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Pardon the interruption but I'm Mike Wilbon. Tony Scientists say the asteroid kill. The dinosaurs was the equivalent of ten billion atomic fom. I'm Tony Kornheiser but who powered through Larry King and you know what what steps into governor heels in love Larry. Our kid right there and Larry's favored drifted spots and he's just GonNa. It's took me to be made now moved on farm you know when I I read that. I thought it was going to end with Uranus. I said he's not going to do this. He's just not going to vote. Even though it's funny boys and girls today's episode the Raiders Win Nobel Valedictorians about Antonio Brown and Dion Sanders predicts that big ben will retire but we begin today with the New Orleans saints getting a last second fifty fifty eight yard field goal to beat Houston last night. That was a very exciting game thrilling characterized by an odd call near the end of the first half that cost the saints fifteen seconds seconds isolated. Maybe that's not a big deal but if probably cost them a field goal and it reminded us of the last time we saw the saints and that terrible no call on pass interference in the NFC championship will have on how should the saints feel about getting hosed by the officials again. Did they get hoes. There's no like great mystery here. They we got hosed again and they feel like that again if you watch any the post game last night I know you were well asleep. Even though the double header I watch it's not watched drew brees though post feel agitated. Drew brees is not a complainer. He's got a winner. He's a guy who just has to have a hot. Take every day. Drew drew brees did something that was glad to do but you know if you're the if you're the saints I mean if you're the owner of the Saints Gale Benson. You're calling Roger Goodell today and you. You are in use a phrase. You're familiar with venting your spleen. You are you on letting loose on the NFL of which you are full member. I have to tell you that when they made the call I did not understand it. I didn't understand at all when it was explained. I did not understand with his last two minutes of a half where all things should be reviewed because it's important time and you should get everything right right leading the time yes what I thought was poetry was at the end of the game breeze had the exact same situation and while they missed from fifty six the staff the they made it from longer they made it from fifty eight and by the way people talk about Tom. Brady and how Great Tom Brady eight years forty-two drew brees forty looks like thirty. He looks like he's got looks like he's got all his Atlanta's. At thirty seven seconds he goes down to fill those passes. The three passes really and I'm screaming. Don't use a timeout yet right you right. Oh you did any. He's just great for the saints last night as hard hard is I've ever rooted for that team because they'd been hosed. I mean I know it's I'm willing to accept. I don't know that it's coincidence but my God I mean you have one perfect Shawn Watson. Who We think is good. It is great. It was sacked six times last year. He was sacked sixty two times yeah when he went into the medical tent it was to run away from that offensive sense of life. That didn't protect him something if they had an offensive line. I don't even mean a great one player couldn't I'm talking about him now see an MVP candidate because playoff team at that point I I. He's that good him. He's good he's good. He has but it can be upright. The second game of the Monday night doubleheader wasn't as compelling but given the drama the entire previous week the story line and the Oakland raiders post a was worth paying attention to perhaps no team in week. One needed a win as much as the raiders who were playing their final game in Oakland. They've really opener really yes. Yes you build a stadium in Vegas. You believe that's going to see that Sally and they won Tony. They'd be the hated rival. Denver now psychologically how important was getting this this win for Jon Gruden and the Still Oakland Raiders. I think it was an enormous when absolutely enormous the raiders are able to say that Antonio Brown is behind us now. Jon Gruden is able to say we're going to focus on what we have here all the raiders in the post game which I did see this morning because I didn't stay stay up for that. They said the right thing said we love Antonio Brown and we wish him a lot of luck. I don't know if they meant it. I wouldn't have said you know maybe they meant. It wouldn't day or now to set career. I hated Tonio Brown able to move. I hope he gets hit by. I was a rate hike if they lose that game last night. Antonio Brown sits on them like an elephant. I think so too I think it was good for the raiders to have something to focus on that sort of raises their ire the the Denver Broncos the only thing better and maybe it was the chiefs chiefs this weekend so they get started with. These hated rivals ended. This is a good thing Jon. Gruden needed something good because he looked bad and the whole organization had looked bad for a couple of weeks Tony. I don't know if they can put in Antonio Brown behind him. Back quickly understand. They're doing the best thing to try but the question is they. GotTa be thinking you know we gotta. We gotTA team here. We're not we're not just floating outer space. We're not just a piece of junk this away from the universe. Let's play quake and if grew leads men like he used to lead men. He'll be able to impress that on them. Derek Carr twenty two twenty six fifty nine no picks sixteen at one point in that game. I've ever did not and VIC FANGIO was supposed to be defensive genius. They gave up a bunch of points. You didn't look great great because he ain't got the guys he had last. Look great at your place. Of course we turn now to Antonio Brown. We can't do it without US war would yeah I want I want to Tom. Brady and bill belichick seem upbeat and optimistic about their new wide receiver when Bella Chick was asked why he was confident. Brown won't be disrupted. Bell Check said quote well. It's the same thing you guys said about Randy Moss when we brought him in unquote we'll Bonnie you confident. This will work out the same way confident. I you know we we city. Eh predict these things. I don't have any feelings about any of this stuff deeply. When I don't know the person Antonio Brown looking at it from the outside I would be confident that he would do anything for two days. In a Oh Randy Moss situations interesting Randy Moss had been not any disruption of the kind compared to this fellow when he was in Minnesota leading them once along with Chris Carter in various cast members to fifteen in one well well to be fair. What would be affair. He walked off the field early. Once or twice be fair he also if the play wasn't going to him he just SORTA received. NFL's not has publicly he didn't do that no no you didn't threaten to my knowledge to punch people in the face and fight to GM. He didn't go good. If social media were bigger deal ten or twelve years ago. Maybe he'd be on it. It's maybe he must be on it now. I mean you know the eight hundred well. No you on a few others but but the point Tony I think is we all expect him to get in line and stay in line from the time he checks out the Tom. Brady Motel the BNB that is Tom Hombre de Ville. Come live with me which seems to do mar particularly with wayward people. I'M SMARTER THAN BRADY KEEPS TABS. How does that work. You get your own key getting meals. And why. Do you think that works to Tom. Branson works well. I mean Look Antonio Brown and we both were not confident how long he's going to be there. We're not but while while he's there Tom Brady's GonNa find him. He's going to throw the ball to them. I I don't know how to read this particular circumstance but I think that it's possible. Do you know the numbers Randy Moss in his first year. He caught twenty three touchdown passes. I know that and fifteen hundred yards and fifty one one starts he had fifty touchdown passes so if he's like randy moss ability wants differently. He wants a super bowl ready. Moss was great. God does origines. They got they didn't he want. Super Bowl there. He wants to win the super bowl years like to be throwing when you could to Josh Gordon Antonio. Whoever Tom Brady's throwing throw into is fine you know why 'cause he's got six and Antonio Brown one more time. He's got zero at the moment. It's only about diva wide receivers four one thousand specifically. Let's deal with Odell Beckham Junior and the issue of wearing one hundred and nine hundred thousand dollar watch during Sunday's game the NFL today told Beckham Secombe don't wear that of course Beckham says I'm wearing watching it quote and he goes on to say that if anybody anybody else would have worn to watch if it was a twenty dollar watch. It would have been no problem. That's just my life it a if this is something else close quote told you're going to be behind the shield on on this one or are you going to be with the rebel with a cause. He had a cause. I might be behind him but he doesn't actually have a cause so let's get to the relevant quote if it ain't this. Yes it's something else. This is the complaint of a man who feels he's being persecuted unfairly. He also said he wants it to be about football not to watch that's easy. Don't wear the watch watch. Let me ask you a couple of questions about this. Watch which I don't think he should be wearing. It's one hundred ninety thousand dollar watch which nobody would want to fall on the ground with but he says says it's made out of plastic. If it's made out of plastic why would it cost one hundred and ninety thousand dollars out of bickham junior half to do this can make this easy because I think I think they were watches in the NBA Women Hockey at where any baseball not watches they wear homes just the NFL. She just says ou pass rules all the time that make these guys come off as the owners they are. We're not supposed to use that word. There's no there's has no jewelry. There's none no one can wear it that way. You're not singling out this whether it's Beckham or e pick any wide receiver other other than Larry Fitzgerald Julio Jones in the NFL. They've all got persecution complex. It seems and it's always about me. You're not that important particular when you're playing on. Why would you wear it on the field to me. I might wear for that reason. Are you a full as a football player and you hit the ground. Did where I would look to Shino Shino would say we're my watch stopped doing product. People can't stand Antonio Brown. I actually think that Odell Beckham Junior's a little bit more desperate to be noticed. They do a little bit more data to broadcast his whole life like the Truman show like Antonio Brown our friend Dion Sanders watched the steelers patriots game on Sunday night. He came him away with a pretty hot. Take Dion set on. NFL Game Day prime on NFL network. He doesn't think Ben Rothlisberger will finish this season. Let's watch I'm going to go record. Say I don't feel like big band with finish the season I think mentally physically something's something's GonNa shut down because what I saw today was a lackluster effort by the offense the Defense About coaching staff by everyone and he he seemed not engage those no big playability no running game nothing ever got going offensively and he seemed this interested and we've all heard murmurs murmurs of big. Dan saying I would like to retire the way they played today a couple more of those games. I think that would have first of all. Let me let me compliment Dion velour clam shell of Chair there and then let me ask you. Are you going to be with Dion and this one because you love officer I do. I know a little bit about how Dion Works Tian can have a hot tape with the I've not just a guy who only sits in that chair and done open his cell phone. Okay what what what intrigues me about. This is this was this was so well thought out and this was so thoughtful dion take and this is detailed and this leads me to believe that one hundred homework on one to one hundred dollars because what do you guys been is playing. It's only one game in one game in if he's right right. God bless him into one gang million credit for this from me. Even if Ben Retired right at the end of this own other no gotta be my eyes I know he said admits all in midseason. It just makes me think about the Pittsburgh steelers who are not accustomed to seeing look like the dogs that they looked like on Sunday night and it's like Uh. Is there something else going on with them. What did you think I I would be amazed. I would give all credit to the amazed office. Burger has made a career. We're out of saying things like I'm going to retire so people will give him more money and love him. He loves to be bathed in that soft light of reflection of his own greatness. I cannot see him. Retiring in the Middle Butterfield happened. If we know who let's take a break coming off Lamar Jackson and Jack Prescott both had used wink one who's more likely to keep going and the grizzlies reportedly WANNA keep Andrea dollar against his wishes Andres. You saw that the raiders are actually gonNA play next the I've seen the stadium going up with my are you sure interruption is brought to you by Nissan Innovation that excites a toss up with Mike plays the role of Mitch Trubisky and I played the role of the regular season twelve. I only likely to keep it going Lamar Jackson or Dak Prescott so I'm tempted into say Lamar Jackson because he was great and Baltimore has turned over the entire playbook to him and he's seven one in the regular. Season is a start okay but I'm not going to say him. I'm going the other way. I'm going to Dak Prescott even though I know that this coming week Baltimore believe is hosting Arizona's so Lamar Jackson is GonNa have another big game I think but I think that Prescott has more around him. I think the cowboys are a better team then Baltimore. I think the rising tide big affects all boats. I think that Prescott will have a great year. That Prescott has maybe a hall of fame running back and maybe hall of fame receiver and a hall of fame tight end absolutely absolutely so he's got these weapons. We here's the reason why we're both saying that Prescott. We're not as familiar with the other ravens weapon hundred under present and we may be familiar all week yeah not their new often. That's right right but there's new door led by Mr Jackson. This is worth origin is good if I bought those two quarterbacks interesting to watch that next toss up both mark twice last night. which rookie would you rather have pita? Lonzo Gordon Alvarez Alvarez great bombs them. He hit one so far last night. They have not found it yet. He's got he's played seventy one major elite games. I believe which is astonished. That's right. But who did. I grow up mister met I. I'm GonNa Pick Alonzo at this point Alonzo Lonzo. He's faced major league pitching for the entire season. He's got forty seven homers in one thousand nine. Rbi He's filed shy of Aaron. Judge is rookie record. I'm I'm going to pick him. Pick your now risk Tony. He is in the center of a lineup that produced like thirty six runs into gates horrific lineup that lineup is good he may be the most unbelievable force of nature in that line of a lineup with MVP's at MVP Kansas World Series Rings. He's the guy he's so imposing at the plate. You just look at them. You're afraid of them. pitchers are afraid of them. Alvar again. Who did I grow up with Mr Mick next last one toss up. What should the grizzlies do with? Andre Iguodala play him or by him out so this actually interests because maybe there's a gentlemen's agreement in the NBA that when you get a veteran because you had to arrange a trade you're supposed to let him go but the last time I looked Memphis was an actual team in the NBA and building nicely they were building wise aims and they talk on his contract because he's a good player so my feeling is if you want to let him go fine but if you want to keep them because you value him as a mentor to young players and value him as a player it is your right a to do so the athletic is is reporting this. Tony and I understand at the grizzlies under no obligation. Just say forget just being terrific player one hundred dollars just what you want when you're building a young team which Memphis is doing you want to mentor you. WanNa go sets by example every day of existence. Here's how you ought to live so we don't have a B. We got a we got a guy who's a VP. I think of NBA Championship series but I would like to see dollar play on a team that's relevant now which would mean buying him out and letting him go elsewhere how you want to see him on the clippers. Oh that's it. I WanNa always stop us. They won. This is Lebron rights. Anthony Davis should be the Lakers number one offense option because love abroad wants to do as a playmate. What should we make a Kevin durant saying that some day some days him. I think that's a piece by a J. P mortar that name Ralphie's by the way he's a great writer Bisky twelve and five of the regular season. What's that own this year you own that. I just did as they just said. There's no there's no statute limited a EH. People have thirty six birthday Joey Vodka one time. MVP has hit the skids recently. He's gone from averaging a solid thirty home homerun for ten years hitting twelve last year fourteen this year. He's playing on a last place club in that club. The Cincinnati reds only owes him an additional one hundred twenty million dollars over the next. Oh that seems like pool hall Slann but Happy Birthday. That's a reason to have your birthday. Be Happy but what do you do. He's got to get better. They gotta to hire somebody to help you pull out of these. They're going to trade contract now. Happy Anniversary Michigan on the eight years ago the wolverines and Notre Dame combined for twenty one points in the final one twenty two of their game cap by Michigan's game winning touchdown with two seconds remaining that was before Jim Harbaugh Harbaugh's instituted. A new offense specializes in not not score a goal. What else can you say about Michigan team. That was taken to overtime last Saturday by army. Army isn't allowed to pass the ball. What do what do we think Michigan now. After armie by the way went to the nineteen thirty wing Tea Statin in Michigan going to get better. Don't they always get better under her having trails. Serbia Serbia bounced bounced from the World Cup this morning by Argentina. This'll be a big story if anyone cared about the World Cup survey was again voted most likely to beat the United States the united. I just think tend to go to overtime to beat Turkey. Everybody said Oh Serbia's going to beat them. Serbia's own coach set the United States and I quote if we meet them. May God help them really because because service now out in the United States is still playing yoke Vich Bogdonovich bowl bond be alita. I mean they joke each tomorrow morning. We in France bigger threat then Serbia well right now. He's not playing anymore. One omission the Patriots traded tomorrow his how jets for a sixth round pick back wow they must think. Ab Is there to say you don't go to the big us. Do it. Chris Hayes reports Lebron has lobbied the Lakers to make Anthony Davis the team's teams number one offensive option do believe that doesn't make sense lobby. Rajon Rondo who have the ball early will have the ball leave the broad lobby anybody threat Iraq big. PAPI threw out the first pitch insights game last night as a big deal. I thought it was hard. One reasons now healthy to go out there and throw those Kevin Durant told The Wall Street Journal that some days he hates the surface of the NBA. Does this surprise you Kevin. Two different personalities. I think he's crazy and I don't what he's a different kind of guy. I like to watch Kevin play sadly. That's not going to happen for awhile. NBA banned the headbands at tie in the back in jail headbands or call them that makes sense. I you know it must be some safety shot. No but I I would ask you is anybody in the NBA wearing a one hundred ninety thousand dollars Plastic Wotton Wadan watches. I don't think so last one. USA Men's friendly against Org- Y in Saint Louis thought he got us. We lost three nothing Mitsuko last week. This is a kid teenagers Jack the plate hope he plays in front of his home out of time trying to better than that storm. I'm Tony Kornheiser will same time tomorrow. knuckleheads you can get the T._i. podcast on the E._S._p._N. APP or Apple Pie.

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