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From new york this is democracy now twenty thousand people and under three of them very very sadly. Seven people have been killed seven of those seven victims of rings. The name is from fifteen years. Fifty seven for the second time in a month texas access has been the scene of a mash shooting but state lawmakers are continuing to loosen gun laws in texas just a day after the latest massacre. Her new laws went into effect making it easier to carry guns and texas churches schools and apartment buildings. We'll go to austin for the latest. Then hurricane are came in the midst of historic tragedy northern bahamas hurricane doreen in his continuing to wreak havoc in the bahamas where massive storms and flooding killed at least five people left many more stranded the death toll expected to rise and we'll go to hong kong as mass protests against china entered their thirteenth week. We'll speak to the man considered the father of democracy. We're seeing hong kong. Martin lee all that and more coming up welcome to democracy. I see now democracy now dot org the warren peace report. I'm amy goodman. A gunman killed seven people and injured twenty two others on saturday in the city of edessa in western texas. The injured included a seventeen month. Old girl police have identified the gunman as thirty six year old seth a tour and said he went on the rampage just hours after he was fired from his trucking job. Police say the massacre began after an officer pulled him over for failing to use a turn signal. He then reportedly opened fire using an a._r. Fifteen style weapon before speeding away soon after he began shooting randomly at residents and motorists at one point ditching his car to hijack a postal truck. He killed the woman driving the truck. He died in a shootout with police outside a movie theater in odessa. A neighbor of the alleged gunman told c._n._n. She reported him to police just last month after he threatened her with a rifle but police apparently never visited visited his house because they couldn't find the property on g._p._s. Maps the shooting came less than a month. After twenty. Two people were shot dead in a walmart mart in el paso less than one day after the odessa mass shooting a series of new laws weakening firearm regulations went into effect in texas among other things the new bills will make it easier to carry guns at schools places of worship and in disaster zones the n._r._a. Held the bills calling the latest legislative late of session quote highly successful texas republican governor greg abbott has repeatedly backed measures expanding gun ownership in two thousand fifteen. He tweeted needed. I'm embarrassed texas number two and nation for new gun purchases behind california. Let's pick up the pace texans n._r._a. Following the shooting a slew of democratic lawmakers including twenty twenty candidates and congressional leaders called again for legislative action on gun control roll many calling for an assault weapons ban will have more on the story after headlines in more news about gun violence federal court ruled survivors survivors and relatives of victims of two thousand fifteen massacre at mother emmanuel ame church in charleston south carolina ken sue the u._s. government for its failure in the firearms background check system nine black worshipers were killed in the mass shooting dylann roof purchased a semiautomatic pesto from a licensed gun seller but the agent who was charged with verifying his background failed to obtain a police report of a pass drug related infraction which would and barred him from legally acquiring the the weapon following the shooting then f._b._i. Director james comey admitted he should not have been permitted to purchase the gone. Dylann roof was found guilty on thirty three counts of federal hate crimes and sentenced to death in two thousand seventeen hurricane doreen is continuing to devastate the bahamas where deadly winds and flooding killed five people left many more stranded in the grand bahama islands over the weekend at one point point. The storm was the second most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the atlantic ocean. It pummeled the bahamas with winds up to one hundred eighty miles per hour before for stalling over the region. This is prime minister of the bahamas hubert minutes in the midst of historic tragedy in parts of northern bahamas mission and focus now is such rescue and recovery. I honestly press for those in affected areas and for our first responders hurricane doreen made landfall as category five storm but president trump claimed over the weekend he'd never heard of category five the u._s. has in fact been threatened by four category five storms during trump's presidency alone trump also denied knowing what a category five storm was in two thousand seventeen when hurricane irma struck florida and in two thousand eighteen when hurricane michael had florida trump also caused confusion sunday by falsely suggesting alabama would be hurt by hurricane dorian his his tweet one of at least one hundred twenty two he posted this weekend was quickly denied by the national weather service trump's spat the long weekend golfing it is club in virginia despite the hurricane and the massacre in west texas story and it's expected to continue its destructive path toward florida georgia and the carolinas us. We'll have more on hurricane. Dorian later in the broadcast in afghanistan bomb blasts shook kabul monday the u._s. presented a draft deal to draw down its military presence monday's blast which killed at least sixteen people and wounded over one hundred others rattled compound used by international organizations. The taliban has claimed responsibility for the bombing which followed attacks in recent days to major cities in northern afghanistan. The news came special u._s. On vie to <music> afghanistan zalmay khalilzad said the taliban and the u._s. have reached an agreement in principle to withdraw over five thousand troops within five months of the d._o. Being finalized the us envoy presented the deal to afghan president ashraf ghani but the afghan government has not participated in the peace talks between the taliban taliban and the united states meanwhile senior white house advisers are seeking to expand the c._i._a.'s presence afghanistan is troops start to withdraw according into a report in the new york times the c._i._a. Presence would include the creation of new counterterrorism militia forces but c._i._a. Director gina hospital reportedly has raised concerns concerns about the idea. The taliban has said the cia must also leave the country along with the military in india. Nearly two million people in the state of awesome are at risk of being rendered stateless. After the government published its national register of citizens last saturday the highly contested register which i created one thousand nine hundred fifty one less people who are able to prove they came to the state by march twenty fourth nineteen seventy-one one day before neighboring bangladesh declared independence from pakistan. The indian government says the list helps identify bangladeshi migrants who are not legal citizens residents critics say it is an attempt up to deport millions of muslims residents suspected of being foreigners can be rounded up and sent to prison camps some residents who do not appear on the list of one hundred twenty days to appeal their exclusion before so-called foreigner tribunals this lawmaker us. He didn't say i've spoken to many. It'd be put off. Some tell me that did a father's name is included but the children's david gloria so i hope that <hes> the foreigners ernest will act in a more judicious way because of the parents name is dead and the children's names are not there. I'm pretty much sure because one hundred twenty days time there's been given people will definitely appeal in hong kong as mass protests entered their thirteen th week in a detoro by china's shin cross state news agency warned sunday quote the end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong kong antagonize china unquote on saturday chinese state television broadcast footage of paramilitary the military police conducting drills in the border city of shenzhen with a caption that read able to attack at any time the ominous warnings came as students took to the streets. It's monday cutting classes on the first day of the new term. The student demonstration followed another weekend of clashes between protesters and police forces with dozens of reported arrests. Meanwhile meanwhile hong kong's chief executive carry lamb said today. She's never attempted to resign from her position. After a leaked audio recording revealed she told business leaders she would quit if she could. We'll have more on hong kong later. In the broadcast with martin lee the founding chairman of the democratic party of hong kong in britain as the battle over brexit heats up prime minister boris boris johnson has warned rebel members of parliament. They will face a snap election in october. Just two weeks before britain is scheduled to exit the european union if they don't support him the the ultimatum came as lawmakers prepare to vote on a bill that would require johnson to extend the brexit deadline to the thirty first of january unless parliament either comes is to an agreement on a deal or approve no deal scenario meanwhile legal proceedings are underway in scotland attempting to overturn the plan suspension of parliament announced by prime minister johnson last week tens of thousands of taken to the streets across u k for the stop the coup demonstrations in germany regional election so the far right party alternative for deutschland make its largest gains ever sunday coming in second place behind germany's main centrist parties including chancellor angela merkel centre inter right christian democratic party. The elections were held on the eightieth anniversary of the nazi invasion of poland german president frank-walter steinmeier on sunday. Ask poland for forgiveness for the nazi invasion in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine u. N. investigators said tuesday the united states britain and france may be complicit war crimes. He's by arming. The saudi led coalition. That's led a bombing campaign in yemen which has killed tens of thousands since two thousand fifteen and caused the death by starvation of an estimated eighty five five thousand children this comes this aid workers say over one hundred people were likely killed sunday when <unk> air raids launched by the u._s. Back saudi led coalition level to prison in the southwestern in city of dhamar. This is hamad a prisoner who survived sunday's attack. Yeah i need my so. The first strike came with the plane by the window. I then went under the windows. The walls came tumbling down my back. There were eight people in the room and a total of one hundred after into the air strikes after about half an hour to an hour. They came to rescue people in the rooms yelling. I was yelling from underneath the rubble twenty twenty presidential hopeful bernie sanders. I who spearheaded the senate's passage of war powers resolution that would end u._s. Involvement in the yemen war tweeted quote u._s. bombs logistical support and intelligence for the saudi. Hey dictatorships airstrikes make us complicit in this nightmare congress declared this war unconstitutional. We must now stand up to trump and de-fund all u._s. Involvement mint in these horrors sander said tensions between israel and hezbollah are mounting is both parties exchanged fire across the lebanese border sunday the israeli military -tary senate fired into southern lebanon after hezbollah missiles were launched at an army base near the border while hezbollah said it was responding to a drone attack by israeli forces hezbollah leader side has son nassrallah said monday the exchange of fire had launched a new phase in the conflict with israel and that the new focus would be on targeting are getting israeli drones that breach lebanese airspace in colombia right wing president said friday nine former farc rebels including commander were killed killed in a bombing raid last week group of former farc rebels announced they were taking up arms again accusing the colombian government failing to live up to the two thousand sixteen peace accord that that ended fifty years of fighting in more news from columbia. A mayoral candidate for the town of suarez in the coco region was killed along with at least four others walk campaigning sunday. Karina garcia is the fifth candidate to be killed ahead of municipal elections next month. Garcia would have been the first female mayor of suarez. She was recently recently threatened by armed men but refused to back down publicly denouncing the attacks on her campaign back in the united states the u._s. Coast guard has recovered twenty five. I bodies while another nine or still missing after a commercial diving boat caught fire in the early hours monday morning off the coast of santa cruz in southern california five five crew members were able to escape after the blaze started authorities have yet to determine the cause of the fire and a seventeen year old palestinian student who was denied denied entry into the united states last month will start classes with his fellow harvard freshman today after he returned to the united states over the weekend a smile a cia was turned away at boston's logan airport just under two weeks ago after being interrogated by immigration officials about his religion and social media yeah posts by friends that were critical of u._s. Policy he was then forced to return home to lebanon but his case provoked outrage on the harvard campus among some palestinian rights and academic freedom groups theodore a tooth the president of amad east the educational nonprofit that granted a scholarship to a jolly said seddon statement quote. We are pleased that it's miles. Harvard dream will come true after all is smile is a bright young man whose hard work intelligence and drive enabled him to overcome the challenges that palestinian refugee youth continue to face in order to earn a scholarship he said and those are some of the headlines. This is democracy now. Democracy democracy now dot o._r._g. The warren peace report. I'm amy goodman gonzalez welcome to all of our listeners and viewers across the country and around the world we begin today's today's show in west texas where gunmen killed seven people and injured twenty two others on saturday. The injured included a seventeen month old girl. The shooting in came less than a month. After twenty. Two people were shot dead in a walmart and apostle police have identified the gunman and saturday's shooting thirty six year old seth outdoor talk. The gunman went on the rampage just hours after he was fired from his trucking job. The deadly string of events began when a midland police officer pulled over for failing to use his signal police then opened fire using an a._r. Fifteen style weapon before speeding away he then began shooting according to random residents and motorists at one point that gunman ditched his car and hijacked a postal truck while containing to shoot random victims the rampage and twenty miles away when the gunman died in a shootout with police outside a movie theater in the city of odessa speaking to local t._v. Station news west nine shawna saxton described barely escaping the mass shooter. The gun was coming up and it was coming at me and he was looking at his gun and he was looking at me and the gun came up like this and i mean it was i freaked out. There is a gun. He's got a gun in that moment. I knew that ah it was for me. I knew i knew he was trying. He was going to try to kill me. My thoughts went immediately to my a grandson and i thought no way and i just started swerving and changing and shifting and honking like crazy easy and i thought oh my gosh what if he shoots through the door of my grandsons in the back seat he was right there. I don't know how he didn't hit now. Seven people didn't they didn't have the same outcome. I don't i have no words is sauce. I'm so sad for their family. It's unclear how the gunman obtain the a._r. Fifteen style weapon authorities say he failed a background check but did not elaborate as to why a neighbor of the gunman told c._n._n. She reported the gunman to police just last month after he threatened her with a rifle but police apparently apparently never visited his house because they couldn't find it after didn't show up on g._p._s. according to police. The gunman called nine one one and the f._b._i. B._i. national tip line shortly before he began the shooting rampage but didn't make any threats of violence while texas is is grappling with the fallout from another mass shooting eight new laws easing gun restrictions went into effect in texas sunday. It's now easier to carry guns and texas churches churches schools and apartment buildings. We go to the capital of texas now austin where we're joined by its scruggs the president of the board of directors and spokesperson for texas. This gun sense at scruggs woke him to democracy now our condolences your whole stayed in our country again the second massacre within a month. What should we know about what took place and what you believe needs to happen while the state is is reeling from this latest incident. I was really moved by the quotes in your video piece right before this of the woman who <hes> barely got away. I think many people in this state feel the same way it is. It's becoming a crisis. There are people not not willing to go out in public not willing to go to outdoor events or afraid to go to the movie theater. There's really a sense here that it borders between anger and hopelessness. People don't really believe we can stop this and it has people very unsettled old. The odessa incident is terrifying because of its random nature but also its mobility through two cities over for more than an hour. I have a really good friend. Her mom was on lockdown a short distance away from where this happened. People believed there was two shooters for some time it was truly terrifying and just when you think it couldn't get worse than el paso so yeah it is it is a big problem problem here and we have to do something but it's corrupt considering the <hes> <hes> these latest incidents and the continuous you say public concern about shootings of this type. How do you explain these new laws which would include such things as now you can carry a gone on into a church or synagogue or mosque unless there's a sign that specifically prohibits you from doing that that allows that landlords are no longer permitted you to to <hes> to ban a gun own guns in their apartment buildings they rent to others or or that foster families can now store their guns and ammunition together whereas previously they were required legally to keep them separate store them separately. I i would say welcome to the texas legislature because these these laws passed <hes> earlier in the year. Our legislative session ended in june. <hes> and this came on the heels of the santa fe high school shooting last year so we were supposed to get together and do some things to prevent gun violence and instead the n._r._a. And and the legislative majority just expanded gun rights. This basically happens every session. I would describe the n._r._a. And their forces and the legislature is almost a flesh eating bacteria in that they try to get any little piece they can. We don't hear about a lot of those during the session because it's not always big issues they go after the goal is to expose more elements of the society to firearms they want to make them more available salable and available everywhere at all times and this is how they do it by these little laws it really came home to roost after el paso owen now edessa because people see that the state government really is not committed to reducing gun violence they refuse who's to admit that guns play a role in gun violence and we see this as an example now now our governor he has convened a few roundtables he you did after santa fe he did after paso which i took part in those i believe truly he has an interest in trying to <hes> to cut gun violence but from a policy perspective the legislative majority in the state just isn't there. They can't get their act together. They don't have any room to move. We're hoping now after odessa. We might get something but it'll take a special legislative session which he doesn't want to call. We'll see there. Were some tweets overnight that <hes> somewhat cryptic. We have to figure out today where the governor said he'd like to see a swifter implementation of the death penalty for mass shooters. I don't really know how that's going to help anything but we'll need to look into that on monday. The republican governor greg abbott and and seemed to dismiss calls for universal background checks tweeting not only did the odessa gunman have a criminal history. He also previously failed a gun purchase background check in texas and he didn't go through a background check for the gun. He used a new desa. We must keep guns out of criminals hands also in two thousand fifteen governor abbot tweeted we did. I'm embarrassed texas number to a nation for new gun purchases behind california. Let's pick up the pace texans at n._r._a. He he said scruggs talk about governor abbot. I presume you if met with ten. He has said he is meeting with all sides talk about these comments well. I think what it does illustrate the juxtaposition between the appealing to the base and and then having a rational policy discussion the tweet was an appeal to the base c. <hes> very red meat to grand appeal on guns. John's the comments about background checks. It's a little disconcerting to me. I don't really understand that because if he failed a background check but yeah we want to keep the gun out of his hands. How do we do that. I know from meeting with the governor two weeks ago on the round table. There was a lot of discussion about the tremendous holes in our background checks sas after the attacks nascar now after the el paso massacre that we had extensive discussions about how faulty the background check system is how many holes there are in it what we can do to plug some of those holes they didn't go as far as as expressing desire for universal background checks but there was discussion of a need to plug the gun show loophole the internet loophole will some things of that nature to stop what they call stranger to stranger sales. The governor even said if you're going to sell a gun like that. How do you know you're not selling a gun to a terrorist or criminal exactly. Let's plug those holes and at least make it more difficult wonder no obligation to make make it easier for someone like the odessa shooter to buy a firearm. He failed that first background check. They're not giving us all the details yet. Which makes me suspicious. There are so many ways in texas to get around the background check law that are legal still and we need to know how he did that and they need to tell us right away because we cannot fix this problem unless we need unless we know the facts and the people are demanding that we do something now so we need to know what really happened. Let scruggs. I wanted to ask you about the tweet obe another top texas official. I'm talking about senator ted. Cruz the far right of news website of breitbart recently ran an article headlined quote at least twenty people were shot seven fatally during the first first half of labor day weekend in democrat controlled chicago on monday republican senator ted cruz of texas tweeted the articles and then said quote gun control doesn't work look chicago. Disarming law-abiding citizens isn't the answer stopping violent criminals prosecuting and getting them off the streets before more that commit more violent crimes is the most effective way to reduce murder rates. Let's protect our citizens. I'm wondering about your reaction to that and also this whole issue but there are many many many more people being killed by guns in an american streets one by one two at a time not necessarily in these mass shootings and how sure how efforts to control guns might respond to that issue well the using the chicago trope uh. I guess you'd call it. I that's just deflection just denying the fact that chicago's right next to indiana with very very lax gun laws is that there's actually a railroad of illegal guns flowing up to chicago from other states. <hes> you know they just never wanna talk about that of course and to say that <hes> gun control doesn't work well. How would they know we have this patchwork of laws around the country that makes it so easy to get around things because folks like senator. Cruz won't take the tough votes on federal legislation. Maybe he should think about that but <hes> the the issue of violence in the streets and violence and urban areas of course it's a major problem and people do need to realize that far more people die in incidents such as that a- as well as incidents involving domestic violence and especially suicide than they do in mass shootings but that's the problem that that that america has in dealing with gun violence you you can't look at it as one type of gun violence here and another type over there it is it is a comprehensive solution that is needed to address the overwhelming availability of firearms and every corner of this nation and how easy it is to get around our house a gun for every person you need comprehensive regulation and reform in order to tackle that problem scratch. You have the quinnipiac poll that just came out universal background checks ninety. Three percent of americans want them requiring a license to purchase just a gun eighty two percent red flag laws eighty percent of ben on sold weapons more than half the population sixty percent of americans want an <unk> an assault weapons ban and at the same time you have the n._r._a. Imploding <hes> being investigated for corruption one board member after another leaving the head oliver oliver north forced out and yet wayne lapierre continues to speak directly to the president of the united states yeah <hes> that says a lot about our political system and the corruption within it and so forth <hes> look the american people i think the average american has they've decided how they wanna see this problem with but in reality our government it has a full menu of options that could choose choose from to try to tackle this problem but for the last how many years now we're just not even looking at the menu we're trying everything but those options usually involving all being increasing the availability of firearms and it hasn't worked so the american people are saying hey. Why aren't you at least trying some of these things. That's why universal universal background checks you mentioned ninety three percent approval red flag or extreme risk protective order laws very very high approval as well if they were gonna do anything start there because they form a foundation of trying to keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them but then even though there's overwhelming support the way that congress work works the way legislators work they're more beholden in many cases to the donors and the coalitions that brought them into power so they won't allow that they'll come up with excuses such as well. I don't want to ask the government's permission to exercise my constitutional rights. What does that mean. It doesn't mean anything and so you get all of this conflation. You get everyone blaming being mental illness. I mean they just talk around the problem. Now they're talking about the death penalty anything they can do to not talk about the gun and old people see through that but our avenues to do anything about it or gunman's neighbor who said he would shoot-off guns at night. One time came to her door with a rifle. In so many mass shootings we find that the alleged gunman has a history of terrorizing women in this case she even called the police and the police said they couldn't find her neighbors where he lived on g._p._s. map so they left in. You wanna talk about a red flag. That's multiple red flags right there. What i find interesting is that after through the el paso massacre we have the governor state officials federal officials saying well a red flag law wouldn't have done anything to stop that <hes> so now we have the odessa shooting where clearly a red flag law might have been able to stop that and then they say background checks wouldn't have stopped that <hes> as you can see this game that goes on is always. It's kind of like deflect deflect deflect. I know rational people see through that but what what about our leaders i mean obviously feel accountable enough to us to admit the truth and we'll see what happens as congress comes back and people mobilize all over the country had scrubbed greg. Thank you for being with us president the directors and spokesperson for texas gun sense when we come back herculean dorian. Thank you so much. Hurricane dorian leaves five five dead in the bahamas. At least the destruction is enormous at one point the storm the second most powerful hurricane ever recorded according to the atlantic ocean. We'll speak with the man from the bahamas as well as a citizen of the united states born in the virgin islands highlands a u. s. territory stay with us with a as you <music>. Eh kids yeah <music> the long way down by hayden. This is democracy. Now i mean he couldn't with juan gonzalez us little hurricane. Doreen is continuing to wreak havoc in the baha- in the bahamas where massive storms and flooding killed at least five people and left many more stranded stranded on the grand bahama buckle islands over the weekend. The storm pummeled the islands throughout monday. After making landfall sunday's a category five storm with sustained winds up to one hundred eighty five miles per hour the hurricane which has now been downgraded to a category three continued to be stalled in the region tuesday. This is the prime minister of the bahamas hubert minute's speaking at a news conference catastrophic damage to follow all lines down fumbles. Ulm hurricane dorian is the second strongest storm ever measured in the atlantic. It's tied for the most powerful alantic hurricane ever to make landfall. It's expected to continue a destructive path toward florida. The non to georgia and south carolina made landfall as a category five storm but president trump claimed over the weekend. He'd never heard of category five. You don't even know what something is. Always does always is possibly the biggest. I have not sure. I'm not sure that i've ever heard of category five. I knew it existed and i've seen some categories worship russian category find something that i never even heard the term other than is there see alternate. That's what we have unfortunately take. The u._s. has been threatened by four category five storms during trump's presidency he also denied knowing what a category five storm was in two thousand seventeen seventeen when hurricane irma struck florida and in two thousand eighteen when hurricane michael had florida this is the fourth year in a row category five storm in the atlantic and in climate study suggests this trend will only worsen over time with the climate crisis trump also caused confusion sunday by falsely suggesting alabama would be hit by hurricane dorian. He repeated this his tweet. One of one hundred twenty two he posted this weekend was quickly refuted by the national. A weather service trump spent the long weekend golfing at his club in virginia despite the hurricane and the massacre in west texas that first clip we heard was the foreign minister for the bahamas darren hen field this is the prime minister of the bahamas hubert menace speaking at a news conference in the midst of historic star tragedy in parts of northern bahamas mission and focus now is such rescue you and recovery actually oppress for those in affected areas and for our first responders for more. We're joined by two guests in chicago christian campbell's with us. He is a poet scholar and s._a._s. From the bahamas family lives in nasa he was born in grand bahama visiting <unk> artist at the art institute of chicago author of poetry collection called running the dusk and atlanta georgia were joined by tiffany an award-winning poet and novelist from the u._s. Virgin island island of saint thomas which was hit by hurricanes irma as a category five stir storm in two thousand seventeen associate professor in the english department at emory and the author author of the poetry collection wife and the novel land of love and drowning a christian campbell. Let's start with you. You were born in and grew up in the bahamas. What have you heard what about what's happening there right now the hurricane almost stopping on top of the bahamas right now and devastating dating <hes> the islands of which there are hundreds good morning amy <hes> thank you for having having me on the program i've been in constant touch with my family and many other loved ones as you know the a hurricane has demolished avocado and is now hovering over grand bahama where i was born so what's happening. Now are <hes> many bahamians online are are trying into contact loved ones are reaching out through facebook and twitter because some many phones are down and trying to identify loved ones and and find ways to support and evacuate it is it's an unprecedented disaster and i also want and to say <hes> first and foremost condolences to the families of those who have lost loved ones including a child and christian campbell. What about the what do you know in terms of the haitian migrants quite a number of haitian migrants in the bahamas hamas and their condition right now absolutely absolutely well one of the things that these natural unnatural disasters reveal is is how those most vulnerable are disproportionately shortly affected and as i understand in arbuckle in particular where there is a large population of haitian migrants agri- that the community in which they live has been destroyed and engulfed and many many of them have how to escape to to shelters we're also joined by tiffany anemic who i was born in the virgin islands the virgin island of saint thomas interestingly u._s. virgin islands were bought from from denmark by the united states in one thousand nine hundred seventeen for twenty five million dollars that doesn't have i don't know if it has an an impact on what we're seeing today but <hes> professor <hes> unique you have said that the caribbean is ground zero for for the climate crisis and i wanna say in the non stop coverage in the networks and of course it should be nonstop coverage. What's happening with this hurricane. There is almost no mention of climate change. Yes so good morning amy good morning one. Thank you for having me again. The truth is that these storms that are hitting the caribbean with this tense magnitude are historic unprecedented and and these storms are manmade storms. When i was growing up in the caribbean we would get really dangerous storms once a decade and now we're beginning to see them. Regularly the virgin islands was hit by two category five storms only two years ago while president trump indeed was our president category. Five storms are my and maria in two thousand seventeen and to see now <hes> that the coverage edge is saying things like <hes> dorian is going to hit the united states later today is incredibly insulting and ongoing insult to the people of the united states virgin islands because dorian hit the united states virgin islands on august twenty eighth when it hits saint thomas and saint john it's as dr campbell said it is quite ironic and saddening that the people who are most vulnerable all these manmade storms are the ones who <hes> in all cases are not the contributing factors to the carbon emissions that are causing these storms arms. <hes> these storms are being caused a huge part because of capital u._s. North american capital and places like the virgin allen's and the bahamas are the ones that are most vulnerable to these things. I wanted to ask you in terms of the of the potential impact because we're at the beginning of hurricane season for the caribbean what the caribbean is facing now. Clearly we're talking about. One of the most powerful storms recorded in atlantic history but the actual recording of hurricane speeds didn't begin until the one thousand nine hundred sixties so we really don't no comparison to what happened in the early twentieth century or late nineteenth century how these storms compare but there's no doubt that there have been increasing numbers of of ever more powerful storms your sense as the caribbean braces for another hurricane season what folks are thinking about their the truth is writers leaders from the caribbean such as myself edward don takata tobias book khelil doctor campbell himself are writing about the importance of paying attention then to the storms and how the caribbean all our islands are incredibly vulnerable. We are looking at a category one storm hitting the u._s. Virgin islands in august two twenty twenty eighth hurricane season goes until november thirtieth and september is our most dangerous wrestle. Month and september has only just begun though waters are incredibly warm. Climate change is real and it is impacting places places that are low lying like small islands in the caribbean <hes> with with incredible incredible pain and suffering right now. The people in the virgin islands are experiencing. I would say a form of p._t._s._d. When we were told that the storms are going to hit the virgin islands we were told that this storm dorian ryan was going to be really not much. Maybe wouldn't even make it to a category one storm and it hit the virgin islands as a direct hit as category one. We were not prepared. Nobody was bordering up their windows. I was on the phone with friends and family at the time and people were saying the storm thermos fine but then by the end of the conversation. Maybe just twenty minutes into our conversation and people were saying well the leaves off the trees. Now i have to go and board up my house. We weren't prepared and we are still actually suffering from the storms that hit in two thousand seventeen so to say that we are not prepared is hugely in part because fema 's work and most version islanders would say this females work from two thousand and seventeen is not yet completed so the fact that we now need fema to come back and reassess in the wake of hurricane. Doreen is just compounding the problems people are afraid we are scared. I would say the emotional health of individuals in the virgin islands is something that fema needs to be paying attention to as well. We're still suffering from two two years ago so to be facing a hurricane season that is still three months left to go is incredibly distressing. Now the bahamas doctor campbell are an independent commonwealth one of the richest countries in the americas after the united states and canada <hes> thanks to tourism awesome <hes> offshore finance <hes> ninety percent of the population is afro bahamian defend descendants of enslaved people of course and also people who has fled slavery in the united states <hes> to go to the bahamas <hes>. Can you describe describe your country and what you think needs to happen right now. Well i think the thing that i want to begin with given even international media. Misinformation is that <hes> the bahamas is not a sort of single island highland stereotypical tourist paradise. It is one of the most complex and unique geographical spaces in this hemisphere in fact. There's nothing like it. It is an archipelago or chain of islands and keys of over seven hundred islands and keys within the larger archipelago of the caribbean and so just to add to one thing the professor unique said is that <hes> <hes> even though it was completely or almost completely erasing international media the bahamas was also hit by hurricane. Irma very small island near cuba called ragged island was devastated by hurricane irma. It had to be completely evacuated. Did it still is in the process of being rebuilt. You know we're still dealing with that trauma and that physical and also cultural displacement because when you the bahamas it ranges from near the islands range from near to haiti and cuba in the south to near to florida in the north so in terms of geography where my family as for instance in nassau were extremely fortunate that they were spared. They weren't hit was arbuckle. It is albacore when the grand bahama which are in the northern part of the bahamas and just to continue with points you made in me. Is that <hes> absolutely <hes> mm. We must take what you say about. The bomb is one of the richest countries <hes> <hes> in the region. The tourism industry which is the main source economic source is extremely fragile and extremely precarious carries industry and also that the bahamas like the rest of the caribbean is extremely vulnerable also due to the uh ongoing legacy of colonialism. The legacy of slavery and indenture manifested in systemic global exploitation show on local corruption as well well. We're gonna have to leave it there now. But of course we'll continue to follow this. We wanna thank you dr christian campbell the hangman poet it's scholar and s._a._s. His family lives in nassau born in grand bahama visiting artist at the ordinance to chicago and thank you to professor tiffany a neak award winning poet and novelist novelists from the u._s. Virgin island of saint thomas which was hit by hurricane or as a category five storm in two thousand seventeen when we come back we go to hong kong as the mass protests against is china enter their fourth month. Stay with us <music>. The was your <music> this any in my area aw cute five years this is democracy. Now i mean he goodman with one gonzales. The end is coming for those attempting to disrupt hong. Kong and antagonize is china. That was a message in an editorial in china's state news agency sunday following another weekend of mass protests in hong kong for thirteen weeks. Exp protesters have been calling for greater political freedom and this scrapping of a controversial extradition bill with china for the past two days. Thousands of students have boycotted the beginning of classes on sunday protesters return to hong kong airport where they barricaded roads in an attempt to shut down the airport again on on saturday. Police fired tear gas and water cannons during a chaotic night of street demonstrations. Some mass protestors were seen throwing molotov cocktails at the police while the protests protests intensify chinese state television is broadcast footage of paramilitary police conducting drills in the border city of shenzhen with a caption in that red able to attack it anytime we go now to hong kong where we're joined by martin lay a former politician founding chair of the democratic party of hong kong. He's been nicknamed. I'm the father of democracy in hong kong martin lee welcome to democracy now. Can you explain what's happening in the significant says the protests enter the the fourth month how these protests changed and are you concerned about. <hes> chinese police authorities coming over from the mainland. We're also facing a hurricane of great proportions. It's <hes> of another different kinds of political hurricane which has been hitting us for months. Now it can be stopped by dongguan government but they're not doing doing anything and indeed the hong kong government is dysfunctional so they are riotous situations in hong kong by the demonstrators but they only damaging government property but the believes in carry out their duties clearly have used excessive falls so they are committing violence of another kind vowed into the person and the government has been shouting eh demonstrators to stop but this nothing in relation to the violence coming from their own police force and so we are still waiting and see when the government actually designed to do something about it it could certainly stop the whole thing by doing some something simple and reasonable by exceeding to some of the very reasonable request chris of the demonstrators for example by scrapping this bill which clearly should not have been brought up at all and also by appointing a an independent commission of inquiry chaired by a judge for example and these things can be done but the government is not doing anything about it now martin league chari land the administrator did <hes> did suspend the the extradition law what what what what are the key demands of the protesters. You're saying that there are basically two demands. The total abrogation of this law not says it suspension and and don could could you talk about what the key demands are and what the law is. These are the two key demands it's but of course there are three others but these to have the support of a huge percentage of the people of hong kong including the normal supporters of beijing aging. We've got eighty percents of part of these two reasonable demands and the the kennedy lamb said that the bill is good as did the my aunts. This is if it is dead. Why don't you bury it and the other one is appointment of an independent commission of inquiry and she says no oh but it will be investigated into a police body. Now it's not independent and and the british government has been ruin hongo for more than one hundred years and whenever there is a big thing like that the answer is always two point an independent commission of inquiry quality but not when which is in fact <hes> concerned with the police. Only i wanted to ask what the the ultimate goal of the demonstrations are and this would also go to what is the extradition bill that people object to so much alternate lately is the goal <hes> more autonomy for hong kong. Is it a protest against authoritarianism awesome of china or is it ultimately a protest for independence. I i still think that today in hong kong there's not much support a toll for independence because we know that it's not possible but there's a lot of people who young people who are very angry by the government because democracy actually has been promised to hong kong as round as a high degree of autonomy namely apart from defense and foreign affairs which are reserved at the central government under this british agreement with china co the sino british additional declaration which also promise that hong kong people would be masters of our own house so there would be democracy and under the basic law we were promised there would be could have genuine universal suffrage ten years after the handover but this is already ready to twenty third year we do have a date now before us as to when we can achieve this ultimate abe so hong kong people now want more than anything else does the high degree of autonomy and democracy both of which have been promised we are not asking for anything more than what's already promised and martin lee what do you make of <hes> some reports that carrie lam has indicated that she would like to quit but feels she can't is is there any conflict from your sense between the hong kong authorities and the chinese communist party and the chinese government authorities at this point. I know what exactly happened. Only she can tell but she's been saying one thing and then denying it later now it is certain not inconceivable at all and in fact i think it's very likely that a person background she was a civil servant trained by the british to actually offer her resignation when it is obvious to her that she can't do anything about this stalemate and but of course knowing beijing as some of us do by observing their track record's beijing gunman would not permit her to do so the beijing income and wants to clear up the mess before pepsi center go and appointed another chief executive to succeed with with a clean slate to there's not surprising at all that even if she attended resignation which you know denies having done beijing will not accept it your message martin lee to those in mainland china who see the hong kong protests says a kind of western coup challenging challenging china's control of the territory. You came to the united states. <hes> in may you met with secretary of state. Mike pompeo a what was your message and also your response to those who see this as the west is behind what's happening with these protests in hong kong well although the agreement between britain china is called the joint declaration registered with the united nations when it was first announced and in september nineteen eighty-four both governments actually wanted the international international community to support the agreement by lobbying for support from the u._s. Government and a lot of other governments so that the immigration <unk> tied from hong kong would seize so these government did give the public support and the immigration tied stopped at the time so it certainly open to these over foreign governments to raise the matter with the chinese government and say okay you wanted us to support your one country two systems policy we did supported. We still support it but now you're not honoring it. You're not wondering what you promise the promises you made to the people of hong kong into the industry and to the international community so we we've raised these matters with your congress and also with mike pompeo and look things are not going brightly for hong kong and you owed uncle people at lisa votto obligation to speak up for us. We're gonna have to leave it there but we're going true and posted online at democracy now. I'm amy goodman with gonzalez our guest martin lee former hong kong politician. I made me get anyone.

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