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You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. WWW DOT odd tested troy dot com for information. Well hello everybody We are back on my world. We have a long-awaited meeting three in my one of my favorite money here One one sitting next to me here somebody that I met a few years back in a decade ago. I I know I can't believe it's time's flown by every time we meet. It's always for a very interesting very controversial reason. It's always my favorite But next to me here I have Scott Bernstein. He is the author of books. I spent a lot of time dedicating his life to researching and connecting the dots and understanding very well. You know the the backstory of The Purple Gang. I mean any crime story you can really think of that. I know has made has made any kind of history. I think Scott's done a pretty good job understanding what what happened and how to connect it so I take pride in being considered one of the leading experts on mob activity organized crime in America and try to spread spread the knowledge as much as I can because knowledge is power and I think that It's it's a part of history. It's it's a part of American history in every city you go in Date they had their own little slice of of under history that that is historically significant. I'm from Detroit. So Detroit was you know kind of Ground Zero for me and my started off as my bread and butter and obviously purple gang. Jimmy Hoffa Are Too you're a big girl. Cornerstones of of my research. Resume and then I've been lucky enough to be able to expand the last Let's say five five six years. I'm expanded into Philadelphia. Chicago in New England will yes. You have and I mean I watch you. I mean. Obviously you're busy Z.. Not Easy to get a hold of these days. Because you're you're you're back the same day you called me. You did. Try To make a twenty four hour rule you you did. I just thought I was special. You are We'll thank you and it's it's an honor to have monash show. I've you know. Oh been a fan of his work and his research for many many years and You know alongside we you know. Have Somebody on line right now who is also spent a lot of time. He has more first hand experience and I do use trial by error. I was sitting in. Libraries varies Researching the stuff that he was actually out there doing. Yeah he He used you've done your time in Literally and figuratively literally and figuratively figuratively Allen on an Allen. Gunnar Lind Bloom is somebody who He has also an author and you know spent a lot of time understanding standing. I mean he's clearly comes from the background. I don't know much to tell you what I'm GonNa let him tell you himself because he's pretty good at that too allen are you on. Whoa yes thank you for having me and I appreciate and We'll go on. Record was sky very humble guy he To anybody don't let me tell you differently. He is the best in the game. Now he has mentors that he's looked up to for a long time but I believe in my opinion he's approaching or passing passing them in so thank sale. All the we're we're the next generation all the things we are Christians involved to out and in in that group but you are Any successes that you are heading towards her have or having is hard work. Incredible hard work that you put in for the last you you know decade or more. So you know you're going to be so humble man you're the best guy things bro and the call the call callback thing Scott. We talk all all the time and he told me about the callback rules. Your your value to somebody is based on the amount of time this takes call back back so if somebody hasn't call you back in every once in a while call me now forget and I call them back. Oh my God I never feel like the wrong or if anybody who understands people's busy schedules. It's me sometimes. I'll put my phone down for an hour and I'll pick it up. I'll have twenty five minutes calls thirty mistakes and on the other line is well not not to you know last but certainly not least we have Christian ship leany On the other line as well here who Alongside Scott has won Mob Bloggers of the year of the mob museum In Vegas and it has spent a Lotta time doing his research and connecting the dots. It's really more so a passion for Christian I see and I follow him every single day. I'd love what he puts out. There is a very positive individual and I love your work in the fashion sense to. Its you got a lot to offer Christian and also an author of how many books doc soon Christian I Well okay. I have three books but I I have to say these other guys on their on. You guys are far more humble than me. I'll admit I'm probably the antithesis of the humble of self deprecating humor it is tongue in cheek and you guys know Oh meet so anyway Three books and yeah actually take Scott I'll just say this since we're kissing everybody's ass raid. Great House was actually one of my I mentor is one of the first people I reached out to when I was writing a diary of a motor city Hitman so so does Allen approach me and which we still gotTa Talk Man? We'll do that off You know off the this show the way on that project. Yeah I know I know man. Oh that's been on hold. We'll talk about that. That's that's been like in limbo it's still going but just in limbo for like two years so we'll get anyway my life cronyn right. I know HOFFA HOFFA project in in La in limbo and different stages of development for three years. And it's like every time it looks like it's about to get off the ground it doesn't and so I can really uh-huh oh yeah you know what actually since you brought that up. I talked to you too about the La thing in the other thing. I got some Intel. But it's all the secrets shit. We're talking about right now. Well you know. Obviously the reason why we're getting together Not The main reason obviously asleep but the the thing that kind of brought it to this point as the other secret that has been going on for forty four years and And let's talk about it now because sees a very influential man and Is still to this day. One of the biggest mysteries in American history Jimmy James Riddle Hoffa disappeared on July thirtieth nineteen seventy five and was declared dead in one thousand nine hundred eighty two disappeared from my restaurant parking lot in Bloomfield Township Michigan. That's correct well is it. Correct disappeared from the the Red Fox. Parking Lot on the corner of Telegraph and Maple last place that he was seen It now is a location. Shen for the Andy Ammo restaurant chain. which is I believe? The biggest Italian restaurant chain in Michigan actually has some connections to the way way crime family to the same people that were central in the in the conspiracy to kidnap and murder To Be Hoffa the some of the people that own on on the AMMO are married to the daughters of some of the people that were involved. Yes I I mean the the history goes down. I don't think most people like talking about it too much because nobody wants to get. I love the irony though that the that the people behind the HOFFA conspiracy. We're also I guess. Marginally tangentially involved in the decision to put on the AMMO at the same location. That hoffer had disappeared from is coincidence. I don't know maybe it's like them planting the flag of some sort. I don't know it could be spent my whole life by uh-huh degree of irony. I WANNA bring up with on that note if you think. I don't know if we should even talk about it. But the thing in Vegas that's connected to on the ammos in your life your friend and so if you think about all the how it's all tied together Kaz off. I was involved the teamster pension with the yes loaning money to build casinos xenos kind of full circle so one of the things donors referencing. We're GONNA try to dance around this issue without getting without getting ourselves season desist assist letters. So Andy Ammo has a Outpost if you will or a a location in Las Vegas that's Downtown Las Vegas in the De Casino. Which is the Detroit theme Casino? They sure do and It's the only on demo. It's the only on the outside of the Michigan and I know that the casino takes pride in bringing kind of Detroit. A brand names to Vegas. They have an American coney island Dave other. It's about time. Yeah Tako out in Vegas gambling and you want a good Italian meal Go in and see the guys and you can get a little taste of of the Detroit mob and Jimmy Hoffa offer. It's in their good. It's frigging delicious announcer. Jimmy Hoffa was pretty much personally responsible for giving the the teamsters loans that built the Las Vegas Skyline so well and that's another that's another thing that Kinda lead up to some the upset the protection of of that entity or the wanting you know the the tug of war over who was to control the purse strings of that pension fund. which was you know? Hundreds of millions of dollars that were being given out in low interest or no interest loans to to pretty much any wise guy that applied would get we get the rights. Not just bill casinos but to open up. Businesses around the country with these these with these teamster pension loans and control control over that pension fund was very important. It was the golden goose that was leading the golden eggs and the mob wanted. Jimmy Hoffa Away from the control of the pension fund Jimmy Hoffa wanted to reclaim his position at the forefront of Control that pension fund and then he vanished definitely put a target on his back. Doesn't it it did the I think the movie that Irishmen went wrong to me in my opinion is that they had their theory of Holland. Why is disappearance? But but I don't think they address. I haven't seen the movie so I'll be honest but I read the book some of that book and it and they didn't address back down like families like Detroit right and other families in wise guys who had built these casinos and business oliver country. They had a lot at stake in hop on. Was Lord it over them on the knowledge of in cahoots and with all the way to the president and so when he started saying I wanNA come back in power. I wanted to control this money. I wanted Josh and making sock. Threats gotten more than me I. I wouldn't say I wouldn't say they were saw threats. Say they were pretty hard. Threats going on going on national television going on sixty minutes minutes and saying that he was going to You know cleanse the the the Union of mob influence in the irony being that he opened the door to all that mob once or or a lot of it at least so right. That weren't soft threats at me but whatever. So you have families like Detroit who had a lot in Stake in the game but in this movie that Irishman. It's like they don't even acknowledge that how much they had in the game and other people too it was just one little theory they worked with Iran with. It made a movie out of it but they this new movie. The movie definitely deals with control of the pension fund and HOFFA's desire to get back in the teamsters union. But I think we're GONNA see the point Garner trying to make which is very valid. Is that do you know the Detroit. The city of Detroit whether we're talking about the mafia or just you know the fact that Hoffa lived in Detroit Detroit for his whole life and and built the teamsters union to the to the Monolithic Heights. He did from his base at local to ninety nine Down in southwest Detroit at the corner of In Michigan and Trumbull. Right by the BALLPARK. You know that completely gets I really WanNa see marginalized because that's almost an understatement. I mean it just doesn't exist. The city of Detroit doesn't exist. The Detroit mob doesn't really exist So I think that was a pretty giant misstep in the telling of that story and it's upsetting setting because it's four of our beloved most favorite actors. Yes you wanted better for our move your three hour and forty five minute movie in literally literally I think less than three minutes of take place in Detroit and I. I've said this a couple of times. I mean interviews for the sake of that film for the narrative that that film John was was telling Jimmy Hoffa might as well lived in Honolulu. I mean really. Historically store cly Biographical ethical films. Well any guys who know me know I always go on my soapbox about that I get it with Hollywood in creative license. They need they feel. They need to take Based on their marketing algorithms but ultimately I think for the most part. I don't know if you guys agree but we have yet to see a truly biographical picture that has satisfied any of us to. I don't know to a large extent. I don't know I've not seen you guys. I mean even this one. There was stuff that was good about it and to Alan. What you said? Yeah they actually league did address the reason I guess that that Hoffa was such a threat with the the money Nancy what you had said about out coincidence L.. Also throw this in there in the underworld. I've found nothing is a coincidence. Isn't it's a strange Kim. But and that was my writing saying that obviously we know right right until the audience don't believe me. Nothing is coincidental in the underworld. I never has been but as with with that movie. Yeah they did address at least that part of it because a lot of people really don't understand why Hoffa was the target And they did. But you're right about the Detroit thing and there was so much on to try to go on a tangent but Detroit nineteen eighteen. Seventy five was in my opinion. The most unusual dynamic of of underworld activity. I need from the talk. Politics down to the low level drug dealers. It was the most corrupt crazy city ever. It's the most fascinating in the way it all. Aw Wide Open right in there. I mean I don't know what do you guys I think the movie I think the movie also hold on one second. I apologize for for me. I was just going to say that I think that one of the issues I had as well was they. Yes they addressed dressed. The issue about the Pension Fund and control the Pension Fund in. HOFFA's insistence on coming back into a union that he wasn't welcomed and back into from the mob. Now he was definitely would have been welcomed back by the rank and file which is which was the big worry that if he reached the nineteen seventy six election. Listen for the teamsters presidency. He won a landslide. So the rank and file wanted him back but the mob controlled. The Union. DidN'T WANNA back but I thought one of the biggest issues issues in terms of the the real story compared to the story the Hollywood was telling you in that film. They really sanitized Hoffa in a Lotta ways where they made. It seem like the character in some of the dialogue was like Or Frank Fitzsimmons. People know Franquet Simmons was the guy that replaced placed. Hoffa was one of HOFFA's Proteges and it was his vice president and when Hoffa had to relinquish the teamsters presence in order to get out of prisoner via presidential essential pardon he turned the union over to Frank Fitzsimmons thinking that Fitzsimmons was just got to keep the seat warm and then he would retake the presence he when he came out of prison The mob preferred fitzsimmons in that Position Than Hoffa because he was much more malleable and easier to manipulate and did what he was told but there were some of these. There was some of the dialogue and Christian. You might remember this where Hoffa's complain all fricks Fitzsimmons. Because you know he'll he'll let any mobster into the union and he'll just give any mobster that wanted a teamsters loan and it's like well Jimmy. You've been doing that for the previous twenty ears. So this notion that he was kind of this man of the people that was getting a raw deal by the mafia is again a little bit revisionist history on because I hated himself painting him as a victim. Almost yeah no I what I'm saying. Regard the fact that Eh. This huge hand that Detroit had in the game or dog in the fight and just today with a lot of people. Don't know Scott knows for sure Kristen. I'M SHERRY TO TWO DETROIT head floor casinos in Vegas and they beds. Try to track down where the money came from. They juggled amounts of money from loans and family. The bottom line is it was teamster money and so the end of the day in another thing is this. Is this where I kind of had my grandfather in Myanmar uncle Sales Pete Toko. They've told me things like when it came time to to get the president to run for election. They needed to obviously see they needed to teamsters need. Uaw they needed a soul there. There's a there's a can't remember where I heard the tape. Where where the president is telling it? They never told As part of the IT's part of the water part of the Watergate tapes right right and he said they stay in regards to getting those unions behind him in the Mid West They said on tape there. They want a million bucks. President says what's the problem million bucks briefcase and give it to them now. They never determined who that was. Everybody assumed that was yes. It was Detroit because control over the UAW and Hoffa. Why was all the teaser? I think the money was to the money was to buy the commutation for that too so yes but in the long run you get connotation I think he gets The teamsters back behind you know what I'm saying. They didn't Hoffer in charge of the teamsters but he had a lot of influence. Still with the Union that anyway. There's a moral moral story is. There's a huge factor in these casinos. Were Built Vegas. But teamster money in Tony's Ereli ends ends up in prison for this and and in the movie whole operation was sorry. Look the reason why I'm saying all this because if you ask the average person in America regard they don't even know like based on that movie. How big of a hand Detroit had in this whole this whole thing? It's the reason why he was killed. UH IN DETROIT. Is the reason why it was kidnapped and killed on. 'CAUSE IT happened. There was the man in the movie. You get people from Philadelphia in Jersey New York all over the country. They're like Detroit Detroit with anything. That's kind of like they didn't even. They didn't even tell us when the movie that he lived in Detroit. You're just supposed to assume it because they're kidnapping them and killing Gillingham in Detroit. But they don't you wouldn't know you had no had no knowledge of Jimmy Hoffa was. You wouldn't even know. He was from Detroit right. Interestingly what one thing I did I'd like about the film is that they would do a little pop up video kind of things until you like what happened is so and so why didn't they do that. Basically like here Detroit Roy Place. The only character that was from Detroit was the twenty Jack Aloni character and it was really just You WanNa talk about Gideon Gideon history wrong well not just brief beginning history just completely backwards. They presented the Tony. Jack Aloni character as some type of clown around some type of lackey for Tony Provenzano. That was some type of arriver bodyguard for Provenzano and in reality. Tony Jack Loney was the one that was calling all the shots. For the entire Hoffa murder conspiracy was being quarterbacked by Tony. Billy Jack Aloni and really Tony. Provenzano had played a very minor role in the In the GIA in the HOFFA murder conspiracy because of there's kind of this east coast bias towards all Mafia reporting He gets interjected acted as a bigger role in it. Yeah yeah his beef with Hoffa is what Led to the sit down. Rafa was kidnapped and murdered. But they really use Tony Provenzano as a way to lure Hoffa out in the open to kill him the beef between Hoffa and Provenzano while it was very real and very bitter was not the reason that Hoffa was murdered. It's where do you guys. I think they're sources though we're worried the where do you think they got the story from the story from the book houses and and if the book is off then we'll the book the book is the they have. There's been a pretty significant backlash in the last six weeks From major media outlets that are writing a ton on of stuff about how the entire movie and the book that the movie is based on is all fiction. That's stint at night with it is agent. Ital- him I. I can't get the book published unless you say you kill awful. I can't speak to what Frank Wyman told Charlie and and and Frank Shearman Sharon but Frank Wyman is my agent and I can tell you that the what I know for sure is that that book was out for for sale on two separate occasions Once with another author and I can't think of that author's name and it didn't sell and then they brought Charlie Brandt. I'm the project WHO's the author the book and was Frank. Sharon's agent or sorry me back offers They brought Charlie brand of the product. He was frank. Sharon's lawyer The agent was Frank Wyman. Who's actually my agent? And I know they went out again with the book with Charlie Brandt as the author. They couldn't sell it so it went went out twice for market. Couldn't sell and then there was some type of meeting of the minds And they went out a third time with the book this time. The third proposal. Zell's said that shearing killed Hoffa and they sold it. They didn't sell to a big publisher this so to us a a small publishing company. I think the advance was like twenty thousand dollars. Which is a pretty small advance if you're you're publishing on regular basis and You know they're the ones that are having a laugh though. I mean the book became a New York Times bestseller earlier That book will be selling for the next one hundred years It will be on shelves and and being being printed for you know decades. They'RE GONNA be making money off this thing for decades. Charlie Brandt and frank had probably walked away with a couple of million already just based on this book being turned into a film so and I don't begrudge them that's the dream that every and they're living the dream and and and I say more power to you even though they're the dream the dream is based on some huge lies and falsehoods. But you know it's everyone's dream to get a book that that hits that level of success success in reaches that kind of what I call the pop culture sweet spot and The data they definitely did it. Well Daddy Dad Dance Scott thank you. That was your Asian. Yeah like I'm not going to discredit anything. Well done. I mean frank. Franks they had to do. Interviews has the stamp behind the book so whether or not he actually believes that are not I don't know but it's his book and Frank. Sharon's not alive anymore. So Charlie Brown's not doing interviews that again. I have a lot of respect for Charlie even though I I strongly disagree with what he's written. I have respect for him as a as an author as an attorney and I definitely respect the fact that he's had this much success with that book. What I don't respect is the fact that he won't do interviews? He's refusing all meteorologists. Because he no well why why do you think I so you think about it. Because he knows that he's GonNa have to sit there and defend ally Burger right so he just did it right. So He's sledding De Niro and Scorsese and agent Frank Wineman half the go out there and take all the bullets. And he's refusing to interviews. which I think is weak? I agree agree. That is I mean. If you're if you're GONNA put something out there we'll stand by it. Wouldn't it feel better to know that it was at least factual standby i. I don't know that's that's just me. What he what he leans on the FBI and they knew what what he leans on an would he what what he uses his kind of canned response to you know y you believe what Sharon told told you is that he says that He was a prosecutor And that he was an expert at Being able to Interrogate and debrief Criminals and through that Experience he was able to decipher decipher what you know who was lying. And who wasn't and that. He says to his experience through his. You know his resume. Hey of of of vetting bad guys that That that that Sharon pass muster with him. So that's that's that's that's what He. That's that's that's the company line coming from from the Charlie Brown camp. Well I mean I would've loved to seem you guys direct this movie. I feel like it would have been a much different. Give me to give us two hundred million dollars you make it better. I'm men make movies great again. Well he used to think my biggest issue is something like this and it's different. These are true to true crime writers. Right here to the best in the business Scott and Kristen. I'm a fiction novelist. I mean I do writes in to cram by my life but I'm a storyteller so I'm I'm about great stories. Big Big stories big characters very complex plots and I look at this book that they base this on on like a lot of bull crap and I'm like for two hundred million dollars. This is what you come up with with this all star cast and source. He's kind to me. It's like a kick in the nuts to me the fact that I have novels out that people are saying this is good of the Godfather. Maybe Better Magin. If they just took a quarter of them maybe better add some good acts it better. Maybe I'm just saying you say excuse to fill and I'm just saying if if you know if they're gonNA take in my I novel and created a fifty million dollar budget wouldn't use some younger actors aren't going to be so expensive and A good director. That's got talent in made a really. Hey good take a really good story and make a a generational epic Makia story that people remember in thirty years. To only reason people are gonNA remember this 'cause it's controversal controversal and because the all star cast they won't remember it because it was a great story. They're not going to be thinking about it for months and it was awesome story. I was in theatres like mostly attach. The characters are whenever. This won't happen with this movie so to me. No income Hollywood holly. I think all three of US know because I mean Alan. They haven't come to you yet. and they may have I know they've Scott and I have danced this dance with a book options in Hollywood and it's almost like if it does happen man you you have to bite the bullet tests as much as I hate to say. Hey that'd be like. Hey gimme big fat check because I know you guys are GonNa mangled and how many percentage you think of options that get put on books actually get turned into films. I mean I know the fibers right very slim so even if you reach the point where someone's coming to put an option on your book it even if it's a major name whether it be a studio or a director or writer or an actor they want still. I would say unlikely that it will actually actually hit the silver screen right. We I dealt with that I exactly I know and then I learned the hard way how this whole business works works in and I guess what I'm saying is you're you almost as an author or a researcher of fiction writer. Nonfiction doesn't matter you're so relieved Steve if something actually gets green lighted ten years after it's been optioned because most of it gets shelved or the option expires. And you're sitting there like you know w Irishman was a ten ten. The Irish men was heard. You paint houses which is with Irishman is is based on the book we were just talking about you know that option got put on thinking Oh five zero six twelve thirteen years. I've been waiting for this music for a song I know with me I I try a lot of people are always asking me. What are they gonNA make a movie? I'm like my God could be ten and years from now. You know what I mean. It's just part of the game right. That's dialyse reality for the actor. I don't know much. She fancies fantasy such an for so many bad. Made in in in every once in a while you'll find a book or good good story at a rare. Why aren't they making this Instead they make sequels to Comic books in another fast and furious and they put a hundred million because they're scared that listen they know what sells what's going to make your money. It's a business modern business model. They know if they spent two two hundred million dollars on a fast and furious. They're gonNA make back eight hundred million dollars if they spend. I'm kind of getting hip to this over the last couple of years about budgets. And because I've been doing workout in Hollywood you know for a for adult themed. Dramas that are geared towards people that are interested in in great stories stories. Great plots great dialogue. You you're lucky if you get a twenty million dollar budget so I mean Alan. I hope to God down eventually reaches the point where they're they're playing with his novels and they wanNA adapt them into into film or television but even something like that. I mean he's talking about fifty million dollars but I don't I think they would ever. I mean I was involved in the white boy rick Film and they had a thirty five to forty million dollar budget and everyone was going like you don't know how rare this is to have this size of a budget for this kind of a movie and it was a giant disaster and they didn't and and it actually proved a lot of people's points that you shouldn't make those kind of movies because that forty million dollars thirty five million dollars only had twenty twenty five million dollar return now all the movies that were railing against and I can appreciate I call them popcorn movies. I can appreciate them for what they are The marvel films and and the Star Wars and all the franchise films and the the built in a brand recognition. But they you know it's a science I mean they know if they spent one hundred million they can spend two hundred million two hundred million on these movies and they're making their money tenfold. Not It's easier no one. It's it's already happened and you've seen what happens. If seen they've Sunday they've done the they've crunched the numbers they you know the analytics metrics they know with certain these certain brands. And it's crazy sometimes. You know these Marlin movies will come out. They'll have one hundred and fifty million dollar budget or two hundred and the only make three hundred. You know double their their return. They'll have a double on the return and they'll look at that and be well. That's not very good because all their other movies have a quadruple return rock when trouble return. Hey here's the lesson chances well let me make the mob connection here. Everything is about money. Like Scotts at Hollywood knows what makes money money. The mob knows what makes money and that's all that mattered hence why Hoffa was killed reason. Something gets made in Hollywood. Because it's it's not about beating people up it's not about killing people. It's about making money and if something interferes with that then you take action. So in Hollywood. The waves sway all their enemies but That's my that's my lesson for the boys and girls today and you know what at the end of the day for for this project. The Irishman I. I don't think making money was really an objective of theirs. I think I think that this was a prestige this lead through the boss theater when you say a loss leader basically just trying eh people in the netflix subscriptions. And that's why they made the movie why I think two hundred million dollars at box officer back or not. They didn't care. They WanNa pee subscribed Austin movie and then go wait what other. Let's let go. They stay with it. I think that's part of it but I don't think that's the whole thing. I mean I think a lot of it his simply prestige and they they view that the two hundred million dollars they spent was so there would be the spectacle that was and and that is. I mean they've gotten thirty million is on this. They got thirty million is on this thing in the first week. I mean that's insane. If there had been a box office that a two hundred million would have been a five hundred million return on the first weekend. Especially we're talking baking company. Uh I don't think I I. I have a hard time believing. I'm not saying that. That's not what their same heart. Who who do you know the at this point in time? It doesn't have a netflix subscription. I don't know anybody. Okay well you live out in the out in the wilderness literally in the ozarks litter. I'm just saying you. You know I mean the ninety nine percent of the world right now that they're they're living by a mid level income. I'm not talking about lower middle but ooh everyone has a netflix subscription. I don't I don't feel like this this particularly got them a ton of Saab's maybe I'm wrong but I don't think there was a tawny people that were like. I gotTA sign up for Netflix to watch this. I build some people who actually I remember seeing these post Irishman on the pages and stuff and somebody's like man. Ah I'm going to sign up so I can get it and watch it get like a one month free subscription now saying that those people didn't have more people that you realize that don't have net flex and this actually baited that men. I'm not saying that the sole reason but I'm saying I think they got a lot of subscribers want your in watching ozarks narcos and all these other great shows at the is on Alexa six or whatever and they're like Oh. This is cool. What's what is it twelve bucks a month? Now he's like he's fifteen but they've opted when then you watch they wanNA THEY THEY WANNA win Oscar. They want to win. Oscars this movie. I'm telling you is going to win the Oscar. So that's all that Netflix really cares about everyday and just end this thing real. Aw this thing. Really hit struck a chord and resonated with the country if not the world We can sit here and we can knock it for veracity. I didn't think it was a particularly great movie. I thought it was good Christian said I thought in parts parts of it were very good. I don't think it is an all time classic in any regard. I don't think it's an all time score. Says he classic in any regard but I mean this was a grand slam win for them. I mean everybody buddy was talking about this movie for you know the second it will it. Will it came into theaters at a limited release. I think November first and then it hit it hit Netflix on November twenty seventh and ever since it hitting athletics on November twenty seven. I mean it's been on the forefront of conversation everywhere yes it has but then you get lucky. It's it's a conversation and then you have those actors and then what you get is a bunch of people that are going to be curious curious enough to watch and also whether they also just to be clear after the two hundred million was of was was simple was pure vanity for score. Says he if he would have done this as a a traditional theater release he would have had it. Let's say a hundred million dollar budget and he would have to make the movie three hours. He wanted the tournament dollar budget to make the movie view. Four hours in the two hundred million dollar budget. One hundred million that two hundred went towards de aging technology so it wasn't even anything substantive substantive in terms of the script or or the set pieces or Special effects it was simply to take seventy five five year old Pacino Deniro and patchy and allow them to play thirty five year old Pacino. PECI Deniro now. Whether or not that. They pulled that off. We can sit there and debate it but that was again. It was a it was a it was a a lot of this vanity project for for score says he just wanting wanting to have that type of freedom and I guess if you're Martin Square says he and you're the greatest director that ever lived as some people consider him. I mean I know my favorite director. Maybe it's this is his right. Maybe you know he's done so much she deserves it. You can play with your money when you're scorsese so I guess at this point I mean we can talk about it all. We want me and I think that at the end of the day we kind of know that there is more truth than what we saw in the movie. There's is obviously you know some things that don't really match up and don't connect we'll start with the fact that Frank Sharon did not kill me off. Let's start with so what you saw in the movie in terms of. Here's what was true. In the movie. Frank Sharon was a teamster frank. Sheeran was A enforcer for certain mob bosses in Pennsylvania. Frank Sharon had met Jimmy Hoffa. That's here's a real version of the. Hey It's you know what it's Hollywood and there's really you know. What do we do at the end of the day except for P.? Disagree with it as much as anybody any other movie and awesome. FBI Right now that are doing when a project. I'm not sure what outlet. They're doing it for but it's a it's a written project that might eventually turn into something on the screen. But they've been in contact me and there are there are I think three or four. FBI agents right now that represent different or I should say the retired F. B. I.. Agents that represent different offices that have investigated mm the Hoffa case. And they're right now trying to find one murder that Frank Sheeran was tied to forget about Hoffa. They're trying to find any murder. Just want that Sheeran was tighter because they believe that frank shares never murdered anybody. Let Jimmy Hoffa. So he can sit there in the book and they can talk about. Oh I I heard you paint houses which for people that don't know is according to them as an expression of how a hit man identifies himself. I paint houses. Meaning they shoot someone in the head and his blood goes on the walls. I've also heard people say Both guys in the mob and guys in federal law enforcement and since that terminology has reached the masses from from the book seen. I've never I've never heard that before. I don't know where that came from. I'm I'M GONNA go ahead and say this is my first time here in the Christians Christian have you have you heard it on the line. I think this is a great time to put to hear your excellent theory on how this happened. And I don't know might theory theory similar to yours basically but since you're here in the art market probably wants to hear your theory too is I remember. Is that when I asked my grandfather years and years ago. Not that he knew knew anything or he did. What I'm saying is that he paled around with these guys? They're at our house all the time. Tony Jack Loney Jack Doco and we all lived in the same neighborhood and they spent a lot of time at our house and I remember a couple times asking him. These things into my teens in he'd always go for a walk. Just wants to go for a walk. Benchley Markle Sale Toko said you know we teach. Thank you for walk because the House might be bugged. Because all these guys come over here. Twenty Corrado and all these guys Tony Jacklin or at our house all the time so eventually I said What's up offer off in each games? Go for a walk. I said you know. What's the story behind author? And he says Listen Alonzo. This offer right. Were walking walking down the street. He says it's not something should ask about. When asked about it? Don't talk about it. He says just know that they're never gonNA find him and he says in if you knew. If you were to know anything's exact words he said you don't want to know the answer to that because the feds put you up. Put you in around July detector and you you know they ask you if you have any of course I would never know anything. I was only for two years old when it happened. But you know things can be passed along. He said you just don't want to have knowledge of that. Every the lie detectors Kisaburo in court anyway. But he said that you don't WanNa know just let it every single molly figure from Detroit that was called in to the FBI office from nine hundred seventy five until now the first thing they the first thing they ask them they shot they pour Pitra Jimmy often they say. Tell us what you know about this and and all your problems are a race for me have been asked I've been. I've got called in by the feds for different time and they. I think they did ask me. Do you have any knowledge of how power are you kidding. Me Man. I was for two years old. So what I'm saying is I do remember that conversation. I told you about Scott where my Grandpa was twenty Jack Loney and he he says I'm going downtown to see Jimmy. Tony Jacklin. He said I'm going to see Jimmy in practice. Awful kind of jokingly and he said Oh no offer you still downtown waiting for a ride. That's his exact words remembered stuck on my mind. So that's you know I don't I think he The cremation thing. Like your your theory on that or that. He was round up in the pig. Feed at Detroit Meat Packing Company. But what happened before that is exactly what I believe. Scott's theory is like right to the teak he could have been cremated he he never left Detroit in debt. You know so maybe it wasn't a black guy who said Scott got it. You guys are breaking up guys you guys there. Yeah yeah good question. Well I was just saying there's a black guy. Scott knows who he said he stumbled upon the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. I'm Mike Possible but Mike I don't know about it I don't know about his. I'm being plausible but Mike Yarbrough is a former corrections officer that claims that he Happened upon half of being buried at the Renaissance Center. His timeline has has changed over the last five years. which is one of the reasons that I kind of question his theory but I do believe leave that? He believes Very very intensely that he that he saw this Out of all of the insane theories that have zero plausibility. I would say the Renaissance Center theory has the most plausibility of the theories. That have no a possibility. The renaissance that guy called me everyday for like two months to go on Fox News. Charlie Landon to dumped. It's get my peace and I'm like man. I am not going on Fox News. Talk about offer with you. Know I don't know I don't I said Scott go to Scott. He did go to you. You know you basically told them your opinions and thoughts and which you should share now Scott. They'll go through the timeline and Christian coup. You know a lot of knowledge about this. What happened that day? Scott Jimmy Hoffa was picked up at the Red Fox at about two forty five yet loan. You broke up Tapia Alani. Yeah I'm I'll give you my theory so Tony Jack Loney and Tony Provenzano had allegedly agreed to have a sit down with Jimmy Hoffa regarding this beef with the teamsters and Hoffa needed to you get provenzano support in order to win the teamsters presidency in the seventy six election. He had been at odds with Provenzano. They one time and very close friends They'd had a falling out very bitter falling out. Were they were threatening to kill each other and each other's families but Hoffa realized that he had to make amends ends with Provenzano in order to take back the union. Jack Loney was the broker of this of the sit down Saddam was supposed to take place at two o'clock at the Marcus. Red Fox at Telegraph in Maple Hoffa showed up at two o'clock. He was a stickler for Being on time that's shown in the film that's true They made them wait for forty five minutes. He thought he'd been stood up. He had Went to the restaurant was in a parking lot that also housed a was the home of the shopping mall and and He went to a a a hardware store in the shopping mall called his wife told him that he had been Ditched if meeting and that was was going to grab some stakes at a a grocery store and come home and grilled steaks for dinner. That was at about two forty As a US walking back to his car he was intercepted by a group of mob figures are believed to have been The hit team. They were driving Tony. Jack Loney Son's son's car a nineteen seventy five mercury marquee owned by Joey. Jack Loney. Who was Tony Jacklin? At the time he was twenty three twenty four year old son And I believe that the people in that car were Billy Jack Loney. Who was Tony Jacklin? His younger brother and fellow Mafia Capo. Oh someone that was an incredible incredibly powerful presence in Detroit underworld as well as just like his brother. Someone whose reputation preceded him wherever he went across. The country had a lot of respect in other crime families. twenty pounds. All I believe is in the car. He was a young mob soldier at that time. Who represented the Downriver River Region in Detroit? He was a bodyguard and driver. For Peter Vitality Bazi vitality who was the godfather of Greektown who who was centrally involved in the conspiracy as the guy that was running interference with New York. Bazi vitality was keeping all the east coast mobsters abreast of what was happening in Detroit. So you had a representative from the Jackal only crew. Who Was Billy Jack? Loney had represented from the vitality crew. Who was twenty pounds? All and then I think NCUA representative from Tony Pros crew Salvatore Sally Bugs Giulio. I've lead those are the three people that picked Hoffa up At about two forty five at the in the parking lot of the Marcus Red Fox at that point I believe he was taken about a two or three minute drive north on telegraph to Long Lake Road where there was a house that was owned by. Carl Cada Carl. Lucado was the site. The brother-in-law of Jack and Tony Toko Jack Toko at that time was the acting boss of the Mafia one of the main conspirators and organizers of of Hoffa hit MOCATTA 's house. This was a frequent Sit Down Location for Tony Jack. Aloni discuss labor union business. HOFFA had been at House to meet Tony Jack Loney at least three times in the year. You're two leading up to this. So he felt comfortable going to the Lakota House. Especially if Billy Jack Loney was in that car saying Hey Jamie where we the Tony wants to be. Have this meeting in private. Doesn't WanNa be at a publication. We're going to move the meeting up to the Catis House up the street. I think he would feel comfortable going. There was only about a two the three minute drive. They got to the house. The houses was known throughout the Detroit underworld as the House on the hill because it was kind of lifted up on a hill and remove removed from from the main street and the L. elevated the garage was was secluded. I believe they drove him in the garage. Probably killed him either when he got out of the car in the garage right when he stepped into the house From the back door I believe that he was putting the trunk of that Mercury Gry Marquee and probably delivered to central sanitation which was owned by Bazi vitality and incinerated at the Central Sanitation Supplementation. Then burned down an arson fire in the year after disappeared before the FBI could get a search warrant genially. Wasn't it to the exact eight. Oh a year to the day that it happened disappeared. No no what you're referring to. The Carl Wakata died on the six year anniversary of Hoffa's murder at that same house almost to the minute at about three o'clock on July thirty ninety-one and Bazi tally who owns simple sanitation and it was twenty pounds boss was fouled by an FBI surveillance. Team I think seventy two hours after HOFFA disappeared. Abbasi vitality was was was foul to New York where he was meeting with The genovese vase crime family. The top leaders genovese crime family obstensibly to fill them in on details of what had happened in Detroit and then twenty pounds although Eventually there's there's there's been a a gravitation in the last ten to fifteen years for agents that have investigated the case And a lot of them have gravitated towards the belief that Twenty what was the killer and he not. He climbed the ladder In the crime family very fast after this kind of was able to fast track mob career Post nineteen seventy five became. A crew. Boss eventually became a capo. Then eventually was named Consiglieri of the crime family. He died In January the stomach cramp of stomach cancer January two thousand nine hundred and he was caught on a wire nineteen ninety-two bragging about his involvement movement in the hoffer murder and then in two thousand twelve. When Tony's really the former underboss of the Detroit mob went to the FBI and tried hi to help them solve the HOFFA case? He told them that. Tony Jack Aloni told him that Tony Solo was the killer. So that's what I believe. That's your theory. That's a pretty strong theory Bernstein. Yeah I mean it's got Bernstein Christian guy but I'm just saying I I could I buy all that believe. All of that is much as anything or anyone else again. That's much more knowledge than I had ever growing up. Or you analogize till I met got so I just for whatever reason in my mind for some reason. It's it's called it. A hypothetical scenario that that bodies could have been ground into pigs feed at the Detroit Meat Packing Company. Where where are you getting that from? My head is the reason why because I feel like you're you're conflict with twenty thousand. Everyone that he put him in a sausage Auger mean. Tony although hello is like a great uncle was a great uncle through my. It's my grand- my grandmother's Cousin but anyway. So No I. I know that my grandfather is Warehouse and Easter Market Produce was behind the old Detroit meatpacking company and I remember going in there and they not saying they dispose of bodies. I'm I'm not saying that. But let's say hypothetically you could and it's Don Detroit's only ten minutes from where it happened with off the thing. I'm you know this deal awaited needed to make a body bash my mind all these years. That's where you went but yours makes us as much as what about the the. Jimmy Q had the crematorium to Q. on central sanitation with Bazi vitality. So that's where I think. They took me. Who didn't somebody all the Vignette does they? They have the crematory with the being asked. Does everybody knows they do all bodies for the funeral could've went that way to look. Sanitation makes more sense and Jimmy Jimmy Q.. Owned the the crematorium with Bazi vitality at sanitation they both be cone. Central Sanitation. Let that makes a lot of sense. And and Karl Licadho own Cry County Sanitation so they could've taken embarrassed. Well what's another Sanitation company that had an incinerator. I want to say that's a that's closest closest to the truth is I. I mean that you can get I don't think your sources could be any closer Than the man sitting next to me and I think thank And I think everybody Scott Christian and Allen. I hate to say that I have to wrap this up because it's my favorite subject and everybody knows it but Right we got to wrap this up. You can actually Scott. Where can people find you? People can find me either on my social media. facebook Scott Bernstein B. U. R. S. T. A. N. Twitter Bernie's tweets B. U. R. N. E. Y. S. tweets My Web magazines called Paul Gangster report gangster report DOT COM. and I write every day and the Oakland press which is a local Detroit newspaper And then I have a podcast asked. That's on the intercom call. The original gangsters podcast. That you can find on itunes and radio DOT com just named one of the top twelve true crime Pica one of the top twelve new true crime. PODCAST two thousand nineteen. That's awesome is it. WHO AWARDED RADIO DOT COM? That's awesome so it's kind of like your your bosses telling you out of all of our a true crime podcast. You have one of our best. That's amazing that doesn't shock me a bit an alien Grill Cook since we have to wrap this up. Let's let people know how we can how we can find you on. My the media's author Alan Lim Bloom and then you can go to an instagram under Detroit and then my website is GonNa Detroit Dot Com and then my apparel companies are thing apparel dot com salutes. The big books are to be a king by one and two CERNAN Amazon. Go to Detroit Mafia. Man You go get some of his gear. Man That needs to everyone knows about Detroit. hustles harder and Detroit versus everybody. Everybody as kind of or made in Detroit but Our thing Detroit. which is Allen's brand of clothing? His is some really fresh gear and everyone needs to know about it. I own like eight pairs shirts couple ads on the you know this is coming from from someone that you know and I think Chris Coats on this as well to publish authors for someone like Alan and got a late start in the game He's incredibly talented Naturally gifted as a writer and interest in an outstanding storyteller so read the book read all their books actually you. You won't get enough in person Christian. It's your turn. How can we find you a visit me? A GANGLAND LEGENDS DOT COM and my handle on all social media is gang land. Legend Singular My books on Amazon Amazon. I got a lot of stuff going on. And it's been an honor being on show with all of you so boom okay. All right the all star team. Thank you guys so much for being here today I actually have a my next guest. Is Lynn Fiscally and we'll be on here and actually a few minutes so stay tuned but thank you guys again that was actually really good input and that was the real Irishmen story follows. Thanks bye good afternoon. We're here with one of my. My favorite people Lint excuse me in there we go that coffeehouse any at any point in time in this conversation. I'm sorry in advance. It just won't go away. It's just a little tickle. I have the same taste so to excuse so excuse both of us. But what we're dealing with it exactly Excuse me I met Lynn through a real Through real estate I kind of wanted to know. No more about it and She has really opened my eyes to exactly what people really should be prepared for and what to do but one of the one Lynn. She's not just doing real estate. Of course she's a smart lady so she She's had her hands in the butterfly collective which she's going to tell us about today that Helps you know. Emotionally and physically Is An financially also The the the victims of domestic abuse and violence. So please tell us more because this is something that many many a lot of men and women out there that really really really. Don't talk about it or sweep it under the rug because they feel like they're alone in it's a very unfortunate situation but please tell us more okay so As far back you want me to go but I am a survivor of domestic violence. Myself I left my abuser in nineteen eighty eight so it's been a long time for me but I thought I was healed but really I just buried it under under the rug. I never told anybody about my experience. what I went through You just you know when you're in it you don't really realize that you're in an abusive relationship and abuses many things so a lot of people when they hear domestic violence they think the woman is being beaten and that is definitely a part of it. But it's only a part of it careers financial abuse. There's control there's manipulation there's gas lighting. There's isolation I mean the list goes on and on and so my abuse was was really all of that and the violence started towards the end when when the when the when an abuser feels. They're losing control of their victim. That the violence escalates and so anyways So the butterfly collective the the passion that I have comes from my personal experience that you went through that. Thank you There are one in four women that experience domestic violence in their lifetime of some sort and one in I believe the number is one in nine men do so So in two thousand fifteen I learned about first of all. I didn't know about all of the resources that were available two victims when I was going through it and coming out of it I didn't know about turning point. I didn't know about haven. I didn't know that there were shelters. There is Salat I didn't know and so I was fortunate enough to have a mother that supported me when I laughed and helped me get on my feet but not everybody has that and so And two thousand and fifteen. I learned about an organization called handbags of hope up. And it's a small local nonprofit that would Get donations of gently used purses and fill them with ten missiles because so like deodorant. Toothpaste things that you and I take for granted but our counter every morning when oftentimes in times when a victim fleas their abuser. They just gotTa go. There's no time to pack bag. They'd go slap nothing So she provided purses versus with ten essentials to all of the shelters in Michigan. And because I'm a survivor. That really hit my heart and I needed. I wanted to have a fundraiser for her. And so I started doing this fundraiser and in in promoting it I started getting private facebook messages from women that have either gone through domestic violence in our out or or know somebody and the stories that I heard were awful. Like I couldn't sleep with the word empath and I think I'm saying that wrong. But you know what I mean. Yes so when I hear these stories. It's not just a horrible thought. It's like I feel this pain and the sorrow that this person is feeling and the more I learn the more and then after I did that I was just like I have to get involved in a bringing awareness to the domestic violence so that people understand how great it is and what it is but also help put a stop to it like. There's so much like our our laws don't really they're better than they were when I laughed. my my deciding like I I gotta go. Is My husband at the time. Hit me in public in front of a police officer and my sister was standing next to me and and said. Are you going to do anything to this police officer. So that's a domestic dispute. We don't get involved now. Thankfully things have changed now. They're not like that but still still. The laws are so That just gives me. That just gave me goosebumps by the way just kind of like hits nil somewhere. It's strikes the nerve that makes me angry so sorry Yup Yup but my God that. But it's changed. I mean it's not that bad now. They do respond quickly and But there are still laws like so for me I never reported. I never told anybody in my family. Little report report. What was going on to the police and most victims don't report unless it's so bad that somebody else calls or they feel threatened like like their life is threatened and then they call so? There's a lot of unreported abuse that goes on and then you get to where you absolutely lutely had enough and you then start getting the courts involved. Well you say all these things have happened to you but you've never reported so that's a that's a problem with the system and a problem with domestic balance a lot of reason like I said before you don't reported it one because it's your life you don't realize what you're going through is not normal and to there's so much shame mm-hmm and it's not our shame. It shouldn't be our shame. It should be the person. That's perpetrating. The violence but they don't have any shame that's why they're doing what they're doing right. So there's all of these reasons that we don't report what's going on in our lives right even even talking about it. Some people don't I don't want to even talk about it. Well because because divorce is was an instant still is in some countries vary taboo. You word it you don't you just take it and take it and take because you don't because what would people say right what people say. What would people think of me But unfortunately when they don't start thinking until it's too late you know until something happens to that to that lady the poor girl the to the woman or man you know. It's not just women but still twenty nine and then you have one in four so there's still more of that happening to women unfortunately But it's now you know I'm I'm assuming that it probably you know touched you so much that you felt like you had to do something about it and yes. That's where you're you're at right now. Yes so So it was at that my very first fundraiser for him. Mix of hope that I learned about turning point and one of the ladies in turning point On on a volunteer reached out to me after the event and said you know. Have you thought about sharing your story and I learned more turning point has a an outreach called the speaker the survivor Speaker Bureau and what you do is publicly. Share your story People reach out to turning point and want people to come sometimes school sometimes private events and so I did that and I learned a lot. They they don't just like listen they. There's training that goes so I learned more or about domestic violence how to react to it how to respond. If there's somebody that needs help you know what to do and so I did that for a while. uh-huh and what what turning point does is a wonderful thing they help women that are escaping and stuff you know that there's limited space okay. So they don't always have room for people that need to get away but they do provide many other sources things so yeah so so. That's a really good thing thing but what I found in working with them and what I learned was that there's this missing piece and the missing pieces when they're coming out of shelter or they can't get in shelter but they really WanNa leave. There's no financial help and most of the time one victim is leaving or survivors. Leaving the financial control has happened. She has no access to their funds. She doesn't know how how much money she doesn't have a checkbook. She doesn't have credit cards. She doesn't have any money. So how do you start life over. And oftentimes they don't. I'll have a job. So how do you start life over when you don't have the resources to do that or maybe you have been able to get a home But you can't fill that home with the things that you need like beds like common things that we take for granted so in in April of this year I started in April of this. We had our first butterfly collective fundraiser and It was a fashion show vendor show and it was a success. We had two hundred fifty guests at our first event which we were very very very pleased with the outpouring of support And so what. Our goal is to provide financial support. Emotional support an education to to victims. So we do that Currently have won the ladies that are on my team. She's an attorney attorney that specializes in domestic abuse cases and I met She invited me to How cots what's on my goodness a cocktail Christmas party on Thursday evening to meet and Some some people that are in the political world and mccomb county and. She said that she said it with great With a great word in describing it and that is that we're in the grassroots route stage so We are currently working on getting a nonprofit We are not a nonprofit yet. Although one hundred percent of the money that we make does go to help survivors. We've helped several already currently working with five other women And again it's I don't don't let people know who this is you know it's it's confidential but But we are doing great things and we have gotten an immense amount of support through people that know me and what I'm doing I have always been a woman of integrity and I A a good word to describe. Scribe me tenacious in whatever I do I'm I'm going to get it done. And so I we have a following it started started with me and a friend Cathal reporter who owns most of my circle are business owners so She owns a more your body products. And she she did that fundraiser. With me I am now. There are six of us on the team so and we've had wonderful Local companies do fundraisers for us on the High Salon Shelby. Township did one four us. I'm sure would brewery has has done to for us. Actually we'll we'll be doing another one They're doing one for us on December twenty first and it's a charity giftwrap and you bring all of your gifts that you want to Give to your loved ones and we wrap them for you. And then in a portion of that goes to the butterfly collective and then they're they'll be jar for donations so that all goes to help survivors and then We currently have a program right now. A An adoptive family program where we've adopted eight families somewhere else. Mrs Not not meet directly but I've connected so we we got Actually we had twelve businesses that volunteered to help and we have eight families that were helping so on December twenty second. The businesses will be bringing the gifts that they've purchased for these families and the families will be coming to pick up the gifts and it's just a beautiful thing to be able to make a difference in someone's life in in you don't realize how big that differences I mean and that just that one gesture could change their world and Monodu something date you're doing today so they'll they'll probably Wanna pay it forward so it makes a much bigger impact than we really think. Sometimes it's true it's true I know that You know it is a big problem in many cultures. I mean there's a lot of cultures out there that don't allow you to speak up Mine you know. Most recently Is is is also one of them. I mean just go ahead and say you know being part of the Middle Eastern Region or being Middle Eastern. You don't you're not so much Kellyanne because we've we've been We've come a far away and we've we've come to realize is it. You know you you respect the women in your family and You know freedom and independence is extremely important so maybe not so much ours but the region that we came from doesn't really allow you to speak up and for the women that are going through that it's the hardest because they say something. It's almost their life that they're you know they're they're being threatened hadn't against store You know the whole Family Sean is. You're just shunned upon if you speak up against your husband so I could probably say this happens in more cases than we can ever imagine I I would probably put my my money on more than one in four for women. I would probably agree with that. Just because it's I think One of the reasons that number when I started doing this in two thousand fifteen that number was actually one in three now. It's one in four and I think that's coming from there's more awareness and there organizations that that are led by men that teach One of them's called the mankind project and the butterfly collective was actually born from conversation with my broker Who belongs to mankind project and it teaches teaches men to respect women and hold other men accountable to respect women? Also there are there are organizations. out there that making a difference here in America. But it's here so I usually and I think You know there are. There are a lot of other countries that are in the same. I I would venture to say that you know the Italian culture is And I'm I'm I mean I'm married to an Italian I'm Maher. He's a wonderful man but I just see it. I know women that are. It's in their Italian women on. I've heard stories and it's it's it breaks my heart just know and their ups wrong. It's wrong it doesn't matter what the culture is it's wrong and it happens so So yeah I mean that's so right now if you were a victim of domestic violence or currently in a relationship trying to get out of it What would you tell them today? If you were to be able to speak to them today what would you say would be the first thing you should do while i. I'm going to say that if somebody tells you that they're a victim. Please believe them and probably what you're if somebody has the they've they speak that. They're being abused. They're only giving you a little a tiny bit of what's really happening to them. So you need to understand that. They may not be ready to leave right now. It has to be in their time there. There are so dependent on this abuser because this abuser has told them time and time again nobody's GonNa want you look at you what you know whatever the case might be or are either that or you know what will happen to you if you leave right and the or both in many cases both yes so So the first thing. I'm going to say that if you aren't an abusive relationship you are worthy of love and you do not deserve to be mistreated or abused verbally physically soclean financially. Whatever way it is happening to you no one deserved that? Absolutely no and there are cer- There are people that you can reach out to and I mean I'm oftentimes people come to me wanting to know what to do and I if they want to reach route to me on my face but we we currently don't have a website yet and just being built hopefully by the end of the year. We will have the energy where we'll have have a website and our five. Oh One C.. Three but they want to reach out to me on our facebook page. They can send me a private message and then we can connect and I can listen to them and then advise them on what the next thing to do is start by stop That's individual. Well you know. I'm glad they're women out like like you doing things like this. Because I think a lot of women feel stuck and don't know Oh what the safe route to do the the first thing to do for them and mentally. They probably feel like they're you know they're going to get caught hot right away or something's going to happen to them or you know. What would people say it's not about? This is your life right. This is your life right. You know when you're are you you deserve a better future. Yup just like anybody else absolutely so I will have Lind's information on my facebook or anything thing that you You know any anywhere any source that she can provide will be on my facebook for you to find and if you do know anybody that is I mentioned it said something about it Please just give them loans information. They will do it in time. I'm sure I'm sure but you know as you probably have experienced. They do it when they're probably running when they're ready for sure is knowing they have the support and love that they need while they're in it before they're ready is so important you know. Uh the best thing you can do is just tell them that you love them. You believe them on that. You support them in whatever way that means and that's is very important important Well in okay So my my biggest thing is to is You know you do it with so much passion you do so much class and you know I met you through a different avenue but I feel like doc we definitely met for a reason and look where we are now but that hits a heart string with me because my mother was a victim and and I've I've known so many women that I've seen at person or victim so It's you shouldn't just just take it. That's the thing you really do not deserve to just take it every single day. It's not normal. It is not normal no matter how many times a relative take your fund or or somebody or or the or your abuser is probably trying to tell you it is absolutely not normal for you to be Abused financially mentally or physically. At all at all we do Really quick have a support group that we meet that first Monday of every month and it's strictly confidential but It's open to anybody that wants to come. Begin the healing process in I will also provide this information And obviously anybody who wants more information. I'll just connect you. You write to lend directly and make sure that everybody knows how to get you know how to get in touch because it's it's more serious serious and people think I feel like you know many people think. Oh it's just you know people will change or you know people don't change they. They are who they are they are they are they. I mean they can't but most of them don't you know they say they're going to and they buy flowers and they make you believe then all this is the last time but then it's not the last time in fact. The next time is usually worse than the type before. Because you've taken a back so it's it's a hard circle to break very and it just goes to show what what you allow was what you what will continue caressing you just you. You have to draw a line somewhere And now for for you now. Where would you like to see or take this project actor? This organization obviously is much bigger than a project. This is now a you of life for you so this is part of your life. It's my second job job in a very fulfilling one at that very much so although the uh you know the pay's not so great but the right words are many and I and I love making a difference in someone's life and Yes so where do I see it. I'm a big thinker and my passion would be to become a national known company or nonprofit and maybe start chapters Um I recently read so I'm going to share two things. One is my favorite quote is a mother Theresa Crow quote and that's We can't all do great things but we can do small things with great love. I live by that I love that and The other thing that I recently just read it was a Mimi on facebook. But it said that We're not meant to live forever but we're meant to create something the thing that does and so that is my dream than what I'm doing. We'll live on when I'm no longer here. I'm pretty sure you've already created an amazing amazing legacy for yourself for your family now. Big Pretty confident at that as a matter of fact as real Because she does it every day and I I I you know I watch and follow you every single day. It's very inspiring to me To meet people that you know. Don't let anything in between clean what they sought to do. So your vision to help women. domestic violence violence You haven't let anything stop you since you started as from what I've seen so that's that's very motivating for somebody who wants to get out of a situation like that because it's something that is real something that's not going anywhere so it's it's definitely here to stay stay the like I said the rewards are making a difference in someone's life Last year there was someone that I knew on the Speaker Bureau. Who reached out to me? She has five boys and she she wanted to provide. One of them was at the time. Fourteen or fifteen and she didn't have the money to get Christmas presents and so she reached out to me and asked if she could wrap the key. My gifts to my family. 'cause I had made a comment on facebook About I love giving but I don't really like wrapping. And so she. I said I'd like to do that for you. And I'm like okay. We'll then I really found her need in it struck my heart and I'm like I have have to help this person. So not only did I have her. Come and wrap my Christmas gifts but in the week before she came I pulled together a Ho bunch of support and we provided all five of her boys with several gifts and eleven hundred dollars to help her with whatever she you know. She's got a card that needs fixed and things that need fiqh incredible And it just really made made me feel good and she was overwhelmed with love and more recently like this week. She sent me a private message and said that she just reread the Christmas card that that was given to her. It's probably going to get choked up but that she has never felt as loved and her entire life than she did that day that we gave her all those gifts than that money. And that's why I do what I do. That's amazing. Well no they are loved UH and worthy and they can get out of whatever it. Is that the problem is and they are they are they just have to find a way to believe. Yeah thank you for doing that. That's huge literally I can't really top anything after that. I can't that's hard right to come back with but It's it's a pleasure in. It's an honor to sit here next to you. Lyn Thank you Ireland Sir Inviting Me and speaking let me speak about this Hit just getting the word out is it's important. We can't make change if we don't know what's going on on that's right so I try to bring awareness and and recently we just had Ams Storage Time in K.. Pack donate a storage unit for us. So that when when there's been a survivor in need in the past I've had to like nick. Reach out into my network and say okay. This person needs this and then we try to get it will now. We have a storage unit. So if you're getting rid of furniture we we can't take closed because it's just a twelve by fourteen storage unit but we are looking for furniture so bad these are big thing. Good to Numb If if anybody would like to donate we do have the ability to pick it up. If you don't if you can't get it to us we can pick it up and then that way we can provide it when it's needed currently have two survivors right. Now that are needed. Abed's Oh so okay. That's enough I. I'm going to share that with my circle my network is You know my network of people just like yours very fortunate and successful and I feel like I think we can get a lot for them. I'm sure there's plenty of people out there that have some things to give so. That's going to be exciting to throw on my My my social media and just get as much as we can squeeze out as much as we can appreciate it out. It's my pleasure if anything Thank you so much for being You know for coming out and spending some time with me me today and letting us know that you deserve to be loved you know. That's that's we're all human. Yep So I wish everybody wonderful weekend I We'll be back next week with some more episodes but today was very special And please get in touch with me can. My world is on facebook instagram twitter And linked on as well so feel free to give me a call if you guys have any questions or reach out to me on social media regarding how to get in touch with Lynn and heavy wonderful day thank you.

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