{wednesday rewind} no. 21 - The Orangetheory Episode


I have a favor to ask before we jump into the show today. I wanna give you an invitation to provide me your feedback on what you like and don't like about this millennial life podcast. I'm looking for your insights. What's working what's not working what you'd like to see more of what you'd like to see less of? I'm currently hosting a listener survey on this. I'm lineal life website. You can find it at this. I'm lineal life dot com slash listener survey. It's a brief survey less than fifteen questions. And if you would take the time to click over to the survey, it's in the show notes for this episode and provide me your feedback. I would be so appreciative and with that. Let's get on with the show if your skin doesn't know whether to break out a wrinkle, if you're caught between planning the third grade class party and researching retirement plans, or if you want to work out at the idea of cross it makes your forty something needs AAC you've come to the right place. Welcome to this unrelenting live. Under Reagan y'all's and welcome to the ship. It wouldn't be the new year. If there wasn't an intense, focus on fitness, but here on this millennial life podcast, you've probably picked up on the fact that fairly regularly every few episodes, I like to expose you to some sort of Venice opportunity that maybe you haven't tried before and get some perspectives on whether or not it's something you might enjoy fitness can be a wonderful pursuit, and it can be absolutely free depending on what you decide to do. However, there are a lot of popular fitness brands out there that are a pretty hefty investment. Once you commit to them. So to save you the time of reading reviews or maybe trying it out yourself with little to no knowledge. I like to have people on the show who are passionate about the fitness routine. They're pursuing we've talked about cross fit. We've talked about body pump. And today, we're going to talk about the su-. Super popular brand orange theory. I'm interviewing one of my favorite people. Katie woodring. You've probably heard katie's name here. At least at the end of the show. She is the mastermind behind getting the this Malini life podcast website up and running and really she's the colleague that gave me the footing to help me. Get this podcast off the ground and the wild popularity of it. I give her a lot of credit for but outside of being a blogging mastermind and an amazing business coach Katie is also a certified personal trainer. She's a group fitness instructor. She's a busy mom of two beautiful little girls. And she absolutely does not like to waste time when it comes to working out, and you're going to hear that when she talks about how few days a week. She actually does orange theory. But what great results she's getting in addition to all that katie's multimedia producer. She's the owner of make media over which is the consulting company that I use. Us to support this podcast. If you start following Katie on social media, you'll see that she's very open about sharing her experiences and successes with orange theory. I'm thrilled to have her on today. Katie welcome to the show L. Thank you L. My so thrilled to be a guest on his show that I have listened to you so many times well in a show that you've had such a huge hand in getting off of the ground. So one of the reasons that I wanted to do this episode with us specifically is because unlike the fit episode that I had a little bit of experience in trying or the body pump episode where I'm kind of completely addicted to that part of fitness orange theory is one of those fitness brands that I see when I drive by the orange fitness studio. And I've seen people talk about an online, but you are the person in my circle that I know is most dedicated to orange theory, and because you yourself are a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor. And because I always value your opinion on things that you like and love I wanted you to come on the show today and tell us more about orange theory. And why it's a group fitness class that women in the audience might. Like to try. I'm Philly faded, and I have referred to this as my school may or cout Richard really cheesy. But I have been put just fitness. No mad over the last fifteen to twenty years. I really feel as if I have tried just about every fitness trend from things that I do at home to things that they do in. Of you running marathons, and I really feel like orange is the thing. That has connected most deeply with me. And I should also remind your listeners, and you that despite the fact that I work as a business professional. I'm a personal trainer. I teach group fitness. I don't have any affiliation with orange theories. So when I tell you that I love it. I've putting fine harder dollars that I've ever won. They had the wedding out and working those muscles until I really really excited to educate people a little bit more about it could be a good fit for them as well. I'd love for you to share with us what it is specifically about orange theory that you love so much. Well, I think it'd be good thing about orange theory, fitness is that it based in a type of science if you know, an approach to building better body composition and performance goal that really work very well from me, both physically and mentally it kind of for me. The best of both worlds. It group fitness classes, which I love but love it. They aren't like champ. But it really incorporates some of the heavier strength training, the high-intensity interval training that I really believe in not just for women, but particularly for women it is fifty minutes of an incredibly efficient workout which at the siege. The season of my life where I'm in. I've got young kids. I own my business. I'm getting ten thousand things at once like all of your listeners, are I every single did it that I am devoting, Hugh, O workout to really count. And I feel like the second. I walked into the orange very fitness Rome to the moment that I drag my weight, but back out to my car every single one of those minutes if maximize and I think one of the things that for me make born fitness really fun to is that almost as level of I would call it gamification you wear a heart rate monitor because Gorringe theory, and I'll talk a little. A bit about that word orange white says central Chiba the commission of the heart rate monitor and you can see your real time results on a board. You can be everyone else's too. But I promise you won't have even a moment to catch your breath in compare yourself to everyone else you're going to be so caught up in looking at where you are. And you know, at any given time am I in higher heart reasons, where I know that I'm back to my say, the fat burning part of this workout could I go faster on the treadmill? Could I go at a higher incline on the treadmill now coaches that will guide you through all of this? But I really let that you don't have to wait to be you know, the next day. How sore are my muscle or to look down at your garment. When you're running a away know in hindsight could I have done my split faster every single minute in the class is an opportunity to see how am I doing? Could I improve that credit get more out of it? And there's just a real tribal kind of feeling too. Could you look around you? The board right out for different heart rates on two different colors. See the person next to you like maybe in ten times better sheets than you. But they're struggling just as you are. Because it's so personalized Hugh do our goal, and you your particular stage of fitness. Okay. So let's stop in talk. Then about the watching the heart rate monitor because this is one of those things I've always had a little bit of a question about now. I wear a heart rate, right monitor. When for instance, I go to body pump or when I used to run. But it was something that I didn't really check a lot during the class or during the run. It's not something. I check frequently. Do you find it all that looking at that is a distraction or you feel like that just feels you to go harder? And faster. I think if you're headed for a specific purpose, and in, you know, hurt rages on training and interval training, something I've come to more in the end of the last few years as fit crow when I'm peaking other people. And really as I'm looking at my own bitten. Experience. I think being that really is empowering and that gives you it's not just kind of annoyed or a mess. Chaos of information. It is usable information and because the concept of heart rates on training in general. And specifically how orange theory approaches it is that when you're in a higher. Hurry, unless they you're using eighty four percent of your maximum heart rate. And so you might that's what aren't the recall is orange zone. It pretty them up into five different heart rate zone, orange and Radyr that you highest when you spend a significant amount of time in orange and the red zone. You really not an ising your body. Billy to continue to burn calories and really use your excuse me, use your workout after you're done though. I in layman's terms called the after burn if fancy science pockets called epoch within just excess post exercise oxygen consumption. And again, if you about when you spend twelve plus minutes in or. Under the red zone. And remembered your AP four percent will be different actual heartbeat. You know, heart rate than my eighty four percent. But we're both trying to get to that number when we're above that. We know that when we're at home bidding metallics reading a book going more weeping when we're standing in the shower, our body is going to continue to really burn calories and physically for me again at this stage of my on millennial life, I'm really concerned with body competition and functional fitness. And so it Burmese less about trying to hit a number on E L religion for the sixty minutes. I've put in my going to that resulting being able to walk along with my kids pick up one bag of groceries leaking up to series about running out of breath and are still questions me that the science of heart rate zone training is what gets you there. So I think especially the, you know, I think the reason that the color system of orange really works. Me and and different feedback. I've gotten from others to is that if I were constantly looking at my watch or looking at the board going at my at eighty four percent eighty six what's my number again or try to look at what my actual and my at one forty and I seventy where am I what did those members keen, it's color coded? So when the board shows that I'm an orange. I know I'm in a good spot when it shows that I'm in red. I know I'm in a good thought when it's dropped to say green or blue or gray which are the third the lower tier? I know that you know, sometimes that perfectly fine. I might be in a recovery part of my workout. I mean you walking and trying to catch my breath after big sprint. But I wanna spend as much time in the orange and red zones as possible during the work is it that way from the very beginning of the class is is the goal to get to orange fairly quickly. Can you talk about that how that's structured for the class? And can you also talk about for from a class structure standpoint? Delineate what you were saying about the strength training component. Because when I hear what you're saying. In my mind, I'm thinking about a lot of cardio, and I want you to be able to explain where the strength training comes in a brutally. And I must say I'm being the least amount of cardio that I've ever done in my life. It twenty years of group fitness in running Abune the leaf amount of cardio. And I think it having the most Mayes effects, but to answer your question. Yes. Brent gay one. When you come in to take your first orange theory class breakthrough. When you are, you know, as better in as yours of classes, you put on his heart rate, monitor when you sign up will actually input some of your personal information, your height, your weight, and they'll populate really what your target heart rate zone is so gone knock where Reagan's owning in katie's orange may be different. But we're both tiny get to the orange whatever that is for our number when you walk in it automatically thinks your heart rate, monitor t- the board and then as you get into the class. What I really love about. This is that there is a coach a fitness professional who walked around the room kind of keep an eye on everyone and give you instruction. But then it's up to you to get there. So for example, if you're spending some time on the treadmill, and we'll talk about the classroom with a minute. If you happen to be on the treadmill? The coach might say okay guys, we need to get into the orange zone. We're going to do a baby for thirty seconds. And we're going to go to a minute and a half of push those are terms that are pretty consistently in orange theory. And so they'll tell you get keep a base, which is maybe, you know, you're doing light jog on the treadmill or if you're a Walker be you're kinda medium in crime. Then you get to a push which is more strenuous efforts. And that's awesome adjudication that when you're at that part of the workout you really probably do want to be in the orange, and the coaches are usually very good at kind of guiding there too. Okay. Guys report I need to be seeing more orange y'all be in a push pace at this point. Where forty five seconds in at this point. If you're not the orange try cranking up the incline treadmill or out a little bit of feed, the they'll guide you that. I have never in a year. Plus, it's going to orange theory been called out personally when my like, you know, the coach doesn't take I you there in the green zone, but they're pretty good at saying. Okay. I should be seeing this on the board. I'm just going to give a blanket statement to everybody how you should be feeling Zony should be. And here's how to correct it. If you aren't that would be one of the things honestly that I would be a little worried about like am I going to go and feel like if I am not doing what the person is? Beside me is doing that. She's gonna fit notice it or that the instructors gonna notice it. So it's that's a good clarification. I would fearful of that too. Because even though I am it can I very competitive internally. I'm really always looking to with heavier weight factor. You know that thing I don't do. Well, when I find myself comparing my performance to other. People. I think that's a pretty common malady that people say, well, I don't wanna go because the person next me is obviously so much more coordinated and a dance fitness cop or is lifting have your week. I can tell you that you're gonna be so focused on what you're doing that. You really don't have time to look at what the person next to you is. And also, even though all of the the metrics are up on the board. And I know people by first name, I really, you know, I don't think there's any element with nothing going. Oh, ha ha ha Jenny only got X number of black point not been another term that we should probably define because it's the most common question. I get from people. They say, okay, I understand I'm seri-. But what the Hecker lat coin if really Billy way of measuring the depth of minute that you have been in those orange and red zone. It just depends put a hacker on the whole heart rates in training. Once you really want you to spend at least twelve minutes in either the orange or the red combined and up to say twenty. Five minutes. That's the goal. More is great too. But twelve to twenty five minutes in Oregon red zone kind of weak thought for that pop for that after work. And so each minute spent there is called a black point an orange theory term, and at the end of each workout, you actually, get an Email summary of your workout really gives you a cool little graph. It shows you how many minutes is best in each zone. How calorie few burned how many calories you burn in workouts that week that year, and again, it calculates the number of point, and that becomes sort of a badge of honor. When I hear something on social media or I'll follow you know, other people that take this workout. It's really empowering and do I pride and thank God nail that I got twenty five points today or I thought about points in five of them were in the red zone because those are really hard. Thank you. And you really only get there. If you push yourself at twelve to twenty five minute range that you just mentioned that's over. Over the course of the full sixty minute class. Correct. That's exactly right. So there's a five minute unit. Five ten minute warm up at the beginning of classroom as a stretching period, and then you were asking about the class format. Generally. It's called a switch though there in the in the workout room. This is the case in every orange studio cross the country there they wait floor. That's equipped with for example, DEP. A TRS, you know, suspension training system, a whole set of wave of both the ball and Abdali that is involved. There's a bunch of, you know, pretty traditional kind of weight equipment on the week lore. Then there are there's a set of rowers, and so you will go to the rowing machine. And then there are treadmill and generally of the sixty minutes and take taking sides of five minutes for warm up and cool down. It's really split happened half. You'll spend half the time on the treadmill and the other half is on the weight floor and the rower and the coach will let you know when you're. Supposed to switch from once. They should TD other sometimes their time exercises sometimes based on rat. And with kind of cross it about orange theory in that there is the workout is never the same from day to day. There are three kind of core types of workouts to their strength where you might be living lifting. Heavier weeks in the league floor or doing a higher incline on the treadmill, but maybe not running as backed or as bar or doing fewer rent there's power which is explosive movement. So you may be doing something like thruster where you're really like exploding the weight up or you're doing power squat in the on the week. We're on the treadmill instead of just doing long stretches of running doing, I you're being really, you know, spring and then cooled down Brinson then cooled down. And then there's Durrance which is just kind of a steady state if you will you might be doing a longer run. So that sixty seconds made you're doing two to three minutes of running. It's on on black ground. You don't have that strength or that glosses experience. So those are the three types of workouts that are done at orange theory. There's also an ESP day, which is a combination of all three. And so you'll walk into class won't know until you get there. What day it is? So the coach will say okay today, the power day, keep this this and this in mind, and then even though some of the actual workout Ruth, you'll see over and over and over they won't the workout itself is different three hundred sixty five days out of the year. The again, you walk in a work out of the day, you the coastal walk you through exactly what you need to know he or she will demo every single move. And again, kind of call out Q if you're on their rower, you know, whether you should be at maybe a push pace, but just sort of like, you're working, but you're not at a spring versus an all out, which would be a sprint. And they'll they'll let you know, they'll let you know, how long you're going to do it for it really kind of guide you through that. But the workout it's. Health is this is has been really interesting to me from a tribal community implant every orange theory club across the country. Does the same workout every day? Oh worked out that. I do you have. In fact, we're got that. I do on Tuesday is the same on that my friend at Brooklyn will be doing on Tuesday is the same on my friend in Seattle will be doing on Tuesday. And then the next day it changes, and that is also kind of fun too. Because even though the coaches don't like to announce it ahead of time. If you have a friend that's an earlier kind zone taking a morning class. Then you can get you get a heads up and now oh, man. This is it's an ESP day. I've got her bring better have a really good attitude when I walked in or I will tell you sometime when I find out we're doing a particular move that. I don't love I think, oh, maybe I'll just switch my the Morrow and we're doing that. And how many days a week? Do you go? I'm right now go on average two days a week. I I would go more. It's a it's expensive. Can I don't think it's. Typically expensive, and again, I'm frugal. So when I tell you that I think it's worth the money if you can swing it. I'm that from nearly but it is definitely on the higher end. I think it's sort of war like in the cross it pricing. And it's just on theory. It's not like a gym where you can take the classes and get the benefit of other things. And also for me it, you know, it's it's getting wet. And I think that's a common issue with other people who are listening to this podcast is even though it's only sixty minutes trying to carve that time out and isn't have the challenge. But I find that two days a week there. And then supplementing it with three days of activity at home really round out my fitness journey, and and I love it so much. I when I can't get there twice in a week. Let's put it this way. I really feel like I'm missing out. And I can't follow the social media hashtag because I just I have such badness missing those workouts. Well, I'll have to say I mean, going two days a week and filling that. Passionately about it must indicate that you've seen pretty good results. So, you know, I think when we talk about anything that has to do with fitness the natural question is what kind of results have you seen? I don't wanna break. My arm probably myself on the back, but I will tell you that I am in the best shape of my entirely after having kids. You know, I kind of wondered what everything's not back. What will I ever get to the point where I could take a class in, you know, not worry about what's going to happen. I feel great I'm lifting very heavyweights, which I frankly, never thought that would that'd be something. I would do I am doing some cardio as I mentioned to you. But it's really strategic. I'm not doing long runs anymore. I might be running twenty minutes or twenty five minutes in the workout. But I feel like every single second of that run is maximized. And I honestly feel like I'm getting more out of that than when I was long distance training. I yeah, I. I just I feel great Reagan. And I think at the end of the day again for the listeners of this podcast and certainly the season of life. I'm in. That's really what I'm looking for like get excited about the workout. Do I like the way I feel and I've done and my con- more confident than my clothes and just do kind of being in my own skin. And then again, the thing that's really hard to to measure. But that I feel like has just tripled in my performance. My ability to have functional fitness my kids run at me. And I can pick them both up and really not feel like oh my gosh. I'm so winded or my arms hurt or I'm gonna have to put them down. You know, I think it sounds very cliche, but I can I can get down on the floor and claim wall. So in those ways outside of the ING a tremendous change in my body composition, which I love I said, it's being tremendous performance goal kind of smashed which I have it's really just data. A day. I feel better in my in now than I did a year and a half ago before I started orange theory at this age and with my kids both being boys in the ages that they're at and me realizing as a boy mom who was not athletic. Did not play sports when I was growing up. I kind of had this realization that as they got older and got involved in sports, and you know, became more and more punk ships that I could either age as the person who couldn't get in the floor and couldn't do things with them. And couldn't, you know, run the five K with my my son when he's in a running club and couldn't do all these things or can make a definite shift, and the big thing and one of the reasons that I'm so dedicated to covering topics like this and body pump and cross fit which are all three. Very different fitness opportunities is because every person is so different than what appeals to them and my against dedication to talking about this for the audience is not to say that anyone. One is better than the other. It's just to say that look there's so much out there. You don't need to be intimidated to try it just no few things before you go and see which one works the best for you. Because the best path to fitness is the one that you're actually going to do do consistently and really enjoy. And when I hear you talk about orange theory, of course, now being the me to kind of person that I am I'm like ooh, now I need to go to orange theories studio and give it a try because I do like the idea of getting especially data nerd so getting all of that feedback in knowing like I'm performing as high as I can. So I think that was really helpful to be able to explain that for people and take away some of that intimidation factor in terms of intimidation factor. Is there anything else that you think that people need to know before they go? Adequately. Take advantage of the the option with your first class to go in about thirty minutes ahead of time, and you will actually go into the room, and the coach will I hope put you at ease that was my variance. And that's what I've heard from other percent numbers. The coach will show you in a non chaotic, non you know, out music, people are rushing to the treadmill that can be really crazy. So if you take those thirty minutes before the coach will say, here's how the T-rex Makina strapped were here's how you can adjust them. Okay. Here's where all of the different equipment is in the room. When I say a base. This is what I need. Here's what the numbers and the colors Ford correlate to I honestly can tell you Reagan, even though I have been peaking group, fitness. And I teach I was overwhelmed even after that too. I think listeners may need to be prepared that the first time or to you're kind of just go with the flow. Is that the coke is really keep an eye on people who are new or newer to the class, and we'll come on and really give you additional help. If you need it or just kind of watch to make sure that you're not totally lost in defeated. But I will also say that even though the worming Herbie's deep. It's I think it's a pretty short prob-. I felt really good about all of the concepts and the jargon and the fast pace of changing for machine to machine I felt good about that probably after two to three classes there are couple of things to keep in mind. Number one. Is you are looking for a social experience. I don't think orange is it, and I mentioned that I never people in the crock. Right. I mean, I everybody that I have met has been incredibly friendly. We all kind of role is it each other sollidarity when the coach says, we're doing hill today or two, and you know, lots and lots of squad. But once you're in and around the music of roud, you are so focused on what you're doing. It's really not the classic Goto. And and I don't mean this judgement and. All because I do this too. But it's not the classes, you go to the girlfriend that you guys. Can you do yoga and talk about more or gossip you all here? Each other. You will fall off the treadmill, and it's just it's not that type of class, and there is some social -tunities no before and after and again from my friends that you at there are some clubs that but get together before and after prosper copy or run together on the weekend. That may be the variance that come of your listeners have at the studio, but in the workout at south, it's very internally focused, very kind of intrinsic, and I would not I have gone with a friend with the same experiences. If I've been in love to then there's that element. And then I think the other thing is that I feel really strongly fit pro that this type of work that can work for any body type, and he level of fitness. I really think that what has done with the heart rate zone. Chaining is making it possible about somebody who is put half out of shape or. Getting back into fitness that they made that to the orange quicker just because of their own body competition, and that's great, you know, just because you're not running. Then you can't be those stats come up, and you can't see some success. But I do think people should be prepared for this to be a pretty intense workout. There are lots of options for walking. For example. There's a whole kind of section of the treadmill built specifically for power walkers. And I know a lot of people love that there are lighter weights if you really kind of getting used to that aren't ready to go super heavy on the weight, but it is not it's not an easy workout. And I if somebody is I think people need to go in with the right mental space that they're there for a purpose. I think they'll find it really fun. And empowering the words very very empowering to do this where he hard interval workout and come out on the other side feeling stronger, and Mike you succeeded, but I don't want people to. To have under. Appreciate the fact that this is a pretty hard workout, and you've got to be prepared. Yeah. That's good preparation in good for people to know because he don't wanna get into something and feel like well, this was way more than I bargained for. But what you said about people at all different levels at least being able to get up in that zone in in a way that works for their body. I think it has been something that we have stressed in every episode. That's been related to fitness on this podcast is that modification for what your level is so important, and that's really I guess the word is powering to think about people can go, and even if they're prepared for this heavy duty workout that they know that once they're in that zone that they can absolutely take those modifications, Katie this has been so helpful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I wanna take a side note and say to everyone that while Katie today is talking about. A group fitness instructor. She is so much more than that for me. She is a good friend, and she is one of the most important in impactful components of my business today. So if you are someone who is working in social media, if you're working in blogging or communications in general, and you are looking for someone to take you to the next level as a business coach or even to help you with some of the tactical components of owning a website and blogging, Katie wick is your girl, and I'm gonna let Katie tell you where you can find her online during in that means the world because you know, that my greatest joy is getting to work with clients and on projects that I am really excited about an you particularly with podcasts are right at the top of that list. So to thank you for the kind word, I own me media over which is managed services company for bloggers and all business owners and online entrepreneurs and really the best precip me from that side is making. Media over dot com. And then if you wanna Email sharing my crazies, black points and talking about fitness and juggling it all or seeing me I view fee with doing workout videos Instagram is a great place if I need it's at Kyi Drik, and I'm really K with Drake on all of the social platforms. And if you do come find me, raise your hand and high and say that you listen to me on the podcast. I really love getting to know everybody, and I'm such a big fan of the community that you have built. We'll think you Katie you're such a huge part of helping make that happen. And I really appreciate you taking the time out today to share this with us. Thanks again. Okay. That wraps up my interview with Katie. And hopefully that gives you a little something to think about if you've been riding by orange theory in your neighborhood in thinking man, I'd like to try that out. But I'm just not even sure where to begin I would love to hear from you. If you go to orange theory now and enjoy it if you try it out, you can always contact me on this millennial live website at this. Millennial life dot com slash contact. Leave me a voicemail. Let me know what you think if you are pursuing a type of fitness that. We haven't talked about here on the show. I would love for you to submit that as a topic idea you can do that at this. Unbelievable. Life dot com slash guest ideas. And I'd love to have you on the show to share with other people. What it is that you're doing to make fitness fun in your own Hon millennial life, and with that we're going to take a commercial break. And when we come back, I'm going to do a quick follow up to one of the very first and most popular episodes of this millennial life the eyelashes episode. That's coming up next. Today's podcast is brought to you by healthy aperture, the web's first and only dietitian curated healthy recipe discovery site with nearly ninety thousand recipes to browse in categories ranging from gluten free vegetarian to help desserts. How the aperture is sure to have a recipe. That's just right for you. Head over to help the aperture dot com to learn more. So by now, if you've made it this far into the this unrelenting alive episode database, you've probably listened to the eyelashes episode. It was one of the very first episodes that I did hear on the podcast. It has been wildly popular. It was one of the longer episodes, admittedly, a lot of information to share about eyelashes, but two things that never got covered in the eye. Lashes episode were Castro oil and other eyelash serums. Okay. So I I wanna talk about Castrol. I don't have any experience with it. However after I released the eyelashes episode, one of the listeners of the podcast commented in the Facebook group and posted some information about how Castro oil, apparently inexpensive Castrol has actually been shown to boost lashes. So for all of you ladies out there who listened to that episode in thought, you know, what all of those expensive serums and all those lash extensions. That's just not for me. I totally get it. It's a hefty. Budget item? And there's no shame in deciding that's not where you want to spend your money. So for you. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that you can one obviously get Castrol at any drugstore and try it out very inexpensively. But you can also go to Amazon and purchase organic Castrol with applicator pins. So there is a brand of Castrol eyelash serum. That is specifically designed to be used on eyelashes. I'm not sure how it differs from regular Castrol. I think primarily it just comes in a smaller bottle, and it's just packaged with applicators the price point is around thirteen dollars. So if you wanna give that a try I'm going to place a link in the show notes to Amazon where you can find that product in consider whether or not it's right for you. Now, if you heard the information on the eyelashes episode about the road in field serum or the Latif, and you thought, you know, I'd really like to try that out. But I'm not interested in seeing some. To get a prescription for Latif. And I really don't wanna have to contact a rodent field's rep because I'm not prepared to buy something else from them at this time. There is a brand of eyelash serum out there called grand lash m d and I read about this serum on pop sugar dot com posted this in this millennial life podcast Facebook group, a few months back and the price point was around sixty dollars. So very similar to what you would see a little less than we'll taste. I think similar to what you'd see with Rodin and field, but I very much like I was saying did not want to have to get a prescription for Latinos. And really did not want to have to contact the road. Ended field's rep because I didn't have anything I wanted to buy from them other than that. So I decided to give it a try and ordered it. And I've been using it for the last few months, and I think it works just as well as Latif. I haven't noticed any type of irritation with my eyes. I haven't noticed any I- darkening I've been very very. Pleased with it originally, I ordered it directly from the website. But I now see that it too is valuable on Amazon prime. So you can get it with free shipping. If you're an Amazon prime person like I am, and I will also place a link for the grand cosmetics grand lash MD eyelash serum in the show notes and on the website as well. In case, you're interested in checking that out if you have feedback from me own eyelashes episode or any of episode you here on this. I'm lineal live always left to hear from you. You can share that feedback with me contact me via the contact page. Joined the this millennial live Facebook group or tweet me at Reagan Jones, ardine I received so much positive feedback on this podcast each and every week from people who hear about it from a friend. Discover it through a blogger that they know about if you've got someone that you think would like this podcast, please be sure to share with them. You can share with them that this. Unbelievable. Life is always available on apple podcasts. It's now streaming. On the Spotify app. We're always available on NPR one app. And you can listen online at this Molyneaux life dot com with fat. You reached the end of this episode? Thanks so much for listening. Have a great day. Thank you for listening to this on Molyneaux lice cod. Cast with host Reagan Jones, usable support provided by Ben Williams at kudzu studio website support provided by Katie Woodrow at make media over dot com. I'm Robin Botkin of Robbins by dot com. And on behalf of the podcast. I invite you to join us next week for another episode.

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