The Great Gildersleeve 50-11-22 (383) Water Department Calendar


The Kraft Foods Company presents Willard Waterman as the Great Gildersleeve. Great Yoder's leave is brought hugh each week by the Kraft Foods Coveney. Craft you know or the makers of the wonderful new craft pasteurized process, cheese and slices, those perfect slices of extra mellow tasting process cheese better formed then wrapped and sealed for you right in the SPIC and span craft plant. You'll find them in your groceries. Derek ace eight fine slices in every need package. Those packages really are neat. They hold eight. Delicious slices left for the when you shop tomorrow. Those niece glare packages marked craft deluxe slices. Well the Great Gildersleeve considers himself of their a lucky man. He's head of the Water Department head of a happy little family and he's headed for home. I judge, it's always nice to get home on a cold winter unique. A big dinner there's nothing like sitting by the fire the little family. Those? Who snowbirds huddled together? Say. After dinner. I think I'll go over and sit with the Violin Catholic. Unions little groups cheap. That's no bird. Mrs Thompson Sister. I'M NOT GONNA get. Here you. I. Vicki. Rock Martin. Me I haven't seen you since you family were over at my sister's for Sunday dinner and that's over. High hoped, you'd be getting little Vicki arena. I did. I phoned you that. Out. Oh I must have been spending the evening at the library. Library. I know who is taken out. There wasn't a book. I, didn't you call me again? Every time I formed. They said you had a date with Fella named truth. Now Dr Martin. Why don't you try me this evening? Shoots he left town you did. This afternoon. Just took him to the train I. can take you all thanks. That is head I. Live right down the street. But really track. Martin I haven't a thing to do tonight and I feel I can hint to you since broncos. My nephew and he's married. What about tonight? Over and see you. I was planning to. GonNa do raph Martin. Let's see. I'm spending the evening at the library. That Vicki's attractive. Would've FLICI. Will no woman can lie near on. Leave I'm proud of you. You stood like Iraq at Gibraltar. Wonder whether the family. Elo. lanky! Welcome home, imagine you have a nice day my wonderful Angie. Lesley? And broncos, the, boy husband well Leroy. Outback building a snowman and broncos still working. Closes Real Estate Office at five o'clock. Sideline now after hours he sowed calendars. He says a lot of business firms. By this time of year with the baby coming. He wanted to make some extra money. broncos! Running. Darling. To. Watch it rankle. The calendar. Mr Killer Gildersleeve I'm red hot. I've taken three orders for calendar since five o'clock Mike's Bowling Alley and the corner gas station. to WHO's a thank? You. Bronco, what would I, do communist? Rule Advertising Mr Gildersleeve your water. Customers will feel better about paying their bills if you give them a calendar. You may have something there. Everybody is in to prompt about paying. Oh, you're going to buy. This year. Oh fine now. What do these pictures? Do you want your calendars? Mostly dogs and girl. How do you like this one Mr Gildersleeve the Irish setter. GOTCH lassie. I think you're right on. There's nothing like a pretty girl for calendar. Was Gildersleeve, but she's reserved. By the Bowling Alley. Nice pins. You can put anybodies fixture on the calendar Mr Gildersleeve. Sure you will give me time to think about it. Bronco whatever you say Mr Gildersleeve come on. Tell me everything that happens all right darling, so you later on. I. Use My picture on the calendar. Girls are pretty. What about Catholic. By George was over there right after dinner. Katie George is a good idea. Putting out a calendar for the. My girls picture on it. Then glad I thought of it. ICICLES hanging from the. Ready. TRAFF MORTON Chilly out here. Come on inside Zak's. Nice and toasty in here, yes. Let me. Take your coat, thank you. Fan to down, you bet. You. got a wonderful idea. Oh, let me see your profile. My profile. Delinquent customers haven't. What are you talking about? Future knows. The pool about that red hair. You looking at me with such a critical I. Just wondering how you look, hang on the wall. Yeah I mean. Well the water department, putting out some nineteen fifty one counties, and it occurred to me that you'd make a hip or the customers. Your picture appeared in the county. Oh. That's very nice thought Throckmorton, I'm not a model. I'm a registered nurse. Letting register with the customers do. You pretty cute. Thank you. But I couldn't possibly do that. Once, you get somebody else. Interested in getting anybody else. I can't have. You won't have anybody. Are you acting like a little right? No, I'M NOT! Catherine. To me if you let me use your picture and your nurse's cap and uniform Oh. That kind of fixture. then. If you really want me to, you, bet. And I'll put a catching on your picture. Our water is a dependable as your nurse always on task. Dipping the. Let to the Office Williams morning. Second Day of the Thanksgiving holidays. Maybe you can help you. Run the water to buy. Somebody's water. But as a lesson, Waterville desk, you can seal the envelope. Glue. He likes to glue. Doron. I have to get the water department calendar ready for the privilege. Nice Picture Catherine in. Uniform, Leroy Yeah. How'd you? Want to be on your calendar. dignify you. My boy year old uncle has away with women. Talking into went on. Let me on your secret. I know these things. The first thing. Is Never Let. A woman wrapped around her finger. Protect yourself at all times. That doesn't sound easily. SMOOTHIE! Experience. Had A lot of experience. Chase Ricky. What you wants. Morning the. Hi. Nikki throughout not not found you at last I had the most terrible time locating water department. High last series and the. I suppose you're wondering why I'm here. Ranko came over to see his mother last night and he was telling us about your. Dilemma well that you're looking for a girl for your calendar well. Here I! Would Vicky. I've already made a selection That's too long and I brought all these photographs down to show you. Sunny millions looking at them I'm afraid. Here's one of me at the. You know you look again. Hutchison there was no use looking at Lea-. Rego lows, envelopes character. Going to ask me to sit down. Ill sorry. Diet as many pictures around. The nurse in. Thrill Yeah I was Gonna put her on the calendar. I'm surprised that you. Get Nine. been. Looking Now which would be better for the water department, a girl in a nurse's uniform or a girl in the water rose. About that. Come on D.. Nice Vicky I've always wanted. My picture published in. You aren't giving me a chin. If, you use my. I'LL GIVE YOU A. Giving everybody a chance. I want to be fair. Taraf more kneel or a darning. What happened? To you. Know? Gone. 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See for yourself. You WanNa get several packages, so you'll always have them on hand for wonderfully quick and easy snacks and sandwiches anytime. Let for this wonderful process cheese when you shop tomorrow. Convenient delicious craft deluxe license. Let's get back to the Great Gildersleeve keys home now, and finding it difficult to answer. Some of his nephews question. Get. You should've worn couldn't wind your finger you. Really U2 young understand these things I don't get it. How did Miss Chase talking picture that us? Boy It isn't so much a matter of arithmetic as it is chemistry. Got Chemistry Shepherd. I don't low steps the away you'll do. Ya. Hello Birdy, can I have one your Nike? Calendar for the kitchen your course. Have A. Little less on. You. Know. On. To Change Your Mind Chemistry. You. I've been thinking if you promise us this. Picture and then you turn around and Thomas Chases pitches couldn't that you? It, But you behind him foam, Birdie. Yes, you may not know it, but that Ronald Department Canada document. Good be yes, oh! y'All right. got. The hot water commissioner needs COQ. The SMOOTHIE. Louis. I shouldn't have taught catherine into this. Say. Wait a minute. I did talk her into. She didn't want picture in the counter in the first place. One of my worried about. Just color until I'm using another big. Because they didn't have to tell who's pickering music. Nearly you. Know snoopy. Now. But, can your family neighborhood Dougie skill for you? Give me a coke and give me a nickel. Coke and give you a nickel. I give you a coke and he gave me. But. Why should I give you a nickel? PB here's a diet coke nickel. Yeah, I know that I. WanNa make a phone. Call right, thank you WANNA coke. Goodness pb I want a nickel, coke and I want WanNa nickel for the phone. Writing. Medium coke now or wait until after the phone. Call mixing now this telephone goal take long. See I, promise Catherine I. Put her picture on the water. Department counties. I changed my mind. I'm using another girl. And you nude, you work. Movie knows how to handle these. Believe me I'll leave the telephone booth door. Yeah then you can hear me and action. In here, you did your workload. Debt to get out of this. Off. Kevin this is Dr Morton. Glad you called. Picture for my calendar. Do, good. Calendars for their offices. Do Otherwise. You would gathering. That you'll pick me, but of course you would. would. Have a better picture-taking. Calendar. Man, I can talk about now. Hospital. Going to the hospital. Do. You. Coke missed together same. Speaking and Aspirin Rover. Liked the old smooth. He hit a few bumps. Don't rub it NBC. Together! I guess I shouldn't but if I were in your shoes I'd be tempted not to put out a calendar. All you I do like the Russians when you're coughing and embarrassing situation, just walk out. Say I. Don't have to put out a calendar. I promise Bronco I. Buy them just pay him his commission. He'll be happy. To use either go. To My Nichols Colin calumny mill thanks. I'm being Bronco the commission let him tell Goodell Rocco run a salesman. I! Don't understand to make a long story. Short was Milford Mr Gildersleeve has decided not to put out a calendar for this year. Oh well, that's a quick change even for Throckmorton. Bronco just ride. He send you over to tell me this. Oil. laughing. That Mr Gillers leave. He gets into the worst nichols. How shower is this one? Perhaps I shouldn't, but I guess I can tell you. Is Your so understanding very well after promising to use your picture, you can understand what happened to Mr. Gildersleeve one. Another girl came along. Vacco could this editorial the and Vicky? How did you know women's intuition? Must be credit person. She's nothing like you smell. She's the exotic type. Could not. You couldn't be of course if you wanted to, but you wouldn't want to. Of course. Not you're just a good old fashioned girl. I am your dependable and reliable your the wholesome type. Thanks Pal. What I mean is you're not a flu you're. Registered nurse well tonight. I'm off-duty. Nicer Bronco. Get me out of this. Country was worth the commission. Oh, you can depend on Bronco ongky feels. Fix It for you. Yes, very. We have. No thanks Betty I don't trust myself that. I've used a good I might need it all tonight, yes. Appetite bevere while. Poor. Women can do that to you will never get. Now also. Now Immune Feminine lyles acted. Never lured into another jam by pretty face Nelson. WILL I won't? Somebody at the door. y'All get it. On upstairs hockey. My Hair's in curlers. Track Martin. Kevin Gum right. Kathy. Running unexpected pleasure. Thank you! Joe. Especially recognize you finish. New Lipstick no just more of it. Livy take. Gallon strath Morton. New headed. Up, sweet. You like it. Very much. Your bare shoulders. Nice. To. Do. Shall we sit here by the fire? I think the fire gives us enough light without this lamp. Don't you? Nice way done the light bill. Is Still Cold I. Think our whole them near the fire and you might get burned Katherine. Let me read them stimulate circulation. Morton. Cabin? You Ryan to rubbing them. You just holding. Good God? Little boy. Get. tobacco. Yes. Frankel do you think he's working to? that. I saw him for a minute this afternoon. He was battling. Thing about you not putting out calendars still that. Gathering I decided to Mike Coat. Calories turned up in the back. Let Catherine turn it down. Day. Nice broad-shouldered. Do you mind if I rest my head? Metal, Now. What were you saying about the calendars? What was I think? That the Bronco was consume. Somebody's confused. You do run calendars with Catherine's picture on. Don't Chew Little Boys. Do. That's fine. I have to go home. I think it's wonderful. Know. What do I tell rookie? Moves leave your trapped again. Will be right back. If the folks at your house just can't agree as to the kind of pasteurized process cheese, they like best. Don't worry because craft deluxe slices come in five delicious kinds, so everyone can have his favorite whether it's craft American craft American with the meadows. Added craft brick with that grand deep down rich taste, sweet craft, Swiss or sharp, old English brand. No matter what variety you like best. Each neat package contains eight perfect slices of delicious processed cheese. You want several kinds on hand, always for find tasting, snacks and sandwiches. You can fix a moment's notice. Let for them in your grocer's Derek as the five delicious varieties of craft. You let slices. Hello. A on. This changed on the phone. The Phone Levi Nice to have known you long. Vicki. I. I hear you're putting out after all with the versus picture on it. Vicki. It was just one of those things. Nothing I could do. To My, house! Thanks giving dinners. Thanks but I'm having Thanksgiving dinner here with a little family. Thankful. Night? To play by. Written by Paulo Mascot. Abused by Robert Abbas. In the cast of water deadly. Mary Lee Robb Lillian Randolph in Brenner Daddy, Lewis, Mitchell and dikla grant. John least and good night for the kraft foods. Makers of the famous line of quality food products be sure to listen next Wednesday and every Wednesday all the further adventures of the Great Gildersleeve. Quick pleasant way to make leftovers more delicious just had a little craft, prepared mustard and you latte. A lot of Tang hidden flavors embroiled ham sausage most. Upright out every bite tastes better. Now you can get two kinds of craft. Must Salad mustard delicately spiced for those who prefer a milder flavor and craft mustard with snappy horseradish added have both times in your pantry. Men with every meat dish, hot or cold. Just add a little mustard, and you laugh a lot of things. Prepared mustard. Or half hour of spine, tingling excitement be sure to hear the Vulcan next Sunday over this station. Check Your newspaper what time of broadcast and listen to the Falcons solve the case of the stooges Erin. comes. Out Unconventional Gentleman Groucho Marx on NBC.

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