My Wife Left Me But The Pack Is Back


The. Welcome back. It's the meantime, show, featuring Lenny, the only NFL podcast, we're one of the hosts Lisa tailgate. It's what happens any backs into the fence so that highly professional intro. I am joined by a highly professional person, probably the most professional football person at ESPN. His name is not a darn Schefter. It's not Adam Schefter with numbers instead of its, Adam Schefter, and I am so delighted to have as guest, welcome to the show. Adam, thank you for this units. A pleasure to be with you nothing better to do in late July. Let's talk to me or June. So I'm happy to do it. Yeah. Luck going on right now. Adam just started. I was trying to think of when we first met, and I think it's when I used to do in person the to fantasy football show on Sunday. So I would come to Bristol, like six AM, and I recall you were the only person in the ESPN cafeteria because you were the hardest working person ESPN, most you to say, but you were working harder than me, if you were there before me, so good for you. And that's. Listen Sunday in season. I love that time. The adrenaline pumping you don't sleep much. You can't sleep much. You don't wanna sleep much and. Yeah, there aren't many people in the cafeteria at six thirty AM order. Sitting exactly before I question I wanted to ask you something that's been on my mind. A longtime does it ever bother you that will just like news tweets are called loge bombs because atom bomb like makes more sense, and it's actual pun. No, it doesn't bother me. Listen is great. But Woche that's when you know you've arrive when you become big time when there's a nickname for your new. Why have one why you said, I'll atom bombs kind of fun. Good. Atom bombs kind of farming like Adam sounds. Yeah. Atom bomb head listeners if you're if you have any ideas for things to name, Adam schefters, incredible news break, Adam's apple. I don't know. I don't think listen you're not gonna do better than atom bomb. I know. But then, you know it's already like bombs of thing, and like, if I try to make atom bomb happens, you know what it's, it's all ESPN fail. Like we could have the same thing like that's time by me. If Meena bomb if I can get a story this summer this full that's worthy of that, Monica. I'm all for I'm not too ashamed or proud, or whatever the term would be to basically ride on his cO tails and doing my limit at this point. Listen, so obviously, you're the premier news breaker in the football world. But I really love hearing your insights on players teams state of both of those things we've been doing division previews on this podcast in the lead up to training camps. You know it's that time of the year and I wanted to do the NFC north with you, because I think it's a really interesting. Division. I think it's a division where there is an in this not everyone agrees with me here. A lot of people are higher on Chicago than me. We'll get to Chicago. But I don't think there's a clear favorite in this division, so well limited, it's great division. Let me say this that we can break it down and talk about it, but I promise you that if you played it back in January, and if she knows preview you would listen to say, what are they talking about because that's the beauty of football is that, you know, we all in -ticipant it, and look forward to it and discuss it and come up with all sorts of theories about what should happen. But the truth of the matter is, is that it never never goes, according to script that's why people like the NFL so much because if we were having this conversation at this time last year we would not have been talking about the bears winning the vision. They did. And every year there are teams that surprise teams that this appoint, and that's why we get somebody coaches fired on the team. Disappoint, and that's why we get so much hype. And excitement about the teams that surprise and it'll probably be no different saying that. Yes. I think the bears are good enough to win the north. I think the Packers are good enough to win the north. I think the Vikings are good enough to win the north. Yes. And, and I think the lines are moving in the right direction, but I wouldn't view them as good as the other three right now which means that they easily could go out and win that division this. Yes. Yes, I well, I'm always one hundred percent right? About all my predictions. But no, I'm glad you agree with me. Then I think we're on the same page is kind of a three three team race. And some of these divisions a clear favourite summits. Like to in to this to me, there are three teams that I think could take it. I'm really high on Green Bay. And that's you don't do these people out of my go through the charts and kind of look at how they change and going through Green Bay looking at just like the radical redefinition of this defense and thinking through what how much is often, evolve. And that's where I wanna start with you because. Obviously, it's going to be a new Green Bay offense and it's been in the news lately. Because Aaron Rodgers gave this interview to Mike silver and animals funny because the first thing that came out of the interview before the interview came out was Aaron Rodgers is still going to improvise audible. And people were like, oh he doesn't trust. And then if you actually read the interview, he actually sounds very impressed by leflore and excited about sort of this McVeigh Shanahan derived offense and the use of misdirection and you know, pre snap motion and that kind of thing. So I actually thought Rogers came across his pretty excited about it. Listen, he should be. This is what he's wanted. He's wanted a new coach now metal floors young and he's new to it and he's gonna have to grow into it, and he knows that, and it was funny because I had met leflore podcast back at the owners meetings in March. And like you're not allowed to meet with you new players yet, even though you take over as head coach because the rules of the current boring Remo, yet you have met her in Rogers. Yeah. We, we actually met once before. I said, when was that, and I guess it was some sort of party that Matt leflore was at an LA in Iran and Attaran Rogers, and they and they had a beer together way back when before Matt leflore came out of floor and Roger Zan Rogers by then. And so these guys now get to reacquaint themselves and, and that that will help define how this Green Bay season goes, and Matt leflore comes in with some strong credentials and running head ino- in offense, and it will be imperative for him and that quarterback to get along. But again, I think Roger's vested in this because everybody knew that it seemed like the Packers want to do their own thing. Aaron Rodgers want to go his own way he got what he wanted. And so here it is. He gets new coach. He gets out -fensive my the coach who's got the history that he does that you referred to. The run a lot of bootleg a lot of play action all the stuff. You see from the Rams from the forty Niners, those sorts of offenses and, and if this offense functions like that, then Aras should be able to thrive. And you would think very happy, but again, we're going to bisect and dissect their relationship every single. Yeah he has the by. And by the way, so adamant he had Matt leflore on his podcast, the Adam Schefter podcast, which gushes described to have a dog on my podcast, so we're kinda into different dogs in my house meeting. How about that maybe like to have they'd like to be on your podcast. My wife would like to have more dogs unless I think. I can relate, I want. So busy did have I kind of want to stay on ask you because I I'm trying to figure out where we're going to give from him. You know, I mentioned obviously he comes from he's studied at the knee, someone's young as Sean McVeigh. Can you really study at his name, but he study at the what? He studied more than knee of Mike Shanahan Shanahan guy and it shows, right? Because in Tennessee, and this is what I wanna ask you about. So in Tennessee we saw. It's very different from Green Bay Green Bay ran a ton of eleven sixty five percent of time via shark football stats. They ran eleven. Leflore forty four percent of the time. And it's the three receivers guy. So they as a lot of twelve it's a lot of twenty two it's a lot of heavier sets out a mention it's a lot of play action. It's a lot of boot like I like all those things at him but the Tennessee offense was not successful. Now, you could say, well, look at to work with their so that's what I want to ask you, like I conceptually, I really like what leflore brings to the table. It's very modern. It's what all the good, many of the good offense in the NFL doing, but his track record in Tennessee was not great. So given those two things are you optimistic about what he can do with Rogers Lewis should I am? I think the metal floors got strong credentials. I still think though you do wanna see him go in and do it. And he hasn't done it as a head coach shit. Right. So I mean every single year the league hires about seven new coaches per year on average, and it's been that way for decades and so every single one of them thinks that they're hitting a home run. And maybe one or two or three. Do. And so more often than not these teams miss on their hires. Now in this particular case, again, he brings strong credentials. He brings great training. He brings a strong offensive background which you're going to need in this day and age. But, but nobody could say how that's going to work this year. Listen, I will rely on the Packers who should have done a lot of reconnaissance work, a lot of diligence here. They got rid of Mike McCarthy in season. They had weeks to research their candidates interview them and come up with the man that they felt was the best man to try to help Aaron Rodgers finish out his career in a blazer glory. This was the decision that they made with the benefit of watch a time. And you would think resources and manpower to devote to this particular topic. Now, again, you and I don't know how matter floors, and I like him, and I think he's got strong credentials. And I think he's got a real chance to succeed. But that doesn't mean he will. How do you feel? So the other thing that makes me a little anxious again. I, I just wanted to I think the Packers are gonna win the division. I'm very excited about them. But I thought they would add more skill players. I thought so we, you know, there's the free Aaron Jones movement, and that should finally come to fruition this year. We know how much they love to run, but via the beyond devante Adams, I really thought in the draft, especially after going on free agency and bolstering the defense would talk about a second. That's very exciting to me. I thought they would Atta wide receiver but they did add Jay stern burger later, I think, in the third round behind devante atom. It's. Marquess volda, scant Ling who flashed a little bit last year. I think I guess, Geronimo Alston might be the number three. Like, are you little bit nervous about the lack of talent? Well, let's keep him on that last year, they drafted three water. She vers no one they needed mentioned was more, and I don't know which of these three guys Jamaa more Marquette, Namias Grenache Browns another one that they drafted right? Last year. Jay Kuro is a guy that I think that they have some hopes for Trevor Davis's there. They've got some guys there. Now again, more often than not rookie wider. See Romay can impact and I think they felt like hey, you know, we can win now we've got bigger needs the drift and board feld away at dig. You don't wanna force anything you want to basically, take what comes to you. And in this particular case, they feel like they did that. Yeah. Listen. I agree with that, that they definitely could have gotten more help for Aaron Rogers. I'm sure he probably wanted more help. But when you look, they went Rashawn, Gary, they went L savage. They went to upgrade, a defense early on that they felt was lackluster, and we know the free agent resources that this team devoted into its defense and went and sign Preston Smith and it signed. Smith and Adrian ammos. And again, they put a lot of money into that defense, not to mention the fact that there had gyro exander and Josh Jackson coming back last year. So I think that looked like they were intent on upgrading the defense during the that's they. They devoted their resources. I like this. I mean this is defense. You're right. They finished twenty nine and TV last year. Pass defense twenty eighth raw defense twenty-third, obviously dire exander emerged as a big star when that might be a little overstating. But really, he's really good. They're excited about him. And they've invested so much in the secondary draft wise. It's finally it seems to be paying off. But you're you mentioned all of the pieces. They add added to that pass rush. It's really exciting right? 'cause they've already got Mike Daniels and Kenny Clarke upfront. But I didn't love respond. Gary Adam where they took him. I thought it was a bit of a reach given his lack of production in college, but he, there's not as much of he doesn't have to dominate the outset because of the other pieces they've ad. And they also had Kyle fach role aka Kyle sacral was good last year. I think this has a potential just tell me. Let's wrapped up the Packers. Am I over 'em like overly optimistic to think that this could be a top ten defense in the NFL? I think that's a little. Over optimistic. Yes, I think it should be a I think it should be an improved defense. It should be a better defense know again, you want to give you ten defenses right now that I think will be better than the Packers that I don't think you'd argue about. Yeah. If you probably can't variously off the buffalo, buffalo. Baltimore Houston Jacksonville. Chargers. Neagle seen Cowboys bears. Vikings. Saints Panthers Rams. I mean that right. Yes. A leading defense in their division. Listen, if they could crack the top twelve that would be great. And I do think it's a better defense improved. But I don't view them as a top defense, yet, if they wanna go prove me wrong that yeah, and I aim that was like one of my favorite signings, off season just for the value alone. They got for him. I'm very excited about the you know, obviously all hinges on where we started, which is Aaron Rodgers has to buy in to the Mettler. Listen and when you've got him, you've got a chance and he's in. He should be in the prime of career. 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Best of all, it's truly affordable. It's a truly affordable option in my listeners, get ten percent off first month just by using the discount code Lenny. So when I get started today, go to better dot com slash Lenny. Simply fill out a questionnaire to help them assess your needs and get mashed with the counselor. You'll love better help dot com slash Lenny outta my discount code is my dog's name and not fine. His surpassed me, as what are all your fort. What are all of your dogs names? Maggie is the oldest than than Ella then belly than Benny benny's. The only boy they're all labral doodles. And I have a Lennie Lennie. She that. Well, if we there you go. Podcast together. Spinoff, I love my Benny God. You're all Laverick. Are you are you allergic someone your family? No. Just my, you know, basically started accumulating them. Love them. I never would have imagined. I would have had a dog no less four dogs. We had five dogs. We lost Riley five years or so ago. And and Magyar oldest is blind completely blind. She had glaucoma luster vision about three years ago. She got liver cancer right now. She's got her thrive, as she just got over pneumonia were at the time, but she's a great dog. Great great, great dog. And so we're, we're making. We're trying to make her as comfortable and happy as possible with lots of bones and lots of human food tonight. Yelling late food as well. Okay. Well, we could talk about dogs reliance the. The different animal here. I'm gonna start throwing a bomb. I'm going to start off with a bomb here. Matthew Stafford lions can get out of his contract twenty twenty I pulled it up because I actually wasn't hadn't looked at it in a while if it looks like they can get out of it after in a couple of seasons pretty easily. How are you feeling about Matthew Stafford and his future in almo-, Matthew staffer fans? So you're bringing getting out of his contract, and I guess I would say is number one that's two years away number two, who you're bringing in number three what who's going to be better than Matthew. And I think that. Who do you got? Well, I'm in two years. What's the younger to a kid, too? Listen. He's been okay. It's been okay. This Kurd Reese scenario in which if this season unfolded in a bad way for the lines. Let's say they went four and twelve five and eleven hundred real bag year which I don't anticipate them having then all of a sudden, I think. Everything's on the table, because at that point in time you have to figure they're going to be making changes, and if they have that bad of a record and their top of the draft board and they wanna go get Justin Herbert or to a tangle vile. However, you say the name, I'm gonna have to gift, very familiar with that, flew into pronouncing it the Choubey tool, or just in Herbert or Jake from or you pick a quarterback, because they finish a poor record will then at that point eight new, you've new coach new GM may be like, there's a lot of changes that are going to happen, if they have a really bad year, and if that's the case, then yeah, maybe you go and trade, Matthew Stafford, and maybe start over the new young quarterback and maybe get back something for Matt Stafford the dolphins discussed trade last year, one point for Matthew Stafford never materialized. So. Walkabout that was like that kind of flew under the radar a little bit. The winds didn't wanna trade them. They didn't want to trade them. The dolphins were more interested in having Matthew Stafford than the lines were in dealing Matthew Stafford. And there's a reason for that. Like it's easy to say boy, I don't like Matthew step. But first of all played last year the fracture back. He played the reform like a busted thumb. He has not been surrounded by the most talent in the world. They've missed on draft picks true in other years when he was first getting started. And so to me. I don't think it's fair to blame him. I I'm a MAC. You staffer fan. I want him as the clue back in my team. But again, if they have a poor year and they make changes anything's possible MU. Yeah. Okay. Well, let's talk about you mentioned the pieces around him. And so those have changed a bit, and yes statistically a down year in just about every metric, but there's a lot of changes in this offense. That might you know, turn things around for him. So obviously bringing in Darrell battle the new. Oven coordinator. Which I I've talked about this podcast. I'm higher on him than most people. I think there's a lot of mississippians about that offense. They were very, very efficient at during several years during the Bevan Wilson era. And he's very good at tailoring offenses to the skills of the players. Yeah. So I don't think it's a preordained conclusion that they're just going to run mattresses just run run run run off. Like I actually think there's potential for more perhaps creativity than people think now carry on Johnson, I think is a very very good running back. Finished high in both DVD and success rate. I've spoken about this podcast. Usually for there's well for the coming season few changes on the offensive line. TJ Lang's out. I think they're going to finally move rag now to center. Right. Which that, I think maybe left gourd they got grand Blasco center. Wait. Trying to look at this offense. They've got a Glasgow Anna rag now blackout and a rag now a lot of now and they better win now with glass gallon rag now. That's crazy. I, I completely missed that. Wow. Okay. And then Deckers still love time. So I think there'll be some improvements. There, obviously went out and got hawk TJ Hopkinson at tight end. So. Number one. Yeah. So you know there's this, I think the offense should look, here's the thing. Here's the thing you know we knew offense coordinator there, and this is a team that forever reason never seems to be able to consistently run the football. And I think that's part of the reason you go out and hire, Darryl Bevis, look. They went out and drafted Taylor decker and Frank rag now invested in Ricky Wagner, at right tackle, and they've got carry on Johnson, who we like, got C, J Anderson, who we like, and they've got THEO Riddick and they've got zags enter. I think they want to run the football. They want to run the football trying to run the football which is something that Detroit GIS hasn't been able to do. And if they can get that done to change everything. It takes the pressure off Stafford maybe to Levy eight some of the pressure. He's under it keeps the defense off the field more often there's a lot of things that all of a sudden happen if they're able to do something that they haven't been able to do it seems like since Barry Sanders left. Do you like the defense? Like, do you think. Well, so that's invested on money. Obviously bring in Trey flowers. I think last year you saw two different Detroit defenses and some well, not completely, but you saw two different very run defense. Once they brought in snacks. Oh my God. He's so underrated at him. I still can't believe New York. Let it get away. I show that somebody actually had him on the old NFL decade team with the old deck of taming, good job, Damon Arison. Here's a guy that I think, has made it on character and really for. Forged a career where people didn't think you have when he's done a great job. And he deserves a lot of credit in a lot of props Damon Harrison Asia in Robinson, Trey flowers. They invested a lot of money, did they overpay? Yeah. I guess they did. But you know what? They're desperate for a pass rush. That didn't give them. And I guess when you look at this defense it has talent. But I guess I wanna know is where is that pressure coming from a stray flowers by himself going to be able to get that done? Where else are they getting that pressure is Christian Jones gonna bring pressure for them is to Shaun hand at the left in spot gonna bring pressure for them? And they're gonna be able to get that pressure from somebody coming off the bench. It will say there's a lot of question marks, and if you're not getting pressure. What's doing on that offense when they got? They got Glasgow rag now on the defensive line. They got a date. Does Shawn Shawn they're into rhyming their into their rations how they're making decisions in Detroit? I like the that line. And but I do not like that linebacker. I mean I have draft capital there. Right. Withdraw Davison Canard. But they haven't lived up to their draft position wanted to the guy that drift around this like Hawaii. Yeah. Yeah. I thinking that he'll unlock draw Davis or something like okay now then. I think it'll be okay, I think at work at okay. Yeah. And then the other thing I was going to say is I still have a lot of questions about the secondary. You know, they've never really figured out like a opposite sleigh. What to do there? They did. They had a Justin Coleman was very good in Seattle. He's not, you know, he's not he's not outside corner. I imagine they're gonna play him in the slot. Like he didn't Seattle. But he's not like, like if that's your fixed for the secondary. I don't think that's enough necessarily row again. Again me. No, I'm just telling you. This is the one team that we agreed on that. We don't feel like a formidable challenger. Yeah. Which means they'll probably open the season storm out of the gate and probably. Yeah. I'm just telling you. That's how things work. They opened against the cardinals. So, yeah, they could win because right away and chargers, who I think one of the best defense in the NFL who I'm very we end field Yates, and I talked about them last week. And then ooh Adam chargers eagles chiefs. Yeah. I think we're safe. Maybe that quickstart won't happen quite where we thought maybe shopping, Matthew staffer before the trade that I mean how much? You're an insider. So I got a how much do you think Patricia has there? I got some Baloch. Let's be honest. Right. He had a rough start. He had a rough start. It didn't go great last year. And. I listen, I think it should be kept on I don't think they should make any changes. I don't think they should be doing anything. I think don't have that type of instability. It's a setback for the entire organization. But, but but if they had a horrendous season this year and they struggled out of the gate and, and again, let's go back to those foreign twelve five and eleven kind of marks were there last play. It's just one of those hopeless years, I think Meena with trista any team that has one of those seasons. Anything can happen. He just don't know. You are so good at not risking old takes expose. You're, you're being very professional and careful. And I'm like going to the Super Bowl. But listen, I've learned I've done this now for thirty years. And so you learned that there aren't black and white, and I'm not an opinion. I'm not a prognosticator. I'm a reporter. So I'm not going to tell you. That the wines are gonna finish last or the Packers are gonna finish it first or that, something like that's going to happen. I mean you just it's so hard to forecast. And if you're going to discuss that in late June early, July, I'm just telling you set yourself up to look foolish because that's why the league is so compelling every year because they're our own expected to look, what is it five teams have reached a plus every year for the last two decades that didn't reach before? So if you take a look at last year's plan, just knock five teams out, go do that. You can do is look at the players and say kind of how we feel about the units. And I think there's a lot of there's potential to think this offense could be better based on some of the talent they've added there there's potential in this defensive line. I look at this secondary, and I am and the linebacker core. And I, I didn't mention they also added Sean Melvin. So I guess he might start Darius. It's just, you know, it's an area of concern for me. And that's fair. That's justified or we're gonna find out here when the teams go to camp, right? Yeah. Absolutely. So we're going to do mail bag, but I I we will talk about t-, so the official watch of the NBA Adams NBA reporter guys seat sport athlete. Agency each then you gotta really drop an atom. That's, that's when your that's when yeah we're gonna musette. I'm not trying to step on terrain, but I would love to get one NBA store just to kinda just shake things up little. No. He the only sheriff in town. I would love that if you're listening on Adam, your NBA news, each one of those time visas delivers quality performance, and traditional luxury, the krona excel is great watch for those looking for a sporty krona graph with Swiss technology at an unbeatable price or the t-, so PR, one hundred family of watches brings together sporty feminine. Details for collection. That is bold, romantic ideal for the modern woman shop tea, so at US dot T. So shop dot com and it select watch in jewelry stores nationwide. All right. Hit question question. Lenny for your thoughts. Now it's time for the mail bag, which is brought to you by T so t so the official watch of the NBA shop. Whoa. Showed up there and a lot of people system. Nice things about him doing that with the NFL watch come on selling nobody's calling me to make any watch appearances. Okay. So as always if you guys leave a review on the I tunes page for the meantime show, you should also leave nice reviews for the Adam Schefter podcasts, we will answer the I will ask the question. I can't speak Adam Schefter, as to be nice squad team six. Adam asks, should I keep my saints season tickets after next season? Or do you see them to gliding? Okay. So we. The saints. I think he's joking. But let me let me put it this way. I actually when I did my NFC south preview. I you know, the saints are still the favorite, but to me that was another division where I felt like it was three and one where I felt like the falcons in especially the Panthers I was surprised to feel realize how much are like them after going specially some of the dishes, they made on defense my one concern about the saints. And this is what I'm gonna ask you is. Drew Brees his splits. When you looked at the end of last year, there are some. Well, me say this to you, first of all, if drew Brees is your biggest issue, then your team is in good shape saying that the splits are there and the numbers are what they are. And and, and he has not been prime drew Brees. He's been good drew Brees, which is good enough in many cases in good. Drew Brees is better than most quarterbacks anyway. But I think there is there has been a little bit of a drop off. But the good thing is he's so smart and capable. He knows what he can and can't do and Sean Payton and peace core. Michael, nobody can and can't do and they have all these other weapons that they figured out a way around it. Okay. So sure we dumped the bold Alvin, Kamara we throw the ball to Jared cook at tight end our new tight end. We throw it to Michael Thomas trae, Kwan Smith deep like you mix it up enough. You're not gonna put him in bad spots and the numbers. Yes, they do. Raise the question and get you to go. Drew Brees is your biggest concern. We're talking about the lions. And so the questions and they're writing the Packers drew Brees. Okay. We're real concerned to be from, like a top three quarterback to like a top ten point. Right. So, and yes, given all the other pieces, given the improvements on defense I'm not worried about the saints at all. I did question there another team similar to the Packers Adam where I thought the might add another wide receiver they went on to Jared cook. Instead, who I think's gonna be phenomenal in that offense? But, you know, I it's a lot sometimes to ask if Micheal Thomas. That's all who's about to become very rich. Right. So I think that they'll get that deal, if you're Michael Thomas, and you know that you're gonna get let's just say twenty two million dollars a year. Why would you take one snap at training camp without having that without having secured the bag? Yes. Oh, wow. Yeah. You sound very young. I try to try to be much younger than my fifty two years. Papi is asks field, this one out of my local law guy charges two dollars nine cents where a piece of Bach LA is that a fair price. I used to work at into moons in New York, the Middle Eastern joint to wear. We love Middle Eastern for we bring it in once once. I like Bokola it sevi-. You know that used to make it in cut it. I don't know if you've been on this bug. But yes, Tuesday nine is a fair price because of the for an individual piece, because the labor that goes into the traveling shells asks I'd like to ask you, this one for aspiring NFL nerds. What books podcast websites at cetera should be reading, listening to Adam, can you give us a under the radar perhaps recommendation for pod cash or anything websites books NFL thing me, and I have to be a company, right? Like goes into Mackey Burien field agents, the fungal Bill and, and their podcast. Right. There's lots of fancy takes on their beyond that, though, I will say this. There are a couple of people that I like to pay attention to in particular. There's a lot. I honestly very open minded to all of that. And I probably take in everybody, constantly listening, and reading, and fill material again you just. I learned to live it like that. That's just my life. And so a couple of guys that, that really stand out to me that I think that no Evan Silva. Love Evans selves, gray, his his weekly calms are awesome. Yeah. He does a great job really a big fan of his work, and a guy that's done it for a long time was a head of the John Hanson fantasy. Yeah. I think that he's sharpen and Evan Jonah. The two guys that I fall back on in addition to our people, but I really like what they do. I love it. You cited fantasy too because, you know, sometimes people think offense real football fantasy is opinionated and man today. Pay attention. And are they on top stuff? And it's just so useful. I mean when I mentioned when I first met, you I was doing the fantasy show and it's also so like for me I was nervous because I'm more of a football person than a fancy person. But it just whip all you pay attention different metrics. I love I love fantasy. And I just think that I love my. Job as it is. But when you get invested in like we've got a sixteen team league in the SPN league, which by the way you should petition. Seth Markman for a franchise go on the wait list that I'm no. You'd enjoy, like we just have Tedy Bruschi join a league this year. So it's, it's like more Scott teamed, Hasselback brothers have team. I've team Matthew berry has a teeny Riddick has team. Seth Markman has a team. He won the championship last year. I had, by the way, if I could break for a moment, although maybe more embarrassing than bragging. I had a team last year that went twelve and one what in the regular which I've never had happening. Did you pull the patriots and outscored everybody by a my team was I had a sixteen team league. I had devante atoms. Michael Thomas Tyler Boyd, how George kiddle kennel Andrew luck was my quarterback. My running back to Recode Lamar. Miller, I I'm just telling you for sixteen team league it was a really good team. And then we got to the second round of the playoffs. And I went up against it was defying bell and looked at the match ups and I'm like my my team. My guys got like the bear. They're going to get the bears defense and the Chad wars defense like just Tennessee and I'm going on and she's got like the bucket her running backs going against the buccaneers. And the giant Mike I'm doomed and I lost and I got knocked out in the semi, and it was crushing and that's fancy for. Is that in a year where my team was just great? It just it just got blown up in the postseason. Yeah, it happened. I've actually. Fantasy of I've never actually wanna fantasies a I've always, I've made it to the championship a bunch. But I'll tell you what I have not one are ESPN were league the sixteen team league. I've never wanted we have a basketball league that field Yates runs that I love and I'll just say this to you. If I could digress for a moment, I, we were playing in the basketball, I won the championship two years ago, and in this past year in late March early April whatever it was I was playing in the finals again. And I was going up against Eddie Merlet a producer, DSP and a great producer. And literally, it can't it's nine category. Have you ever played fancy basketball? I have never played it is fun. It is my God. I love it. Anyway. There are nine different categories that you have to win that your team goes up against and we were down in the final week to the single last category of the last game, any was field-goal percentage of our respective rosters and I was up by point three percent, which is a huge number going to the last day. He had lamarcus Aldridge. Go twenty thirty two from the field who takes thirty two shots. New makes twenty and that night in what was the final game of the final match up of the final game of the week. That would dictated I had three players going LeBron James DeAnne FOX and more of them Bagley deandre FOX that night shut three of sixteen from the field. Lebron kept missing shots, and the final minute of the last game Bagley in the brunt. Each missed field goal that swung the field goal percentage point. Oh, one to Eddie. Let and cost me a repeat championship, and the it was on believable. It was. So I mean, I'm just telling you, I fancy goes, they commit thirty thirty out of that. Oh man. It's amazing. How much we remember like these, I will never forget the box three or sixteen Lamarque soldiers, twenty thirty two LeBron Bagley miss, the final minute cost me. Anyway, I don't we we get sidetracked. I don't even how we wound up here. Fancy or you, you mentioned Evansville was great. He's that'll be biker. It's while he's fantastic, Jimmy from Jacksonville asks, what is your favorite open with your dog? What with my dog? Oh, no. This is my favorite opened my dog being a podcast. I usually. Having a little nod to him. I would say tells the tale has a tale last question at him and I want to hear your answer on this fear. The defense asks if Brady and Belle check retire tomorrow. What Orgainzation over the next day would take their place on how to build a contender. So my I'll give you my answer. I, I think looking at the last three years or whatever and thinking about the people in place in their approach I go with Philadelphia. I think just everything they do the way, especially in the, the things that how he is done to build that roster their off-season this year. Honestly, I really like when Indianapolis doing, but it's still a little bit too early. So I'll go with the eagles. Well, listen. What you're doing there really? That would that question is, when you break down is what young quarterback in head coach d'you combination. Who do you want leading your franchise into the future? And if you have a great, great young quarterback then you. You obviously want to compliment him with a great young head coach. And so to me, it, it just who do you believe in most as a quarterback in the league? And, and the best young quarterbacks in the league, I think right now would be Baker Mayfield. The Shawn Watson. And I think Sam darnold is gonna get there too. So you you're gonna wanna go with one of those guys. Now, I guess I also you forget the obvious you bring up the eagles and I love that because in Cleveland, Freddie kitchens, just to go over. We don't know how he's gonna fair long-term coach. We encouraging so far, but we don't know to Shawn Watson, Bill O'Brien. There's been a lot of turmoil in Houston. A lot of change to say the least, so a lot of turbulence. So you wonder how that's going to play out going forward. Whether Bill will be there long term or night. No one can say and then the jets Adam gates just got there and again, does very well working with young quarterbacks. I think he'll do great with Sam darnold. But is he common off that he's going to survive in the New York market for five to ten years? Like I mean, that that's him Bishop to say that. So you don't think those t. Even though I love those quarterbacks. But your selection of the Philadelphia Eagles, I think is a great one, because if course Wednesdays on the field, there's an if always, and he's healthy, then he's going to be a elite quarterback and they love Doug Peterson. And he's already won one Super Bowl. So that would be a combination. That would make a lot of sense. A lot of sense, right? Yeah. Right. Well in the breeding Deltec, it's coach engine. Right. So I think that's, that's the other thing for me with the eagles is like I just have such a Howie believer at right. So, okay. So even if I if Doug Peterson down the line and a few, she's gets blown out and how he Roseman survives. And it's Howie Roseman in Carson Wentz, moving forward, then you feel good about that. I had faith in that organization. They are very smart sharp shrewd organization that's usually ahead of the curve. And so that's good choices any right now to be perfectly Frank, you. Well, let's, let's talk about organization that I think a lot of people feel really good about right now in terms of the decisions, they've made over the last couple of years, both on the coaching side and on the executive side and that's Jacobo division winner. So to me, I'll just again throw bomb at the quarterback right out the gate the lie. It's not a bomb, everybody thinks on this other listeners puck thing I'm really hard, Mr. Bisky, and I don't think I am. I think he was average. But apparently, because we're talking about a team that, you know, was a potential super contender. That sounds harsh. He's very early in his career but to me he, he is the question Mark on this team. And I think that's fair. Right. Well, yes, but I would say this that you're talking about a quarterback that I believe at thirteen origin. College. Right. So and stepped in and literally was spending his very first season as you with Matt Nagy and how did that work at you say he was average I is better than that. Although I would say he was good. But he was inconsistent. That's true. And so if you take away some of that inconsistency, and you get him to be more consistent, which he should be in the second year in that system. I think he's gonna work out and keep in mind. There's a quarterback that was drafted in the same head of the Shawn Watson. I had of Patrick Mohme's, and it gives you an idea of some of his ability, and if anybody's going to bring it out of him, it's certainly going to be that coaching staff with Matt Nagy and Marquel. Fritsch and the rest of the people that are in Chicago doing their job. So again, I'm not down on Trubisky at all. I think that our work in progress. And also this Meena back when I was growing up way back when, in the eighteen hundreds quarterbacks were usually given four to five years before. Turn into the quarterback. They were somewhere along the way in the last five ten years, maybe with the spread of spread offenses in college, maybe with the way that we live in society with things just being on a fast track and people wanting instant results. I, I think people now expect their quarterbacks to be playing and performing and producing right away. Like, yeah, you're wanting to contractual right. Because you have to make a decision at a certain planning right now. They're in the window, where grades T we can spend around him. It's as great post world where that's how teams are built. But at a certain point, you get to where the Rams or poaching. Jared Goff where I mean, we already crossed that threshold with Marotta wisdom. We've talked about, I'd Ozzy him and they haven't been able to come to termination on them, which is very unique and interesting. So I think you know, entering your three is when you really start having this conversation about where he courted. Okay. Is he the guy was he worth it? Are we going to give him that big contract, even if you're right? It is a little unfair, especially given how. In his resume was coming out of college. My feeling about your busy is, again, I said average so back off people who call me a hater. I think obviously, he's an incredible athlete. We I mean he ranked like for second or third, and QBR and a lot of that is just because what he did with his legs when he was on script in Matt Nagy brilliant offense. He at times executed at perfectly, but the inconsistency it was like his passer rating. If you charted at out per game, it would look like you know, one of those EKG's where it's like seventy one hundred seventy one hundred just highs low lows, and I think from this year, you know, just given the fact that great defenses Adam are much more likely to regress your year like this defense carried him at times. And I don't know if you can count on that Roshan that changed defensive coordinators. Right. They went for Vic fan. Yeah. Forgotten how you feel about that? Well, listen, chokes really good Vic Vic, gene is. He he's, I there are a few guys that just stand in a league of their own. And I think Vic is one of them. And that's, that's no slider. Trump gone, I think is an outstanding defensive coach and his men are going to love playing. There are many men better than Chuck Pagano. There really aren't he's a great man. And I think he's a really good football coach. So they did the bears as well as they could have to replace a legendary defensive coordinator, my mind guy. That's just fantastic about fundamentals and d, you know, you remember the press conference day when all these coaches these, hey coach take over, and you get to watch them perform. And, and you see how they do Vic Fangio who I think took a long time to get a head coaching job because it was reputation of being like antisocial I don't Vic for a long time. He's not what was this? He's not Sean McVeigh in terms of social comfort, but he's a really nice man, and any, any old school. And when he got up at podium for his introductory press conference as the head coach them Broncos. I thought he nailed it. He mastered he showed what it's like to pay your dues to be around the game to know your craft and to discuss. He just looked so seasoned and so ready for this challenge. Now, we'll see how it works out in Denver. It doesn't show anything, but the point is, that's the kind of coach at the bears are losing. And there's no way that you can lose a coach like that and not feel anything and just think that everything goes on uninterrupted the complexity of that defense out him. Like that was not a simple defense and they're bringing in. Yes, they, they have most they didn't lose a ton of talent. Right. But bus screen is a downgrade from Bryce Callahan losing ageless that's going to hurt them. Now. Imagine roquan Smith with who obviously had a bit of a late start, right? He'll, he's going to be better. He's a great talent. But they were also incredibly healthy last year. Yep. Those things are it's very hard to repeat all of those things. Well, and again, that gets respect me to original point we're breaking down these teams and providing a preview and giving you what we think are the most intelligent thoughts at this point in late June, July, and the truth is nobody someone's going to record and we're gonna be no. We go to training camp. And all of a sudden, one of the starting quarterbacks for his knees missing time, racist, collarbone division turns upside down. But this, this should be a very good defense. Like, yes Akeem Hicks is one of the most underrated alignment, and all football Goldman should be better. Cleal MAC is Khalil Mack. Any trumpet Leonard floor. You know they're gonna get out of him. They've got some players in the secondary. Eddie Jackson's of toss star any Jackson. Winless under star. My guy that guy he is so good. Yeah. Yeah he can play for my team week. Yeah. No, I mean look, when you go by when you look at the chart, it's just like, wow. Okay there. There's still really good. I just it's so hard to repeat health talent, the loss of the head coach there, just a lot of uncertainty. And they're going to need to lean on Mitch Trubisky. And so for me that is can he carry them to victory? Right. Can carry this defense win, and he's into and, and we'll see. I mean like you said, the still developing quarterback, I he's shown at times, his highs have been high. He make the throws he super Affleck decision making is sometimes up and down. So I just have some question marks about them. So we'll see there. But again, you look at the roster you look at the staff you look at the team. They should be a good good football team for a while should be well, I think that will be. So careful, I think last team should be good too. And I, I am not going to talk at great length about Kirk cousins, because I have done it so much on this pug, 'cause he Adam, he frustrates me because I simultaneously think he's horribly underrated unin fairly maligned. But then he fails me in big moments. Right. And, and it's deeply frustrating because he was actually good last year. And yet, he just he, he lives up to the reputation times. And it's really frustrating again. Cheesy. Critique the Vikings and get on Kirk cousins as the contract because the contract and the guaranteed money and all that, which which he deserved. And he earned and I got no issues any of that. I think we try to criticize the Vikings. I think what we sometimes side of the fact is. They lost Tony Sperone or their offense on the eve of training camp. He passed away and just like we're talking about Vic Fangio in that mold Meena Tony soprano with that kind of offense of one coach and offensive line coaches, I think may be even more difficult to find than defensive coordinators. And when you lose a guy like that it throws everything into complete chaos. So now this off season they went out and they got Rick Denison with Gary kubiak, and Brian Perry on the broad and a bunch of former Texans slash Broncos coaches guys that I've known since nineteen ninety and the these guys have been around they understand the game. They will bring type stability and knowledge to this team that at times it didn't have, and then you get to keep gala Kevin's fancy. So you get the best of all worlds where you're mold. Adding some of the days that you had in place with the new ideas, and blocking schemes of kubiak and Denison, and again, this team that I think should be pretty good. Look. They went out and used their first round pick on Garrett bradberry, he's gonna start right away center, Riley replays, left tackle, Pat. L fine left guard jobs. That's confirmed. They're gonna move L fine to garden. I think so. I think that's will happen confirmed. That's my expectation confirm bradberry was an excellent center, perfect fit for Lubeck, Josh Klein, right guard Brian O'Neill. I think is really good, right? Yeah. Echo. That's how shapes up. And you know, on paper that should be a pretty good offensive line should can't take ours. Again. It comes back to the coaching. So if this, if this staff gets out of this line, and Dow cook his back from that SEAL another year later running the ball. Well. That makes life easier for cousins. You know, the defense is going to be good at always is. So I like this team. I team yeah. That could not run the football last year, which obviously was very frustrated to Mike Zimmer and everything they've done as you outlined us to believe that something that they want to do, but is it worth it to go out when you've given the division to the Packers. I think three teams. I think I'm actually hiring the Vikings hiring cousins, the most even despite my preamble there because I like kubiak. And I think he's a fit with him. I think kubiak instance gives young are going to kind of work. I guess hand-in-hand. Right. So I, I was reading an article Adam Vikings website and something jumped out to me, it was a quote from Kirk cousins, and I don't really see anyone talking about this. But he said, and this is, I think analytics expert or like this. He said, if you if you think I think when you look at any numbers or analytics, I've been effective when play action plays, they're being called Kirk cousins says. Correct. But then if you look across the league, and that's the case, endless department sent me a really good summary a couple of weeks ago over Memorial Day weekend showing the play action is just affective period. And you've got to call it more Holly Lucia. Guess what? The staff that they brought in. This is in that. So that makes me excited about this offense. I, I hope to see more it is what Kirk cousins does. Well, yeah. So I obviously we already we don't even into over the skill but we know that they have the of the best wide receiver does in the NFL. They editor of Smith junior, but they resigned Rudolph. They're fine about this defense. So Adam, you mentioned. They were good, but they weirdly started last season terribly. Can you explain that? And then they've refined at the end I think, but well again some of that offensive pressure. They're throwing the ball more. And again, the defense spending more time on the field then it wants and defense had some of the issues with Everson Griffen. Having take care of his issues off the field and secondary play as well as it should've. And I mean. I mean it's one of these things that just it just feeds off itself like the defense, always should be better. But again, if you throw in the ball, more and the clock stopping and putting defense on the field and they're getting frustrated because you're not run on the ball as much. We know Mike Zimmer frustrated about that. I just think that kind of infiltrates everybody so that would be one of my theories as to why it was weird started slow when it when it certainly good enough to. Yeah. To know it. I think the Grissom thing had a real like caused a lot of had a bit of a ripple effect. You know what I mean? Like oh, you lose that pass rush. Secondary suffers Yati out of but when you look at the, the names, it's like my God. There's so much talent hunters, like one of the most underrated young players in the NFL. I thought the safety Anthony Harris really emerged last year. There were you mentioned the secondary. I think that was milking wrap up at the defense here that was one of the strangest things to me is just some of the liquid Harrison Smith to Harris. Smith missing time to that injury time yet. And then, yes. So Harris, there was a few guys who miss time last year on defense. So that's definitely scenario. Trae Wayne's was out forbidden, and, of course, Mike us, right? The rookie so. Yeah, exurbia Roach played like Xavier road. Whatever reason I don't know if that was injuries or what? But he was. It was worse. It was the worst season. It was career. So, and they were shopping, Wayne's, right? I think at some point, she's a win on it seemed that people were his name emerged, quite a bit. There's a lot of discussion about him. So the talents there. Eight just at times. Very skies were injured or struggled. But I think when you just look up and down the roster. The expectation is even with loss of Sheldon Richardson, they bring extra mar Stephen expectation is that this should still be an elite defense. Listen, their teams that are just know for certain things. Right. We're talking about the Packers. And you just think that you've Arron Rogers and that somehow no matter how good Matt leflore isn't that they're going to be able to move the ball offensively? And I think when you look at this Vikings team with Mike Zimmer say coach you just expect that they're going to play good defense, no matter how good it is. It's going gonna be good. The question is how it's like eating it's always good. But the question is, how good is it going to be a great base apiece? Yeah. Exactly. That's a yeah. Last segment. But I wanna tell you guys about ZipRecruiter hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go were. Hiring is simple fast in smart, a place we're going. Businesses can connect qualified candidates that place. Ziprecruiter dot com slash Beena. Hot lenny. This one got Meena ZipRecruiter dot com slash mean. Ziprecruiter sense your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards, but they don't stop there with a powerful matching technology. Ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply to your job, as -plication come in Zip Recruiter analyzes each one in spotlights candidate. So you never miss a great match. Good are still -ffected a four out of five ZipRecruiter's who post or employers who post on ZipRecruiter with their I guess they are ZipRecruiter's, so they post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate decide within the first day. And right now, my listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ZipRecruiter dot com slash Meena. That's dot com slash M. I N A, ZipRecruiter dot com slash Amina. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. And that would sign for Dixon, dunks. I'm getting paid for this, right? Thanks dunks. Are brought to you by ZipRecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Okay. Adam, so I got four questions. The fifth is from Lenny, and I just want you to promise me, you won't lose professional respect for me. I always read it in his voice motion, people do dogs. Make people do funny. Things heard me around my dogs, you would lose respect for me to do. You have a voice for that any of them, or your wife, do, like, voice. Yeah. Okay. You don't have to show. Honestly, I can tell I can tell. My wife is in a good mood and what she's not by how she talked to the dogs. Oh, it's so true. Okay. Question. Everyone is from me. Have you ever seen a fake Adam Schefter tweet and thought for a second? You wrote it. I've never seen thought. I've written it. No. I mean, there've been some examples of so many, you know, there there's a black Adam Schefter side, and Adam Schefter site. And I think that, you know, today me actually, I woke up to the news on Twitter Twitter, semi notice that it's my tenure aniversary of being on Twitter and I was I was I was I was surprised. I was like, wow. And you start thinking about your life. Ten years ago today, I joined Twitter and you know, just a few weeks before that, yes, PIN higher may and, you know, and I had my, my daughter Dylan like six months before that. And so I had no idea how much about life for changing in the span of about a year or so that really just change things and early on. There were some imitations. There were things that showed up there, people re tweeting me, and I'm like I didn't tweet I'm like, why is this person in person, you get worked up that after like whatever I don't know eight the finest compliment, though. Right. I know it's annoying, and like initially it was initially it was, I care less right now about it, honestly, dilly. Such a cool name for girl. Thank you Braschi it, that your dog sounds like more traditional names like Maggie, and that you're human as a unconventional name. Well, it's very twenty nineteen of you. Well, try to be current here question two, yes. Carrying the bag Schefter question too. I want this. Just say, yes or no question. Okay. Did Tom Brady show signs of decline in twenty eighteen. You don't want to answer. You don't have to just, you know, first of all, I'm not a yes. No answer prochet. Now, I know. And as soon as I say, yes or no. Then all of a sudden it's like says Tom Brady is on the one. The nuance answer, then nuance answer a bait like again, I think Tom Brady, like, drew Brees, not quite the same, but ass still somebody, you'd want on your team every day of the week as answer. It's true. You're michigan. Grad, right. Oh, yeah. Okay. So I don't know. My dad went to Michigan for grad school. I lived on campus as hit. I didn't know that. Yeah. Up Michigan fan and how old were you when you lived on campus? Do you remember six and seven? You've probably about the time. I was going to school. Here's where years didn't cross paths Jimmy Johns. Gosh, I was I ninety early nineties. I was gone. I was gone on graduate, graduated eighty nine oh boy. Yeah. Boy, totally a mold and washed up me. And I gotta Michigan question for you. Would you be afraid to wrestle Jim Harbaugh? No, I wouldn't be afraid. But I would I would resign myself the fact that he would kick my ass. Terrifying. He's, he's, he's, he's a great dude is just wired differently. Yes. Why I guess that's a good way to put it. That's a really good way to put it. I'm gonna use that describe people who are who are who. Are different. I'm gonna just wired differently. I like that, as you missed, but he could beat. And even though I don't think he's like I think he's far from being the most athletic coach right? Especially college levels. But I all he could beat any of them in a wrestling match limited this to. When I went to school there, he was the quarterback of Michigan my first year there. My first two years. He was he was a really good college quarterback. Any could scramble throw. He could do a lot of things. Yeah. He is. I would venture to say a better athlete than you, probably realize now, could he do it now at age fifty three four five? Whatever is, nobody could. But I'm just telling you. He is underrated in terms of his athletic abilities and skills. Oh, yeah. He's probably one of the spares quarterbacks. Jessica speaks a little bit more to the history of quarterbacks there that no but I mean. Yeah, he you're right. I think we are at the point where he was probably underrated as an athlete when people, but now you know, he's, he's got a dad Bod, and he's got dad strength to which is a, a real thing dad's strength. What's wrong with the dad Bod nothing? If you go. Yeah. Okay. Disrespects the dead buds. I'm sure that a lot of my listeners have them. To a sinful I do not have a debt but is fired to have one someday question four. Who would you cast to play yourself in a movie? That's simple. That's an easy one, because I've actually been out to dinner. When I worked for NFL network, and all of a sudden the nature day sent over deserts to the entire table. And I said to myself. Wow. Like I didn't know people this many people were watching at work like that. That, that's a thing. Well, like that's impressive. And, and I went to thank the guy and he came over. He said, well, we loved, you include us and. Paul ride. There you go. You do look like him. I've never thought of that have you ever met him because he's a sports. He's like a baseball guy, though. Right. Dinner with him, actually. Verse rich Eisen knows him. I, I guess they're very in back when I was working for network. We're in Kansas City for Thursday night game. And I remember me, rand Paul going to pull ROY was Paul Rudd, and he's cheese fan. Right. Always use cheese fan. So we went to dinner and, and flex, and I remember bringing up, I've had people. Tell me like you know that look like you or I don't think they really cared he'd be. Okay, wasn't say you look like Adam Schefter, maybe I don't think you know, you've definitely got more Twitter followers than him. Without checking you might not, but I'm sure you, do you do the whole road is polaroid is Paul wrote. He's depowered. He's been testy that we might choice. Good one really good one. And in fact, I had I've had various people telling a girl that I that I knew back in my single days. Call me PR. There you go. We are like a really good one like that. That was very spot on. But I don't I get the singer Michelle branch on, if you remember her. She did this on everywhere, isn't one one. Retainer fame. We'll see that but you're not a one hit wonder so you've exceeded and outperform show branch. So Michelle branch should be honored to become Unicom's you say that now but you're about to go to question in dogs voice. Well, Michelle branch couldn't go into dogs voice good. She. Please retain our professional got. Tweets. I wrote my wife left me, why didn't you reply? Well, because you are one of millions that has given me that response start that. You know what I'm going to say this to you? I have no clue although I think I gained some insight last night because field Yates tweeted about his wedding, and when he tweeted about that he did a podcast and he wrote step one, get married to recap on the podcast with Matthew berry defying a bell, and my I respond to them has your wife left. You yet. Okay. Now. Now again, what I noticed is in reading through the responses, which I'm looking through right now is that they claim that some guy named Barry Barry is the one that I've seen that account. Yeah. And looked and I'm not trying to insult berry. Seems like Barry really popular sports talk, Barry. Barry. Macaca. Nour. And he's got two hundred and forty thousand followers. So clearly he somebody and. I'm sure that this, this is always got a podcast and the sounds going to be played on his podcast credit to the Munich by guest, right? Because it making a full of myself right now for not knowing you're not you're not. Okay. So I'm just telling you I wanna credit, I think I want to credit Barry McCotter. For producing something that I is just kind of spread like fungus every no, my wife left me. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Like every time I tweet so many so people say now eared but it's not everybody. Right. It's not just me right? I think it started with you. I feel like you see them in response to JR. Some of the other news breakers, but I think you were the originator of being told my wife left me. It's also the weirdest thing if we were going to the real world and explain it to people, they would be so confused. I listen, I didn't get it. But there's a lot of it. When when I tweeted at field that your wife hasn't left. You yet. A lot of people tweeted about this, Barry, dude. So it's a very funny. So I'm guessing based off that which I didn't know until my tweet to field Yates that has your wife left you that, that this guy obviously, deserves the credit for originating it. So my, my Kathy, you bury on a job well done for starting something that I have no idea what the heck I'm talking about.

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