EP67 Crop Formations with Lucy Pringle


Hello and welcome to another episode of the Weird Wacky and wonderful stories. Podcast with your hosts shelly then Bella. Hey everybody welcome to episode sixty seven of the weird wacky. I'm wonderful stories podcast. So hope you'll at a nice Christmas guys. I didn't I know Komo yeah to work Christmas Day. Boxing Day they after boxing day and all for an employer who said you have to work doc. Twelve hour shifts even though last year you did exactly the same over Christmas and work. There's twelve hour shifts and also one prepared to give you a Christmas dinner. I know that's the worst bit. But you gotta give the people that you care for. You've got to feed them. They're Christina so all the time you're getting hungry wishing for a Christmas Astana and your employer couldn't even while talk about humbug. Were hate well. We did have a Christmas party and everybody got invited. But you had to pay to go so I bingo. I got a pretty good boss. Because MOG Bossi's they paid fresh Java Christmas party. They paid for our meal they paid for some drinks. They give us time off over Christmas. I'll tell you who your bosses remind me of. You remember Christmas vacation. National Lampoon's Christmas vacation with Chevy Chase. Yeah I want to be like his brother in law and get your boss and bring him to the house. Hog Toyed ready for you to tell them exactly doc you what you think of him. Yeah I don't think we'd probably go to jail for that property shore. Yeah anyway stop being so down on Christmas. Hopefully everybody had a good Christmas and hopefully the people that I was around on Christmas had a better Christmas because I was there. I'm sure they did. So what are we going to be talking about today. Okay well please welcome to the show. One of the world's leading Crop Circle Photographers and researchers. She's a find a member of the Center for Crop Circles Studies. She's widely known own and is an international authority on the subject and the pioneer researcher into the effects of electromagnetic fields on living systems. This includes the physiological and psychological effects reported by people after visiting all being in the vicinity of crop formation. She's the author of several books on crop. Circles including crop circles the greatest mystery of modern times and a newest book the energies of crop circles the science and power of mysterious intelligence. She lectures all over the world. And we're really pleased and proud to have with us today today. Please welcome to the show. Lucy Pringle Hi Lucy all right hello okay so that starts at the beginning. How did you get started and crop formations well? It already rally started or by thirty years ago by Nineteen Ninety and base. My my sons had left home. And there's any NAS empty feeling feeling when you find that you're not talking off to people and that you've got a great big empty hole in your life and say you you Saito so far I wonder how on earth I into Phil this and you can either think don into into the depths of glue. More you 'cause odaguard. IPO Loins and say well. Listen I getting to find something new and long lost. I actually have time to do something for myself. So in a way you can change it around and make it quite exciting and and it just so happens is that's at particular times crop circles. What happening anything close to where I was living in how chef and there was suddenly a Nari of excitement by subject and I came in on the sort of early days and I became a member a AH foundation member also UPCYCLE Center for upset with studies which was a tax academic society? Incidentally it is now defunct long closed some time ago but it was a society which investigated scientifically academically. What was happening in the field and IT expanded all over the world? We had ranches in America. Australia New Zealand. Canada owner the Europe. We we're suddenly. It became a worldwide phenomenon. It's it it sort of struck home With many many people who love unexplained phenomena as we do and as our listeners. Do so this is why tomorrow. So crop circles. Don't seem to get reported potent as much anymore among the soon by that that it's because the number of cases a decrease in is this true. No unfortunately it's not at all it's as the some hidden agenda. The press do that very very very best to rubbish the subject I one cent up on paper to them. None of tapers wanted to know. And they'll go in fact to great lengths to only interview people and there are people who may crop circles and they give them great exposure and great publicity and they refuse to acknowledge anything about the veracity or scientific investigations going in on regarding the subjects. And I mean I can give you an example. The National Geographic is is actually one of the very very worst offenders. I needed a program once with them. Oh many years ago and they wanted me to do this program about such. Because I've been doing it for thirty. He is and I said well how many people again to be on the program and they said Oh Joshu so I said well. That's all right so we went into a field and we did an into and I was surprised. By the Triton's superficial questions. I was being off and then a couple of days later Another Suck Pitt Hid Very close to the one in which we'd been doing the interview I got in touch with the produce and I said I wonder if you know anything anything about that suck and they said. Oh Yes yes yes we made it. They had it made with the farmers permission and I said but hold on. That's awesome thought the agreement cement all Lucy. You'll you'll be quite happy once you see the program. You'll be quite happy. Well they sent me the pros and I had precisely half a minute. It's and the people who made the had two and a half minutes say that just gives you an example but to follow that make it even worse for the National Geographic Drafi. They wanted to do another program with me and stuff allow researchers. We all said No. We've all had bad experiences. We knew what they were like and a friend of mine from the Netherlands. He was walking off Silver Hill on night midnight. Because everything seems to happen during the night. rome-based anyhow he was walking possible review. And he's saw as an Anglo crossroad light up by West Kennet Long Barrow though he walked up and he found a film crew that and he said to the produce water you doing and she said Oh with from the National Geographic and we also to grow things men making a suckle. Oh He's at how interesting so he went off and he wants these man walking around with that pose and and and everything and what he was apps completely astounded him was they. They weren't walking making suck up. They were simply working round and existing a circle that had appeared two weeks before now the ways and National Geographic. Salt that Film they they'd Nope to the world. I so these people could actually made that full mason. Now that is Ford that is total deception and dishes wealth. We're backing against constantly. If some you know when I was at boarding school we were allowed to have the national geographic because while supposedly a reputable magazine in song typically well researched exactly. That's a and for them to sink. Today's death was just beyond comprehension. It was then have to say to yourself. Well why is this happening. What is happening? Walser pressure on the National Geographic. To do this I make this deception and so you you come up with that All they being pressurized by pause at the that they should rubbish. This and then you say well why it's not a harmful object. It's not doing any home the tool but then some people seem to be frightened of. It's a for no reason you also have some people actually very frightened or miss is all the people are fascinated but other people are very frightened when I was younger. I can't remember if if I read something or we learnt something in school or whatever it was but I was really interested in it and I remember when that program was on the television humanity not specific one but I are maybe it was and it was on a repeat whatever but I do know that I was watching it thinking. Oh that's upsetting. Because I thought they were unexplained and then all of a sudden they're they are on TV and they had these big things on them on their feet. Didn't they flattening the the crops and yet so yeah I I know what you mean mean that it does have an impact because I can remember watching shows or maybe that particular one where that was done. Well I mean they go to great lengths to to do this in order to muddy the water safety night and again I think I I don't know the reason but I know the pressure or or or well that's the beauty about independent programs like this is the we can actually speak to the serious researchers like yourself and we. CanNot you make sure that message pitch comes across because we don't answer to a big broadcasting company that has to some come to numbers and sponsors and everything else so we're happy to give you this form. Tom Where do you think they come from. Yes this is interesting because I I'm a son beneath off that that is an intelligence as it. My Book Doc says Mysterious Intelligence Behind this phenomenon and for Wednesday intelligence comes we actually have no idea We have no means all proving its origin by on many occasions before have meditated. In order to Fi- I and links in channing with the Quad Muscle Intelligence and they may have had to fix the awful hand a grownup a- stuff beforehand one on which they coniston safe and meditate and in annexed folder is US laces these actually a pin within any shows time all the people midday eighteen. Wow there was one extrordinary formation with a pet. Oh Fanny recently. Well it was it was it was it was astounding. Yeah I wonder if I can actually find the dimensions. It's as tough as cold all and it has the most complex humpbacks Yamaji Already any formations. We've we've have us come on just getting through my take us okay. Having spent in the name of that place or profile are a he wrote on that. I actually Last year I wasn't wasn't this summer that if I was lost and the farmer was quite upset by it he didn't he wasn't he wasn't into happy advisors at all but he didn't own me he actually made his odd. Moses is By twenty two eight in the morning he did around army to do tasks in the and we go extraordinary results. We're talking about like NATO but some people might Glickman. Who've you've been going off the circles offers as formed who's been during his or lost a set yet and she said he was astonished by the skimming suspicions invited in the mosque themselves hill? It is in my view while talk ten formations we have received it contained twenty. V8 Pentagram and a hundred forty precisely formed I staw- sinise Playa angles. Each with a prime angle a thirty six degrees which automatically generates golden sex any suggestions that this meticulous and majestic crop formations pull nation might be man made is bizarre to the point of lunacy. Yeah because it was awfully precise. Wasn't it well that new comparable preciseness right exactly that is really quite quite amazing we do get quite a lot of formations which in fact Extraordinarily complicated geometry amazing zone to the I. R. Out This is interesting because when I fly I I makes the point all meaning is is a Hanikos stuff on flying to take place to golf or directly of the radical. Say That people can then. There's the mathematicians and Yomas NYC Michael can walk out of the geometry and solace manmade ones. Might Mike not very very good but once you work the my lunch. UCF Age often. You actually work is a geometry. They are always hold. The ones that are hoax. Folks does well to my limited sort of knowledge about the subject is that they tend to be done overnight so you you've got to factor in the fact that to be as precise as they are and pia overnight in one night you know you would expect some pretty intelligent equipment. Even if it was human-made laser levels guides those sorts of things don't seem to be happening. You don't seem to hear a lot of noise or a lot of signed load ruckus around in the area. People aren't seeing lots of vehicles. Go in and lots of people with industrials lights in the field but the Ross one very very famous round as a pair during the daytime fish might be the one that I was going to ask you buy because I was Gonna ask you about the video that was captured by John Wiley or no I. At that time I didn't get along with the tool. No I think that could possibly be suspect because somebody looked into multiple kathy than me. Dan was was had my way of checking this. I advise this this or sub background. Tanny Hong Anyhow. It seems that the night was in the wrong place for the time of day when she came to to to be when he took the things. Irregular if you NYC well then tell us about the one that you were going to talk about the one that appeared during the day. This was actually an eyewitness icons say with the other ones basically and This was run. This happened to officers thing fans and I giving a toll. 'CAUSE Hand colleges or many many years ago on on somebody who'd been at taxes and just have to say that's actually guys left. Why be into a fascinating talk on crop circles on the taxi driver said? Oh why Solana theater staying hinge this go back to me. They quickly and I managed to get in touch with the taxi driver. And I say they'll fees due to me more vices because I've checked is always always is I got under hasn't been around. This is a pit. Stonehenge this yeah and she said Oh no no no. It was several years ago and I said well this particular time any real off assistance and this one was in nineteen ninety six while I was in nineteen ninety seven. Oh one instant size to this is not by nineteen years ago anyhow. She said Oh she said I know it was in nineteen ninety six. I know that for affects six. She said because I was fastened onto the west coast to see my son who is on the from the army and she said moreover I can tell you. It's a Sunday because he said all the traffic was coming back and was ready clogged up coming back on the West and she said she had almost there On down to stay in hinge on the ACC which is notorious it crowded and of the vegetable road features on the traffic news every every day. Yes it does yes. It does quite correct so anyhow. She said she was driving down from the roundabout games. Free wrong divide you go downhill and you see stain hinge in the distance and I continue. It looks minute a win win. Lying is hard to take out the next. You know where it actually is it. It's it's actually very hard to pick out which is in Congress because when you're right up with us as they are making this gigantic anyhow. She was living down the hill. will she saw a roth. Extraordinary cloud isolated Halting above the field opposite than hinge so actually actually go places. She's all whole lot of cost Brockton to the fence on on the opposite side road from stonehenge one came from stations. Aston Aston saying on these looking at then denies offensive into the field so she took place and to an absolute amazed. She stole saw the clock game down in front of is just simply. Couldn't believe it and I don't think any over. If we were standing looking offense interest it could be the news saying the Cross Don. It was amazing. You'd be looking for some way that you could explain that when actually absolute with this on some visible force or some false making some noise there was no no noise and she said she couldn't see the shape because she was on the same Neville and she's so I said well what was happening to the cloud and she said when he was strange because they seem to be some communication between McLeod and what was happening in the field because asa crawl was expanding the foreign cropper's expanding so the cloud it was also expanding and rotating in a similar fashion. So I think how long do you think this is all taking and she said no she said. I really don't know because when you're watching something like that. No Smoking is Joe. Walked all you I said no no. I think I would be no the heavens show so I said well. Can you give me an idea. Approximately and she said no no. I can't really call it five pressure once more and she goes across with me and she said no I know I saw I was there so I knew I so you want to ask you. Don't clouds'll well as she said by Pentti. Thanks I'm in Nice Alcohol's enough anyhow so I mean there's no not on that. Were there any other witnesses that came forward to that case. You said that she stopped. There was a crowd of people looking at it. Saying thing. Reg- I was thinking mentioned. They caused caused. You would say to yourself. Well I think it was a lapse of by seven or eight years before I heard about this. Why didn't anybody else come forward? And you can just put yourself in their place to a whole lot of people watching it. They were all sing it together. They knew they saw that point. But then they go away way they drive in their separate directions and they still have to say to themselves I wonder if I was mentioning that. I'm just I ready was watches. Watches walk that was happening. I just wonder isn Guy Creeps into that mind on this evening. I think as they go down to the Oprah pub I've just seen the list and so it was only by Chong's I heard about this because their taxi driver wasn't tending anymore nearby. I knew this is how unhappily in the Gulf cycle love. You have to be the right bus ride safe to verify these things. Maybe there was something sort of going on so that people wouldn't necessarily early remember it. I mean if something is powerful enough to make crop circle appear it could be that maybe there was wave that it could make people forget that they saw it row. I know by that because the taxi driver remembered as a very very good indeed anyhow all I read my books in Nineteen Ninety eight I interviewed a lot of people I witness a constant theme call us was a pit but they don't bean gene dosage simple circles and and that took metro second so somebody testings me taking between Benza the amenities I mean. It just didn't make any sense so I was ready ready respondents and I'm driving on the way home I thought to myself. Now hold on on a minute may be a dust could be right because only other reports were by a single sinful circles and yes. Yeah we have one which was nine hundred and fifteen point five feet times five hundred eight it looks identical. I'm more over eight hundred and fifty one circles. 'cause that have anything to do with it so I often talks with James Lungs with whom I raise the ball not season. He's a real Santisima Guru these appalling polymath and So I mentioned this to. He was very excited about the cloud. Because he said this has always been is hypothesised. Advise the calming the faces behind the Nation of the second stuck and I said the guarding this time. Element quotes is the number sufferers. Play any apart and he said yes because Dustin me emotionally well in those days as a whole scene was very different. Farmers were happy nets. Let you go into that fills. If you also have to missions. Nowadays due to the fact that people become a worldwide phenomenon become very thirty commercial when people come from all over the world and Japan and all over the world day end up in these great big shower bones the the people who are leading the toward as necessarily even though they see the circle and they go straight across. Performance feels obsolete. Be winning any destroying in his cross. They don't wait and go down just content anytime lines and then go down the correct time nine. Don't do that. They have a complete deep disregard all the farmers fields and I think they have is because it's on and it's license so anyhow and there's days in his early days people were teams. Were going in. And they were measuring off. The cops was missing them. Mop precisely I think until by nineteen ninety eight and all those measurements so we could tell me how long they also performed. Danes came back and said is generally accepted as a result of work conducted in the nineteen. Nineties is possible to calculate the time of all all nations takes to a pin based on the size and number stuck with method man next to the station on magnetic field this this. I think I've lost thirty of the resulting role takes filament by ten four per second. Now that's interesting and you said they went on onto say to create the hundred and fifty one. I was in the nine hundred and fifteen times. Five hundred native were fastened with taking the order. Twenty two inches is then he can create so the taxi driver was on and he said this ascending fourths of myths and then that will discharge which releases bubbles on the underground owned aquifers with rise up to the surface of the ground. I'm passing these passengers. Developed Nike Boise Hoffa balls around and hall under the ground soldiers. Looping there's less pressure I've sizing inside that whole sort of talking down nation from inside with Benzyl suck down the culprit the base now. I've had many ripples about changes in fresh off gained in temperature when people go in was was wound story from Russia where physicists was On holidays he was inside there and Dr Jeff and she finds his walking awards. And the way it was all the gloss with license on Selangor in this and so this is quite a different time concerted inside to outside so she she repeated it and everything time the temperature was quite different so tended. The pressure was different to go with this James and talks about the missed. Just the mist would appear to be as a result of cool water vapor rising up from the act with Yonder Grand Spring beneath and behaves in a manner similar to what happens in the lab when a next discharges created through water in different patterns emerge on the surface the mist forms and Dipa different strong triggering point point which would support what it could. In this case you could see the growing asks for the height it would be no higher than the radius of the infomation created and the Miss Cloud would grow as the formation grew so I challenged him on that. I said you know they signed is absolutely valuable and it's essential but I said at the same time it thousands explain everything so she raised back and I said this brought this this phenomenon than just bash. Lien's you rape back saying the more complex passengers have additional information contained in the sphere. And and who is the Boston to make these north within our presence only understanding and I think that's it's the bill absolutely. This is the so much in this object Jake which despite all our bonds if he was a medical with us. We still don't understand and many people I I went in or several days off to when I visited it several days off the homes and I was walking down the time line towards it with two friends end. I saw them. They had this death eating. Don't go in and so reluctantly. I listened to run of the few times I did miss something. I got savings on. I will back. The two friends will thin and they came out absolutely pea-green with nausea. Oh so you know the thing is they could once they were not the radius the energy radius of the circle but friends Canadian agent friends. Who'd also been into it very early on? They came to stay the weekend with me on one of them said he felt type the irradiated when he was in the circle and he said I do know what I'm talking about it because I work with radiation and the strange dange thing is we went in we we. We didn't go back that weekend but we went in the following Monday fair intrepid Dacian I contend you and we also Thompson do define. I won't seems to happen is as a mole. People who visited they sent off the energy role nights launching paper. And I can tell you. Thousands thousands of people came people from all over the row came on the former. I think maybe not kidding. He started off by charging fines and then discuss to buy ten pounds ahead but anyhow farmers when they keep the money for themselves they held. Local causes often gone so far as was to helping to reroute the that judges and lay judges so it can have a hugely beneficial effect on the on the community. So that's what I stand that absolutely outstanding do some crop circles just never grow anything wants to crop circles. Who's been there or do mean well if it's say in a farmer field or wherever is their maintenance involved in keeping that circle there or you know we'll new crops grow so that that circle disappears no it just stays as it is on the 'cause it's fattened yeah. I'm very often delay in day of the Cross can be back in crop can be very very intricate. We can have several Nez. Overlapping each each other can have weaving. They can have many many different designs. There's a wonderful funds to when you walk on a very wonderful coffee cases sorts of fun. Says he's seen kids. Yeah I see Wolf in one of the lucky people to be one of the first interest this wonderful bounce on the cross but the more people who go in of course they flatten it much closer to the ground they they all say inevitably they damage across this is. That's why you know the fall in this way. And he conned well. They now that they've technology that 'cause I think he's a soldier Naser Technology. They can get very very place to the ground when are- thing and that harvesting crops say they're not using as much as they did originally but it's interesting. I once did some tests concedes that I took from inside the formation. When many many many strange things happen I took an inside on Consolo uh-huh samples from outside and sent to a lab? They tested blind and the results came back with absolutely astonishing honesty. The protein content of the siege from inside the circle was forty percent higher than the shaken for my side. Okay Okay and the action of Latin in crops with the board which I know that they did when they were faking it for these. TV shows wouldn't obviously have had that affect on the seat day. Now you know absolute deal quite correct. Yes no it. Wouldn't it wouldn't have any any any change on the team never whatsoever however as I say again things are happening which lied on the stand you mentioned the effects on people and people coming out feeling radiated etcetera tra. I know that some of your research actually has shown changes in hormone levels of people who've come into contact with crop circles are mine. Who is a nice? She's she's she's very bad withdrawal symptoms. Now she was desperate to go into a cough so and knowing that that can be ineffective as well as healing being effect. I said to I ready. Don't advise you and I'm not going to hell and in taking into suck and because you you're not well on I ready then thinking certificate. And so she was asked what she sees. CCC's so I take time to next year on signed signed stuck riches as many a hundred beneficial as possible. They WanNa Pinnacle Geico deplores North Alton ties and we'll show in nineteen ninety seven and I went down every single day from ham shop and I went into into the circle and I sound absolutely fine and I stood at the end of the field and I collected ripples from people incident. Now have over. Eight eight hundred report sent to me by people who've had strange effects but it's negative and positive when inside a circle circle in the vicinity or even watching them on the screen. Because it's all to do with anyhow the one any negative affect and so I said to Mary. Look I think if you're absolutely determined this could be the one for you would please these comma and quickly if you don't feel well so she went in with a friend of And they sat in the center of the circle. And I did this on a long because just like the taxi driver. You lose sensor time you really have no idea the Monta time two times. I've lost all sense. Sometimes when I'm sitting in this article. Say she said she didn't reading. Maybe about twenty minutes possibly more but the need resolved laws that she stopped taking for twenty four hours. Now you're quite right wrong. Because when you have falcons and you're shaking say many sometimes but second and for north to sake for a few minutes or a few odds with plentiful is I mean. That just doesn't happen and she also had this amazing sense of well-being which happens to many many people often getting into his uncle they have. They've all resented wellbeing which continues send us the many days afterwards and so this came back to me and I now what is happening. I knew perfectly well. Things were Happening to people in the field but this was astounding. Though I find people buy anything and we started doing miss as such into this and technology is yes went on methodology and. I'll take improved. I'm ready are turning point joint was in. I think it was justified. Two thousand four two thousand and five when we went into long phone denying all the natives and We were finding that people were spiking and balking softwares. We're starting to spiking in the Gamma Neville of rain activity activity now. I didn't know anything about gamma. Except that he was a very very high frequency between thirty to US on. And the second on seventy four hundred per second so I know stop on the Internet. I read copious articles and then one of them. I bond bond. Is it read that in the gamma level of rain activist. If the brain produced is safer meeting well they to me is the chemicals that is missing in most or depleted. In most Parkinson's stuff was brains negative negative and since that day for me so this is like a sort of road to Damascus experience. I go right now. We know what's happened to marry in the theater. She must have had a bus that they can mean so. I was talking about this when I was giving in next In in Homs and well quite I too few Balkans and softwares said when I listen guy guessing talked with this particular new ruler. Gist in the Midland's I didn't have any Ah That's as often my name and you know it's the crop circles. Have this offer publicity given to them. Apples ROB ISH so it. It took me about two two weeks to some enough enough courage to rings. This neurologist and I felt very brave on mornings before Volta bravery ward off. I grabs the Tennyson and I haven't the gets a neurologist. Absolutely himself on nine. So I plotted into into what I was doing. And he's taught me in mental and he said this is. This is very very interesting. Because you're following exactly the same minorly Jason. I'm following and he said when we raise off patients Never brain activity like Gamma Neville. Oh inhibits that this news. Yeah I it stops them chasing and then he said and I knew he was into say this. I'm very sorry I can't look at you. Well he couldn't he couldn't put his he was. He was a had grown from welcome and all sorts of Trust and was the name that is given to crops because he will probably still when these funding but at least I knew I was on the right track and I now have a medical equal team. I think I'm not having any song feigning behind Newcastle. Got Feeling and this is doing. I'm guessing extraordinary results. Okay well I think. If I suffered from Parkinson's I would probably make going to that particular crop circles part of my morning regime everyday. Lucy if if you could put your finger on one thing that keeps you hooked on the phenomena. What would it be? I mean it encompasses so many different things. You've got the mathematical. All you've got the unexplained element of it. You've got the artistic element of it. What element of this particular phenomena keeps you passionate about it? I can tell you that if it weren't for my research I probably would've left the the subjects along time ago but I'm fascinated in in trying to learn more and if in some ways our research could benefit the medical world and and ultimately find a cure for Parkinson's then that would be testimony off the value of the circles and to me we We know something's happening. We can't prove exactly what it is. Every Endeavour we may we are continuing and this is something that on gain to continue as long as I can. I also another thing. I notice taking people on tours to see how they react. How the energy eighty of the crop circles? Interact with them. Sometimes they didn't feel well. I say come on quick tea all the time. It seems as though in a way their the whole lives it changed and and I've had many many reports from people who seem to elections. Oh I've had so many extraordinary extraordinarily wonderful things happening by people just walking the based off that I show on the screen and it's all to do is a vibration relation because it was price tag. R`US who taught us the music a number where related and say watch. I'm guessing is this news can frequencies a move is for music of course on so you're getting frequencies coming off these formations as you watched them and there. It was a lovely reports. Yeah which I get to read to quote Psalm beneath who was watching a presentation. I did many Ago Well I did. This was was a sight and sound presentation of a whole north. Just say cup soccer off the gloves off. The crops has two wonderful background music and and she said it wasn't in your presentation on the twenty seven th of June that I realized my par- My present and Dan my future in other words. My puppets came into being the first three crops. Was that you showed me and your fights and found presentations -tations fitness so posse that I wasn't able to breeze. I had an intense release of emotions feelings of Dav released knowing meaning. Well I think that's wonderful visit. He said my purpose came into being. How many of us I can actually say we know office in life and save some of these reports I get you know a really moving and wonderful i? I think that we are just so grateful to researchers like yourself that are prepared to go out and spend the time doing this type of research and bringing this information to us because like you said right at the top of the show unfortunately mainstream media does frown upon some of the subjects. And I think that really. It's a lack of understanding on their apart. Because I think that if really they knew a little bit more about it and if maybe they took a little bit more time to take this subject seriously they might actually realize that. It's probably one of the best news stories like you said there are people that go into these circles that feel this sense of wellbeing this send and solve oneness with the universe and with other people. Almost I've heard people say who've experienced formations that they. They just had a feeling of almost minute nece that they play in a very small part in a much bigger story or qualified quite right. It's a very humbling. It's very humbling to realize it. Your justify any tiny for something which is enormous so I think that going forward would as I said. Thank you very very much for the research that you bring us keep on doing it. I think you're going to keep doing it for as long as you can anyway. I know that people who can get hold of some of the images of photographs that you've taken on. I know that you've written some really well respected books as well on the subject. So maybe you give our listeners. A little bit of an idea they can get hold of this. Yes I've been in ice it. You can buy my book. This native spoke the energy of crop circles. The science and part of the mysterious intelligence intelligence. You can buy that from my website and I'd be very happy to sign it for you. We'll say you can buy most of my other books and I have many other things. Things Wonderful Jigsaw Puzzles Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles and oh Ben Pendulum's base cards All sorts of things and every bit it every single item that you buy goes towards my research so I'm always profoundly grateful any order. I receive Z and say my calendar for this yeah They going extremely fast. They've got crop circles. The wealth was happening in the field is yeah they tape. Please please have a look my website and and help my research accident. Thank you very much indeed to yeah really appreciate you spend some time with this weekend for our listeners. And from ourselves I realized that this is going after Christmas. But we'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas. The I do too and a very prosperous happy healthy twenty twenty thank you thank you thank you look after yourself. Thanks again all the best or best buy by well. That was pretty interesting. It's going to make me want to go and research some more about Parkinson's and crop circles for sure. Yeah will you mentioned mentioned to Lucia. I didn't use that. You deal with a lot of people every day who have Parkinson's and therefore have the thought that something like this could actually benefit if it was actually quite pull resonates with have to pull together an outing and be like. Hey everybody get on the minibus. Let's go see a crop circle. Yeah yeah that'd be pretty cool and then all of a sudden they all come strutton back angle and Woohoo. There'd be more tramlines to the crop circles with you. We'll in everyone through the muscle problem. Well Yeah but the end result Your Majesty. Could you imagine whoever owned the field that that happened in. They'd be raking on some dough. Oh don't you think well if they came up with the answer to Parkinson's absolutely come visit my crop circles. Not only can give you corn but I can give you a cure here for Parkinson's yeah well no. We don't mean to make light of it. It was very nice of Lucy to come on and and and we mean no disrespect whatsoever was very interested trust in and I hope that her research does lead to something that is life changing world changing would certainly for those people who have bought Manson's definitely no. I think that if anyone can do anything with this research is Lucy. She seems very resourceful and determined to lady. I'm pretty sure. Oh shoot. Get assaulted if if ever there's anything to come out of it I'm sure she will push it to the forefront. Thank you very much again for listen to our show. We really do appreciate it. Don't forget you can pick up on all the extra information on the show notes and everything else for our website which is www dot wacky wonderful dot co dot UK. You can also contact us via the contact page. You can follow us on instagram twitter and facebook. You can also look at from Merch as well. We releasing some more merchandise soon. That's our website is well. I make sure that you go to Lucy's. She's website as she told you about earlier because even if you buy one book that will definitely help pushover. Search that little bit further. Anyway guys. Don't forget at twenty twenty is well on its way and during twenty twenty above all of the things. You have to make sure that you stay weird wacky and wonderful

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