#90 Dean Graziosi on The Secret Habits of the Ultra Successful


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Everybody welcome to impact the our goal this show and company is to introduce you to the people and ideas that will help you actually execute on your dreams. All right. Today's guests is a ridiculously successful. Real estate entrepreneur who took himself from childhood full of crippling poverty to building a Mehta, multimillion dollar empire. He got his first taste of success while he was still a teenager despite the fact that he had a learning disability didn't go to college or come from money. Instead, he started by chopping wood, rebuilding cars and knocking on thousands of doors, literally looking for homes to by by his own estimation, he isn't smarter than the average person, but he does have far better habits haven't set of allowed him to write five books become a multi time. New York Times bestselling author dominate the success business in real estate book sales charts for years and years selling well over a million copies of his books his in. Sane, work, ethic, authenticity, awe-inspiring amount of enthusiasm have not only helped him succeed in business, but they've also helped him create one of the most successful direct selling TV programs of all time. It was so successful in fact that it's generated hundreds of millions in sales and has been airing on television every day continuously for seventeen years through his amazing web content. He's also reaching millions of people online and his live events series of self to stab him as one of the foremost success coaches and real estate educators in the world. So please help me in welcoming the dedicated philanthropist who has helped feed and house. Countless people who are struggling the best selling author of millionaire success habits, dean, Graciosa. Thank you. Thank you. That guy sounded awesome. I can't wait for you to. Also, man, I wanna know like it is crazy to me growing up living in a trailer park living in a bathroom with your dad for a year. It's pretty crazy. How do you go from that while still in your teens to beginning a really in just incredible entrepeneurship journey. It's so funny even when I was sitting in the green room, waiting reading your impact theory, reading your values. It's those foundational things that got me here. I just didn't know what at that time. So if I look back at that time, I did leave in a bathroom with my dad for your straight because he had I say that quick on TV and people like, what do you mean? He lived in a bathroom and we had a house with no heat. There was no walls in it. So the bathroom was enclosed enough where we can plug in electric heater. So we drag a bed in there at night, plug in electric heater, and we lived in that bathroom for almost a year. But if I look back then my parents got married and divorced a lot, which a lot of people go through. They didn't have any money victim from places which other people go through. But I remember wanting to take care of my mom and my driver at fifteen. Now that I look back at thirteen even probably twelve with some is what my mom not to work so hard. And if I looked those things anchored me through life, like if you're running away from pain that your driver grey to use it actually feel the pain more don't ignore and live a life of of status quo or even a life of struggle because of that, in fact, let the pain sink in and let it be your driver. And then once you get a pass. Those and other things kicking that can be your motivator, which I hope we get the talk about today. But I think the main driver was taking care of my mom and I realized that at a young age I watched how much my father struggled, and he worked hard. My father was lazy, got up at six. He was busted his knuckles everyday on cars and working really hard at work too late. And he was frustrated. I was like, wow, he works hard. So that whole thing of go to school work hard has nothing to do with success. There's no correlation. I live in Phoenix honored ten degrees. I drive by those guys up on the roof, putting a black tar roof on. They've been there all day. It's five o'clock tonight. They're physically working harder than me. I think I recognize that of young age. My dad was kind of like running on a treadmill, and there were certain people in my town that just seemed happier more successful and they, they just did things just a little bit different than the norm, and it made a made an impact. So talk to me about the time that your dad saw a guy mowing your lawn for you. That was that that really. Showed the dichotomy between the the new way that you were trying to them, and then the old way that you've been brought up to think the different results. Each path really great question. So I was probably nineteen or twenty years old. And by then I had already, I was working in a collision shop at by wrecked cars, fix them and sell them. And I had my first apartment house by then I bought an old rundown house. I got it for no money down and I built. I built nine apartments in it, and I build one apartment and I live in it while I remodeled it. So I've worked on cars during the day at night. I'd work on this first department. I'd get it done and then soon as it was done and look nice rent it and I moved into the crappy one and rebuilt and I got all nine done, and I realized at a young age that at that time I was starting my real estate career, and by the time it was all rented. It was doing really well. It was cash flowing really well. My dad always working hard and born during the depression was always like, don't borrow money if you could do it yourself, don't dare hire anybody else. And I knew it was fundamentally flawed. Because it wasn't working for him. So I used to spend all day Saturdays on this apartment housing on how to monster lawn. I'd we'd wack all day and mow the lawn and one day just hit me. I said, what my dad thinks is wrong. Like doing this during this time, the seven hours of mowing I could pay the neighbor fifty bucks to do it, and I can go fixed one more car or find another piece of real estate or flip a car and sell it for a profit, and I can make maybe a couple of grand today. My our y would be monstrous. So the first time litter, the first week, the kids moan my lawn. My dad pulls in the driveway and he sees and he gets out and he goes, you're going to pay someone a mole, your lawn, this, you got bigger than your britches this zip for you. And I remember just sitting there and I hated my dad could become frontier sometime, and he got so mad at me like furiously mad. He got in his car and it was a gravel driveway, hit the guests so hard. It sprayed rocks all over my car, like dented the whole side of my car, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, and he left pissed and I remember just sitting it was really a moment in my life and I'm like, wow, his beliefs are so strong. And if you could. Do it yourself, you should do it that it's compromised him and having the ability to have more freedom have more join. I realized that that moment actually it didn't make me want to fire the kid that was more my long at anchored in the fact that, wow, this is what I need to do more of it. I think I've been on a journey. I still you probably say, well, I still on a quarterly basis. I still look through everything I do, and you know, it's like an onion, keep peeling away the onion of what you shouldn't do. And I still look like, what can I have an r. y. on what can I make several thousand dollars an hour or whatever the number is in pay someone to do it. So that was that was a big tipping point in my life because I started realizing that I didn't. I didn't have to do things that I could get a better ROI on and then it it evolved even more so into stop doing things I sucked at because the world and even school teaches, you teaches us in so many ways to to to, you know, work on our weaknesses to get stronger. And I think that's a huge flaw. I think we just get great at. We're good at. We only need to be good at one or two things. And we can make an impact on the world. How do people find those things. Well, you know, I've been doing it for so long time that I think the best way's as as archaic as this might sound is I literally will jot down. I'll tell people whether I'm in a high end mastermind where people paid one hundred grand being room, or they paid ninety bucks in Burell cells. Same people is take journal it in your phone in the notes or do it on in your journal Rana pad and write down the stuff you do on a daily basis hour by hour and then go through it and literally look the stuff as simple as a sounds look at the stuff and say is everything unless list drive me towards being a better version of myself or more wealth. But that's what you want are being a better. Dad is what I obsess on are being a family man or being more conscious being more spiritual. Like does it help God the universe or bigger version of me? And if it doesn't, should it really be something that's on my list? And if it has to be done, can someone else do it? Can I delegate it? Can I automate it or can I just eliminate it? And I literally do that practice. At least once a quarter for the last ten years because we must because sometimes we, we evolve, we change and things that used the light us up or used to be important aren't anymore. And then the other thing too is there's a balance between, you know, just making money or furthering your business and also knowing internally what your definition of successes. You know, there might be something that makes you a lot of money, but it robs your soul. So there's that balance, and I think that doesn't happen. Oh, that doesn't happen in your twenties and maybe not in your thirties, at least for me, I was just fighting to be successful in my twenties and thirties, but at this phase I wish someone would have grabbed me at twenty five and said, you're gonna make all the money you want. You'll have all the success. You want. Make sure your souls aligned with that money. And every time I don't know about you every time I lined my values, my soul, my purpose, whatever it is you want to call it with my businesses and my prophets. They always sore without having to obsess on on on the numbers. What you just said is so important and is is like driving force of my life like you. I chase money first and foremost, that was it. I wanted to get rich period. Yeah. When people when people hear their story of I had to subpoena to change the world that twenty two, I wasn't me. I just wanted to be rich because I hated being poor. I wanna take care of my mom, you I could. Could lie. So anyway, I mean, interrupt I get it and not at all. And I really hope people are hearing what you're saying because it's like everything that I say beyond like a line, the way that you generate your wealth with what you love doing is like trappings to try to point you back at that because one you'll be far more extraordinary because you care enough about invested time to get great to. It's the thing that is going to keep you going when it gets really hard is going to be that you believe in what you're doing, you're passionate about. It gives you more energy than it takes, and if you don't have that you're in real trouble. Now say that some of that though, is a bit advanced class. It's getting into like you're talking about optimizing which is so critical unless you're so early in your development like your dad peon gravel. So what I want to know is. You understand the psychology of people in their story and how they get trapped really well talked about how people can get control of that story. Talk about monitoring your thoughts where of what you're thinking being aware of the story you're telling yourself, you're right, and what stands between us and where we wanna go. Is never what we think it is. It's not the economy. It's not the president. It's not that somebody already dominated the health food industry or dominated Facebook advertising dominated TV advertising, or there's no room left. It's never that. It's always the story. We tell ourselves on why we can't achieve that. And and if I wanted to boil it down, I would just say, what is your biggest? Why? What's your biggest goal that you would love if it was a year from now? And we were sitting here, you're watching this and it was a year later, and it was the best year of your life. What would be the biggest thing that would have changed in your life from money, income, family, love, intimacy, being a better dad, mom, whatever, whatever that is. If you say to yourself, I would love that goal. Like I love to have my company doing a million dollars a year net profit, so it could have freedom for my family then just say, but and whatever that, but is is usually your story. It's like I would love my company be doing a million dollars yet, but I live in a smaller town and there's just not enough people do it or the internet, so saturated. There's no room to advertise on Facebook anymore because nobody knew brothers on whatever that story is is usually your story, and that's the result you get. And that story is the thing. The thing standing between you and your next level and and I know people are watching right now the and that's nice. You guys got money now. So it's easy. I don't have any money. I don't have a partner. I don't have any business experience. This economy is not right for what we do, and and you know where there's where there's that old saying where there's a will. There's a way if that if your story is that that's what you'll continue to get. So what I would say is if I was going to boil it down is fine with that story is now to you. You, you might be saying dean, you're saying it's a belief, it's reality, and maybe it's phase three, but reality is nothing more than our perception of a situation. Right? We all know that you've read that in value. Watched it on Tom show. Everybody said it, but maybe it's the first time you actually think about it that that reality you think is holding you back is really just the story. So there's two things I say is go find somebody else with that same story like, oh, look at your, your your evolution, where you were on your couch, no money, right? Go look at Richard Branson's story. Look at Tony Robbins story. Look at John Paul Joyo or all the amazing books everyb- I've read every book in there as a mazing that people that you've got the interview in me, but read all those stories and realize that first of all that story you have is probably lie, right? So if you can find proof like leverage that, it's lie. That's one thing, but then the one that would get me is I'm love aspiration. I love to look and say, look what you did, man. I want to get there if he did it, I can do it, but sometimes you need the pain as well. So what I like to do is I like to think. Take that story and think it's five years from now and think it's ten years now and you're still in the same exact spot you are. Now you're still worried you still have envy, still want more. You desire more. You wanna take care of your family. Want to provide more and think that that story, those two sentences is the thing holding you back. Do you really want to give that story that much power and then think it's ten years from now and that story is still done and all of a sudden it like for me, I think, am I going to let that story stop me. I brought my son with me to my stop from giving him the opportunities that I didn't. I'm not raising two children. I'm not raising entitled kids. I wanna give massive opportunity. I don't want to leave him a trust fund. I'm gonna leave him massive opportunity and train them. I'm not going to let any story get in the way of me being that debt. And if a story pops up his, I can't make baseball this week because of this. I'll change a damn story a fistfight with that story and I'll look at the pain. I'll have if I keep that story. So I love the aspirated part of this story will stop me from my new. But also like, are you gonna let that story screw around for the next five, ten fifteen years? I mean, we're, we're going to be ninety lane in bed looking up like before we know it and you want to think I squeezed all I could out of life or did I let just beliefs that other people gave me hold me back now. Let's say that they do that. They're looking back. They understand what they would have to chain. Yep, to really get there at a future point thinking, okay, this is my life. They look back to understand what they have to do to actually make that come true. They identified limiting belief. Yeah, they get the, but and then they okay, that cool. I got it. I'm owning that story unintentionally. Now how do they start writing a new story without the they're lying to themselves. So in tenth grade, I decided I wasn't going to college, wasn't that smart had dyslexia. Family didn't have money, and none of my family went to college. I just wanted out of school. So my dad owned a collision shop. It was called Paul Graciosa auto body and he never made more than thirty grand a year. I told you worked really hard, but not profitable just worked hard. So my dad said, if you're not gonna go to college, I'll make you a twenty five percent partner in the collision shop and eleventh grade if you can get out by eleven o'clock. So eleven o'clock. I start eleventh. And twelfth grade, I took like ceramic, Jim and. And an English and I was out I was at the collision shop. So in eleventh grade in this little town, I grew up of eight thousand people little town called Marburg, New York, the collision shop sign. He switched it and it became Paul and dean auto body. And unlike that was huge for me and I worked, I worked like my dad did I hustle that went there at eleven o'clock at worked every night, and my dad was like, hey, our businesses doing better because you I was better with the clients. I was better. I brought more people in hustled, so now all my friends are going off to college or going into what they do, you're not going to causing. I got this Clinton shop like I felt like a little sense of pride like I was making movement. And by then I was given my mom, some money, giving my grandmother, some money and and had this evolution. I felt good. So about two years out of high school, my dad goes through his fourth divorce and hits them really hard and hit him so hard that he checked out and he said, hey, I'm not going back to the collision shop. I'm not paying the rent. It's done. And I was like at that phase of my life, Tom, I felt I was embarrassed more than anything like, I remember that point because I was like, I'm not going to college. I own Poland, dean auto body with my dad, and it was like in my head, not realizing I'm twenty nothing. I'm like life's over. I have no money in the Bank life is just screwed. And I started telling myself that story and I lost the spark I'd had since I was about twelve since twelve. I'm like, I'm not the smart, but I'm going to do this. I'm going to do and I lost it. And I'm going to friends like, hey, if you dad or anybody know, needs car fix. I'm doing out of my garage and I know my friends like, and then all of a sudden, so this is what I'll share with you. Maybe you've had a story worse than that, or maybe a story not as bad as that, but I remember being in there and Saint myself, like, how am I doing? Tell him my self this crap. Like if I feel this way, this would be my dad and I remembered that moment. I changed his story and I started thinking to myself and it didn't happen overnight. So this is where I want to encourage you when you. The band story find a way to just reverse the whole thing. I'm like, no, no, no. Because I don't have a college degree. I'm gonna fight and I'm gonna do this because I was always small Mundy's because I have no money going to do is because my friends think I can't. I'm going to do this at all of a sudden I started changing his story not overnight, but over weeks it became my empowering story. I wasn't looking at a deficit. I'm like, screw you guys. You think I'm not going to do this because I don't have what you have. I want to show I'm gonna blow right past you whether that's a good thought or not at the time. It served me. That's not how I look at things now. But at the time it served me some of it was and I was able to reverse that story. And that story got me through just like what got you from going couch, getting change to where you've you've created is unbelievable the impact you've made on the world. But if we had the wrong story, if we had the wrong beliefs were screwed before we start, I'm glad that we went down this road because if one person watching today just says, screw this whole story and you spent the time. Make that an empowering story. Then I think the game changes forever. Do you have people that ask you like, hey, I'm rewriting my story, but it doesn't feel real. What advice you have for them. Rewriting my story and it doesn't feel real. Of course it doesn't feel real because you've been living the old story so long. All changes is all change, freaks people out whether they believe that they like change or not. And I think not only been telling yourself the story so long is when you tell yourself a bad story. We look for things. Did you ever do you ever have something bug you like everybody does and you Google, and you find all the negative stuff like, oh, my God, I got. I got cancer. I have. I have a tumor, right? It's the same thing with with our insides right. When we have a story that's holding back, we find social proof all around us at tells us it's the truth, right? You talk to your aunt who says yet, hey, listen, rich, people get to do those. He's we don't. You just play safe and all of a sudden subconsciously like, oh, maybe that's stories, right? So you have all these years of sometimes years months weeks, whatever it is, you have the story and then you only collect the data that supports the story. 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You have the trouble with your dad and his most recent divorce. Looks like everything's collapsing. You get back. It's going in the right direction. We're winning again this all and then you make a deal to sell your car flipping business. Yeah. And then that goes to hell. And in that moment, the story comes rushing back of maybe everybody does, right. Maybe I wasn't smart enough -solutely and so that in fact, you just posted this on your Instagram about how so brilliant. It was the life of an entrepreneur, and it showed this like I'm winning everything. I screwed up. Shit. I really, I'm winning again. Yeah, this week and it just like this back and forth back and forth. How did you when you thought, oh, I've overcome this. I've got the empowering story and then it all falls apart again, villain as you call it like start speaking up. How did you deal with it? The second time around was easier was harder. I think it was harder. It's harder because it was bigger because so the story just say, said, I, I, I ended up after that. I worked in that little garage. I was working on one car. My story change. I started getting power, two cards, three cards. I went to the the woman who owned the collision shop. My dad had rented for her MRs Mary lopresti. She was a great old lady elderly lady, and we became friends and she sold me the collision shop with no money down. So I bought the collision shot. My dad lost. I named it dean collision center. Take the Paul off. I was mad at my dad, so I am the dean collision center. I bought it and I started and I got enterprise rent a car count. I got Hertz rent a car count. We've been from this rinky Dink collision shop to a successful collision shop. Start buying a flip and more houses, and then in the late. Nineties. I wanted to teach people how I made money with cars. I used to wholesale cars if you ever went and traded in a car and they give you a low price, I'd run ads in the classified said, hey, if you're getting low offer, call me, I'll sell your car for you. And then I match buyers and sellers and make money. So I created a course called motive millions. And I'd watch Tony Robbins infomercials and I had no idea what I was doing. I put all the money. I had together hit credit cards, and I felt my first infomercial nineteen ninety nine, and I sold the course called motor millions and went on TV and was literally running motor millions of my education business out of the collision shop like I had three phones on the desk and that's the that's the motor millions phone and and we ramped up and I had no idea what I was doing knocked on a lot of doors and finally rolled out on TV and probably got to a ten million dollar your company, the trials and error of figuring it out right lots of mistakes because I had no idea what it was doing. And I was about three years into that, and I wanted to teach everybody real estate, and I had somebody come in an offer to buy motor million. And they, they took the company and came in like, hey, you're running like mom and pop. We're gonna turn it into a company and they blew the company up. I mean, like nine months, like as fast as you could blow a company up, they blew it up. And I remember when they're making all these changes. I remember thinking, well, I'm not that smart. These guys are smarter than me, so they're probably doing it right, even though it didn't feel right. It's a long story short, the company went belly up, but my name was attached to it and they didn't pay refunds and people who bought my courses and stuff. So I went to court and literally took back the debt, and then I over the next two years, I paid off one hundred percent of the people who had bought even though they bought through the company bought it, my bills were ridiculous, and all of a sudden cash flow shut off immediately. And I'm fighting to take back dead company like it was like I gave them a thoroughbred that was ready to grow and they broke its legs and gave it back to me. And I had a fight and pay to take it back then paid off, and I thought I was going to lose it. And and those limiting beliefs at a different level came back and said, see, you didn't go to college. You didn't study enough. You weren't smart enough to own. Ten million dollars a year company. You weren't smart enough to negotiate, right. What do you think you're doing? Get this paid off. Go back literally was saying, go back tomorrow. Go back to just real estate car business. You can make yourself three hundred grand a year. Like literally those beliefs came in all over again and I would. I would bet to say, what did it for me then was two things is I started thinking back of all the things that I went through and it was just as painful when I was broke getting my first deal done, broke living in a bathroom, broke in that garage, go into the collision shop, and I realized that it doesn't matter how many zeros are at the end or how big your is. The pain is still there. And if you have the ability to get through a death, get you a hard time get through something horrible. If you have the same ability and you'd probably agree this when your company's got you know, three zeros or nine zero or ten zeroes. It does like the stress and the worry is almost the same. If you look back, it's just you're just handling bigger problems. And I think I think. I mean, you want upgrade your life upgrade your problems, right? But but I think that's what got me through. As I literally looked back and said, well, I thought I was dead. Then I wasn't. I thought I wasn't going to make it there. I did, and I started this mantra. If I can get through this shit, I can get through anything. And I remember I just walk and I would say it off. I get through this. I can give you anything. This is my time. This is my purpose. This is my calling. I went from the worst time in my life to be in being empowered and motivated and energy. Just I took my team with me. They felt the energy, they felt the motivation, and we just blew right through to another level. It's really incredible. You have this concept of protect your confidence. I've never heard anybody say it like that before. Why is that so important? Because I think I mean in all the big decisions you've had to make along your way. Have you ever made a good decision when your confidence was down once like, can you say, I walked in my head was down your physiology change a little nervous like you just don't make good decisions when your confidence is down and and I don't think it's like either confident or not confident. I think it's like a confidence is one hundred percent for conferences, ninety five percent. We play smaller. I know with me like big opportunities. If I'm not in that like space, I'm like, guys, let's just let's hold. Let's not. I won't make smart decisions. So I think I think we have to do everything in our power to protect our confidence so that that theory of protecting your confidence has been. There's been a major thing in my head always. In fact, I have, we all have our own morning routines, not maybe not everybody, but I've a morning routine that I have to do to get me to play. I look at it as play offense for the day, not play defense with lower confidence was quick. Tried a lot of variations. And for me, it's if I immediately when I wake up, I can't check my phone. In fact, I'd put it on airplane mode and I move it. I got that from area Huffington whose amazing she's like, is your phone still by your bed, airplane mode on the other side of the room. You know. So that and then I just know so many people roll over and grab their phone. And to me, that's like Russian roulette. You put a bullet in the gun and you spin it and it's like, what? If the Email says the deal didn't happen? Numbers are down. Life's not working out like an immediately for me. It's like you open up and, and this little box is going to dictate the first couple of hours or maybe the whole day by what you see. So I've just, I just won't look at my phone when I first wake up, so, but when I first opened my eyes, this is all and I like doing things quick for me because I want to get to the gym because the only time of day I'll go, if I try to wait to the tune, it doesn't work for me. So soon as I wake up, I m mmediately try to think of something. I'm grateful for which everybody knows that and thinks about it. But I've, I play this game myself on how far can lower the bar. Meaning I try to do a gratitude journal about three years ago. And after about five weeks, I ran out of stuff to say, like I already wrote my kids and this and life. Like what I put in here, I and then I was like, wow, one hundred and fifty thousand people die. Every single day in Google. That's the number. It's like some days a week. I'm just like, I'm here. Awesome. And I, I feel that silly little thing like I'm here or or like, oh my God, the sheets feels soften. They've ever felt and a little think to myself, these sheets are really good. Like a third of the world sleeps on the on a dirt floor, and I have sheets in an amazing bed and look at the view I have. And that's enough just because the way I know is I'm just just tweeted my brain enough to be in a grateful place. It doesn't have to be this for me, and you guys might have better practices. I'm not talking about a half hour gratitude, meditation. I just need one little thing or I pick up a book if I'm reading one of the books that you have on the shelf, I'll pick and I'll just pick three sentences and read something powering and I'll get that state of mind for my brain. And then I think about one win I had the day before because I know as entrepreneurs as somebody searching for success. We never give ourselves credit. We'd never treat a friend the way we treat ourselves. It's like I know I've had days. I've gone till ten o'clock at night and go man, nothing done today. The biggest lie, like we beat ourselves up. We were like these racehorses we wouldn't even treat a racehorse that we owned as bad as we treat ourselves, right? So I wake up and I'll do a quick little gratitude and they'll say, what was one win yesterday that -ccomplish and I'm like, wow, you did do that. Yes. And then I'll think of one win. I want to do that day like what we need a million things Dante. But what's a must today, that would be a great win. And then for me that I immediately go downstairs in my house and I drink, I felt like I fed my my mind and then I want to feed my body. So for me, I've been doing same drink forever. I do apple cider, vinegar lemon MCAT, oil, scuba green powder and mix it up and down that. And then I immediately got to go to the gym. So reading the book, one of the things that I found interesting is you talk about money myths and some of the things that people believe holding them back. What are some of the major money myths that people struggle with? I think I think some of the big ones are a certain group of people. Feel like if you're making too much of it, you're taking it from somebody else. I mean, that's a big. That's a big worry. I think the other thing is that people think. Money doesn't solve problems or money. Make me a better person or money won't make me happy. And I think what, however you want to classify money. But for me, I just know this if that's a driver for you, I don't think we should drive for money. I think we should drive to be a better version of ourselves when money was no longer. A worry for me. I dove into me and I have been ignoring tucking down a lot of crap for a lot of years, and I was surface level. I looked like the guy that had it all going on my business doing good, amazing children company, thriving. I live in the right neighborhood drive the have the right friends. Anything looked great, but it was all masked and when money got out of the way I was able to find dig into me and do my own personal development and my own personal growth and really find the things that I wanted to fix. So I could become a better version because I know if I'm pointing because my sons over there, it doesn't matter what I tell him as a parent. And if your parent. You know what I'm talking about. I could teach him everything. I can give them lessons. We do Sunday meetings. I teach them lessons or he's going to become who I am. Not what I say, and I'm going to lead by example. And I want to be a better version of me and money's allowed that money has not made me. Evil or done things. It's it's allowed me to not worry about that part. So I could focus on me and simultaneously the more focused on me, the more I wanted to take my money and do better for other people. I mean, I heard somebody say once when they said money's evil said you haven't made enough and you haven't given enough away yet to see that it's not. So that kinda shifted for me as like, I just want to. I want to find tune in hone my skills for making more money than I have the ability to help more people because that's the gift I got, right. So I think I know you asked about money miss, I think I think the whole of monies evil or can't help problems or hurting other people by taking it. I just I don't believe in that as long as the by product of you, making money turns you into a better person and allows you to help more people. So if you're somebody that buys into that and you want to go on that journey than to the very title of your book, like what are the habits that you need to cultivate in your life. In order to be able to succeed at the highest level? Yeah, you know what. Everyone of your rules on impact eerie. What I read. I'm not kidding ever since that journey and starting before that mortar millions, I realized that people are searching like, and again, I digress sometimes, but everybody's in a vehicle like your your wealth creation vehicle, whether that's job, you don't like or job you do, like or business you started or business crushing businesses not doing great. You have this vehicle and when this vehicles not working, we're looking on the road of all the other shiny cars. I was like, oh, man, I tried selling stuff on Amazon. That's not working. I'm going to go in the car business, the real estate business. I'm going to go in the speaking business, the the nutrition business, and you're looking for another car to jump in. And I realized people jumped from car to car to car their whole life, looking for satiated, looking for satisfaction, looking to make more money, and I got to see it firsthand Tom because I was in the business of teaching people how to make money with real estate. And when they would call into customer service when they would. Send in for refund, or I'd see him at an event. They never said ever. I tried your real estate stuff sucks. Never. We used to send surveys to listen, go, how come you're not making money yet is the time effort, energy, deans, training sucks. One percent would pick the training sucks. And what I realized over all these years is that and the reason I wrote millionaire success habits is you could literally give someone a business on how to sell twenty dollar bills for five bucks, and they'd screwed up because of their beliefs because of the fear of rejection because the fear of selling because of the fear of marketing because other people told them they couldn't or they feel they need certain criteria. They need initials at the end of their name like they, they need all these things. And at the end of the day, what you wrote your impact theory, you call them beliefs, impact theory, beliefs. It's kind of same beliefs that are in my book, but it's also the same beliefs that are in three quarters of the books that you have. In your shelf now and then credible people you've interviewed. And I just saw that if we can give people if we can go upstream, if you can stop jumping from vehicle to vehicle, the vehicle you're in might be the right vehicle, but you don't have the right habits or the right beliefs or the right rules, whatever you wanna call it, my books habits. So I call them habits, but it's really the foundation for success. So you can overcome the obstacles. You don't let negative people in your life. Steer you in different directions. It doesn't. You know. Even people will ask me about productivity people's, how do you get so much done? How do you run a business and still coach little league in baseball and softball? And he'd do all those things. It's because of just simple success habits, like I just wrote something on this recently. I said you have to treat your decisions for productivity like binary thinking, which is exit, does black black or white, yes or no? Is this moving toward a better version of myself a wealthier version, a happier version, or is it not successful people make top? This doesn't serve that better version me. I'm not doing it right. So there's all these little rules. And I think I think, and I know this even when I met with Branson, I think people meet someone who's successful people meet you and they're like, okay, what is it like? Like there's this little like, okay, nobody's looking. On that lights up and like here it is right, and it's not the big thing. Like even when I was sailing, Brandon, I'm waiting like I wanted to say to them. So what is it? You know, but it's not what I get done. Talking them for three hours. He's got the same habits that you have the same rules that you have written down on that plaque. That's amazing. In my opinion, never the big things. It's all the little changes you can make in your life and none of them are dramatic at each level. It's like just following these little principles that have worked for so many years and you start put them in your life and all of a sudden decision start going easier. The money starts, the change. The business starts to do good. The thoughts in your head start to project a bigger future rather than than the negative. I think it's the, I think it's the build up of the habits or beliefs. Makes all the sense in the world. Right before I ask my final question, where can these guys find you online? A lot of place someone's social media. We just started putting effort. I'm Instagram and it's starting to explode. We, I've been the infomercial guy for so long. I just ignored social media, which. Silly last four months. We put effort on Instagram. We've already grown over one hundred thousand people organically growing like crazy. So if I'm in Instagram, you can get my book, deans, free book. We we offer the book. If people cover shipping and handling, we met him the the hardcover we just passed three hundred twenty thousand books on millionaire success have it's so were yes. So we're cranking books on fire, it's going viral. And if you look on Instagram, there's hundreds and hundreds of pictures. We never asked one person take a picture, so it's the message has resonated. So I'm really excited about that. That's incredible. Man. You have sold a lot of books. Yeah, it's pretty nuts. All right. So my final question, what is the impact that you want to have on the world. You know, great question. I'll make. I won't go too long, long winded. It would have been a different answer for every every phase of my life. That's interesting for sure. Would have been a different one might even ten years ago with Ben to leave a legacy for my children, which is amazing. But at this phase my life, I see what an impact impact theories, beliefs, the strategies that are in my book Brennan Bouchard so many other great books like I want to go upstream and I want to give people the tools so they can live a more abundant life. And even though it sounds vast, it's like, I think it can be easier than you think. Like the way I wrote millionaire success habits, I wanted to make it so low that goats can eat. I wanna make even though if you read one hundred books that gave you the same stuff. I was hoping to write in a way where I actually could do that for the first time. So I think more and more of the next ten years where I think you'll see as me trying to find a way to get even the people who like are opposed to personal growth, who think it's to fool. And I'm not going to go to. I'm not going to think all these dogs. I'm a realist. Like those of you watching a realist. I'm getting to you. I want to get you to. I want to convert those that don't think they could be converted so that that would be a great impact of preaching. So much being showed up Dawson. All right, guys, I'm telling you right now when you look at where he started and the mindset that he had to develop to get where he is today and just play that interview back the way that he talks is so relatable being with him before the cameras started rolling. And I'm sure long after the cameras stop rolling. He's exact same person. He is ultra relatable, he is you. And that's the entire thing that he puts out into the world is there's no difference between who he is in who you are. So what he has accomplished is about those habits of success of knowing how to get a hold of his thoughts of being aware of them of taking control, shaping his story into something that's impounding go back and listen to the part where he's talking about his dad and what went down at the car shop and how he then transforms his mindset in order to get out of that. And then again, the next time that he has a problem. Again, it's about addressing the limiting beliefs, their few people who story, I think so. Incredibly embodies exactly what you need to be doing if you want to be successful. This man is the prototype, his absurdly successful hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. It is absolutely an extraordinary tale of a normal guy who did extrordinary things by putting his mind to it, protecting his confidence, going inward, asking himself. Why? Why he's doing what he's doing to find out the real motivation so that he could align his actions to that, make sure that he had the energy to passion in the enthusiasm to carry it through. And that's one thing that he didn't say here today, but is really a hallmark of who he is. It's not about your intelligence, it's not about your education. How does he ask? Are you how much do you love what you're doing and how much can you infect other people with that enthusiasm? So go out figure out what your why is get your mind right show the enthusiasm to the world that you have and you will be shocked at the people that come around you to help you achieve what you want to achieve. All right. If you haven't already be sure to subscribe. And until next time my friends be legendary and take care everybody. Thank you so much for listening. And if this content is delivering value to you, please go to itunes Stitcher rate and review us that helps us build this community, and that is what we're all about right now, buildings community as big as we can to help as many people as we can deliver as much value as possible and you guys rating and reviewing really helps with that. All right, guys. Thank you again so much. And until next time, my friends, you legendary take care.

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