The Most Absurd Picks and Biggest Steals of the 2019 NFL Draft!


We've had a few days a process NFL draft on what exactly happened? But seriously, Mike, everybody has an opinion on it. Everybody giants or crazy. And I think this is the key for us you, and I are not came thrones fans. But the battle of winter fell tonight six. Lisa six characters. No, the major characters did. But aria stark is this incredible care to save everybody. So I can draw at ten gently to that audience all the game of thrones fan who you and I are not because game of thrones greener. George are mar nobody has more pissed at the giants for picking Daniel Jones. Here's what he had to say. Daniel Jones Duke at number six. Yes. The young quarterback to groom ally successor. But Dwayne Haskins right there why not him. I don't follow college ball. But every measurable Haskins is way better than Jones. He threw fifty two touchdowns in three years at Duke Haskins through fifty and one year to state funeral exceptions against much tougher opposition was there anybody there with you in Vegas who actually said, hey, Dave, Letterman, good pick. I think George must have watched the Baylor Duke game from two thousand seventeen when he had like a nineteen quarterback rating or something like that. You know, the fascinating thing about Dave Gettleman is I don't know how the giants keep allowing him to talk to the media without a lawyer sitting next to him like seriously had some point that no objection of the question. He can't counsel. I. Can't answer that you know, at some point, you know, he actually looks like what's that guy in the godfather before Frank Pantasma got up there Cheech? He's like cheese. He's just talking at some point stop, right? Stop talking. And I think the thing for giant fans that no one really talks about. And no one's asking them about this question. This could completely be an objection by the lawyer. We'd have to have suspended. We have the vice you know, is this quarterback Daniel Jones better than to we from Alabama. No way is he better than from Hebert from Oregon. No, okay. So that's really the comparison. Right. Because when you turn that card in it six you're saying this guy has Pro Bowl tential. He's one of the six best players in the draft. And we're going to never worry about a quarterback for the next ten years insane. Okay. So now if you go and win four games, which we know that I don't think the giants can I think the giants are about a four. Team. Right. That would put them with the forty Niners last year the four nine one four games. I think are those one three right? Yeah. And so four five if you think you're going to win four five or six you're going to be in the top ten picks right now. It's not going to get you to these quarterbacks. Right. Right. But you're saying that say you get the first or second pick in the draft. Okay. Does get them and say, oh, I got a bonanza. Now, I've got Daniel Jones. I don't need to. I don't need. Herbert right. I don't need to either one of these guys. I'm gonna trade him for bonanza picks, but you still end up with the bad quarterback. Right. That's the crazy part is that there's multiple facets one. I don't think Jones is that great. We agree on that. Right. To clearly to be taken at six. He would've been available at seventeen or in the second round. At one point. Drew lock was the second best quarterback available. He didn't go to forty second. Denver which I think is a good value pick for Elway at that. At that slot fine. Bigger guy from zuri everybody knew the Redskins light Haskins. So they weren't going to take Jones with very lease. Don't take them at six. Take a pass rusher. Take Josh Allen. They had fifteen defensive guys take in the first round the most in the NFL since the draft era. And so it was so obvious might take a pass rusher. Yeah. I again, he's not looking to me. There's somebody said this to me during the draft. And it's so true. Most teams look like they were collecting baseball cards as opposed to building a draft. Right. And I think that's what the giants were doing. I have a need a quarterback. I'm going to check it off. Now Sam darnold. I didn't like him too. Because I like Barkley, so I'm going to take I'm not taking next year. I like Daniel Jones as much as I like, Josh Allen. Like nothing makes sense. There's no plan here. There's nothing worse. If you come out and say, look, I'm taking Josh Allen. Yep. And I'm on the move up from seventeen if I get my quarterback big deal. If I don't get them a pick another player I got next year. I'm maybe I'll go trade for Josh Rosen. Maybe I'll do something else. Something else is going to happen. But there's no way I'm going to ruin this opportunity with the Odell Beckham trae, and we're I'm picking based on the losing season to cash it in for a backup quarterback. It makes no sense. And what it tells you is? There's a thing called false duality. Anytime you make a decision. So we make decision we think there's a or b to the decision. I either like a are like b but guys like Bella, check guy said aren't collecting baseball cards. Always think of CD for the decision. Okay. If I take this quarterback Jones that I don't really need these two quarterbacks next year. And in your mind, you're thinking if I suck it off next year, then I'm going to trade him for a banana. Well, that's you're still down a quarterback. Right. You still need a quarterback here while the crazier codes got him and said was in three years people will find if I'm not gonna three years, you think you got three more. Here's your clearly insane. That you think you got three more years on the job because they think Mike Jones is not certainly walking this year. They think Eli thirty eight is gonna give them at least a year or two more production kidding me. So why not if that's what you really think? Then why not just wait and see a V life flutters out again. And then have the first or second pick in the draft tank it right and get one of these guys or put yourself into the Trevor. Orange Sturbridge two years from that. No question this year to and her are huge travelers to your yourself. Those guys are can't miss. They that's the conversation that should be happening after the draft that as soon as that car got turned into quarterback, that's the conversation. Because look if I got him in the second round to be they were all second round quarterbacks potential starters. They were not starters. And I think Elway deserves props for saying, you know, I like luck. But he ain't a starter. He has potential to start. But he ain't a start at drew lock for a Tuesday. Good values potential star. Right. Yeah. You know, even Haskins. I mean, are you kidding me Haskins is a potential starter? I give the Redskins credit for this. At least they didn't overpay for them. I mean, most Redskin fans because of the Haskins picker at the point where they say, well, at least we didn't over pick for them like, you know, being on the Titanic sinking. At least I got on a lifeboat. Right. You know, the guy still playing piano. Keep like the Boko. Exactly. So I mean, you can manage all this all you want. But to me, I think what it shows is when get them talk. And it shows he doesn't think about this in a long term interest. He's got three first round picks in the first round. He obviously thinks teams way better than it. Really is. Yeah, I think that's a good point. He actually thinks that they're closer. Attention was they clearly are not other major talking point was Josh Rosen. Of course Kyla Murray. Let's do raiders I because you know, I Mike my acted. He watched one college football game. He watched the national championship. And that's why four eight picks either from Alabama or they're. Yeah. He went to the game. He went the game. He falls in love with the magazine. Oh, these guys are great. I got my one game. I checked it off while these guys are awesome Cleland Ferral. I saw play for Clemson Bowie. Alabama most picks again at ten house did at nine so again, big schools, get recognition. I get that clean. Furlough was like a late first round guy. There's that's absurd. It number forty get again. I get Mike you fall in love with a guy. Hey, I see a six foot. Blond all of a sudden, I got a love is in the air. That's great. You know, a parcel says as big loops anytime, you know, with the big boobs that's Parcells l love with a big froze any of the best defensive plan that Clemson Christian Wilkin did when he turned when he saw that he went for. I mean, what did he looked that? His agents said you're fired. Clearly, the best guy that defends waves so Pitney saga delegation. Huge fist-bump. Here's what I don't understand. Look. I'm a true believer in. It doesn't matter where we pick them. It matters. How we play. But there is truly value to the draft. There is states craft and there is value to this thing. Right. And if you like Farrell, which we all liked Farrell, but Al Davis rolled over in his grave three times. Okay. Three times. Not just once he rolled over when this car got turn any wrote over three times because unlike a quarterback who doesn't run a forty Lamar Jackson. He didn't run a forty can you imagine Davis taken a kid in the draft at defensive line who you have to trace Patrick Mahomes down track them down. And he doesn't wanna forty his pro day. He still had something wrong with he's telling you I can't run because he's dodging the forty. He saying I can't meanwhile, we're turning the card in at four. It reminds me of when the seventy Sixers the idiots that they are at the time. Right. And I'm living at Shawn Bradley, refused to work out David Faulk, engineered that Shaun browley the big kid from BYU. He ain't working. Out for anybody. Okay. Of course, naturally, we go hook line, and sinker. Don't take penny. Hardaway don't take Chris Webber here. We are. We're going to take because he's seven foot nine right? But it won't work out. There's a reason he's not working out. He got something to hide you got something. It's the same thing here. Like, okay, I get you like the kit. I get it. I get you want this character. Meanwhile, they're talking about both sides. We won't character. A welcome Antonio Brown. Welcome as burger, but we want character. Okay. All right now, if you want you got twenty four trade up from twenty four to go get him pick a legitimate player at four that's valuable at four pick Devon white for pick Devon white at four and say, you know, what I'm getting a blue chip player here for I don't care. What anybody I'm getting? I'm getting value for my pick. I can't trae down Peter King wrote in his column, they couldn't trade out. I grant you. They couldn't trade out. Okay. I get that. It was hard to trade up there probably gonna pay the price, but you could have gone from twenty four up. There's no doubt. Yeah. You could have gone up, and you could have gotten your guy could have got Devon white. Instead, they go down. And they think oh, we got Josh decor at twenty right? Yeah. The right back Josh twenty four. Yeah. Okay. Now, here's the other which is remarkable. Right. The eagles jump them, and Peter writes that the thought in the draft room that they were gonna pick the running back. They were never picking the running back jumping him. They were picking the tackle. So now, you know when you're on the clock at the draft you have full control of the draft. That's the only time you have control you have everything. Right. The eagles just jumped you. They pick Diller. Now, you have your pick. You can do whatever the hell you want. You know, no teams coming to pick a running back the next running back. If you picked Jacobs. It's a little bit like playing pool I'm on a sink the six ball. And then move the white ball back to hit the seven ball. Right set it up, right? But no naturally because we know gruden's run of the draft. They can't wait to run up and turn the car in for Josh Jacobs. They can't wait gotta have them. Right. Instead of maneuvering the draft trae down a little bit. Okay. We can get down pick a corner. Pick the best corner you want there. And then we got the top of the second. We'll trade that pickup. Like, there's value to the pick. Again. It's just turning. You're basically turning in baseball cards. And then what they're doing is. They're saying the needs of our team is right there. So we're checking off these needs. But what people and I urge everybody understand. This clearly the draft is never about this year's team. It's always about the follow your team. And you don't know what the team needs. Are. You have no idea what they are. And if you take a player, that's really good. And you happen to be stocked at that player. It goes back to an Davis, which is basically this build strength on strength. Right. Okay. And so to me, it's clearly the case of somebody the coach wanting to run the draft the coach wanting the players and the GM really not understanding value based on the picks because he just turned the car to four for Farrell to me in everybody in the league's laughing at that giants raiders death of the most head scratching moves. I thought one of the smartest picks today was the dolphins by getting Josh Rosen. You say all right, listen, we need a quarterback because the cardinals made through a column or if that works out great clippings Kingsbury comes into listen. I want the Cadillac I'm gonna make him a star awesome. You're the quarterback guru. We all know. Because you talk about you look at Ryan Gosling. I got it. Right. But for the dolphins. Hey, you got a guy who probably is a first round pick. We've certainly was a year ago, and everybody's board. If this guy now pans out that's great value for what you gave up for. No. I mean, if let me say this if Josh Rosen was unscathed in this draft, he's better than Daniel Jones denying that he'd be the second best quarterback in this draft. There's no denying that. So if again that proves why would you not take the best player at six and then deal with the quarterback issue, especially when you look at next year like to me, I'll tell you the team I thought to really good job in the draft. It didn't even pick the first round the Annapolis colts because the colts were just disciplined than what they were doing. I mean, the patriots sit there thirty two and get the best receiver in the draft. You know, they get the best receiver in the draft that guy that can impact their team. I mean, there's so many teams that just keep falling over themselves. They can't help them and it benefits the teams that are patient and the draft is to it's about evaluating talent. But it's also about how you build your football team in these are just trading cards in. I think that. Teams listen to the GM Shefa last week because when you were deploring the fact that how earth decay McAfee the first receiver taken it isn't take until Seattle in the third round. And when they call them, the tell me what took so long. Yeah. Because you had said, listen, this guy is quite a moment. Yeah. With a shirt off he's incredibly physical specimen, but it can run three routes, and I was interesting to see after you had said that to me last week anybody who jumps on the making a mistake, especially it's early. Nobody really did third round was later than you would have thought. Right. Especially after the combine, no doubt. I mean look in Seattle. Look, I think the one thing about him with Russell Wilson because he's going to run around IPE routes deep routes throw the ball down the field. See if you could make a play and the one thing he is he's a little bit. He's the Steve Kerr of football. He you're going to have to defend them. Now one thing when you line him up. He spaces the field. You gotta go defended. You gotta go line up there. They're out there and defend them. So you know, I I mean the one thing about receivers everybody talks about Baltimore him Hollywood Hollywood Browns, really good player. But when you have Lamar Jackson. Okay. Your team is really built on defense. And your team is built on plan from in front. I don't think people truly understand this. The number one stat in football is I have pointed franchise when you have the lead at halftime, you have a better chance at when the teams that go to the Super Bowl always are in the top five. I have pointed for when you look at it last year Kansas City, the Rams the year before that it was New England and Philadelphia the year before that it was New England and Atlanta when you get the lead and play from it front. That's what Lamar Jackson gave Baltimore last year. He gave them they played from in front. And now Baltimore takes a receiver. Because they're under the pretense that they need to increase the the town around Lamar Jackson and they take another fast vertical receiver. Well, they needed guys that could run with the ball after the catch like to me, Harry was the better player. There's no doubt. I mean, Harry was 'cause all the and I heard him on TV say, well, you know, he runs all it's almost like, you know, it's fascinating about the draft is how you can tell teams are helping guys that are on TV. With their thoughts because it's almost like in black ops. You know, JFK when when Mr. Xs down in Australia's reading the papers, and the already knows that Oswald has been arrested, you know, and he said it was strictly black ops. This is how we would have handled it, right? That's what I think of every time. I'm listening to the draft. When one of the guys onto this is perfect for the ravens because he can run all the routes that Lamar what's right now. We can't we can't. I mean. So he throws it runs. A bubble screen waste one hundred eighty five pounds going to tackle was little. Right. Was all black ops. It was all like we're going to feed the story as wall did it. So we'll feed the story out there. And that's what they do. And to cost us the greatest. I mean, he can't nobody's better at propaganda than the GM of the ravens. So you know, he can do it better than anybody. I find it fascinating. Especially when you look at some of these things when you hear these draft grades or you're the like at some point stop people. These are all grades based on what that person thinks not based on what the league things. Yeah. And that's where it comes open interpretation. I also the bills that are good job. Alright. Number nine great job again patience. Right. You get your defensive tackle didn't try out for me is right there. They made some other good value picks. The eagles you mentioned earlier Andre Dillard offense. Tackle you. Also got mal Sanders as a running back. Get JJ are single white set receiver from Stanford. Smart picks eagles that a great job. I think the eagles might have gotten the best running back. I'm not sure mile centers is not better than Jacobs. Frankly, I think he is I'm with you on that. Okay. I think he is. I think they got the better running back and for way, better value. Like, wait think about that twenty four to fifty two. You got base and say just hypothetically say Jacobs's, a sixty four and say, they gave Sanders sixty three do you realize the difference you real now? This is the horizontal this is the vertical board and the horizontal board. Right. You've when you didn't trae Dow after the eagles jumped you to pick Dylan, and you didn't move. You really don't understand the horizontal board. You're locked in on your need. And that's how you make mistakes. And I mean, look people can talk about it all they want. I think that comes down to experience. Like once the eagles jumped you, and they're the only real team competing for you for a running back. You got that? You got the world by the tail now you sitting there saying, I got it. All man, I'm move down and get the best corner. I get whatever I want. Instead, you gotta take this and start announcing that how everybody loves it. Don't you? Find fascinating how people defend their draft based on other people cattleman coming out and say, I know I know for fact, two teams, we can't find those students. They try to say well other teams were desires of this guy who's actually got. Well, who cares? How does that? Because something was attractive. It doesn't mean. That's. Right necessarily. Well, how do you know, they're telling you the truth, right? As you said was last week. This is the season of lying. Everyone was guys was lying left. And right. It's so bad. I it's so bad. And I think you know, when you look at it like Baltimore, I like to pick marquees Brown there. I mean, I thought you know, why receiver I would've Oklahoma twenty fifth. I mean, I didn't understand that. You know, the other thing surprised me, I gotta give it Lanta credit. Typically, Atlanta, ignores their offense of line, and they trade back into the cause. I think what what Atlanta did there by trading up to get Chris Lindstrom while they got lynched him there. And then McRae the tackle what we saw at the top of the second was the bunch of tackle start to go. Okay. So that tells you they knew the taco market was going to go. Unlike the raiders who go ahead and take a running back, and then the all the Kunar start to go at the top of the second. And they gotta take the last corner or whatever corner. Now, I'm sure they're gonna come out and say, look, we've got the corner we wanted. Yeah. Right. Okay. Fine. You didn't take the you could take a buyer Murphy. They're right there, and you would have had them, and you could still had the running back again, it's all value. So I think you've got an anticipated part of what? Going on. Mike do not forget to thank the real pros this mother's day. Where would you and I both be without our moms? Right. There's you know, there is no doubt. And you know, it's funny as you get older in life. And you lose your mom, you think about all the things that your mom did for you. And kind of you know, in that mother's day is always a day. Even if your mom's passed away data. Remember, your mom day to think about your mom? It's truly we only get one, mama. And I think it's the perfect time to really express those words you, and I are both prod parents we know how much fun. It is our awarding his and the biggest thing I think imams is sacrifice. Think of all the sacrifices your mom made to get you to where you are. Yeah. I can imagine where I'd be without my mom put in so much effort for me, my brother, and then you get older, and you watch your wife do the same thing and you wash. Now, your kids see their mom do from go from here to there. And of course, I'm never home. 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One dozen assorted roses for nine thousand nine nine double the ROY. Is gonna premium vase for just nine more. Visit pro flowers dot com. Click the microphone upper right corner and enter my co GM shuffle. It's pro flowers dot com. Click the microphone code GM. Shuffle mother's day's may twelfth don't wait order like a pro and get this amazing Rosedale to thank all the moms in your life. Don't waste any time. Don't be like me to last met. As we transition today to day three of the draft. Are you at all Stanick by the kind of numbers this generates like last year? Remember, the you know, especially quarterbacks first round four guys taken. I get why people are so locked in the ratings, Mike there's like three and a half million people watching names being read aloud by other grown men like this. There's no actual football act. It's just names being read if the wait for twelve minutes like why are the Carlos taking everyone knew in the world. I got to calibrate we're to wait till the full ten minutes make their pick the ratings were gigantic you ever as a lifelong football guy. Go, you know, what there's gonna be more people watching a bunch of names being read than NHL playoff games. A major league baseball games NBA playoff games. Don't read this is. And everybody says football's died show. I mean seriously. I mean, I it's Ramar. I mean, I'm a draft. So I get it. I love it when I used to when I took the train when I was a fat kid at Hofstra. And I would take the train in on the Long Island railroad park here and go to the Sheraton and wait in line. There was only five hundred people you that was all you could do to hear the names, right? Right now, you could sit there, and you know, I mean, it's remarkable that and then you have to wait, you know, like, I was getting texts from people to let me know what the Pixar because the picture turned in right? The picture turned in like the networks are three picks sometimes behind especially as you get later in the draft. Yeah. Because they got gotta run commercials. They gotta do all this all we come back here. And we'll give it as a fan. You want wanna instantaneous, you know, is really rules, by the way that you have them. Can you tweet it out? It's very John. The other thing I think would team should do is is I think the good teams the smart teams like if you're the raiders and your Mike Mayock, and this is the first time you've ever run a draft. Okay. And it's way different than sitting next to rich Eisen. It's way different. Use should always take snapshots of the board. So good teams take snapshots of their draft boards. So let's say at fourteen we take a snapshot at nineteen. We take a snapshot at twenty four when we're on the clock because what you wanna do is this week. You wanna go back in the room? And you wanna look at this. And you want to say, you know, what I think I blew an opportunity here. You know, Jacobs went we pick Jacobs at twenty four look at the board. Here we could have done this. We could've done that. Like if you go back and realize and do it for the second. Do it for the third row because what happens is you just start becoming very false duality AB AB AB as opposed to really take a step back and look at it. So this week the smart teams like New England they're gonna they've taken staff. Shots of the board. So they know when they were sitting there at the bottom of the second they trade it out and they lost potentially some good players. And they got the guy in the third. They picked Damon Harrison third where it was. But they lost some good players. They'll go back and revisit was that the right trade to make the we we have rather had a receiver say Jalen Hurd who got picked by San Francisco at the top or the defensive lineman from Boston, whatever it is. You have to look at that. And then analyze it. Because if you don't you're sitting there, then you just a fan, then you're just a fan because like like we talked about six days ago was the draft while the fans have forgotten about it. But it's an executive you can't. That's your lifeline. You gotta sit there. And look at it and say, okay, here's where we are. That's interesting because imparted say, what is the point of that? Because you feel it'd be painstaking looking at mistakes not done that could've that you shouldn't live with regrets. But your point if you play football game, we don't just play the game. And that was the best decision on third down. You watch the tape. You watch the tape, and you say what could we have done here? How could this have been buoyed? What do we do next time similar with the draft? A guys we were too eager about this should have been more desires this because. Of this decision when we break we're going to be focused on this. I think you're right. You can only learn from your pass by by examining. And I think the smart teams Atlanta, obviously knows that that from twenty let's say from twenty five to forty right? We know historically that's corner market. That's our there's always a coin. That's where the corners go. There's something wrong with them. We also know that the Lyman tend to slip off at that point, especially when Dillard went Atlanta's saw Diller, go Atlanta knew that if they wanted to get their guy, they couldn't wait they knew it was going to start to happen. Whether one team it didn't really mad. They knew the tackle market, Cody Ford market. We know Cincinnati was trying to trade up to get Cody for we know that. So when you're sitting there watching it instead of Pat yourself on the back saying, oh, God, we got this board. Graded right? No. You gotta figure out what you could have done better. And if you don't look we're in the information business, if you're not analyzing the data than how are you going to get better? And then next year when you sit with your scouts. You can say look fellas you guys can tell me all you want about player y. I'll give Abella check which said just fucking put him on the pro board. Okay. Like you guys want? You know, like like, I know my man Mel will probably give Titus our they gave him. Okay. Gave them a bag. Great put Howard on the pro board. He's going to start in the NFL at right or left tackle. So Mel might had them in the third round. But that would be like me trying to pick Julio Jones in the third round. Right. Since not hap, it ain't happening. I'm he's not gonna be there. They're never going to be there. So and I'm not picking Mel here. But like that's the part of the game. That's the part of the puzzle. He doesn't know he doesn't realize that. If you don't pick this guy twenty to forty you never get them. Well, that's the other part of it too. What do you think just the thought of Mel kiper draft grades because there's an insatiable appetite to say who to be draft. What is Mel kiper thing met? What Mel does is really easy is. So Mel just looks at what is needs are and has value board. And he just check it off. And if you follow his value board and based on what his needs are. You're gonna get a high grade he's gonna love your draft. If you don't and you'd go completely divergent and thought and go against everything he does you're going to get a low grade. And frankly, if you get. Oh, great. You're probably better off because you're not thinking like Mel thinking because it Mel doesn't understand either. As part of taking snapshots of the board is your take a snapshot of the trade board too. So let's say, you're you're Oakland. And we're wondering why Oakland doesn't turn the card in twenty-five? Well, they might have three trades up there on the board. Okay. And they turned all three trades to pick Jacobs. But now when you take that snapshot after and you can analyze what we have been better off taking we would have been better off taking player a or b and instead of Jacobs or you can now fill in the blanks 'cause you got the results of the draft. Right. So all those trades become realistic and so- Mel doesn't see those traits. So he doesn't really know what you passed up. He doesn't have any idea of it. So he's dealing blindly. And it's all based on. Did you check off the needs of your team when we know this? We know that first round picks probably probably will have some impact. Maybe not a lot. We everything else after that. They'll have little impact on the team. Very little. I mean, some might might might surprise you be Jackson's college is starting to the bowl they'll be some of that. But for the most part, let's say there's fifty players that impact their team next year. Everything else is for the next team. It's all for the next year team. And if you get so caught up in your needs this year, you'll never figure it out which makes me think I'm focusing a lot as a fan on the first round. Because a lot of these guys I know watching college football etcetera day to day three start to. Okay. I know I know that guy. This guy is is there not as much importance pay to those days in there should be or to your point. There's a reason why guys I router. And there's a way is why guys third weather like how much day to day through the draft are going to be impactful unseen building winter. Well like you chase vintage the the kid the patriots. He's gonna come in. He's going to say Bill Walsh's say this all the time. We drafted Charles Haley in the fourth round, right? And the first thing he told every coach on the staff toll, Bill McPherson. He told George for the score data. Don't teach him the playbook. Charles Haley's coming in here to be designated pass rusher. All I want him to do every. Day is spend time rushing the passer. Like, I don't give a shit if he knows any of our I intend defenses. He ain't plane I into he's only going to be on the field. So once you draft you have to develop a plan for these guys because if you give them the Manhattan phone directory and say learn this, he ain't learned you. Well, put them off for next year. Right. So you got to define the role for the player as soon as you draft the player. That's how you have good. So what New England will do was vintage though, he'll come in. And here's his role. He's going to be he's going to play this this. They're gonna teach them X Y Z Basti fence. Here's your second Cormac third long. Here's what we do. That's that's it. That's all. And then once he gets that. Maybe we'll teach them a little bit more. We'll start to grow. We'll start to allow him to learn more. They take Damian Harris. Okay. Damian Harris is going to have to learn, you know, the first down run all the all the first down concepts. All that. However, it is whatever your plan is for the player. That's how you have a good draft. And then once you put the player that role. If he can't do it. You're gonna cut them, right? You're gonna cut him because he can't handle that role. We can't let them do that. So unless you draft them really high. And you're just figuring out. I think that's the biggest problem. I think part of the draft. We never talk about is player development. We gotta develop the player that you picked. And that allows that player to have an impact on your team moving forward to your point of a player development and just laid on the draft Mr. irrelevant who's the last pick NFL draft the cardinals or two fifty four UCLA Ted and Caleb Wilson. Now. Each of the last six, Mr. relevance of appeared at least one NFL games guys do play, but your point someone's you don't get drafted. It's better buffalo quarterback. Terry Jackson, sign with the bills Georgia running back Elijah Holyfield's out of the Panthers. Those guys are getting a chance to prove people like get pissed off. They don't get picked think it's a little Jordan Humphry. Yeah. The kid who didn't run very well from Texas, but he's a huge receiver. He goes to the saints. Right, right. It's the perfect team to go for Sean will make him a quasi f- inside big. He smarts Colston for Sean Payton, right? So say he makes their team, and he ends up becoming Marcus Costa will the third year the third year as a free agent. He's got to get a three million dollar tender which. Four million by the time he becomes. Whereas if he's got drafted in the fourth row, his he would be on a base salary. He would be on the minimum salary for that fourth year. So now, he's got to get tendered. So all these teams are getting smarter. Like if you can collect more seventh round picks than free agents. You don't have to tender that money, and it helps saves your cap because every million you can save here or there you pick up going to skip some Blair allow so being undrafted free agent. Someways is better for you. Sometimes it is especially like on his case where he goes to the saints where I can exactly see as soon as I read his sign with the saints. Okay. He's colston. He's going to cause. I don't care what the kid ran that. You've seen them play the kicks big. He's physical hard to tackle. He's going to play in the slot. He can block though, get him. If he has any quickness at all they'll figure out a way to utilize. It's all about the vision that you have for the player and most good coaches scout inside out. That's why some teams where these teams that are run by the general manager that have no idea how you divide. Them right. That never that doesn't work anymore. Like that doesn't work couple thoughts. First time in sixty years Nebraska, failed of prospect drafted I twenty five years Virginia Tech failed of prospect drafted Nebraska to me. I mean, listen, they've been bad the big ten while would've thought isn't there? Just one big hulking three hundred pound kid from Lincoln Nebraska farmer raised him. He'll get drafted somewhere. Like, that's how bad Nebraska there have one like old Lyme you'd pick knowing that always be a no brainer. You know, what happened in a Brask is all those all the chamber of commerce. Okay. So in the whole state like say, you're in, you know, some of the small little towns in Nebraska, the chamber of commerce would have the best player. They would pay a scholarship for the kid to go to Lincoln. So it didn't cost them a scholarship. That's remember that walk on program. They used to have it Nebraska that great walk on program. Well, that was because all these little towns in the Brassica the cities were like had the chamber. We want our kid to go there. Well, they've lost that whole thing. And now, they all think they've lost player development. Like it's too much. They're not developing any players. Not getting any red. So that's where the problems lie, and I think frost will fix that. Scott frost, Nebraska guy is a big hire a hill comeback. You obviously had success but at UCF, but I'm like, it's a big job. Right. It's hard. And if you don't have like, that's the part where good college coaches understand. It's about player development. It isn't about getting five stars. It's about developing the players like what is the plan for the player? Once we recruit them, you know, it's like some of these kids like they don't really need the bench press anymore. Like they can bench press the moon like some kidney flexibility, like that's when you bring all these rookies, and you're not bringing them in to see what you're seeing where we have to work with them and develop them how we're going to plant them. It's the actual player development that really matters. That's the secret sauce at the good teams in the NFL one more on the draft for it gets tyreek hill who is the steel of this year's draft people love this years from now. Hey Lombardi said this was a great value pick at this spot. He loves this kid wherever it is people love this years now. And if you win at this, Mike, you can hang your hat on this ten years meals GM shuffle Lombardi called of this was a great pick. I I mean, I love the. Titus Howard pick. I know that that was the first round pick. But I love the other guy that I really love I love trusted hill from central Florida. Now, here's a kid that played for Scott frost when he was there at two thousand seventeen you put his tape on your saying. Wow. That guy's really good player. You say holy shit. That guy's really good. He wanted to transfer to Nebraska to follow through. But like most defensive lineman didn't have it fully planned out with a lot of attention to detail. You know, so once he realized it was going to cost them a year and have to sit out a year, and who's going to all that he comes back while he comes back, and he kind of pisses off most of the coaches, okay? Then his weight goes way up right? As weight goes up to like three thirty. He can't play at that way. So they get them back down. He starts one game for them. Not because he's not talented because they're trying to make a statement about their program. Right. And so, you know, Josh hypol- the head coach, central Florida. This kid's really talented. You get this kid with Marinelli in their defensive front. I mean, you get him go in there. And you get him move in there. I think that could be really a hell of a pick. I think. The the Saunders defensive tackle. I think he's from western Illinois, one of those directional noise kid that the that the chiefs draft that I think he's really talented player too. Sometimes you can find down the road, you could find some of these guys that are really talented that for some reason defensive lineman. They're a little askew. There's always something wrong with them. And then I think the mile Sanders. Pigs really great pick. I thought that was a great pick, especially where they got them at the value. They're running backs are so porous seasoning other twenty-ninth Gye got her. That's they need to fill right away. He's an instant. And I mean, I think you know, they get Dillard's. So they get legitimate left tackle, they get the receiver from Stanford who can flat out fly say, he's their Torrey Smith guy now they got so they've kind of got some pieces, and then they'll fill in the roles with what they need to do the other teams that I think that do a good job is the teams that figure out. Look, we didn't get this in the draft. We still need to go out and sign this. Yeah, we still need to go out and sign this. I mean, we saw today the colts side Spencer ware. Okay. They didn't draft running back. They didn't waste a pick on a running back that can't make there. Team. So they signed Spencer where at smart housing the Bengals money got a value. Pick wine feeling quarterback NC state get in later fourth-round hundred four fourth pick Zack Taylor coach might be able to make it. Right. So he's a really smart kid test score. You know, I mean, look, I think this is gonna come down to you know, Jarret stidham the kid from Auburn who really again good pick for the patriot. Look, here's this kid. Okay. He's a five star four star kid at Ballard with arts are browse. Yep. Okay. And they have the absolute fiasco that happens there. And then he decides to leave Ballard and goes to Auburn now really if the kid was smart he would've stayed at Ballard with that rule cause if he plays it with Matt Rua barrel. He's probably gonna throw he might have been a first or second round pick. He's easily better than Daniel Jones. If he plays in an offense that would have highlighted what he could do that offense. And Auburn, I'm not sure what the hell is they run power. They run a balanced. I mean, I see my man gave up his really disappointed me to Gus malzahn gave up a sweater vest disappointed. You know, like, I'm. Not watching Gus if you don't have the sweater vest iron bowl, not the same ever since he tried to change those look. Yeah. I mean, seriously, you're a sweater vest guy. Get the sweater vest on. But anyway, that offense seriously is might be one of the worst offense football. And so you can't valuate a quarterback in it. Or you can't they can't train a quarterback there. That's the other. You can't train them. Yeah. Last thought here on the draft that day just about to go to broadcast all excitement here about the young players. Tyreek hill stuff comes out. I'm sure you'll now know what it is the leaked video comes out when she was threatening abuse of his partner and talking about abusing his child. The immediate reaction seemed to be just as cacophony of noise here. Mike it was like hanging a second. Everyone gets a second chance. But this guy hasn't repented. He's doing it. Again, the chiefs right now said, you know, obviously suspended him from team activities. But what does the league do? What do you think is? You know, I've been on Twitter. You know, remember zero dark thirty were Jessica Chastain. Character comes in and keeps writing the dates on the board that they haven't done anything about. That's me right now. A tyreek hill at some point cheeses, Christ NFL, Park Avenue, wick, the hell up you let this kid in the Lee. League. What he did it Oklahoma state nobody and I'm telling you know, one was drafting this kid coming out. Maybe the raiders may be Reggie McKenzie. Could've got Mark Davis. Okay. But other than that no other team did. And when the chiefs picked them they came out and said, we've done our homework on the kid, and I said to somebody like what Homer could you do like seriously. What could you have done that proved he punched his pregnant girlfriend, which is the same woman, and he went to Akron. He couldn't get into Akron. They wouldn't let them in. Then he went to west Alabama. He got like no one denies. There's the player tremendous player like my wife could've scouted the player like everybody's giving. John Dorsey found tyreek hill in the fifth row. What to John's got a magical? I yeah. Yeah. Okay. Milly could've found tyreek hill and a fifth round. Okay. The reason he's there is their circumstances that you can't get your hands around. You can't feel comfortable ever taken that guy. And then this video comes out and Park Avenue over they're still debating, meanwhile, Tom Brady, allegedly spots footballs, and we'd just drag his name through the mud. Seriously. Like, where's the guys takes a substance or guy gets caught smoking dope. Josh Gordon's out of football. There's a little child that is no longer with their parents. That's a fact that's a fact I mean, and so you're not doing anything about that. There's a reason they took that kid from their parents. And I mean, I don't see how you can just keep going on another day. Like another day. We what are we going to find out and the chiefs, I truly think the chiefs want nothing to do a I think they want nothing to do with them making a decision. I think they wanna put it on the league. Here's get confused. Andy Reid, a part of me says he gives these guys a second chance because what his own kids went through drug, problems, etc. Been imprisoned. So he says, you know, what I've had issued the my own kids raising them, I'm inclined to give other people second chance. But then I say is it that or is it just win it all costs, and I'm going to get the best player available and to your point worry about the repercussions. If the league wants to do something, I don't know which one it is. I used to read was just had a big heart. But then I'm like hand it to your. When just gave one hundred million dollars to Frank Clark. Frank clark. Did it at Michigan? Right. Okay. And you just rewarded. Frank clark. Seattle said look we love. Frank clark. We love Frank Clark. They had a guy in Seattle that used to have to monitor Frank Clark. I mean, he was with them all the time and Frank Clark is a really good football player. We're talking personally there, but there's could be a time bomb, and then that time bomb could really go off if I give you hundred million dollars. You know? I mean, you start you start paying guys you don't know where they're going. The chiefs were getting ready to pay. Tyreek kill. That's fact, they're they're going to give them. Well, if you paid Sammy Watkins sixty million we give tyreek hill think about it. They're gonna give tyreek killed upwards near twenty. He was going to get probably one of the highest paid contracts. Not to a quarterback. Okay. He was going to be because this guy as Davis used to say just put him on my put him on my team. Like, he shifts the balance of power. He changes the field. Right. But where's the accountability? Ultimately, go I get the fact he's a superstar player, but let's be a cattle. You got Kareem hunt. Okay. Dorsey dress me Dorsey has made a career taking guys that are on the edge of character. And look he's gotten away with it. I'm not being jealous or bitter. But to a degree I think at some point you gotta say, wait a minute, John like this like, greedy Williams like I talked. There's some teams just not taking greedy Williams, a won't tackle anybody. When you take a corner that can't tackle you never can balance your defense. You never balance your defense because there's one Saudi defense that's always bad but John's had success. And then with John does is almost in class out Davis fashion. He says, well, it's the coaches it's up to the coach fix it. Now, you fix it. It's on you. You know that worked for Allan the sixties when the problems were a little less than what they are today and the climate was way different back. Then if you you went home driving, and you weren't in the sixties, and you were drunk cops pull over newer player. They would probably drive you home. Right. Yeah. Today that rightfully so that eight the same climate and so. Things change. And I just think to me this Tari kills it's bad for the league. I heard all the rhetoric about well, you know, they don't want upset the draft. No bullshit. Do the right thing when it's right. You know, when I tweeted this out to remember when Tony went to. Ralphie? And he said, you know, this thing of ours requires us do it as a law and order things doing a timely fashion. Yeah. Remember, it's a cradle. Right. It's a timely and he stressed timely. And then the next thing we know we see veto kill little Jackie junior. High is important in all matters when it's really sensitive timely now, I'm not saying you should rush the judgment. I think due process plays but timely is important, and there's no timely effect here. Speakers sopranos, I I was reading some articles about the Kentucky Derby this week. I'm not a huge horse guy. I don't know if you are always think a pile mind. Ralphie tony. It's a frequent horse. Boo cares. I still can't believe sprayed in his eye. He killed pithily over a horse like still you one of the rap. He was a great earner. Like Eddie was a great car. He was hit some of the greatest jokes of all time. Really? They wrote they wrote Frank. They wrote ralphie really. Well. Oh my God. He was a psych somebody said to be it was goodfellas. He'd be the Joe Pasha Kerr. He's the noisy people love him. He know what I watched on the plane. I was flying all over the I watched the part again. Oh, yeah. I mean Nicholson has some incredible lines that movie the stuff that he says about Freud and he's easing. Celtic. Matt damon? Just still unhinged. Murray's taking the ring off. The guy's head. Gusting. It's unbelievable. Yeah. That whole cast is unreal. To Capri Damon. The fact that David is impotent the movie disliked it put it in there. I get it up. Okay. Interesting. We're living in a world where Viagra we had this guy run Joe's, great raider. So this guy run Jones, right? Yeah. And run run was a roller derby guy, he used to do roller derby. And so John Madden took him in. And basically lets them live in the facility, and he becomes a ballboy, and they the raiders pay him and he lives in the facility, then we moved Oakland. He lives in the facility, he became like, a cult figure slick back white hair. He would run on the field. He had this deep voice. You know? And he was the only Republican that I've known that basically had no income coming in at all. Okay. Like everything about this man was democratic except for he would watch Fox News every day, right? Right. Vote Republican you make a lot of money tax cuts. No money, no money. But he was watching Fox News because he was a patriot. He was a thought it was the only way. So we used to kill them. All the time. I say his form of currency was Viagra. So I said to him run run. I need a ride to the airport. It'd be ten pills that meant one hundred dollars each pill was ten bucks that was his form of currency. And so that's how you get. I'm going on. That's fifty five pills seat up to fifty bucks. Right. So that's how he communicates form. So one day I got so pissed off at him. So he's supposed to be in charge of shopping. He's supposed to make the coffee go get snacks around the office. But of course, naturally runs camp do much of anything. Right. And the only reason you're still alive is because of IRA you'd have been dead ten years ago unit had no reason to left like Viagra is keeping you alive, and it's pissing off all the insurance companies in America. The only reason your hair so one day I got so pissed off at him. Right. And he would be on his telephone or he would take. Map over in the corner of his living room, which is where we would all watch TV. And so there was no coffee the coffee pots of burning up. There's no ice cream nothing going on. So I don't run, you know, you're either going to die right here in front of the coffee pot. You're going to die right in that chair or you're gonna die in your bed back of the room. And so, unfortunately, I felt so bad like years later. I get a phone call right in front of coffee Pac man, he lived a great life. We need a with. Nobody really knows. Nobody has any idea. I mean, we're going to have to pull teeth to find out. How old he really was. It was a good run. He had he had a going. I mean, he was truly he would sit there. And and it would always be he would watch somebody on TV. And he would always ask what you do. Yes. Yes. We're not going to top that. This is the GM Chappel come back next week. Subscribe on apple podcasts or ever you. Get your shows. We're looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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