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Ep. 10: Crews west coast start, lots of Cubs runs but little to show, Trout snag, chaos in Cincy


Woah to. Welcome to the new best rivalry in baseball. Hey, welcome to another episode of ninety miles podcast. This is Ryan I'm here with Jesse you brewers fan for some reason. I don't know. And we are talking cubs. Burs baseball today. It's been we're in the season. Now, finally were there's some games that have been played that count. Yeah. Even the even a very exciting cubs and brewers series this past weekend got played. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was exciting. You would have preferred some different results, but it's early. It's at least the cubs grabbed one and snap their losing streak. So well, we felt bad about one sixty three. We gotta give you one game. Oh, yes. In a while. The Bruce had been awfully hobby. I don't want to we don't want to bury you guys to deep because it would really hurt the podcast. Right. Right. Right. Okay. So anyways today, we're gonna be talking about we're gonna wrap up on that covers series. We've got a few more thoughts on that. We have a great tweet of the week. That's a nice embarrassing moment for cardinals for the cardinals those Oona catch. So we'll get to that lack of talk about the lack of. Yeah. It was very talk about very graceful. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We'll talk about the week. So far can cubs a home opener against the pirates and brewers and angels. And some things moving forward. You know, there's a couple of pitchers out there still we got our our the make. Yeah. Yeah. I haven't heard anything about them for the past two. No, nothing at all. Not no one Pete on tweet Twitter. No, no. It's been very quiet about free agent pitchers that are out there. Very quiet. Yeah. So we got a cover central breakdown. And then we're going to talk a little bit about our seventh. Inning segment. We're going to do something a little different with this week. But will let you know some different. Yep. Yeah. Well, why don't you jump in? Then since you're you're trying to put a happy little bow on the cubs. Bruce series from your side, positive spin, positive spin. I gotta do it. I mean, you know, really if you think about the cubs of old the losing cubs the lovable losers. The the whole there's always next year. The the sense of hope and optimism, you know, being a cubs fan means looking at the bright side of things, and although the cubs only took one of three from the brewers and the that series, there, were some positives. One other in Cole hamels not not nothing having to do with pitching. But but. Runs scored. The the offense has been good this year. In fact, the cubs of in their first ten games this season. They scored ten or more runs in half of them. Which is is crazy. But you know, they, you know, they didn't win a lot of the game. So so yeah, there's that they did two of the games against the brewers. They scored more than ten runs, but the only one one of them. Well, the first game the first game when the cubs got to ten runs really that was against some guys in the Bruce bullpen that. Af been awful and be you know, needed some work. There was two eight run leads from walkie. So that one shouldn't even count against the only five out of ten games. They've won so far scoring ten or more in my opinion. Because really if it would have been an eight to seven game at any point hater would come in. And they went to gotten the ten and we pretty much. Well, yeah. Hater the one the w-. One piece in your bullpen. That is you know, he's okay. Just the best pitcher in the National League right now. No big deal. He's he's you know, he's slightly above mediocre. Yeah. After degrom got beat up a little bit yesterday. He's pretty much. Oh, yeah. By the twins. Yeah. That's true. That's true. Yeah. Who's on my fantasy team? Thanks a lot Jake. Well, that's you know, that's what you get. Yeah. Fantasy and reality. Yeah. A little bit of depression for that. But that's okay. No. Like, I was saying though that first game the bruised did have to separate eight run leads, and yeah, they were they weren't using. Well, they're pitching staffs looked awful in the bullpen. So far this year. We're going to get into that more. But certainly, you know, that's part of the reason these two squads put up the runs they put up those first couple of games without doubt. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, I just going to mention one other interesting tidbit. I I saw that the cubs are the fourth team since nineteen hundred to score ten plus runs in five of the first ten games. Very clo-. That's you know, again, another bright spot. The offense has been good. I discount. So has impressed me. He's it's like we have another zobrist on the team. Now. You know, I I like. He's been doing great. That's a nice piece to have their. I wasn't sure what to think in the offseason. But sure. Well, great. He's been pretty he was pretty solid for Zona all the way along one thing that gets lost is anybody coming from the Diamondbacks. I feel like that plays like a pretty average ballpark. You can argue at times it's hitter friendly. But then anybody that's on that squad is playing multiple games. And Petco multiple games in LA until games in San Francisco. So anything that looks like if there's anybody that looks like they might have some decent power numbers. Switching to the NL central the cubs the Bruce specifically, you can usually expect an uptick, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise that. He's had a little bit of a power surge. And yeah, he was always a very flexible piece. So yeah, what's nice is what I mean with the comparison zobrist to is just you know, that he has a maturity as a hitter as patients he he does he has professional at bats, just like zobrist. So he's kind of the opposite of heavy bias. Well. Oh, hey, I, you know, speaking, AVI, by as I don't know if you saw the other at against the pirates, he he threw his bat at a ball that bounced in the dirt and got an RBI single like total. You know, are you really going to brag about that play. Are you really going to break fan about that? He through his bad at the ball. And it took a high hop otherwise. It's just a week groundout. And he's come on, man. Well, it, you know, okay. Maybe. He's no ERO. Well, maybe he could become grow. Maybe that is his path becomes if I don't remember Vlad striking out four times in many games. I'm just saying right, right? Because he would swing at crazy pitches and somehow pull off hits or at least contact right? That's the direction for Baya's. You know, swing everything and don't wear golden girls. Like you war against make contacts are making contact on those wings. Even if the you know if he's outside of his own good strategy. Let's throw your bad at everything. And see what happens. I like it. Yeah. Okay. It was kind of a fun play to watch. But I don't think I'd want my guy who's capable of hitting thirty home runs throwing his bad at something in the dirt too often. That's all. Yeah. Well. It was it was quite a base hit though. So you know, he was barely a base. It though. Well, I was. It was I just think it's more a miracle than like a skill. Let's all. Now. All right. He can really take. Anyway, let's move on. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, we're we're we're we I don't know. Yeah. So yeah. I mean, those events explosions both atom bowl bullpen issues and pitching issues. Well, you also said there's a ninety miles tie to that. Yes. This tick, isn't there? Yeah. Yeah. There was in fact, this is a tweet by at stats by stats on Twitter. This was this was actually on April sixth. So, you know, there's still some more games to be played this as referring to the first eight games of the season for the cubs, but the cubs. So the tweet says the cubs sixty runs to wins are the first team to score at least sixty runs in their first eight games of the season and only wind twice since the nineteen o one. Milwaukee Brewers one runs and two wins. That is a different franchise from the brewers that the cubs just playing. Yes. Correct. I think they ended up becoming oboe? I didn't do my I'm gonna get more into the nineteen o one Bruce at some point. But pretty sure they were just a one year squad in the American League if I'm not mistaken, and then they thought. Thought they became the St Louis Browns, but I'm not positive on that. Yeah. I'm trying to remember now. Good show prep. Everybody. Would it go who don't have Acer head? No you did. I know. I am saying I should've had this stuff to we're we're the to nineteen o one Milwaukee Brewers. Okay there. They are. And. Yeah. Nineteen oh one. Milwaukee Brewers, you know, famous for catcher, Billy Maloney, and yeah, they were the St Louis Browns begin to. All right. See my my brain still works once in a while. You gotta you gotta team with a shortstop named wit. Conroy right widow. Yeah. W I d that's would right. All right. I should get into that in one of the seventh inning stretch segments. Just kind of talk about why the nineteen o one. Milwaukee Brewers are kind of interesting that'd be fun. But anyway, we will we'll dive into that. Because that is kind of an odd thing that you know, and they were actually called the brewers. Yes, Eids we had reference them once in an episode along time ago how that was not. Was not a brand new name taking the Milwaukee Brewers in nineteen sixty nineteen seventy when they moved. But right. It was a borrowed name, but a great name nonetheless. So. They were here's a random tidbit a history just kind of stopped stuck out at me. There was a vote on what the name should be Milwaukee. Brewers took second place in nineteen seventy late sixty nine when they were planning on moving them. They were originally going to be the vote for the people was the Milwaukee Robbins, the Robins, I think they made the right choice personally. But you never know in history. If you look back at it, then you had Robin yawns in the eighties. How would that have played? It would have been interesting. But I've totally taken us off the rails on you know, flowing up that brewers series. Let's get back to that. Yeah. Yeah. So. Yeah. So right now cubs have one win brewers have to in the season series Lada game still to be played next series is what may mother's day weekend. I believe right. I believe it is mother's day weekend. It is the tenth eleventh and twelfth of may so yeah. So something to look forward to. Oh, yeah. Baseball between now. And then though, though these rotations in these stabs may look quite a bit different by then I would expect the brewers staff to look a little different for sure we'll see about the cubs. But yeah, the brewers also had a nice offensive explosion that that thirteen run game. Again, we covered it in our recap episode. If you missed it, go to ninety miles podcasts dot com, you can go back and listen to me give Ryan a bunch of crap about taking two out of three games. We did that on Sunday afternoon. It was kind of a shorter episode. We kept it down to about a half an hour. But you know, if you just want to recap of that series. What all went down. That's what happened. The Bruce did set a franchise record for runs scored in Miller park against the cubs with thirteen on Friday. Then Ryan did you confirm that fourteen? The cubs scored against Milwaukee Saturday is that a record to do. We know that it is runs. The the cubs of scored. In Miller park or did we figure out? Yeah. Yeah. Was that the specific thing, I believe. So that's what I was referring, I know that I know. That's right. Yeah. Okay. Yep. And the thirteen should be record as well against the cubs in Miller park. So needless to say that was an offensive explosion. If you really start looking at it pitching pitching implosion as yeah. Really what it was. Yeah. Yes. The last series was a little bit. But it's like we talked about though that the that that even as bad as pitching can be you still got gotta have a decent hitting team to exploit it too. Like a ten plus run kinda route. This is true bad hitting team is is not necessarily going to get ten plus runs against bad pitching. Although the angels that it last night to the Brousseau who knows you know, they do have one Mike trout. So I guess that's something to well. And then the third. Which? Yeah, we'll talk about that. You're in a little bit. I know about the Stella who, you know, came from the cubs obviously to to the angels. But we'll talk about that. Yeah. Maybe we should jump into the tweet of the week. I don't know that there's a whole lot to wrap up on again. If you wanna hit the cubs brewers, wrapping our series thoughts, and you know, here the smacktalk. That's it's out there. We put it up on Sunday evening. Just go to the podcast webpage, or you know, check it out on I tunes. If that's where you listen. It's already up there. You know, it'll be there. I think he put an all bold or an all caps recap for that one. Is that correct kinda differentiator? Yeah. Because as we. Episodes. Yeah, we're talked a lot about a lot more things. I was a little more was you know, fresh off that Sunday game. And and so I was a little low energy because you're tainted. We'll we'll move on Bubby said. Oh, yeah. All right. Oh, I did. I did want to mention I know this is Jenna jumping back, but that nineteen one Milwaukee Brewers team that became the Saint Louis Browns, eventually became the Baltimore Orioles. So the franchise had a long history of sucking is what it is. Yeah. Although the Orioles have had some success. Let's not let's not. They won they won three World Series through. And three says is true. This is true. There is a very good deal. I don't know how we did that they've been awful last Alaska. So it was nice tie into an awful nineteen o one team the Orioles. But you know, what I know what can cheer is both up. Do you know? Yes. Oh, yes. Something we can both. Time about and then totally agree with. Yes, we got our tweet of the week. This is from at greatest on dirt. It's greatest show under baseball podcast. They tweeted this actually was just this morning. Yes. Yeah. This is a revival. Not even an hour ago. Nope. You can find it. We've retweeted it as our ninety miles when you can find it from my page if you like but go to their page greatest on dirt. It is Marcella Zona of the Saint Louis cardinals trying to make a fantastic wall climbing catch in about halfway up the wall. He looks back realizes he's about ten feet too far. Maybe overran it a bit. Now. This is the same field. The cardinals traded for two seasons. Go in the off season. Same season that same off season. Milwaukee went out and grabbed Christian yelich from the Marlins ozone a-. He's climbing the wall he's running his hustling to get back there. And. He spider-man's the wall. He's got his arm up over it. He's ready to reach up with his glove. And that's when he realizes he went too far. So what does he do tries the push off the wall? It's much better. When you can see it in person as a beautiful bellyflop his cleats, and he basically face plants in the in the warning track. The ball bounces next to his glove and goes over the fence for ground-rule, double it is a it is a sight to behold, there's nothing better than watching cardinals. Yeah. Just flop around the field. Well, you know, when he in two thousand seventeen with the Marlins he wanna go glove. So I I'm still baffled by that. Lorenzo Cain is out. There does not have a gold glove. No. And I watch Marseille's. Yeah. Play outfield for the cardinals the last two years. And I'm like, this guy has a gold globe this guy, and I'm pretty sure yelich has one too. I don't get it. Eulogised good. But I watch Zona. And I'm I'm my mind is boggle d-, you know, saying. Louis cardinal fans already. You know, basically PEO because they ended up with those Oona instead of yelich. And I watched this stuff happen. I can't help. But belly laugh half the time. The be part is even is out fielder. Buddies are all kind of giving him a hard time kenley Jansen has to cover his mouth in the in. The bullpens them laughing. It was it's it's hilarious. Really the reactions been very enjoyable on Twitter without a doubt. Yeah. Yeah. That was up against the dodgers last night. So it's just. Watching to see it. Well, so the tweet do we we didn't say what actual text of the tweet. Well, no, no. And this ties back. A few weeks at great Assan dirt. They in you know, they got the video of the play. They have Jose Consejo. I made the most embarrassing outfield. Play ever Marcello SUNA, hold my beer. Yeah. And then they got the video of this. And I think I think it was as more embarrassing. I mean, I I've missed judged the fly ball before and have it like just miss my glove. And kinda hit me, you know, with conseceutiuve bone stuff is skull and win over the fence for a home run. I mean, that's pretty hard to beat. But it was. Yeah. It was gonna gives it a hell of an effort. Yeah. Well, we like the Consejo reference because we've talked about him before he an entertaining guy to follow for sure. Yeah. Go watch some five hundred fifty foot softball bombs and talk about hunting as yeah, expeditions. It's good. But yes, so yeah, that's the tweet of the week. Yeah. That doesn't bring a cubs fan into Bruce fan together. What nothing nothing can bring a cubs fan and Bruce van together like embarrassing cardinals moments. Yes. That's you know, we need to have some kind of something that can be a peaceful exchange at times. Yes. Yes. We could use the speaking of that something we didn't mention about the cubs Burs series. It looks like they could he used that in some of the some of the concourses in Miller park. I saw some cub on cub fan. Oh. Yeah. What you doing tension which was cub on kkob that was the funny part? But well. There's a lot of cubs fans that were especially at that time pretty upset with the start of the season. It's you know, I say, maybe. Fans after well. No, no. I'm not saying, no, there's no excuse for that. That's that's just ridiculous. But you know, I I'm guessing some of them are cubs fans that became cubs fans after they won the World Series and just don't know how to take deep breath, and or to hold their alcohol when they're in Milwaukee that can have at least there's always, you know, we could say, well, there's always the next series is always the next game. I mean, they're years in the past. It was always, you know, we're always saying there's always next year. So what cubs fans are so upset about it's early. You know, and I some will probably be annoyed with me saying this. But it's like, you know, take deep breath. This is the team's got some talent. And you know, shouldn't be so upset about the slow start. It's going to flip around and also with some of them with some of that tension that happens Miller park has been overtaken by cubs fans for number years in there. It has been. Yeah. A history. There has been a history of unpleasant Tris between the two fan bases. And from my understanding I haven't been to a cubs Bruce game in a few years. My understanding is the tensions gotten much thicker as the team's got better. And it's become more of an adult and booze infused atmosphere. Which is why you have even more cubs fans in some ways showing up because Bruce fans in some some instances, you know, the family fan isn't bringing their kids to these games anymore. Yeah. I would really it said to see like to see tone down. I don't know if there's much that can be done about. No. I mean world your liquor a little better. And remember it's a baseball game. I don't know. I mean on that. What I don't know what to say. But well, there's a new we've we've had our conversations we haven't we haven't quite hit that level of intensity on in an episode yet. But we've had some phone conversations where. It's. When you had to turn off your phone. So you didn't get any more texts from me, and Brian because we were giving us so much crap lasts. No, I. That's more. My that's more. My brother. He. He has trouble handling the the heat. Sometimes he's really competitive, you know. You know, we were kids we'd play. I remember playing badminton and we'd get into. I'd beat them in badminton. He would absolutely go on a tear disgrace, destroying the racket. Yeah. Yeah. You know? So anyways. Let's through Robin the bus. That's good. Yeah. Yeah. Well, hey, I mean, he gets document been calling down. It's okay. He'll he'll he's he's I've seen these reemerged in our text group tech. So, you know, he's he's okay. We lost them for the weekend after that homo after that opener. I think Friday night. Yeah. He was on vacation. I mean, I get it. But. That's. Yeah. Let's yeah. Let's move on to post cubs brewers series was. So basically the cubs only played one game just the home opener. How'd that go another? Well, offensively another explosion. They totally annihilated the pirates. So that was great. I guess the thing note is Lester, John Lester left the game early hamstring tightness. So it's not at this point necessarily looking to serious, but he's definitely missing his next start and possibly the start. After that. I thought I seen one to two weeks that he'd be on. So that'd be about that could be one start for sure and likely to that's, you know, I think they're still determining you know, whether that's a ten day. Whether they put him on the ten day or not we'll see I think they should. I mean, those soft tissue things you wanna get them fully healed before you start throwing again. I would think, but yeah, I guess it depends. How right. They know more than we do. But yeah, the cubs ended up winning ten to nothing. So that was that was nice. In fact, the bullpen didn't give up a run despite covering seven just over seven innings so bright that must cut the era and like half for the bullpen. Well, yeah. That helps help the bullpen DRA a big time. So so that was good to see and. Yeah, I think was it Brock pitched two innings. He ended up getting the wind Kessler pitched to resign pitch to Strope finish it off with an inning. Of course, not save since it was ten nothing. But but but yeah, no runs, well, guns and only. I guess I guess that shows it was maybe it was the brewers heavy duty lineup that you're struggling with them. Any? Ways. Hit a home run as well. You know? So is that his first of the year then that was his third. Oh, okay. Yeah. Nice. Try though trying. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The brewers have had a couple of games since we last spoke on Sunday night out. They've started their six game west coast trip. Three games at the Los Angeles. Angels Vanna Heim three games coming up against the dodgers. So far tough road trip to start the game on Monday night strip. Game on Monday night regression to the me. Good road trip. If you're a cubs fan because you know. Yeah. God forbid, we put eight games between the cubs and the brewers here. But yeah, anyway, so I'm looking at the box score last night's game or kind of start with that a little bit Ferdie Peralta kinda got lit up. So he gave up in what ended up being what ended up being seven earned runs total for, Freddie. That's an awful tough thing to come back from. But guess what? The Bruce did come back. In fact, they had an eight to seven lead at one point in this ball game in the top of the fifth has money grand all has gotten hot. He had two home runs in the game. We also had another long ball from stocks, which I think makes two games in a row. This team is pumping the ball out of the stadium. When they're getting hold of the only guys that have struggled so far this year really to get going probably figure and a little bit of Travis Shaw to both guys are low them in does align at this point. But everybody else is somewhere in the mid to. Goes to the high threes moussaka says only two is only bad to eleven. He's only hitting two eleven but he's been coming around to. It's been a little bit of a slow start for him. But the two that are more obvious, Sean. The funny thing is this team is still putting up a lot of runs. So it's not like it's the end of the world. The bullpen ended up giving up four runs over basically one in the third to two third to four hundred hundred four foreign two third. They gave up, you know, four more runs. That's not good enough. Yeah. That is unsustainable. The good news is there's help coming. You know, everybody seems to be in a panic. Both brewers and cubs fans are clamoring for who are these two guys that are out there hike. I can't remember Kimberly K, lots of ks won't maybe maybe not maybe they get lit up. But. Everybody's in a panic kaikal. And Kim Bruce fans, I wanna talk to you just I briefly remember, we don't necessarily know what we're getting on Jimmy Nelson. When he comes back. We don't necessarily know what we're getting out of Jeremy Jeffers when he comes back. But what we do know is based on everything we're seeing it's going to be an upgrade. It is almost one hundred percent guaranteed to be okay. Maybe fifty seven percent guaranteed to be an upgrade. What would happen is Nelson can get back to healthy insert throwing some innings, and by the way, I saw some of his throwing Donut Donen the miners and his breaking stuff looks outstanding. And he looked you know camera angle plays a role in this a little bit. But he looked very relaxed, and he was just letting rip and the the breaking stuff is darting down and left down. And right is very impressive. So that's exciting. Remember when he comes back if he bumped somebody from the rotation that person can go to the bullpen somebody from the bullpen that absolutely has been getting. Hammered can go down to triple a figure it out and Jeremy Jefferson going to be back here within a week the way it looks even if Jefferson's half of what he was last year. That's a big imprint over a couple of three other guys when we get Nelson and Jefferson back when the brewers get Nelson Jeffers back. There's a very good chance that you're basically improving to bullpen positions and starting rotation position. We need to relax as a fan base and realize that this is early it's April by the end of may beginning of June will know a lot more there's gonna be a trade deadline. It's okay. You don't have to go out. There's a reason kaikal and Kimberly earned signs. There's a reason for it. Usually it's way too much money way. Too many years whatever that means now some brew fans are it's all or nothing it's World Series this year. Yeah. Partly but that doesn't mean you screw up. You know, your next three four off seasons by signing. Somebody that is going to slowly deteriorate due will both of these guys the tier eight maybe maybe not, okay. Maybe it is the right thing to do. Right now is go get one or both of them. But at the same time you're gambling on guys in the thirties. And I would rather keep some of that money for the younger players. Anyway, I'm off my off my high horse. That's enough. Okay. Okay. I let you air that out. I'm kind of on the same page in regards to the cubs. I I don't. Think it would be necessarily the right move. I mean, the pieces are there. Yeah. There's just spend the the craziness early. But you know, like I mentioned with the cubs home opener against the pirates. Now, you know seeing seeing some things come around. I think you gotta give it some time. I I'm surprised that they're not signed yet. Well, I think the whole league is surprised. But like I said that means there's a reason something's going on. Well, in a way holding out if there's cert- certain teams continue to have pitching issues. Whether it starters or bullpen are injuries. I guess it does potentially ramp up their value. Maybe that's the play. You know? I would imagine that's on. Attracts point, right. I don't disagree with you on that. I just look at it. And I remember who was it that came in late after the season. It started for the cardinals last year. There was a reliever one of the highlighted ones. That was supposed to be a big name. And basically was not there closer all year was at Wade Davis. No somebody else. Anyway, long story short. There's no guarantees when you come in that late now is Craig kimbrel to tears better than that person. Was probably. Yeah. But there's been some signs with kimbrel to remember in a previous episode. I mentioned the brewers supposedly had his elbow looked at. Well, if they didn't find something if they found something there, they don't like I don't wanna wrap them up for three or four years. Twenty mil guaranteed for closer that can't even close. You can't be more careful. Sorry, I jumped on my high horse. I'm off. Well, yeah. I mean, I guess we'll see what happens with them. I, you know, I guess I guess looking back at the brewers angels series. Oh, I did want to mention something else. Sure. The the cubs got a player playing for the angels. Apparently the beat up on the brewers still there. The angels are like your AAA affiliate. Is that what you're saying? No the cubs. Tommy la- Stella on the cubs last. Oh, yeah. Angels now. And and yeah, those these first two games. Bers and angels. These he's got three home runs including two yesterday. So yeah. The the brewers have some very very very good batting practice pitchers. Yeah. I guess at the same time. I'm saying these guys it's it's looked ugly at times, it has it has it's a concern in when guys like Tommy la-, stellar hitting that many bombs might wanna look at it a little more. But yeah, he's had a nice series against Milwaukee. No question about it. Did I was smart enough to grab him in a couple of daily fantasy lineups? But it didn't matter. I suck at gambling. So I lost anyway. But it was still cool. That was. Yeah. It's been good. I suppose as a cubs fan a lot of fun to watch somebody like that have some success against the archrival another another thing that was really cool that happened in the series is the one MVP robbing another right? Mike tro. Yeah. Went up and took back a Christian yelich home run that was gonna be a home run. And he made it look really, easy, right? I go back and watch the the Lorenzo Cain opening day robbery. And then once more impressive and a lot of ways because he covered a lot more ground to get there. But trout made it look easy. He made it look like it was going to be a routine catch. And then he had to jump at the back looks so smooth. It's really a treat to get to watch. Mike trope play with him being on the west coast. And in the opposite league. I don't see a lot of him. But it's really nice two nights ago. I managed to stay up through the whole game last night. I didn't quite make it. But it really is a lot of fun to watch that that dude play. And if somebody's gonna get for. Hundred thirty million dollars to play baseball. I guess he's the guy, you know. I do love what yelich has done to begin the season. I think he's making a strong case that he is arguably one of the best players if not the best player in the National League. I think he's the best. But I'm a little bit of a Homer. There's no question in my mind. Mike Schroeder's probably still, you know, the best player in baseball. And it's been fun to watch and annoying to watch. But fun at the same time. But if you haven't seen that highlight as Abreu, and it's worth watching, you know, think about how smooth Renzo Cain makes things look Mike trout does a lot of things that it's moves butter for sure. But yeah, did you wanna talk more about this Stella or did? I cut you off properly. We can move on. No, no. That was fine. Okay. Former cub beaten up on the brewers. That's all I suppose. Yeah. That's a pretty good. You know, pretty good couple games for him there. So anything else you wanna drop on Kimbrell and kaikal since we're still both of us agree. Neither tation. Lights out in a in a very long winded way as. You know, as you tend to do see I think you kinda got got it all out there. So all right. All right. So cubs and Burs fans are agreeing onto things this week right now, or at least you and I are on two things. I think a lot of Bruce fans disagree with me pretty strongly to a lot of cubs fans. Disagree with me. But there's a lot of a lot of vitriol on the old Twitter feed right now with the people in a panic arms up in the air. I can just see him typing, and you can hear this. Here's just pounding on the keyboard? It's like, it's April do they're eight and were it's cool. The good thing about it is people are really into baseball. I mean, if you got people that that wound up this early. I mean, at least, you know, people are watching games people are are paying attention. I'm in a way, it's a sign of the health of the sport and the health of our clubs is that the health of our camps. Yes. For Milwaukee fans to be this wound up this early. Remember what David David Stearns has done a lot this off season. And he's done a lot the last three years to make this team. What it is. Let's give them a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. But I I understand the passion. I watch these games. And I know that bullpens coming out, I'm like, man, I don't know. And you know, Freddie, Peralta went from what eight innings pitched, no runs earn against Cincinnati to absolutely blowing up against the angels. This is something we're gonna have off and on throughout the season with these young guys. And yes, I know I get it. They're supposed to be all in for World Series wire restarting three. Rookies essentially, it's because that's the best three options. We have until Jimmy Nelson. His healthy. I understand why you want Dallas kaikal to fill one of those slots. Let's see what develops if it keeps getting worse than you. Gotta do what you gotta do. And at the end of the season if Stearns does nothing, and that's what costs you, then you can point the finger at them. It's way too early to be pointing blame on a team that's eight and four it's way too early for that. Anyway. Yeah. I guess I got on my soapbox one last time. Yes. Yes. Let me have it on Twitter. I'm at burger winning. Gimme the crap. I probably deserve some of it. You're probably all right. It's probably going to be, you know, a complete implosion. Just give me all the crap on the Twitter feed. It's fine. Where are you at Ryan sear? Cubs fans can get you. At wraps cubs win. You know, tell me why I'm wrong to think that the cubs. Don't need some pitching help right now. I'm not saying they don't need pitching help. Maybe not to that quite to that rat will the thing the difference between the cubs and brewers in my mind. The brewers have some hope coming up with Jefferson Nelson. There's veteran guys that. Yeah. It's been a year and a half since Nelson's pitched I get that. But there are guys that have plenty of talent and somebody we can pin some hope onto where we don't necessarily have to commit and lose guys down the line because we put it all in this year. I don't know if the cubs have that. So cubs fans, go get him. It's R A P S Y S cubs win right at co at wraps. Cubs win is that right? Okay. Perfect into predictions. I think my soapbox. Wait. Do you have a good one for me third? I got a good one. I got a good one. And unless you want to start well since mine relates to the conversation. We just had I think all drop it in right now is that cool. Do it. All right. So here's what's going to happen in my mind. Bruce fans, and I'm gonna put my money where my mouth is this could embarrass me later, but the day that Jeremy Jeffers returns to this bullpen whatever day that is whatever the two weeks previous bullpen ERA has been it'll drop over one point in the following two weeks once he's back. So if there at five if they're at five point six the previous two weeks, they'll be at four point six or better is that bold enough to drop it a full run per nine. Because I think it could go more than that. I just thought one guy coming back to fill out a bullpen. That's struggled a run per nine is a pretty strong one. I. Yeah. I mean, I think you know. I mean, if the I guess the thing with it as if the brewers bullpen continues to be absolutely terrible and doesn't in some way. Make some corrections prior to that it might be pretty easy for for to drop that much bull. Do you wanna go with we could do something where it's like the entire season up to that point the following two weeks? They'll be at least a run better that evens out the that even a little bit. You know, whatever you want it to be. I mean, if they do do if they don't do any correcting it's gonna it should be theoretically, it should be easy. But we're still talking about relying on seven eight guys. And he's only worn piece of the pie it also. But it also allows you to use hater a little bit earlier. It changes the entire shuffle. That the bullpen is. And that's that's why I think it's it's even if Jefferson's half of what he was last year. I think it's a big enough thing that it could drop the entire bullpen area for a run over the next two weeks after he gets there. Okay. Now, though, I so. So that the bullpen ERA will Mark it down. What is it a win when he gets back when he returns when he when he's called up? Yep. For the season thus far shirt ever. It is. That's that's the number. Then we check it again after two weeks. Yup. Inish em I'm predicting it'll be a full run less. And it'll be okay for them. Good with that for the bullpen. Right. Not the whole regarding penny. Are a Yep. Yep. Yeah. I think I have that much confidence in him. Yes. He's not. I don't believe he'll be the same guy after his usage last year in a sore shoulder. I get that. But I also think it's just that one extra guy is really what they're missing Canadian was gone half the season last year Jefferson was down for a while. It's it's time to relax. We're going to be good. What's your what do you got? For me. What's your prediction this week? Yeah, I've been so I got I actually have an all-star break prediction. Okay. Yeah. Let's do it. I'm gonna say. Boy, I've been trying to pinpoint. But now now, I'm like second guessing. But no, I'm gonna go gonna go ahead with it Schwartz. Oh, gosh. Ever is going to have a nine hundred or better Opie s come the all star break, you might as well just put that in the win column for me them. Really? He's not going to be over nine hundred at the all-star break on the OPN come on. Now, you can predict that. Yeah. That's bold that is bowl bold. It's really bold. Not go ahead. Go ahead. No zooms that assumes he doesn't miss more than a couple of weeks between now. And then because if he went down tomorrow with an injury, not that I want him to I'd rather. I'd rather beat the cubs fully healthy. So there's no excuses. Tired of the excuses from cubs fans. But if as long as he makes it, you know, you know, assuming he doesn't get injury right now. Fifty three right now. Eight fifty three is. So you're you're predicting it to go up. Oh, okay. Yeah. Yeah. Put it on the table market on the board. Okay. Yeah. Which means if he got injured. Yeah. The the right more if he spends more than, you know, twenty days on the I L I think we wipe that one. But yeah, no. That's that's a bold prediction nine hundred first-half Opie s. Nine hundred or better shorter all-star break, you go girl. Oh, thinking of a home run. Diction, but. You know, we like we like talking about Opie s I think on base plus slugging. Yeah, it's a great indicator of an explosive offense. I think his on base percentage is low. It's right now, it's three twenty five. I think that's going to go up. I think that's going to be the bigger factor. His slugging is five twenty eight. That's I think that's gonna stay steady. But as OBT will go up. So seems reasonable. That's where I'm thinking thinking that. But we'll and he's bad to fifty right now. But I, and I think that that could at least at the very least stay steady if not go up as well. So he's got three home runs. He's looking really good. Yeah. Nine hundred opiates or better at the all-star break. That's that's it. And just a that seems like a very a very strong prediction just to point out to to the fans that didn't listen or didn't get a chance to catch the the series wrap with the cubs. We have had some completions of previous. Yeah. So make sure you go onto the ninety miles podcasts dot com. Webpage. Click on the predictions portion. You can see how we've done right now. I'm sitting at a smooth three thirty three I'm one for three. And remember we're trying to keep these bold. So we aren't we aren't trying to be a thousand percent. We're trying to make this tough. And Ryan sitting at two fifty because he's one for four because he was fully enough to predict a cub sweep. In the first year. Well now. Yeah. With our you know with having our averages are essentially a winning percentage. I think if we look at it as sort of batting average, you know with the kind of predictions were making, you know, three hundred or better all fame. So we'll see how it all looks come the end of the season. And we wanna be in that three hundred or less kinda range. We want him to be bold enough to be doable. I got close. I my Christian yelich one last last were kind of surprisingly close. Yeah. Yeah. Because he predicted five hundred batting average for the series with two home runs while he was four forty four with one home run. That's not bad. You know? But yeah, I mean that's a great series for him. And almost a prediction for me. But that's the kind of stuff we're doing the other thing we were going to talk about too. So yeah, if you want more predictions, go back ninety miles podcasts dot com, check it out. The other thing we're talking about go ahead. Well, just going to say you can search you can search the predictions as well, you can sort them in any different way. You know, if you just wanna see jesse's predictions. You you can you can do that. You can you know, I we it's a nice table there. Yeah. Have some fun with. You can search certain players. So if you're wondering, you know, what who what kind of predictions are out there with say Schwarzer, or you know, or Jimmy Nelson, yell at your whatever Jimmy Nelson and search by player, and they'll they'll pop up so just to have some fun with it and tell us what idiots we are predicting such goofball stuff on Twitter. So that's the idea. Yeah. We did also wanna talk we were talking about at the opening. We mentioned something about the seventh inning stretch. And we're gonna keep this short. Yeah. But we've decided to do is to take that out of our podcast and make it its own short version of a podcast rate. So yeah, separate episode kind of a bonus episode each week that will be separated out. And I think especially now that the season has started. We realized we want to these episodes and be pretty timely. They're gonna. Be in the moment of exactly where we are in the season. And by moving that out separate we can have a separate kind of archive of all those seventh inning stretch episodes. Yes, they'll they'll be his back and listen anytime. Yeah. They'll always will. Hopefully, the ideas they'll always be somewhat relevant at any given moment. Right. This week. It's gonna release it's gonna release later this week. We're gonna talk about the Kerry wood twenty strikeout game and the Ben sheets, you know, eighteen strike oh game and just kind of review those as part of the ninety miles. But it'll be you know, it's an archive for the history of the ninety miles. It'll be an archive for the futuristic ideas. You know is stuff that could be in place at any given time you can always go back to the archives. Listen to it. It will always fresh and the important part is you're not going to have to dig through forty five minutes of something that happened two years ago to find to find. Yeah, that's what we thought. If you like the idea, let us know if you hate the idea. And you preferred in the main thing, let us know that too. We just want some more feedback on it. But I think in the long run this to be better for anybody. That really wants to you know, here's some things that we talk about that are historical or yes. So you'll be able to find that up sewed Kerry wood versus bench sheets. We're gonna talk about that should be out. We'll probably release those on Sundays Saturdays or Sundays. I don't know. Yeah. We'd talked Sunday at this point. You know, whatever if you have a preference as a listener, let us know that to there's a better time to do it for you. You know, we're we're open. I think Saturday or Sunday makes the most sense for that segment though. Yeah. We wanna make sure everyone has a chance to really. You know, take take in our episode. You're listening to right now. And you know, and then s- kinda like you're waiting for the next ninety miles podcast episode, or we what's happening. In the meantime, you can listen to some historical ninety miles right Sunday morning coffee contents. If you will something like that. Sure if break anyway, so so that's what's going on with. No stretch today. Yep. It'll be out Saturday night or Sunday think so. Yeah. And now, so yeah, we'll talk National League central breakdown. Yup. We already talked cardinals knows Oona but cardinals are six and five. So, you know, not the kind of powerhouse start. Although it's not many games. But well, that's why it was important Milwaukee take three out of four from otherwise, you go to and to actually. Okay. Yep. That because you know, just regressing. That's that's fine. Yeah. Okay. You know and pirates are five and four though. That's you know, there's certain a trend in the right direction. Things are thinking the cubs do. Yes. With them the next couple of games, they play tonight and tomorrow, the fun part is it's all what it's already kind of breaking the way, I kind of predicted in my in my preseason prognostication. Yeah. I mean. Ben they've not been good. And they've been they've been entertaining already. So we did both agree on that. They'd be the most entertaining team. And right. And there are indications that they could implode. I'm not like rooting for them to implode. But because I predicted it I kind of you know, I mean, I put it over we talked about that with with he's, you know, a character. What happened was one of the pirate pitchers basically through at one of the reds hitters, and it was it was the guy that picked up Dirk Dietrich believe from Miami. And through the ball behind him. And the next thing, you know, we is over the dugout wall and running at the pitcher and all hell breaks loose, basically. And that is kind of what you expect from a guy like yelp league high emotional character. If you haven't seen the breakdown of it, it's pretty humorous, Tucker Barnhart, and yeah, go ahead. Well, it was Derek Dietrich. Yeah. They threw it Dirk deeter Dirk Dietrich because his previous previous at bat. He he hit that home run. And he he spent a he he gave it a pretty long moment to Meyer was a bomb. History. Did you I don't know if you caught this? I caught it on MLB network. They did a review. This is Chris Chris Archer that through So Chris Archer who used to pitch for the raise. Yes. Pittsburgh Pirates picked him up in a big trade last year. Dirk Dietrich comes over from the Marlins. So the raisin Marlins have that crossover. AL anal- rivalry thing. Right. The cubs. Get the socks get the twins. Same thing for the rays and the Marlins, you know, probably to empty ballpark's watch, you know, baseball. Anyway, beside the point. There had been if you've watched Chris Archer pitch over time. And you're gonna see it more as National League central fan. Now, he is pretty emotional to. He's got a lot of pep in his step when he strikes somebody out. He bounces right. He earlier in the game. And I'm not sure if it was Dietrich, you're the guy I think it was whoever was betting ahead of Dietrich struck him out and the inning, and you kinda bounced off the mound, the fist pump and jumping that kind of thing. He went to the dugout next at bat Dietrich hits one, and he looked at it for days, he waited until the dang thing. Splash down in the allegany before he started running the basis. So yeah. That leads to chaos so the next time archers peo- now. So the ball goes behind Dietrich's backside and what happens, but you know. Yes, y'all Puig happens. Of course, have you seen have you seen the there's a tweet out there to from Tucker Barnhart who's the reds catcher. He's yeah. He's asking left tackle hall of Famer former. Escon grad. Joe Thomas for technique on his blocking technique. You gotta go watch it. It's really funny. It is funny. So Tucker Barnes, not a small, dude. But yes, he'll Puig is huge. So yeah. So he's asking Joe Thomas about you know, technique for blocking. He's like, I think my pad level was little too high. He got outside my hands. Got you know, he's talking like he's trying to block from getting to the pitcher. And just. All it was missing was a swim move from Puig, really. Rushing the passer. It was. Funny. You gotta go check that out if you haven't seen it. Yeah. That's that's at Tucker underscore Barnhart. We'll we'll tweet that. All these tweets mentioned, we will. I think I've retweeted all of them already 'cause I was enjoying him so much. Yeah. Yeah. But that's a so. Yeah, that's your red sitting at two eight, and that's what's going on over there. If they can some chaos with the Pittsburgh Pirates and the cardinals. I have no problem with that. But yeah, yeah. That's fine. Yes. Well, it's gonna be fun. I guess when the cubs face the reds and the brewers face the reds will we'll see what what happens. We'll Milwaukee already swept the reds a three-game set. So they've had a very good start in the NL central losing two to three to Anaheim, whatever you're gonna lose some serious. So, but yeah, very as the season progresses. That's I think if the tension in the emotions are. Running high there and with with Cincinnati. They'll be some more interesting games to come four. Sure for sure so keep your eyes on Cincinnati. Let's see if the implosion happens. I really only thought it'd be about thirty thirty five percent chance of it happening. I might have been might have been more right than I thought. So we'll find out. Anyway, I think that kind of breaks that's kind of the NL central breakdown for this week unless you got anything else. No. I think that that rounds it out. I think you know, it's exciting that we got baseball here now, and that's full time all year, we've got another five and a half months ago. Awesome. Yeah. So so yeah, find us at ninety miles podcasts dot com. Click on subscribe subscribe to the mailing list. We'll have some fun things coming up. You know, maybe some some giveaways and some cool stuff. So that and there's going to be minus on Twitter and Facebook as well. Keep in mind, we're gonna do some more blog posts. But yeah, there's going to be a couple of giveaways. I've got an idea for a blog that was mentioned by Twitter follower. We'll get at that. Maybe hopefully, I can get that up. Maybe next week. We'll see working on that idea right now. But outside of that see cardinals cubs reds are entertaining and suck and the pirates that's about it for viewers suck. So they go. All right. Thanks for listening watch for the new episode. The new stretch, let us know what you think of it. We'll catch you later. Later.

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