ACS (Part 2): William Knoedelseder and Jeff Cesario


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That wasn't till I had my first sip main Grio ever since that Broza touched my lips. My shots finish sharp is a needle aggress hoppers hay bail. You know what I mean? Anyways, just wanted to say thank you to Adam Carola, and to mango, I can't appreciate it enough from all yell. Thank you, head to Corolla drinks dot com and enter promo code cowboy for twenty percent off orders of three or more bottles. Wow. We back with don't call him William column. Bill Nagel, cedar. That's phonetically written out here. Worked for the times for many years work with my buddy Shelby coffee. In DC before you came here. Right, right. I freelance for the post back in the white seventies. And harley. Shelby was the entertainment editor at the time. So that's how I knew him. He came to the times after that great guy editor and chief at the time. So it was my my boxing student many years ago fins is the name of the book Harley Earl the rise of General Motors and the glory days of Detroit, and it's available now on Amazon, and you can bookmark us and click through our site. Thanks for that. So you lament that there's no real, I don't know personality and cars today. Well, not like that used to be all kind of look alike to me. I mean, you know, as I said, I was comedy on your your green Aston Martin. I love green cars. I never see green car anymore. Drive around L A looking for Rinku Arthur's. I don't know what it is about American car buyers and green they don't they're all either black grey, silver or white every thirtieth car might be dark red, and that's pretty much it. Well, you know, it's interesting that you bring up the color because. For me. It's sort of important because my ass and Martin is in acid Martin racing green that is their color. If you find max patta, a color picture of an Aston Martin from like the fifties or sixties that like one llama like Carroll Shelby one llama in an Aston Martin. I don't know most people don't know that are you know, what? If you find out like one that's old for twenty million bucks and one up for sale and auction two years ago, or whatever it is. It's it's their color. It's there. It's there nations their brands color there is that color that ASA Martin racing rain, which is the same colors, Mike car. So if you're going to buy Nassar, Martin don't get it and black or white get in get it in color, and if you're gonna Ferrari get in their color. Yeah. I agree. British racing green. That was always my favorite color. When I was a kid. I grew up in the car business. So of course, we're from time I was conscious of being alive cars where everything to me. So you want you want green cars, what else do you want? And by the way, if you're in L A, and you're talking about green cars, you're going to be misinterpreted. Fine runs on French fries. You know, I just I remember the car the car's when I was a kid when I first discovered cars, I mean my dad worked for Chrysler Corporation. He was a sales manager. And I remember the night nineteen fifty five standing out in front of the house on a hot summer night with the kids at the around the ice cream truck. And my dad came up the street and turn into our driveway with pink and white. Nineteen fifty five to Soto fire dome hardtop and everybody's mouth dropped open. And all the kids ran away from the ice cream chart and climbed all over the car. And I never forgot that these cars in the fifties. And the sixties American stuff had crazy two tone combinations. Retune some to intones interiors were crazy. There is something distinctive about every brand. I have my theory. And it's more than the theory. I think I think it's a fact I I think if you I always think about like military aircraft. And if you take a look at stuff from World War Two, you can go well that stuff American stuff Japanese, and that stuff German now, everything is the same shape because it computer turned everything into the same shape that computer went. Here's what works best. You don't get to guess what works best. And obviously if you're in Japan or Germany or the United States you're going to have much guys with pencils trying to figure out what works best. But the computer says, here's what works best. And now everything sort of looks the same. When you take a look at cars, you take a look at a Honda Genesis. And you take a look at a. Audi seven series, some they say seven they just sort of looked the same because the computer just sort of made the most slippery designed, right? The cars of the fifties. However were were different. They were products of the war on of the fact that this country had just one global war. No one ever done it before everything anything's possible in America. There was a sense of exuberance. We were on top everything and the cars reflected that the colors the designs, which did have a sort of airplane look to them. And that was the title of the book sort of as a fins is a metaphor for what the fifties were. And it was that sort of rolling statement furniture. Oh, yeah. Well, couches in a car. Well, that's that's what Harley Earl you know, he thought that car should be that was his idea. What a modern American cars should be it should be as comfortable as your living. That's what people are looking for. They're gonna spend. A lot of time in it and one in the early days before Hurley arrived on the scene, the interior of the car was something they never thought about the carpets was invented by mechanics, and they did all the undercarriage and all the stuff in the chassis and all that. And then they put a thing on it. You know, bolt on at the end where you put some people and nobody ever thought about what it should look like it was about how it should operate. And that's what made Harley when he came along. He was like the the Steve Jobs of his generation he kept he wanted to put his look like what is it? What is it supposed to be? What is it? You know, what does it say about the person? How how do you go from writing I'm dying up here to to this book? And then you have one about Anheuser-Busch. How do you have this kind of range? This kind of diverse says, I'm dying up here. In Henry was Jim Carey get hold of you. Or how does that? How does that work? When I was the when I was a cub reporter is just starting. out there. I had an editor who was a very sharp guy. And he was he was he all these young comics coming into town. And there was something going on there. And he he called me and in his office. And he said he feels like these kids that are showing up and working down here on the strip that something new going on feels like Greenwich Village in the sixties. So would you like to be on our Dur comedy beat for us? This is a major American newspaper signing young kid to do you know, I was young. But I was the same age as all the comics where I had just arrived in town. So I got to I got the job of lifetime. My job was to go down there. Hang around with these young people coming into town. Find out what they're all about. And who the next, Freddie prince was going to be? So I got to meet Letterman Leno all those guys before anyone outside of the small community of comic share knew who they were. And they sort of all became famous while I was the middle of reporting on it. So it was a great magical time resistant to you initially like interloper, you know, what I mean? Not at all. I mean, you know, they were here in town. I was the Los Angeles Times this was concerned. You know, they were and we got along because we were all from the midwest or someplace else, you have a you have a good Andy Kaufman story. We'll we'll say this half the show brought to you by blue apron taymor about them in a second blue apron dot com. So I haven't I have dot com. Yeah. I have a number of Andy was amazing. I mean, I think I did the first major newspaper, big takeout on Andy. And we had a time to set up to near view. And and he called me up two nights before like, an eight o'clock at night, my house and just hang this. Andy can I come over? Okay. So he shows up ten minutes later my house, and he's got a suitcase full of stuff like vaudeville suitcase. And he proceeds to go and get dressed up in various, different stage outfits and actors in tire hope show on my patio. You know in pantomime, you know, and change into his wrestling outfit. And then he wanted to wrestle my my eight one fragment wife, and it was just bizarre. You know, what you gotta go with it. Right. So know, so yeah, did I I looked back on some of these guys? Like, it's like when you hear these stories about like here. Steve McQueen stories, you know, and people are like sitting around going. Well, he didn't suffer fools. I mean, you came up to him onset you game diet coke. And it was warm punch. You. Swing at you. And I was like I think that's a sociopathic do fag. Like, he didn't take any gruff from anybody. They were rewriting them on. He's awesome pages. Didn't like and he won right after that rider, man. He was throwing punches at a tire iron is. And it's like, yeah. That means he's a bad guy. But he was he was he was cool. But he's punching. It is if you're you're right. It's kind of antisocial big head. But so Andy Kaufman, you hear all the great stories and great great stories at any go, but he's just kind of nutty sociopath. Or is he super cool guy? Or is. He what is he never thought is cool. And it was fascinating. What he was really interesting. He was he was he was doing some sort of live theatre his own thing that that there was no template for it. That anybody did I tell you the one thing the one on I insisted in order to do the story. I said, okay. And I talked to manage said you have to see and talk to interview Tony Clifton who was his alter ego that he refused to acknowledge existed. So they agreed. And so Tony Clifton met me at this sleazy hotel down on Sunset Boulevard with full hookers. And we went out to have some drinks together. And Andy would not break character. No, ma'am. What happened? He picked up a young girl in a bar. You know, and I couldn't believe anybody going because you just being awful. I thought I thought he's gonna get us killed and but a woman did go home with him to the motel. I bailed at that point. I thought that you know, I've taken new journalism as far as and you take it. Well, here's an Andy Kaufman question than. If you knew him, but in the saying, you're friends with them today, and he just called and said you wanna go out to lunch. Would you do it? Or would you go? Enough energy for whatever. I don't know the answer to that. Because I didn't spend that much time with him. But yeah, I could see both sides of that. You wanna see what's he gonna do next? I know that his friends used to go down to the bagel place where he operated and have lunch. Just to watch him take off and start doing stuff because he would do things they all the people in the restaurant and people who work there just thought he's a guy, but his transit come in. They order, and then Andy would do some weird thing and start doing some street the thing and nobody else would figure out and they would all laugh run out. So they he entertained people. I mean, he was just weird shit. There's just no doubt about it. I mean there was you know, he was the weirdest guy was but kinda sweet. I mean, you know, the feel like the movie man man via like that captured it that was eerily era. Yeah. I felt that way. Yeah. Yeah. No. That was that was Andy Carey you get nominated for that famously navy did not, and if you ever seen the documentary came out recently, Jim and Andy on comfortable, but why? Nomination. I feel I felt that way about vow Kilmer Jim Morrison like when you just become that human being why no love from. Nominated that year was interesting who was like tough competition or also Jim Carey was to a lot of critics or a lot of people in the industry. He's ace Ventura he he's trying too hard to be a serious actor in. There is I get it. But playing the role of the grandpa or the role of the neighbor the role of the gym coach the box, and coaches, that's one thing, but becoming somebody that were familiar with like, we know Andy Kaufman, there's we've all seen SNL. We've all seen the bits. We know him. Well, when you physically and spiritually literally become that person. So that we can't tell the difference. That my friend is acting, you know, mount of blowing Harvey Weinstein, whatever recreate that. Yes. At my right, Gina. On the nation. I don't know who won. And who else is now because I've I feel like we're going to be a little bit angry. And when we find out who else was nominated find it out. Let's see Russel Crowe the insider, Sean Penn sweet and lowdown because he sung Kevin Spacey, American Beauty, Richard Farnsworth. That was a great movie grip form straight story, Denzel Washington. Heavy hitters. Yeah. Coming. I mean, Denzel Washington is becoming played Rubin. Hurricane carter. But nobody knew what Rubin. Hurricane Carter sounded like with word for Andy Kaufman. We know exactly what he sounds the reasons I laid out he's he's still ace Ventura to people will you write to about Jim Morrison. I mean, Val Kilmer that was that was incredible. 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But that's an outrage that he was not nominated and that that group and the other people, I'm sure did a wonderful job. But this is a good. Acting and you must become the other person's like a two part. I'll do higher standard for sure. Yes. You would know if he didn't. And he became him to the point where I don't know if you woke me up and said, which performance are you watching an actual one or Jim Andy Kaufman, or Jim, I wouldn't even know. And that that's amazing. Yeah. When when people say any Kaufman, Jim Carey's image pops in my mind before Andy Kaufman stuff. Yes. But Jim Morrison and vowed Kim Val Kilmer was nominated but didn't win. He was nine hundred. I didn't even know if he's nominated. But if not the essence of acting is you becoming this other human being in knocking it out of the ballpark. It drives me nuts. All right. So and I'm always still angry at what's his name from Lomas sunshine because Allen are canal in arkan- because he's got fucking Oscar for that piece of shit performance. Anyway, let's not live in the past. He did nothing. Nothing. Fuck back VW, boss one of those life. Time achieve it's not living. That was passed. Do. That's all. You're right. But we can't we have to have an toward the toward the future. All right. Let's see. We got the news Speaking of acting being directing John singleton and me this picture of him and willy t ribs when he met with I told you John single then met with willy t Ribbs to work on story. That's based on my documentary. Uppity. And I didn't wanna share the picture because I didn't know we wanted to put it out there. He just it. Just scrammed Akram went on this for a year. And he's just put it up there. And in the caption, the reverence he has for willy t Ribbs is really amazing. Well, what's it says willy t Ribbs? Remember that name not every day. You get to be in the presence of a legend. This man broke the barrier on the race track Formula Ford first black man to win series and England formula land first black man to racing series transam first black man to win a race twice series one or up when eighteen races IMSA first black man to win a race to time driver of the year IndyCar. I mean, it just goes on and on and on. Yes. So singleton is working on the willy t Ribbs story. So cool. Yeah. It'd be nice. We actually put them together. And it'd be nice if Showtime could've bought the plane ticket to get him out here from Austin instead of us, but. Finger how life works you just pay for everything and hopefully get paid one day. All right. We got Bill here. So Harley Earl what was his reign? What when did he start? When did he finished? He started with GM and twenty six he had been working on designing bodies fancy car by nineteen nineteen twenty six people may remember campaign from several years ago where sort of the the ghost of Harley Earl came back to work with new GM product price or whatever it was like they do now with the dodge brothers. But go ahead. Well, he'd been he'd been customizing car bodies for silent film stars and GM heard about him. And they had this idea they wanted to compete with Ford, and they couldn't on on numbers for just dominate that sixty percent of the market, and they had this idea of maybe if we change to more often how they look because Henry Ford's idea was to build a car that got union shit from one place to another is. Quickly as cheaply as possible. And that's all it was totally till Terry. And he didn't think it needs to be improved. So jam came up with the idea of we'll make it look better. Maybe they'll and they hired Harley because they heard from you know, and he was making these fantastic colored cars for these impossibly rich young stars. And so they came out, and they look what he did what he did. And they said, wow, he designed the whole body. Didn't stick something on the end. He started with how it looked not with how it ran. They all ran. And then he what he did was he invented the system. Through terrorizing people, and forcing his will and people, and he was this giant stuttering crazy guy dressed like a peacock. He invented the system whereby GM became the first company that could change the look of its cars every year every car every year, and every third year have them dramatically different and be able to do that in a way that didn't cause them to shut down their factories the cost of one hundred hundred million dollars, and that took GM from being ten percent of the market to fifty five, and they became the most powerful corporation the world because of that the people may not realize that back in the day. You would get a car from Duisenberg or something if you're rich, and then you'd have the coach Bill like you'd have the body built for the car. Sometimes you could get you know, the the frame that the. The running gear all the thing the car, but no body, and then you take into a custom body guy, and he build you a custom body as we always sort of joke about. No one does anymore. Everyone just, you know, Leonardo to drives a white Prius. But back in the day. He would have rich guys got themselves. Custom cars made you take it to a guy and go, you know, die. Dial it in George barris did that up until the seventies age when you see some of the crazy he built the munsters mobile. He built the batmobile. He built all those cars for the TV shows, the the Monkees you got a car, you did a TV show, you gotta custom car. But then if you're on the the show had a car, but if you're on the show, you got brought him your car, and he ate your own car to it was kind of kooky. Well Harley did some of that he had hit one for Tom mix. They designed Sal right into the hood for for the guy who was a star of Wells Fargo, the TV show had had a they had a car where the interiors up out. Outfitted with rifles, and pistols and stuff like to ride in the car with guns mounted you know, and horns and all kinds of western. That's what he did. He did specialty cars dream cars. I I went to before barris die. Okay. But I almost gonna warn you got a gun. Here's frigging Chester Seventy-three built in the well, if you look at the Cadillac max patta from new dis famously the western outfitters place, if you could picture the same for Nando valley and picture the Cadillac from new western apparel on lankershim in the middle of what is now. No, he had guns rifles and stuff all over back when people like. When gas with twenty one cents a gallon. She just mount tons and stuff. I would Longhorn I would like to practical the practical. Yeah, it's a Cadillac with a bunch of pissed splashy era dynamic, right? It's back again gas was cheap. We had nothing but time. But that's so Harley was there until when 'til fifty eight and then what happened retire? Yeah. He retired and so to live happily ever after. And there was there was sort of revolt right toward the end because he he took fins to the height. Heightened and became a big competition out fin the other in Chrysler eventually won that and the ultimate Finn was the fifty nine Cadillac with right? Like it was above the above the roof. It wasn't. But it looked like. And so there was sort of a black backlash, and and and his designers kind of you know, mutinied over the fifty eight that he was doing and they and he changed him in the middle. And he said, okay. It's kinda my time to go. So he weird culture. Right. Yeah. Fins on a car become a thing. And then there's a fin war where everyone is trying to outdo the other manufacturer. And how big this useless piece of metal on the back of the car? Could be this weird. And then it completely goes away. Nobody cares about fins. And they were and that was the Finn that ended all fifty nine Cadillac Finn. But it is the single image. If you see image of that car. Everyone knows that's the nineteen fifties. Yeah. I mean. I mean, look at that amazing piece of metal. Fifty the future would look like, right? Stories of kids being impaled on those while they're playing baseball in the streets up like that. All right, Gina. Let's see. Let me tell you about Castrol edge. And we'll get to some news heat friction viscosity breakdown man hurt the performance up to ten percent. You're going to get that caddy with the fins, and let's get some Castrol edge engineered with fluid. Titanium technology physically transforms to be stronger and her pressure helps fight friction and deliver maximum levels from your car three times times times stronger against scarcity breakdown and leading oils, Castrol edge everyone. All right, Gina. How about we do some news? Let's do it. All those crazy. Gene. The news with Gina grad question. Are you familiar with a former boxer named Mario mellow yellow? Well, he didn't have a very mellow mellow mellow mellow. Yeah. You're probably right. He didn't have a super luxurious boxing career. But he was a professional boxer and he died on Sunday in a croissant. Eating contest, according to TMZ. So he's fifty six and he was one of several participants competing in the event in Buenos RA's. He was into the third croissant. He started choke several men rushed to his aid perform the Heimlich maneuver. But they couldn't dislodge this blockage. He was whisked away the ambulance. He was dead on arrival. According to reports there did not appear to be any train medical professionals hired for the event. Now, if if he rings a bell at all he had a professional record of twenty one nine he challenged light heavyweight champion Michael Moore in nineteen ninety but lost in the first round. Michael Moore was the light heavyweight champ who became the heavyweight champ who was famously knocked out by George Foreman. So he was a he was like an unlikely winner. There's there's great footage of teddy. Atlas in his corner when Michael Moore fought Vander Holyfield to take the heavyweight championship teddy. Atlas who by the way, I love that guy. He's so passionate about everything. There's footage of him in a corner going, you're blowing it son, you're blowing. I've be lying to didn't tell you at this. This your chance at the heavyweight strap and your like teddy atlas like in his face going ballistic on him. He goes out there. He becomes the heavyweight champ takes it away from holy field. And then when George Foreman comes back when George warm and couldn't move, very good. Took all this punches just relying at some point just near the NFL form. Just lands one of those right hands and drops more down. I dunno type in Michael Moore. Teddy atlas corner looking Mike or something like that. Hey, anytime, you can fight for the championship. Even if you lose in the first round. But by the way, I get I get choking on a bagel or a hydroxy, but a light. Fluffer son. So innocuous viz. Yeah. About that. San's? Yeah. So this is gross. But everyone's talking about it. So we're just gonna go head first. And then move on delta airline passenger claims he was forced to sit in feces or MRs flight when he complained about the mess on his seat, according to the Daily Mail. Matthew me Hans said he noticed the smell as soon as he got near a seat on the plane. He raised the question to the cabin crew. But instead of helping him clean the step allegedly dams paper towels and a few minutes, your bottles of Bombay sapphire until to clean it up himself. I I will say come in. I I appreciate that. Because when I worked at the flask liquor store when I was like sixteen carrying a big hand truck with cases, or whatever. And I knocked over a case of gin, and it broke and spread out all of the floor. And it's like it, smells like cleaning fluid. Like, if you're thinking of something to us don't use Yeager Meister, if you wanna clean use Jin them thinking pine juniper, berries this. It's clear. It's. Got a lot of alcohol, and it's it's good for what else? Yeah. At that point. I would've drank Jan and ask for a little pine Sol Lysol. Well, they told him to clean it up. He was still to sit down or get off the flight of the delta flight from Atlanta to Miami. He got off the plane to speak with the manager. And according to an interview he did with local news outlet. This was the response. Beginning side. What's your problem? And it was just you know, I had to step back for a moment and say. You do not want to be one of these people that you see on the news getting kicked off a flight. Because really it's a every amount of patients that I had just to keep cool while and covered in feces. So passengers were forced to lay a blanket over it and endure this Mel for the two hour flight, not let the not not fucking bitches with the crazy dogs on the fucking plane. How about that? How about that? How about we just fucking do? We don't let any more nut jobs or fucking dogs on the plane. How about yeah. How many examples do we need? I walked election project out poop all over the place. It's insane. It's insane. Of course, it can only go this direction. These people are nuts. I say bitches, I mean, mostly bitches there too. No, no more. You can't travel your dog. How about that take the fucking train cheeses cry? They weren't sure what what origin the feces had at first. They told him that it was a big German shepherd. Then he was told it was an older man who got sick on the plane. And then finally he was told it was a cute little golden retriever tonight. How many times I yelled about this? How else can this go any other way your dog is trapped in a place and can't use the bathroom? It can only shit on the carpet. And if shit's the later your dog has whatever the one ice on LAX had diarrhea or whatever then that's the way. This is going to go down. How could it go any other way the end result of an equation that we all saw coming? Did you? Michael moore. He got the teddy. Atlas talking to them in the corner. Yeah, here's one here's one of. Jay, I want to be satisfied with. Go in there. Doing what we trained to? Kind of. To be heavyweight champion doing keep going to cry because of that winning teddy. Atlas in Sydney. Anymore? Back them up. Well, great stuff. See? Well minutes. Tell you. You don't want you to try afterwards gonna cry afterwards because? Next bite instead of this fight. Thirty five. And Michael Moore when I needed analysts in the car when I still in it to go blowing it and they'll lumber truck was coming up. Mojo on your welcome back in this car because I'm just go go go just go come on. But teddy atlas, and I've Elidio I wanna travel that guy. Right. Yeah. Agean as he knows what buttons to push for what people would even advice another fighter. You know? It's probably a little intense. Oh, being married to like going out to dinner, and you all have the taco salad. You're gonna cry taco salad shows up at this table cry. And I'd be alive. I didn't say something right now. He's you bitch over there. The sound berries. Take you want that how great is steady at this. So he L more blowing it he was going to cry. And then Michael Moore went out and got the heavyweight championship puffed up light heavyweight in Michael Moore before they had this super click. Heavyweight you know, guys they have been Drago. I feel like you just picked up some parenting tips. Mr. teddy up, I would like, you know, instead of fucking dolls pull the string. The farmer says MU. Mu teddy. Atlas pull it kids gotten a C minus on his algebra. And I just pull it your kid. You're blowing it tomorrow. You're welcome back in his home. You're gonna end up working Reuven supply place in San Fernando, come on just pull the string. And it keeps yelling that does. That don't come back. That's right. Good. You have more teddy. Atlas? Yeah. So this is more common back from the eighth round and teddy sitting in his stool shit. Shit. You're gonna cry. You get away with that night's counselor minister, they're all things I would like to see involved in. No. This moment to give myself some credit because you just brought up the guy had never heard of shoukd on a croissant. And it brought my all the way to teddy. Thank you for that. You're welcome. Thank you. Well, Pamela Anderson has no desire to join the metoo movement. According to her recent interview on the Australian edition of sixty minutes. I just let her speak the actress explained wife third way feminism the clock goes back isn't firmer. Here we go third way. Feminism wait, what's third way feminism? Well, I would imagine I should've I should've googled it. But I would imagine it's, you know, Suffragettes, you know, the right to vote, and then the sixties women's liberation and now we're in the third wave of. Yeah. See I got says. Yes, here we go. I think this feminism can go too, far, I'm a feminist. But I think that his third way feminism is is a bore. I think it paralyzes men. I think that this meeting movement is a bit too much for me on sorry. Probably get killed for saying that my mother taught me don't go to a hotel with a stranger of someone answers the door in a bathrobe, and it's supposed to be a business meeting. Maybe I should go with somebody else. I think that something's just common sense. Or if you go in get the job. I'm canadian. What is speak my mind. Okay. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm not ready. How the ominous music work. Start having Zimmer score. Ours happens when Harvey. We do our magazine shows and barely scribe. We have like entertainment tonight. But that's not this. So they just put that in music stings. Wow. I don't know. I feel like if your news organization, you're not allowing that scale. Yeah. Put on that's go. Well Anderson has had her own experience with sexual abuse. She's detail before she was molested by a female babysitter as a child and suffered nonconsensual experiences with men early on the threat that the thing that no one wants to talk about because everyone's freaked out all the time as she is what drew always called a female female, impersonator said Marilyn Monroe thing. And there is when somebody is victimized at a young age it creates this sort of cartoonish sexuality about them. It's also a big component of this this metoo movement. There's a component of it that we don't talk about which is what took place years ago at home with stepdad. Bad both for whatever happened later on with Al Franken. There's just a there's a back story to a lot of this stuff that no one will ever discuss because everyone's going to get fired except for me. I just said it, but if you ever talked to about it, we've always known about it. We've always known that her Marilyn Monroe we talked about that kind of stuff. Like, the voice the affect the whole the whole thing. It's just their products of abuse molestation, whatever it took place years and years ago. And then it it this is how it manifests itself. All right. Well, let's talk to listen to pay him Anderson about anything anymore or ever like I just feel like a few specific subjects, but not you know, how why does Tommy Lee's girthy Lou long? Like, what are you waiting? Why we have such a weird society? She didn't do anything. She's done nothing. She has no regional barbed wire. She has very good fill. Right. But why do we add why the comment I feel the same way with sports stars? And whoever like really, what would we would? We why we want to know what pay has to say we shouldn't have ever wanted to know what? Yeah. We're looking at right. Okay. When she was twenty eight maybe woman what she had to say. But even that's under a false pretense because it's not like because you have good bone structure. Good brain. Powerful thought. I don't know what we do. Why do we wanna hear what by nature we wanna look at her not hear what she has to say. I just don't we're we have a weird thing with celebrities in general. I was gonna say why even when they go stumper tell you who to vote for tell you what to do or whatever why they're there because they're good looking and they parent other people who are smart who do have something to say picture the next decade or two when when we have the Kim Kardashians opinion or the third card asking depending on the latest movement lettuce thing the the new story. It's like, well, she's our only chance for prison reform. So she might. But this this this is this will continue to happen more. So this will become more. So in the years, the housewives opinion on the next movement, right? Well, let's let's swing the other way. This is a really cool story. You know, the New York marathon happened over the weekend. And there's always big news coming out of there. But I don't know if you heard about Hannah gov ios so after falling a hundred and fifty feet off a cliff and Thailand while she was trying to escape a rapist in two thousand sixteen. She never thought she'd walk it again. But this year, she completed the New York City marathon, I'll just show you little bit while I'm talking so this is coming up to the finish line with to you know, sort of athletic crutches twenty five years old from queens. She's partially paralyzed completed twenty six point two miles on crutches. Was she running from, rapists? All explain it a second. Yeah. Yeah. Maybe it took eleven hours twenty minutes and thirty two seconds to complete the marathon. Even though she finished long after everybody else was a huge crowd of the finish line. So the story of how this happened it's a little gruesome, but it it should be told. She was travelling to Thailand a man offered her directions and let her into the jungle and attacked her. She fought back. He ranches a lifelong runner all through high school and everything she knew she had the speed to a scape, but in the darkness. She couldn't see she was at the edge of a cliff fell off she tumbled the height of a fifteen story building. She hit her head on the way down fracture spine when she landed at the bottom the guy who was chasing her found her and assaulted her when she's paralyzed at the bottom of this review. Well, it says assaulted whatever probably hours after her. Well, look, just kicked her. Now. The worst person I I'm just reading the story. Oilers so sexually fide. Oh, this person in the world. Yeah. He's oh. You're gonna love how it ends though. Very unsatisfying. Finally, she was found she was taking the hospital her tax he'd MiFID what he'd done and so he got a nice five year prison term. So I'm sure he'll be out helping himself to hurting other people and to be fair. Thai. Prisons are sort of dog years. Terms of US prisons five years in a Thai prison is doing like years. You're right. It took eleven hours and twenty minutes. She did it on crutches. She did the entire marathon money for spine armpits of so calloused well trained. Yeah. Well, she she wasn't on those questions shoes on what she she kind of. She has a photo. Well, let's show the clipping swertz. He was on crutches. But either what you know what I'm saying. That's gotta be rough on the joints. Yeah. Absolutely. She said her yellow before. Before she she broke bunch of them while training sheet, they had to keep sort of modifying them, and I've never done anything for eleven hours. And this is the most impressive thing I've ever seen you probably slept. Her levin. That's true. That's true. I'd like to sit around with her and like in argue like. Well, we ordered the Chinese food, but just have grub drop it off. We shouldn't have to go pick it up. Should we like what an inspiration? What a motivation to bring her story. I'd like to bring her and teddy atlas over to my house. This yell it sit there and rack on the head with a crutch go pay attention could be a little inet as well. Whack him in the head in an atlas blowing blowing it son, you're blowing it whack them again in the head. Good daddy's ranchos make you rich back she'd whack them with other media think this is his bed. Ellison is bed. What does which places? That s that's great. He's better than all of us. Yeah. Far better. She is. But the guy who assaulted her after going down that hill one hundred fifteen hundred fifty feet is right up there with the guy shot Ray Caruso girlfriend when she was nine months pregnant, right? Like in the I'll see you and. Percent. The one percent of people. Yeah. So you know, you know, they had that famous. I don't know. I always screw it up. Senator supreme court whatever when he said when it comes to pornography. I'll know when I see it. I feel that way about the death penalty. Look, I don't wanna straight across port black guy accused of gun went off when he's trying to rob a liquor store. Whatever death penalty all handle it. I'll know it when I see it. Maybe. Well, she didn't kill her. Yeah. He's going down the aisle. No known all put him up throw him that pop. That's good. That'd be great. Thank you, just come to me the broad strokes. You did it took me about eighty seconds made it he's made it to the chair in my world. And again, not interested in whether she survived or finished a marathon or anything. I just got a little glimpse in your wiring enough. Right. All right. Let me tell you about guy co everyone's got to do list. How 'bout yet save hundreds of dollars car insurance? And you don't have to go anywhere. Go to your computer, geiko dot com. Fifteen minutes could be saving fifteen percent or more on your auto insurance. Put that extra money in your pocket. It'll be the most rewarding thing you do all day at geiko that is guy code dot com. All right. Let's do one more. Okay. Well, you know since we're on the subject. Of of people dying and punishment might as well do this story now and get your take on it and hold on. What's the record? These guys. Do the guys do the marathon in the wheelchairs, but they're the trikes and these guys go nuts, and they seem to finish those things much faster than the Kenyans do. I'm a fan of motor sports in motorsports. They had wait to vehicle like if one cars dominating and a series too, much, they'll start restricting air intakes start adding weight to the car and so on and so forth. My feeling is. It's a marathon. I'm American and I want a Kenya finishing. I that's the way I was raised. And these guys these guys with their wheelchairs guy finish in an hour and eighteen minutes full hour before the Kenyan woman even got there. Wow. Now, he's wearing his state of the art slick goals and kevlar helmet and everything stress, and it's one see I don't like I want to add some weight to that dude's trike. Okay. Peanut butter on the wheel whatever it is slow down be marshmallow when one parody now and excitement and again. You watch all that racing. They're all going the same. They're all doing the same thing f one NASCAR everything they just start they'll tweak everything until everyone's like the same speed. And then you have the most exciting races ever guys at an hour. Eighteen minutes are full hour plus before the women finish and fifty minutes before the dudes finish we add weight. And then that asked that last quarter mile drag strip with the Kenyans running. The gap. This guy on Wales guy wheel and his Harz. He can. And it's going to be a photo-finish. You know, that's not that idea because these guys are out front. Everything is the Ryan these custom specialized bikes made a chrome Ali and stuff and they're just kicking. Everyone's ask a different race. Yeah. I mean, we don't even doesn't come about who won the marathon lost your legs when I went off in in battle decree in that's supposed to be winning marathons cheated death. Okay. Okay. So let's just add a little weight you looking for a chance. What do you want everything I'm saying you got into this? Because you wanted a challenge you I signed up for the Marine Corps because you wanted to challenge. Now, you've taken that. Attitude, and you prajit. Let's see we're gonna add some weight. I like it. And let's see at the end excitement. Right. Yeah. Hidden down that there's always that last straightaway. Right. This is a great Cosby can get like Queen Latifah. Someone like hop on the back. Size. What what'd you hold budgets, rebel Wilson? Depending on how fast you are. We'll get different size celebrity. What's wrong with you me? Look, I'm just taking it all in. I'm saying look at me like I'm predicted in terms of viewers in terms of the viewers when they turn that last corner on that twenty those point two miles laugh point point too. And there's two Kenyan guys in two guys. And we'll chairs and their Duke it out. I'm watching much more exciting. Okay. That's me. Hey, I'm I'm looking to add to the experience. More or. How about no more super space age trikes, you gotta do old fashioned hospital wheelchair. Oh, wow. You gotta do it in like one flew over the Gooseneck or something. We're talking. Okay. I had to work this one. Classic. Yeah. The one they push you out to get a little fresh air might tip over anytime. Let's see how good you could get on that good idea. I would watch. And I'll bet you they'd get pretty good might add an hour. All right now, you're finishing with the canyons and no more space age gear, scrubs, scrubs flapping in the wind. A large of color of the clipboard running Nexio. She's going to discharge you from the marathon. Yeah. Just an old school wheelchair. And I'll tell you how we do it. If anyone. You need to look sold guys are out of your allowed darting there. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Coddle everybody gardening gloves. That can't be bespoke this, right? Okay. Speaking of. Yeah. We trying to think of what's my favorite breaking away. The movie were in breaking away, a great movie, they have the little Indy. Five hundred for the hoosiers, the cutters everyone, and they just give them a crappy pike, and they go you oil the chain, you tune you do whatever you gotta do. But here's your crappy huffy to do the race. It we give them the crappy surplus wheelchair from the fifties. You can go ahead and get your synthetic lube and true the spokes like even make it work as good as you can make it work. But this is what it is. You're working with. You gotta go with a stock issue. Yeah. Right now, I'm watching I'm watching this this next marathon if that's the rules. Thank you. Just saying we need to finish an hour before the Kenyans isn't that kind of a hate crime Gina a little bit progressive. Maybe on the wrong side of history. Yeah. I don't want that. I maybe too late. I gotta go take a long a long look in the mirror Kenyans that come to this country for better life than when a win marathons and shadow humilate shift blowing blowing away white privilege. Yeah. Ryan. A very good point. And if you ever seen a canyon in one of these wheelchairs win the race. Well. Well. You know, I think you cut this all out. Horton. No, people want to have an honest dialogue about Ray. When our having one about race about race rate. Okay. Let's bring it home to I'm Gina grad. And that's the news. That was the news with Gina grad. Let's get back to Garriga explaining why Weinstein should walk amongst us. All right. Let me say about simply safe looking for security. It could be a pain. But you gotta go with simply safe. Not exactly are. It is exactly the home security. You're looking for great protection, ridiculously easy to use no hidden fees or pricey contracts. Simply safe dot com slash Adam. Bollywood bohemian Ramsey. I'm I'm excited about this. Because I hear from people. It's great. I see it's kinda low on run tomatoes. But the people love it, and the critics I don't know who did you hear from who says great is. I want that person tag. Oh, okay. I will looks amazing. I will I think Scott God, I think grizzly Scott from football. Are maybe was cousin, Sal, I'm trying to I'm trying to think somebody saw bohemian rhapsody people like it right now. People got it at ninety four. What are the top critics have it at forty five? And I mean, the while that's weird. So supposedly the final concert is so good at forgives anything that happens. Well, tipping his hand. That's not accurate. All right. Well, listen. I wanna know. I wanna learn just like I taught you all little civics lesson wheelchair you we'll discuss I wanna learn about human ramp city because I'm torn Brad Williams in studio tomorrow, you guys can stick around and listen to a good sports with me and damage Shak. Jeff's Osario, go watch him on the dick Rasi show on funnier. Die and Bill. Let's get the book fins Harley Earl and the rise of General Motors and the glory days of Detroit and tell next time. This is animal Corolla for Bill NATO, cedar. Angiogram ball, Brian Saint Mahala? Don't squeeze the Jews. Full the Adam Jones Twitter role Chauve always on the Twitter at Adam Corolla, leave us. Leave us a voicemail dated eight six seven four four. Taking me is you're gonna get a weekly dose of inspiration and motivation. Click get Adam Corolla dot com fantasy. Yes. Hosted by ball, Brian sunny, girl, this worth your years. Listen, but gas won Anaheim, we're at the grove with robbery goal doing the Adam Corolla show live on the number thirty tickets headed vote on all the live gasman books movies and more go to Adam Corolla dot com and stay tuned. Sports. Entertainment designed just for you. Then chick out, customizable, streaming TV for mixed Finnerty. It makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended? He gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Good expenditure dot com. A one eight hundred Finnity or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions applied. Castle on sports network presents sports sports fans. Welcome to a brand new episode. A good sports here podcast one sports. Dave damage Shakir Adam Karol over there yesterday, as he you know, he puts some fact behind his theory that the friends cast has done the most damage romantically. If you know what I mean between the sheets, you know, in the bed and the caveat is amongst each other with each other. And then with people, you know, your Brad Pitts of the world there. You're renee. It's not just I had sex with you know, flus on the rug. Right. Exactly. And so where we left off you were talking about Lisa Khuda row. I didn't know that she in Conan Oprah. And we're once thing, I guess, so. And that kind of makes sense makes sense funny. People Matt LeBlanc had. Andrea Anders trying to think who she is. Kate hudson. Right. Kate Hudson talk about damage with a list guys like guys that are regarded as sex guys Kate Hudson and rockstar guys. I don't think she has an equal brandy Glanville from is that she is on. Real houses real housewives of Orange County Beverly Hills. I think Beverly Hills. One good part about watching that show, which is every once in a while lane bed on a Saturday at noon Lynette Nile be sitting there, and she'll be watching and some point she'll turn tournament you go look at these girls. They don't work that fulltime nanny brought to the house. Man that magin that people get all the luck. Yeah. We're husband has still work. His knuckles to the bone. Just trying to underwrite that life terrific. Yeah. Brandy Glanville was with the LeBlanc and Schwimmer unclear. Whether it was the same evening. David Schwimmer, by the way, I said unclear which means I say it was at the same time in the question yadda crime. Now is it a crime to ask a question? David Schwimmer has there's a couple names on here that are going to delight you, and you you tell me many driver Natalie Imbruglia, IMB ruga, I say fast, but I find her to be incredibly fetching Minnie driver. There's a handful of people who I think got where they are because of their name. And I think many driver is I I don't I never even thought many driver. I've found she's she's she's attractive, but she's not beautiful. And I think the name like if her. Her name is Gertrud boil Stein. I don't feel like she'd be nearly as popular as their name was Minnie driver. But then some of my favorites with Matthew Perry, Ryan and shacks favorite starlet piper. Parapet piper. You know what I mean? Wait Meg Ryan going from grind piper. That ram. And they had their grim Lauren Graham, and Heather Graham, oh, my God not clear it was the same night. But listen, here's what I do after. I'm done betting. Elizabeth Hurley, I do that drop the mic thing with my dick. The second. I'm done with Elizabeth Hurley, and I say second that's how we would measure my time with Elizabeth especially twenty nine year old Elizabeth Hurley, I just hold my dick out, I drop it and I walk off stage. And you hear all the feedback and river it would be. Yeah. I don't think it would be one of those slow claps either. It would be uproar instantaneous. I do the when I'm done. I do the dick drop, and I leave and that's it. No encore. No coming back. Can you imagine Matthew Perry? What was what he must be? One charming fella. Amanda peet. Yes mean believe again, Laura Flynn Boyle, you got to you must you must picture now. Look, many of these conquests are going on in the nineties, and let's try not to be too double standard here here or. Cruel but women in their forties in their fifties. Are not aesthetically what they were twenty four twenty seven when you're talking about a lower Flynn Boyle, Julia Roberts. He has me. I mean boil when she was twenty five was a visually and aesthetically had to be one of the strongest looking people on on the planet. Going to be even handed. Matthew Perry's no prize in two thousand eighteen if you've seen photographs of right, right? But I hear you're going. I mean, Elizabeth Hurley there's just nothing better than your circa. I hear you got to even go back maybe even earlier than than Austin powers, Elizabeth Hurley. Yes, even but even as she started merges a star when she did that picture bedeviled. I think is what it was called with Brennan Frazier. I mean, she's yes, she's as lovely creature. Is there is and an English accent? Yeah. I don't I don't need that as much. You know, blonde hair is exotic to me look at me. I'm swarthy people say don't you like exotic looking women? Yeah. Blonde is exotic does not hurt. And of course, Jennifer Aniston on the list. Jennifer Capri Audie on the list tennis player. That's right. Rachel done. She the one from the Jeff bridges, James woods picture. What was all the right? And not all the right moves. The Phil Collins did the the sound that the no that's not her talking about the Raelian woman with short hair. She was in also dead men. Don't wear plaid. She that. That was Elizabeth. I think I think it was a Rachel was a Rachel Rachel. I don't think it's Rachel done. There's two women that get me confused. There's the there's the against all odds, who's an absolute beauty. And then there is the weird science. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who's in absolute beauty, and they're different. But were there at the same time this suggests that Rachel Don was just the fashion student, and maybe not someone notable. Okay. Yeah. Well, it's remarkable work all the way around this. I like I said last time mash probably doesn't have such a list. Cheers, probably doesn't have such a list. Now, though, you know, what though you know, what I'm just gonna just play the game that you have thrown out here. Now think about cheers Ted Danson plus not Shelley long, but you have to throw in kearse the alley. Well, she was when she married in real life to John Travolta, am I thinking of the movie with the thinking of the movie? Okay. But okay, I think she has had no shortage of lovers now. Also throw in Woody Harrelson now. Now, you're getting somewhere norm and cliff down, you know, probably long how about coach season one. Got around pretty good. You know, she is my my alley. What we're talking about from now, I can't think of her. Senator name sorry. From from cheers just mentioned to me. Not alley mcbeal. Not Allie McGraw. All right. Let me tell you. I got memory trouble. I got a theory. Well, I screwed us up with Allie. First name segma- Kirstie alley. Kirstie alley. No one can ever talk me out of this shack is right with me on this. The women who get the eating disorders are the ones who put on weight, and they see their head gets lollipop and they us have eating disorders because they see themselves on camera and the camera obviously adds weight. They say the myth, or whatever, you know. They're stupid stuff out there like oh. After Chinese food now or later, you're hungry again. But that's nonsense I load up on Chinese food. I go home. I take a dump I fall asleep. I don't know how. Summit doors when for Janney thing where the camera ads, whatever. Yes, you go do a hit on Bill O'Reilly. You have the camera sit in the face. You sit down on the chair, and you talking realize your head is taking up the entire. I've never in asked onto that program. I don't know. Well, your hey, get your head does grow. Now. Kirstie alley. Her head never grew. No matter how big the rest of her body. Her head never grew. She was one of these people. And I hate these people you see him every once in a while men and women big spare tire around the winter. And you're looking at the guy's head the as a tight chin and head right? So her head never changed. If she kept putting weight on. She kept seeing yourself. You're putting on billowy bigger, whatever ended up jazzing more like a gypsy every time she did panel on Kimmel or Leno or whatever. But she would see your head and it looked fine. She was able just to pack on the weight and never take a second. You see the big double chin you go. We're gonna take it easy on the pasta. That's what happened. That's why Kirsty was able you see curse the fit as a fiddle. And then you see your forty pounds heavier and her head didn't change. You're right about that. Sound? It sounds spot on. I will I can't now what was the movie with Tom Selleck. And gene Simmons heads in baby. It was it was in the near future. Runaway. Oh, you look that up. You absolutely. You didn't get that one on your own talk about Kirstie alley all time, FOX. And that picture, anyhow, let me tell you about truecar. If you're looking to buy a car, you're probably familiar with terms like MS RPM, you might even know what it stands for. But what does it mean? That's the important part. Same goes for the invoice list, price and dealer price. It's enough to confuse just about anybody not named out of a Corolla. 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Stick around. Here comes the eighteen news. Entertainment design, just for you. Then chick out, customizable, streaming TV from expanding it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Finnity gives you, customizable, streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps. Right on your TV with x one. Go to spineta dot com. Call one eight hundred Finnity or visit a store today. To learn more restrictions apply. The latest from the elections. I'm Tim Maguire AP news to West Virginia. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin a target of the GOP and President Trump wins. Reelection got to stop this apps. Toxic. Going on in his country in Tennessee, Marsha Blackburn, keeps the Senate seat in Republican hands. A really good message. Tennessee won a conservative US Senator who is going to take Kimsey values. Democrats lose a Senate seat in Indiana Republican Mike Bron defeating incumbent Joe Donnelly in the house. Democrats have won three former Republic four former Republican seats. The latest Debbie Mirka sell Powell ousting Republican Carlos Cabello from a house seat in south Florida. That is the second Republican seat in the Miami area to fall tonight and a democrat has won election over an incumbent in the New York City area. I'm Tim Maguire.

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