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NXT Recap & Marko Stunt Approaches Mark Henry


If you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just US one dollar go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series. Xm streaming subscribers SIRIUSXM. No car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. Sex in fifty six. Hey what's going on everybody bully Ray and Mark Henry here on the busted open. PODCAST day after after Thanksgiving hope everybody had a great one hall of fame and pain addition. We got one hell of a show for you today Tom About we do. ooh and eighty w recap of Chris. Jericho and sky and Moxley comes out is one of the most entertaining things. We've had in reason we would definitely going to have to get into the recap from INEX- women's division. How hot right now? That Ria Ripley is and what's going on with her as it relates to all of the women in extreme heat Lee being a superstar. How can we make this happen? I think that it's something that we really need to get into and we will get into it on the podcast. We're GONNA talk some diversity in wrestling today we're GONNA talk about. DAX and the nation of domination spoof. If you will and I didn't necessarily agree with it personally but and we got it done. I definitely want to hear your feelings on the whole nation of domination and expert and Mark I heard a story that Marco stunt little tiny anymore coast stunned all one hundred twenty five pounds. Am came up to you and had something to say all of that plus much more today on the busted open. Open podcast with bully Ray and Mark Henry turn it up to eleven and enjoy Jericho. Beat Scorpio Sky Die. I didn't love the way. He beat. Scorpio I didn't love the way they got into the finish and we'll talk about that but then came down Jon Moxley and get moxy in Jericho face to face. What did you think of? What did you think of the finish and what do you think? Would you think about how they went off the air. You know what I thought how they went off the air. It was fine but I did not just like you and you know we're we're wrestling peers. How the finish happened with Jericho and sky guy did not like I would've loved the scene Scarborough on top of Jericho Gopher something kick out go for something else. kickout swing and go to old school throwback back him shoot jerk off Jerko reverses his him with a code breaker and gives him the lion salt and finishes him now. That that's energy and as you beat somebody one-two-three in the middle when you have You go into a Finnish word as a submission mission. It tends to take all the attention and put it on one thing. I think that that thing that that Mas- needed needed multiplicity if you will in need it more it needed Movement and it would make more sense for Jericho to To beat the young guy because he's scouted everything and the announcers could've said Scorpio. Has the answer for everything that Jerry coachman doing lately he. He blocked the the Jews Affect He. He blocked Jericho's His other the line the Walls of Jericho. He blocked everything. But so Jerko should've went back to the old school and that he did not prepare for and that that would they were a better ending. I agree I thought the match was good. I thought the match was going to be great. Obviously because Jericho psychology allergy and Scorpio. Sky's athleticism. I'm not a huge fan of my baby. Face tapping especially Scorpio. WHO's had a great past three three weeks or so? You Know He. He beat Jericho you know. He had the great entering with Jericho. And then we we get the match on Wednesday night. I don't have a problem with Scorpio sky losing as a matter of fact I you know I I knew exactly where eluned expected to lose but I think I expected some more really strong greet false finishes and then the wages. Chris just picked him up into into the into the walls. I was like I was like shocked I was like. Oh Wow. This is the way they're going to end it and he just tap out now maybe they were running long on time and they had to finish finish with with dean. I don't know I just don't like my young baby faced tapping okay and you know they say there's no shame in Tappan but if you're an up and comer like Scorpio Asia as you one half of the TAG team champions. How about how about beating them a little dirty? How about how protecting him a little bit? Because when you baby face taps there's really no protection there for me so I wish much like you that they would've went about the finish a little bit differently. But then we get Jon Moxley coming down Mustaz and obviously they're planting the seed for moxley versus Jericho. I think it's a good idea but I'm also questioning questioning the idea. I WANNA get your take I what do you think about it. You know I think that a in a in a fantasy warfare effort. I think think that Jericho Moxley would be a really good match. I think that the psychology the willingness to take into another level is there with both old guys and they both realize that they're bigger players than others and when you have guys that are bigger players players and they command more of a presence than other people. There's less ballyhoo there's less build up and you just do a package jacket and you put those guys together at the next pay per view using them on standardized television is is not gonna be was good for the show when you lock these two guys together you know that is going to be a lot of segments in the back. You know. There's going to be out out of this guy comes and stops you from getting a win. There's going to be a lot of retaliation for stopping me from getting my win that that they'll do a bunch of that kind of stuff all the way to the pay per view we got Jericho. WHO's a wwe guy we got moxley who's a WWe Guy? Two guys synonymous with E. W guys now I got you. I got you both e w guys now but Chris was doing win such a phenomenal job of getting all the younger talent that he was working with over. You know and then he had he had the match with cody. I'm just wondering if there would have been one or two more guys younger guys that he could have helped get over and shine up and make before they got the the Moxie. Because does it feel to you like we're relying on the WWE guys right now. It does and has very ww heavy other than Scorpio sky and se. You guys You you you know. It's hard to see Anybody that's doing as well as those guys all right fair enough. I'M GONNA jump right out to the nation just like I said I would unlike like some other hosts on this show who never liked to talk to the nation Let's go out to Jay in Saint Louis. J What did you think. Think of the end of a e W with moxy coming down and confronting Jericho. I absolutely loved it I do wonder I question if they're going with this too soon But just as a huge fan of Moxley a huge fan Jericho and someone who wants to watch Hopefully hopefully like maybe a long term feud with box in Jericho or moxie against the inner circle. I think Marx's character is just so high right now for me would it would be much seem Moxie must be every single week on a w So I know I'm I'm really putting forward and I'm not sure whether and do it but what happens I'll I'll be buying for sure that that will have my money. Why do you think it's too soon? I think there could have been. She used it a little more. And maybe maybe down the road for a a big buildup. Mossy such a popular character and Dan. Jericho Jericho Just as good as good as he is I feel like they could have almost like oh planted for life. You know not somehow teased it for the next few months and I actually gone that direction directly now they could be still teasing it for a while. we don't we don't know yet But maybe like You know early next year maybe two at the end of twenty nineteen But I'm still excited for them. The last mark. I'm sorry all right. He's known but that's all right I'll just voice to the nation I look at a match like that and I think without the big buildup and them getting in each other's way is kind of forced and also also. Now you have both of those guys in one match rather than having those guys in two matches that would feel that card. Now you gotta think about who's GonNa feel the car the next pay per view card if both of those guys are wrestling each other then. That's ravening there being two matches there's one match so it opens up a space for somebody to come out of the wings. And who is that person. I'm GonNa be good point. I'm hoping that these guys tell us a great story and part of the story can be about where they came from and where they now ended up it could be about their time in the wwe and how they both wound up an e. W You know Chris could tell Moxley listen you were great over in the wwe but at the end of the day you could never hack it. I was a former world champion an hour. I'm the I'm the I'm the first Awa champion and mocks so you just all you're ever going to be known as the third wheel in in the shield. I mean they can play up the past and I like when rescuers do that. I hate it when wrestling companies. Try to pretend that the past didn't exist and I think they can bring it up and they can and bring it forward in a e W I think they'll be some good storytelling there. I think Moxley and Jericho are really good at that and you know blow it off in a strong match up just wondering if a e w fans feel like like the caller just said the going to too soon and too much of a dose dose of. WWe guys already. I WANNA I WANNA head out to To Kurdish in Boston. Curtis what did you think. Think of the Jericho and Moxley confrontation. Well first of all like to thank you guys are taking my call I you're not but I like this bullied but I just not sold on it yet. You know I mean. I'm a huge entitled to whatever you're saying like being undesired opinion I I am a huge fan from the very beginning of his career. Okay I'm a Dustin Ronald's deaf unrolled skews me fan from the beginning of his career. I'm a Mark Henry Bully Ray fan from the beginning of your career. I'm not sold on Jon. Moxley I mean he was great when he was a part of the shield he they gave him a character he ran with it. He did it better than probably anybody. But it's just different. I'm not sold hold on a e W I just think it's a bunch of talented acrobats. That's my opinion and I can't. I'm not saying because yes I am a lifelong WWe Fan. Yeah but when I bought it I I stopped the wwe. I would watch it back when what's his me. I don't even remember over. The guy's name was running the place and When AJ I started you know I was a huge TNA fair when it was NWEA TNA and it was on the people? You and I was watching it. I'm just not sold on impact and I I mean I'm not on the W I can't even say it because this is just a bunch of Acrobat I want flips and everything I I think Young Bucks is so overrated. You know yeah. They can move John but I predict everything going on. I watch their math. I see what's going to happen. They actually did is just predictable to me. Maybe I'm wrong and I apologize. I'm being insulted. I don't mean the B. I'm gonNA keep giving it a chance. Maybe I'M GONNA get it but I say mock like the quality for me said I think the Moxie Jaregui thing is way too. Choose to wade. Curtis all right. Curtis we appreciate you taking your phone. So what do you think about this He's not on board with eighty w yet because it's too much quote unquote acrobatics. But he think I think there's a place for everything in pro wrestling. I don't think that you should shit ever alienate. One thing is just like alienating a people like you should embrace everything you don't have to like it but at least don't not play into it and not look at it and read it and see you know what I don't like this book. I'm not into science fiction. I'm into more love stories. I'm into children's entertainment. Whatever it is just give it a shot shot? I think that you know the close minded attitude Leads to the dark side of the force. No I I think that the the close lows side Ideology leads to ignorance. I it makes you sound like Somebody said the other day okay. I can't even remember who they like. Why I don't watch a w but I don't like how can you not like it if you watch? So that's that's how I feel feel when I hear comments like that. Well your name is sexual chocolate. I understand why you liked that romance stuff. You always were a big romance guy. Collect data about you mark. Valentine solve the soft inside of the heart outside Mike. What you're hearing catch busted? It Open live Monday through Saturday from nine. AM to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand with the Sirius Xm APP. Let's talk a little bit about the women in Annex T who From the week one of these Wednesday night wars. I've said the women's Women's division in annexed is far superior to what we're getting an eighty W W women's division has been doing a better job as of late but man it's hard to keep up with all the phenomenal female talent over there and we got we got Kansas Hillary Defeating Dakota and then we had Ria area Ripley involved in baiser involved. I know you watch it and I WANNA get your take on it mark. What did you think of the match? What do you think about everything? That's going down with the women will first of all the story was the prominent thing in the match. You had the CODA kyw coming down to the ring holding the knee brace that she took off of of of canvas and kind of Tonga Honda with it like you know look what I got and she actually slid ring like she was gonna hit her with it and when she did. The referee grabbed it. There was a tug. Doug War over. They they they worked it they. It was something that was special. They made a it gave whole life to the knee. Brace and and then when the man started started with Piss and vinegar I mean there was no pussyfooting around. They went straight at it. I mean it was a fight right. It was a contest from the beginning that they had my attention. And I'm telling you like they. The men need up their game game because that match was so full energy at least twice in that match They went outside of the ring and she did a sidewalk. she The CODA COD did a sidewalk slam to canvas and I thought she broke her back. I screamed out loud. Oh man and then they went to the floor. Both of them Bro. It was it was painful to watch and it had me holding my chest like all this big one. He lives a bit. I'm coming join your hunting for anybody. That don't know that term. Please Watch Sanford and son and I'm I'm just sitting here dying. I really can't believe Steve How aggressive these women are going. They went into they win. They used the railing and candice. Reverse something and through Dakota kyw into into the railing as hard as I've ever seen any human being hit the railing other than the time that Bradshaw try to make me take the stairs and I didn't put my hands down in a knock myself. Goofy and blood was pouring out of my head like a faucet awesome. That was the last time I seen. Somebody hit that hard And then shortly after that you have Shannon bazalar and her in the horsewoman are the three horsewoman now come down to the ring and they dispatched the the women in the ring. Pretty handily after that match was over and to the rescue. You comes rea- Ripley one on three. Now this is the thing that I t's earlier the important thing that happened in his match as a release of storytelling and bully. You'll understand when I say that one woman Ria Ripley. Walk down to the ring against three women. One of which is the connects. T- women's champion held the title longer than anyone has ever held it. When Ria Ripley slid ring bring all three women got out and gave that Sir is storytelling at as high as form? They respecter Spector. They show respect. They gave her the ring one to keep from getting their ashby and to to tell the people she so good that maybe the three of us could get hurt and real deal mark is man they are build. They're Doing the right thing by her but more than them doing the right thing. She is doing the right thing by performing and living up to the hype. I totally agree. I had one small problem with Ria Ripley the other night on an xt. And I want to know if you agree or not. I didn't like what she was wearing. She didn't look like the RIA Ripley. I know with the spikes on the jacket I know she was wearing like street clothes for running but she looked like a toned down version of Ria Ripley. And when your this young in the business and this you know on fire tower wise to me I always want the people to see me what I look like at my absolute absolute best in black jeans. She had on some some t shirt that was kind of caught up or rolled up. So I kinda got the street St version of Ria Ripley. I WANNA see the pro wrestling version. Originally I don't think she's mature enough in the business. I don't think she has enough time. I'm in the business to be doing runs in street clothes. What what do you think about that? No one hundred percent agree like you have got to show people who you are all the time because you know I mean. It's it's like you go in a setting where you're going to setting leading where people don't know wrestling and they don't know who you are. There's a lot of people that are watching wrestling for the first time. And if you don't look like a reference like going to the zoo and you go to see the Zebra and there's a giraffe been there like you don't know the difference is that is that. Is that the giraffe Zebra now. No that's the desert rat. Why is it like so? There's there's this placement of understanding and we talked about this all the air. Let's talk about it on the air. Now there. The things that you do in wrestling that a nine year old kid that we're going to watch wrestling with that grandmother grandfather for the first time that nine year old kids should understand what's going on. You should not get so complicated that the nine year old could not. I'd say Oh my God he's the bad guy he's the good guy. The reason he did this is because that guy did that to him I I. He was just defended himself like that. Simple that simplicity is what brought me wrestling. I was a karate movie here before wrestling and my grandmother said Oh turn that off you need to see this and took me to see it live brother. I was hooked and now these kids are tune in and and they don't they don't know who's the good guy too bad guy sometimes because everybody count addresses the same now now but if if she doesn't address whose dress like she normally dresses then she's defeating the purpose of having an identity. I agree with mark. It's all about reliability and I wanna see her look like the star that she should always look like you know you talked talked about three girls bailing out of the ring when she slit in if three girls are going to back down from one. That one girl at a looked like a bad ass and despite the fact that relooked she'll look good the other night she joe is. It wasn't the version of her that I'm used to getting every single week. I WANNA WANNA see her in her gear looking like I said listen. I said she reminded me of Charlie's thrown in Mad Max fury road and that's what I want. WanNa see her look like every single time I wanna see her look like that bad ass hair slicked back spikes whatever whatever the hell she wears that that intimidating presence and then we get her and we get Shayna on the microphone and you know Shayna says what she has to say and Korea gets the last line and I'm really looking forward to this story. I'm looking forward to this angle. I'm looking forward to this match. I mean if if there are two people down in annex t right now who are standing out to me and this is my own personal taste. I'm not saying that these people are better than anybody else or anything like that. It's rea- Ripley and keithly to me. Those two have so much legitimate star potential and when I say star Dr Potential Mark You know what I what I'm talking about there's being over. And then there's being a star you a star okay. A guy like like keithly. Listen keithly is a strong big man who can do some of the stuff that the smaller guys are doing. They don't have anything like that. That guy can be a star and wow audiences in the WWe universe all over the world. Yes or no yes he can. And and you know what I glossed over the the conversation between and I say compensation because they made it very very conversational between rea- Ripley and Shane Obeys Shayna Bazeley told her you could be just like everybody else. You can tap our take a nap and the conversation between those two. She's like I'm not like everybody else. Pitch Man I'm I'm telling you I'm like that it's like people in school. You're getting ready to fight and everybody going fight. Fight fight fight they. They gave an era of understanding that a nine year old can understand they went back and forth and it was conversational. Oh and it didn't seem like we're watching a TV show. And there was writers and producers and cameraman and lighting techs. It was a fight on television television and that is the important loss. Art of pro wrestling is being able to have that in the put you in suspended spend believe now getting into key Lee Keith. Lead does that with his work. You can understand what he's doing because because it's simple but the technique and the fact that a guy his size doing the things that he does makes you go. Oh Oh oh my God did you get. Hey Buddy. I know. You'll look down at your popcorn. Did you just see that. And he gives you that energy and he can't it'd be a big time star but he's got to believe that he's a star. I think that he's been around so much and played the second day roles that he waits and he gives other people the option to be the heavy. I you know believe leap like I do. There have been times where I had to take. I had to take over and I apologize later on but I was like brother. You're moving too slow ahead to kick your ass if you don't want me to eat you alive. Show me some fire. Slap me in the phase. Kick me in the balls. Do something that's GonNa make. You look hot otherwise I have to. I have to eat you and Keith. Lee is not doing that yet when he does that. Then we'll have amongst then we'll have a cain type entity entity will have somebody that we'll have another Batista. We'll have a guy that that that garners the attention of everybody watching television and when you turn on eighty w and you see the guys that are wrestling and then somebody flips over and they see Keith Lee on the screen. Where they're going to stay? I'll stay with him because he'll he'll take it rather than just wait around round. He waits around way too much if you don't know Sirius. XM THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy. Talk 'n news. They had it all a lot of people. Think you need a car to enjoy Joy Sirius. Xm But you don't. You can listen outside the car right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car. 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Salem is exactly where it's going to be at checkout wrestle. Cade come on over say hello. I'm looking forward to talk into the busted. Open nation down there in the Carolinas so come to replicate check him out on on twitter. I think it's just wrestle. Cade put it in there. They'll have all the information. Come on down hang out bulletins you get yourself book for that or did they call reach out to you. They called reach out to me. Okay Komo gas culinary job to brother. Yeah Call Mark Henry Right now get him down there right now. Florida down just show Woah. Come sit at the table was just show up. I'll share you. I'll share my table with you. That's it boom done we. It's seventy thirty all right. How about eighty twenty eighty? No no no okay. I'll be sharing my table. All right good stuff so remember checkout. Jr's barbecue sauces JRS BARBECUE DOT COM. And you guys down wrestle cade in Winston Salem so mark we're talking about how DX spoofed the nation of domination back in the day. You said that you guys did not see them in their outfits or their black face until you got to the guerrilla position rocky was pissed off. You guys went out there. You did good business. I want to know what happened. Once you guys got back back in the locker room because it was a lot of sation about how negative that was and but go ahead. I just wanted to set this up if we're knowing the different personalities like yeah rocky could be a hothead but I didn't know rockies ultra confrontational. I'm sure deal. Oh was pissed. Croon is black heritage just like on on on an. I'm not saying he's proud but I'm just saying when it comes to being confrontational in that moment. I could see see you ron and and Godfather being the most confrontational of the three. I might be wrong. More Monroe's roll the ran. My Ashtrays pissed off. He was like this is bullshit he was not happy. And yeah shame on the creative later for allowing that to happen But it happened and we had to deal with it. We told him that it wasn't right that we didn't like it. And that's why diversity I eighty staff should be employed To make sure that that kind of thing never happens again because it affects the long run when you look at wrestling then there was probably only seven black people on staff and now you have like thirty in in a developmental system you probably have fifteen or twenty on raw and smackdown so like the evolution of the African American wrestling the plight of the African American wrestler in the business today is better you. Look at cody. Rhodes over eighty w who preaches and I asked the question question about what are they gonNa do about the diversity thing they talk about diversity. How is that GONNA work? He told a story about having a black wife life and how he is seen things and heard things that was unbelievably insensitive and he didn't never wanted to to see that happen at the company that he was at so That's something that That I see in the future. I'M NOT GONNA harp on on it. I mean I've I've laid out the template I I've I've said that I'd be more than happy to do that. I was show up at all the. TV's and address issues issues. I would do it during the week. I will go to individual wrestlers which I have done for free The the whole Laura Sullivan incident I dealt with There's been other issues that have kind of you know stood out that that I've dealt with like I mean I try my best to try to fix everything but I just fix it and say. Hey let's just wash his brushes under the rug. Doug I say how are we going to keep this from ever happening again. Have you ever had any sensitivity training because you never been around black people. So why would you comment. It's something that you know absolutely shit about. So that's that's that's who I am. That's that's what I am and I will continue to be that and I'm I'm not gonna I'm not gonNA show up all the stuff that has happened throughout my tenure but I've put out more fires than anybody that's ever been a uh had a water hose and I understand that and I'm hoping that you can cause I want to know I'm listen. I'm being selfish right now. I don't even care about the nation I I want to know. Can you tell me about the conversation that happened. Can you tell me who did the majority of the talking did they backpedaled. They stand up for themselves. It's like Jimmy. Give me a little bit. There was apologies. I mean it was you know like I know I didn't know and you know. What are you going to say you're lying? You did know like we didn't get to that it got to the point where everybody say. Look this shit can happen again. It happens again and she can get blown up around here and that was the end of those no Yellen back and forth browbeaten. Why are you wearing you? You know what we had that one before we went out to the ring and we went did business. We came back The future future will never grow. It's as what is big. Would it grew into now if we burned it down then something there are people that have fought for equality for black people that we would. We would have shit on everything that they built. If we burn it down there was a point where we had to draw a line in the sand but we also had to say. Hey look look at me and my face. This can't ever happen again if it does. Then we're going to have a reckoning always clear that Kinda compensation and you you know what I like to say that because of that situation We've had very few incidents if not any and there has been some since then the and they have been dealt with I'm not GonNa sit here and point them all out because I'm not in the assassination Asian business of anybody's business character but just like the incident happened with power got dealt with and it wouldn't Epithets thrown back and forth Out of color compensation you handle it with dignity and respect respect and expect respect back. That's what it is and that's were run. Said how do you expect a man to be a man if you're not treating him like like one and that was sad. But that's that's as much as I'm GONNA get into it. It will be in the Book Fair Enough Fair enough. I appreciate that the press man. I like what you did there right. Let's back out to the nation. There's a false kind anywhere Friday so we're talking about whatever they want to talk about. Let's go out to Dave. The Greco's favorite busted open nation member. Korla New Jersey. Call you want it. W What do you got kid- Good Morning Gentlemen. My W you have all these talents that you're showing on After dark why aren't they being brought up to TV. Like for example you got sunny kiss. You Got Rick Baker that you'll only see once in a blue moon on TV but she's basically in the after dark youtube videos. Why Carl Carl's got? They got. They got a two hour. Show Carl. There're a brand new product on a on a brand new station that going head-to-head to head with they got a fire their guns at all moments after but the absolute best matches best personalities and people that will keep viewers on the channels. They've owned they're only been around for eight weeks and your bitch in already about why this and why that that. How about being happy that there is a show like eight e w dark where you can see all of these people that you might not get to see on dynamite? Were you're a you're right. I know Shit I'm right. Carl book later goodbye. I hate that it's A. There's no reason for that due to being negative about that zero. How come this Guy Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah? Listen what if there was no no eight w dark right mark then we would be getting to see all of those talents that might not have appeared on dynamite. So Carl's look at it in a negative point of view. I'm trying to be like hey great we get e w dark and we get to see even more AWA matches agree or disagree agree and and you know there was some callers that wanted to know who we were talking about as a related to the conversation that I said we we would have here in the final hour And Margot stunt is the guy that I talked to in Minneapolis at the galaxy kind and We'll talk about that here in a few but Right now I listen Karl. This response my response to Your inquiry bullies said. How about just be happy with the fact that there is a after dark and you only have to out? They have a two hour show not a three hour show. Now you have to put the best people out. They're the ones that are the most notable the ones that are the most prepared. And what if somebody has an injury and they're not one hundred percent. Did you ever think about that did you think about the fact that Some of these guys and girls are are not actually in shape enough to get it together. They've not ever been in a situation where they had to worry about a time limit. Hey you got ten minutes and you got eight minutes you gotta be. There's a lot of factors that play into the role of WHO's on TV CBS. WHO's not listen? I thoroughly agree and you brought up. Some people might not be. TV ready to stick. The Times might not look the part I look at it as Awa dark is a place where you can still perform in front of an audience but maybe hone your skills. Hone your work. Because a W W to me is a tale of two companies. There are a lot of people there who really know what they're doing and there are a couple of people there who really don't know what they're doing in the ring and are getting in a little bit exposed. They need time they need reps. They're not getting exposed because they're bad I'm not saying they suck. It's time you need reps in the ring. You need reps in the batting cage. You need reps on the putting green. You need reps at the Foul Line Reps Reps Reps. That's why I. W W E athletes wrestlers performers or superior to many others around the world because of the amount of rep stay. Stay get the amount of work they get the put in and there's also the element of some material is more adult themed and you can't put that on on prime time you have to be late in in our Ten o'clock clock. Eleven o'clock and I was Annex T had after dark and raw smackdown had after dark programs where you can do more adult comment Content four people that want to see that type of wrestling I mean I'm all for it. I mean I'm not saying for stuff to be explicit explicit but I'm saying for Their stub that I would like to watch wrestling. That I know exists that I wouldn't let my son watch or my daughter for that matter Bully knows what all of the old school wrestling spots and and conversation. Maybe I want to hear somebody. Somebody's GonNa kick your ass. How about that you know? Sometimes you you want that content so I you know what I love that the dark type of mentality and show Michael. You're hearing catch open. Live Monday through Saturday from nine. Am Am to noon eastern on Sirius. XM Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on-demand with the series Xm APP mark. Before the show came on you told me you had a story in which Marco stunt tiny little marco walk up to big old mean Grizzled Missile Grizzly Marquette Gary and he had a question for you had something to say so sorry well he he more has something to say and he walked. He saw me at a table signing and he came up and He's a misdemeanor shook my hand and I said He asked me say you know who I am and I was like I know exactly who you are. I said He said I. I've I've heard you busted open. I said so. You've heard me being critical critical of you. And he said yes and I said well let me give you a little bit more insight to why I say what I say and I'm a problem solver. I don't WanNa hear a problem and less. We come up with solution for it. So don't come up to me and say Damn it. The lights are off what happened. How did the lights get off? This is deplorable. How can we get the lights back? Tom Is my question to you. When you come to me with that so I said let me tell you why I feel the way I do? You is because for the same reason that a very large guy in the business has crosses is to bear and problems to work is work your way out of get your endurance. Good being able the present yourself to a wrestling audience that is palatable on how you look at how you dress and and to be able to do everything that you do to a small Agai and not hurt them are damaged ms them in any way now as it relates to a smaller guy. I've been around mysterious as a friend of mine Closer fifteen years now and when it comes to small guys He's been world champion. Yeah a lot of it had to do with talent and know-how and understanding and experience which Mar Marco doesn't have a lot of experience and I was telling him what it would take for him to get over and he he was all ears. He didn't have an attitude. He stood there and he said so what. What is what is is the answer and I said well the answer is you're going to have to go in the locker room fine? A big mean burly guy. And you're going to have to ask that a guy. Hey Man I need to kick your ass onscreen. Will you do that for me. You're going to have to go back there and politics with the office and say hey I found a way to get myself over. I talked to this guy. He's willing to do this with me. You know who I wish they we get. I wish they would hire you. Bullet I wish that. Aws Call you and say hey man. I don't know how what the status is says. Would you work status. But I I have an idea and we would love to have you come in and and and work this angle and bring you in to be the antagonise with Marcos done because because I know your work style and the brilliance in how you would call things because we look at things very likely a lot of times the same way now I can see you coming in to aid w for the first day walking down the hallway which bag and and yet cammo gear on and he margot's done is standing there talking to somebody and you push his ass out of the way and you walk doc into the locker room. What's up guys? I'm here to save the business. As only the bully would do and Marco. Oh give a chair. And where's your ass out. Don't you dare come in here the first day regardless that you've been in the business forever and and you push me out of the way and leave you laying there with the chair on top of you. He goes to the ring now and he's having a match with somebody and is going positive. But you your music hits and you come. I'm down to the ring. He looks up and sees you coming. Climbs up to the top turnbuckle jumps off West Coast West Coast Pop Style and goes the whip in your ass. I mean mount. You like a billy early go and punching you right in the face you throw him off. Throw him into the barricade running into the post give him a twist in women women are Dangar and whatever it takes and put him on his butt and you stand on going. You don't notice not just small do you. And you stand over man you bullying and you step on his little chess and you walk back up ramp dust in your hands off and the point is by the time you get to the top of the ramp. He's back up to his feet stagger and he goes. It's GonNa take more than that to put me out of commission and you just wave your hands like get Outta here and you beat it and you leave him and you have already in one day built him as a tough guy a gang take no shit a guy that's resilient zillion and what's going to happen tomorrow so next week or tomorrow you come out and you call them out. Hey cool to see stand up now come to the ring and see if you can stand up with my foot on your chest and he comes out now but he doesn't come straight at you he's gotTa be smart it in that the bell rings he runs through your legs eggs. History rose comes off. Drop kicks in the back you take a header into the turnbuckle. And he's on you again. It takes somebody that can set it up. That can tell the story to the little bitty kid sitting in the front row with GRANDPA grandma. And that's what was going to be needed and I told him that and he went. Wow he said that would be cool. And I'd say it would be cool and I pray that you get your shot but it's not just up to him is up to office to be able to say. Hey we WANNA make this guy. We need somebody to do to favor. That is not going to hurt one of the people that's already on this staff that they're trying to build already. What do they need a heel? That's not what wh WHOA somebody that they're working with. They need to bully. Ray So what do you think about that. Do you think that that's an amount on the right track with him. I give him the right advice. And then if you gotta call would you be willing to do something like that for Margo stunt a you gave him one thousand percent the right advice be you remember the day. Tony Shivani was on the air with us and you were actually sitting in Studio Studio. I do you in the New York Studios. I told Shivani that if I had my choice of working with anybody in eighty W I would wanna work with Marco stunt get the hell out of here. I you know what I came in late your member. I'll say it on the Ash. I set it on the air because a guy like Marcos Don John is in my wheelhouse. That's like to me when I see a kid like that. First of all the reason I would want to help them is because when I madam at all in he was very nice he was very respectful. was when you're when you come up and introduce yourself and your nights and your respectful. That's that's half the job done right there up in introduced himself and of course he did ask me if I knew who he was but but I understand him saying that because he's not on TV every day correct. Grandstanding saying hey you know who I am. He didn't do that. And you know damn well mark if you WANNA get off on the right foot with a veteran in the wrestling business go up and introduce this yourself shake a hand eye contact introduce yourself and that's fifty percent of the job right there when you don't introduce yourself you are already already on my hitlist. You are already at target because you tell them about it to min- shit exactly highlight. I ain't done anything about their life. I like Marco. I liked the fact that he so under-sized and yes classic David in Goliath with a new story. A different story a different take on it. I have a photo that I'll send you of me and Marco stunt face to face us at all in and Marco was doing all of his crazy stuff in that battle royale. I said Marco as soon as you're done hitting this one move I want you to turn around because when you turn around I'm going to be standing right there in your face and when you turn around I want you to look up at me. We're not GONNA do anything we're just GONNA look at each other he's like you don't WanNa WanNa do anything I said Nope I said we're just going to look at each other. I said and when we look at each other that's going to be our moment in time and I said the entire place I will start to boil the minute we me and you look at each other because because now you're coming face to face with the one guy that they know can kill you and that will make you more of a star just because you're willing to stand face to face with that intimidating dude then. I grabbed her by the back of the naked. I threw him over the top rope. Like the little piece of shit he is. But I digress. Yes mark that story does work and yes. I would be willing to do that with a guy guy like that because you know once you get to a certain level in the wrestling business you become teflon. Nothing can hurt you anymore. Bully Ray or mark Henry went to e w do and did the favor for Marco stunt. We're not going to be hurt by it. Nobody's GONNA be like. Oh my God Mark Henry Lost Marcos. There's a way to lose. There's a way to do smart business so I like the fact that he came up and introduced himself to you. I love that story. I love the advice you gave them. I agree one thousand percent that can work on all levels and I hope e w uses him in a way where he can become a major star for that company. Because little kids can get behind Marco stunt. Because at the end of the day Marco stunt is a little kid. Thanks for listening catches Monday to Saturday. Busted open from nine A._M. to noon eastern on Sirius X._M.. By Nation Channel One fifty six the busted open podcast.

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