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Mar 12, 2020


hello and welcome back sword and scale daily. I'm your host Ryan Williams. It's Thursday march twelfth coming. Up on certain scale daily. A New York judge has sentenced disgraced. Media Mogul Harvey Weinstein to twenty three years in prison. A Washington woman was found guilty of murder for shooting and killing her best after finding her in bed with her boyfriend finally a California jury convicted John Lee Cowl of the first degree murder of Mea Wilson and the attempted murder of her sister Latifah. All this and more coming up on certain scale daily Nbc News reports that sixty seven year old. Former media mogul Harvey Weinstein was since two twenty three years in prison on Wednesday. Last month a jury found Winston guilty of the third degree rape of aspiring actress just command and if committing a criminal sexual act in the first degree against Mimi. Haley a former production assistant on project runway judge James Burke of the New York Supreme Court sentenced Weinstein Twenty years for the charge of first degree. Criminal Sexual Act and at three years for the charge of third degree rape. The sentences are said to run consecutively. Following his release. Weinstein will also have the served ten years of Probation Weinstein face a maximum sentence of twenty nine years for both offenses ahead of the sentencing. Both victims told NBC that they wanted Weinstein be sentenced to the maximum. One victim said that she hopes sentencing would be quote long enough. Weinstein to acknowledge what he's done. It'd be truly sorry. The prosecution appeal for the maximum sentence. Saying quote. Weinstein has been using and abusing people. His whole life teen defense asked for a sentence closer to the minimum which would have been five years in a letter to judge Burke. Damon Sharon is one of Weinstein attorneys. Argued for a more lenient sentence on the basis. That the notoriety and follow it from the trial have severely impacted his client's life. The letter stated quote Winston cannot walk outside without being heckled. He's losses means to earn a living simply put his fall from grace has been historic perhaps unmatched in the age of social media. Sharunas continued the letter by stating that. Weinstein suffered from quote serious ongoing health concerns Weinstein. Who arrived at court in a wheelchair on Wednesday after relying on a walker for part of his trial continued to proclaim his innocence in an interview prior to sentencing. Weinstein said that he worried for the future of this country because of the metoo movement which minted around the allegations against him Weinstein told media outlets that quote thousands of men are losing due process. He also maintained his innocence saying he didn't have great power and could not quote blackball anyone and that he genuinely believed that he and his accusers were in legitimate relationships after sentencing. Donna to know another of Weinstein's attorneys call the sentence obscene and obnoxious and said quote. It did not speak to the evidence that came out at trial. Weinstein's attorneys announced. They're planning to appeal. The conviction additional charges are pending against Weinstein California where he is accused of raping one woman and sexually assaulting another on consecutive days in two thousand thirteen. Nbc legal analyst De Valoise stated on Wednesday the New York. Convictions may influence the California cases against him. If Weinstein is convicted on charges in Los Angeles his prior convictions may earn him a harsher sentence bless Angeles County district. Attorney's office is in the process of extraditing. Weinstein to California. Our next story brings us to Washington state on Monday. A jury in Kennewick Washington from thirty eight year old Amy Sue Brown guilty of second degree murder in connection with the two thousand eighteen shooting of her friend. Thirty five year old Amanda Hill. The jury only deliberated for three hours before convicting Brown. The killing took place in the early hours of Saturday February tenth. Two Thousand Eighteen during Brown's thirty sixth birthday party police responded to a call about shots fired at Brown's home and found Brown cradling hill in her hands hill. Who had an apparent gunshot wound to? The chest was not breathing and no pulse. Could be detected. First responders attempted CPR but a man hill was ultimately pronounced dead at the scene. Amy Sue Brown was arrested at the scene. The investigation revealed the Brown had been hosting a small birthday celebration and a camper outsider house present. There were Brown. Her Fiance Brandon. Brown's close friend Amanda Hill and Hill's Boyfriend Ben. All of them had been shrinking at approximately midnight brandon. Amy's fiance said he had to go to bed because he had worked at the following morning and went inside the house minutes later. A Man Hill went inside the house to use the restroom when he didn't return after twenty minutes. Amy Witting cited check on her and found her in bed with Brandon. A fight ensued at one point. Amy went outside to smoke a cigarette. Amanda followed her and resumed fighting. Amy told officers during an interview that during the fight she grabbed the gun that she kept in her car in the recorded interview. Which was played for the jury? Amy said quote. I grabbed the gun and I pulled it out and I was like get off me and she wouldn't get off me so I fired. I fired two shots and when I fire the two shots she was like amy. What the are you serious? Brown pled not guilty by reason of self defense saying she only reached for her firearm because a man was attacking her. But according to the probable cause affidavit in the case Amy told detectives that she knew hills not trying to killer and that she didn't have to shoot Amanda quote but she did and she is sorry. Amanda Hill was the mother of a thirteen year. Old Boy after the break. John Lee Cowl is found guilty of first degree murder in connection with the two thousand eighteen. Macarthur Bart station stabbing of eighteen year. Old Mia Wilson now for our final story on Wednesday afternoon in Oakland jury down twenty nine year old Johnny cowl guilty of first degree murder of eighteen year old me a Wilson and the attempted murder of her twenty six year old sister Latifah Wilson. They also found guilty of the special circumstances charge of lying in. Wait the attack. Which happened at the Macarthur Bart Station in two thousand eighteen received national attention due in part to speculation about being racially motivated? Although Cowan was not charged with a hate crime. The prosecution did address the possibility that the crime was motivated by racist sentiments during trial cowl. Who has a history of diagnosed? Mental illness pled not guilty by reason of insanity following the verdict. The same jury will determine cowl sanity after a second trial during which they will be presented with evidence. Relevant cows mental health media. Wilson was murdered on the night of July twenty second two thousand eighteen inside the Macarthur Bay area rapid transport station. She and her sisters Latifah Mtja were returning home from a family gathering surveillance video presented to the jury showed following his sister's onto a train from Concord. Oakland rode the train with them for thirty minutes until the train stopped. Macarthur station in Oakland and waited for them to get off the train before stabbing Mia and Latifa whether backs returned to them cowles defense attorney told the jury but the attack was a rash act motivated by delusions. That cowl suffered from the prosecutors claimed that cows behavior before and after the murder showed forethought and planning they stated during the train ride from Concord. Oakland cow his knife from his backpack to the pocket of his pants on when the train stopped at Macarthur station. Cal removed the knife from his pocket and hid it under a shirt before sneaking up on the sisters and stabbing them after the attack. Cal Ran away from the crime scene. Merging with the crowds. We'll making his escape. He directed police officers towards the platform. Then you changing the clothes that we're in his backpack and disposed of his old clothes and the knife in a construction site. Just a block from the station. The prosecution agreed. That cal was mentally ill but argued that its illness played. No part in the attack. Which they've been suggested may have been racially motivated when cal took the stand in his own defense. The prosecution questioned him about an incident that happened about a week before the attack on the Wilson. Sisters cowl testified that he'd been punched in the face by black woman and therefore was not responsible for the quote second free female gangs behavior at all. The prosecution played the jury and other surveillance video taken onboard and Oakland City. Bus Approximately one hour after the murder. The video cowl addressing the only person of color on the bus a black woman and calling her the n word when questioned by defense attorneys. Cal testified that he attacked the Wilson. Sisters because he thought they were aliens or members of a gang who had kidnapped his grandmother but the prosecution maintained that later interaction with the woman on the bus showed true mindset cal will has a diagnosed history of mental illness and while he was declared competent to stand trial in. December. The judge did note. The cow refused to cooperate with doctors evaluating them. The jury deliberated for just under four hours before finding Callo guilty. The finding that he was guilty of a special circumstance of lying in wait means. Cow was eligible for a sentence of life in prison. Without the possibility of parole the second trial to determine cal sanity began on Wednesday. The same jury will determine whether cowl Sane or insane at the time of the attacks. If he's found sane cal could be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. If he's found to be insane can be sentenced to a life term in a secure psychiatric facility before we leave you. We've a short update in the case of Laurie. Valla the Idaho. Mother who is facing charges including felony child abandonment. It connection with the disappearance of her two children. Seventeen year old Kylie Ryan and seven year old. Jj valo value never reported her children missing and when police came to check on them in late November she and her newlywed husband. Chad debacle disappeared later reemerging in Hawaii. The search for the missing children brought to light a slew of suspicious inconvenient deaths occurring around both valo enable Laurie valid and chat debacle and author who writes apocalyptic. Lds Science Fiction. Novels met while both were married to other people lorries. Fourth husband Charles valo stated in his divorce filing that under debacles influence. Laurie began to believe that she had special powers a divine mission and threatened. His life. Charlesdale died in July. Nineteen after being shot by Laura's brother Alex Hawks Alex Cox died in December Cox's death is reportedly under investigation. Laurie Velo Mary Chad table just two weeks after his wife. Tammy died in her sleep. Her death was initially attributed to natural causes following revelations. About Day Belin Valo. Timmy's body was exumed and the investigation has been reopened on Wednesday. Cbs News. Five reported that yet. Another death valves. Orbit may be reinvestigated that of her third husband Joseph Ryan value and Ryan divorced in two thousand four and had one child together. Tighly as of late. Two thousand eleven. They were still involved in a custody battle over tighly with Joseph Ryan claiming that Lori was keeping him from seeing his daughter after one visit with. Tighly Laurie's brother. Alex Attack Joseph with a Taser and threatened to kill him. Cox was convicted of the attack. Joseph Ryan died of heart attack in two thousand eighteen and his body was cremated according to the Phoenix Police Department the FBI reached out to them last month and ask them for information on. Brian's death a relative so that after Ryan died Lorie told her that she received his life insurance payment and that Joseph was quote evil and quote. God took care of them. That's for today's episode of Sword and Skill Daily. We'll see you back here tomorrow. And until then stay safe soared. End scaled. Daily is an incongruity media production. Your host was Ryan Williams Researching Writing Garb rock executive producer. Mike Day if you like the show subscribe and leave us a review if you have any feedback or suggestions use the email address daily at sorting scale DOT COM.

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