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Joining us right now in studio another former Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer who's here on behalf heavy known as Raider or cardinal yeah well all still played in Bermuda Triangle too by the way yes it directly right exactly with common fedex acts Aaron ground and yeah boomers. GonNa move to Idaho to when he's retired right. No income tax or is there there isn't there is moving to New Hampshire Alario a lawyer. Yeah Okay live free or die. That's exactly why Fedex Aaron ground they do it every week and they will donate four thousand dollars to the USO. Every week. You can go check. Kim Out on twitter and also NFL dot com slash Fedex Carson happy to have you back here how you doing you have a panic attack yet that you're in the city or whatnot yeah. It's still early. Today's young in New York City crowds. I started looking over my shoulder. I start twitching little bit. We do too and we're here every day. So this is what happens when you play for the Bengals the rest of your life your twitching and looking over your shoulder solve a massive question. Did you watch Sam Darnold over the weekend. Okay so give me your assessment of what you saw and what you think of his performance. And where can we go from here. I think in the state of New York we have some exciting football years ahead of between those two Josh Josh Allen and Sam Darnold. I mean two quarterbacks that are coming into their own their learning they're getting better. They both don't have a ton of threats around the really having to put their offense is on their shoulders and maybe a Sam a little bit less because he's got lady on but you know no real clear cut dominant number one a bunch of kind of number twos user receiver so as they continue to build that offense around Sam you're going to see him grow and grow and grow and and with a guy like Adam Gates in the mind that atom has the schemes and the things that he can do in the easy completions that he can create for Sam. I think it's a great combination but really for the state of New York getting awash. These two guys play against each other a whole bunch launch over the next handful years. I always think I was talking to jail yesterday. I was saying you know there. There are moments in a quarterback's career that they're opportunities that present themselves where you could really set yourself up as the leader of the team and I know you had a bunch of these in Cincinnati was amazing to me. You didn't even start your rookie year in Cincinnati that that's like blows my mind when I think about what goes on in today's Today's world but you know Sam chance to do that on Sunday. He had a chance to lead his team back to try to get a win after they gave up sixteen point lead and was unable able to do it. So what do you think his mindset is now going into this game next Monday night against the browns the seasons young I mean Yeah Yeah. That was a great opportunity a great tone setter at at home season opener to rally the city behind you rally your team around you but it's not the end of the world. There's a lot of football left. It's only week one. You can get hung up on. You know you only get sixteen opportunities and that was division game and all he's still young quarterback. That's a young offense that does like. I said doesn't have a ton of threats. There's really on Salmon Sam Levy on and defenses know that they know that you know. There's not a bunch of guys that that have to back up. They can sit on routes. They can jump outs. They got to stop the run with lady on. They have have to play close the box so as the season unfolds. I think you're GONNA see the play action game really start to open up because when you don't have a clear cut dominant number one receiver you have to do things with play action in order to get him. You know get some of the receivers you have downfield over the top defenders. You lived in the diva wide receiver world. You had one of the most notorious previous ones on your team what he did. Chad Johnson Chatto True Cinco sort of really paled in comparison Cinco or judge Johnson but those guys those guys those guys meeting one guy three guys shadow Cinco Chad Johnson and Teo those was guys make a b. I mean he's in a whole new stratosphere eva and the baggage that comes with him is unlike any other. It's one thing after after another and I don't like the fit I don't like the you know adding that that kind of character to that kind of team. I don't think it's going to mesh well. I don't think it's going to jail. I think think ABC's can expect to have fourteen hundred yards and ninety seven receptions and twelve touchdowns and they. That's not how they're built. There aren't ninety seven targets for for AB in that system. You gotTA spread the ball. There's a lot of stuff underneath you know. He wants to be outside. He doesn't WanNa be in the slot and I think that's what they're gonNA. Do is use them all lacrosse routes and all the man the man creation routes that they get they run with Julia middlemen in the running with Gronk for all those years now. They're gonNA want a be inside running those routes. Ab wants to be outside. He wants to be one on one. He wants to run. Go routes and posts so I just don't like you know. I don't like the fit bit. I don't think it's going to mesh well. We're talking to Carson Palmer did Marvin Lewis. Chad Johnson just do his thing I mean what did he miss meetings that he was. He laid to practices practices around that kind of stuff. No Chad Chad showed up to work and that's the one thing that that a be used to do. Ab used to show up to work when he went what he he didn't the big money and didn't become one of the best wide receivers football things change what how where did a change frontiers perfect man that hit you. That's the line of demarcation. That's it I I think more so it's you know you you let them get away with this. You let them get away with that. Let them show up you know he doesn't make the team playing on their way to Cleveland you wonder Mike Tomlin basically pacified him and allowed him to do quotas just on Mike Tommy Mike Tomlin's bottles through but he's a coach the bosses or maybe the guy's guys going. Hey we're not paying him X. amount of dollars to be suspended. Get Him on the field. Make sure he's Davis Mindset. That's the reiter mindset say you know. I remember talking to rich Gannon about the whole raider situation out there. Now Davis like I don't really care what's going on. During the week I just want him on the field on Sunday no matter who it is and that was the whole thing about the raiders just win baby right so I'm assuming I can't imagine you know of all the teams the steelers with their history and their six super bowls in your hall of fame quarterback and you know the legacy of that franchise they would allow somebody just to run roughshod over him you know and it was so dramatic every are we there was so much drama going on between the bells hold out between all the Ab stuff for a couple of years that I was. I was thinking the same thing so I'm back on. This is the steelers I know this this isn't the Rooney family running this organization the way they've run it to all of a sudden two thousand sixteen seventeen eighteen hit and there was all that drama with Ab with lady on on and they clean they cleaned house. They got rid of it. Maybe you can put on anybody. It's always GonNa fall on Mike Tomlin as he's the head coach during during those years but they got. They got tired of it. They just got rid of it and now you don't have that explosive playmaking ability. You Got James Connor who's a good back but he's he's no lady on Bell. You got a bunch of receivers but no AB in Pittsburgh game breaking type later Schuster's finding out. You're the number one target that we gotta stop and this is where we're going to do it. You Know Jon Gruden Wall Right How do you think this whole thing played out in Oakland. They won last night which was great and I think you probably use it as motivation Vatian. Are you surprised about how it kind of unfolded in Oakland. Yeah I mean I think grooten during his Monday night days went in and was watching practice on Fridays and watching practice on Saturdays and fell in love with Ab and fell in love is he was standing on the sideline getting ready to commentate there Monday night game things out there watching Abe man. I'd I'd like to coach that guy. I'd like to give my hand that guy and create show him this and teaching. There's I think he saw that that was his call and I don't know if may I had his back on it from the get go but he had to had to accept it so. I think you know looking back. I think it was it was GRUDEN's call he wanted. AB THEIR MAC didn't Mac try to play the bad cop came out and said you're either all in your all out they went through all that and finally Mayo and got into a confrontation and whatever happened between those two maybe there was you know suppose a punch that was going to be thrown but I think I think it from me. From my perspective. It looks like Gruden wanted him there. That was his guy he wanted math to go and pay him and signed item and it didn't work out and what they did the right thing before the season got started. They got him out the door so they can start Art Carson Palmer. You talked about a punch being thrown. There was a punch that was thrown in your locker room at halftime between Ocho Cinco New Jackson explain what happened during the halftime that that class and that's the game that you got hurt in it was a it was a playoff game against the steelers. I didn't see the punch. Kimo von knocked you out me right but I was in the training room with my knee being ice and I heard commotion and there was a fight but I mean how many locker rooms were you. There's a fight between maybe not between a player player and a coach player. You've seen a lot of course oh yeah I saw. I saw two guys going at it that I thought they were going to kill each other. It was in training camp and it was out of uniform and it was in the dorms down at Wilmington College but so this this commotion that was going on what was he. He's screaming about it. Who knows who cares. I mean at the end of the day you're not. GonNa get knocked out by one chose punches right. GonNa hurt a little bit yeah but you know tempers flare. You know I think I think it was a close game. I don't remember I was like I said you got hurt. But it was close I your backup. Backup was great but yeah and and so when something like that happens and then you know. Oh that player whoever it is is back the next year and there's no repercussions from that that's kind of like what happened in Pittsburgh. Ab Gets Away with showing up late here missing this meeting and then not come into practice on Thursday and then plays on Sunday once you create that what's a snowball effect it continuously grows and grows and grows and now it's like he showed up to to who get two days of training camp and Oakland is ridiculous. I put them in a really bad spot. I can talk to you for hours and hours and hours because things keep popping into my head as I sit here and look at you but here's the one thing I do have to ask you you played for you Jackson out there no in Cincinnati as a wide receiver and I think office coordinator right. He's also the head head coach and he supposedly said he made the greatest trade in NFL history acquiring new from the bengals and that lasted a year it lasted a year and a half half a year and a half so them in college to USC so what so he knew very well and you guys so wouldn't Baker Mayfield basically went off on him the money he got fired from Cleveland issue back to Cincinnati we used surprised by any of that is just silly. I mean you know and then fell coaches changed changed teams. They go from one team from division division division. You know everything that comes out of Baker's mouth as a wildcard. He's just not maybe not after this last week what it happened at home in the home opener but I mean he just it's like he just couldn't wait to keep pushing his buttons and taking shots and taking shots and taking the shots but I got a little slice of humble pie this weekend thirty points Hangman Home Opener for sure Carson Palmer Fedex air and ground you can use the Hashtag air and ground go to NFL dot com slash Fedex each week they're going to donate four thousand dollars and support the USO get obviously a passer and a running back. I'm sure we'll see plenty of saquon Barkley on there this year. You Talk to a lot of your teammates diller because I know you've removed yourself from the football world you live in Idaho you avoid. NFL football from time to time you are you. Are you in touch because every former athlete I talked to the thing that they miss. The most is the camaraderie in the locker room. Do you still have that you just completely out of it well. I'm almost forty already now. So a lot of the guys I played with aren't in the league anymore so yeah. I'm still talking to buddies that I played with in different places that are also retired. I've got a handful I mean Larry. FISA is still playing a handful of guys still playing but I'm kind of I'm on. I'm in his age bracket guys. Are Your buddies are playing anymore. Your buddy retired but yeah I mean. I think you always miss the locker room. I think you always miss the Camaraderie the relationships that you build throughout season and go on that journey of a season and and so there is no replacing. There is no replacing that unless you go back to college join a fraternity. How the hell am I doing what you not doing. How the hell is Brady Doing Brady's how many two years older than you know. He's forty two so he's he's three years older still doing it. You know it's everybody's amazed everybody should be amazed by how dare air you is amazed by his hair great his hair to hear what hair logs or something yeah yeah now would know because he's New York giant fan or a box fan bucks man. That's why but he is okay so let me ask ask you. I have another question for you so other than doing the Fedex Aaron Brown. Are you working in Idaho these days. I'm not currently working on anything anything. You're retired a mildly retired. I've got a handful a little things. I'm doing but nothing nine to five or multiple days week a work kind of when I want to on a handful of deals another that I'm fishing and fishing fishing fishing fishing hurricane force okay that's good. There is a job that opened up. It's the the USCCA job as Lynn. Swann has resigned because what is going on at USC. It's a mess it's a mess from top to bottom. it's tough up to watch the the further. You are removed from your university. I feel like you care more after your first couple of years in the NFL. You're you know you're a Bangor. Your you know turps right there. Sure the further. You are away from it. The more you care and it's you know it's been a mess. It's been hard to watch them and hard to stomach as an alumni I think they're just cleaning house and moving on from everybody that was a part of the last decade or so and starting new because it's been a mess from top to bottom from the athletic department to academic side of everything so I I just think that it's time for a change it's time to get back some of what made us so great in years past in decades past and washing their hands of everybody that's part of the university and kind of starting over again. You get bored out. There have not yet not very happy. Looks Young Brennan looks like you got. What about the leader's head waiters on chest deep in the water are fly fishing casting ripping fish off the surface real scoop them up with a net and then throwing them in your past yeah? I'm a fishing boat guy. You GotTa have your feet on land. You gotta be in the water but you gotTa have your feet in the river on land not on the boat out there though the winters great well. Maybe it's cold. It's cold but you've got snow. You can ski can snowmobile you can hunt you can still fish in the winter and why does so fascinated with this guy went to. USC played quarterback in the NFL and he's gone to the one. St that probably Never WanNa go to in my life it makes his. Oh life their jobs terrible winters and you just winter arcadia Barbadian Their Eddie. It's amazing and by the way you know you can check out the NFL twitter page aged NFL DOT COM Fedex be part of air and Ground D. I WanNa ask you one thing about one young player who did debut this weekend and I thought it started really bad but then all of a sudden it it came on at the end and that was collar Murray in Arizona one of your former teams with cliff Kingsbury. Is that offense going to be able to make it in the NFL. You think that's has to be seen. I mean it was really bad for three quarters. It was really hard to watch and then the light went on and he I thought he looked like the first pick in the draft aft- looks like a quarterback that was the first pick in the draft that is playing on a team from the previous year they had the worst record in the NFL and then he shows you two or three drives into the game why he was the first amazing how short he looks on TV it is I mean he looks at a really a little guy out there but somehow I guess this is just natural right he does he spent he transferred his way through the ball and creates so much velocity with his lower body that he doesn't need to be six five and have a big long whip. It is a really quick. It's off his fingers. The ball is spinning and spiraling cutting through the air and he transfers his his weight and gets some momentum into the ball and from different angles and Sommese he's accuracy. He's got a touch ball. He runs for whatever he he looks like. He looks like a rookie quarterback. He'll come into his own. Season Continues Go. We know you have to go quickly kicker that we're trying to get a try out before. Were you watching the controller. I can't quit this. No no no no. This is the last guy thought he could kick kick. It's it's very very difficult right here. Now just watches lasting before you go. Can this guy make it in the NFL. Now that is a seven at the has lime green kicking shoes and a cut off t shirts okay in my my book to. He has a mullet assign him. He has a mullet he did take the red-eye from Salt Lake to get to the jets rags facility and he's standing out out there that look like an nfl and he's got a hammer. Yes sixty three yards yeah and then look at that different though when you're kicking in front of one cameraman man compared to one hundred thousand people kicking in wider goalposts into Whitewater goalposts forty four yards wide Aaron Ground Carson Palmer air and ground vote today on. I'm sure that Sammy Watkins the candidates. I'm personally I would acted. I think ACTA played an entire your complete game. He was throwing the ball all over the place accurately. His touch ball has go balls. He threw some. You know those inside a forty yard. Go balls rank really you have to be perfect and then he aired some out giant. He played the giants but I thought Dak released showed He showed what he can do. SORTA really complete game and Marlin MAC DOC in my pick for the for the Fedex ground player of the year for X. Ground Player of the week at one hundred seventy four rushing yards looked really good between the tackles has got some speed about Lamar Jackson not a band. Lamar Jackson was like seven seven. There was nobody around him. There was no safety in the middle of the field all game long. They were just letting everybody. Miami was just letting people run. Go routes just seem routes down the middle of the field with no no free safety. Maybe they want to maybe they may oh. You think he's a picnic right now. If you guess yeah I would take them not right now. I WANNA see WanNa see a handful of these other. Guys play 'cause. There's there's a couple of good quarterback coming up this show surprise Carson Palmer. Thanks for being here. We appreciate it Fedex Aaron Ground.

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