Will $9,000 Prove Too Much For Bitcoin?


They tried to call crypto show talking business influx Jane. Can I let us and gentlemen with the trunk of Kryptonite? Podcast and we have grain back in the room. Yes first day of suggest that would be a pretty important wake full. Bitcoin Lodge markets has started with a big grain. Candle across the entire. Talk Ten. Now I have teiken to note What's been going on in other markets as well of light and the reason that I've been watching What has been going on of light in other. The markets is quite simply that I want to say. Is bitcoin going to remain a correlated asset class to other markets over lit so to skew off and do it signed thing lock? It was a surprising. Ten suppose intended to do back in the During inception period so on one looking at now is You know a US. Market that is is very buoyant on the dyes obviously has big full. But we've got we've got things like the Dow is up five percent. The pay five hundred is a four point six percent. These are very very very significant gains on these markets that you might not sound think that five percent means very much. 'cause y'all use to crip die but it does. It remains an enormous amount because these much more difficult markets to move because they have so much more liquidity so much more value With in these markets than we have in Crypto. A lot going on out there at the moment golden. Do a great deal. I can tell you that. Now it's at one point five percent. Silva's up point three seven percent. It was a global indices. That really did have a big move throughout loss not session. So what does that mean with? Bitcoin well bitcoin also with both the Dow. And the S&P WILL. This is about the same sort of area but four point seven percent which is where we sit right now on. Bitcoin. I- thousand nine hundred thirty two dollars. We are Joss shy all that nine thousand barrier. Will we break through? This is what's going to become very interesting for me as we have had. This push Now I'll say the market go into this. Non Thousand Air Inlet daily cradles on and then decline once again all is this gonNA be working to their weekly trend loving talking. Of course a weekly trend will always say. There is a pool by into that cradles Excuse me and it's holding route smack bang in the middle of that so as a guide to continue on that I certainly hope so because if we do get this little pull back and we do push to when you high then we are in really really good territory on the weekly so coming back to the daily of course as I said we moving up towards dawn thousands. GonNa be very interesting. Dichotomy Cinema. Can't just go in a straight line more or less at It's done from Wolfowitz. Lo Let's just talk. She's three this. It's low is about eighty four hundred four dollars to the high We were up. You know moved up. Five hundred. Sixty dollars already has a pullback of look at the lower timeframe so interesting to say. I'll we're going to save him a blow cell or are we gonNA see continued on with theorem now. It's higher than Bitcoin is up. Two hundred thirty starts at two hundred thirty one dollars and thirty four cents up six point three two percent and once again holding its ground a pretty straight round straight up on that weekly shot which is robin focusing a lot of my attention recently. Because that's where the trends bane. The weekly chart is looking very very nice indeed right now but of course it is just the first day of the wake conqueror myself just yet if the Kennels close like these are the analytic one it will be very boring like attracting. I'll tell you that much but it's It's looking very very nice. Six point two two percent up there on a theme with move across to pay next time pay did have quite a slide. Lost Weight Down Twenty percent but now it's helps a little bit rough five point. Two full percentage starting to try and claw back some of what it gave wide. Twenty three point nine cents right now again. Nothing really tribal. They're familiar be staring at on. These low timeframe are moving on bitcoin. Cash that three hundred thirty six dollars and ten cents up seven point. Seven four percent in that cradles on on the weekly found some pretty solo support three hundred dollars on the noise And has since moved? You know a good thirty six dollars above the rage and we'll see how a guy if we do get a higher lower their little pullback Really need to really look for opportunities to try this via big win today Currently the largest move in the top ten at two hundred and fifty two dollars on fifty one sense. It's up ten point three four percents every little bit of the trend there and I will be keeping a close eye on that to save is Pharma so little module and tried long movie becky in and around that to full he region. I'm still at the saw a wedding. See how that shot comes about to set up but it certainly looking a little bit better than it has done for quite some time lot. Coin Perpetual Right now. Sixty one dollars six cents. It's up five point eight two percent. It's not the greatest looking chart on the lower timeframes to be fed. We have a low low in the high on county. Do much with that. He has petrol three dollars and sixty nine cents up five point three percent and a guy in back in that cradles on the way clay looking to see if that's going to play not much more to say because it doesn't look right. Barnett's is a nineteen dollars and ninety three cents up five point three five percent. An arsenal moved once again. Needs to kick on to get about twenty dollars really off for Mehta have any real interest to put that high in will give me something to work with them. We got cow. Don which beautifully sitting on that weekly cradles on its pulled back to that. Full point six cents Support it's held its ground. It is holding. Strong is up eight percent and as full point nine cents a therapy classic as one that. I'm looking for an opportunity for a long today. It's back in that cradles. Once again the wake look much of the top ten right now and there's a four hour trend employer moving to the to our God. I'M GONNA say viscount fall myself. A little module tried long And it's the therion classic idols. Forty five nine point three percent up rounding out the top ten moving onto co two on one point seven cents up six point. Nine percent has been boxed at the moment of the four hours. A great deal going on but what I'm focusing on. Today's will we see a pullback to a high alive that will kick onto a high heart all are we gonna find a struggle around the next push higher goes off and I was going to say I do not know at Toll Butts deny that? I'm going to be patient because you make your money when you're white. That's what try to do more often than not we white and we white and we white and I'm waiting for the opportunity but those of you that are online trading floor. You'll be seeing. How Bane of light and helps you avoid taking crappy tries to get across China Club Dot com have got some big big big stuff coming. God things are about to change. We will let you know we will let you know as against close to the time. But you're going to have one opportunity coming up very soon and we'll be drawing the winner for the competition for the survey very very soon. Thanks very much guys. Fantastic Day five now.

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