have the opportunity to be a lot more aggressive in the passing game. What will that look like well. I think the the biggest thing mike is just for for us. We always talk about touchdown the check down mentality and sometimes as a quarterback depending on where you come from and your past history you're not always taught that and i think last year for us us getting used to this offense that was a mentality that he did get used to and we took some shots down field which was great but he was also trying to learn out offense now this year going into year too. Oh he feels a lot more comfortable in maybe understanding when the calculator wrists makes sense to take that downfield shot check it down to the gods but he's done a really good job so far in trading can't can't work cited for september fifth so safe to say it might be a little more green light this here for your quarterback relative to what we saw a year ago and which as i mentioned he was third and the whole sport and q._b._r. Yeah we do we like we. We have a lot of respect for what he's done his history of playing this position and just really learning who i am as a coach how i played call all how i call plays and the same thing timing wise with his wide receivers tight ends running backs just having that library of plays last year is just really helping them taking them into training camp and we are under the preseason like i said just being able to give him the keys to the car to to do his thing and understand that you know when when things get a little bit gray use your athletic ability to make plays with your legs and when not and you need to make plays with your arms go ahead and do it. That's about the defense. I mentioned led the league in points into loud and the key word there was opportunistic created thirty six turnovers which was the most in the sport what causes something like that to happen. Well number one. It's all about the players these players go out there and they just make a lot of plays but they practice they practice that stuff in practice and there we always talk about taking the ball away and then once you do take the ball away. Make make some production with it whether that's gaining field position or whether scoring touchdowns and we were really opportunistic artistic last year. These guys love playing defense every single period imprac. Is there sprint into the ball. They're touching that football. They're they're talking. They're communicating and they make it difficult for us in practice and i love that about him. I mean we have a lot of savvy veterans that have have experienced and now learning coach chuck's new defense. It's been a lot of fun and they're really taking well to it. I want to talk about the value of preseason in general. I've covered the sport for a very long time. It does feel like there may be a movement right now up to significantly shorten the preseason and i'm hearing people talk about the value of scrimmages and stuff. What do you get out of these preseason games that you feel you could not get without them. Well my for us in particular. I think every team is a little bit different. The more you look into this and we have a lot of guys on on both sides of the ball that we feel very comfortable with in regards to our starters and a lot of those positions are are in place and so now we do is we look at the next part what better way than to get get some some great competition with your shoes in your threes and your backups in these games to create that depth wise and when you're in that position ryan pace has done on a phenomenal job with his personnel side of bringing in players that have a lot of talent and giving us some some starters that we know are locked in there so now what we do is we'll use some of this for our backups cups to see what do they do against some of these these starters for these opposing teams and and again last night you know live mock. I shouldn't say lie but we had a mock moc practice last night and it was really great because we were able to hit all the situations and it was just you know for us. Being able to more situations we can do the better fair enough uh-huh and then one last thing. I have to do this to you. Bet we saw some video making the rounds last week if you throwing passes in practice and i guess the question presented itself if push comes to shove do you thank you still have a few plays left and you. You know what i wish absolutely not. I my elbows completely shot. I got lucky on that pass. It was a a heck of a ralph. I anthony miller and i'm just i'm happy was against prince. Prince and i have a nice little battle going. All training camp in those guys got me last year so i was able to step that backup this year so it was a lot of fun coaches. It's a pleasure to talk to you again. Good luck season gets underway. We'll check in with the down the road. Thanks very much for doing this. Thanks take care matt nagy head coach chicago bears over to you. I love that it just called out prince. That'll be interesting in practice today all right. Let's stay in the n._f._l. And in the n._f._c. we're going to play a little contender tender pretender. We've selected for and teams. You're gonna tell us if they have a path to winning the conference so let's start with his team. The bears are they contenders. Here's an pretenders. I would love to say that they're contenders but at this point they're pretenders and look at mitch trubisky. He was talking about the touchdown to check down mentality. I i need to see more from msci needs to be more consistent down the field for them to be able to have success. He's done a good job and then that defense was phenomenal turnovers. I don't know if they'll be able to repeat that same turnover it over ratio again and then lastly when you look at this thing one of them things that plagued him was their special teams last year. It cost them a playoff game. They're a great team but i still think in their the division they're going to be able to get to the championship just yet. It's an interesting division this year. Let's move onto the cowboys. We don't even know they'll have zeke but are they. A contender pretender. Stay there contender because jerry jones is gonna get these deals done. They're going to have zeke this season now. Afterwards what happens with what happens tomorrow that's going to be different but their defense is really good jalen smith bandrich. They're able to get it done. That's good enough. I think this team is a super bowl contending team and this one's interesting because there was a lot of hype last off season coming into to the season with jimmy garoppolo and the forty niners. Are you taking them as contenders and pretenders almost always pretenders right now you know they've added some guys on defensive at the ford right there from kansas city that added nick boats who's been hurt but i have to see more from jimmy garoppolo as well through five picks in practice the other day so he's gonna produce high level before i can put them. Everybody has a bad day. Okay bobbie just a really really bad day. Let's go to the vikings lot of hype again about this team but they were eight and seven last year. What do you think schwab go with the contender tender here. I had to choose them over chicago. I think this is going to be a much better season for kirk cousins. He's now second year in this offense with great receivers and feeling and digs the defense is always good cooks going to be able to run the ball the line it'll be more solidified this year after the untimely passing of their offensive line coach tony spot over there contenders for me in a big way all right not much more time before we actually know who's good or not tonight. We get a little preview. We have our first n._f._l. Preseason game tonight on e._s._p._n. Tyler murray and the cardinals was hosts. John gruden's raiders coverage kicked off the special edition of monday night. Countdown at seven eastern followed by the raiders in the cards at eight eastern on e._s._p._n. And the e._s._p._n. App the baseball. Let's run the bases around the national league new phillies hitting coach charlie manual. Maybe paying dividends already is bryce harper went deep twice fills beat the cubs eleven to one it was their ten th game with ten or more runs this season cubs meanwhile twenty three and thirty seven on the road as the second worst road record in the national national league to the mets manager mickey callaway elected to pull stephen matt's after seventy-nine pitches and one run allowed in six innings in came seth lugo out went to lead he promptly imploded gave up five runs and just a third of an inning mets lost third straight six four in atlanta asked about it afterwards towards the manager said he would make that same move quote one hundred times out of one hundred elsewhere reds rookie aristide's aquino added again it is ninth home run wednesday eh most by a player in the first fifteen games of their career ever but the nats offense was better used a ten run fifth power attack of a seventeen seven win over cincinnati kanat nazi-era season high ten games over five hundred after winning their fourth straight and as a result they remained in the top wildcard spot in that national league ahead of a list of teams is that now includes the cubs who lose the lead in the central the mets are three games out of the picture after getting just a half game out heading into their series finale against the nationals this this past sunday and reminder u._f._c. two forty-one a huge one saturday anaheim. The heavyweight championship is on the belt. It's the rematch it's hey it's realistic. The main event on pay per view in english and spanish starts ten o'clock eastern to order the main card go to e._s._p._n. Plus dot com slash p p sure sure to download the e._s._p._n. App if you were watching on your mobile device as we continue in the program katie is gone. Clay is hurt but draymond green is embracing racing golden state's new role as an underdog jalen with his thoughts next get fined e._s._p._n.

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