52: Our Giro stage 7: Lion King part 1


I remember Ed the Pink Jersey the first time you've held elitist at one of the three grand tools. He's been looking very good over the first few days of the year and really confirmed that today with with a fantastic attack It's been a pretty mind blowing stage and a pretty mind blowing day for me. I'm Laura Bernie and Daniel free. Hello wise if in mind blowing day is being fraught with logistical issues. And the fact I haven't eaten for twenty four hours with us to the real number of the macho us the real crooks monster isn't it you haven't eaten when you say it'd be mind blowing. I mean he's been fairly fairly mundane most standards on the from the father. You haven't had your four enormous meals. Where alway well? We're in the queue to get on the bus which is going across. The Strait of missing remember lost the the bus the bus across the Strait of Messina team. But because we're in a big Q surrounded by team vehicles. We're about to get on the boat remember last year. We even talked about the bridge. That was never built Over the straighten Messina still not been built a year later. You are listening to this. Podcast at our did retire brought to you by. I woke up flexible loans for small businesses. Today we add in Prijedor marriage. Says you say we're well? We're in prior a modern now. Richard that at the start of the episode laws clip from a couple of years ago when Daniel and I were in the queue to get on the ferry from Sicily across to the mainland felt like a regular on that ferry. We spent hours waiting to get on board. I think commented the second time round run ran a lot more smoothly than the first and I reckon that by about twenty twenty. Five the as organizers. Got that down to a tae that crossing well hopefully napalm under. If you remember a couple of years ago we talked about this. What's become a national joke in Italy about the bridge that's never been built I don't know where where the plans are. The moment as far as connecting the mainland with Sicily and with the bridge I think it's been shelved definitively but yeah that's something Italians A very familiar with that story. Well listen in the course of the next two episodes we're building. Our own bridge aren't between the two sides of married Cipollini in a way we're looking at the great Italian sprinter. The record holder for stage wins at the GPO the Talia You know really. Larger THAN LIFE FLAMBOYANT CHARISMATIC CHARACTER. An entertainer really wasn't he? Monitored chip leany his pump which was in the nineteen ninety s and early two thousands. He's a bit like a dazzling flair Sean brightly and obscured everything else for a while and he was a bit like another charismatic cyclists who emerged reemerged in one thousand nine hundred and nine and I think will draw some parallels between Meyer CIPOLLINI and Lance Armstrong over the course of these next two episodes because Armstrong. There is a dark side at two CIPOLLINI. But we're going to really look at his career chronologically the shades darker as years have gone on. And we'RE GONNA start off in this episode looking at the the early years of Cipollini up to his pump 'em when he was the dominant sprinter in world cycling but more than that the the biggest personality in world cycling as well and somebody who I think probably left a very strong impression on the three of us given the time when we were all getting into following so much so rich. I've dressed up as CIPOLLINI today. I don't know if you've noticed. I forgot to mention that I mean. Obviously the Carl's and but also the Under the teeth Daniel and blinded here in my office after Miami Sunglasses on. But you've got the cycle casquette on your head perched on top of your Your head the rippling packs that you can see. Yeah March got under my jump so I can't see your your torso which is fortunate nor yours Lionel but you're definitely definitely reminiscent pinger. Hustle marriage to the the cycle years of marriage. Cipollini am cycle that coffee machine. Yes why I know because the not certainly something that will get into anyway All you need Daniel there. Some preko sunglasses. Remember the on trademark. What are we gonNA talk about that? It's not me I think. Well someone is. We're going to hear from lots of people in these two episodes I including rivals and and and others who raced with Cipollini am but before we get onto Mario M Super Mario the Lion King. Can you tell US Lionel The tail of the top candidate rich stage seven of Algiere from tro pay a prior a two hundred eleven kilometers. Or they have about a lovely right up. The coast should be a flat. But there is a hill in the middle and naturally Race Director Daniele Freer. Cini has sent our Jira on the. Gt Cycling Platform over that Hill. So the flattest of flack days. We've got quite a bit of climbing to do Daniel any this. Well I can. I can imagine Mario Cipollini your action to my racer And I think already stressed this. I came under great pressure from dark forces behind behind our Jira to include as many clients as possible specifically for the GT segments untold on computers talking digital cycling and flat stage a very boring and but it did remind me does remind boring. They're not they're obviously. It made stage with been made me wonder what Meyer Cipollini's reaction to this would have been and CIPOLLINI. I remember there was one. Jira presentation nine hundred ninety seven. He attended as always. He was probably an zebra print suit or something and when the Jira was unveiled and he was absolutely a gas and he said it looks like a tour of Jira of Italy Ski Resorts. We won't need An accreditation we'll need to ski pass Well it's already been established fun of the mountains. He's already been established a weekend. I'm writing the into Jira targeting the Sierra classification by doing approximately half of the the distance anyway Priam modest does give the race director of the Jiro a few options. Do you remember in Two Thousand Sixteen Richard when you'll see one a punchy finish and We came out of the press room looking for the press buffet for some lunch. And we saw colleague Alice Steph Fotheringham and we asked him and he waved his on very kind of vaguely in the direction of nowhere and we couldn't find what turned out to be just press buffet of the Jira and we ended up having just a piece or an illegal pizzeria. The piece was perfectly nice but we it was very nice and then a couple of years after that Daniel. We were that when Sam Bennett won his first grand tour stage and in the evening we had an excellent meal with Chiro. And the guys from what was that. That was yes in a place called scholar just up the coast anyway. Let's cross over to the core napalm before we do before we do. I should just stress as well. The reason I took a step prior modding Jira was and we had a cracking a belting hotel booked a place called Castelo the Remain on the way to Castroville. Larry which was going to be this. The start time for the following stage also thought town in our year of the following stage. But you were going to be staying in a tree house in the middle of a vineyard and I would have paid good money to see that. Well let's hope. Let's hope that we get to do that later. On in the air or in future years I'd no problem. We're sleeping in a tree house or Wendy House. Whatever whatever you want to lie on Sanyo any anyway. Let's cross over to the court and see how the Buffalo is getting on on the climb. They seven on our Chiro survive that Nah yesterday just about survived. I'm a tough one today. Again a coastal routes largely by the Nazi Count Prior Murray at the end. Show for Peter. Mcintosh who's being there like me. Certain as we'll up to the climb. Thank you Peter from Australia. Alex thinks so be as evening my morning. I'm a tough stage. Though I'm once again well grumbles in the Peleton restricted Daniele Free Branchini his his Co. On a sugary peg as we say in Scotland. You are listening to this. Podcast at our d'italia brought to you by Waka flexible loans built for small businesses. I W. O. C. A. DOT CO DOT k. a big effort to are title sponsors. I walk the award. Winning Finance Company that specializes in lending to small businesses. Finds it in two thousand eleven. I walk is I should more than one billion pints to companies ranging from startups to establish businesses. And I walked cam between one thousand two hundred and fifty thousand pounds by making quick and easy to apply for a loan and get quick decision. It can be more flexible option. Then approaching the big banks for more information on I walk go to I walk up. Dot Co. don't You k today? Then tomorrow on our JEETER. We'RE GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT. Mario Cipollini at the the light and shade of of CIPOLLINI and in today's episode going to be looking at as his early years up to his pump really am when he was the dominant sprinter in the world but Lila. Maybe you can take all the way. Back to the origins of Meyer Cipollini word. The Lion King Spring from well. Yeah the nicknames. The Lion King and Super Mario. They were to come much later. Just Super Mario. I mean he'd been brilliant computer games cycling wouldn't they clearly it'd be. He'd have been leading out year. I want archery Tae Mario Laming True Mary. Cipollini was born on March twenty second nineteen sixty seven in Luca. His brother Chat today was Eight years older than him and was also a professional cyclist from nineteen. Seventy eight to nine hundred ninety. Mario was napalm borne. Did you know this? And I didn't I didn't until today and I I haven't found an explanation for it. I was born in Belfour in front. That's right yeah I was going to ask you about that but I thought that was lorry driver whether that had anything to do that. No probably not Ashley piece the piece it together. Well one of the mysteries anyway. Marriott was a junior world champion in the team. Time trial on the road in one thousand nine hundred five and he turned professional for the Dow Tongo team in one thousand nine hundred and nine and that was the only season. The seasons at the two brothers wrote together also on that team with the reigning world champion Maria phoned and a future jira winner Franco kilt. Yolly CIPOLLINI's I probably witness came all at once. The Gino Di Puglia in eight thousand nine hundred ninety one thousand three stages in a row and a month later he got his first jared Italia stage win at the first attempt or in the first year they took part in stage twelve in MIATA and in one thousand nine hundred followed with two stage win so he was off to a flyer in terms of winning. Sprint finishes Daniel but was always destined to be a professional rider. Did his brothers interesting in the sport make inevitable that he would follow in this in the wheel tracks so to speak. I think he would send say yes. Napalm Amsoil as you said Shehzad was a decent pro and when a few things but N- Jerusalem Melia was probably the biggest win but Mario used to go and watch chase at I says and Tele famous story about and they always used to go up the coast from where they live near. Luca onto the roof Manta Raymond. Watch Samra and CIPOLLINI's birthday often fell actually on some raimo and one year how Cipollini was maybe seven or eight and he was there with these Dodd Rivaldo and they watch the Tongo pass and Chattanooga Boston. Mario turned to his dad and said I promise. I will win milan-san Raymond Foye one day so the was all was already sort of planted at that point and by all accounts is pretty hyperactive kid. I'm allegedly age. Sixty case mums fear. Five hundred until your first spin around the family sort of plot. The family ranch in Sanju study comfortable. I don't think that did you think that's even plausible. That story as I said. Very very hyperactive. Some was the manager of the GIST team. Piero Piero only came out of the House one day and with a contract for his brother Chaser and he remembered that Mario such handful the the family tied into an olive tree with a rope to to stop moving plausible any well. That's possible but when he got aboard his when he goes bike he was. He was quite something He won I mean a staggering number of rice in the the majority of races took part in junior and even you know as he sort of got close to become a professional. I think in in the loss in his last year or two before it did become a professional Legend has it that I would say to other items in the Peleton while you win as much as you can now because my brother's coming and he's GonNa win everything and at that point. You know people weren't only talking about Cipollini as a sprinter. I mean you mentioned that heat. He had great pedigree as a junior in time. Charles and team time trials Use The world champion Jeannie world champion. So Yeah a bit of a bit of a phenomenon by all accounts. It's interesting Donna. Looking back at his early wins. Because I have in my mind's eye C. Cipollini as this kind of muscle by very imposing character with a quite impressive physique and of course Unmodern or a recent sprint. Who's been similar in in Luke's if nothing else is Marcel Kissel but actually am when I was looking out their respective Stotts kittles bigger than CIPOLLINI. Cipollini wasn't actually. That big emmy wasn't not heavy. He was toll and but he was actually quite lean on and in those early years he was quite gangly. The other thing they have in common is having both been very strong. Time trialists as younger writers before becoming sprinters. And I guess that they were similar. 'em Or kipling became Sim- similar in style. A kettle in in you know being good Going from the front and really taking on From quite a long way being a very strong sprinter an Hartman to get around once he was in front and when he did start He was regarded as just a very very talented young writer. But people had no real inkling. It would become the personality that he did. There was a bit of a bit of flourish about him but he he started when he stays in Jira very early Z. Kilda do so lesson he's GonNa figure and Yeah it was only sort of As the years went by Um when he moved on from del Tongo and he joined M. G. team and met Kettani That he really starts started to embrace whether this alleging the this lodge personality but the literature. Pauline best cheerleading bicycling any. You mentioned CIPOLLINI moving. On from del Tongo he did three years Tongo and then joined the Gbi. Mg team which the real mash up of Belgian and Italian cycling wasn't the team management was Was was Belgian but the heart of the team was Italian. And after finishing second to Djamolidine Abdujaparov Jatropha nineteen ninety-one Cipollini backed up with two victories. In back to back years ninety two and ninety three and this was when Cipollini was really establishing himself as one of the best sprinters in the world in ninety two he won four stages in the Jiro including the points Jersey. I went to the Front for the first time. Didn't actually win a stage in ninety two but that would soon come. Nineteen ninety-three was probably the first high profile controversy. I guess in the The finish of Alan Ramo in via Roma Daniel perhaps you can tell the story of what happened because Mary dress at won the race and Cipollini was part of the Peleton. That couldn't actually get over the finish line because it was a complete scrum in the Finnish. Streit by you told it napalm perfectly well. That's pretty much what happened there. Cipollini through his bike through the Rear Windscreen Albright's director Katerina Costello in a fit of Pique Yeah I I an authentic Italian casino and a big mess that you often get at the end of milan-san Raimo ninety-three as well Cipollini one as I for on stage and how the Yellow Jersey for three days and in ninety four you know the controversial moment. Stick in the mind you know. They came fairly thick and fast but in ninety four he won the opening stage of Pyrenees. And the following day walked. Wearing the leader's White Jersey was photographed. Smoking a cigarette as he was riding through the convoy of team. 'cause other incidents around that time he got fined for using a mobile phone in the bunch. Not The only rider to have done that. But you know when Cipollini does he was the first he hosted about quite recently the first right. It's make a mobile phone call mid race but that yeah he was seconded milan-san remo the racer he prized probably above all others. Certainly the one day ratio won bunch sprint behind Georgia full-on and the The year was really titled. For him by terrible. Crashes Walter which was held in the spring those days one of the early stages finished in Salamanca. And he's teammate. Another very good Italian Sprinter Adriana Baffi basically took him all the way across the road and stop Cipollini in the barriers and it was a crash really took its toll and wiped out. Most of the rest of the season for him in ninety four they. Cycling cast at our Data D'italia he supported by science sciences. Ford fueled by science. Thank you very much. Indeed to our longtime sponsors science and sports and don't forget you can still get twenty five percent off all your sciences sport products at Science Sport Dot Com with the code. Sis CPI twenty-five they've been busy launching quite a few new products over the last few weeks and months science and sports go and have a look at what they've got to offer if you are spending more time indoor cycling at the moment and lots of good hydration products there as well so Go to scientists sport dot com and use your could sis CPI twenty five twenty five percent off Tinton Amex one in the soy podcast for Jiro. Case IS THE AKARA VALUE AWKWARDLY. Tara which is a male Lapore. Gripe now this unique gripe has been harvested from organic vineyards on the island of Selena. Just off the coast of Sicily now. The rights once crashed electing contact with his game for up to thirty days in stainless steel is then fermented on the leased to give it a slightly sort of fully texture but the net result is a bro. Any salting wind the has some real lifted floral Lomas but almost long you into thinking. It's sweet but it's not. It's drawing the self does have a little bit texture. But but no means it is fat or two weighty in fact it's the top one just as you crying out for apply to claims or Abe Kumbum. Golly abuse join whatever about you chop Greg was bang on there with a low you into thinking sweet maybe a bit Lamar Cipollini in the mid nineties He could you could be drinking at. I mean reminds me a bit of a Vin Santo the famous Tuscan sweet one which particularly like same great malvern but then as as Greg says. The sweetness fades away smell. Sweet doesn't the honey there Daniel us. Maybe you're really coming into form now. Goose Berry I'm not so sure about will get that Rodney try grapefruit grape quickly chops and this. This one is from the islands which the audience between sleep. Calabria or Priam moderate where we're going today and we've never been that jared never been. That could go there if there enough roads to host the Jiro on Selena whether it's winds from it's a favorite spot about good friend. Chitose going yeah media of course is of course as well. Listen from a white wine undo remember to drink responsibly. Am from a white wine to a man named white. Although as Mario Cipollini Colton block in his little joke and Matt White the Ni- sports director at Mitchelson Scott by a writer from Australia who went over to Italy to turn professional in the ninety s and lived in Luca. Wear Cipollini am has lived for a long time and so I got to know him quite well when he was setting on his career. And let's hear from Matt White Mario when his when I first tend professionally Always living in Tuscany in Lucon. That's Lucas Cipollini leaves it. Always seek him out quite regularly On the ball and has divvy training groups that are tag along to as well and he Obviously coming from a tiny never been to Italy and all of a sudden leaving their writing on Italian saint send the ninety first year and I did not understand how Italian rising sort of worked and people. I heard stuff that he was. He's around the show in the integrate pedal and that sort of stuff and I remember the first mountain style jawed. Bud Bay dropped off battling away halfway up. Thank you to call Cipollini. Possibly holding onto the lot of the police just always awesome waving away there and rolling away. Mario is holding onto the back of the law on the on the police moldable. I went screaming than we saw. Talked with the call on for us That's the first time I ever saw him in. The second time was on the start of mountainside in are being told. We want to change that. We needed to get people in bright's so I'd lined up in a neutral area Up near the Front Mariachi lay had taken the front row of the Of the rice in just he kind of mutual he put his hands out is a said To climbs not rising then we start a guy. Everyone could peers. Yelling out is the front of rice and detained. What what was he main and he said we will not right. The first day concert going steady. I said well why is that he said are as cold it and anyway sound little Being some little south Americans ripped out of the bunch. Communist-era Mario Mario chased him down and actually helmet popped him and And this still. I remember this. Call him out. But didn't I wonder what did an? Mri sprinted off for him coating on the head because there was no law television. Stop and I remember that they used to have a cheek. Lemay Jersey which used to be an intimate sprint halfway through the Diet and that was a separate Jersey just for that Spring and decide when the helicopter would come out of maybe five to ten minutes from fled intimated sprint and and a lot of the studies. You want to add to Rice in Toledo licotta that let mullets and token The television for the break or whatever onset on some of the site is now he reigns ruled. He ruled Italian rising on face. That was incredible. Another another one with Remember the wanted foresight is in the Tour de France and then he put out. I six or seven anyway. Got for Roy moved. I'd moved. Pices living Recovery Roy always writing the tours Was On July. Ten is the Tudor France. And so I guy for Rod Mornings come on what the offense so I was down near the Orissa and Owes writing South and go running the other direction. This go ahead no shirt on and DOC is anything. I'll go caused that. It was Mario. He had no should on roll the knicks out really high and he's hair was slicked Jalen it Glasses on it'll Looks across the ride that needs to call me black good As quite funny is the opposite of what and he he looks across shell black evaded. The to street is the full logo friends with him but yeah because trying with him. Not I in a lot of Gerard in We we knew each other. Even off the retard you'd save the GIO. Every year we the whites satellite show the buttoned-down about full bots with the with the big Chinatown as so as women. Now they suddenly broke the mold with them. Our show that it hit a lot of charisma and That that over taints and he's likely is just built around. Mug muggle did he deliver a while another man who saw Mary Cipollini. Close for many years with Graham Watson photographer who covered all of CIPOLLINI's career At the jury Talia and Has a story to tell. And let's hear one from graeme. Which kind of amplifies really what Matt wishing about how. Mario Cipollini his own rules. Most of the stories isn't it's overly about revenge cheaper dominated the race for so long It once he had a friend of mine. Go ahead and initially. You don't just by just by a you know a sandwiches you get it prepared the because we use the bakery shot by roll bread then you go to the Delicatessen and they will provide you with the tomatoes and also the the Mozzarella cheese in the ocean and made made for you while you wait you. Don't you don't go ahead. And by that night us in a cellophane wrapper so CIPOLLINI has one Italian portal. When Edna order the bread roll and when I say they hate him and he had to go ahead. Thirty five forty minutes out of the race and the same guy ordered the the tomatoes Mozzarella from the delicatessen. But someone else had come in the shop. Pick it up because advice was just going by. But that's largely what she did but definitely Nicer Tomato Mozzarella Samuel of Togo. But not me. And he was given it actually hurt. He stopped a plate of pastor once. He pre-ordered some pre ripple. And and there's even these these exaggerations whereby control the speed of the palace on just so that when they got to this village where where his pass was waiting. It was just the perfect time. Every story here gets more and more exaggerated elements of truth in it north shore about you but Talk of having a sandwich is making me hungry. You always hungry it. Didn't you don't need an excuse or a some kind of cute? This is true this is true. Ill ristorante Oh no. Okay if know if you're not if you're not hungry then you're anticipating hunger. Well is true Richard and one of the joys of traveling around the GOP's he's eating my way around it and discovered some dishes. I really would have dismissed just from a written description and today's recipe of the day is one of those Pasta Amoud. Ika which on. Paper doesn't sound terribly promising pastor withdrawing breadcrumbs fried in oil. It sounds like it's going to be pretty bland. Let's hear from food writer Felicity Clark. Also the author of the Book One more question for the road about pasta some Muka eastern reasonably new on asked us. I'm Moody Car. Because I have eaten it as a as a Prima Piazzi in was actually in. Calabria where not had it before and I was really taken with it but didn't know a great deal about it and it's not something when I was even googling recipes really wasn't coming up with much in in the UK it was mostly kind of American websites. And they they did all sorts of things with them so had she had to look up an Italian recipe and gas closer. I could say I did not day before you mentioned it but I didn't know what it was cooled. So it's a very so the classic Cina Provera Daesh born of necessity. Basically very popular down in Sicily and Calabria which have been sort quite Paul reaches. It's kind of dish that uses the things that you might have in the store cupboard at the end of the week when everything else will the fresh stuff. Run Out And it uses a Actually Maiden breadcrumbs and so so season breadcrumbs so you fry any open of sale bread or you can use fresh bread. If you happen to be you have fresh bread Speth Any Friday is in olive oil. A little bit of seasoning. And then you can use that rule sorts of things if you're feeling a bit Clocks sheet them to Stock Fish Sardines and the other wonderful seafood down there or packers they couple juices or you can agree to ask the dish toss Makassar and actually don't really need anything more if he sees them the oil and I which is something that you know is quite abundant found mass. You don't really need anything else quite often these days you get stuff. You've got garlic. He's got Visa quite popular on because I always have been hanging around You can add Chili. I've even seen quite Sicilian portraits and pine nuts raisins which is very typically Sicilians with Morrish combination. But really it's apple dish already. Et One. I think it comes together and I don't know maybe you'd have on the table me but then fifteen minute is widely delicious. I signed it. Because you think oh well pasture breadcrumbs carbon Cobb. Yeah I love it. I think she'd be thing if you've been Climbing in the south talion fantasy to the best. While I did use Chevy's I possibly was a little heavy on the is because as I said my doesn't anything from the say. So I made two batches of this and put all of the anchovies in half which possibly possibly upset the balance slightly but I did manage to balance it back out again with the with the know and with a little bit fresh Chili which just gave it a sort of a heat and and freshness but in terms of being able to assess it. I mean did it look. Appetizing mentioned carbon carbs. I mean it's it's a hard one to make. Look beautiful fell. I mean I suppose it does the patents on anew saying the beauty and the COB and I love of trickle Cobb playtime all about the page food so I didn't find that problem and she had made a lesser with the setting the photo. You sent me. Maybe you were a bit worried about Because it looks it looks beautiful A couple of things stood out for me. I think I I agree. That may be whether it be heavy with the anchovies and I think maybe he should've let them Dissolve into the oil before Utah State with the plastic. Say let in big chunks. I'd say he's fresh Chili Deji which looked Chrissy. But probably I probably use dry chillies guy for especially probably hadn't took But if it tasted good about charging obviously I'm touching but yeah I feel hungry. Line no am nice to get another flavor of your restaurant there. In what firt and cooking up Paul. These marvelous Italian dishes she and mccown visit at the moment. Shame the doors closed. Add home delivery. That's all knock. Sorry so all the time it gets to your in tooting. That's true on with Mario Cipollini. Indeed well from ninety five to nine thousand nine. He's really approaching the peak of his powers and racking up. Jiro on tour. Stage wins in nine hundred. Sixty one four zero stages again He was Italian national champion for the first and only time and that was the first year with the SACO team in ninety seventy wins five Jewish stages and shakes Gino Bartali. The league table of Jiro State winners. And this is when Mario Cipollini at a marketing tool it born really he's writing the CANANDAIGUA. Dial bike He wears yellow shorts. Go with the Yellow Jersey in the Tour de France. Which at the time was a an offense punishable by a series of small fines. But he kept doing it prior to that he'd worn the stars and stripes shorts of course to publicize the candidate bike and he's really becoming a marketing phenomenon. And things that you probably frown upon bit now. Such having a an image of Pamela Anderson painted by coming sort of obvious era. I guess pretty keeps racking up these Jewish state wins and by nineteen thousand nine. He's really leaving. Its mark on the Tour de France as well winning four stages in the row including at the time. The fastest road stage that year. The one thing that displeased the Tour de France organizers. I was that he would await put out before. The mountains never actually finished the tool in his career. But by the end of the Nineteenth Marriott Cipollini is a phenomenon really very small. Looping about fifty riders competing for the speak. Chris Boardman has made the streets but the time bonuses could well lose in the race laid as the finish approaches. Cipollini leads all the way to the line. Void CIPOLLINI is towing the best. Finish the live. You're never get by this man when he has such a clear shot at the finish line being challenged right by Sauber at gain Dabo beaten and right on the line. Coach elite is back right now. Cipollini oncoming. He's Tom Steals steals. Confess Oval put on the line. Cipollini makes two zero. He's coming over. Tibiletti shoulder-to-shoulder steals on the line. But I'm not so sure that judges were light. That Paul looked a little bit shakey. Tom Steels has been cold onto the podium by the race organization but almost at the same time. He takes the applause of the crowd. Here they referees are saying he has been disqualified from first place. I'm place to the back of the field for his dangerous sprinting. So in fact Cipollini is the stage Fanini now once more launching the missiles the finish as he waits until the last possible moment Cipollini remember. He's aiming now at a sixty nine year. Old Record Tilles gone at. What's happened is lost both these pedals at the same time and how he's kept up by the pride. I doubt. Nobody's giving a clearer now the jubilee. He's done eight four in a row for Mattio CIPOLLINI phenomen sunny off. The bike is becoming one. Wasn't he napalm In particular when he moved to psycho and they linked to Canon. Del There was some very smart people. In the MONCTON apartment candidate data really started to of leverage CIPOLLINI'S IMAGE. But he'd really particularly to embrace this image of himself as a sex symbol and coinciding coincidentally not with him getting married in. Nineteen ninety-three married to the The daughter of a famous Fulmer goalkeeper Fiorentina football goalkeeper and around that time he started very frequently referencing. Sex in interviews of well-trained nineteen ninety-three where he said an all Gaza only loss few seconds of victory last forever and that was that was often cited in future years. He also said once I'm Hermaphrodite I've got her on the brain between my legs the fill in the gaps. And Yeah he any opportunity rates talk about sex. He grabbed it with both hands. There was There was another occasion at the tiny ninety seven when He complained that everyone in the room. The journalists looked looked miserable and there was only a day to the end of the Juror and he said to them. You know you'll should cheer up when we get home after the Jiro. The second thing we do is put down our suitcases Inferring that the first thing and the ride is did was was something else. We need that did we. The Daniele explanation much got off. I I one I mean. I vividly remember the opening to the turn of Franz coverage one year when it it was all about cipollini against Djamolidine Abdujaparov from the result of a camera panning. The length of CIPOLLINI's sculpted body and it did seem to me at the time that part of that from tip. Lee's point if you was the contrast with with the Tashkent terror with AAJ appropriate. Was this kind of Dur. Mono-syllabic and Eastern European sprinter and Cipollini in setting himself apart from JAP seemed to go to the other extreme am. I don't know if that was part of that kind of act at the time or whether or not was just. Cipollini am finding his true self and expressing you know who he thought he was a big big part of it was an Cipollini playing to a receptive audience. And we all know that Battalions Lover Lover Now fights very sort of visual culture really unashamedly objectify women again. It's it might be coincidence. But nineteen ninety-four Silvia. Bellini became the Prime Minister for the first time the first is three terms in Italy and he was someone he was really celebrated and glorified in Italy for the way he objectified. Women Really You know went went through several marriages boasted about boasted about fares To be honest and Italy an even the Italian language objectivise women to the tune. Extend other languages done if I was referring to your wife rich and Italian out cool at the mall whereas you would just be more and you know this. Is Women do as well. They call each other. They use the definite article. They literally objectify each other. And you know everything is sexualize in Italy. Always talking to napalm the other day about cookbooks in Italy. This is some of the John John Dickie. Couple of days ago. To one of his books they leads. And how cookbooks in Italy particularly the seventies and eighties. They were very sort of erotic over. My Sophia Loren did a very famous cookbook in Italy. Where she was sort of you know she had a show unbuttoned and damage was called in the in the kitchen with love and it became the sensation Sold you know. I don't know whether it's millions of copies and then you know the famous quotes from her everything you see Iot Spaghetti and everything in Italy or is is sort of sexualize to a certain extent and so when Cipollini said the kind of thing and that kind of thing about you know we'll Adams and companionable Gaza victories. People really lapped it up especially in the sport and it's sort of blue collar spotlight professional cycling. We'd no as in graces at that time just makes me think back to last year and that extraordinary night where we had Dana a with the with our BNB host and the TV. Saturday night. Tv in Italy really extraordinary I it was. It was women in Bikinis clambering slides women in bikinis wrestling in March women. In it was just it was just no nuance to what so ever initials kind of prime time on The most popular channel initially. And didn't he say to you Daniel? This is the best program in Italy. I mean we all that may. It was an uncomfortable dinner. That wasn't it for a number of it's a Martha Mayes in our in our book isn't it ought not dinner. With the Italian Bruce Willis and his gun collection and enemy a whole other story. But yeah I mean so you're saying basically CIPOLLINI was was part of the culture but also playing to that culture as well. Yeah absolutely and as I said. The the marketing man was The certainly the Marketing Department Canon del Rey successful In in creating the sex symbol of it out of him he loved it and you know the question was never really no one ever really raised their hand and said well hang on guys. Mary Disney You know he's supposed to be. He's supposed to be a family man. Well the more to the point north wave the shoe company there was a very famous with Cipollini Holding a a naked woman in his arms. I mean he wearing he cycling shoes in a what looks to me to be like some kind of Flamboyant of Rene Sewn soldiers outfit I mean you can Google if you really want to say it but it was really walls of. It's time those. Those adverts were commonplace. Wasn't that they were printed in magazines and finally What twenty years ago but values have changed quite significantly since oh stays. There was another case in. He missed the start he missed the start of Jira stage and it was reported in the papers the next day because he was chatting to Miss World. I mean obviously his his antics all of attention which was the whole point on and it wasn't always on a sexual theme em you know He. He dress up all kinds of flamboyant outfits often at the turn of France the biggest stage of all and he had a very complicated relationship with the tertre Franci. You've got the sense that there. There was them unrequited love. There too didn't really embrace CIPOLLINI's falmboyant in the way that cipollini embrace the the the sort of at the two offered in his later years which will hereby by 'em he his team often wasn't invited to to the wants them about night treat it with disrespect. Didn't ame and there was this. There was a story in ninety five. They cranked up the air conditioning in his hotel room deliberately. So I could get ill and that would give him a legitimate excuse to leave the to wash his roommate. Silvio Martinez Logo Aero instead and we heard from white earlier by him spot. The training days after having pool that the are clearly nothing physically wrong with him. But while all this obscures our overlooks as that. He must have been a a serious athlete to compete at the level that you compete for so many years it was a an aspect that he probably deliberately underplayed and because it didn't fit with the with the image but 'em to have success to be that the goods and and in our domain sprinting. That really is not for the faint hearted you need to be brave and courageous take risks Cipollini was there and You know unimpressive athlete to and we're going to hear knife from the Belgian sprinter. Tom Steels who went sort of head to head with them and steals as a kind of complete contrast in in every way am very still a sports director with Dakota quickstep. As interesting he won stage one of the third of France in one thousand nine hundred eight and Dublin and I was there and I I when I heard them mention that that when I was shocked because in my memory Cipollini on the stage simply because at the end of the stage everybody surrounded Cipollini including me and my brother So you know it was CIPOLLINI. The still all the attention by Tom. Steels here one. That sages says law and yes deals with somebody went head-to-head with him a lot and really saw up close CIPOLLINI. The athlete was always special I'll think mark Collini that years for for sure one of the fastest He had a very strong team. Who was tactically always always On the right path so they could really Time spending well So you really have to be one on the percents beaten and also technically you really have to Cho- chooses Israel because one position behind them and you could already. It was very difficult to win the race So he was like he was like the man to beat and our years Because he was. I think one of the fastest Videos who had a little bit of extra that charisma that That part of the show we always made before starts and the wasn't figure he was one of the I think one of the the is also the Palatal So he was a mental to the other one man team. They're all rose fall for CIPOLLINI and they just had to ride rides for it Once for instance Mario Shirley Owens from Kilometers two to one. They really really liked it up E always that could lead Osmond but he was also himself also quite quite intelligence. Even if it wasn't perfect he always finds the solution. So Yeah you could learn a lot from also but for sure Psycho Adele periods Really a good lead altering of course I did with sprinter To Really Be Talk. Spent if you do ten sprints you almost have to gain five or six Especially when when the whole team is build around your and then Cipollini for sure Made that that average quite easy on dense quincy didn't he didn't do so much and that's why that's why he was the leader of the team and he could also build a team around also caused a few on the bike. And you want you want to win the bike races especially post princess. Then you just have a little bit more Adrenaline on the bike Yet dental costs of for him for sure. It was the guy that you didn't you didn't spend into a fight with before any I mean you could fight with other spenders but not cheaper any so you always have to find a way to To kind of leave him alone but still make that fight to be to be in Israel. So Vegas fire was always behind them But he also you also never really picked the fight also that was not also a style so I cannot remember one one fight. Cipollini for position. you just wrote around you as you are also very good bike rider So the fight was always behind them. yeah and I think in my career. I could be didn't do so many races together but man-to-man I could I could be them. I three or four times. I think in real fuel speed But yeah was not could it could maintain is quite a long time Vehicle you could also come from behind. Specialty was really to start in the reason just to maintain your speed and it was difficult to be here. The thing is is. He was Even if he lost even for a week you said always say so. We never really super nervous On that point because if we spent the sauce to lose e couldn't win the first week yet tends to get really really nervous but him. He always they call. It's right again. Tried again with on the by doing race. You didn't see anything about him. You are still offing you. You're still making jokes But once he got he got the victim the first victory in then really have to be shot to beat him again. It seems to be that the indeed needed some some days to to get on real sweets but but more sales for physically. I never saw Cini. Also bad quite didn't shave the different kinds of spending goals it. I think I was maybe more typical as with a heavy legs and the and the and the exclusivity he was told yet also not really use had lot of muscles but not really typical. I if you saw him on a picture you couldn't say if he was a sprinter or good or wrong writer. If you saw immune affects you then you have calls with with electricity almost immediately that I was friends. So e yet is a little bit of a typical Build up but there are also other spends read the same same characteristics. But of course if you would have been in a in a boxing ring First thing I would do it you about that. I ride is especially in the to stress. And and anything you have to do. A buff is too much but he just e dressed up like a Roman The whole team of reciprocity law Roman and that that's way due to the to the podium so older hassle around it so the clothing you have to chase gloating before the start but for him. I think he needed to to do that. That little bit of extra which was good for the sports also bikes. That look great gets Perfect marketing but also not only marketing. But I also think you needed just just to be the show man just to be the biggest electoral of all so No I think it's very close to his personality. It's also one of the few riders that when Stocks Riding didn't gain weight He still looks like he stopped yesterday. So I think is is his ego is personality is quite I but I think sports greats I mean. He's he's He was the man to beat first of all because he was physically strong. But also because you knew if you beat him it just couldn't stand to lose also was a bit of a about battle between all the spenders at him But I must say he was. One of most was always fast. Sprints that's I cannot imagine Draw by by what you mentioned. Marriage Pollini treating the two fronts as a marketing vehicle. I think he said treating it with a slight lack of respect and in some ways none more evident really than in one thousand nine hundred nine when he dressed up as Julius Caesar on July the twelfth to mark seizes birthday. We really wasn't it. Wasn't really the yeah. I mean I was there that day and absolutely drew everyone towards Cipollini Cipollini almost bigger than the Tour de France From our side and intrude CIPOLLINI style The the riders psycho team or war a different jersey. It was kind of gold and white Type Jersey rather than the traditional red they usually wore so they attracted a low defined for that and then Cipollini out of the and went home before they go to the first big climate die. I mean it was Cipollini in a nutshell really Lionel. Burn the The into Jira. Yeah the I find. We find that parallel. No literally the only comparison between me and Cipollini can assure you but yet CIPOLLINI in the year two thousand perhaps paid the price for those antiques because the Tour de France left his team out of the race. I mean extraordinary now when you think the tool would leave out the of his stature magnetism and but you can only assume it was because he never made over. The mountains never really took the Green Jersey contest. Seriously I mean could could've finished a tour and one racked up more stages but didn't by this stage and two thousand CIPOLLINI one thirtieth Jiro Stage. Which at the time drew him level with? Kostanic Django in the all time list in third place later. On in the year the welter he was kicked out of the race for Punching Francisco. Set as before the stage star actually at the sign on or near the Sino podium. They'd had a beef. The previous day CIPOLLINI was upset that today's Oh it kind of edged him into the crowd tried to gain his retribution on the road. That day didn't manage to. It was still simmering the next morning so got him with a right hook and today's needed stitches. I mean you know unacceptable behavior in any era from any figure in the sport laying hand on another rider especially off in the heat to the moment. Amazing Yeah I mean. This was something that came to the fore and became quite nine about Cipollini the well the how imposing was physically in how he brought that forty could threaten to bring that forced to bear or actually do it. We had from way earlier about the way he would police. The peleton there was a similar story from Miguel Martinez. The mountain biker. Who who then went on to ride from Mapei about in doing something similar. Sort of writing off dream and put in. He's a big poor on Martinez helmet and sort of rotate like a joystick. And telling him he would never ride another race if he did that again if he tried to attack you know when. Cipollini decreed that he wasn't allowed to but there's no doubt the four young sprinters at that time He was he was the sort of monument the totem the everything that they wanted to be in a lot respects. We had the other day from Iran. Corinto when he beat Cipollini in the first stage of the Jiro and what we didn't really hear from grant was the sort of mixed feelings he had about beating Cipollini that day and then Yvonne also told me a very funny story about Another victory but Cipollini in the two thousand Jira Institute agree or we'll talk premature brutal had when I beat him. That was one of sorrow regret. Almost deep down I was almost. I'd beaten him but later it happened. Relatively often and he became a collie irregular opponent. When I came out without lost Ben that day and went past him I looked at him and my heart sort of sank. Barry Mind that when I was fifteen sixteen I'd had his poster on my wall. He was already Cipollini then. I became a junior. He'd started winning all the stages in the Giro and he was an idol. If you're a sprinter it was all about CIPOLLINI pissed off. Whenever he lost it was like your favorite football team. Losing beat him in one thousand nine hundred nine. It was like a method crumbled. That's also what I said to him. The next day his answer to that was listening youngster. That's what he used to call me. Young stay said even the most beautiful things have a beginning and an end but remember that Cipollini is not finished yet and he's going to be a thorn in your side for the rest of your career. He was joking but he was also right. He was one of those tenacious oil. Tuscon wolves and in fact. He went a lot more after that. The world's Sam Raimo convertible and so on and so on anyway. I'll never forget that feeling. I had when I beat him was like scoring a penalty. Pasta Gawky a team must support. Michael Misty Commission yard would go there. I'll put it like water level apart from the Solo specialty. Confining he's going to die in the two thousand year there was a state to Padova and I'd lost all of my teammates international on or something not far from the finish. There were sixty seventy rod is left and I was on my own with no lead out. Train lost twenty kilometers. We're almost entirely straight for the Red Wisconsin. A little over a narrow bridge or chicane five hundred meters from the finish. I knew this because I've done my homework. I'd really studied that finish. Said to myself leave. You weren't one of the first five of that little bridge lost. The I five guys would hold their speed and CIPOLLINI and his lead out. Monroe not five. And you weren't you'd lose all of your momentum. While they began with sixty kilometers an hour. You'd need a motorbike to catch them so anyway. I was thinking about that last corner for twenty kilometers then with my experience from the track and bit of youthful abandon. I was in the guy he didn't break on it. I'd been too far back. Maybe twentieth position so under the kilowatts a kite then suddenly everyone's breaking. I'm leaving it to the last second and I'm screeching around the Corner Property Myself Against Cipollini his pedal scraping the barriers on. Our show does a touching. It's bordering on an illegal maneuver and in fact I would have been disqualified at Takata Petra so much post go but the final chase down now coming from Seiko. There's a sharp end coming. And Fact Fontanella didn't even bother with his. He's allowed them to go through on the inside. This is looking like the perfect lead out. Now Watch out for. She pushes peak outdoor. But I come out in the corner. Fifth-place sake or a leader Mario but I launched my sprint. I and beat him impromptu. Lavar famous gassing lead even Colorado of speed. That man has. He came absolutely as he did when he won the first stage vehicle. The unless he win. Go up on the podium. Get my flowers then. I come back to the bus palm. My bike climb the steps. And then I see Cipollini on I got to go. Gomes Argo Jerusalem Diligence Tsuji Pauline. But I think of it. He basically well. I was climbing the steps at the front of the bus. He was climbing the ones at the back. He sees me and he starts coming end up so she has the market so I turned straight back around jumping team. Cotton off I go. He didn't even have time type in his mouth. Got The heck out of dodge. That night we were staying in hotels. Five hundred meters from each of that and we met up. He'd calm down a bit but it was still hey youngster. We almost crashed. You have to be more careful. Madonna counts double unmarked car pro one of the areas. I think thaw mighty guts overly sorry by two thousand and one the two biggest obsessions which she pollini on the Roadway milan-san remo and the world championships and in two thousand and one. He was beaten by Eric. Zombie milan-sanremo must've thought his chance slip away he was establishing himself as one of the great sprinters in Jira his his tally of stage wins. Now up to thirty four but in two thousand and two. It all came together for him. He won milan-san Remo but lost on the twenty third of March the day after his thirty fifth birthday he added sixty zero stages which put him one behind the all time record holder. Alfredo Binda and then the end of the season. He was world champion at last on the motor racing circuit in Belgium at role. But even the greatest kind of year of his career. There was still time for some controversy that year. He was arrested from motor pacing on the motorway again. A suggestion that the rules don't really apply to Super Mario The lion king. I love about that story. The line is the eve is tucked in behind the smart car. Day. Little baby car and he reckons. He was doing Well he the they. The police fought using seventy kilometers. In our he reckons he was actually doing ninety. Five or one hundred kilometers in our and Yeah listening to music on his Walkman paying attention to avoid the the potholes in the roads and when he saw the policeman signaling for him to pull over just just carried on again will cover this more than the next episode won't May and all these little clues the for Meyer Cipollini. The rules just didn't apply by that time he really was while we used the word. Sheriff he was in Italian In his team psycho I into Cipollini for first time in winter two thousand two thousand and one and went to that training camp in an Marina di Grosseto in the south of Tuscany on a couple of new riders. Coupla near pros who just joined the team and I was looking up to be there for that initiation which is very much orchestrated by CIPOLLINI. One of the ride is was a young American. Could Justin Spinelli who heart turn the previous year with Amdo? My Mom Fritz. Will Fritz and he comes to say. I think organized by Annandale. In any way that night they played a game which was a kind of well it was consisted of the ride is having were being blindfolded. And having to put their finger in an unidentified substance could smell or they can taste it and they had to say what was so they started. Cipollini found the whole thing hilarious and he was sort of filling with ketchup. And this and that and Spinelli was trying to guess he wasn't always getting some rights and wrong and then for for about these third or fourth challenge. He still had the blindfold on Dario Pieri. Big Burly Dario Pieri ninety kilos of him. He was stripping off suddenly. And Dario Pieri got down on all fours with his backside about half a meter from Justin Spinelli face and they then produced a tiny dish of What they filled with Natella and Spinelli was invited to dip his finger in the Natella. And by this point you know Die Pieri was completely naked And Spinelli took off the blindfold looked at the Brown substance on the end of his finger. Looked Daria Pierre's naked backside and run out of the room shrieking which collided ally. While Lionel's goes had his hands. I'm kind of looking through the cracks and this is this is sub Sunday league. Football Club stuff. Isn't it this kind of Ben Sira? Maybe I'm too old now for this sort of thing but it's I suppose it's men in their twenties isn't idiots. He was about some of us. Were how was the time thirty? Asian should've known better. Should Para there. I also resolutely craziest one year on that training camp for putting the wrong number of bread rose in his bread breadbasket at breakfast again. Well yes this kind of excessive behavior. They these anecdotes all adopter to create a picture of CIPOLLINI. I already had really. I mean. They all conform to a type. And I wonder if that's that's off the the legacy of CIPOLLINI and I guess that's what we'll be talking about in tomorrow's episode but yeah the complicated isn't it. I mean I mentioned the in in one thousand nine hundred am I was one of the whole crowd had gathered around March cleaning just trying to catch a glimpse of him in Dublin. Despite the fight he had won the stage. We were all seduced by the th the the charisma the woman that we saw in front of us. You know the the dark side that we weren't aware of such signed clues were there. Perhaps the dogs weren't aware of dead. Become more evident. We'll talk about in the next part but before we go quick trivia question for you m you mentioned his world champion ship in two thousand and two. How many times was married? Shipley slighted for the Italian team for the world championship question. Wonderful any will it. I would guess once once. Wow one for what was it that she didn't know that that's interesting. There you go but let's hear how Mariachi Pallini stacks up in the Pantheon of the sprinters from Tom. Stay or does he think that. Cipollini the greatest of all time for as though to be honest mark because he had years that you've really unbeatable. Which was your reporting. Years is not so far behind it. He's one of the best you do. His character but also due to victory sees a Yvonne so many races. That's for sure. He was one of suspense of Of the history of cycling so that sounded fairly emphatic chaps cavendish better than Cipollini at least according to Tom Steels but what do you think mark cavendish feels about that particular question? You asked Cheapo. Who Do you think the best who was chief own? I chip chip up with me. Who Thinks I've Japan? I'm GONNA say me. We'll we'll hear mark cavendish library tomorrow. M maybe will elaborate on it too. But in the meantime Thanks for much chops. Thank you Daniel. Thank you rich. Thank you line electric.

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