EP 203003: Garage Pass


William Byron expect when we hope to win wants to be the next new face in victory lane. We just gotta continue to bring the speed to do it, and if we get there to the final over, we may have a great chief. NPR INS garage pass. Progressive presents the sounds of the old world. The year is twenty nineteen and someone is getting up to use the bathroom at the stadium. Excuse me. Excuse me. Sorry. Excuse me. Squeeze here. This has been the sound of the old loan. Brought to you by progressive, we're drivers can still switch and save like it's twenty nine team. Today at Progressive Dot, com Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and affiliates. Did you know that you can take prn with you anywhere? That's right by downloading the free PR and mobile APP. You can listen to all of our live race broadcast anywhere. You'll also have easy access to all of our award. Winning studio shows get all the latest racing information at your fingertips with a P. R. N.. Mobile APP available now in the apple APP store, and on Google play with his wife, broke expecting their second child a little girl any day now, Chad Canal will miss Thursday nights race. Race at Kansas with veteran crew chief, Keith Rawdon calling the shots for William Byron in the past, Rawdon has one cup races with Jamie, mcmurray and Casey Cain Byron, in the meantime has made ninety starts and admits to being annoyed. He's not been one of the new faces in Victory Lane. It's definitely easier to get frustrated with the fact we haven't won. I think that with our progression. We had last year at this point. Have thought we had a few more late race. Chances at it. I think we've had some cars some days. That were capable of winning. To Be Awesome News, we've had six or seven issues this year. That has really been no fault of one saying or one individual, those were some of our best racists of our chances to win, and unfortunately those kind of got washed away for us. We knows we can bring that same speed that we've had on those weekends that thanks to go wrong. We'll give ourselves a shot to win so yeah I mean we expect when we hope to win San. We just gotta continue to bring the speed to do it. Byron is now two points below the cutoff line, and the final spot to make the playoffs on points as he currently battles his teammate. Jimmie Johnson for that position the front. Front row motorsports team of Michael McDowell has been fined ten thousand dollars for a loose lug nut found following the race. Texas over two point, seven million people tuned into that event on NBC S. N. which was the second largest audience on cable this season trailing only Bristol's two point nine million on f s one you wash the outside the inside and make sure maintenances up today. Pamper your car's engine. You'll system by adding Zemach biker lubricant. Using deployed as a carrier to reach internal parts Z.. Bax Literally Soaks in metal, dispersing harmful carbon buildup. His health improved performance. Extend engine life at reduce emissions. Cemex today at the Max, DOT COM or your local auto parts store NASCAR has now made a final decision that all of the remaining race weekends including the playoff will continue without practice or qualifying after his Texas, Win Austin, Dillon has guaranteed his spot in the season ending championship chase and his team owner Richard. childress believes they could make a surprise. Run at the Title I. You gotTa. Get in. That was one go next. You gotTa make it to the next round and each time you gotTa. Make, Brown and I think if we get there to the idol sewer, we may have a great chance. The garage pass presented by Progressive Insurance. Get Your quoted. Progressive Dot com today.

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