Diabetes Health Podcast News: US Dietary Guidelines Recommend a Low Carb Diet


Hello I'm not Al Samra with diabetes South you're listening to diabetes. How in the news today story? Us Dietary guidelines recommend a low carb diet. Are you just a bit too sweet? According to the American Diabetes Association Diet that's low in carbohydrates is best for most people with diabetes. They're twenty nineteen standards of medical care and diabetes. Explains that eating. Fewer carbs often result in lower blood glucose focusing your diet around nutrient dense foods the ADA has been developing diabetes care standards for more than two decades and many doctors find their input critical to best help their patients. They recommend placing an emphasis on vegetables and getting some exercise as often as possible as a great way to manage your diabetes with that said always consult with your doctor about any dietary changes. I also like to remind you. We've just launched her diabetes health podcast on itunes Google. Play in spotify if you'd like to receive the latest recording sign up to the podcast newsletter. And you'll be alerted every time we upload a new recording he can now follow us on twitter facebook and instagram from diabetes. Half I'M NOT SAMRI.

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