A Little Taste of The Taste of Taylor


The phone podcast is a deer media production. Hey girl hey welcome to taste of Taylor my weekly podcast. I'm your host Taylor Strecker. You might know me from Sirius X._M.. Radio I mean I was there for like twelve years after all but then Howard stern allegedly Gotcha so I had to leave sorry mad that's my manager. He hates when I talk and talk about it. But it's the truth I got fired. WHO gives a shit people get fired and he knew what am not gonNA pretend like my life is perfect and I'm flawless like the survivor that I am? I was actually able to pull myself up by the bootstraps and start my own podcast taste of Taylor which is now officially with deer. Media also say that in your ceases anybody who said I couldn't do it so I promise you in this podcast. You're gonNA either learn about something. You're going to be inspired by someone and you'll always be entertained fucking guarantee. This podcast is where I get to woo celebrities so I love celebrity interview. I love taste makers. I love influencers and when I say I love them. What I really love is making the become best friends if you look at my track record all of my friendships came out much left for interviews listen social climbing in business is called networking and people are actually like I dunno rewarded for that Yeah I?

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