Thank you for listening to this podcast one production available on apple podcasts and podcasts one. It's so weird that people forgot being on television is the most powerful thing in the world. Yes everyone's like got. TV's Dad Blah Blah Blah and Nigeria new episode of makes mighty famous again. Sadness is a whisper addition. Garner is asleep. We are in a hotel room. We are currently hiding in the bathroom and I'm looking at the Monitor and we are in Denver Colorado. It has been quite the travel every fall we or is to come home by myself and then governor and Spencer started coming home with me he came home home with me last year and the year before that I was going to come home and then God they didn't tell us I'm your lake. Five centimeters dilated. You definitely definitely cannot go so other than that year. I come home every fall and it's just so nice seeing the fall leaves. It is my favorite season of the year. It's mainly take time of the year so he started on an annual flu Colorado trip today. I feel like we started a few days ago. Because because we've been packing has been a really busy week. My Dad was like hey. Are you still coming because I've been so busy. I haven't even been able to talk to my parents like I know I'm just so busy getting ready so it started last night in preparation to leave. Governor woke up every ten minutes and felt like I don't know I just couldn't sleep it was insane the worst nights ever of his sleeve was rolling around and then Spencer had wake up at five. Am for the Apple iphone yeah. Thanks a lot Tim since I found one pretty positive. It's always been you can start. Pre Ordering at twelve o'clock. AM is appetite o'clock talk but this year their whole marketing can is don't be up all night long. What are you talking about each until five am. How do you expect act me to be not rolling around freaking out that I'm GonNa Miss.. The fricking five o'clock and window that so nice all your New Yorkers must have message message. You're like hey it's fat Ceasar. Adm New York. That's cool for us. Blah Blah Blah so yeah could never be alarm go off because it would have woken up governor so I'm having to check the phone all night long. Nfl Sleep of course and woke up at five forty in omis law the frigging I foun- eleven pro Max in Green for the September Timber Twentieth ship date and have to wait. 'til potentially October. Fourth Party waited an entire year to have all of these improvements and most were like who cares is just a phone My phone is literally our entire business all everything anything that has to do with our careers pretty much especially now that the Senate is on my phone so that's good news. I thought you're getting it October twenty four what do you mean. I thought you said you weren't getting it for like twenty extra days or central the days you but we're not even there so what the twenty fourth it's only like a week later or aren't you frigging. Pollyanna or whatever so funny so mine nine Spencer gets me one and it gets shipped might always get shipped before him. I don't know I guess because I have the less amount or something probably the less special one and and he gets so absurd her up not the less special you just don't need five hundred twelve gig young any light to fifty because I have eight hundred twenty four thousand photos right now. Have you looked at how many I have no. You don't know them and you don't know that you're how many they had never see any photos. What are you kidding me. I probably take way more than years your phone so I guess I should have also got I offered as you may be cancelled it when they were five hundred S. Yes told you why don't want the big one. It wasn't yeah it's bad for you. I was disappointed with the green. I thought I was going to be like Amr Old Green Pine. It looks like crop green shading on crap greed. It is like gray as well so so upset that you let me cancel your Freakin five-hundred Yang if only announced to fifty. You also have all the well yeah. This is what our lives come do that. We have to our after traveling all day long the airport about that we are now in the park house in the bathroom downstairs because every night we can only. August is asleep so I this week has been dealing with like business and accounting and payroll and using his whole naptime up time to do that so we can't podcast and then by the time he falls a sieben eighty. Is it extra Zombie so we kept podcasts at night move every day. She's able to tomorrow tomorrow and it's literally like we're supposed to submit this today and now like at physically. Couldn't I just way way too tired and I just got back so we had our back on Tuesday and that I had so much stuff to catch up on and get ready for the trip and it's just been a lot but with that guy downstairs need what's up tonight. What are you doing today. I was going out tonight. It's Spencer I looked up to my hotel room and have to whisper in a bathroom and podcasts elected mayor. I what Yup Yeah. Not that party animal you see on TV. That's for sure yeah. That guy only gets out. That's why he was like fully out on the hills. I I go out. I have to go out from our job. See you later bye bye. I'll be home tomorrow night at midnight. Well we just got in the reality reality. Is I just WANNA. Give a shoutout to happy cards. 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Anytime is the right time to make someone happy with happy cards. Please make me happy for my birthday and get me happy card Yup. I'm going to take you. I'm GonNa get you that. Happy her so you can go to Sephora because you're Iran and had a lip kit honey since you're going to have these epic stir. Fr- again lip makeup because Jenner just through his new Air Force One little plane you bought at the airport in your frequent mouth and gave a bloody lip so yeah I think you're neither stronger stronger lip kit inside so that was our five. Am That's where our morning started and then I became over this this morning governor just weeks earlier and earlier on like okay he's been going to bed and he should be sleeping till eight like he's missing an hour or two and then they didn't sleep last night so we will really cranky and I WANNA use tired. He also doesn't eat and I should say two things on top of each other but he ended up being such a trooper day a so I became to the house and I had her take him to yoga. It was his first job. He's had a really big week of classes because it's like mommy and me and like Abbie will take them all take a took him to soccer on Monday and then she took him to two other classes this week because I was working by so he yeah he loves it and then he eats like his friends that he already knows and it's something from to do and it's so good step to preschool because someone there that he loves and trusts but it's is not fully just putting him also to good stepping stone for governor and it's just really fun for him. Yes I am a helicopter. Mom and I am not ready to let him go. I know I am sure he would be fine but for me. I am not ready to let him go so this is a good step first grade. You haven't told the pushing story. Have you know I had not told that story. Worry Oh my gosh okay. There was also a mom and my mom original baby had a son that was like very advanced and really you know he he was like the first I walker in the group and all this stuff so he's really strong. He ended up being in one of gunners new classes this week and she he was never in the classes before he he pushed Gunnar twice so hard and he pushed him back into the lake little refrigerator kitchen thing like play one in the room room and gunner was so upset and he didn't cry but he kind of looked at him like really shocked and yeah and then the kid pushed him again any like how old himself and it was so goes out. I wasn't there. Thank God I was there because my blood wishes boiling here in this and I know it's just kids and it's probably good for him to get a little bit tougher but like what the freak the gunner would not do that to another kid so I mean maybe I don't know why it just was like really upsetting that happened to him and he was just kind of hugging himself and then Spencer now like what should we do about. This is a better if he like pushes kid back. Do I need to teach them how to push so later that day like pretend you say no yeah. I was expensive. No he should not push other kids. We should just teach him. That's it's not what you do and then later that night I start like roughhousing with him because he loves her housing and then I like kind of push him a little and laugh and then I pushed me back push me back and then he pushes me and like I don't know if this is wrong. This is probably assistant looks over and it's like. I don't think this is a good idea yeah well. I don't want him getting bullied either and then if I desensitized them a little bit to it you will be so shocked like another kid pushing me like Oh okay. It's like fund roughhousing and you know like he wouldn't you know I don't know so there's no right I feel like but I didn't like push him harder or anything anything but a laughing and try to make it funny and I'm not doing it anymore but I just wanted to make it a little less shocking and and help them out because I was Obvi- Abi said he was like really upset and he had a little mark behind his head and I wanted to call the mom I was like I'm GonNa call this mom and since it was like don't call the moth awesome. What are you going to say your two year old pushed mighty euro they they're still to young dig- really kit unless it happens right at that the moment and it is such a sweet kid. This kid is a really sweet kid. It is NA. I'm sure just who knows your script while no the kid is is really a nice kid. He's just strong is all I'm saying like it's very advance so stronger than guarantee well. He's more for whatever it is. What is it about bully goner so sweet and later that day. There's this little baby on the grass and he like goes up to the puts. His face rampart goes hello baby. Hello and he's like so sweet and kind ended the best big brother but it is it is good for him to have little things like this happen because and I'm glad I wasn't there or the the Abbey was there and I wasn't there because it also helps to kind of cope differently than if I were there. Maybe he would've been more upset or like more shocked into good for him to have that next. Step like I'm. I'm saying to you know in Preschool. I'm sure kids push all the time in like maybe someone doesn't see it like there's a lot of kids running around and I don't know so it just made amy like put everything in perspective like how hard it's going to be when governor comes home and a kid hurts his feelings or whatever and I need to work on not being codependent and letting it affect my emotions like by you know like governor needs to have his own life own Russians in the deal with his own things and I need to not like take it on. I and you know I was a little bras nosed kids and I mean I remember. My friend strangled me at that age because boy legged me and not her like yeah. I mean things happen at that age. Heidi has seraing of aw love of their would meet them. Every time we get aggressive view Cam Damn towns is mad. Oh you mean you're so funny. What holds true I had to get. There are problems uh-huh with our children when they are teenagers. Were moving or not. You have problem teenagers. What are you talking about. Are you putting that out there. All we're moving more bovine. Were moving to the moon. We are going to get so rich. We're going to move to the moon and seeing later everybody no. I'm just saying I was saying when he gets older. He needs to have its own emotions and his own things. They need to like not panic as I also. I'm sure MOMS were upset when I said things to their kids or whatever and I wasn't a bad kid. I you know what do you mean when you said these kids like one time when I call this cross. Kinky ASS HO and she was upset and I was in middle school and it was a root thing to say and I didn't know she she got so upset about it and the whole thing and if I were that mom I'd be really upset. Somebody called my kid that but it wasn't a bad or it wasn't a bad kid. It just gone although fate with a girl is an incident report and I got in school suspension for in school suspension aw I bet you had that more than once right to be loved giving me shot up. Mr You're be where we're looking at the window. DENVER even though we have the bathroom blinds down and we called three different numbers at at the hotel of maintenance front US operator. They're like yeah 'cause this. One blind is completely see through like when looking out of it right now now and there's a thicker one above it and they're like. Oh push the button hiding. I spend as say twenty minutes but I don't exaggerate again in fifteen minutes trying to find this but and that enough I call again I like and I'm like we have the white one down that Tan Tan one can't go down like Oh. That's just a decoration. That doesn't go down so you think you can have both of you. It's not even a pretty looking down you do that. I don't know it's not even the prettiest decorations. Why are you vache. Blinds definitely see through but this hotel is yeah. We're not complaining. We love the forces minus that PR girl that works in the Santa Vergara. I never called even after shade around the Pug as shows. Your podcast is not powerful yet which made me realize that anything we see on the PODCAST. We could like move shins. Oh sweet a podcast congratulations to our good friend. BFF PODCAST ONE CO-STAR Kaitlyn Bristowe was nominated for a pop podcast people's Choice Award Rats Caitlyn. Well deserved does eighty said. I don't think her break up her career no. AC She's like Sia later booth. I'm Outta here good for her didn't didn't moving. She's so good at it. She has such good guest. She's very very professional kind of opposite of our podcast anyways. Yeah Four Seasons is great to have the best restaurant downstairs unbelievable and when we got here they not only upgraded ice. They gave her this little ten day. He loves loves as down pillow in down little blanket and keep you mess dispenser. He kept diving in it. It was he'd Sprint as fast as he could and like almost clothes does hang up but I mean like I and upper just like brushes head mini like jump into it over and over. It was so funny so so anyways this morning we got in the car and then I was checking the status of a flight it said delayed delayed. It was delayed almost two hours and I had prepared myself this morning in prayer time because you know why a lot of people you you've got a lot of people are going through a lot of stuff and there's a lot of tragic things going on with people that ain't no and life is just really sure and and so it was like okay God. If it's in your favor I ask that everything would be on time in this not and if not just enjoy the moment and wherever we're if if we're in the airport if we're in the airplane even if I'm so tired I can't see thank you that I'm alive. Thank you that I have my husband and my son and and in twenty years I would do anything to be back in this moment so I just want to enjoy and I did. I had a really fun day. anyways it was delayed and and so we're like okay abby drove abby drew with us to the airport because she took the car back for us which was so nice and such a nice offer for her to do and we're like okay. Should we head home but is privately traffic in. La and so really I do hang out all day airport okay. It's nice a this guy is short and I just WanNa say it was more fun for governor running around in the airport anyways I mean I just wish the airport had had better Wifi so we could live accessed the summer inventory clearance sale for show Mo- knee for Shami. Oh my gosh let me you too. I cannot believe I even miss that but thankfully I have some because the clearance sale from Chamonix is here right now. 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DOT COM and I recommended did it to my friend and she's loving the product to what a great product because not everyone wants a need surgery. This is a great great alternative so check it out nothing to lose hundred seventeen back but yeah. I wish we could've seen that today so the airport was really fun. I am the airplane did not have Internet as I think it was the first time I haven't had access to the Internet for three three hours and maybe since big brother bought a book got seventy pages which is a lot. That's more than I've read since of hot gunner that makes two of us. I read a book or two which book the Brad Thor Book. Oh No. I'm feeling read a few books. we love reading big readers in this house. We're used to be Spencer. There was a time when he read like a book every few days the time where we got to hang out once upon a time every day for seven years I haven't spent a read many many books a day but we have and then we got a bloody Marys in the airport which was really fun at Wolfgang Puck Doc and we got the rain time. It was so busy in there but there were a lot of kids I like. It's almost a a club now when you see other parents. What's your how're you doing you good yeah what's going on where he going so moms and parents are very supportive because everybody knows the journey any that everyone's going through to get there what it took to get to the airport what it takes to pack to get to the airport where you're going and just takes a lot of stamina on so. I appreciate the other moms feel like we'd like walk by and high five and gutter loves other kids. He had such a fun day. I was also preparing for no oh nap today. I had a feeling that wasn't GonNa Happen so I already let that go mentally and emotionally. I was like I'm just going to not have any type of expectation on APPS and I'm not gonNA stress about it and if he skips an APP today would you most likely will it's fine so gunnar and I were up almost falsely falsely twice so we get onto the plane and it's the weirdest layout ever been on. We were blessed to have first class and the seats were backwards. I get carsick and we're looking at the people to the right of us. It was like a staring contest. I didn't WanNa look up and I think think so awkward. I don't WanNa look at this do for three hours. You know this plane just came from New York. I can't imagine how long and we are that flight was and there's four people in the first class front row and they're all squished together. I'm like why is going to walk. The coach looked horrible. I ever you and I was like no kidding and then we didn't get any service service. They didn't offer us dreams finally when they did come. Ask US take us like our food order. We ordered okay. We'll get will each have the cheese displayed. Do you think we ever got that. She's no he did it now and so the girl center after as Heo just wondering like after the Speier came. We are now descending as it just wondering if that cheese plate was ever coming you know is very nice about it. She's like Oh no you didn't order and I was like Oh. No I did order it you just it never came. She's like no you got your traffic noise. I didn't get anything and then she's like. Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry you're right. I didn't give you anything. Oh that's okay. I know sometimes you just run now. Sixty I ran out and I forgot to tell you and I was like Oh okay. Yeah no worries so then. She gave me like this little box that anyways the whole thing was pretty funny but the lady next to US was freaking out. Shall we watch Mary was like is I like every job but when I see we'll have forgot harder than me uh-huh like God. I'm so chill. He's have everyone psychotic was giving what is his tribute. I don't they out even even army headphones. I had her my head on ninety two of us. I don't know here's mine traveling together. I think just complaining for the for I having so too. It was so weird she was like hitting on him but then not an their conversation totally sounded like a strangers but then she like kept talking the whole thing I don't no no because it was people that have to apply and sit next to each other for hours as strangers kid per. You Strangers Rangers out there that do that so many times. I have not fully so what are we. GonNa do because governor is not gonna be able the have is synonymous bringing this up again just saying Switzer's like what are we. What are we GONNA do. I'm like well. We can all three and Koshen US perfect because we can. There's three of us so is never. GonNa sit on the floor in front. I mean what are you talking about. The jet not coach. Can you stop besting booed awesome so yeah. The whole flight was really I mean we didn't really carry just wanted to ask if it was coming but it was very nice and she kept saying thank you serving so nice about it. I think also because the other lady was so crazy about it but everyone loved Gunnar. Oh and the pilots were persona. We're randomly eating at this restaurant and the they saw gunner freaking out about the planes I mean he is like Oh like everything screaming so excited crying crying. You couldn't get on the plane like he was loving and so these pilots were like hey. Here's a photo for him. They give this little card with it on it and I I was like Oh you guys delayed their our on that Denver Flay. Oh my gosh me to like bring them up to the cockpit he can totally come and get a photo and they were so nice and so. I forgot this happened and then we we boarded spence was to get the votto and so I took on her up into the cockpit and they put a little hat on him and let him sit the in the sea and were so nice. Israel like the nicest pilots ever so spencer somewhat was falling asleep on the flight for like ten ten minutes probably oh I don't think I did I remember getting pushed real hard and then you said I need water. I was like and so I decided to tell you about you. Woke me of what are you talking about. You know he didn't aww really didn't woke you up when she asked me what I wanted to drink. Okay in one version and I'd rather be we haven't really triggers even start but we made it to this league so we could always drive in our flight is early on Sunday so we'll be there by like eleven and it's just a forty five minute flight and when you're ascending and descending you're only in the air for like twenty minutes so it's a really easy next flight. God willing hopefully and we'll be in Chris Mirai birthday okay so yeah we got here. We rented the car and we ate an amazing dinner. You're in Denver definitely at the restaurant for season is crazy good. Did they have these peppers and they're like yes well high. God bless her. Thankfully we ended our glass last breaking curse. That's great news of a yeah. They have hot peppers and they're like sometimes. There's a really hot one in a ruin your dinner. Don't go go all the way we went all the way it didn't ruin dinner but that was a frigging rush so having getting a lot of deums uh-huh all week long from people like where is the hills finale recap so if you made it halfway halfway in the episode and you say you don't watch the hills which you know as busy as we are imagine you're planning. I'm binge-watching it one day when you're sick so if you didn't here's a quick recap of what happened. SPIDEY recommitted their marriage after ten years MHM brody and his alleged fake wife Caitlin pretended continued to pretend everything was fine in their relationship Ashley or as Brody would call her waller's wife and Caitlyn finally spoke to about all the rumors ars air quote. The word rumor has been on my least favorite words also call that reality is there's another word I guess nobody St- My I guess when people lie about something it has to be called the rumor I guess and and at the same time just bobby made things official with his instagram influencer model z brandon broke up with his girlfriend and Adriana and Stephanie had to deal with the fact that their relationship fantasies would never come true at least on season one aw Oh don't forget Michel Barton she's still part of the show and she came to the vowel renewal not sure though if she she will be back for season two you never know spend a lotta additions. you know she could get big part so yeah. It was definitely my favorite. Excuse me I had gone. It's a long day definitely my favorite to episodes besides in the history of the hills franchise there is so much a truly loved felt like it finally finally exposed what I've been waiting to just firm onto like stop playing pretend which was like wire brody and killing pretending ending that like they're gonNa go have a kid and it's like if you go on. TMZ Dot Com right now you can look at Brody in Montana with his new almost wife Josie can Saco horseback riding leaning over kissing each other drone shots of their cabin. Here's what's so funny about people for some reason and Brody's mind and I'm assuming Josie and Sega's mine. It's cooler to put your relationship on an APP. I love instagram APP. It's great but to put it on instagram which then media outlets can then take that and put it everywhere so it's not like he is trying to live a private relationship but do you know how much more money and fame you would have got if you just did that exact same thing you did it. Air Montana but you did it for the hills season two if they they just been filming you today and they put out a sneak peek clip and then TMZ pick that up and then you could re post that on your instagram. It's so weird that people forgot that being on television is the most powerful thing in the world. Yes everyone's like Oh my God. TV's DAB Blah Blah Blah and not true DVD movies will always be bigger. I don't care what anybody says. I'm sorry so just an melts my brain and it just shows that already whole literally has the worst manager in my opinion obviously on planet earth because because it just makes no sense you. It's what you're doing right. Now is so beyond entertaining. You were just fake married a Monday night the episode the hills to a girl who's now wearing an m diamond little 'em and holding your hand up on her engagement finger coming out of Tom Ford after parties with my listeners and New York and you don't want to put this on TV. I this taller a side note because I'm just talking about the finale and it's like here. We are brody's arguing with me. In the finale like everything's great radar relationships perverts just be honest and truthful on a reality show or don't do it. It's like don't don't don't try to film with me it because all you'd have to be like you know. We're figuring a lot of things out. You know it's definitely in the ups and downs in like at least put a little bit honest honest. You not like what a religious pervert does which I know at the time was not true and it's like you don't eat ally TV. No one has these like expectations -tations that you in this. Rando have this magical mayors it. Everyone wants to achieve like just be real and you would've come off better because now just looks like you're straight up liar because that's what you were but I'm still very optimistic for the brody thirty one eighty and based off of his new lifestyle and what mutual friends have told me about how much he's loving dating twenty one year old or twenty two year old new girlfriend that he is you know back back like never before so that's exciting but I just don't understand this whole. Oh like. Put Your mazing content for free platform. I would totally understand if you like if the horses you're riding in your edgy photo that you got paid by that horse breeder and it said like Hashtag or Hashtag sponsored and then it had like the Horse Company they like breeds the horses or maybe even the cowboy boots you guys are way like at least tell me as a sponsor paid post to be putting that but my gosh it just melts my brain screen shot and send it to one of the producers of the hills and it was like oh that this wouldn't have been a great first episode of season two but I guess around like a photo instead. Whatever ever so yeah back to the episode the problem with being on a reality show is when people make it seem like it's weird when you're asking them questions and they're being so closed off because somebody was like it's not? Your Business Spencer like you shouldn't be like worrying about Caitlin birdies. marriage offer or whatever they were well actually it is my business because I I was getting paid thankfully miracle God blessed by common. MTV very very thankful as getting paid actually to ask all those questions because because it's really shown you're supposed to talk to your cast members about their lives and nobody wants just a superficial layer people can watch that and people's. ID's stories or or snapchat manufactured image crafting self editing. That's all all over but you know if you're going to do a Docu series in two thousand nineteen also known as reality show it needs to be very raw authentic and needs to be genuine truth in my opinion again and so it's really not a nearby actually it is. That's my co star. He's getting paid and so actually we are supposed to talk about. Our lives are real live. So that's my thoughts on. Somebody am at mentions that I had to bring up. There was none of them and then the other thing. there was so annoying was Caitlyn. Brodie's former girlfriend was all like angry about how you know Oh. Where are they all talking about. me and my relationship again Gaylon your cast members you co stars if we don't talk about each other's lives and our own lives. There's no show that is how you make a reality show so that was a little a nine two but besides besides that episode was beautiful renewing our vows was way more powerful than I anticipated emotionally just experiencing that and then shout out gunners Gov other Shrek share for Baghdad. He called me and said the best thing he'd ever watched actually was how they showed all of our cast members sitting there having to watch watch US renew our vows after all of them pretty much ninety nine point nine percent. I guess maybe just a couple nice things back in the day but I don't enough. He like actively out there supporting us you know I said like Oh. They're great does okay so he gets a pass but every other cast member was so oh anti Spidey narrowly may get Bob La and as Shrek said they're cutting all these people and you can just see in their faces like Dang saying like not gonna say their lives are all jacked up because not all of them frankie and Janner perfect couple Ashley in Waller's wife also known as Ashley in Jason are striving so you know there's some people that some strong things but it was also and they also never trying to break down but everybody else pretty much as Shrek said. It was fun to watch there. There is is another disappointing thing for me on the finale was that at the house she cancelled last minute which she she was didn't want to engage with Stephanie or whatever say yeah welcome to my life but we're gonNA show a suck it up but just what I would just told her uttering. I would have been like a drina. 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Hey I'm Heather Morris and I'm Able Bernstein Mitchell Aka aflame and we're the host of the new show dance room on podcast one the veteran dancers and choreographers that have worked with Alexa beyond say just in Timberlake Britney Spears and many more on this little show called Glee. I don't know if you watched it. Well each me. We're GONNA go a fallout on our favorite. TV shows like so you think you can dance dancing with the stars and world of dance so don't miss it get new episodes of the dancer every Thursday on Apple podcasts and Dan podcast one. He does make sure to go to the episode description and check out our sponsorship deals. Our sponsors help keep mixed by defame again free to download and they'll hook you up with great deals on stuff you love. Oh stuff you need and cool gifts for your friends and family so I almost died being my suitcase name to him. It is so pitch black and can't see worried because he's I troop that most like broke my face. I know I hit my foot and trip over over the thing that got caught myself but that was so intense we think we're whispering in here and then in there. It sounds so loud. That's why he goes mom Tom daffodil because he hears I talking in here. That's so cute. He kept calling for you. He usually just calls her mom. He was and then as he's Falling Asleep because my dad because here's you talking in here my dad. Oh my gosh that was so ridiculously cute. Well you missed my many any recap of the hills finale and also talking about a brody and Josie Josie can say go oh we're on. TMZ Today because of Brody and her I g posts of them riding horses in Montana Kiss each other and I said to our listeners why wouldn't they just fill this. TV show get paid ridiculous amounts of money and then post the TV show clip on their. Oh Gee or a shot of them filming like it's so crazy that people think they're too cool for television shows like it blows like fame Moors. They're they're having been in the intention which is great. I totally not hating but it's a US or not. Private couple boyer completely public. You're doing stage photos that back in the day would have been lake spidey stayed steady set up photos that people hate it on including being brody like I'm not like you are like that and you are fully doing an instagram for free when we yet finding finding ethic and you guys are doing that knowing you're going to get one. TMZ Ali's places went out to all the hottest spots it like have like it's just so weird but like just yup opt to refer to the TV show right and and you should anyways entertaining stories. I WANNA watch it. That's captions like going. We need a home in the mountain. It's like no no no. I'm the one who lives in the mountains from home. I think you're forgetting like I don't know. Have you ever been to the mountains. Like what are you talking about. Malibu has some big hills cable that he's a city way so that was very funny to me and I just did a whole post on Mike thing about going home into the mountain so but it was pretty funny on the farm probe pairs than you really are doing. The Lord's work which I am I had a friend. Tell me about tragic things she happened the happened the other day and she he wanted to tell me about it because she just felt like she wanted that spiritual support and that just that was really called feel. God's let's work and presence like that and to be able to pray for her and be there to support her third such a hard time. So I was great. I UH-HUH COMING ASHAM getting ready to run any minute. I am so excited for me to actually be home didn't even talk about the finale Heidi and your with thoughts on my thoughts on the finale I thought I worked so hard. I'm a dance and I did not get. It was like three seconds. I appreciate that there is in there. Do you like the three seconds they used or no. Jaba there was a way better things you know so it was fine but there is like a a better combination fold up and ask for that clip. I'm sure if you you need to get it so I yeah I liked it. I thought that it was really RAV. Everybody felt like everybody really put themselves out. There in the finale felt like it was really real. People even close to us being like was that real or fake take this whole season was very real. It felt like everyone escaped themselves. I felt like people were trying to image craft but the producers did a really good job of kind of breaking down those barriers. I felt like you know I'm I felt so aside for everything. Whitney was going through even reach out to her about that. I felt like with the drain I understood where she was coming from and I would have been the same way again. I thought it was really great. I loved seeing just an Lindsey become official on that was kind of a different ending than even he thought he would have so that that was great and I really like Lindsey. I think she is a strong woman and is very funny. Sassy and I like her a lot so from what I know of her. I don't know if she likes me but and I loved my mom was there also loved house and mental was. I think that was nice. You know it's like we have been together for so long. It has been a through line from the hills that it has been so much of our love story and our lives there that it is nice to to share that in that realness not enjoy and working hard for it. One of our friends said like everybody wants that but nobody will work for it like some of you know the other people have not they have different places in their lives and everyone's going through harder things but some people could have that and they they'll brody and kill and could have but they didn't want it clearly yeah. I mean they either. They're not the right people for each other or they just don't WanNa work out. I mean who knows who knows what is going on but relationships tips are work and they are commitment and that's what we've chosen to do and it's not just like. Oh Yeah we got married and everything has been happily ever after we've had no problems at we know there have been problems and ups and downs and it's about that commitment to each other and fighting through that and prioritizing each other in a loving way you know love never veils. That's my favorite Bible verse. Love is patient. Love is kind. It's like it's about not is you can't be selfish in a relationship you have to be selfless really prioritize the other person and think about where they're coming from and what's best for them. It's like it's not your own life anymore. You're it's you have to put someone else before you. Oh and you know that's what we've chosen to do and our commitment and love and so it's really cool to be able to to share that with the audience and with people and that joy we get from that too. It's like there's nothing more rewarding than that love today. My heart was just melting a just God who is really speaking to my heart again like a ways just like how we have this family like we are a mom and dad to this boy were we have this sweet little dynamic and he thinks you're so funny and fun and he's growing up in such a loving home and he so supported and you know we just we have this little little family and it's just everything. I've hoped and dreamed and wanted and it's it's just so fine. It's yeah it's not easy and I can't wait sleep but it's like I'm here. I'm in ED. This is what I prayed for. This is what I've wanted and and we're mom and dad you know like our Heidi and Spencer us but like to take on her where Mommy and daddy and that's just so special and cool to be that to him. I just like these said. This show has been hard. Love stories like it hasn't been shot as a love story until this week. I feel like thank God Revolution Alex Ganda to really. Show our relationship for the first time how it is a love story before I was just like a commercial for leg don't date everybody loved to jump. On that bandwagon and now Shrek brought brought up Shrek was like love the zoomed in on everyone's face the jumped on the not idea and Spencer team yeah and now it's like they don't really you know what are you going to say so people might not I mean it's also challenging because it's a group of people together but like like I don't consider all. Does he befriends you know it's like they're more of like coworkers and acquaintances but they're like friend is a very strong word. I think I'd like three friends and they are best friends so for me. That's like the same thing but they are great. co-worker acquaintance friendly friends wins but yeah season two is going to be very interesting. You know season one was very interesting. I think it came out grey and it was a great show and I don't know I don't know where I'm going to be act. I don't know when I'm going to get pregnant and when I'm going to sleep and where life is exciting for US Jason where I'm going to sleep when I'm gonNA lose her bed. Where am I going to say tonight. Diabetic that is so cozy by the way it was so hard to get out he went. Let me get every time my dad so she so excited. We have our our little family unit. Adu- dumb so excited always thing on earth tied with you think so Dan always I gotta say that. Oh what else I feel like you put in your note out. I didn't even have time to notes out this week of dealing much talked about stuff here and now I didn't I would much of heroes the doing much we sold our best piece to one of our best Eh Daddy. What did you do those you like my hammer time video. Do what my hammer time video now yeah well. That's not podcast level. Something eighties really funny. I'm GonNa Start Working on these notes. Killing Killing Bristow yeah I was pretty shocked to see that that ills visit Eh Janna not hating either Janet Kramer and her husband must be because he was a football player and they've had drum or or whatever but they are nominated for the top people's choice podcast also on a reading about what it was and it was like talking about the second is a fire engine never heard so many alarms downtown and their podcasts is just about about a frigging their relationship and say listen. What do they do? You know I'm also surprised at the hills isn't nominated soya. The one agenda curse called wind down that I drink more wineman heroin think she has wine like w. h. i. a. and the Mini Stack shepherds nominated the best podcast from Kelsey Kelsey zero what is going on sirens. I'm like Shackelford up kaylynn brisa scrubbing in Joe Rogan W with Marc Maron Seattle. We need to get better podcasting so we can get some nominations nations for next year. That's going to be I mean. We're underground this. Is I secret people right. It's true though that's the reality is the only people that know about us are the same people with the high cues that are frigging looking for that little caesars large hot and ready extra most best pizza with extra cheese and the most pepperoni all at the nation's best price just got way cheesier and if you're thinking that we've stuff the grass oh boy did we we staff. There's three feet of cheese in that crust before cooking aw the extra most best is stuffed crust pepperoni pizza for only nine dollars now. There's even more to love love about little CAESARS. Come on in and pick up the extra most best is stuffed crust pepperoni pizza today or order on their APP only nine dollars and only at participating little caesars locations plus tax where where applicable claim of extra cheese and most pepperoni all at the nation's best price is based on comparison of the fallen pizzas for the top four national pizza to change little caesars extra must best is pizza and the other three pizza chains large round standard menu one topping pepperoni. Lebron pizza sold at everyday menu braces so yeah that's why genius Genius Diet. That's why gunners such a genius he loves little CAESAR'S PIZZA. So goners new thing is getting scared. If you make a bear growling sound at him he screams and laughs and runs saw. Oh of course I had to take extreme and jump out and stomp on the ground like a bear and I pretty much broke the bottom my foot. I couldn't put weight on the bottom. What does that pad. I guess the bottom of your heel. I could not wait for four days because I they put a hole in the floor trying to be scary there so he of this game. I started this game. I was running around. He was laughing so hard as doing for Harris is a popping out of a right now. I'm allowed to play the game. Every time I do. Helix goes no no no so I just go but it's like and and now he only wants Spencer to do. I'm like what the Heck I started this game. Why can't I do this game. I don't think he likes you to be scary very well. He did that one night and I started the game. Mainly it was too much. Oh my gosh secret for its by yeah so tomorrow. WE'RE GOING TO DENVER JIM. Show and we are going to start. Sourcing are crystal material for our new home goods we are going to really take not just homegoods. I like that because is also office in I just I learned how to other sites. wearable crystals uh-huh so we're going to really see what's out there and get some great stuff. Governor has the best is the malachite elephant. He picked out out in the west coast. Gem shows one of my favorite things we've ever bought so. I can't wait to see what governor picks out for us. Yeah it's going to be so fun and then we have dinner tomorrow night with my dad and my step sister. It's her birthday on the ninth or it was so we're gonNA celebrate our dinners and yeah my sister's coming and my brother and everyone's really excited to see everybody and then we fly out Sunday morning so it's a quick stop but actually is really great. We stopped Denver before crested butte because gunners doctor when I was asking about altitude sickness because last time I don't know those are the two sickness or sickness. He had like the fever for days all in a user everything so anyways. She said it's better to stop at a mid ground out the TUDE which is Denver because it is is the mile high city so good that we stopped here and he can like acclamated a little bit more and then in two days go to an even higher altitude. This actually ended up being perfect for him and I've decided we've decided that we are going to spend Christmas here to really really excited. What about that especially because we'll be filming. I'll be nice to have a little bit of a break and go to the mountains. Go home to my home where you you get out of the city. What was his perfect way. Also Spencer told me Kim and Garnier bought a aflame fifty million dollar house in Montana. I don't know why Kim doesn't move there would move there immediately at so interesting to me that people can be so rich but you you know she must love this city and also her family's there so she must love being around her family and knows Kris. Jenner is not moving to Wyoming assuming yeah and I'm sure she's probably with Chris like more than all her kids. Iota Buckley probably like her and then I right. I guess there was a clip heading to watch but I read it. I love it. I mean you get the exact quote. We need to start watching the Kardashians again. I love vet showy just haven't had time and always fighting lipid handed Gosh but also I've been loving the bachelor in paradise. That show is so so good. Where's the quoted e. News take it down. Maybe it was courtney asked them take a dollar but they did. I wonder why they take down when show on us. We may be here. It is on US weekly. She says Kim mm-hmm says Kim says Courtney you F ing fake humanitarian. Ho I I actually do s-h-i-t for the world and you F ing fake it all day long ooh because you know courtney's is China's shade coordinating. You should be kissing Kim's fee herash. I should be kissing Kim's because without chem. None would be where they are. It's so like yeah maybe they'd be successful and other things but they weren't and the dash dolls that are that store dash was doing okay but it wasn't like this thriving place that was making them all so rich so you know they all have put in their work for the show and it wouldn't be what it is without them and they all completely contributed absolutely but the kickstarter was definitely. Kim To get the interest for the show and with Chris and everything but I mean they've all been in their work. They're the most real raw people on ATV. I think about like yeah. That's very interesting well. I'm going to have to go to bed here. I'm really tired and we have a big day tomorrow tomorrow. We bring my laptop in here so I can send this away to I tunes and not everyone can see how handsome handsome you bless your angel heart so please give us those fight for kids stars. Click on start at the I don't give us one and yeah tele friend you know we got to be nominated for these frigging wars as we gotta turn into like podcasts were approaching the hundred episodes which is doesn't sound like a lot but it is Thank you Steve Thinking podcast. What thank you to our listeners way. Lobby in every car comes with its share of stories that digging your bumper. When you pick up your first day we drove to Colorado auto that. Was Oh my gosh one of the best memories ever win. I drove away with the gas tank and a guard. I was really funny. How do you try to blame it on. The weird weird one of the things I put in it that luxury repackage that you get after a big promotion. Which is what we daily definitely upgraded at or the mileage you save by Riding Your bike? All summer haven't tried that one yet but when we moved to Colorado for the summer I will try that. You can't put a price on your stories but with truecar you can find out what your car is worth. 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