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Alright Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Feast your eyes in tune your ears. It's that time. Again, we are live with another episode of the Authority Project. It's the video podcast dream Don facebook youtube twitter, and periscope where we talked to digital marketers, business coaches, and creators of all kinds on how they built authority in their field and how you can mimic their success developing authority building your audience attracting clients to your own business. Now, without further ado, let's bring to the virtual stage your host Brian. S Arnold. All right we are live. We are live. Key when episode for you and I am here with my new friend here, Rim Blumenfeld is in the virtual building today. How are you doing today sir? Really well, glad to be with you. Awesome we. Got Together pretty much at the last minute here I'm glad you got to get you on here on a Monday. I'm not sure if it's Tuesday yet for you very close right Awesome. So he says he's here to help us. SCIENTIST SABOTEUR To build grow in sale. Our business. And I am very interested in this topic because I think a lot of us have done this inordinate pass. Sure we all. Had Saba cheer in our minds that have have. kind of taken away from our goals in our dreams, and he's here to remedy that here for us today I'm so happy is here do that to us today. But before we get started, please let me know who you are personally and professionally. So. I hold British and American possible. I spent some of like working in the states and then returned kingland where I grew up. Mostly, like real was in media as an entrepreneur running founding running companies which I sold. And then towards the end of my career Brian, I just have a most of the what I was doing with senior leaders might. Organization was coaching because when you left with senior people, they need to be told what to do out to did it. They need to be supportive in champions and held accountable just really well coached us. Some training that I could actually do that professionally and what I discovered was that it's much better to coached people who actually want to be. That sound obvious that invite full of professions I found myself catchy believe it necessary want to be coach wasn't in the job description and they wanted the boss Apps to tell them what to do will appreciate them. Even the payrise they didn't really want Boston coach. So I now coach leaders across created sector most often found founders, other areas and I essentially help them avoid all the mistakes that I made along the way. Wow unbelievable. So I am excited to get you to get you start with some questions for you. But let's let's start here. First of all, what is what project are you currently working right now? What's your? What's your? What's your project that you're on that you want to tell us right today? Project that I actually started heavy twist to roll out the most essential, leading the deliver clients Wallo on to an audience worldwide. So with my founders like coach while on wallet used to be in person marriage on. June. I found that many of them have the same issues because you. said. I ended up essentially a repeating because I would do the same modules replies. So I turn that into prayed on nine modules, which is stand up. and. It's available to anyone who's a found a content driven business and that means a business which. Is Driven by ideas was onset people. So most of my clients intelligence fell advertising alleging. Aging gaming anything. which is. final. Products started with an idea. Okay. I like we're going. Going my friend so but for before, we get into a lot of the how to stuff here tell us where your journey started. Tickets back to the time. Where you felt compelled to start your own business tickets back to that time for us. Yeah. I suppose. For many of us that mode apple somewhere children and some adults says. You'll stupid. You'll get it up. sign a promise to ourselves to prove them wrong. Yes. So I, guess that happened to me h life like most people but. When I actually did something about it into the study business was I was in my twenties. And, a TV producer I was working for channel if the United Kingdom the went off at overrun. up and. Of course, everyone at the highest level been demand new allow that weeks months years for. Those of us on the coalface. Simple one day to the next I what. And I money. So I decided to. Be, decision I just did what I was. Sent out ideas from her. Get Mad look good enough get on TV before when I was working for a big organization that same ideas offset out and I must have sent out a lot in the Brian. Ninety hundred TV ideas and heavy out of those set by. Usually. The nuts note absent who attended to not always, but basically note. Asked to figure out maybe it wasn't the ideas that the problem because years of quite good I think maybe it was neat. Because no one wants to trust that much money and responsibility to a single person ripen from the bedroom. People want to trust that much money responsibility company that they entrust said, I stopped at a company and. With a short while some of those same ideas that have been found out will now the. Eventually emission laptop started my business. Awesome. I. I know I want to get this this question out to First of all to I wanted to hear hear your your story on this. Brings us to that moment. When you sold your first company what was that day like for you? Few. Because that wasn't the date. Yet. WHO SELLS A company Eight when we finally signed. Off until that day I? Might not happen this way when s everything you want is. About to come to fruition in the signing a piece of paper show instinct is think there's GonNa be Hurricane Peasants GonNa die. I say this slight seriousness because Appliance Ryan was coaching up until cody And Ghost with the with Now I comprehend from it that. That can shoot thousand, nine one that I. so lifeless. I was imagining a pandemic I was but. It wasn't much off to that mode society nine eleven happened for instance was lucky with the timing but. I. Guess. You have. Healthy labout things I think has a lot to do with whether we set them out something we wanted to have happen. Because I, could have sold my company and not wanted to sell it or not plans. And then it wouldn't have felt like it fell to me. It felt really good and it felt like a real achievement because I've set out for myself as a goal some five years before. And I am very often gotta look around days that happening to other people. This is very much. Exaggerated by social media but we we look around the new amazing years. Amazing achievements at. We think well. That's that's why hasn't it happened to me. We might even look at it in a very simple way might look at some of these vacation you know that they had in New Zealand of while amazing vacation I wanNA know. The truth the truth is eventually plan these things and say to. That is what success looks like. Just what impact? Were the does happen. We think it success. Excel on Hannity tickets in new, Zealand. Think about success you. But if you wanted it the ten years in bad apple, you would our plan to sell the company happen and I was like did. I like it. I like it so Are. So I just going to dive deeper into that too. I think this is where you're going but let me just let me know this case. We talk about science in the saboteur in impact in the business. Is that what you mean? We're we're we're not planning it or just go into that. Thousand. Seven Thursday. With. We we have lots of people talking with all the time and all those people are us by. Yet and that's the president who you you me and everyone. Is, having the most feek was most important most constant policies it's. However, there is a big part of also. That holds US BACK So We'll light the thing I like to think that. I at helpful to me that the president migrated one station with wants the best for me and we'll push the and champion the and driving to. A success unfortunately doesn't work that way. We will have a voice in our this program to action protect us from danger protect us from being killed by the enemy eat by. and. Close, that's helpful at. Times but whenever isn't real enemy and there isn't really alive? What is protecting us from is this is protecting us from back thing the world. So scandal. and. Chief is afraid of failure. We don't take risks. We don't experiment you don't outside law compensate. You don't stretch by being afraid of Fayette listening to the voice in your head saying the other try that Ryan, what what does the cops? No listen. Invite another gas luck. Lost on. We listened to that boys we do anything. To protect ourselves by staying safe place all. Salvations essentially I mean. Sometimes when everything is taken away. And we have released to rhys because there's nothing to lose. But when I lost my job, I didn't really have that much lose like sobbing company because. The one thing that could happen. Gang. Even. So goes the voice my head and say you that Neil just yet burden that. So. Voids is always designed to protect us from taking risks, but those risks necessary will success and A. If, we have time for me just briefly mentioned this, but the the exercise I encourage old plants to do. Because you can now banished voice will always be that. Buyers that comes back onto your computer you wipe it you get achy known antivirus software the end. Later. So that that's just how bad boy slipping back. Someone always trilling you you. were. Doing something good was going to be some troll. Now. Sadly In, your at. Full the savage up and if you have a memory of Cain, you can get it a nickname. Big Funny Thirty seconds stowaway comes able. So so I have a couple of things not suggest to everyone who? One is Find. Some other helpful voices if appeal saboteur is always saying. I know. Out, that the from yourself Debbie too pushy in south promoting. That's voice. A lot of people have you know? He. was himself fussell lost all of that stuff? That, we need to have most of all to promote ourselves. We're not getting there's no business. Accu believe that boys. Has a certain amount of physical backing but not really in the truthful. It has been said by the people in the Bible. Yourself us, but actually have to do is operatives. In that case would be somebody. Who you know maybe maybe not a positive maybe to relative or friend all many a witness who has that quality in balance is oak real tyler it's. Self, promotion in in a great way they show everything they always that name for things I mean. Yeah. We will take somebody like that. We admire them because for them. Right. Channel BACCHUS. Salvageable if you. Fight it pushes up the channel that question who view is fantastic south promotes and just off yourself in those moments. What would she on E. Safe to do? What would they say? Because we know in an instant known second, what they would advise us to do. Right. What would She say. Show. Channel. Channel the person has quality that you lack and just have been he'll go to. One of my championships. In this realm you saying well run, he just goes away just looks handed on the side of the high wait for it. So we just need those voices. We can instantly accidents that are advice without having to think too much about you know that story of like grandma she had a good advice I channel Ari by fled to. Be Good I might like et she was really good about that. She had a hits you'd on he doesn't need to do that status. So, just channel have and it's Just, fine you ever. Life Has a quality you lack. In any situation, listen to that and do a basic notorious outside says what they say the other thing is really useful exercise you do this already but. Just say out loud every day yourself in the morning when you wake up in the shower whatever time a day to she best I recommend say loud. What it is you know to be true So a life I'm feet. I'm healthy. Capable I originals and strong. You say this things lap and then add in the lowest a talk O'Brien feel a little uncomfortable, but it won't be using feels uncomfortable with. You'll. Be. So, like for me I'm. Saying on handsome that's only the stroke saying I'm rich. Struggle. is those things like their relatives of people said that had some rich saying? Possible, am I seventy town new? Right now you're not. The ones leading the of a struggle yourself savage say no is the most important ones. So if you saying. You're saying I love and your seven just gang up. Was On that. Do not all. You'll find out where the virus is by the reaction you have in your mind his buddy when you're saying the things he. Said just saying that every day allowed ten twenty. That's the things that you are and a couple of things that you sort it would likely be more of. In my gobble before maybe not back when she in south promoting, but you want to see more of that you channeling your inner And you'll. Up Ryan up you're not. smick surely joke acclimation because actually one you need much. Yeah. Yeah, it does. It does but. I I will say that. When you're doing. I says feels like affirmations. That you're that you're describing and you're saying you know this is great for you know every day on being dispersed in. But. Then life happens. Life is all around you. The bills are pressing. Things are going slower than you thought they would be in your business. How do you deal with? Life and reality when those things are pressing. You really have this faith in us that you're trying to you try to. Take away that. Salvatore. Life size to be the saboteur in of itself how do you? How do you respond to that? Well, the we will. Find Tricky ways to get out of being as spokes Louis We. Be. Like some people say it's my mom it's my boss on. The world it's the university covid nineteen. An Orleans away oppose that they all of this of the. However the most important lesson. In you'll success you and the conversation, the station that you'll have with yourself about you see, it affects the results you deliver. Actually everything. So he doesn't have that right. You don't have a choice now that's not to say that. Difficult every day. But you. Get the balance in your own head rights to the you're not listening to the you might as well, just stay in bed nothing difference. And you want to use cheese day and honestly. That is like it is in the states. Every day I just say. What's the point? What's any? Here it's not great in the states I can tell you right now. Slow. I mean what I was in the states I did a roach rally southern. States America. Constantly on the people I met said the. Loss. Dating like. We have to I mean that's a that's a good example, right? Completely Unintentional. Everything's title so you can listen. I just got as. I'm just one tiny rain assign in hundreds of millions of people. And then. And then hundreds of thousands of people live devoted. Affect change whereas if you say to yourself. I am a stand for myself. I am going to do the most I can't myself on. His Lewis I can. Make a huge difference. But I'm GONNA do that. Then you gonNa vote you'll see do other things. You apply for that job in Sendai Missy you make back. Will. Also being action, you have to be an action. Europe. South. Hockey responsible fuel south and have to lay anything because it's not health. Right. I'm glad you just. I'm glad you said that because. I think a lot of people talk talk talk the talk. FAMOUS PHRASE TALKING ABOUT DEMOCRACY Walk. Right there's no action. So there's a there's a incongruency there where you're talking which not doing not doing any action. So it kind of it kind of nullifies your affirmation that you do every day you have to have some kind of action or task. To follow up with that. So legend that you mentioned action there I do WanNa get to. Your point where We we've been talking about ourselves trying to sabotage out of the way, but how important is it to have people around you to help you during his journey I, know I talk about that he would when my audience that you cannot do this alone can you speak to you know how important is to have the right people around you on your journey? Yeah it's IT'S A as. You know it's not a story that we tell US outs a game. So I know that everyone wants it to be about something else in the end if I say to myself, I don't need anyone. I can do it on my head right I'm saying that on saying. I. Can Do You know whatever right you offer help. I'm disappointed. Let down. So in love. And by the way, I built this fall all on my ad. So Sudden GonNa Start Off, you should support and guidance advice now off the twenty. All that voice is the voice I'm sorry. Of Your Salad set it's keeping you stopping the way you are understandable. But when we live out, of Boston, united off status last mistakes all. Back it's. Just ripostes for so the game I was not what I asked you today is look at the most successful people Yuna. You'll circle in your profession, your family. By those people and look. At how else can today up? They will be afraid toss up or other people do chats, support and guidance. Didn't want cow I. think a lot of the. Don't ask because. We didn't like being at school. We didn't like the coal. We didn't like working for other people and so finally get set up alright businesses and the loss we WANNA do say goodbye. So support will happen and yet only with guidance and support health and experts. Other people doing the stuff that we? Get. Bogged Down with the week actually fiance do what we're. Early. With oil about happening, can we have our success and old time for me Brian? I sold my company? And I knew this lumping you I've had wonderful. Athlete. So I, this might be the time they get some exit out. And, I was Kit and. She was she was considerably older than me very different from me in every imaginable way man. But she she was an extra in selling copies can. So she looked up you're gonNA, have to pay any percentage was like by the percents And I. said. Well, what would you suggest I do in this next teaching the. Coming up with the dental by. The advice she gave him so good and I knew that I would never have done what she said. That she told me. All I listen to this woman because she has done this before and boy am I glad that I did at the end of. Hundreds of thousands of dollars from the sad and yet island if so my company was. In a certain we need experts help us alone and if you if you meet anybody used it on your road full. Or even just follow the route of the your challenge on and that further down the road than you. I highly recommend that you listen to their advice Nikki have to. Hatred because let's say you so much money in making the stakes that you can avoid. Yeah. I like that. Like that so I have like one last question for you. Can the we're up against the here I appreciate everything you've done so far. I wish been going to further I actually have. Two questions actually if you don't mind. Little Bit. Just just just a general question about. How can we really grow? Grow a business just from just on your experience of people who are just starting out. How do you approach it as far as? You had this idea is you're building it. But you need you need to grow you need you need to get good promotion something to scale it or not just a scale just to get known. How do you approach that and in in your experience suits people can't you have enough. People. Knocking on your door. To sustain yourself. Obviously. In a cup lawsuit and stand out with my aunts these sessions in luggage out module covers. One of the self respects I think that's really important things and. They come. With full that because if you. Develop these alumni, sir bustle as a human being if you have an idea. that. You buy than, you would watch the you. That you would use it. As unity. Trust that that will be a million people like you. Feel like well I you know I would love A. Grooming settled along hatch allowance. But we've been I, would? But I'm this league who else at grooming, sell off long hours I, making it up by. The truth is if you human being was something related to something read something something. That will be millions of people just like you said truckstop judge that and the second thing is. maybe even comes full that do something provide something deliver something that you are an expert in because you off. Say you're writing annul. Just, write about what you know because. Point you writing about experienced that you haven't had? It and exactly the stayed with the business. We Michael Business. I started up making offering TV shows by everything everywhere. McCain being I love watching all TV shows I can make the TV shows very interesting. I'm glad you said that that's What I? Because, of course, I could make them. Quite good but no one will buy them is in any business. The most important thing is trust the the consumer, the client, the by whether they out needs to trust you and early trust you. If they believe that you are an expert in whatever it is you're offering. So, you know whole foods is brand you wouldn't get out your. Whole foods is that's what they do. Discovery knows great natural history revived. You wouldn't get them for fashion shows because I thought what they said. Would I I discovered a Best people would buy from. Me was TV shows by the edges of society because that's where I'm living dot com but in terms of the. Areas. Mayakoba the. Other young gay Jewish man living in a black area of London and will people will be a little bit like he died people in the Dallas area exploring edges of society seventy may ask. The Music British she be the first Asian out. Certain British TV first gay dating children's TV and we didn't know that the world wants At nine. But actually those edges became a little. That's why we did well but we did while not because we love that slop of because we look delivering programs came from work. and. If you. Possibly you and you trust your commodity. Can Do. That man I love it I. Love It. You might have already this question I'm going to show. Say it anyway because of all of my guests. They, they're here listening to you. They like what you're saying I love your answers. They love your story. And they want to they want to do what you do. Right so. Can you give them a few a few tips or just words of wisdom on how? To be in a dougherty. In this space that you're in. I would say. Tickets up juicers. Okay. I noticed very few words that kind of big ones. will hit for a really apply. If you lived till. Eighty two thousand months. Yet it's a really short time so. Do. You. Have a huckabee that's the studio Bass Denver could be that they ought to seriously because in the end. The biggest regrets you this unit being. On Dine Day is I wish I had fun I wish I can acted Moldova People View I. Love. I wish I spent. So one of the office. So you can try and do that and build a business and pay the bills. You're not think there's a whole new idea what success looks like postcode at it's just the. Safe the healthy. Being saying. And being sold them. That's what's That amazing man that's incredible. I so glad to hear that you got. You got you on this show fleas tell us less than when it actually is just tell us where they can connect with you after the show. You can. Late in all ready Blumenfeld Congress. Wi Fi via. The or just go to buy Tallahassee Duck. Be It. Ally ty vitality dockery, and any of those are great ways to connect with me. I have a wheeled like exercise on my website where you can find out how way of ballots now Wonderful. Future. Self digitalization where you can go beat yourself in the future. So would see that I love it. Mitch's off in the future that sounds awesome. Stuff man. Incredible. Stuff. On so glad you got we got connected. In right away actually. So I'm just glad you're here. You're like five hours ahead of me I believe. From me yes. To get on. Silence there you go. The go in the last stop for me just go ahead in from here go to your door dot com on the last two weeks of our digital product giveaway. for the for the podcast launch just jumping and win and giving you one prize each week we're in the last two weeks. Hey, you might win something you might win something then stay on we're GONNA. Continue to help you build your dirty platform and be you know maybe maybe one of guy. Mr. Romy who was on my show today still be a great success if you do that I would I would think so. Sticks Down Your journey staying journey on your in instead you're saying your path for being. The authority in your in your space. You are the authority. You are the project we WANNA, put authority to your name so you can sell more which agreed at. And be like below grammy who was on the show who's done great things for for certain that many people still wants to serve you as well. Any last words at all for for the audience today remmy. H Bryant as. You everyone else. Online. Awesome awesome. I appreciate it and has rep for this episode of the Thirty Project Busey on the next one. Thank you. You bless take care now. and. That's a rapper, this episode of the Authority Project. Thanks so much for tuning in, and if you like what you heard, we want to hear from you subscribe rate and give an honest review share until your friends. So they can hear to an even more authority building tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter, Dot Com, get free weekly content, and ongoing digital product giveaways to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. We certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an Aha moment from today's broadcast just remember it's your authority, build it, share it, and they will come until next time.

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