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REShow: Josh Norman. Hour 1 (07-17-19)


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If you really WANNA BE G._P._S. specific and <hes> you know what I I start the show frequently saying I love doing this. I love sitting here. Love Chat with you. Call eight four four rich when I say you I mean the listeners viewers. You know I know okay okay. I make I mean you to collective you <hes> but I love nothing more than in-studio guests you get <hes>. It's easier to to have a Chitchat. You look someone in the I. It's a lot more fun and we have not one not too but three in studio guest today and we've got we've got guest gridlock right now. Because <hes> Jay Bilas car from deepen Orange County zipped up the four zero five go figure he's already here but he's here in our number two <hes> Josh Norman's back there right now as well <hes> one of our favorite guests to have and it's a great day to have a one of the top corners in the National Football League The Washington Redskin Josh Norman going to join us here and it's a perfect day because today as the day today is the day the rookies for the Arizona Cardinals and the Baltimore Ravens the Seattle Seahawks all report for duty today's Day that the rookies and veterans the Denver Broncos who in fifteen days from today will be playing in Canton Ohio for the Hall of Fame Game They report for duty on mass the entire Denver Broncos team reporting for duty today today's the day that the if you will die aspro Yes yes look very. It's a very <hes> I it's a very very Jewish word. Honey spelled anyway die aspe- of the sports calendar season when we picked the confetti out of the hair of the champions of the national football colleague we wait and we enjoy the combine and we enjoy the draft and everything in between even though many of the players were drafting do the combine really Dhananjoy very much pre long then many camps not as organized team activities and mandatory team activities and workout programs and inbetween. We all enjoy the great great parts of the sportsworld March madness. It's mad I tell you it's Magnus and Major League Baseball Opening Day in triple crown races and the N._B._A.. N._H._L. Playoffs in the N._B._A.. Draft N._B._A.. Free Agency Z. Nuts. I tell you nuts nothing beats the national football league today today training camps for four of the thirty two including one of the thirty two everybody today they are open we collectively as a nation as a sports nation debate. We've made it we have made it. I approve this a message. I'm rich Eisen and I approve this message you. Tom Fired up. Hey time so also hold on a minute. It's kind of hand glove hand in hand one with the other College Football Football College football is beginning. What am I being by that? We've got media days. We've got media days big ten media day coming up. Can you believe it's been years since urban Meyer step to the podium and said what he said creating all sorts of Holy Heck and we note that for weeks well I mean that was the major story when we were in can't last year people wondering urban was fired. That was a year ago now crazy now. He's on Fox getting ready to do college. Football football is an analyst but today Nick Sabin spoke today Nick Sabin Gin up to the podium tap in it and dropping all the is referring to the media's you guys he's in midseason four. We got some of those soundbites coming up on the three hour edition of the rich Eisen show. Oh Yeah Josh Norman here today and B._J.. Armstrong GonNa join us in our number three as we assume we assume N._B._A.. Free Agency is made its last big HURRAH. Although we're waiting to see if Chris Paul's GonNa get traded to Miami and I think part of the reason why he has yet to be traded in Miami even though we had Brian Win. I Don early this week and he said we'll forget his name. Once training camps if opened in training camps are open and I'm dropping his name I told him I wouldn't forget him. <hes> he said that <hes> Oklahoma City might just hold onto him for a while but what I have yet to see a press release come out of Houston and or Oklahoma City to say things have been official. That is an APP yet and I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with a trade. I'm just saying that these things take forever. Has it been official yet and I think it just became a fish. Today did really just today standby okay well. We'll see so B._J.. We're going to have him on an hour number three and we'll figure out what in the world going on in he is in agent for the Wasserman Group and he represents Javale McGee on particular reason why I mentioned embassy re-signed with the Lakers and he is back running back with Casey p runner back with Kuzma and Rondo is land Stevenson's still on that roster is he ordered they blow him off. I think he's gone all done right but they run it back with just a handful of individual. They've run it back with <hes> Casey p Lebron that's it. I've heard of him Yep. He's he showed up at Taco Tuesday last night. Anthony Davis will play that video and by the way that video of him around his <hes> his kitchen table screaming Taco Tuesday because it's Tuesday nights. Did you see some of the vista behind behind the scenes. They're the beautiful setting sun in the beautiful southern California night sky. He's not going anywhere Lebron's here to stay. Oh my gosh so that's the way Roland Josh Norman being here. Obviously <hes> one of the questions. I'm GONNA ask him. He knows it to is <hes>. What the hell is he thinking jumping around jumping over bulls in Pamplona Spain the House Donald on Oh my gosh sh I mean going right at the bull and then jumping over good lord and <hes> the jumping over him? I mean there's different garb did he did he have a wardrobe change or this different days because one day it was before he got into into the the white garb with the red kerchief he was wearing red one day right and then there's another day which just looks like he just came off the plane and before check in his bag before dropping his bags over the hotel just went and I just gotta go jump over both then I'll drop off the bags bags. They don't change though I have so many questions and obviously there's the fact that when we'd last spoke with him Vizo on the phone a couple years ago <hes> I mean a couple of months ago pardon me I think it was before the whole pass interference stuff became aim official with instant replay. I might be wrong but we'll ask him about that all again and his competitive juices or already flowing because he walked through the hallways here and we have where we're proud to have <hes> we're coming up on our fifth anniversary in October. We've got photographs of guests guests that appeared here all over the walls and he <hes>. Did you hear how he kind of made note that he's not on the wall. Yeah there was a person that he's fond of absent from the walls himself O- obviously what you're saying yeah. We've got football players. We haven't Gronk stop by here several years Jim Harbaugh but nothing is Josh hasn't been in studio. It's one March Twenty Fifth Twenty Sixteen. Oh my gosh. It's been over three years more than three years okay so so I think what we'll do fresh but we'll do is will you know we're going to give guests what they want. I mean they were kind of to show up here in the middle of July and in either at the beginning inning middle or Josh Norman end of his summer vacation what will put a picture of Josh up on the wall after we take a picture and then Jay Bilas I think when he called in last time he's like he said he wanted to be on our instagram comfy to which I had no idea was aspirational alone for Jay Bilas J. big on the Graham. What's our poll question today before we bring Josh Norman against our program so Josh Jay Bilas B._G.? Armstrong by the way and you eight four four four four rich <hes> we <hes> there's a whole host of other items. We're GONNA hit but what what is our poll question brought by our friends at man versus food on young channel Yes sir what do you have over there in honor of Josh Norman and his summer vacation activity which a bucket with big time quotes on Bucket West here which bucket list activity would you most want to do run with the Bulls Climb Mount Everest go into space swim with the sharks going into space shark week think but I go into space will win that a million times. Wouldn't you WANNA go into space and I'm thinking we not. I'm not even thinking of of the daredevils nature of it I'm just thinking about what didn't you add musk's say the I people who go to Mars coming back. I'm not about dying and space so you're saying what's the what's the spate your go to Mars or you said yeah go into space. No it's going no going into space you know. You can come back. You're GONNA catch some. You know I know I know is that people who say that I WANNA go into space are not thinking of of the personal injury front. How about you take that out and say <hes> put like teammates with vaunt as perfect? No I'm sorry hold on a minute <hes> <hes> Antonio Brown runner instagram account now <hes>. I don't know that it's gotta be we need to work moon landing and coming up walking understand that but I think that going to space we'll just destroy that destroy it destroy the poll okay. There's got to be another one. I mean he's swimming. It's what are the other three. The sharks right chuck weeks coming out cracked Climb Mount Everest. That's a good always in the news. Yes run with the balls correct. Josh did right go into space space okay. Maybe I'm wrong lot of CLAUSTROPHOBIC people good morning. It's basic. I'm not going to space how about sit next to the guy who uses his foot instead of his hands to work the touchscreen on the plane about that that's not I want peace of that guy. Not <hes> okay go or instagram account at richeisenshow to vote on that eight four four zero four Richard if you think we're forgetting something and we might modify our poll a great thanks and shout out to the great <hes> broadcasters of the world series of Poker <hes> I think the number of mentions we got was greater than the number of people who started at the final table. Thank you right from not mistaken think you're right about that. There were three at the final table last night. We might have gotten a little bit more than three mentions because of my supposedly sadly controversial stance that if I ever make the final table I want no rail birds none. I don't Wanna rails crazy. I don't WANNA real although I might modify that later on in the program but I wanNA give who walking man and we get a lot of Massachusetts World Series Poker last night <hes> I may we'll get there. We'll get there later on <hes> but look who is on our calloway corner right now trying to drop in some parts drop look. This is nothing nothing Josh if you're jumping over bowls and Pam Eagle Very Good Josh Norman is here on the rich Eisen show entering his eighth season in the national football league. <hes> one of the top quarterbacks in the game. Today is here spending one of his final days before heading back east to join the Washington redskins in training camp next week. 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Don't you dare move Josh Norman of the Washington Redskins Jay Bilas in Biji Armstrong behind him and in all in studio guest edition of the Rich Eisen show okay. This is a thirty second commercial and I'm going to throw a lot of numbers at you but please stay with me it just fifteen minutes. You could say fifteen percent or more on car insurance. This company's been offering great rates in great service for over seventy five years in anytime you need help you can speak to one of their trained specialists twenty four seven the company is Gyco. Go OUGHTA GEICO DOT com today sorry for all the numbers and in five four three two one amount of time all right if the if you heard a war it was the war of the gallery year near our Calloway a corner in our T._v.. Only segment where playing the so-called is in game that many of our guests have attempted and guest hosts of the program Michael Irvin when he sat here you're only five points. Josh Norman leaked over the leaderboard like it was a bowl in Pamplona and he's now leading after jarring a <hes> moneyball Putt for just three points US strategy used a stroke Josh Norman. I very rarely start with this on on a show congratulations for being on the rich Eisen show. Thanks rich. Thanks for having appreciate how often do you do you golf Josh. I don't ah but I just to suffer me testing but hearing you though they're down. It's a major well yeah. I was doing my golf. I mean Reggie Bush. He is Z like a scratch Golfer Chris. I mean he likes he's. He came in. He came in here. It came in here was very much. Shrek pictures of Tiger Woods giving him lessons. You just beat him. Josh it's impressive. I mean I guess when the lights come on this comes out good to see you think it's great to see you in one piece so let me start with this. <hes> I will ask the question that many football fans many just <hes> human beings in America last week was asking when video of you from Pamplona employee owner in Spain came back <hes> just a real basic question. What the hell you thinking? What are you doing out there? You know just technical challenge them most wouldn't do I would say it's so why why did you do it just trying new bat booster package that was working on this year booster and every you gotta evolve yourself delve into something else in this year we went a little bit above that and you know went world class but no I for me though is is literally like I mean would you rather live and die. <hes> would you rather die and never lived for me and you can do anything pretty much. Sums it up as you can do anything in this world or anything in this life you can just go outside your front door and getting a car and some happened to you. Accident happens you safe. You can even go out there being practice and beyond football field and tear A._C._l.. And you're safe I can go out there and ruined the pulls not do some exciting and something that you know brings out the best in me and my life and my world <hes> and I win it then I become victorious at this issue that it because there's something that I feel like I'm doing that. It's like <hes> bringing in peace and bringing joy to me <hes> I'm excited <hes> outweigh the risk of course I'm never done if I did you know <hes> is is for me. Though is that thrill excitement that I get and then you look on the people faces and they a moment yeah can't beat that a man well you know I I saw in my first thought was okay. I'm assuming he prepared for this did you. I mean for sure like well you go through. I didn't really prepare because when I went into the arena like I feel like somebody else troll of me and I became like an a modern day kind of like gladiator you know being in their beckon that Tom and just filling it. You know the the Coliseum Sands and the people that was around and you've seen it everything and then that bul out and you see everybody running and you know Gingko some people getting just smashed by the bull right and then you look at it and I'm like okay <hes> everybody going running up and encircling and in Ghana touching against his way well just taking over notch just jump over over so we just looked at the video and I don't think the bull moves very much you did in fact leap over the lane the height and length of the a bowl yeah I had I had <hes> you know match it up. I had the size it up. <hes> pretty much have calculations to the point where he never wanted to jump behind it because you never know what it may do may turn right left on a dime so I wanted just to face head on the bull did just put its head down. Did you think it was about to try and Gore you when it was literally came straight directly play so I charged back at it. Hey who's GonNa win Big Fella and so I decided to go over and I knew I was going to clear it will just something that you know made sure when I got down that it was a pretty clean landing Nike Doodo seven forty cents. John Lewis Josh Norman here on the rich Eisen show have you heard from the redskins have a yeah what they say. Nothing really Liz. Suppose say something. I don't know I just don't get I mean you're like a urine in school. I mean you're very integral. <hes> member member of the team there you know so if I'm <hes> in management or coach and I'm like seeing this video. Somebody's presenting it to me. I'm like what's he doing. Okay you gotTa know your personnel. I think he personnel no he. You know right who's the person that that you're talking with knowing that that person that loves that type of stuff in knowing that he won't put himself in jeopardy enough to put the team in jeopardy because for me. I just feel like something like that. It's nothing to me when you look at it and all of half done and just completely put myself in a role that most can't do that. I mean some Guy Got Gord here <hes> in his neck I think he was like lawyer. Something from Era Got Gordon thanking you gotTa Know Your personnel. you go out there and the bull horns if you don't know athletic enough move out the way because the video we've seen here. It's an in an arena did did you literally run the streets with them to yeah I did losing. What is that like? Oh my gosh just crazy is by far. The most craziest scares funnest thing I've ever done just because you know you got those fifteen hundred bull just run in the streets like six of them you hear those bales and they you see see all the people just common and a are running fast but is not the bulls. I WanNa make clear is not the Bulls that get you. What is it is? The people is literally the people because the people were not move your way and we run some food looking back and then they end up jumping in pumping until you and then there you go out on the streets in those bullets charging as lore now for nobody especially hit a dead man's curve they in that bank and if you. If you Nedbank he trapped wall him. It's overweight. Mike's out and is there being serious. Is there anything similar to running a ball back running a pick back in the N._F._l.. To that sort of thing I mean obviously there's no life or death jeff issue but when you're like when there's people all over the place yes to running through traffic or being in a situation like that is there any comparison to the rush or the sensory perception of it and you still get that Adrenalin used to get that adrenaline rush for sure <hes>. Tom Is is pretty much like how no if I want to say this but you watch waterboy by bushy wash that this is going back called their point number twenty seven he ran through those holes also those Tuesday and it was like just him and then in zone in you just saw it. Everybody was celebrating right in that moment. It's Kinda like that feel. It's kind of like you have that. Just I don't know the excitement just comes through you but then at rush like oh shoot. I got these bullets bombing. If I don't get we didn't get moving right now. Through tools then something's going to happen and I'm not trying to be in part of that person that happened to so <hes> for me. I'll look at it. As I'm a sprint fast I can get out dodge and see what happens and some idiot came out the left side of me and just white me out I had the bank it real quick and so I saw Samaya follow top of me and then the booze coming and I was like well. Let's make sure he stays on top of me so the bull come you'll be him before me this is this is what was going through this happened. Oh my like literally I I was on the left side but the thing is the booze went straight down the middle. Never veer off okay. It's not nothing that they don't get trapped if you WANNA get behind they catch up to the rest of her and so when I got up I started running to the rest of the crew. I had the <hes> the pack bulls four of them running on Hami so I was reading from them all the way into the arena and once I got in that arena everybody was like celebrating having good time and in the next thing I know they end up in the bull out never seen his common and they let him out and everybody start running around and I was like holy police crash these guys coming out running and so I saw that and <hes> I try to take it up a notch in so when I jumped into first time <hes> everybody started like cheered young I was like okay that's pretty cool and united the second time that hurt his where else out to the L. stopped at all and I don't know that means I left one day and then I started here net at through the streets and I was like okay whatever and came back second day did it again and they stopped the music and everything started yelling in the stance to you to me like me now. I'm a football player here in the states sure correct yesser. They don't know me from Adam House. Josh out there in Pamplona. L. Kid there and they start chanting their name so I'm like a hero in Spain almost not even back here so hold on just like bananas. I can use this on on any host of shows this N._F._l.. Season El Salvador yes just like the jumper El Salvador like the Matador Matadors Jumper so oh I would love to just one second my life to have the words. El Salvador chanted to me. Be Fancy name crowd it was like the most exude rate and fill in every that I just came upon let me just hearing that and he's looking up. It's like you back in that gladiator space of Tom. You Know Nice. It's what's been going since like fifteen the fifteen ninety s and now here's two thousand Nineteen Josh Norman on the rich Eisen show I I asked this with no hint of sarcasm irony. Is this something that you think you can use this fall like literally you. You jumped over a bull new. You did this so now what you do for a living in the N._F._l.. One on one on an island or trying to stop somebody coming like a bowl at you. One on one is something you can use well i. I'll say this is is no fear factor. That's in me that I won't do well. I I wouldn't have thought the word fear factor for you was even in the Realm Josh. I'm not GonNa like all the people I I know you Josh Norman so what's one adjective you use fearful would not have been the word though but is there something like now that you're okay so it's just another thing that you don't scratch that off. The list pretty much I mean look death in. I cheated literally overtop went out I I could. I'm pretty sure I will well. Here's one one I'll give view one week where it's GonNa work. Tell me week nine. Do you know what you're playing in weakening. I got somewhat of a clue you WANNA take it's at the bills at the buffalo bills so take your pick at any one of those bills leap right over so is this the irony going with no no. I'm just it's interesting. You're playing playing the bills. When it's all happening I know right? You don't play <hes> you. You don't play Cleveland do you do. I play Cleveland in preseason. Okay Yeah. What do you think of <hes> Adele's new digs? What do you think of that? I don't know me I think he <hes> digs won't what his new spot Cleveland. Yeah <hes> <hes> because everybody is all sorts of buzz around the Cleveland Browns. It is a lot of books. They got a lot of people there. A lot of talent Lhasa sure <hes> is yes if they got those guys can all work together and find a way to get done because Gallaudet personality a lot of them so if they all mich- will see why they can't be a playoff Tintin while not saying that this would happen with Cleveland but walk me through how how would too many personalities on a team affecting the team put on put your analysts hat on that you do from time to time. I don't WanNa say I don't I'll take the personalities I just think everybody on the same page because you can have a lot of personalities and everybody can you know Mitch will that is will but if you have those personalities in they don't miss will each other in that creates a type of gas that you don't want and it could come out on the field. Come out on a feeling the depth can come out in <hes> in your personal side of it to an locker room in the thing that you don't want so <hes> I don't. I don't ONA say they're going to have nonni late. <hes> they have that you know <hes> top talent that can be great if they allow it to like grow and over time you know that is you know watered and taking care of of in it grows and sprout up to something great okay. Now I know when you were on last we were talking about Haskins seen him first blush yes. It looks like he's your guy here and fellow. What do you like a big yeah? He's he got arm as you know it's league so a lot of things is not gonNA come as easy as it. It was for him because there's some stuff he has learned terminology and then you know throws <hes> some throws that <hes> he make <hes> he don't make here because the tighter windows. It's so much more tighter windows and <hes> he c._N._N.. And his confidence you don't ever WanNa bust that up <hes> but you WANNA show him help him to get better each and every day with all he's doing in <hes> but he has all the tangible 's to be a really great quarterback. This is going to be exciting it's going to be I can't leave it. No seriously I I mean you know today. Cuyler Murray shows up work today. Yeah <hes> Dwayne Askins GonNa get the start obviously for you guys it is it seems like I'd I'd want to look throwing it out. I mean I mean he's he. You know he's he's a hometown kid. Alex Smith just had a brace removed so obviously he's it's not like he's going to be coming back anytime soon and that's terrible unfortunate the odd just I'm excited for all of these storylines in the N._F._l.. Just rookies alone and ones right there for you. Yeah <hes> and you know having a rookie quarterback can be maddening sometimes but also also in this day and age that seems that these kids are coming out of college ready to go more often than not these days you know yeah I think the League has done a good job with <hes> that transition for in the rookies of quarterbacks just because of love how they set them up and how what we can't do anymore defender towards that and we'll allow that to be a little bit more open to where they can deceive more some guys take that Maryland they step up to it and some <hes> it takes them years to develop because you've got to think about it. They are babies infants coming into this to be a great quarterback. You don't start get done nod until you in your fifth year East really start to get going you. You know what I'm saying. Some guys you know cut that in half but is is what you make it because I see those guys at quarterback position as being the <hes> the premium for what we do well yeah the certainly paid like a two yeah. They are certainly privy summit but no <hes> they they do a good job as a hard position to play it really is but then you look around <hes> they have to have the carry a lot on those shoulders yes <hes> especially when he got guys like me. Looking now stared down that barrel way to take take a bite out of cramming anytime I can get a child like that like mcgruff. The crime dog right there believe is so <hes> an in the last time we spoke as well. It was not yet totally official yeah that D._p._i.. And offense it pass interference would be reviewable this year so so. How does that make your life any tougher? Do you think or better I don't know me we play with the game now. He played the Game Senate has been going on. I duNNo. I mean almost yet what this is the hunter season so it's been still the same still the same game live in Gaza on each side. Go Jonathan Eighty and trying to win a ballgame but now we're putting the analytic analytics to it and we're starting to you know <hes>. How would I say <hes> baby the watchers? That's watching it into something that they feel as if they want to make this game perfect when it's imperfect game plan by imperfect people like how do you do that. How do you make something that Dan? You'll have to go back and watch. Everything you've got the replay this. You don't have to replace it for soon. WE'RE GONNA START GETTING flags every flag. I'm probably replayed now because you open that up me you do that. I mean we play on outside as we try to go and get football. Okay you may have here there. They have a push off here and there but sit back in two minutes of the game when you get all the way down to that you fall always those four quarters and you get down to the end of it and you can call a flag on a play in go back and replay it and see if the DB tugged or not AC- if it offers a pass interference came like we got into that part became from all a in the beginning to to now we go to looking at the replay determine a game in giving the ball to somewhere else and then they set feel you walk to feel because at play that one person is probably going to have his head down for the rest of the year if the seasons overweight and depending on at play. How would you feel any differently if you're a saint what I found the last after the N._f._C. Championship pissed what it is what it is? I mean literally be pissed but what can you do. I mean that's the game explanation GonNa give you is over with Kengo back and replay can't go back and do anything better for next year and literally don't put it in the hands of their officials that they always say play better than the refs right you had to like because you know you plan against two teams you play against them in the rest but at the same time like you have to pretty much pulling your pants and get the game over with quick so you don't have to put in that position because you do outcome will not be in your favor if you think it will because the number of challenges that coach can use his not been expanded abandoned so during the game there won't be you know more in the coach is going to really have to think about it because when you open up replay anything that's reviewable can be reviewed so offensive. Pass interference can be seen if you're if they're trying to check to see if you had a defensive pass interference call. You may see a receiver shove off you. They could say no. Josh Norman was good. It's the receiver that was the issue lag for offensive pass. Interference coaches think twice about it. It is the last two minutes of the game where this is going to be a potential. I'm saying I mean me. I'm just GONNA chocolate up to the game. It is what it is like. I'm playing Ho for quarters and I get down to two minutes in that happens like whatever man like really whatever 'cause I've been got their plan bust my tail and bust that's my chops for frigging sixty fifty eight minutes. It comes down to two minutes where you're GONNA call a pass interference by something I'd done and I you know making a play on like whatever I jotted up to the game seriously because I can't doing anything outside of that space and try to defend these guys. Who's you know our fastest head fast as lightning you know they can turn split-second of Dom quarterback knows where he's going with the ball receive Renault's route? He's running on and I'm trying to defend that back pill get Outta here man. I literally like this is the sport we playing so we know we get into it like I've been planned for home a life in sit out there on the edge like literally I'm going to defend what his mom and I'm going to do suggest my abilities and the rest snowed about me and they're my buddies literally. I talked to him for the game and after the game and they understand how we get down so if anything comes up they'll let me know and I'll watch it but before I am in it before four. Let you go what you're wearing a stars twenty four shares. What is this about Josh Sma nonprofit organization that we found it back in two thousand twelve and actually started myself in the League and <hes> we've been going every single year in helping to kiss my hometown and other areas in Carolina in Carolina <hes> and green with South Carolina and then other places in Charlotte on Washington D._C.? And Florida and other places we go around and we try to help and touch others and kids kids and and we do a lot of things on even when mcallen Texas was out there and we'll over in flint and doing some things there as well and so we coming up with <hes> center that will were opening team center where we teamed up with boys and Girls Club America that will be groundbreaking <hes> come Monday twenty second so Rabi ribbon-cutting so it's going to be paid week for you you get a ribbon cutting and a groundbreaking and then <hes> opening of training camp for your eight season and yeah twenty four man is right around the corner seem so fast. Let's your number at is about look at their right. It's making connections dot connector. That's what I do. Cover people you jump over bulls. You live your life. You've finished second and dancing with the stars which was awesome. move the diets and I connect the dots and now you are leaderboard leader off so I'll take this though I'll say this. If you do connected is tell me how you missed the dots with those pictures back there well. We're going to connect dot again. You're hearing two thousand six. I didn't even even have a beer year old. We Okay we've started. We've started just in the past year and a half all right. That's alive so you know what we're going to take a picture photographs going on the wall. I thought it was buried in there. We all we are better than that. Jon Snow up there he just starting to long ago like you just had him on a show. We a he's up there. We who who's John Snow. He's definitely on the line. I can't play we made for me like and that was on your guests. Our show I that is true. True Okay so we're about to take a photo and it's going to go on the wall. I mean you know you're one of my favorite Josh Norman at J. Underscore no twenty four and underscore on instagram twitter instagram. Go follow that I to learn more about stars with the Z. Twenty Four Josh Norman's program good to see mad always good. Let's chat throughout the season matriculate your way you only face the entire N._F._C. Three of the first four weeks right out of the gate and then you gotTa Chicago home date on on Monday night football. That's your September. I know where I is fast. It's common is I know and July is almost over. That's Josh Norman Right here. On the rich Eisen show Jay bilas still to gum eight four four four rich number to dial wild night in baseball -ASEBALL will hit some of that when we come back stay tuned for sixty seconds A._B._C. News headlines Right after this podcast get Bill Wing Yard Schwimmer drives him in the air left-center field and deep toward the wall near the fence. It's got a chance tile floor game winning home on all Kyle's teammates waiting at home employees jumping up and down cubs win the ball game four to three carrying. Yes that's Pat Hughes. That was a big crank out by <hes> sh- Warburg beaten the reds. I'll tell you the reds. Are you know they're six hundred five hundred thousand big one because the reds if they had won that game that have been four and a half games behind the cubs in the central and I'll central folks is pretty much the only tight division right now <hes> it's getting tighter in the American League West where Oakland's Oakland one five in a row there four and a half behind the Houston Astros who've lost to in a row here in Los Angeles here in southern California angels of yet to lose since coming back from the all-star break and we all know when they came back from the all-star break Friday when they had that remarkable night <hes> in memory of Tyler skaggs they have yet to lose and you know they beat the Astros. Jake Moore is nick got one right between his shoulder under blades last night on a one pitch and this was <hes> seemingly I mean the whole free world knows right in retaliation. If you remember he hit Jonathan Lacroix in a brutal collision at home plate in Houston prior to the all-star break right and he still out with a concussion and even pool hall started barking at the Astros clubhouse in Marin told his teammates just calm down and you know people came came out and of course the bullpens cleared which is again the dumbest thing in Baseball A._J.. Hinch was particularly pissed because the pitch was very high. I mean it was it was it was in between the shoulder booze above one of the shoulder blades so the unwritten rule is if you're gonna hit him and everyone's expecting some sort of retaliation hit him in the ass essentially Reina but but <hes> it's the summer and the angels are declaring their <hes> hopeful resurgence resurgence here in southern California trout's expected. Maybe back to today as the angels try to win a six in a row talk taken on Houston the Indians one again a slow richeisenshow bumper Francisco Langur will take credit credit for it. Why not they're five behind the Minnesota twins and the dodgers <hes> the dodgers <hes> Kenley Jansen blew his fourth save and when you see dodgers twitter if you're you know it's like they don't dodger fans are get them out? What the Hell's going on? We gotta fix this right twenty nine games above five hundred the water skiing behind that yet right now yeah doing the postseason but <hes> man a man last night was one of those hot under the collar dramatic nights and Harper had a big bomb and ED walk off hit to be the dodgers so at least the Philly's got that going form these the phrase which is nice okay when we come back some shoutouts from our friends. The world series of Poker Jay Bilas is going to be here in our number two Nick Sabin. What did he have to say today? That's coming up. Hello guys at Semi Fighter Jail Senate checkout my podcast. You're welcome with Kale Son and every Wednesday Friday right here at podcast one we cover the latest in mixed martial arts and everything else going on in the world of sport. Listen free to your welcome with jail son and exclusively available at podcast one dot com and on the podcast podcast one APP. If you love the show share it with a friend and leave us a rating and reveal El Chapo sentence. I'm Ed Donahue with an A._p.. News Minute I special agent on how Hernandez was in a New York courtroom unhurt. The sentence for Mexican Drug Lord Joaquin Guzman is done the book on El Chapo Guzman is closed today with this life sentence Guzman complained in court about juror misconduct a how subcommittee heard from a man with a personal connection to problems with Boeing seven thirty seven Max jet Boeing's seven three seven marks crashes killed my wife my three children my mom in low and three hundred forty one others Pau Gorge as family was in the.

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