St. Patrick's Day Chaos


Your home is more connected than ever so when one kid is school in the competition. Audit is getting schooled country powerhouse of the south and you're streaming a webinar for work and the latest episode of your favourite show at the same time your wifi needs to be able to handle it. That's why expanded. He never stops working to bring you faster more reliable wifi so you can do it all at the same time. Xfinity the future of awesome learn more at xfinity dot com to four. Would you talk about on your on. Your podcast ran presents. Show here it is the saint patrick's day edition of the fifteen minute morning. Show podcast hello there by little chalet lease. Hello lots of green green. A little bit of green in here now counts. we'll take. What is ours bellies sticking up. Let me see that again. They're very convincing. Gandhi not wearing green agree yup. Oh you are wearing greet. There's foggy definitely wearing green daniels wearing green Gary's wearing black. Yeah of course garrett wearing green and scotty me. There's your green and brownie screen on. He's got jets jets shared on can't see brody. He's in. I can't see him. He's got gangrene limited edition. Lucky charms that. Turn your milk green. Drink the milk. After like i mean. It's green milk. Are you going to drink the green milk when you're done with this series of course tastes better. Oh please be careful because you have no idea how old the milkin scotty b.'s. Studio f already. Green without the serial. If you were caught not wearing green on saint patrick's as in you could be pinched. People could really. Oh yeah that's how. That's how i always. I always got pinched. Because i always forgot about it because it's not a big holiday for indians but i appreciate it. Okay cassette tape green in any of those labels now. There's nothing no fairness scary. Said he only has five t shirts so that's one of five that he's wearing today all right. What do you guys want to do today. 'cause i'm just going to eat my lucky charms. We'd have a game we play. We always liked playing games when they usually does the games. But he's on a phone call. Why is your phone call. He knows this is the time for the podcast. Why would he take a phone call. Eight am i the only one that an elementary school. We made irish soda bread on saint patrick's to know. Yeah we're what that is. Oh you never. What was the question. I say alimentary school. Am i the only one that irish soda bread every saint patrick's day. They brought us to the kitchen and we made irish soda. Cool can't do that anymore. Scotty no you can't can't have the holidays that enough. I anything not trying to take care of the interview anymore right. So we're we're so we still have no plan for this fifteen minute. Morning show podcast. We could play thing It's brody we. Were talking about scotty soda. That should give us twenty seconds should cease it together second by second the soda bread and had sex with it. We gotta show. I'm just afraid he don't have anything gross to contribute nothing going on soda scary got yelled at because he went on our show and said saint patrick's day basically just for american irish to go out and get drunk and i'll actually all of us is what you excuse for americans in general to go out and drink you yelled at someone on texts scary. Shut the fuck up too. Many irish americans. It's much more than an excuse to drink. What a loser. Loser is a stereotype about about the irish the saint patrick's day and drinking a holiday for rigging. And why do you think stereotypes because they are slow. All god shot enough to. They're explain yourself but know who most irish people. I'm no make jokes about drinking on saint patrick's day drinking funerals use it. You know the irish exit you we all know about this holiday and i hear that in ireland. It celebrated a lot differently. We asked here on this show. What is why do we celebrate saint patrick's day in america. And all. i'm telling you is. It's an excuse for americans to drink like the non irish people. Now if you are irish is please let me know what. Give me more background. You're like coming. We'll garrett's irish ask him garrett garrison. It's scary if you have to go with the defensive. Well it's a stereotype so it has to be true stereo types. Don't you look at the shirt you're wearing with a career belly. Irish guy with a bow tie in a beer belly l. True right of course churn okay. Some people can play into it in just like many people amongst friends. You either go with the joke or you take offense to it for many irish catholics out. There this is a very very big holiday. You know the okay. That's out there so to stereotype out there you know like does every single. Italian meat meatballs the pizza. No do they do. Somebody crass archaic laugh. Because i have a sense of humor. I'm not triggered. I'm not a snowflake about it. That's all everyone. We scary every. Italian is in the mafia. The fakest laugh. I've ever heard what scares point. Is the whole hold on. Hold on hold on. There is something to be said for the fact that they're saying this is the day that they drove pagans out of ireland. There there's a serious there is a serious note to why were commemorating this day. I hear. I wish someone would correct me if i'm wrong right. Did you wanna wikipedia. Looked it up. It said the same thing. It said that this was not only driving out the paganism but the start of christianity in ireland. So maybe some pagans get sat on saint patrick's day because we thought about then. that's fair. what does that have to do with. Drink are more celebration. Don't have anything about about. Getting wasted is about celebrating right but like i feel like every every brand in america also takes advantage of it like you know. Think of all the liquor brands that are out there. It's everyone does things on saint patrick's day kissed me on my rich and the and the shirt on garrett who reminds you. It's more than just doing shots. It's about celebrating with your friends and i'm okay with that. The thing is i would like that. Why is that. Not more at the forefront. It's more of a question than any exit. I feel like i should research. That's the opposite of an irish exit. That was deliberate. Getting my ball and going home. These lucky charms are fabulous de paul's patrick's day. Really about the the the mic. Shake the mcflurry shake crispy cream. Donuts for saint patrick's. They are amazing. I'm so excited crispy eating doughnuts. Have that's far stretched out but it did take me long so it council points points by the way. I had my first green bagel this morning. Now i've never eat one before. Because i always assumed they taste differently and i got i got convinced the one and it was fine but i always hated like because they look green. I didn't wanna eat them. I would like other things if they're the wrong color. You don't eat them. You don't need things green typically though so that's correct so that's why they won't eat a vegetable bagel. Apparently it's just food coloring so out of all of us frog is really the only one who is going to be out celebrating today. Yeah i'm going out to a little party little friend's house party. And where are you going. Froggy i'm going to the beach here. We we gave some. We did a little contest here on the radio station here in jackson and so we are having celebration at culhane's irish pub on atlantic beach. It is set up outdoors following all the proper protocols and whatnot but we are still having some sense of normalcy and doing things to get back so danielle is going to a smaller version. Just was with some friends right. Yeah one family and we're just like the husband is is irish and so we're she tries to do something special for him which is nice and so we just. We're going to get together tonight. I'm going to have some corn beef sandwich hanging out with my schnauzer. You to get drunk with the guy like scary predicts. I do not think so. But thank your typical. You should so. I lived in boston before. Obviously i moved to new york with all of you. And it is crazy on saint patrick's day in boston and every year. Our radio station will do these. Giant parades and people get so excited and for me personally. It was the most miserable experience because its freezing right now in boston. And you're just outside and of course all the drunks are throwing stuff at you. You're on a float waving at them. You mean those liquor served. Oh yeah hi rich people in boston. It's crazy also. It doesn't matter if they serve the liquor they're coming out with their own liquor anyway. It's a parade route. I'm gonna win. He's yeah he's going to boston. You're right scare. You could get about four hours from where you are. Go go you know. It was a couple years ago. I celebrated in delray beach hosted the saint patch parade there and we were on a trailer or some kind of afloat float in the parade and it was it was a blur of afternoon speaking. Gloria remember when we used to go to that The event in west palm beach party boat sunny son fest was the name of the event would always put us on captain mortgage captain. Morgan party barge right. Which i'm telling you right now. I'm surprised at thing is still afloat to be honest. Yeah still seriously. I mean we we would be on this huge party barge with hundreds and hundreds of people in a dj and the music things rocking in guys. I'm gonna be back on shore the couple of times. I thought we weren't gonna make it out. This is my idea of celebrating today. But it wasn't saint patrick's day. I don't know but i don't know who's who wants to say something. I'm tired of trying to stay. I have any angles. Can you come up with saint patrick's day other than know scary gets yelled at by people who are irish on the phone these dates and some nice laughing. We need you cast. What was gotten so used to have all those great saint patrick's day broadcast tavern on the green. And all those other places that we go. Yeah connolly's yeah. We used to do every saint patrick's day we would do the morning show. And we'd sit there and smoke cigarettes and get drunk you this day in nineteen ninety eight that we met david brody on saint patrick's day. How is it true. Brody yes so. I had been writing parodies for the show from january to march and scary said. Oh we're going to dislike remote. You should come down and meet everybody and it was the year that there was a problem back in secaucus in the in the home office. Remember that half the show had to go back. Yes and wasn't there. So i met elliot and danielle the other people were back in the studio. And i met greg a who lied to me about his history and radio and told me a whole story about his huge radio career in florida. And now you guys begged him to come back. And then of course never seeking. I'd work with him or get to know him he. He worked one day in florida. Came crying back quite like he describes streak on. Yeah so. I was establishing myself in florida. And then they couldn't do the show without me said they beg me to come back and now here i am again. Show how to pile into the creepy van with no seats. Yes we going we would sit and then someone would make attorney of the one hundred van which had no seat but the spare tire was back. We sat on the spare tire. That was our seat and carpet. I remember the one of the first events i worked as an intern was at a tavern on the green and the parking was so expensive and i wasn't getting paid anything like four twenty five. An hour was ridiculous so i actually paid to work that day because it costs me more to park than my paycheck and back then i couldn't expense anything so i was just like well. I guess taking them for the team works heo the so. You told scary that you know what what the tradition is. If you're not wearing green on saint patrick's day right. I believe nate is in the same boat as scary. You get paid the guinness. He's got bringing teamed irish shirt nipples are still going to get it absolutely down the hallway. He's got him cornered because there's no we need to escape because dead end back there. Oh my god that video looks like something you would see in one of those like trimbe documentaries where all of a sudden. There's a scuffle everything that was around. Now there's an empty chair back. Johnny's gonna take us down know what's he doing now. News on the move. So weird thing the studios. We haven't been there for so long now. Pay let them see. Let's let them see you. Unplug look at it is are norwegian those ships there okay. That's good okay. Oh that's you know. That's always been there to see nate in two screens. The toilet seat. Yeah that looks like a shit hole for god. That's our table snacks back sir. What's on the table oc- next these days running low snacks have been there for not a lot of people there. So how does it become a shithole. I don't understand three of them get sent to us. We just leave around this all of opening a year ago. Remember that day. The coffee machine is on the fritz. Water water all over the carpet. Only you guys just left. What have their shit away. That is a disaster box of tampons. Down there what do you know because everyone's just abandoned this place on march eighteenth and we never cleaned anything which left it in my defense on march seventeenth. Okay can't talk shit about danielle's desk ever again that's her desk is probably pristine compared to whatever the hell that was just happened at least it's collectibles. Looting your desk there's nothing left. i gotta go. We gotta go over and we're really talking about nothing show. He's talking to your dog for those listening. We got a problem. We've got to go fifteen minute morning. Show i'm phil donahue marlo thomas. We fell in love on live television and got married over forty years ago. Now on our new podcast. We visit the homes of our favourite long married celebrity. Couples would talk about enduring love and all its challenges family career conflict. Everything a couple can face. Listen to double date on. Iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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