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Getty Chile where she was but then he had told me before he can understand why they had went got her body bigger up and he told us that the increasing they told her executive where she was was because they wanted her to get breast implants so they told and. I asked him so the day just drawer over revealing nope nope the into own Oakland for nothing g baird. He assured me that he knew exactly where she was married at. Because he had told me a map or something so I told her crazy. You don't I said she said why he's GonNa come over to the town tonight he's going beyond Jennifer was murdered and if it hurts too much to stop. He'll stop any mountain Georgia where she buried using demonstrate how she was killed on your specifically. How did he ever come over? And do that came over that but we got back on and she said that we cut me off at the Motel Room. We were supposedly did. He said become a new this. We was going absolutely his. I don't I told her down daughter. You know you're crazy if you that he and you're not gonNA ever be seen in marriage it was. She didn't care you know where daughter wasn't he had to be killed just way did that meeting retail into give up for live to find out what happened again. She was crying and we told her you you do that. You know you're going to be de Scott comes by later on that evening. He doesn't show up until twelve o'clock at night while he goes knocks on Mary's door. Mary said she didn't tell her that she was a good medium in the lobby. But for summary Contractor Door. She looked out the people. And there's got knocking on her door that she says she start foam around asking acted like she doing other things and tell them we'll go down. Obviously I'll be down in the minute. I gotTa do some things. And he said he can't tell her he wanted. He wanted to make sure. Why aren't they falls off chair? Make sure he wants to get that. Hr Again Scott Kimball is out of prison living under a new identity that was provided to him by the FBI. Now one of the first things that Scott did once he was out was to contact a woman named Leeann. Ameri Leeann is twenty four years old and she's a veterinary assistant. But more importantly to our story Leeann is the girlfriend of an inmate who was friends with Scott so as you see from our first episode and already into this one. Scott was very busy while he was in prison because while he was behind bars not only did Scott manage to. I'm using air quotes here. Discover Steve Ns and Jennifer Markham's supposed- murder-for-hire plot which Scott made up Scott also made friends with an inmate named Stephen Holly so Stephen. Holly is a convicted bank robber. He's serving a life sentence in because he's going to be in prison for the rest of his days. He's got a really good idea captain. He's going to escape from one of these days now. Stephen becomes buddies with Scott and he knows that Scott is going to be out soon so he tells his buddy Scott. Could you do me a favor once you get out? I want you to get in contact with my girlfriend. Her name's Lianne and I want you to tell her. The details of my prison escape planned that way. She can meet up with me in Mexico. Once I'm out once I'm free so in a letter to his girlfriend. Stephen told Lee and to listen to Scott to trust him saying that he's a really great guy and he says I call this Guy Hannibal so please call him. Hannibal so Scott. Did he called? Leeann got in contact with her. He introduced himself to her as Hannibal Right. This was might be the first indication that Scott Kimball fancied himself. Some sort of Hannibal. Lecter esque type. You know conniving scheming genius candidate. Al Scott wasn't interested in a friendship or a trusted adviser role with Leeann like he was asked to do by his friend. Stephen Nope just typical Scott fashion. He's going to take advantage of the situation. So Scott swooped in and swept her off her feet. He Stole Lianne from Stephen to Lee Ann. Scott but then he also tells steven that he could possibly get her job as well. No I believe. He told that to her He may have told that to him. I don't I don't know the circumstances of that what I believe. He was charged with by his good friend. Convicted Bank robber. Stephen Holly was simply to get in contact with her and say to her. Hey this is where we can meet up once I escape and when I escaped to Leeann Scott presented himself as a tough guy who knew powerful people and who could get things done emails from Leeann to her cousin written January of two thousand and three state that Hannibal is quote a major blessing in my life and quote Lianne. Well she was vulnerable. She had bipolar disorder. She was working as a stripper. She had been in an abusive marriage before. And then mind you at this time. She's in a relationship with a convicted bank robber. Who's in prison? Scott and Lianne were involved in a sexual relationship just within days of meeting and Leeann made vague references to criminal activity that Hannibal was involved in. She said that he could have her killed if he wanted to. She did not know how right she probably was in January. This is on the sixteenth in two thousand and three. Leeann lied to her parents whom she lived with at the time. She told them that she was going to Mexico on cave exploration trip with some friends instead. What was really going on captain. She left the area with Scott Kimball who she believes his Hannibal. The two traveled through seven states mostly together but at times separately as Scott had to stop into Seattle on FBI business. He must have instructed Lien on how to get by using overdraft checks because Leandro checks overdrawing her account by four thousand dollars during this time. The trail bad checks shows that she traveled from Colorado and stopped in Wyoming Oregon Washington and Nevada before returning to Colorado and checking into a super eight motel in Grand Junction. This on January twenty seven. When wasn't she running up charges on her father's credit card as well? Yeah yes she was and she also bought a forty caliber fire star hand gun at a pawn shop in Oregon along this This trip that she was taking. We know that these means these The credit card charges and these checks their possibly her. We don't have under percent proof that she was doing this. It could have been Scott doing this. That's a very good point. That's a very good point and here's something. I wonder about to the purchase of this firearm. If she in fact was the one that purchased it you wonder. Is this Scott Kimball? That says hey we need to get a gun for our trip or you should have a gun in. It's really going to be for him in some some form bright because at some point she can said. Hey I'm GonNa go on this adventure with friends and she takes off with. Scott at some point. It could turn into a hostage situation where he's gone. I have control of you now. You're going to do everything I tell you to do. Well what's going to happen is really? It's a bit of a mystery truthfully because on January twenty eighth Scott told his F. B. I. Handler. This is agents laugh that we discussed in the last episode that he was going to go to California. Okay I'm going to California. I'm going there to see my brother at this time. Scott's phone goes off line for about twenty nine hours. It came back on at one thirteen. Am on January thirtieth now during the time that the phone was off line. Something else took place. This is on January twenty ninth. Leeann emery checked out of the Grand Junction Colorado Super Eight Motel where she where. She stayed that night she was never seen alive again. The soon thereafter her father. Howard emery got word that her car had been found abandoned in the State of Utah and not just abandoned. It was pretty much like in the desert. Yeah and then in February of two thousand and three Howard started receiving letters from liens incarcerated boyfriend. Stephen Holly in the letters Stephen told Howard that his daughter was in real trouble. One of the letters read quote. I don't fully understand what the hell she thought she was doing. But I know she is way out of her league alarmed by these letters. Howard checked on liens paper trail to see where she had actually been and this is when he discovered all the bounce checks Through multiple states right Howard took all of this to the FBI office in Denver where he was told that Steven. Holly is a liar. Were you know we? We don't we. Don't see that there's any kind of case or any needed investigation here because the man that you're speaking to the convicted bank robber serving life in prison. Yes he's a liar And you know how they know. They just checked to see if his pants are on fire. There's a bad joke happy. Saint Patrick's day the FBI refused to follow up as we said on this now. This remained the case. Even after Howard met with Stephen Holly in prison and this is where Holly told him that Lien was with. He believed he was. She was with somebody that went by the name. Hannibal so you have a little bit of a lead there. But it's it's interesting. That Scott Campbell was either just a just a stroke of luck here right or is it some kind of brilliance. That he already had this this other name that he was using in relation to Stephen. Holly it almost makes the trail go cold because there is no real Hannibal out there. You wonder how much this could have been followed up on if if they would've taken the time to do so now probably all at the same time or right around the same time captain. This Scott was involved with this Leeann. Emory Scott worked his charms on Jennifer. Marcum remember we spoke about her a little bit. You'll recall that Jennifer was the girlfriend of Steve Anise Scott's Cellmate and the Supposed Co conspirator in a murder a murder plot against drug dealer Jason Price. It seems that she was possibly an important witnesses well in a federal drug case and that's why the FBI they let Scott out but remember he's out with the idea of. Here's your fake identity. We need you to keep an eye on her and stop any possible murder plots that might be about to take place. Captain Scott Kimball may have been quite the ladies man. I don't know or at least. He's just very persuasive. Because by February Sixteenth Jennifer marcum moved out of the temporary place. She was staying. This was with the father of her child but this was not to be. This doesn't sound me like this was a long-term place that she was gonna stay was just temporary right. She moves out but she moves in with Scott. Kimball okay so I know there's a lot going on here. But in a very short period of time Scott Kimbler gets out of prison gets a new identity. He befriends this Leeann emory. She goes missing at the end of January and already by what the second week of February. He's getting involved at least to the point where Jennifer Marcum is willing to move in with him and he. He's I could just be a financial situation which I stay with getting may have been or it was some kind of like. I said I don't think he has the slickness or the charm. That may be a Bundy did but he has the slickness in a not slickness but he has. I think it more of a charm coming from like a a big brother or a father figure. Yeah and the I guess. If you were to compare the two my thoughts on that would be kind of a different scenario where Scott Kimball has to fool or trick a woman or anybody else for that matter kind of a little more long-term Wacko Ted Bundy all. He's trying to trying to get you to believe as maybe he broke his arm. And you just gotTa get in his car or help them. Carry some books or something. That's kind of a short term Thing but but yeah you're right. He doesn't seem to have the sexual appeal. Oh all right. Kala Happy Saint Patrick's Day while his pants were on fire but regardless she moves out of this place she goes to stay with Scott. And I'm with you. I think it's just too. She may have been moving from one temporary housing situation to another right. So Jennifer is a by all accounts. A good mother She worked as stripper at Shotgun. Willie's this too. It's just one of those situations. Sometimes you gotTa do what you gotTa do. What her what? Her father says what he told Dateline was she worked job. She really didn't want to just to put food on the table for her. Her son for her child Jennifer was also involved with a drug dealing felon as we know remember Steve. Ns who was in prison and was Scott's one time cellmate. A this regardless of whatever happened she ends up moving in with Scott whatever. The relationship is not quite clear. But he's telling her this guy is just oh a bevy of lies and he's telling her that he owns a coffee cart business in Seattle and that. He could get her what he's calling it. You know I can get you a real job because I'm the owner of this little business. She moves and get your own coffee cart. She did bring a bunch of furniture with her when she moved in The two plan to leave on a trip to Washington state on the eighteenth this was under the ruse that the Jennifer could learn how to manage the coffee business from Scott now on March twenty. Seventh Jennifer Markham's vehicle was found at the Denver International Airport where they were able to figure out. The car had been parked there since February. Eighteenth so I went to public school. So what the math is here that but that's over a month computer. Yeah let me let me type it in This is over a month but the other tricky thing here too is not only did the Corset at the Denver International Airport. For All of this time. There's no record of Jennifer having ever boarded a flight ever departing from the area on a plane right. What is this car doing there? Why is it seemingly left? Abandoned their the F. B. I. Did impound the vehicle but it was not searched for months as far as records show. Her parents were not notified that the vehicle had been found until nearly about a year later. Yeah look if there's no evidence I I'm not go to fall debate for not searching the vehicle but the fact that you're not notifying her parents. Yeah I understand that. We have this whole concept that all while they're adults they're allowed to go missing if they want to but it just seems like law enforcement just going yeah while she was a stripper. So you know what's more confused a matter while it was a matter if we tell her parents. What's more confusing to me. On that whole level captain is. I guess I get not telling her parents but what we have what we have here. Is We have an individual that you have let somebody out of prison to keep an eye on in. Her car is found abandoned at an airport. And it's been therefore over a month. That seems like something to look into right now or just hiding something to work with somebody or they're or they're hiding something and that's the other thing too you have to wonder what the FBI. I believed they were getting out of their preferential treatment of Scott Kimball. Because it's not really clear we we would later learn that he did wear a wire for them at least on one occasion he did manage to get some what was some may call semi incriminating statements on tape in a conversation between Scott and Jennifer. She did not solicit him or anyone else to kill anyone but she did describe Jason Pierce who remember the F. B. I believe this is the mark that this is the target Jason Pierce as a scumbag who quote deserves to die. Scott must have been dangling just enough information in front of them that this made the agents field. They were getting somewhere in this whole situation because they did continue to work with Scott out. According to the daily Camera Scott remained out of prison with the continual help of the federal government Scott's handler at the F. B. I. Made repeated calls to a Montana prosecutor. This to delay Scott's court hearings in the two thousand and one escape and theft cases that he was still facing charges there in March of two thousand and three Scott signed a plea deal on the two thousand and one check fraud cases in Alaska. Scott pled guilty to two counts of counterfeiting a check. Despite having essentially stolen thousands of dollars he agreed to continue cooperating with the government and in return prosecutors recommended that he get the shortest sentence possible at the sentencing in December of two thousand and three Judge Marcia. Krieger sentence Scott. Two three years of supervised release even though this was technically his fifth felony conviction. Yeah it's ridiculous. She recognized that he had cooperated with the government saying that the government points to at least three instances in which the defendant has provided substantial assistance in the investigation or prosecution of another person who has committed an offence. The judge ordered Scott to pay wells. Fargo the bank eight thousand two hundred eighty seven dollars and ninety four cents in restitution judge. Krieger did make a very truthful remark. She said that Scott's behavior smacks of an attitude of I'm happy to turn other people and but I don't want to be held fully accountable for my own behavior by the end of March. Two Thousand and three is seem that the FBI was really starting to question their informant on what was going on with his target with Jennifer Marcum. Of course they had no idea that she was missing. They found the vehicle but nobody investigated the abandoned vehicle. They also never received any information from the person Scott Campbell that they appointed to watch her that she was missing. So Scott told agent Schlafly that Jennifer had purchased a gun and then took a flight to New York to kill her target. Jason Pierce a member of Steve Ennis's drug gang whom she and Steve were plotting to murder. Meanwhile Scott had to earn a living somehow now. Looks like he had actually planned for all of this while he was still in prison making as many friends as possible. Who would trust him so he can portray them later once. He's out at their expense. One such target was a nearly seventy year old doctor named John Alderman. John had also shared a cell with Scott in the pen during his stay in Colorado. The dock was in for tax evasion. When was released he contacted Scott? He's asking for help. He needs things like get set up somewhere to live and get my life back together. Now that I'm out. He asked Scott to cash a check for him since his bank accounts had all been seized. Remember he's in for. He was in for tax evasion. Yeah this check was for seven thousand three hundred dollars now. We also asked got to pick up a trailer that John had lined up to live in. Well what do you think is going to happen here captain by money? That's right Scott. Cash the check and he picked up the trailer as requested and then stole all of it. John Never heard from Scott Kimble again with home security. There are two ways you can go about protecting your home. 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Boggling series of ill advised decisions the FBI made its first documented payment to Scott Campbell. This took place in May of two thousand and three. They paid him six hundred bucks again. What services he was rendering exactly are not clear. It seems that he must have been well. He was committed in a bunch of crime so he's keeping them in business people around him are disappearing it. I'm guessing captain that he was manufacturing. Information stringing the gullible agents along right then. An arrest warrant was issued for Scott in the State of Washington for probation violations. This is for failing to report to his Peo- well that might have been the straw captain that broke the camel's back so to speak because it looks like ages. Schlafly. There was a lot of struggles mountain of straws. That may have been the agent. May Have finally wised up. Because he did revoke Scott's status as a paid informant at this time and put in a request that the warrant be issued. Four Scots arrest and so Scott was arrested in June of two thousand and three and Denver for the violation of parole. He was in charge while he was out of watching over. Jennifer marcum right so now that Scott is in custody the F. B. I. Wants to know where the hell is Jennifer Marcum right he tells the FBI that Jennifer died at the hands of Jason Price. The drug dealer. He says Jason Price Strangled. Her Scott said that he had even seen photos of the body saying that the photos depicted Jennifer tied up with tape on her mouth. This was bad news for the FBI. Their informant failed to inform them. That this woman who he was supposed to watch for them a potential witness in a big drug case right a potential a co-conspirator in a murder plot was endanger not only endanger. I guess but now he's saying she's dead. She was murdered the F. B. I wanted to know if they could trust Scott so they administered a polygraph exam and the statements that I have seen from the FBI says that Scott Kimball managed to pass the polygraph test. Wow that's surprising. Yeah Yeah so then. Agents laugh arranged for Scott to be released stating that Scott was a valuable asset. Who may be able to help? Determine where Jennifer's body is located now not only was Scott released after this arrest warrant was quashed. He was reinstated as an effect official. Fbi Informant in mid two thousand and three for me once. Shame on you fool me. Five Thousand Five Thousand Times. Who Do we shame at this point? Everybody Yeah Airbase. Shameful Schlafly was completely snowed by Scott. Obviously which is ironic because the investigation into Scott Kimball his time as an FBI informant in his crimes that he committed or is suspected of committing. Later would be called Operation Snowball because that story that crime that case just kept getting bigger and bigger now after Scott told him that Jennifer Marcum was dead. Schlafly finally arranged for a search of her car. Remember we still have her vehicle? Yeah I remembered and and how many people right now are going. What the what right. Yeah it's it's one thing if a criminal con man. A guy that's been doing this for years is able to may be full. Let's to say a a naive young female or an average joe or inmates inmate or the parents of missing person or maybe even a local Peo- right. Maybe two guys that sit in their garage and have a fake radio show right. Maybe the but what we have to go into next is how he he conduct. How is the money? I know what you're getting at Captain Real quick before we get into that. Because I think that's that's very important. That's key here and it's interesting. It's it's head spinning but what you see in the actual paperwork is that the F. B. I. Clearly must believe that something sinister is going on here whether they believe it be. The problem is they. Just don't believe that Scott Kimball. Is the one orchestrating any of this because the paperwork remember? We said they're going to finally search the vehicle now that they found Jennifer Markham's vehicle. The affidavit in support of the search warrant request reads as follows the whereabouts of Jennifer Marcum cannot be determined in there is probable cause to believe that she is the victim of a homicide now. Let's review really quickly here. Here's the problem right you. You have this this female. She is a stripper. So in an whoever's is FBI's is for whatever reason that's a strike against her we also know that she's connected or has a boyfriend in jail. That is a drug dealer. So we know he's a piece of shit right. And so I think when you have these individuals and most these individuals that Scott is giving you a story. He he's saying well while this other criminal tiller or I believe he killed her and so I think as the reason why they're probably fooled is because everybody in the pot that they're looking at is essentially a criminal or has some ties to criminal activities. What no I think you're you're you're spot on with with most of that. I don't know I mean. We debate the STIP stripper thing all day and night. Who knows but I think what we're seeing here is exactly what you're kind of getting to is the FBI seems to obviously believe that these other persons this this Jason Price this The boyfriend that still in prison ready Jennifer Marcum. Who's now missing? They must believe that these three are all criminals. Much more criminals. Then this Guy Scott Kimball who they have working for them and I think when they're pushed into a corner and they finally go all right. Well let's give him a polygraph. Let's see if maybe he is telling us the truth. We just have nothing to work off. I get that he passed the polygraph. And I get that that can really confuse you and get you turned around there and maybe you believe him again. Which obviously they did because they they were going to handcuff them and then they decided not to. That's a sprint. He's the psych and he's working again for them. I think where I really call this thing into. Question is when they find her vehicle. It's just it's Scott actions right when they find her vehicle they want to know. Hey Scott where is this person? Why are we finding her vehicle and his explanation is well? She purchased a gun. She went off to New York City. And she's going there to kill the guy remember. I said when I was in prison that her and her boyfriend are working on this murder plot. Right she's actually going there to kill him but the FBI should be like Yo dude. Why didn't you tell us that? Why did we have to come to you to find out that information? You're supposed to be coming to us. You're supposed to be watching her now. You're telling us we can't find her because she went to New York City or to New York. I kill this guy and then when he's arrested they go. Oh now we. This is just two months later right one too. Yeah he they're going. We really want to know where she is now. And then then. The story is complete opposite. All Jason Price Killed Jennifer Marcum and so much so that I even saw pictures of the body and she was tied up and she had tape over her mouth and again. It's like why wouldn't you be? Okay Dude why did? Why did we have to come to you to get this information? That is all you are in charge of is watching over this woman and now you fed us two stories one where she's going to go kill somebody and you didn't let us know and to the other stories. Now she's been murdered and you didn't let us know but also wonder how much information he feeding them. That has actually painting out. I think that's the problem is the key. When he passes that polygraph. I I feel like that's like a wipes the slate clean like we like. We always say if it was up. Toss we advise somebody that if you're charged with a crime. And they add asks you to take a polygraph. There's nothing good that can come from it even if you pass. It's not you can't use that as evidence in a trial but in this case it's it's a lie detector administered by the FBI and he passes so anytime that somebody the in a case that we've covered. Take like Jon Benet Ramsey case. For example they pass apply graph. Three times makes me wonder about though how much I should put any weight. And to these polygraph test or again does is just show. How completely psycho? This individual is that he probably believes everything he saying. So let's put Scott's professional antics on hold for a few minutes here and let's go back and revisit his personal life okay. We have two women that were connected to Scott. They are missing. That's Jennifer that's Leeann. They went missing. Scott now needs to fill this female void in his life so enter Laurie McLeod. She's thirty nine years old. Divorce Single Mother Lori met Scott at Denver's lodge casino some time around February of two thousand and three Scott was wheeling. His mother a wheelchair up to the five card poker table. Scott was very close with his with his mom. Barb he doted on her and this must have appealed to Laurie. So Scott told Laurie when they start talking exchanging phone numbers he tells her. Hey I'm an FBI agent and he's divorced with two kids they apparently hit it off right away which is a lot different than FBI informant. Yeah completely completely completely different And Laurie's Scott. Loved the outdoors. He loved camping and hunting and that he was a romantic he. I guess he called her a lot in the paid a lot of attention to her brought her flowers and he always seemed to have plenty of cash now. Lawrie's nineteen year old daughter. Casey seems like she likes Scott as well. This according to Laurie the three of them eventually moved in together living together and as a suburb of Denver for a few months but Casey the daughter had some problems. Okay at one point in her life. She was addicted to Meth. This was in the past. Though at this point on our time line she is clean. It seems like she had a little hiccup in her life. And it wasn't she wasn't she's definitely going down the wrong path and hanging out with the wrong people but it's for short period of time. Yeah and by this point. Scott is very intertwined in Casey's life and gave Laurie his girlfriend the impression that he and Casey were not only very close but he's also like helping her through these troubled times right but in May of two thousand three Casey slips up again this time she's arrested for felony theft and forgery after admitting buying more than three thousand four hundred dollars worth of merchandise this using a stolen credit card so now we have to go to August of two thousand and three. This is when Scott shows. Laurie a glass vial of what she would later. Describe as a rock A white rock crystal substance. He said that it looked to him. Like he says this he found this. This is Casey's Possession and that it looked to him like Casey is using again. So of course Mother Confronts Dr Lori Confronts Casey and threatens to call the police and Casey decides she's GonNa take off if she also said before she took off. Hey this is these are not my drugs right. I am clean. I've been clean. Hey by the way. Give me a drug test believe me. GimME A drug test. So so then. Her mom doesn't believe her and doesn't leave her to the point where she does even offered to let her prove her innocence. Scott says he's going to try to help the situation and his idea is he's going to get Casey a room at a motel six so she has someplace to stay. But it doesn't have to be with MOM and boyfriend right. Maybe a little space is needed between the two. So not only. Is Casey going to be staying there? But this is also. Her boyfriend can stay there as well. After a few days of this arrangement her boyfriend cases boyfriend shows up at. Laurie's house. Saying that Casey is gone. He does not know where she is adding that the last time she that he saw Casey she was leaving for her job at subway right. Scott Mom's boyfriend was the one that was supposed to be giving her a ride to work that evening. He said the boyfriend said that Scott showed up to pick her up in his pickup truck with the trailer on the back. This is the trailer he stole from the doctor. He met in prison records. Show that Casey never went to work that day so she if we're to believe the boyfriend and these work records she disappeared sometime between leaving for work and her six. Pm Shift That Day at Subway Scott Tells Lori this is a big mistake and the he did not drive or never was going to drive Casey to work that day because he was already busy. He was out in the mountains hunting that day alone. He told Laurie that he had called his contacts at the FBI. To assist in helping to find Casey because I went to try to talk to the cops and say hey Our daughter's missing and the cops say well she's adult you can't file Mr Person Report so then Scott. You know never the hero. Yeah Hey I will. I'll get to the bottom of this. I have some context. Let me get some information so on August thirty first. This is eight days after Casey went missing Lori and Scott Get married in Vegas and they honeymooned in the mountains. Now note special note here. These are the same. This is the same area where he said. He was hunting eight days earlier right now when they got back home. There was some indication that Casey had been there while they were gone. Or at least as far as Scott was concerned Scott pointed out these possible little indicators to Laurie showing her a gold necklace looped over a doorknob This was the necklace Casey was believed to be wearing when she was last. Seen Scott also pointed out a makeup box that was moved to a different location so he they come back home and he's pointing out. Look it appears that someone has been here and was probably Casey judging by this necklace. I believe he also told her that he. He got some eyewitness account That somebody saw Casey. Yeah so he. He's as fabricating all this stuff. Well and the difficult thing here too for. Laurie then becomes the that Christmas at Christmas time. Casey never comes home. She never contacts. Mom never contacts her biological father and her parents. Lori in lorries. Ex-husband. Rob They were really reduced to the idea. At this point that look the drugs had taken their daughter again. She's off on a bender. She's using math again and hopefully she'll come home when she either hits rock bottom or needs money or something But these months will turn into years. Casey simply may just be gone now after they were married Scott. Laurie wanted to start a business. They they moved to Adams County To start faith farms a beef wholesale business in July of two thousand four. There was a terrible accident. On the Farm Scott's ten year old son from his marriage to Larisa hence was playing when a two hundred pound metal great fell on top of him now instead of waiting for an ambulance. Scott picks up the boy. His name's Justin puts them in his jeep and then takes off high tailing it to the the Hospital somehow along the way just in the boy falls out of the vehicle now when they finally arrived at the hospital Justin is in very. He's in very bad shape. He had emergency surgery on his brain and skull. His skull was fractured. And he went into a coma that lasted weeks. Justin's recovery was slow and so because of this accident and because of the recovery process Scott's sixty year old uncle his name's Terri moved from Alabama to help take care of the recuperating boy Terry moved in with Scott and Laurie and worked with Scott in this beef business that they've started up but then just like that captain uncle Terry Boom Poof. He's gone right. Laurie came home one day. This is at the end of August and she said that she found her sofa sitting outside covered in vomit. The Scott said that the vomit was from uncle. Terry's dogs that the dogs were sick and Scott told Laurie uncle Terry hit it big. He won the lottery and he and the dogs and a stripper named Ginger took all the money and they left for Mexico. Okay this is a weird story in itself. But what is even more weird. Laurie says that all of Terry stuff was still left behind in the guest room where he was staying. It's like him the dogs in this woman that she never matt took off for Mexico and all of his stuff was still still there and the hold on what makes it not so weird. That uncle Terry actually did. Come into some money somehow So he had some money he would actually carried some money in that briefcase around with them and talk about the. You know this the stack of money that he came into so. I don't think it's when you know that somebody came into money and then you go. Hey guess what he he not only did he come into some money but he won a bunch of money he won the lottery. He and now he's beyond rich. Yeah you're sitting there going okay. That's where that money came from right. Well an October of two thousand and four Scott ventured further into the beef business starting rocky mountain all natural beef with his brother. Brett and his mom. Barb this was in Lafayette Colorado. Where Scott grew up Scott but seed cattle for the business from a livestock exchange using a check for eleven thousand six hundred. Seventeen dollars and fifty cents. This check was under the name. Terry Kimbell AKA Uncle Terry. The check bounced like a basketball but Scott had already taken the cattle back to his ranch and of course he did not give the livestock exchange his real name or his address. The livestock exchange filed a complaint against Terry Kimball with the Department of Agriculture. Two months later but as we already said Terry Kimball was Mexico with his dogs and ginger simply safe has everything you need in a home security system. You'll have an army of highly trained security experts ready to dispatch please to your home at a moment's notice twenty four seven. You can set the system up all by yourself. Check it out today at simplisafe dot com slash garage. That's S. I. M. P. L. IS SAFE DOT com slash garage get free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial at simplisafe. Dot Com slash garage. Alright Colonel Do. We have any recommended reading this week. Yes we do their captain. This week we are recommending. This is actually one that we recommended probably a year or so ago. But I'm reading it again for the second time. And he was such a good guest on the show. I thought we gotta recommend this one again. It's called in the name of the children and FBI agents relentless pursuit of the nation's worst predators. And that is by Jeffrey Reineck. Who was on our show quite some time ago. Thirty Year career with the FBI was kind enough to come on our show. Check that book out. You don't have to write that title down now just go to true crime. Garage DOT COM click on the recommended page. You'll find that great title there as well as many others. And if you'd like to get your computer shirt limited edition computer shirt. Make sure you click on the store page and we'll see you next week very limited. There's like four of them and until next week be good be kind Dolan.

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