Special Edition: Robert Mueller Submits His Report


So it's here. Well, it's in the hands of Bill bar. It's not here in the sense that we can publicly consume it and see what? Bob Muller found it has just moved from one pocket, which we can't see into into another pocket that we can't see into. But it has moved buckets. At least which is something something we've been waiting to yours for correct. Bob Muller is done with his investigation. From the New York Times, I'm Michael Barr. This is a special episode of the daily today. The molar report has been sent to the attorney general. It's Friday afternoon, March twenty second. So Mike talk me through your day to day. So knowing it was going to be a big day. I turned on the recorder as soon as I left the house this morning and made my way into the office to hurry up and wake. Right. And. Oh, five AM. I left my house at ten AM. Did he finished? Around new walking down seventeenth street heading to the office that a call from the office for my enter wanting to know when I knew. Coloring nothing last thing. Enter wants to year. Nothing new not a ton of people on the streets. Yes. Make I do not. I'm sorry. I call the addresses was stopped by a woman who couldn't find that you make an embassy. So you to wanna go this way, go to do pond circle and make a right kion following that trip. Well, we're all going there on what? Come up to Massachusetts avenue coal March day, currently cold, you're one forty five degrees. Just had a normal sort of walk into the office. It doesn't seem like you're in a big hurry to get to the office. Well, all the work has been done. We know what's coming. Are you going on to come into the building big day? Now. None of the day, Harry. Get on the elevator. Walk into the office. And everyone wants to know. Chasing. No report, when's it going to happen? This is the question I asked every five days or days razor weeks, the whole apparatus of the New York Times is jacked up for this moment. Nick here. We're already here. It's been a lot of time and planning that's got into this a lot of stories that have been written. That are ready to go. It doesn't seem right. Yep. Okay. Everyone's sitting around waiting and they want answers. Dean back K, our executive editor calls down to Washington to ask. Elizabeth you Miller our bureau chief, what do you know? Unless you're about the timing. But Elizabeth calls for desk puts him on speakerphone, Mikey. What do you know? My guess is not a lot. Because I don't know what there is to get a heads up on. I don't know. You tell them that. You don't know. We don't know. Stories ready once we get the word from Justice. We push about all the work is done for. Just sort of lemmings so sort of just having the same unsatisfying conversation with different people throughout the office for several hours while eating doughnuts. And then it happened special counsel investigation is over special counsel. Robert Muller has concluded his investigation into Russian election interference in possible coordination with associates of President Donald Trump that report has been submitted. Now, the question is what happens to it. How much gets released and when that is up to the new attorney general Bill bar. So what do we know at this stage? It is Friday afternoon. What's our understanding? Our understanding is that the attorney general in his deputies now have a long weekend of reading ahead of them. They have to go through the report. See what's there digested? And then figure out what to do with it. How much of it should be made public. How much of it should be given to congress and how much of it to remain secret. Is that really all we know at this point. Is there anything about how this unfolded? That tells us anything about the report or what Muller has found if he's decided to bring any charges against any figure in the White House or how he's thinking about this. We just know that Muller is done. There are no more individuals that will be charged by the special counsel's office in. In the investigation. If anyone else has got caught up in this day will be indicted by other US attorneys across the country who have absorbed investigations from the special counsel's office. So the version of the report that will go to congress and be seen by the public is the version that the attorney general has had a chance to go through and decide which parts should be seen by the larger world, and which should not, and that's still gonna take a while for him to figure out cracked, and it's a very difficult process. Because if there is criminality in regards to the president, very tricky issue to navigate the Justice department has policy that says, the president can't be indicted. But if the president can't be indicted, congress should deal with that behavior. How do you give that information to congress? It's not a snap decision. You can make like. Okay, Muller's done. This is what he found. Let's put this in another box and send it to congress far trickier. So how does the AG make the decision about what to include and what not to include in this report bars in this incredibly difficult spot because he has to figure out how much information to share with the public in congress in a way that is enough to leave people can vinced that this investigation was done thoroughly and based on following the facts, but he has to protect the president from disclosures about him that the public may be interested in that his political enemies may want to know, but that has no bearing on the actual criminal investigation that was done. And as how the attorney general handles that balance. Depend in your mind, Mike on what the report from Muller fines and says and recommends. Yes. If Muller says, the president didn't break the law than bar has to figure out how much information to give the congress. So that congress takes those findings seriously. The problem is bars in the very difficult spot politically because the Democrats have already concluded the president did something wrong. So if bar learns from Muller that there's no criminality on the president how does bar than win over those Democrats and show them that Muller truly made a decision based on the facts how much of what the investigation found does he have to give to the hill in a normal criminal investigation. All of that information would not become public because it just Moore would want to protect the individual who they have found did not commit a crime. But this situation is different. Because a lot of people do think the president committed a crime. So how do you show the Democrats? And the rest of the country that, hey, look, this is what Muller found he only found x y and z, and if we wanted to make a case he would have needed to have uncovered these other things which he didn't. And that's why we are confident with his findings and on the other hand if mother does find criminality and perhaps recommend charges against the president. How does bar have to proceed? Well, how much of the evidence that Muller uncovered should go to congress? What should be told to congress should congress be told explicitly? Look Muller believes the president violated these laws, and here's the evidence to back it up. But what if some of that evidence has been obtained from grand jury, the just catches handover? Grand jury information congress what if the information's classified they're not gonna want to hand over classified information to congress. They think congress leaks like a sieve is it safe to say though, Mike that if criminality is found by Muller, congress and the public will. We'll see more of them all the report than if that is not found maybe maybe. But look these a highly unusual situation the person who runs the executive branch, the president has just been under investigation by folks inside of his own branch for the past twenty two months very awkward situation and the person making the decision about what we all will learn about that investigation is a direct appointee of that president correct has the job because the president put him there. So the perception here is one where the average person looks at this and says, well, how can a guy who has made attorney general by the president look at this situation and make a decision that is free of politics. And how can I have confidence that this was done based on the facts? So when will we know more when will we know what the attorney general has decided on that front. Oh, now, you wanna know more? Yes. Please the greed of the news business, if you'll indulge us when will we know more bar in his deputies will go through this. And I don't know sometime the next few days sometime in the next few weeks. It may be a difficult process to unbranded Muller has been rummaging around the president's life for twenty two months. We don't have clarity into everything Muller's found what if bar looks at it and says Muller's thinks violated this law that law, but actually I don't think he has maybe there's not enough there maybe bar disagrees with what Muller has found simply on a legal basis. The other thing is that bar only really gets one shot to get it. Right. Whatever he goes out the door with in terms of handing over information congress. He's gotta have it. Right. He's not going to have a second chance to say. Well, you know, I gave you that stuff. But like man, maybe it's not what I. Thought it was or oh, let's give you more. He has to get it. Right. The first time, otherwise he'll look like he's waffling, and how much of how our handles this will be with the mind toward the expectation that a democratically controlled house of representatives is already into a series of investigations that they only want to redouble once this report is in their hands for clearly knows congress is going to jump up and down until it is satisfied with the information that it wants about this investigation. He can drag that out and probably lose it one way or another either in the court of public opinion or in the actual courts. So he probably just wants to get it over with his as possible. He knows this has been an enormous weight on the country, and that the sooner it is resolved, the sooner the country can move on. And like, what is the likelihood that the way we find out? Out more about the mother report is not from the version that sent a congress. But from something else, Nick, we're all really mindful of the fact that this is the of the leak and that this is the biggest potential leak in recent memory. Yeah. Will leak I don't know. I mean, the number of people who will have access to this document will be very small, and they will know that. If there are a lot of leaks about this than the president can start to raise questions about what's really going on. It will look nefarious. The Democrats will get their backs up and say, well, if this stuff is leaking out why can't we have access to it? They will know that their lives will be much more difficult. If there are leaks here, obviously, you could come up with a scenario where someone working on the investigation is frustrated that the Justice department has decided to go one way or the other on the report, and they think screw. I'm gonna make this public. But my guess is they have gone to great lengths to ensure that this is heavily protected. So now, we wait again. Hurry up and wait. mike. Thank you very much. Thanks. In a letter to democratic and Republican leaders of congress sent on Friday afternoon. Attorney general William bar said he would brief them on the major conclusions of the mother report as soon as this weekend. That's for the daily. I'm michael. See? Hiring used to be hard multiple job sites. Sex resumes. But today hiring can be easy. And you only have to go to one place to get it done. Ziprecruiter. Ziprecruiter is so effective that eighty percent of employers who post on recruiter get a quality candidate through the site within the first day and right now listeners contries it good or for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash daily. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash D. I L Y. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire.

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