Clemson Defensive Line 360


Everybody. It's Daniel Jeremiah for move, the sticks and Bucky Brooks. And this is the Clemson Tigers defensive line three sixty pressure right in the face. Get used to it sack. Once the ball. They got four outstanding deland six to the Joe's. Nowhere actually comes pressure in east hit and Trump second out. Kansas. I balked for those that don't know about the three sixty series. It's it's where we take a deep dive usually on one individual player, although we've made an exception on this episode because it's not often you have defensive line as talented as this Clemson group all entering the draft at the exact same time. So we're gonna do a little bit of a deep dive on all the members of the Clinton defensive line today. You're going to hear from coach's family members in elementary school principal, and of course, from the Ford national champion defensive lineman themselves. All right before we get to those interviews though. But just kind of our take on these guys. And I say we start let's start with let's start with the big Dexter there. Dexter Lawrence your evaluation of him. And where you see him fitting in at the next level. You know, Dexter is a very very talented run stopping defensive tackle a guy that is ideally suited to be a nose tackle at the next level size strength athleticism. He has all those things in space. But what he really has is a unique athleticism for a guy that is three hundred and forty pounds. You just don't see guys with that big that can move like that when it comes to his Silliman's floor. I think he has the opportunity to be a guy that is a dominant nose tackle guy that really commands double teams consistently creates disruption against run and maybe as able to push the pocket a little bit. If you think about like what he could do and what he could be. I think he'd be maybe a more athletic version of what Vince we'll Ford was able to do for the New England Patriots for using years on it, meaning a big athletic, man. But a guy that really is a nice zero technique. They kinda dominates everything and Claus up the middle. One thing that's going to do is wherever he goes the guys that played behind him on that second level of the linebackers. You're gonna love him because he can eat up a lot of blocks allow those linebackers to flow and make a bunch of tackle. So your team. That's maybe a little under size, and you want to have some speed there at the second level. Somebody like Dexter Lawrence is going to help benefit those guys in what they do. I steps in day one. He's a starter. He could dominate against Iran run. He's going to push the pocket as you said as a pass rusher with maybe a little bit upside there, I think he got some development to take place. But there is some quickness that you see that could bode well for him and his future development. All right. How about Christian Wilkins Bucknell defensive lineman? Look, you just don't see guys that are this talented in athletic up front. I mean, he is one of the rare Gadsden I believe can play anywhere from a zebra technique to a nine meaning that he can play over the nose or he could kick all the way outside and be a wide defensive end. Also Pasha situations unique talent, I gotta his outstanding. I dip quickness has excellent movement scales balancing body. Control. You can see this guy being disruptive force at the next level in a movement based defense that allows him to really shoot gaps and penetrate, he has all the tools that you look for those positions. I don't think he want him to just sit to gap. I don't think you're gonna like what you get. If that's what your goal is. But put him in a gap. Let him get up field. You talk about someone in the backside in the run game with his quickness and the effort that he plays with he's gonna make a lot of plays. You trying to run away from him. And then as a pass rusher quick feet quick hands. He's Lucy can get in gaps in and be pretty disruptive there. So I'm a big fan of his I think he's one of the ten best players in this year's draft class. How about Cleveland feral here on the outside? You know, Farrell is someone that everyone is looking for that speed rusher together. Add to the defense in Farrell is I quickness bursts get been and turned the corner has great close and burst finish. But also shows a little bit ability to kind of work inside when he feels to tackle over sit. When I look at him. I look at a guy that he's going to be able to not only run around the edge to get to the quarterback. But he's going to be able to convert some of that speed into power take some guys on right down the middle. And then work inside. I like his long or move. I just think this guy has a ton of potential. I haven't graded just outside the top twenty turns of top twenty players. But I think he's a guy that could be a perennial. Ten sec artists in the right situation. Yeah. I like his game. I think it translates. Really? Well, I think we're probably in the same boat. He's my twenty first player, but what I like about him is he can do everything against the run. Let's start there. He can set the edge uses his length a real physical physical player there at the point of attacks. You don't have to worry about him and rundowns and then as a pass rusher. More power than anything else, you mentioned that long arm. He's really good with his hands. He's got the production in college to back it up against quality opponents. So you like to see that usually that translates to the next level plays extremely hard in the character as everybody's gonna learn as we go through these interviews today. The character is off the charts a pretty special young guy. Yes. Especially you guys as all of these guys. And I think that it is often neglected is Austin Bryant and Austin Brennan, a guy who was a solid starter. Gal was excellent contributor. He is not quite in the same caliber class as his three teammates. But he's someone that is certainly productive to a rolling. Tigers sniffing out. And what we know about Clemson defensive lineman. They find their way into the league. And they find a way to stick. Look. No further new wedge, Grady, Jared has been able to do doing his time with the Atlanta Falcons. Austin Brian is a guy that is a blue collar worker kind of a hard head and lunch. Bill guy physical at the point of attack hasn't been treating traits. And so it's just a matter of where does he fit in? How can jump into the rotation and give you contributions, but there's no doubt in my mind that he plays in place where longtime and league. No doubt. I go everything that you just said there, and I think he's going to be a value. I don't know where he's going to go on. I have I have in valued in that late second round range. I think he's going to be an excellent excellent pro football player who just got a little bit neglected and forgotten about in this group. And by the way, I feel like before we get to these interviews all politics to Bert Huggins, another draftable defensive lineman from Clemson. We're not doing a deep dive on Mr. Huggins today did not start for this team was a backup. But I do think he's going to be draftable player in the six or seven th round. That speaks to the overall death and talent of this Clemson group. All right. Let's leave things off here with special interview. It's a it's a first for us here on move to six because this one is with the principal of an elementary school in South Carolina. All right block. I can't be more excited than I am right now because during the three sixty series, we've got a chance to talk to teammates high school coaches, college coaches guys that have trained these players as they get ready for the combine we've talked to basketball coaches, we've talked to baseball coaches, we have yet to talk to an elementary school principal, and that is the most important role of anybody. We've talked to actually Robertson joins us right now. And Ashley you have a unique connection to one of the players on the Clemson defensive line. I'll give you the floor and let you share the story. I Dave thank you. So he came to our school James and Brown elementary in South Carolina. And he was our sub for the day. And as those who is it because there's so many Clemson defensive linemen which which Clemson defensive lineman. Did you have as a sub? Absolutely. They're all amazing. I had the one and only Christian Wilkins here. There we go. Yes. He was able to come to our school and be with our pre K kids and our kindergarten kids. And so it was very interesting to see him come in and him to be extremely scared at first and he even referenced the kindergarten cop option, and that's like, yeah. That's exactly what I was going to be like for a big guy like you in this room with little kids. But he he did outstanding. Wilkins thinking about that is so unique to have a star player who not only goes to an elementary, but really wants to be a part of the educational process having going through and his student teaching in doing that. How unique is it a have someone with his kind of accolades come to an elementary school and really want to be all when it comes to educating the kids as lightly, and it definitely was all. And when he first came in. I asked him do you want us to tell the adults in the building to kind of stay away a little bit? But you could tell from the minute he walked in the door. He was all about his job and his job was to educate children. It was not about the notoriety. It was not about doing a sub position. And being a player. It was quite clear. He was there for the children. Now, the children my kids had no idea who he was there were very few that did. And so it was it was great to see him interact as if everything was normal for them. Well, this is the question is he a bring your own lunch to school? He did that actually stood out to me because I had to find the refrigerator for him. But he brought it in a Little Brown almost like a gift bag type thing. And it had a little note on the outside. That's phenomenal. Hopefully, so to actually for you how. I guess how rewarding is it like knowing that you were Clemson grad. You have all the the grease three degrees that you earned from Clemson. You are self proclaimed self-doubt at superfan of the football team. How exciting was it for you to have one of the stars of your team in your elementary working on a your direction? So that morning when my secretary called me and said, you're never going to believe he's here. My kids in my car on the way to school were scared to death because I started yelling and screaming out so excited I got to the front office. And I told everybody in the front office. I said he's mine I'm walking. So nobody else really had a chance to do anything. And so yes alternately I was over the moon excited. But what stood out to me is importantly was his professionalism? And I know the program that Devo sends them through and it was quite evident that Devo is growing men for the real world. Not just someone playing a sport. Actually, I've got to ask, you know, haven't got your your three degrees from Clemson have been a fan of this program. What does it mean to you as a fan when you see those Clemson Tigers come running down the hill? And then I'm gonna let share. He has with the hill fan somebody. That's went to Clemson. What does that run down the hill mean to you? It's the most amazing twenty five seconds in college football. And it's something that improvements to be able to watch every home game. And it sends chills up now must find every single time. It never gets old. So as you so since you've been. No, no since since since since you've been there. I'm most let you know that I am a tarheel routes or he'll and while I was in school plan for the football team in North Carolina wheat went to Clemson. And we had a game. And I decided with just a couple of my teammates to run to the bottom of the hill prior to the game as the Tigers were beginning to rub on how was rock, and I decided that you know, today was a day to North Carolina was gonna make statement. So we wanted Clemson to run down the hill quickly to come and get this tale kicking that we had waiting for them. So as a fan, how would that make you feel would you be in your feelings? Would you feel some kind of way if you saw a tar heel four tar heel blue regard, you come and kinda wave them down and say come on and get some of this. Well, because we are traced out the nurse, and we are very kind to everybody that comes to Clemson. We will just show you how it has. And I can tell you that afternoon. They certainly showed us how it was. Right. The last question that I'll let you go. We appreciate you taking some time out of your very busy schedule. But let's fast forward. Let's say let's say fourteen years from now Kristie Wilkins decides to hang up the cleats. He said an unbelievable run. He's on his way to the pro football hall of fame, but Christian Wilkins wants to go be an educator wants to be a teacher, and he asks you for recommendation, what does that recommendation say? Absolutely all day every day all in and he can bring his. Outfit. Teaching. Yeah. They would engaging for sure. That is still great. Well, I have enjoyed this conversation Asher. Thank you so much for taking some time with us today and hopefully catch up when you down the road. Thank you so much. I appreciate it gas. All right book. It's not every day. We get chance to visit with the elementary school principal. I enjoyed talking to to a miss Ashley Robertson there. What a great insight. She offered their on Christian Wilkins. She did offer terrific insight in a think, you know, you know, we've been in draft room. So much of what we do is not only assessment what a player is on the field. But how is he often field? And how's he going to blend into the locker room? I think the anti that. She was able to give on Christian coming in doing student teaching and coming in and the seriousness that he displayed in his job. I think it makes you believe that he's going to be a solid profession when he gets an opportunity to join a pro team. And so I came away. Even more impressed with number forty two after listening to Ashley talk about him. You can't see his energy on a football field. I can imagine he would need that energy to match in elementary school classroom. I mean think about how. Let me think about how always going to face. How unusual is dead for a guy to do the stuff that he has been able to do on the field. But yet still have the time to think about one what he wanted to do in his academic pursuits what he wants to do later in life and into fulfil that while also chasing national championships. Pretty unique advised. Let's go from a principal to a coach gonna go to Gary Jordan's man, we had a chance of visit with buck who was at framingham. Highschool in Massachusetts where he had a chance to coach a young Christian Wilkins. Coach. How're you doing today? I'm doing great real quick. Just first time you met Christian Wilkins. And what was your impression? Well, I'd heard about Christian Wilkins from the youth football coaches in framingham. And. He had a he had a definitive reputation of being the nicest kid off the field, but the meanest kid on the field. And when I met him he was the nicest kid, and then when I started coaching them he was one of the meanest kids on the field. So he did his reputation. You know, coach with a guy athletic as Christian. What were some of the things that you deal with him on offense and defense when you have a chance to coach him. Well. Several things on on defense. He played he played inter tackle and defensive and and he was excellent at both as a freshman. He was the first freshman that ever started for me at framingham. And he he did equally as well on offense. Coach what was what was his other athletic background? Like, we see that big and that athletes doing the splits and all the fun stuff. He does on the side. I got imagine. He played some other sports besides football. He did. He was a really really good basketball player. Really good rebounder. He could run the court played defense. Very well. And yeah, he was he he was always he's the same same kid. He's a playful great athlete who you know. He's going to his skills are going to transition well to the NFL he's he's he's going to be an excellent pro. You know in thinking about that you described him as being one of the nicest kids off the field, but Ameen got on the field, and he's going to be corralled by a Wilkins and sex talk about watching that transition where he flips the switch as you kinda steps between the lines. Well, one of my favorite memories of Christian was when we took him away to camp. And I immediately texted him the first time we could have contact. I put him up against a two year captain kid who's going to play. Lower division one football. But a really good player. And they went one on one in Christian honest to God, he made this kid cry. That's how that's how good he what this kid literally starting my cap in two year cap and started crying after trying to go against Christian. And then another one was was a good friend of mine was the coach of an opposing team his nephew was an all conference player on offense and Christian beat him up so bad that that game. His uncle who the head coach was screaming at him telling him. He how embarrassed he was that. He was getting beat by a freshman. So, you know, Christian missions in exceptional player and great great young, man. And I'm looking forward to seeing them play in the NFL. You talked about Christian. We'll be he'll make an easy transition from college to the National Football League. Why do you believe he'll make such an easy and smooth transition to the league, he's driven? He's driven. He's a he's always had a great focus in love football. And. Any smart? He's very smart kid coach in your in your coaching career. Have you had anybody that is anywhere near what this kid is? And what this kid's going to be. Or is this a once in a generation once in a lifetime player yet? So I've been coaching over twenty years, and I can say absolutely not he is the number one kid coached. Then it's not close. I have a I do have a someone with NFL bloodline sent him coaching. Now that that I think is going to be a really really exceptional player by Christians number one. And he's number one by far coach, I can't I can't thank you enough for taking some time with us here today, we do appreciate it. Then we're looking forward to watching Christian as this journey continues for him as I know yours. Well, I am. Thank you DJ. Thank you Bucky guy. Hi buckeye. Look, you get a chance to talk to somebody. That's been around these players at a young age. Tremendous insight offered their by coach Dougherty you. Tremendous, insight, big believer. You know, coming from our background. We would talk to high school, teachers and coaches trying to get even more perspective. And so to have someone who was around Christian doing those formative years continues to just kind of cement the case. And that he is not on the topic. But he's a great AA plus person. And so love the inside that he was able to share about Christian. Yeah. It sounded like he didn't take long for him to stand out amongst his peers there in Massachusetts what a phenomenal high school player in something that carried over quite easily to the next level. What do we got next year? DJ thing that we talked about with the clips at tixx. It's not just one guy. You talk about four guys that we could talk about. So the next one we're gonna talk at all American defensive tackle. We were able to catch it with his mom. Julia Parker that is the mother of all American decks Lawrence. Can you tell us about some of the stories about him growing up? What what sports was was Dexter into in? And how was he has an athlete as a young kid? Well, I he was into baseball. And then he started like in basketball. And then his father actually got him into football. And they won the little meet championship or like, boys and Girls Club when something like that. And so then he started like football. But his passion with basketball, you think that that passion. And in that time he spent on the basketball court. I gotta believe for somebody is big and strong as he is the lettuce schism in his quickness. I'd imagine you saw that displayed on the basketball court at a young age. Oh, yes. Pretty a pretty special pretty special player there. Now, my partner here on our podcast Bucky Brooks, his father had chance to coach Dexter. He was his coach in highschool now can use can you share with us any good stories between Dexter and his coach that I can share with my co-host Bucky. So he loves Cobra. He he always come home and Cam I like coach wrote. Well, you know, his son I think dad's a little bit more likable than the sun. You know, the sun can be you know, you never know what you're going to get with him. So no, I'm just kidding. We love Duckie here. I want to go into the decision to go to Clemson. Because I understand things did not go that great. When you when you all went for your visit there, Clemson, tell us that story. So we went there. It is. Junior year. I want to say a we've we we wasted Florida state game plan against Florida play Clemson. And then after the game we got into a bad accident. We got it was like a three car accident. Somebody hit a we ended up getting somebody. Oh while and so the car was totally lows, and we drove home in a total loan car because we would you so upset we were going to sit at night. But I was like oh, no at times. He is saying like, oh, we going home. Well, you might be thinking there. Maybe this isn't the place to be then this did not end up. Well at the end of that visit. Oh, no. You coming here. What changed? So it changed because Cobb him corridas Bank that summer when he was about to become a thing. And it was like, oh, no. We gotta have YoM back here. We got an show y'all with Clemson is all about. What happened? I mean, well, we we drove up here. And so when we get back there are like, okay. Some fully different. You magin it being a better experience with all the winning and the production and the fun. It looked like that group had during his run their Clemson. I can't imagine could go much better. Yes, I'm so happy that he chose just because of the winning. Just because the overall environment. Well, I'll tell you what I I'm excited for this next chapter for your son because all the background work that I've done on on my I've got nothing but positive about him as a as a worker as a leader in is just as cold young man, and he is a dynamic football player who's going to hear his name called in the first round of the upcoming draft. And I cannot wait to see where he lands and follow his career. And I know that there will be maybe one person works cited than Dexter on draft night. And that is you and you deserve it. You done a great job raising that young, man. And we thank you so much for taking some time for us today. Thank you. I got a chance to talk with his mom is one thing. That's always special. I'll tell you. What else is great? When you get a chance to talk to the high school coach of these players, but let's take that to the next level. Because not only are we going to talk to the highschool coach for Dexter Lawrence. It's a man plucky node. Speaking does a little bit pretty well considering his father Blake Brooks. All right DJ is not often that I get a chance to call the house to talk about a prospect that we're gonna talk about on the three sixty series. However, my dad blade Brooks coach at Wake Forest high school had an opportunity to coach to Lawrence. So we're gonna bring them in and pops look this is your debut. We'll give you an opportunity to talk about decks. And I want to go all the way back to the first time that you saw Dexter walk through the halls of the school. What did you think about when you met Dexter? Well, the first time I saw Dixon villa was. Parent night in the main gym where we invite all the parents with their kids to sell out program to promote football program and when Dexter walked into the door. I said excuse me five offended about it. Blessed be the neighbor. Great. He was the biggest fourteen year old. I have ever think mass. How? And I might have emerged drink too. Over to him to make sure that offense ally, cotillion, I. That's not. You went straight to praise music. Dexter. That's fantastic. Well, the blessed drop program, really. Dead. So you told me a lot about Dexter being fourteen. But he wasn't really a football. Only guy. You talked about having to lure him away from basketball. What kind of athlete was Dexter as a young player? Decks, I had a lot of -bility a lot of jealousy and his foot were was fantastic. The thing that basketball helped him more than anything else that we just footwork, but he was fantastic basketball player. And there was a tow between playing football with us and playing AU basketball one time, he got bored with because we had him on the JV at first because we just want him to you know, where it is beat and he quit. Will he stayed home? A couple of times because he thought football was bored. So immediately region I win it got. And we bought them up the varsity because he was so dominant that no one could block it mo- JV, and we found out he was so dominant. They couldn't Voss. True story. Coach was he there at the same time as Bryce love where they were they teammates. Yeah. Bryce love. Did you have still Dexter? A don't don't hurt Bryce. Did. You have to tell him at some point in time. Hey, we need Bryce we need Bryce to be healthy Dexter practice. You gotta take it easy on Bryce will what we did. We. Are we emphasize the decks not the touch rice or the quarterback? So we didn't allow him to tackle. In about on offense, really? He was Dan goods that dog. Okay. So so so dad there there's been a lot of fascination about what Dick's could be at the next level. Clemson used him as a nose tackle primarily. Do you think he is just a nose tackle? Do you think he has the ability to do more than just be a guy that plays right over top of the center? He has a -bility to play anywhere on the defensive line. Mostly we lied to move it three they take knee. And then we will move from around dependent on the blocking scheme, but the offense we'll plan against our opponent. That's a complete anywhere on the defensive line. We even line them up on office line a couple of times during doing playoff game. Just a change of pace the play big boy football power football coach. I would imagine you had a parade of college coaches role on through there during during recruiting. What was it like during that process? I would imagine just constantly. You must have had head coaches rolling through your school. It was it was different because we never had to play of death to caliber. So he was special and a lot of a lot of head coaches came through. And he just kept a lot of things on the download. So they wouldn't be he wouldn't get distracted. And we help them through that process. But yes, when they found out about him, it was it was unbelievable. Unbelievable. And he proved Tuban urban saying that they saw in him. In fact, Clinton kind of just wanna him at the end to be a nose tackle. And but Dixon, really hasn't shown Bill to in my opinion. Because when he lives up at three techniques, he is a terrible. He wants to be great. He wants to be dominant and years he dominated every opponent that we play even though we lost a championship game with him. Dominant performances and you made everybody around him. Oh, you dad and thinking about some of the adversity or any adversity hit been anything that you can think of where you've seen Dexter have to overcome an obstacle. They versity that will make him better prepared to play and be successful in the pros. Well, I hadn't been around him much since he's been at Clemson. But. I would think do versity that I've seen that we know about it. We got her to Clemson. And it took a while for him to get back because that's the first time you've been hurt before. But he did overcoming. And that shows how hard he worked how hard he believes in his ability. So and at one point we used to talk all the time about promos aids and debts wanted to be and wanted to be empty. I agent. So I told them he'd be the biggest FBI. Well, he would. He was gonna be about. Coach last question from me. What do we have to do to get a Wake Forest high school Granada hills school never cross country? A father versus son Brooks versus Brooks. Maybe you guys can meet and Texas and we can play that game. There. We got to make this happen. Coach. BJ? I have been married forty nine years. I would not play my son against my son. Coming this house wife. I'll move over the Granada and a coach for him. He will be talk. Okay. Okay. I'll take that. Puffs? Thanks for thanks for coming on the move. The sticks podcast you're inside on deck series. Great. Thank you very much. Let me got. One thing that I do know is me and my dad adores Dexter, Dexter has really left a strong impression on him. Not only in terms of like the kind of players that he coaches in the standard eighty said on the field, but just how he was in the classroom and with others in the community. And so when we think about Dexter in his impact man, how about Clinton Farrell an impact that he has made. And so we want to kind of check in with a couple of people that norm. Really will we've talked to his older brother Sigmund feral and his high school coach Gregg lily. Sigma first question from me. Why don't you tell us a little bit about your family, the the number of siblings there for your brother? And and what it was like growing up in your household. Actual number seven is in total is nine cleaning the youngest of all of them. And he's the youngest son and grew up in a house. So it was pretty much family was pretty much on. My dad was military. I was military. My brother buying was military. My brother cleaves after he's a originally police officer. So and his mom is military. So we had the military burn growing up and had a lot of respect for the military. So that's pretty much. We kind of shows Cleveland's affection for the military. He went to Benedict team, which is the military prep school as well. So we kind of grew up having respect for the military, and and just type family. My dad always believe in looking out for each other. And and being titan and taking care of family. I I want to go back to his beginning. There isn't athlete because I understand his his early athletes ISM was displayed not on a football field. But soccer field. That's right. For sure lot of people don't know about Cleveland is actual first team sport was soccer and me and his brothers. We played basketball ran track and tennis play tennis. But my dad wanted him to have his own identity. Do something different. And it was soccer. And he was a great soccer player that young age. But it got to the point with me. And my brothers wanted him to play football. I had sons that play football. So we wanted to get him on the football field and do something different. My his mom and my dad were reluctant at worried about him getting hurt, you know, and we kinda urged them Cup pressure in them, and they finally relented get my opportunity and once he got out there. He his first game. I actually remember he was getting double team pushed to the ground and his spare little broken, and he had tears in his eyes. And I remember my father and my brother Byron I put them to the sideline. And we told him asked him what was going on. Why you tears, and you say keep pushing me to grant a double team, and we told them nobody double team because they see that you are threat. The great so use that you have just got bigger don't mean they're stronger and he went back out on that field, and he dominated the rest of that game. And that's when I knew I said, my brother right there. He he has the heart, and that's what it took. So I knew from that point on from college to high school. He was getting double team because his talent level and people fear them. And and he realized it wasn't the fact that he can make every play but given opportunities for other people to make lace. What was it like have you got a chance to be around him in the team or during his his college career? Did you notice did you pick up on the bond between this group of defensive linemen? We see all these guys entering the NFL at one time here. It's a pretty unique story. Well, you know, what it wasn't? It wasn't anything shocking to me. That's how we were raised as brothers who were knit. We look out for each other and to see him transcend Ed upon his teammates and stuff. I wasn't shocked at all he love those guys. Like like, he said there'd be at his when you'd be there. And and I think I would give props to dab. He the culture that he brought as far as family and them guys they play for each other. Pistol now in book look at he gets buried by Cleland furrow. Well, he's he is such a fun player to watch. If you were going to describe them. I'm gonna ask you to you know, we we have a scouting background here. So I'm gonna ask you is big brother here to put your scouting hat on a little bit. And tell me what what's what's to make him hidden great at the next level. He's dominant at the college level. What's gonna what's going to carry him for to making great the NFL level? It's mentality. His his his attitude. He's very humble, and he realizes at each level you start over and being addicting. I mean, he was great. But he had to earn that. And then getting to Clemson he he had to earn that. So nothing is given to him. He always earned everything you had works hard. And he plays what his team and he wants to learn and he doesn't want to let anybody down. So he's eager to get out there. I tell people he's very humble if you comes to my home, he'll sit here, and you wouldn't think he even played football. But when he put that uniform on he turns into a totally different person. He turns into a beaks, and that's just type president is he cares for everybody. And I think that that's what he's going to transcend on that locker room. I cannot wait to to watch him compete at the next level. One of my favorite players to watch in this draft class, and you learn a little bit more about these players you find out where they've how they've gotten to where. They are it sounds like you have just an amazing family. Thank your entire family for their service, by the way. It's it's an honor to speak with you. But thank you for taking the time to speak with me. I really appreciate it. Hi, buck excited to be joined by Greg Williams. Head coach at Benedictine prep there in Richmond Virginia had a chance to coach one of the talented members of this Clemson defensive line coach first of all thank you so much for taking some time for us today. And first question for me, tell me the first time you you got to see Cleveland feral, and what your impression was. I met Cleveland when he was an eighth grader he was at a middle school, and he was coming into the interview to through the admissions process to hopefully be accepted to Benedict him. And quite honestly, I remember meeting his mom more than I remember being Cleveland because his mom's very impressive lady. And and I she she was the one that brought him in. And she was in a former staff NCO in the in the army. So we got a connection through our military service. But you know, Cleveland was just a tall. Gangly awkward kind of dorky kid is an eighth grader. Thinking about him being told and gangly as an eighth grader described. The first time that you had a chance to watch him move around being in football or doing another sport. We're just watching move around a little bit when he was playing basketball eighth grader. But then also as you got into the weight room with us that summer and with his length, you did of say man, this kid's got a lot of potential, but quite honestly, the resulting in that class that would come in. And we probably thought we're going to be a little better football players. Shows you what we knew back that. So coach for those that don't know you mentioned, you touched on your military background Cleveland comes from very heavy military family, but Benedict and as a school, it's not just a traditional high school. Can you kind of explain the the environment there? We're an all boys Catholic military ace school. So we're in one of two or three in the country that are sort of set up this way, and it is a very unique format in the fact that we're all boys it allows these guys to be able to come here be themselves. Come into Vella personality, not being afraid to to sort of dream big. And you'll see Cleveland right that sometimes on his his arm band when he was planning. Clemson. We give guys the opportunity to come in here and not been frayed to fail because the social settings is really pretty easy. It's about two hundred and fifty fourteen to eighteen year old guys that become like brothers and has a military school. Honestly, it gives us a little bit of routine a little bit structure, but I was in the marines were not special forces here, it just gives us an added sense of discipline throughout the day, and and routine, and I think the guys like that structure more than anything else. It creates a little, and I think that's the thing that. Probably. Cleland remembers the most about this place is the brotherhood. I think what you know, Mr. admitted barrel were looking for was probably a little bit of that structure and routine and felt like Cleveland probably needed that thrown his high school years. Thinking about that discipline in structure because you've been around Cleveland for so long. How is he intrinsically motivated? How does he keep himself focused on dreaming bigger? Having higher aspirations without others. Kind of fueling those dreams and aspirations. I think he comes from a great family. I think he comes from a family that it's just natural for them to serve their community to serve the country to serve God. I remember visiting Cleveland and Clemson a year or two ago and his goal on their team list was to serve from those. The only two words he wrote out was to serve, and I think he learned that from his parents, I hope we were an extension of that during high school years, and I know the coaches the community the players is fellow defense alignment, Clemson. I know those guys have been a great impact on him and continued that philosophy of helping others. And I think that's been a big thing. You know, just been put into him by his family and still spent mice family. Goes we saw him at the collegiate level on the biggest stages in the in the lights were the brightest. He was at his best. You can go back and look at the Alabama game last year playing for national championship against an elite opponent, and he took his game even higher to a new level. Is there an example of him at the high school level, maybe against one of your better opponents rivalry or a moment where you saw him kind of embrace that spotlight and the challenge. His first game as a sophomore. He ended up we had played JV freshman that tells you how smart we are. And we played in one gate is first game is a software. He has three sacks and probably five tackles for a loss. So we sat there and said, I think I think we got so many pretty special here. His junior year. We're we're planning good conference. And there was a couple teams that we play that had some guys that were never d one guys, and he really stepped up in those games games against fourteen in case against liberty Christian came against woodberry forest, and it was it was good to see that. But the thing with him. I think more than anything is his day to day to approach to things his willingness to get better as willingness to be coached. I think that's Wisconsin apart from a lot of our guys, you know, our players here. But I also think is in college me wasn't the quote unquote, five star guy coming out. He was a high highly rated recruit, but he wasn't a top ten guy. And I don't think he's been one of those guys put a chip on the shoulder. I just think he gets up every day and wants to go to work. You don't go in thinking about guys that that want to go the work. He's had overcome a little bit versity in his life. Can you talk about some of the obstacles he's had to overcome to make his way to being on the verge of being a top NFL draft pick. But he he blew out going into his senior year at the we had played we'd played a one scrimmage, and quite honestly have probably take him out about twenty plays into it. Because we couldn't get a look at anybody else on fest. He's making every time. So we got him into the second scrimmage, and again guys can't get even get their hands on him. But he's chasing a quarterback down and doesn't get hit. And just pops as me blows his Neil. And so he tours ACL, and I'll never forget it. He was sitting in this office with me and with coach York, and we told him that you had torn ratio you're going to be out. You're seeing new year. And this is when you can kinda tell he was growing up a little bit, and you can see unselfishness he started crying, and my response to of course, was clearly you're going to be fine. Clemson still watch you. And you've got a great future ahead of you year to get bigger stronger faster. And he said got actually got emotional and got upset with me and said coach out care about any of that. I just. Wanted to play with my classmates. I wanted to play with my teammates. I wanted to win a state championship in my senior year for my school. And and that's what it was kind of like guys this guy really hit this guy understands football. This guy understands the meaning of being teammate and being unselfish and committing to others. And and I will tell you that was just an injury. The biggest adversity that Cleveland said to deal with his father died when he was in ninth grade here have been and I'll never forget, it is father came in with with two brothers and. Came in sat down with myself from one of our military instructors and said now, I'm I am got cancer. Again. This is the second time I've gotten it. I may not be around here for long, and you know, when I go I just need you to make sure that you push my son is much as as you possibly can that he's got a chance to be great. And we just wanted to work as hard as possibly can to achieve all of his potential, and I don't think his dad was talking about the NFL or the NBA. I just think he wanted him to be a great, man. And that was I I can't remember now I've been doing this fifteen years. I guess the only time that's happened. And it was a little humbling, obviously that we were in that position to hopefully, mold this this young man at form this young, man. It was also something I very much look forward to. But the nice thing is we're in a place here to where. There. You know, when we go to the desk fear about eight eight eight weeks later, two months later, you know, his whole JV all of his teammates were there. And and you can tell Cleveland sad. But I'll never forget the smile on his face at his father's funeral when he saw Ramon Jones, Emily campbellton in all of his teammates and his classmates from school. And that's when you just do he was a good kid. He was a kid who trusted his friends who trusted his classmates and loved being a part of the school loved being a part of the team a loved being part of a family, and it was willing to take their support and their love at work through them process. Coach you've you've given us some great insight here on your former player and last question for me. And I'll let you run again. Thank you for your time. But when you when you learn everything we've learned about a Cleland from from family members from coaches from teammates at Clemson from coaches at Clemson, I don't know coach, I we've been doing this Bucky myself and scouting for a long time scouting in the NFL. And and when you part painting a picture of a person like this not just a player, but the person I just find it hard to believe that Cleland's going to be anything. But I mean anything other than successful. I mean, he is I don't want. I hate the word can't miss it. It's it's always bad, bad luck to say that. But in your opinion, I mean, there's this kid carry any risk at all. Because I sure don't sit. From a character standpoint me you guys can do the evaluation and all those pro scouts and pros cope pro coaches to the evaluation scheduled enough to play. I know this. He's a guy. I want to be around all the time. This family are people. I want to be around all the time. He's a high character guy. If you know, if if I'm, you know, figuring out a group of guys that I wanna be around that I want competition with Cleveland's one of the first guys I want my team. And you know, I I don't know if that means he's he's good enough to have you know, to be an all pro or good enough to to have a long-term for the NFL. I know he'll be successful in whatever he does. Because he's just a high character young, man. Coach where he certainly learned a lot about character working under your tutelage. Thanks so much for joining the mood is sticks podcast. We really appreciate your contributions to the pocket. I thank you guys for having me. I appreciate it. Hey, buck. It's it continues to check all the boxes for me on feral. I mean when you talk to people that know him at the school. And now you get a chance to dig a little bit deeper into his background. You can tell military background. It's shows to everything that you see and hear about him tough discipline reliable. Dependable all those words continually come up, and when you get a chance to dig in his background. It starts all makes sense. It does make sense. I mean, you're talking about with these these guys I think the thing that stands out talk about great ape people guys who are terrific people. Great in the community. Great with the people that really have impacted them. They love positives impressions. And then when you see the tape is easy to fall in love with them failed as a guy that is easy to root for I love all the positivity about a story. And I think he's going to continue to do great things when he gets into the league. One of the people we really looking forward to to chatting with as we're doing this three sixty series focusing on these Clemson defensive lineman. I don't know there's a better one to talk to Tom Lou Bill who is ESPN recruiting lead analysts there. He's also doing these college football games each and every week at ESPN. He's been doing a long time easy. Very sharp football mind. Played the quarterback position son of a coach. I mean, he's sharp as it gets. And who would better know these kids from Clemson, not only what they did at the collegiate level, but circling all all the way back to their highschool days. Tom first of all I want to focus on these these Clemson kids these defensive linemen and go back to high school. I know obviously, Dexter Lawrence following recruiting loosely. I mean, even I was aware of who he was and how highly coveted he was what was he like high school player wall? I would make the argument in that particular class which featured Nick Bosa Ed Oliver featured Christian Wilkins a slew of defensive lineman. You could make an argument that he was the most talented of them pound for pound. But he didn't play that way each and every play is production was down because he didn't have the motor of an Oliver or a Nick Bosa. But when he turned it on he was as good as anybody in the class. And I you know, I've watched him Volve now at Clemson. And I think he's an undervalued mass Russia or pocket collapse will because of their substitution of what they did it. Pull them off the field on obvious. Passing down. So you didn't really see what he's capable of as a pass rusher. And I think it's much more than he gets credit for. Yeah. Absolutely. I mean early what his freshman running at seven sacks. And then they kind of went to the race car package. And he's out when they're in sub. But even as a pocket pusher. You've been around football a long time when you've got ED's rushers. It's nice when you take away that escape hatch. When you've got somebody that can the pocket in the middle. Yeah. You know, he's built like a to gaffer, but he runs like a one gaffer. He's got that initial first step burst that you see out geyser dramatically smaller than he is. So you know, you kind of look at it and say well could he play at the one? Yeah, he could because he can anchor the point of attack. Can you play the three technique yangs problems? We quick enough to do it. I think again, it's it's about developing that consistent motor. So you get the consistent production playing in play out with Texas. How about his teammate there in Christian Wilkins from come out of the northeast correct there? What was his was the high on him and the buzz on him as a prospect is high school? So, you know, I'm not sure if you're familiar, but we put together the Under Armour all America. Absolutely and compile the rosters. And so the level of high school football, you know, natural please not going to be what it is in the state of Georgia or Texas or California or Florida. And so we place a lot of stock on number one. Does he dominate the competition? He was planning that answer was an unequivocal. Yes. Then when we got him involved in the Under Armour all America game, and you see him throughout the week, which you glean so much more than just the game. It's just like the senior bowl for the same reasons. He was a dominant force it to possessions on the edge. And then, of course, defensive tackle. And if you if you fast forward to his freshman year any kind of played on the inside he played in the kicking game. And he was a productive contributor on a lot of areas. But when they had some injuries in they had to move some guys around his software you played almost exclusively in the defensive end spot. So I think his his versatility his passion for the game. This is one of those guys these. Ejei that loves the game of football. And I I don't think you can ever undervalue that. And I think it shows in his play. He's somebody that just talking to buddies that have gone in there on school visits and talking to people that I know around that program. I mean football character is that term that just keeps coming back to me. And it is it is off the charts with this kid always a smile on his face was the game loves the weight room rallies the troops. I mean, he checks all the boxes that you can't coach. And I think that maybe what he lacks in, you know, Ed, Oliver type athleticism. He's gonna make up for and some of those areas that are not only gonna make the team better. But they're gonna make your locker room special. Absolutely. We'll from one kid who's highly thought of in that department to another one clue them feral is another one who, you know. Just get going reports about him. Not always is a player, you can see that. But but as a kid about him in high school, I I don't remember what his what his situation was. I know he was hurtling towards ACL his senior year. So was he was he really did the radar for everybody. He was throughout the entire process. In fact, he didn't get to play in the Under Armour all American game because he tore his cell. He was one of those kids that you loved because you saw high ceiling for development. He wasn't a big bulky kid. He had length. He was all you looked at you said, oh, man, we can get this kid in the weight room than we can get him developed a we can bring him along at a reasonable pace. And that's exactly what they did. Now, in my opinion. There's one thing that he's probably always lacked in that's elite flexibility in bend. But he compensates with fantastic production. He uses his hands. He's got better functional strength than people think that he does. And I think he's got an array of moves where he can counter. So there's there's a lot of football acumen in nuance to him in my opinion because he's just a good football player. You know, sometime you're trying to put your finger on what it is. It makes it special sometimes you just back away and say, it's just a good player. He just. Makes plays. And when the lights were bright, look just look at what he did against Alabama and the to Craxi go. Yeah. And Joan Williams we now the kind of the forgotten man in this Clemson front is Austin Bryant who is a really good football player. And fortunately, just gets overshadowed by the rest of the group there. He does I kind of liken it to Albert Huggins. All the hullabaloo about Dexter Lawrence. Not being able to play in the college football playoff. Did anybody notice? I mean they today. Just fine. They were fine. It's just I think that's what makes us Clemson groups. So good is you can have a great player. Get overshadowed for two reasons. Number one other great players around him. But because of those great flares. Maybe he doesn't get the number of snaps that he would have gotten had he gone maybe somewhere else on the conference or another program outside of the conference. Yeah. Buckets. It was it was pleasure to talk to Tom. He he's dialed in on these kids. He's dialed in on a very young age. I'm sure you're crawl your paths cross with Tom all the time doing all the work. You do on the high school level. Tom was always at the events. He was always at the opening finals. So he does know these guys he knows him. Well, he is a top recruiting analysts and his perspective and insight really helps us have even greater perspective on what these guys were where they came from where they're going and how they could impact the league as Bros. We'll look the guy who has had maybe the biggest impact on these four players has been their head coach, Dabo Swinney. Listen, he's worse. Coach everyone is really excited about your defensive line. So many guys that have the opportunity to go from Christian Wilkins to Dexter Lawrence and others. What makes a group so special their commitment? I mean, they're not they're talented, but their commitment in work ethic. You know, you take great talent, plus great work ethic and character, you get a superstar. And that's what they are. I mean, they're special human beings that just happened to be great football players. They work at it. I mean, they they technically you know, grind they mentally grind. They physically grind and good. Lord. Gave him a ton of talent to go with it. Got chances to catch up coach Sweeney keys, man, he is he's quickly emerged on the mount Rushmore of college head coaches here over less over years. Nothing short of what Alabama is done. I would say that. Nobody's doing what Clemson has been able to do and they've been able to dethrone the crimson tide on two occasions. So it's it's a special group that he is built their special program. And it's great to get his insight on these kids unit is greed to get his insight on the kids. I mean to a man these kids have have really been positive and complimentary of Daboh in his impact on them. And so. Devo deserves all the kudos that he gets finale Bill and a great program, but really making sure that you develop players to right way. No-doubt great here from the coach referred for a lot of people in the past that that no these kids. Well, let's hear from these players themselves. Let's start here with the defensive ends. Let's hear from Cleveland feral and Austin Bryant. You guys are part of a powerhouse. Now. I guess Clemson is the powerhouse in college football based on to success. Did you guys at doing your careers? Cleland talk a little bit about the Clemson experience. I feel I Clemson is where there's where a college recruiting needs to be not where they so much want to be, you know, you're going to have a great time. But if you wanna go somewhere where growth is going to be the biggest thing, and you want to grow as a player man and be talents and held accountable and also habits has to win championships. Like everybody wants to do. I feel like Clemson is top from top to bottom the best school for man for Austin wise, Clemson such a special place right now. Yeah. Does echo in a lot of what Cleveland said, man. I went to Clemson indefinitely became a man, I grew more so off the field. And I did on the field. Clemson is definitely a place for kids that you know, how to write traits to be a great human being to be a great person in life, and to be honest Simpson nurtures and makes it even better. So the person that I was when I first walked on campus and the person that I was when I walked out. To totally different people more mature and just became a complete man. You're one of the things that Clemson has always been able to attract has been defensive lineman. There's a long story tradition of guys that play up front. Not only having success in Cosby going onto the league. What is it about the tradition and upholding that standard that has been created by your predecessors, man? You know, I feel like it goes back to win Mia Hamm were freshmen in shack and Kevin die where you know, the two the two guys I was up next. They had a great season. And it's like, you know, when you the next person or the next group of guys supposed to step in and uphold legacy enough. Hold standard that we have on at Clemson is like, it only takes a work ethic mindset, and it really excites you get your opportunity to do do those things. So it's a blessing to go to a school where you come from a great, you know, football DNA DNA, but you really have to push put the work in a really become the pleasure when it being opposed. Austin? Why is it that the D line continues to be so dominant de LA is a great position at Clemson. And his definitely position at likely said has been great there. They have done everything that we wanna do in the future. And I think for us when we were young guys like you said we seeing shack we've seen Kevin Dodoo it. So for us. We didn't wanna let anybody down. So that religious fuel her hall. We were gonna determination we had to be great as a whole and eventually grew into a leadership role and bringing the young guys along too. So I think that's what makes it so special is that the older guys it's their time. They pull the younger guys along. So when they finally airtime, you know, that cycle just keeps going. I mean, obviously, you guys we can talk about the guys before you put at the current moment. Like, you guys had four guys that are gonna have an opportunity to play in the National Football League, Cleveland, what was the competition like in that defensive linemen man, it only made us better. But I feel like the best thing about it. And things that a lot of people don't really take value. When his that we were closed before we stepped on the field together. So that was something that really really made us better than we. We wanted for each other. We want for ourselves, man. We could push each other limits that I couldn't really explain to you know, what I made some it was a blessing to play with these guys. Like you said we had to FIFA plays. I did because I got him and Christian decks really out there ball and doing their thing. So I'm trying to fight for, you know, just to have my own type impact on against it was used man and said come from great tradition. I'm happy that we kind of set our own legacy. And I feel like we the best route ever do at Clemson or in the history of college football. So is a blessing. Yeah. Definitely, man. And I feel I was says us apart is we're just as great people as we are players. And I think that's a combination that you don't find very often that whatever program you go to all alone the defense salon and took correction. We've got five de Llamas about to get drive it so album Huggins to but as a testament to the people that coast he brings into the program that religious keeps us Eichel going great athletes as well. You know, coach Winnie, you know, people really talk about like coaching and kind of making his way to the top. But what are you from? You guys is how he's really nice leader of men in how he really nurtures the program. Cleveland talk about coach Sweeney, man, I love I love the culture that he brought to Clemson, man. His like you said, he's a leader of men. So his whole program is player lead. So he puts it in our hands to to to to take the program as far as we wanna go, not many coaches, do that mini coaches want to, you know, be on top of every single thing. Get forced the players to to be great. But he really just challenges us to do those things on our own. And that's what I feel I made us grow. So well, just as far as people men in players man because he really puts it in the players hands. Like, we had this thing called a Sweeney council where he acts as far opinions not just about how we're playing. But about how to program is being ran. How's the food has the treatment going how how coaches treat and different things like that? And that's something where he values are paying, you know, as men and spiritually as well. He he opens a door for us to grow there as well. So it's a blessing to have a man like that, you know, represent our school for sure Austin, what impact has Deb. Oh had on you. I think the biggest thing that coasts Sweeney, a figured out is that you know, that the most important resource in college football is the people that make it happen. And that's the players like Lewellen say we're player driven program. So he gives us as much opinion, you know, as we can give tomato program better to make it better for those coming behind us. And like I said Br bringing in the right people in the program. Gonna permeate the correct culture that you need to not only just be a powerhouse football team. But also have that family environment where players want to come near. They sent something different whenever they Clemson rather than any other school in the country women, we're excited to continue to see you guys taking the next step on your football journey excited. Here all your names on draft night excited to see what you guys are able to do NFL players and beyond. Thanks so much for joining the move the sticks podcast. Thank you so much. All right buck where we've heard outside. Right. We got a chance to listen to your conversations with the defensive ends in this Clemson front. Let's move inside. You had a chance at the NFL scouting combine to catch up with Christian Wilkins index or Lawrence and here are those conversations. You guys are coming from a very successful program having been to couple of national titles. One claim claims trophies Christian house did experience at Clinton prepared you to have success at the next level. While felt like, you know, we'll just I on foremost, just you know, the way Clemson hope grimace as men, first and foremost and just as people for like, that's the most important thing. Definitely. And you know. Yeah. It was, you know, program the coaches and guys and everybody involved and the people who are just around the facility, but the players really I thought we each other a lot off the field to be the best people. We can be first and then the best athletes as well. And I just feel like all the lessons. I learned just you know, going against the best every day in practice. You know, I feel like no matter like anything I ever saw in a game in college never better than what I saw in practice on definitely for like unprepared on the football side of things, you know, decided just decided to see why ended up and just not how this process will play on. I think I'm definitely ready for the next level Dexter. How about you? I mean, just a pig about what he said, I mean going to Clemson. And I mean, that's kind of things you expect to happen. You know to grow as a man as a football player, and you know, just having that kind of support around you just to help you to guide you, isn't it? They not holding your hand. But you know, they just give you a vice here, and there, you know, joining examples of what not to do or like, you know, Sweeney out sting was like be these up, in example, kinda do. So I mean, that's kind of how you're supposed life in kind of live. So there's visit tradition there, obviously in the D line room. You guys not only discourage collection. But they've been a lot of guys that have kind of warned the orange and going on to have success in the National Football League Christian. What does it like to live up to the tradition of the defensive line that has been establish? I mean is great. And you know, the pri- like didn't know that others pressure at Clemson, you know, especially when you're on the D line. You got to, you know, not only live up to the expectations, but exceed them for like, you know, because of the gods before it's all of our predecessors, Grady too shy away of Josh Watson, you know, Carlos DJ. Those guys big Beasley, you know, day Kwame bottles. We put so much pressure on ourselves as men in that room. You know, just coming there like we got to play to to the standard of Clugston, de Lyon. But also take it to another level. You know, I feel like we did that as a unit and as a group, and that would just our hope is that the next guy's group of guys see what we did in only, you know, even keep Clemson program going in the D line. So it it it's it's funny because you have a unique situation with so many guys in that room. They have an opportunity to be the first one or the second one off the board Dexter. How does the internal competition between you and your fellow teammates defensive line play out in practice? I petition we push each other every day. You know impact issue we trying to set the tone. We trying to be the guy you know, to make difference play to get to team road. You know, you know, just just blessed to be a space like, you know, these guys just, you know, pushing you to be your best, you know, going. I mean, I I want to say other places. But there we we we had to be best every day. You know, you couldn't take a player. Off you couldn't take you know, could have that was critical. You know, you wanted to prove that, you know, you at a man kind of deal, but at the same time, we used a junior level each other. I I definitely agree. I feel like you know, it was great. Because this the relationship we have first of all like, we weren't afraid to hold each other counter boy and get after each other, and you know, beyond its other when we need to ball. So we just compete it. You know, just because it's like dang decks is taking on W. Splitting it make an attack on my Dev. Okay. Now, I gotta do some now. I gotta make it work coming off the fastest go now. Awesome. Like all right now. I gotta get my shine. Like now, I gotta do my thing. Like, you know, you like, you know, you don't want to be that new left our not doing their job. So like, you know, there's always that pressure is always that good competition. And it's the best because you know, about it the best in all of us for sure. So you guys have one of the best environments to play a home game and everyone talks about valley. You know, you had your district where you rubbed the rock. And then you come down the hill. So I just wanted to kind of take you back to that stadium. I want you to just come to picture this. You come around the bus take you round. You bought it come down the hill with you look down the hill. And there's someone at the bottom of the hill waving you down this. This down here and get his tail kicking. How'd you feel about that? Because as a young, man. Yeah. I'm might have been one of those guys. It may have done right. Right. Right. No, the teams mostly tend to teams and people who've done that got up getting there. But. Every time, you know. So. No one ever did that they knew better. We didn't lose too many home. We'll have one home game. When I was there. So I mean, you you if you don't want that problem, I can say that I learned my lesson. Waving down to here when I was in North Carolina. It it. It was a lot to it was a lot. Little just lost the Wake Forest, so we feel like they're ready now, we'll say Brian Dhaka's played the next year Brian index, and they came to chat we took care of business like we should have. But isn't one of those things just wanted if you if you? If you see someone you down, right? So look thanks so much for you guys. Joining the Mussa's podcasts best to look going forward. We're looking forward to hearing your names called on draft. I got a chance to to hear from the folks that no one we got a chance to hear from the players themselves. Now as we look forward, we've talked about what we believe these guys can be at the next level. But if we're trying to find kind of a range landing spot. Oh, where these guys end up. I would say starting off. I think there's a really good chance. The first pick will probably come down between Christian Wilkins and Cleland furrow. It'd be my guess those one of those two will be the first off the board. I would say followed by Dexter Lawrence followed by Austin Bryant with the first three going in the first round of my opinion. Austin Bryant, probably in that second third round range where were you out on these guys know, I'm with you? I think three guys that you mentioned first round possibilities Wilkins, Lawrence and feral. I think those guys will come off in the first round. I think if we had to go a particular order, I think Wilkins is going to be the first one to hear his name. Call followed by feral, and it Dexter Lawrence is right on that line being a first round or second round talent for those two guys. I think they come. I'm in. I think they're all day. One star doesn't have an opportunity to impact their team immediately. Bryant to me is the one that is kind of windows hidden gyms a guy that maybe it's taken in the second or third round. But he is being a surprise started by the middle of the year. And he gives you good contributions as a guy that is into rotation note. I look at a team like the Chicago Bears. They don't have a pick two third round buck. But if for some reason, a guy like awesome Bryant, would it be there, man. You throw him in there. Let him grow and develop learn from somebody like Khalil Mack. I think that'd be an ideal spot for someone like him ideal spot. You talk about someone that plays horrid. It has a knack for not only get to the past. But it start against a run those guys play in the league they play for a long time may not be a level player in the league. But you certainly can be a be level contributed and what they contribute for very long time. All right. Well, that's going to wrap up this edition of the three sixty series. This is on the Clemson defensive line. We have almost made it to the end of the road of our three sixty series. We have done Dwayne Haskins. We have done Nick boasts that we've done Daniel Jones. Now, you've heard the Clemson defensive line episode Kylo Murray yet the comeback. That's the grand finale force here. I didn't miss any. Did. I think that's all we see this all that. I think there's been an exciting time to keep out. Background information. Perspective all these telling together. So yeah, we call it Murree own deck, then when should be a phone. Well, if you haven't caught any of the other previous three sixty episodes, you can find those go on apple podcasts, you can find it on NFL dot com slash podcast. That's where you can find the move the sticks by guests, and you can catch up with us there. We've got all your graph names covered. We are going to be powering through to get to Nashville. And once we come out of Nashville, we'll have all the reactions everything you need to know about this year's draft. You can find it there and remember all of our video content. NFL dot com slash NPS video YouTube dot com slash NFL. We've got you covered. Thanks for listen here to move the sticks the three sixty series, featuring the Clemson defensive line. He's buggy Brooks. I'm Daniel, Jeremiah. She next time.

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