Episode 490 - The Mummy (1999)


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That's wipers, one two three dot com use our Promo Code whm at checkout and receive ten dollars off your next order of forty dollars or more drako. Is Week on the program. Who says there's a toilet paper shortage with this many mummies? It's the money I'm Andrew Japan's Stevens. Sadek Eric Toilet Paper Chris cat. Ed We hate movies. Hello everyone. Welcome to. We hate movies. Thank you for tuning in as always. That's right. We're talking the mummy from the Grand Year of Nineteen Ninety, nine directed by. We hate movies. Favorite Steven Summers one of the great years of movies, man, ninety, nine, eight nine. Oh you had phantom menace. Of course fight club Oh bringing out the dead, American beauty. Great move. Moving to bring your kids. Insider. Tricks yeah, no big year goodyear year. Nice, remember what seeing the Matrix being star wars, whatever being like Gosh I hope this just take attention away from Star Way H. But I, I sure hope. It doesn't take a tension away from my beloved Star Wars. That both didn't need sequels. Steve's planting bombs in Matrix screenings just. See See. What is the? What was the released difference. There was a May July thing. I think Matrix was I I wanna say that sounds right. I'M GONNA. Look it up on this I'm curious about that well. Steve looks set up by the way we just want to mention before we get into the episode you know there's obviously more important things going on in the world but just a soft reminder. All of those tour dates that we. We were supposed to be doing right now. Have moved to the fall so we just WANNA remind folks. Those shows right now are still on our bookers are monitoring situations and everything. They're in constant communications with these venues, and we just checked in a today as of this recording which June. The tenth the shows are still ago so checkout. WHM PODCASTS DOT COM. For the tour schedule through those are real. Quick by the way the Matrix was released March thirty first Phantom menace. Whatever may nineteenth, so there is no, so I was like Oh shit. BIPEDS are about six whole weeks ago my. Crazy that the matrix, I mean 'cause. Obviously, they just didn't know what it was gonna be, but like yet. Make Sense, March dump so wait. Steve was your worry that they were going to make to. It was gonNA. Make more money. Like make more money. Be More be bigger star wars. It was young. But were you worried that like the success of the Matrix could then indeed signaled the cancellation of the release of phantom menace. Could. Affect like the Star Wars Franchise. Going forward I see. That is a very scared about that and it. Kinda did actually you were right to be terrified you. Yes sure let's go through those tour dates I. Don't have that in front of me either. Do So September twenty-ninth rex theater in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania talking about taken. September thirtieth that hilarity in Cleveland Ohio is a nightmare on elm street, three warriors. I've been looking for to talking about that movie. Forever I think I've wanted to talk about it with people since I first saw it like in high school, and then on October the second. WE'RE GOING TO BE IN DETROIT which I've never been to him so excited to go to Detroit ideally. Over the second to talk robocop three a movie I barely remember. On October eleventh will be at the Salem. Horror Festival Salem Massachusetts title to be determined. But it's going to be spooky. BET, but we have already determined the episode for November eighth at the comedy. Zone in Charlotte North Carolina comedies Oh would be under siege and then little little likeness at the Orange Peel. We're GONNA talk about junior on November the tenth in Asheville North Carolina. That's GONNA be super exciting. Yes, and then we'll be finishing it out on November eleventh at Zanies Nashville Tennessee talking footloose. Man I'm psyched about this lineup of movies. You guys I think regardless if they are comedies, are action movies or whatever? We're going to have a great time all around these these seven shows are gonNA be fucking great. I am pumped. That's all I have to say is I'm pumped I'm very pumped. I'm very pumped. The Summer Blockbuster Extravaganza continues with this mummy movie, and I want to turn to my buddy Eric Cisco because he has a catchphrase for movies for movies, just like this. Wherever got their pitchforks out already? It's okay to like a movie. It is okay to be younger than us. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety nine. Totally find. This movie is serviceable. Hangover. A I would say we'll get the recommendations at the end, but I don't have outright ill. Will towards this movie just so everyone is clear. I used to hate this movie I last night. My viewing I had a lot of fun with it I. Still I think it's worthy of this feed but I had more. More fun with it than I thought it was going to. I think this is kind of a prime example of the thesis that Eric Cisco Has Been Driving Home to the folks at home for the last ten years. Almost okay, and here's here. It is right here I like this movie. I've seen this movie. Upwards of like twenty, times, like I've said. It's like the first standard DEF DVD movies. We ever had so that it automatically got a lot of play, but I just watched it right now and I still had a fucking ball, and at the same time I am ready to make fun of it, so let's get our heads Nice and level folks because nobody should give a shit. I when I saw this back in ninety nine I think I didn't see. Theaters is saw it on video and I just wasn't into it and I still do. The tone is kind of a bit off. I know that we're. We're trying to have fun. Yada Yada Yada in the move. You're trying to have fun I kind of wanted to be bit spookier. Maybe a touch I. Ask man honestly like because the more an action movie gets toward like the horror side of things. Then you get that other Steven. Summers movie. Yeah, that's a good point. Whatever the fuck deep rising gets. Deep Isaac, rules but. Roles does it Yeah I. Mean I think these are the mummy and deep rising are the ones that I like from him? Knows are the two that I can stomach I. Do for the horror thing. The original one is pretty scary for what it is. The KARLOFF, the Karloff one I think is pretty spooky so I think it's actually fun that they blew it out a bit and made it an adventure movie. It's not like horror at all to me. Well in the way that they blow it out towards adventure becomes kind of Indiana Jones clone, and you turned down the horror slightly and just have mysticism and a slight spirituality invading the reality. Yeah, yeah, it would then be more of that kind of adventure fil. Yeah I share I sure. Do appreciate that this movie like you know obviously all the action stuff, aside the story. Is Loosely The Story of the car love movie as far as like. Here's this mummy who's trying to also resurrect his lady friend. I don't believe world. Domination is really on the table. Thanks for bringing me back to live kindling girlfriend come to man. Please wait I can't be immortal without my fucking lady. Cheryl come over here and show yourself she parade. Bringing people back. In. She's cool. She doesn't eat much. Looks gotTa Terrapin Station. You ever see mummy terrapin station t-shirt man. I think I did see this, too, and I think. Steve this is a great example of man. Sometimes you just need a big screen experience the idea that's fair I think that like not seeing this theater just seeing it on vhs and kind of not giving a shit to begin with kind of colored by thing, because I actually specifically remember going to see in the theater and being like the Mommy I mean a ride. It's at the movies. Literally was that and it was sort of like a pleasant surprise. I should admit I I'm a big Brendan Fraser. Head? I really liked his movies when they were coming out I saw this in the theater I saw blast from the past and theaters. Oh. Yikes. That's unfortunate and gods and monsters which he's amazing. Yeah I've still never seen that movie actually now in that movie, does he also not? No television is or Is He just like? He'd become our narrow. We need to teach him. What actual? What's happened in the world and the last hundred years? Yes, you see they record it first and then they televise it here. This movie starts off. It was actually interesting because we just did the cats commentary and your Q. Seeing that thing I had to watch this movie. Twice so I, got really familiar with the universal logo, and it was cool to see this one like twenty years in the past just slightly different. This is the one they debuted in ninety seven I believe the copyright says, but the globe here you guys turns into the sun, also kind of like Mimicking Indiana Jones with the paramount logo turning into the mountain, which is Kinda cool. I will say at the start of this Nice decent and again nightime is very forgiving, but nice decent CGI ancient Egypt. Here at the start of the start looked pretty good to me. Graphics I think are pretty good in this aisle beyond the early mummy too early. Mummy is bad. That's bad. That's bad, but once you get like one or two honks dead. Like Bennett looks okay. The see of the dead at the end looks like absolute trash. I I. I I. Forgive it a lot I. do actually think that this would be is smartly less CGI than I remember. 'cause. That's one of the things I have outed. Terrible, but it just there's less of it like. If this were made today, it would be nothing but bad CG. You'll be nothing, but betsy and there's a moment that I so appreciate this a second. If this movie was made today, it was the mummy two thousand seventeen with Tom. Man Yes. I don't remember it being CGI, but it was definitely heavy on the snores. Because that's what I do and I fell asleep in that movie dude I. Rented it and it was like. Right after Tom Cruise like wakes up from the plane crash like he wakes up in the body bags, whatever I straight up fucking fell asleep. Though only good thing about that is Russell Crowe. Russell Crowe is. Such a breath of fresh air. Doing Henry Jekyll yeah, and he's just blown like he's. He knows he's in a piece of shit, so he's just having fun Oh. That's interesting I didn't even get to him in the movie. Piece like this is or is that like? That's present day. Okay, so he's like Modern Day Henry Jekyll. Kinda like okay. That sucks. Yeah, dressed like what you'd expect. Though yeah, no, that's true actually. Yeah, well. It's weird that that movie starts with like a mission impossible style like plane crash like. And you're just like I thought I was fucking watching the mummy. Like what are we doing? Yeah, it's Tom Cruise's the mummy, so the mission impossible moving exactly and then it's also weird because you're watching the movie and you're like. Oh, so he's like not the tischler mummy. What is he doing in this movie at all? They're both mummies outer. It's a real. It's a Ham Dinger I got. Into pitch really gave him one. What if there's two mummies, so we say? Opening intro narration by Oded Fehr. Who Comes into play later? Apparently. They wanted they wanted originally going to have arnold. Vosloo I always do this and I want I've always said Vosloo. I'll keep it with fossil Arnold. Vosloo was it, but his character wouldn't have known English so. They're like which you make sense, so they wanted it fair to do it. I kind of appreciate that actually an on a dead fair totally fucking rules in this movie. Hop piece of a smile. This is one of the Hunky or movies. You'RE GONNA. Find I, we it. It is a honk tastic motion picture about Deuce bigalow male Gigolo, where he's shirtless in that so that so that is a little bit better I will say. He's taken care of a fish tank that he trusts to this Guy Meets Rob Schneider who thought. Tropical ending is. That's GonNa End Sihleli I also noticed and did not need to look any further into it. The see that he was definitely probably playing a terrorist on twenty four. One point I mean that's that was career boom. was you know what I mean like? Just sort of like there is could. Steve Pun not intended definitely. GonNa. You'RE GONNA. Play the banker who funds the terrorists? OWNER YOU'RE A double agent? Your CIA agent, but you take it out terrorists from your country that I'm from Israel. Yeah I don't care. Shit. So the quick story of this is you know there was this pharaoh Seti, the first to this jacked out of fucking mind, and it's kind of crazy that his lady friend right here is going for fucking Arnold Vosloo when you have this professional wrestler waiting in the wings. Anybody who this lady was no She is Marta from arrested development. No get out of town. You're right, yeah! I didn't notice it I. Mean I've seen this something a million times, and I don't know what it was that it was that. Wow, that's hilarious I don't know if anyone else just caught it by the way but I. Definitely just accidentally do the job of the last. At, the Martin reveal. I gotTa say this Court. Lasts, longer to build me a fucking platform in my house. Just slide around. sliding. Data. On? Be crumb the exactly exactly. Yeah, so this so Marta the Pharaoh's mistress was getting it on with Arnold Vosloo on the side, and as we hero dead fair tell it for their love. They were willing to risk life itself, and so they get caught fooling around, but he put. This guy is very the pharaohs very protective of his lady. He puts basically like that powder. You put in a in a in a bag full of money at a bank on this lady all over it just in case you know what I mean like. You know what I was thinking of its. It reminded me of when like James. Bond wants to like check to make sure. No one's broken into his hotel room. Does the tapes a piece of tape to is door that they can't see and then it's all lucrative that. So like that was. That's what I thought of it. As the body Pinkas, he's like. Hey, you're fucking shoulders smudged. Did someone touch you and then a Arnold Vosloo walking around like Robert Patents at a good time, and it's all over his face. And so of course, she's She's murdered. And Arnold, Vosloo, his his punishment is, he's mummified alive. Mistress kills herself. Yeah, he calls out to her. I will resurrect. You must be very comforting while she's stabbing herself in the guts. You don't worry about it. Know what you just drink the poison. Don't worry about it. It's good help help. You're good right bay. Don't worry about it. Got The resurrect spell going little black medical look of dead. Five hundred bucks I'm GonNa. Turn it into a thousand babe. It's GONNA be awesome. Guess what in Nineteen Ninety two. We're GONNA rock together. Man. So. So it's actually weird. I realized got a sequence of events out of order here, so she commits suicide, and then somehow like he's not arrested immediately because he then like takes the body and he's trying to do this ritual. His priests and him escape, and then they say escon with her body. They like raid, the more or whatever we. Show don't tell give me the fun more. Greg Ratings I know more than is just like a a dry room. I guess. Yeah, that would, I would love to see that. It's like Arnold Vosloo. Carrying a corpse out in the middle of the night, like little bird hair kind of stories on like a medical robe. Pretending to be a doctor. Dr. Hieroglyphics. Dead. So. Yeah, he gets found out the cursor the ceremony. The ritual is not finished, so she doesn't come back from the dead. He is mummified alive after they cut his tongue out, and then dump can bucket a scarabs all over him before closing the coffin man, these scarabs get a lot of play in this movie. Do well. Apparently there was that was like part a Joe. Dante thing that this is a property, the kind of kept trying to bring back obviously, and there was a Joe Dante version with Daniel, day Lewis, which sounds fucking awesome, much better version I guess. Fight the me. He was going to be the mummy. No, that's bad that they were trying to build an early ninety S. Dark Universe with like intense. British actors got Gary. OLDMAN AS DRACULA? Lewis's the mummy so anyway, so that's the whole thing, and it's in the city of the dead Hamanaka's burial sites city so we go back to that exact same location, but now we're nineteen twenty. and this is Brendan Fraser. And he's like fighting with the French. Foreign Legion. which I don't. I would like a little bit of backstory. There's a how that happened. Yeah, kind of a cool story and his name is Rick, just like Rick in Casablanca. They have a stake in Egypt. And they filmed this. Morocco so there you go. Oh, that I'm sure they did cabin. I mean like all those fucking. Countries had snakes and places that didn't belong to them, then they they they. They say something something like oded fairs like end. This area was heavily congested for years and years Yada Yada Yada as the great that we're on the side of the enemy. Then Oh, absolutely, the everyone there should get the fuck outta there. Take your little white hats fuck out. But O. Dead Fair says that he is part of a group called the magic. which are descendants of the Pharaoh's bodyguards themselves and his boring ass job is keep watch over Hamanaka tried to make sure people like Brendan Fraser and the French Foreign Legion. Don't come in looking for treasure and accidentally. Unlock this fucking mummy. Which is the movie yeah? Be Honest. He's not great at his job. No, that's very true Cavin, they're. They're kind of a sleeping at the switch. There should be a review after this think. Badge I should bring him in and ask a few questions dude, insist a Stinger seen with oded fehr at ease fucking He's talking to his supervisor for some reason played by Stephen Root. Classic Stinger I the head of the match I. What did you think you're doing? It's got a clipboard. I do the yeah. Like fucking six thousand years of you know of of really nailing. People out of here all takes us one time, guys. Do you think Oh, did fares character was like? Like you. Know what I took my first vacation. Thirty years of being on this job and it was just a long weekend, and somehow you idiots managed or fuck up three thousand years of tight security. She says Christ you fend it off armies, and Brentford, frazier and a bunch of American idiots that got it. This whole order is just like the last crusade. Guys that are protecting the grail. But I might be wrong. There might be an actual order protecting us from mummies that are going on right now, so I'm trying to stop a tweet well. Hey, dude, look or look around. You man you fucking sandy mummies anywhere. Do. Thank you for your service. So we get it. We're starting to get into a little scuffle with these guys here. We have Steven Summers next door. Neighbors slash best friend. Kevin j O'Connor as the coward. I was surprised. He dies this week. Spoiler Alert I could have sworn in the second one because that is lucky rabbit's foot. Do that guys in everything? Is it a thing I haven't seen the second one in a very long don he's? Pretty shocked by that well, I was GONNA. Say 'cause I wouldn't put it past the sequel to this movie to just recast him as somebody else. The mummy could like a possess him or something. That would have been a way to do it or just. It's Kevin j O'Connor literally playing different person. Yeah, he's. He's got a blonde hair. Claus or something exactly It was a that was speaking of the casting by the way. This was a little bit of a mystery for us. US, with this character is like okay. Kevin J connor. What are you supposed to be playing here? And then it turns out. It's a Hungarian dude, so you're like all right. He is wise. I mean look I think he's fine. I enjoy his cartoonish NECE, but it gets tiresome, and I remember at least in one thousand nine. This was a guy that pushed me over the edge with this movie. The problem is is that they have a few too many comic. Relief's going on Yup. Like Jonathan could go the brother I really think he could just go. Side at the brother is the brother is what ties this is? One of the reasons are one of the ways rather that this movie ties itself to the Karloff with because in the end, those universal monster mummy movies specifically. There's always the one character who's like I'm in archaeology for the big box and he's always. Always trying to scam, and like find the treasure, and all of that, so it's a welcome addition that he's there the problem with the Kevin j O'Connor character as I see it anyway as he goes from being like the mischievous guy who's who's then like the mummies, r-enfield kind of character, which is interesting the by the end of the movie. He's fucking Abu. The monkey from A. Totally devolved into selling it, he also he betrays rick at the start of the film, and then he goes on to continue to betray him. It would be interesting that brother character was the betrayer instead in some way he and he's enchanted by the mummy. This will fetch a high price to my imperialist pig government. Totally, do know that would be a really interesting way, too fucking spin it. I just find Jonathan very boring throughout this whereas Kevin, j O'Connor occasionally I'm like interested in him, and I like the idea that you make it so like. If you are self centered and you know totally only NFL agreed and surviving. You will make a toward the end, but at the end you'll to do with do Chris that he is a bit dull, but this is the whole sister fucking thing and made me think this is a fast two furious move. Oh my God, Dude, so this Guy Jonathan by your logic will be the vin diesel character yes. A quarter mile at a time. Who Wants Coronas and Barbecue Chicken? Is Forever. Isn't that right mummy? He's British. Excellent I. WanNa. Kevin, J O'Connor and Tom Noonan to play brothers who run a mortuary. That's all I want dude dude, right it. Write that movie and then pitch it to them. and honestly there's like a forty percent chance you'll. They'll do I'm steven this Tom Noonan Y Y so I retire from acting in your script and I run a mortuary. It's not a Tom Noonan all over this. You know there's there's there's dead people everywhere. You just got to reach out and grab them. You GotTa know how to recap. Grab Him I. Do like this. This is a J., C., D. version of top nude has right so in in the mortuary office. It's like a poster for Manhunter, a poster for the House of the devil. A fucking love this. And My Shit! He'll brother Kevin J O'Connor. Who is not play by Kevin J. Well, he is Kim a joke cheese. Yeah. We bought this works very, and all the doorways are too short for both of us. That's a real problem. This is real. Fool's errand cannot believe I I retired from acting. This is worse than the time. We bought a zoo. Oh that's surely the script reader. Hi Shirley. Hi, how are you doing back there? Contact breaks the. Fourth Wall to be great. Is a take as left in where he's just like Steve. I can't believe you're trying to fuck it. Play the same music from manhunter. He's gripped specifically states in the garden of Eden. It's right there. You kidding me. No, you need big since when we see Tom, need a sandwich. So anyway, yes, we're in nineteen twenty-three. The French are fighting to dig up this fucking site and the Maj like. Please do not unleash this evil into our world, and it's Kinda Great. 'cause Benny like coming to your lead like jumps inside of a tomb. Rick is left alone and then did fair. All his fault is like ever should be killed him, and it's like no the desert. Kill him well, no! Do Your fucking job. This is the before of view again like. We've gotTA kill those guys. Sorry, the desert took the oath to. It was there when? Maybe we have a white asshole policy, and whatever it is a white Ashville rummaging around. We gotTA kill. Why didn't I mean? Why don't you drag the desert in here and review that? Also because I think in the second movie, Dead Fares character each shit, too, so it's like acting best right is that? John Waters. John waters the mummy. In multiple mummies. There go, there's the title I like that. Yeah, so yeah, he says the creature remains undiscovered. The desert will kill him. We pop to Cairo three years later. Getting the party started the Museum of Antiquities. Absolutely Rachel vice just got her fucking eyebrows waxed like holy, Shit Man, these weird atrocious dude. What are we fucking do into this poor woman? It's a very like uncle. Leo. Are You mad at me? Out. Here. It's the the eyebrows of the Queer. The fucking yeah, the evil, queen, Snow White or some shit and her haircut to. It's like Betty Boop, Shit, you know. Would you drive you wild? By the way the site, the visage of Betty boop like dude. There are so many boards sailors that have jerked off to Betty boop. That she just adorns disgusting boardwalk. T shirts yeah, totally poor petty boop would a fall from grace. You ever here's. Here's something that I'd be interested in. Is there someone out there where Betty Boop t shirts? That doesn't smoke cigarettes. Maybe. Children. Don't show what a child after Betty. BOOP! If you have a betty boop, fucking, father or Betty boop. Petty Boop Fuck t shirt for the kid. You do not want a betty boop father cabinet I. don't even know what that is, but I'm telling you don't. Guy. WHO's Turks off? The cartoons I started listening son. I Love Betty Boop. It makes me a while to note the light betty. BOOP is going out of the world. The light is drink. You have to carry on. VK, group. The order of boop. Boop you gotta stead outside of a Shitty Ferris wheel on the boardwalk smoking cigarettes. We all agree that Eddie. Valiant treated her like shit that. Goes on the shit list. Kid. Those cartoons ain't racist. They had just products of their tie. OF HERITAGE NOT HATE God, wouldn't you just love to be one of those skeletons that dances with? Old cartoons are terrifying. You ever look at any of those other their haunting. Shit Dude like folks at home. Go to YouTube. Do Favor if you WANNA get fucking chilled your soul google. Go to Youtube and search for some fucking Betty boop cartoons they are on their. Own Chill I bet if you dig deep enough. Betty boop was invented by HP lovecraft. Fairly Rachel vices kind of dancing with skeletons in this movie. That's true cabin. So, there's a there's a fucking crazy gagged I. do not believe belongs in this movie. Nope, where Rachel Vice. Domino's all of these huge bookshelves, and then the weeds juice sky fucking meals. Her Dynamic and that hurt dynamic with Brennan. Frazier I think they're trying to do the cary grant type of thing like a you know. Or yeah girls, you know it just act business. It skews a little too cartoony at certain points. This movie that this is the one that really gets me is like. Because like nothing comes from that, and also it doesn't wind up being a callback later in the movie like she doesn't knock a bunch of fucking columns down to kill some mummies or something. You know what I mean I'd just like for nothing I do want to because I do think that he should be referred to always as the the governor Davis Eric Erica very, he's. He's had a good career as you still with us. By the way he is yeah. Okay I think about the ways in the sky like maybe like by month flay and I'm just like. I hope that Dude's doing all right, but there is a casting paradox in this movie because we using the juice guy who ends up being like the the secret order the. Like leader is at least an agent with them, but he's like undercover at the museum. He's in the movie, but then also the English actor who played the DADS slash bad guy in the I like the Robin Williams Jumanji movie that is also in this movie and I. I'm telling you I confused those dudes all the time and they play similar characters alive, isn't he? Also the Butler from the nanny. Isn't that his? Third Gao, it is okay. The Butler from the nanny I believe is actually like an American or Canadian actor, so I was meant to say as three identical strangers over. John Hannah shows up as her brother Jonathan. Who is so Scottish and not doing a great job, not being Scottish. Oh fuck that SISTA and it's like yeah. We're both England is. Is this guy some you said? The actor's name is if I should recognize him from something. That's not the mummy Steve Hughes in four weddings and a funeral and other stuff sliding doors the Gwyneth paltrow movie I think never caught it never never caught four weddings and a funeral. Surprisingly, the boring guy was boring everybody. But yeah, he is Evelyn's brother in all around opportunistic has my note saying? Gang today's episode is brought to you in part by truth versus Hollywood. 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The answer is fries found the the mummy. Look right here. Backwards. Oh, he's not the Butler from the. He's the Butler from Richie Rich Oh. Yes, he is, he is. Really not the not the brother, the British guy who will be later. Yes, the blow. Yeah, okay, ALL RIGHT BLOODY HELL! The map only leads to a mummified Ma'am mccheese. That's exactly what should happen to that son of a bitch. I mean I think that you know like culture is ending around. Obviously these happy meal maps will be worth of the elite people to real treasure, which will be fucking nonperishable food. Dude just made me think of y'all remember that cinema mania documentary about like the freaks in New York City who for movies a day right? Oh No, you gotta see this. Oh Steve I have. Cabin you never saw. I never thought awesome. Oh, you guys! It is the it is an a plus look at these fucking piano. Experience Chris Cabin by the way you'll recognize people in that movie I'm. Definitely you definitely when? You're not in a cabin. You know a man who has interviewed in that movie. Really Great, yes. It's insane Steve There's an old lady who gets kicked out of Moma and banned for life, and they film her coming back in wearing a disguise trying to see a movie. I'm watching. This baby died. Oh okay, so there's I don't want to spoil it too much, but there was a guy in that movie. That is so proud of the fact that he's collected all over the McDonald's Jurassic Park collectors. Steve I'm telling you it's real loser township. Don't start watching it right now. I might battle out of the rest of this episode. I'll give recommendation. You can edit it in I swear to God Steve If. We're sitting here ten minutes from now. Another thing about Arnold Vosloo fucking to hear that move beyond background. Professional bursts out laughing in the middle of talking about the plot. That guy. Yes cinna mania absolute recommend but. The friend that was in the juice. Guy Burns half the map because like he's secretly in on it again. Like yeah, this touches fire like come on, it's. It's insane. It doesn't go up and half a second and I love. The the juice guy is definitely like. Oh, what a shame! It's too bad. It didn't burn all the way out like not trying to cover up at all. It's for the best. You should not fucking go there. He's trying his best to give him like this warning or whatever so Rachel. Rachel vices like fuck. We gotta go to this place and file of this map. Let's go find the dude who you got this from. You know and he's like okay. Cool. It's just at this bar, and then you cut to the Cairo prison and he's like well. Maybe it wasn't a bar and I don't understand when they had this interaction. Did anybody else catch? It's really unclear. Brother like touring the jail, and he fucking lifted it from him. No, no, it was. They were in a bar together before he got arrested. Was a brawl. He says okay, so this reeks of deleted scenes, though because that's a lot of like. How did Brendan Fraser? It's been three years. How did he wind up in jail? Why does he fucking speaking of Jumanji? Why does he fucking Robin Williams hair in this movie is. How long has he been in there? Like? What are we talking about its way? Show us the fucking bar. Fi show us how he got out of the desert. He was left for dead. You know what I'm picturing it as Eric honestly is. In, is it? Is it Where is it in Indiana Jones world where Marian is shots in the bar at the raiders. It's in raiders, right? Okay, It should have been something like that, right? It's like Brendan. Fraser's like drinking with all these fucking dudes or something like Jonathan lifts it from him or something like show. Is that seeing you can? Can have in there already almost aggressively. Copying Indiana Jones for par portions of this film. Just all the way exactly do just do it. I just had a question about the juice sky. vis-a-vis I love this vis-a-vis working with Brennan Fraser. Do you think they were talking about in the Sinoe man for sure like? Have you talked to polly lately? About talking. About Mitzi before they're asking. Someone frozen and left behind the time. Hey saw you do in the mummy and there's a couple of weasel easily scared characters I could do either one. Hey. Did you hear that Sean essence going to be in Lord of the Rings? You're right because fellowship was like what two thousand one. Yeah, it's two years away. They must have had talked about Lord of the Rings on the set of the mummy. Guaranteed D.. is everybody's I. Rachel Vice Joint that they remember right back. This is I think. This is a breakout and you know. She ended up being amazing amazing actress. I mean she's. She's an up and down career for sure now she's an at a height I think she is one of the best though to me I I will watch a movie almost only because she's in it. Sometimes for sure I mean that's kind of why well no, I I was about to say. Sebastian ellios disobedience, it's her and Rachel McAdams. She's really great in that. She sadly always like the dead or dying wife like the constant gardener, she, she's very good in it, but she's like the dead wife, and the foul into you guys should start like a Rachel Weisz podcast Weiss in the juice The. Jews we would be explaining the start of every single episode the title of this. We get cameo. Paulie shore saying it and ended as the INTRO. There you go. I mean she's. She's great in so much shit. I love that she's working multiple times now with Mr Yorgos Latham OHS, 'cause. She's fucking great in the favorite. She's great in the lobster Oh, but there's some there's some she was in Aragon. She was in the lovely bones. She's an Oz the great and powerful dude. One of the worst thing Sam Raimi's ever done in his life. The red claws stay tuned for sure ooh. Bush! Also still haven't seen the odds, great and powerful. That at the it was actually. Yeah I saw it at the Ziegfeld in Chelsea and I took my younger sister, and it was like she was visiting the cities as like be. Hold our Great New York movie palaces, and then we watched fucking Oz, the great and powerful crazy. We know each other so well that I remembered where you saw that movie. It is pretty great dude. Say. It was kind of flattering. This, I mean again actually looking. Their, being open to picture, I'm like there's those eyebrows like you do miss, they're. They're very expressive. It important to her face. They really are, and it's fucking ridiculous that they had to like. Modify her for this movie man. There are a lot of stay tunes on here. Through the filmography chain-reaction, we're GONNA. Do One day for Sirkin. Let's do a month right wisely, choose. Yes that you actually if we could all right, that's a great idea. That's this way. We don't have to explain it to everybody, but we could do a licensed the juice month. Because chain-reaction is definitely on there, I'm telling you right now fred. Credit clause is definitely on their ream house. Oh Dream House absolutely. That's trash. Honestly. The mummy returns is away worst movie than this. That could be in why. Runaway jury is trash. She's envy with Ben Stiller and Jack Jack. I, don't I mean I. Think She's Great. I don't know what she's doing anywhere near a comedy. Honestly like just do not. She's fine and funny, but all that stuff, but like just not something that yeah absolutely. And then as dream house there, it is cabin. You're right, but yeah. That's four and. Of course all right there. We go why the Jews could totally have. I love that. We got to the bottom of that. so they're breaking up Brendan. Fraser he's got this huge wig on because he has to show, and then they have to. Is this when the? I'm too sexy montages when they cut his hair and wash. I wished instead. It I'm sitting here. Like why is he being sentenced to death oh man. If you've got like I'm I'm so sexy, but like on a violin. Timea scissors are trying to cut. Oh, fuck! Him coming out in all different archaeologist outfits at her and John like no, no, yes, yes, picking the different kinds of heroin. He's going to take on voyage Oh God from the local medicine. It's medicine. So, yes, so he is sentenced to death by hanging. He is indeed hanged in this film. But his neck doesn't break. He almost died here by the way they enter acetate him because they fuck us up. To the IMDB, Tribune I read that today, and it's like I'm like. The true yeah, that's a good call, yeah! It might be I mentioned. Do you think it was mentioned on like a commentary or something? Sure or just something? Well? That's great, though that's a great talk, show story. Yeah, no, you're totally right. Bring the couch, but but. Why did they need? Why did they have a person like they're back to them? Holding the thing and just have a one shot of him like looking like he's suffocating and I'll tell you cabin. That's a great question you bring up especially, because one of the affects things that I wanted to point out and praise this movie for is the the thing where it's supposed to be imhotep Arnold. vosloo mummy character Mo tap is sneaking into Rachel vices, bedroom and he. Can turn into sand with US movie, which whatever but he he turns into sand, and the effect is. They're just shooting a bunch of sand through a keyhole. And then they cut to the bed, and there's Arnold Vosloo. There's terrible CGI. It's just a great old school like here's Bela Lugosi, but before that there was just a bad puppet. You know it's that kind of a thing and it was really Rad. Why couldn't they just use the magic of film? Editing not hang your fucking. That's right Brench Jeffer-. Oh Yeah your close. Aren't you cuts? He's hottest fuck in this movie he. Yeah get Outta town duties. It's the best ever looked like I think on top of Encino Man. He looks better in this movie. He's perfect for this movie. He gets it. He gets everything just right. It's like it's square jaw. There's a wink everywhere. I don't know who could do this exact. Even I'm not crazy about it. Really good yelling. Yes, lots of yelling and he does it well, and he hits all of his comedic moments very well I think because Brennan Fraser is I mean. He's the perfect guy for this kind of a role. I mean he reminds you of like the Jock in high school. That was like he broke. The stereotype was like friendly with everybody like just a nice big lovable dude, kind of thing like this is the kind of like not asshole action star. That is great to watch. You know. I really. Really wish. He hadn't like massively heard his backer on one of these movies. What was that story? He told the kind of recently how he like forked up his back horribly, and that's why. When everybody was like Weird Brendan Fraser. He was like not able to work. Yeah, he's. He's good. I mean really really good. What the best part of that doom patrol show which I'm slowly getting through them. I'm actually quite enjoying, but he's. He is like the reason to watch that show for sure, but he's just doing a voice of a robot. Voice works fantastic. That's pretty cool, though he is good in the sense, I canceled rectify. which is a great show and he's got a really good small. Show where that guys like released from jail after a long time in the whole episode him like jerking off and going like. I I I. I. Thought that part, but maybe. Recently No, is that right? That's another showtime property I ignore. That's right. I mean, but you know. He had missed emphasis like anybody else. I'm looking Georgia. The jungles stay tuned for that saw that Shit in theaters. They save him She barters with this guy who's like the word. Enter whatever and basically says hey. I'll give you twenty five percent of the treasure if you do. If you let this guy go, and we'll find well. Just go on a treasure hunt. Yeah, exactly so it's like so we are. We're going on the train. We are looking for the book of Amoun Raw. Ev wants to find it. You know it's made of gold, supposedly and we are. We're going to is this. Is this supposed to be the Nile by the way I assume? Down a river, the way this opens with the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Let's. It's denial, yeah! I don't know they don't specify, but I'm saying how obvious they are with their cultural touchstones shoe shoe. Then, there, on this boat with a a competing team of archaeologists, the League of Hunks will call these guys league of Hung's some of the dumbest character all. Of these actors look at. They've got the third base with Elaine Benes like they all look like Seinfeld Hunt You. Totally right. Everyone of these American explorers sponge worthy et. No, no, there's one guy. Okay because all legal punks have to have one. But there's exactly you're gonNA. Say One guy who looks like Jeremy Piven plus about fifty pounds. Say Wait a second so just say how he dies, he dies. He's the last of the Hawks to die. Yeah, he's. He's the dude who's like murdered in the street. Yeah Yep. That's exactly what I thought you're going to say. He's also the guy who stepped on the bug in a sound of thunder yes. Oh really oh shit, but yeah, this gang of nerdy hung's they are being led by. Bennie is alive. And this is where the guy from Richie rich and drew monje and previous episode and condos well. This guy worked a lot in the nineties He's like they're. They're expert. There Egyptologist expert kind of a guy. Who did he play in? Anaconda. He's an Anaconda. You played the posh British. Guy The. Guy Who hosted the show? Okay okay, so yeah, so these hunks and our team of heroes are on the steamship. And we see there's a shot of some dudes. Rowing a boat toward the steamship so we guess that you know the ship is about to be boarded here and this is what they're. The most like I mean. This is almost A. Lot last crusade like shot for shot. Like you know what I mean like we're not do. It's just this. This league of dudes that fucking up this archaeology thing. Yeah, yeah, they eventually the the ship goes on fire, but like this this piece, the one of the beginning like I think the action is pretty solid in this movie and it's it's a breath of fresh air from the pirates movies, which got confusing, because they leaned into the for the battles in those and this, it's like stored fights and shit. Yeah, I mean the editing in this movie the way that they. The editing overall, but the editing. The action editing specifically is much better because it's much more traditionally paste so I was thinking exactly this Eric when I was watching it again like I can watch this and comprehend what I know. What everybody is doing in this scene? I. You know that's that's exactly why my rating of this has gone up. Significantly is because I just watched five weeks of pirate movies, Ryan. No idea what anything was happening. Everything takes fucking forever. Breezy Fun Winkle action scenes that just don't that are just fun and clear totally. So these dudes attack and whatnot I love old man, rich of fucking jams candle into that dude's I. Yeah, he gets it. That's a pretty sweet. The brother like goofball comedy mode accidentally like kicks this guy, but then the guy falls onto a couch. That's on fire now. He's on fire. Too I'm not crazy about Brendan Fraser's to guns. It's a touch too cool for this movie I I'm on board with Amanda. Kinda reminds me of definite stay tuned last man standing with Bruce Willis Oh yeah, where he's. He's got that shootout with the double guns. He's fucking naked in the bathtub for as I've been calling it Yo Jim Bo. Aso Previous episode Laura Croft. Mara Prom. By the way, stay tuned off. so yeah. The boats on fire man everybody jumps overboard, but we so we get to. The city again. Yeah, we we. There's a cool I. Oh, yeah, the the way they get. There I thought was read the meet up and like you know it's like sunrise, or whatever and you know they're like. Oh, we're about to be shut. Brendan Fraser's were about to be shown the way and I I guess. Is it I mean it's sort of magic, but like a desert. Oasis kind of looking affect your Mirage kind of thing occurs where it's like Oh. That's where the thing is. You have to wait for the right time of day to see it kind of a thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, what if it's cloudy morning? Your Sol dude totally do just gonNA fuck and put up tent cabin. Wait till the sun comes out bad. Yup, Turn Pretty Nice Oh. Yeah I'm pitching a tent and this movie did. So yeah, they all. They're like racing to get to the city and everything to Love Kevin J. O'Connor is definitely trampled by camel in the scene dude. He should be dead because he was under, he went under the wheels. Under the WHO Roger Rabbit? You can't kill a cartoon. You'd have to kill. Dip Now. Like Morton Joe. Like having a tons and tons of Campbell's getting milked in a facility. Damn that'd be pretty cool. So, yeah, they get to the city and everything. They go into the temple. There's a great line there. Like what was this room for and. I think it's Is it Rachel visor John One of them is like this is where they made the mummy. The mummy machine baby. We're going the movie. The movies are going to be here. But. Basically racing against each other they both kind of hit the same place, and it's like all right. We'll we'll go downstairs. That's where the real good stuff is. You guys take the upstairs kind of thing we right right. We get a very solid from Brendan Fraser a good here. We go again. Yeah, it's alright. Yeah, because he's. He's returning to the city, which I think is also a lot like from the trailer for the second one. He says it like early on Oh. Is it like a I got a bad feeling about the? We also have like a campfire scene where where he's describing like American crew lost a few diggers, because of these ancient booby traps that melted them with salt acid a will that happens right here because rich devices like worry about it, we'll dig somewhere else, and then like the dude from Jumanji makes all these like day. Laborers that are with them, because the Americans are about to do the American de Guys I love this movie it. There's such yeehaw. Cowboy Idiots like there's a joke on the steamship. Where like yeah, they're obsessed with guns Leia. They're shooting at all of these people like yeehaw, young and shit. The one guy, looks like the game of thrones actor Nick Low cost wash, or whatever the fuck. Well the Great Dane. The reason is you. Don't you know it's not him because he's in a movie that you've seen yeah? Yeah. That dude's made some poor choices. His career is insane. I mean most of the fucking people from that show. It. We'll, get it. Might be on top actually. Jason Momoa got out easy like he got out early says he could. He could build off the cachet of the show now that the show's over. Everyone's like I was in retrospect, not not the best. But the League of hugs remind me very much of speaking of Dracula those dudes at the, end of Dracula that are hanging out Anthony Hopkins like well, let's. Let's. All I fucking for God about that. Yeah, there is a weird team at the end of that movie there is. Do they all talk like the Roger Rabbit? Bullets. It's close. It's close to the not curious, honestly, autorite. Let's I've got six of by friends here to get you track you. Listen son, we. The order of Boop knew this day would come. Full it's from Roger. Rabbit would try to get. BOOP Every. minute. Betty boop I haven't seen you since you fought against the civil rats. What are you doing all this boardwalk? We're both on useless, poorly printed eighteen. Oh Africa. who were supposed to be killed right now? Betty boop wise your captured have something about oral sex children around. Get Dirty Dude Oh. Betty boop! Of course all lives matter. That t shirt with Bart Simpson. Stone Saddam to get fucked. Betty boop says Ayatollah as. Oh the boardwalk. What a horrible place for American life what you do dave. Her. No notable so yeah, we should say the The the Jailer Guy Decides to go off on his own hunting treasurer and he finds A. Wall of scarab jewel looking things, and he starts picking them off one by one, and he drops one in the sand, and it comes to life and dude. This fucking guy gets like a scarab like burrows into his foot, and it's like under his skin, and it crawls up into his brain starts making them crazy because it goes, I mean. Here's the thing you know for a fact because it's going up. It's like Oh fuck. Oh, fuck at it goes. Pass is a little relief for at least a second like. Go My brain take me out. Do take me out of the game. He's going to be like you know what I'm dead, but thankfully. Before I died. My Dick wasn't eating off all right. I'M GONNA. Stop it when it gets to my chest. Okay, here we go here. We go obvious that. The characters in this movie I'm like. Why didn't you shoot yourself in the head Oh for sure. Absolutely, but yeah, so, Eric. This is where those American dudes the Legion of Hunger, but to open this panel and the guy from Germany. She's like These people that we're paying nothing to be here with us. They're the ones that do it and they open it and their fucking faces. Start melting off because we are told it was salt acid. YIKES! ooh, win ago pretty cool death there, and then the they Brendan, Fraser Jonathan, and which Rachel vice find the mummy underneath. They find the the book upstairs. They find the mummy himself. Like a mummy. Well they. It's actually interesting because she's reading the office. And you know there's no name on it. It says it's literally he that shall not be named so it's Kinda crap like the whole movie is written like the boring parts of this movie. It's like the right. The writer I wasn't summers. Who wrote this? It's him and somebody else I like they must have just read like a travel guide history about like the area because it's just like every while that I. Did you know that this area of Egypt? Practice by the Pharaohs, is this, don't you know? And like it's just like they're. Plotting like. Yes, we did the research. This is convincing. Right? Come on fuck. Ended up pigs. You, know what Dude I. was that fucking fat pig trough to do you want to give me cool ancient Egypt factoid? I will listen to that I. One hundred percent listen to that by the way confirmed there were three people with screen story credits. Mr Summers someone named Lloyd Fawn veal and someone named Kevin Jari. but summers is the only one with a screenplay credit. Yeah Real Passion Project. Dude love's Mommy's man. We're going to tell you I was looking at Alexander Stephen Silvers I. Would you be? He directed and wrote the revenge of the mummy. The ride appreciate videotape. Before the Universal, Orlando's revenge of the mummy ride I'll talk. Brendan Fraser's in it dude quick question. Has Anyone taken that ride I? Have I remember the universal a? Little Kid not to address it because I know fifteen people on twitter tweet at US believe they don't know that right. I went there once. In the only time I went there that the movie had not come out yet. I've never see I've never found the right, but I do remember very clearly remember that like scrawl whenever you had a VHS of a universal movie with like all the good movies in the in the letters. Yeah, yeah, I have that stamped on my brain forever. I, haven't seen jaws yet, so I just saw a shark was. Sharp. Better title for that movie by the way. Yes, so there's. The dudes have their faces melted there and then this is where the magic dudes role in again they start fucking firing on everybody. Brendan Fraser uses a stick of dynamite as bargaining, chip and dead fairs like. All, right fine. Don't blow everybody up. You've a data fucking. Get Out of town. And then there's Oh man. You know not a great scene in the movie. I don't need it. 'cause you know what we know what these movies are. They will fall in love eventually I. Don't need them fucking drunk. On this Glenn Levitt. kind of flirt with each other and everything, especially, because the brother finds it in the backpack of I think Kevin J. O'Connor made no, no, it's The the fact guy who died. Oh, it's jailer guy, okay, and he. He's over broken glass then his drinking out of the same glass bottle way up with. Broken right now. During quarantine, and all like yeah, if my, if I break my bottle of whisky I'm GONNA. Figure it out. But then you get a little bit of salt, acid on the tip of that thing like then on Sunday. Jonathan's out of here and I'm happy well, no! A little more burning going to hurt nobody okay. You are right that like this movie has way too many scenes like this, and it just bogged the whole thing down I think we go to some hotels later and it sort of. They're trying to do the Kerry grant thing around the hotel this and that and it's just too much. It could be a tight, ninety five, and be a really good or even a buck. Forty of I'm good. You know but yeah. She's just wasted. And she almost kisses him and passes out ED. Thankfully there's a look of like. I'm just not. GonNa do anything here from Brendan Fraser Shore Absolu-. Night that she spots the Americans. Have the book and she's like Oh. You need the key. And then she steals and reads a passage as We can just get to that because sure, here's, but yeah. Yeah, she reads. Here's the thing. Here's a tip. Here's a life lesson. Kids never read from the book of the dead. Yeah especially like on site either you WanNa. Take that to a secondary location. Yep, like a museum. I Dunno a fucking army barracks. Something, that's not the evil city of the dead, never the book of the dead in the city of debt. Take to a cabinet in the woods. Yet it worked out. Fine for those people are listening to it on tape. Read by charming professor. Exactly. But, yes, so fucking love it right here though she reads it and then like the mummy, you see the mummy wake up in back in the tomb and the Jumanji Guy Fucking freaks out he's. From Liberal. Yeah, it's Kinda. Great also question so when they find this sarcophagus like it just falls, and it lands like. Horizontally. Why are we in these movies? Because the same thing happens in the karloff movie, why are we opening these sarcophagi while they're standing up? Yeah, let's put lay down. And that's that's. That's how they look. These guys are like spring loaded ready to come out. What do you want bad the? WHO's got bad? These the mummy frazier. Running all this time, he hasn't given anybody he his. He left his heroin in the boat. Well then he definitely shouldn't be lifting up a sarcophagus to position at vertically just to open it and regional vice gets hit in the face with a skeleton also goodwin. So a shit ton a local come. They run into the temple. Do this first guy that each shit. This Mr Burns because there is an outright but my glasses. Joke this move Velma joke. His glasses fall out, and then what he doesn't eat entirely. The takes his eyeballs and his tongue. Pretty Great. Mr Burns walking around with the sockets open pretty. It was a pretty great moment. Actually think Rachel. vice-like walks in on him and. He's like my is you fucking screams and then like the mummy. The mummy comes out right here. It does not look good. But then she's like. Wait a second mummy. What's happening and she turns back to this burns guide. He's like so it cut out my. Eyes, look really bad. And I thought they just put gum over his. Is that I? Didn't look like a socket. It's like CGI trying to a soccer, but it looks like just like a flat panel over it or something, but right it's. There's a light in the skull Chris, if they covered in blood, it would maybe look okay. Yes, also the mummy I wanNA press the button just to get to the next level like honestly like I see this this this cinematic before we're going to go. I want to ask you a question. You're the resident glasses. If you, drop your glasses in a hallway and bobby after you. Everyone's running away like you would stay. Why not just fuck bumble? You're like run forward. Who can help you hit some? When you get an eye exam and the doctor tells you need glasses. He gives you a protocol. You glasses fall off no matter what your vision is enough to fall to your knees, and and Pat Ground nearest you to find your glasses. Step on them Gosh Mike. You won't even have the decision. It's just going to be reflexes. Thank you. Don't worry about it. I would very much appreciate if the mummy had to wear glasses the rest. Oh. He's because he's got. Mr. Burns bad is, and then he can do like. Oh, you wouldn't hit a guy with glasses which? That's. And also it's weird. It's cool that like he has to reassemble himself, but none of Arnold. Vassal exists what I'm here for man. Yeah, there is more Vosloo in the second mental, so you know what I want I want. VOSS LOU fucking wrapped up in bandages. That's what I wanna see I'm sorry. I would rather see a fucking person than this flocking like. Jar Jar binks skeleton. Well I I will say the visit again. Like 'cause in the the karloff movie, you've got like the mummy for a little bit, but once that motherfucker I mean the same thing happens like he eventually just as walking around like Boris Karloff for sure, he builds back up. That's the problem with doing this. As an action adventure movie is like the mummy is slow. Yeah, this is a movie like it's Wilford Brindley now walking. The mummy should be lace. This is while the move. This movie is slow. The mummy's little fast fast mummy moves despite this you take an hour to the fucking mummy and a guarantee Boris Karloff was busted out those. Papers earlier. Karloff not so much a running mummy, though that's not he's. He's but how long does it take you to the fucking mummy in the original? kind of as long as this. Maybe maybe less because it's a short movie like percentage of the movie. Wise probably just. yeah, apparently escape the. The Mummies Frazier Brendan Fraser also the mummy at the the Glenn of going to some hotel the it's kind of amazing that they bring Oh. My God I can't believe whatever Mr Brooks whatever that guy is. If we're out on the town, we go on vacation. Do One of these great shows that we're going to do in the fall. You know like we go, and at the show. Someone stabs my eyes out and takes tongue out I. would I would hope Deshaun one of you. What have you it stick around as opposed here? We're going out of the bar. We'll see later. or You need anything Steve or would. How yeah, you're good, right? We're just me and me. And Chris and Eric was good down. You know I'll be honest with you. It's probably going to turn into two or three drinks I know they said one. Tired. Really Hard Day, Steve It's going to be fine. We're it smashed. Banana your bowl later tonight. I need someone to read me a books. Worry. This area is really nice. We're just GONNA. Leave you here to roll around. Yeah, no, it does kind of suck that like right down to the Barbeque, man, his movie. I mean because we're like we've been talking to the past few days about how we're supposed to be unto a right now. We're not and like they're just drinking. This hotel bar was like. Not only do I miss bars, and not only do I miss hotels, but boy do I. Miss Hotel Hotel Bars of superfund Oh man, oh, man, So there's a there's a dumb argument here. We don't have as much time on it, but like Brennan. Fraser's basically like I'm done. You know I, told you. I was GONNA fuck, and get you out there and get you back. That's. That's what I did. We're good to go and she's like he's trying to like packers. This is more of the monkey business Bring a baby kind of thing. Where like he's trying to like pack her suitcase for her. She's unpacking it kind of thing missing the weird Jewish scene with Kevin j O'Connor and the religious things when you saw what Chris I wouldn't say. I'm missing it. Totally I I noticed the cabin and I was happy to breeze by my notes. Go right ahead. It's a huge moment because it's when he becomes indebted to 'EM, Hotel and It starts off. Totally. Find Gag. He has across. It is like it's like you know the power of Christ. Yada Yada Yada, and that the cubes coming so now he's got all these other religious idols, and it's like going in all sorts of different languages. Hoping one of them will stick. Character the mummy notice. He's got betty boop on his t-shirt. The mummies. Betty boop Boardwalk Shirt G. T. how. No but that he's like. Oh, he starts speaking Hebrew and he's got a star of David. The and this is all in a subtitle The language of slaves y'all covered and the. totally. Dude. The more of an effector if we're going to backtrack and talk about this scene in the middle of both of those options you guys talked about. He holds up a tiny Buddha and fucking as subtitles call, it starts spouting Asian Jebron. It's quite terrible. CR fucking Scooby Doo animation damnation episode by the way for more of that Shit, but that's definitely going on in this movie, and he's definitely fucking doing a voice a little bit. Hachi Macci, Ladies and gentlemen. The Clinton Wild West years. but yeah, so they're in this bar. Where we cut to like there's this dude Winston, who's like this British imperial is like Royal Air Force officer. Leftover guy this character. He's drink fucking wrong. Yeah, he represents the decay of the empire, and the you know the it's definitely ending. He's a British pat single a little bit. Yeah, definitely British panhandle, you'd act named Winston. Just to give it a little punch like justice is totally great. Churchill's a piece of shit now so. I was All depends depends on who you ask man. I, BET We think Gary Oldman would have to say that I would rather not know. Yeah. Oh, wait, who cares anyone from India I'm sure have a good. Retort for you. but so yeah, so imhotep in Benny. Find this. Vulcan, Burns Dude and finish the job on this guy. Everyone's getting till like the mummies powers. He turns everybody in the Mrs Bates Corpse from psycho. Yes, everyone's getting fruit-seller this move. I think it's really funny. How the mummies like men and I really liked that I guy yeah? A body with that I. WE'RE GONNA have to find that one. Can't be home until I get Mr. Byrne it's something something. They're holding onto jars that have his essence or something. That's true. Because the Americans they took all these jars from the the city, and apparently it's like all. This is all the great stuff I need. Yeah, it's all they're like hat shaped. Carriage or Carter if you can get me more. PUMPS! We have right here I would just eat these hunger now go get me the hops. Bring me the hung. These brings back way night is what did I. Tell You what did I tell you? See nobody cares. So they'll. Do A shot to Mr Burns or something like that back at the bar and everyone like takes a sip and spits out immediately and they're like A. we know that taste precisely. We're drinking blood for some. Yes. I love it God not again. But the realizing here is as. I think dead fares. Character mentions later on that like or maybe has already mentioned it. I don't know that with the return of IMHOTEP will also be the ten plagues of Egypt so all of the water of Egypt turning to blood, and we thankfully have the character of Jonathan who whenever the next like plague thing happens this motherfucker like sites from the tax like what the actual lines are like referring to the specific. When the you know, the bugs come or like when the boils. Come like this guy's right there to quote scripture. All the research we got. Talking about to watch the movie, how about that? Shit fucking frogs man I want those frogs, Mary, a frog, big problem and Aimee Mann Song To. Exactly. William H macy climate of fuck inside of a house falls over. Oh. Here's a dumb thing. The mummy scared away by cans. Yes, also so yeah, the the mummies to ritual vice, and like they're shooting at him. Nothing's happening. This white cat comes out who rules. His is hilarious and he he leaves that cat by the way is now part of the team every time every time we're going somewhere. I'm bringing that fucking cap. Get works. Yep, that's true. Because Brennan, Fraser Literally uses the cat a few minutes later as a weapon and I was like put that fucking mangy animals in a bag and take it with you on this adventure. Do this all you need. They should recruit like a cat lady like a local Cat Lady. And like throw the cats at. Simpson's character. She's just like sitting on a camel riding around with a sack, hanging up at hocken cats at people. We need the cat. Food. Newspaper just the cats. There's a great moment here where we see that IMHOTEP is following the Jumanji guy around meanwhile. Brendan Fraser as Rick Finds. Benny is in this hotel as the mummies like laying siege to it, and he fucking throws a chair across the room at this dude, it's breathtaking. It's great, and he's like lifting him up like the undertaker tried to decapitate them and a ceiling fan. That's kind of fun. I loved every second of Brendan. Fraser Bullying Kevin J O'Connor in this movie. It's fucking great. but yes, Oh, Benny as it turns out. Benny and the mummy are looking for the book of the Dead Horse. The. Mummy guy is murdered. And at this bird, the mummy, the Manga guys is murdered, totally sucked dry. And, now he's like Kinda. Like Arnold Vosloo he didn't last five seconds or you're saying. No No, no, no did not. He could not discuss five seconds with me. You won't this. And in this hotel. IMHOTEP goes on a real suck. because. After he sucks off the. Guy That goes back to who I titled. American Hong Three. He's it's totally fine to suck off American honk seem just say. Yes No, no problem with that at all. I'm just saying that's what's that's literally what's happening in the and it's a direct line from this. Ain't the mummy xxx. Well the one guy, haven't here you're? The guy you claim is the ugliest one in the group. He's the guy who has. The ready, the mummies hunting down all the people that were in that temple and sucking them dry. And I was like okay. You said it I. Got Loose. But yeah, this this dude is the guy. He kind of looks like I don't know the guy's name, but he is Kurt. Russell Son. Who was in like? Everybody wants some among other. Yeah. He's the guy that we also said looks like. Nicolas coster while over the OH. Okay so. Now. What it is. That's just funny. there. Lancaster. This dude, the Great Dane himself not himself actually. This guy who looks like him He's whipping his gun around like kind of playing around. Just get sucked dry. Yes, just suck dry. The mummy knocks on. The door sucked dry. Don't worry about it. I feel so immature this episode. Maybe it's quarantine, madness but Lord Almighty. Dry It took ten years to finally feel immature on this show. Interesting I'm finally embarrassed. But this is the part where they have the the practical effect of the sand going through the door because it's where he goes after Evey again and this is this is where Brendan Fraser's like Hey. I'll go or whatever advocate throws. The cat is face Arbas's like. A cat just runs away again. I'm putting that cat on a leash and we're hanging out. You know we're all going around and you can totally pare down your team at this point to. Yes, exactly don't need all these hunks. Oh Man! There should have been a Halloween Garfield special where he just bullies the shit out of the mummy. Man Come on Mommy. Don't you on some Lasagna? Oh, you got some spaghetti sauce on your toilet paper. Your breath stinks the me I'm a Garfield joke. That's the only time Garfield ever is just cuts to orson the pig the barnyard ask. Nobody could use I, always like those little. Friends. Break from the fucking monotony of Garfield Everyday Existence Oh. Remember anyone being sucked off on it, but it did have a cock- as a character true. So yet. They are trying to get Outta this hotel. Meanwhile, they realized there's a group of folks chanting imhotep, and here's the boils and sores. These guys now are were told her IMHOTEP slaves. They're basically like the living dead trying to break down the door to the museum. The whole thing is you know the black. The we're told. The black book brings people back to life and the gold book that they need to find can kill the mummy as the missed the part where IMHOTEP goes around and stokes all of their worst fears at this is GonNa make Egypt great again and now these people are indebted to him no matter what he does, they will just follow them around chanting Imo. Good him out of. Betty, boop is here. I Hate Cats I. Way To do it. It's just fucking. Shove a cat. That dude's face. Oh! Oh Fuck. That'd be awesome. Horrendous Allergy to cats and death folks simple of death. Wade add being grab babe, Pussy. so they orig- advice reads from. The other book that apparently this gold book is inside the Statue of Horace, which I appreciate this, even though it seems like a little bit of busy work in the movie, all we have to do is go back to Hamanaka. A again compared to those pirates movies where it's like. Oh, here's a clue to go to this place. That's only a clue to go to this place to do this thing and that's glued. Go to this. This is like it's fucking. Two locations, not tra- at its Cairo and that's Eddie. The ancient scroll says we built that set. We'd better use it. Written by the ancient wise one the production design. And now a reading from the budget. But this there. There's a little bit of a car chase here. They all like jump into Jonathan's car and the the mummy and his goons like you know, get the descend on the car, trying to pull them out or whatever, and then this is where Chris's favorite character. The ugliest man in America falls out of the CAR. And I thought for a minute I was going to get a Shaun of the dead Ripa Mope and Be, situation that's a that's. That's a question I text you guys when I was watching it like. Are these guys actually? Is this dude being eaten like? How is he actually meeting his end well? He's getting sucked dry. Last his the last person to get sucked dry I'm second. Pay You're a lawyer. No we juice guy gets ripped apart that will that sorry I'm conflating deaths right here. We had two deaths back to back. Yes, the guy, the the ugliest guy in the world just gets. He just gets killed by image up is sucked dry just like everybody else and at that point it now. He looks it's full. Aren't boss Lou? There's no CGI and his face or anything like that 'cause for a while. It's that obnoxious like it's mostly Arnold Vosloo except they think it's cool if you can see through his cheek. Uh, I thought that was Kinda cool. Man I just the I would prefer that to the whole like skeletal Zombie Zone. I definitely prefer it to that. I just think like the CGI isn't quite there for that Kinda Shit, but like that's what we were doing with CGI around then like you liked looking through things, but this movie specifically like the mummy. Here's the thing you could make that mummy totally practical effects from the jump except someone was like. Wouldn't it be cool if you could see through parts of? The and the answer is no yeah. I mean it's. It's always know also industrial light magic, so it's also like they're promising. The fucking skied everyone in the nineties. No you totally right but so they all escape into the sewer after that dude each. Very Hey kidnap! They kidnap bridge of Vice. She gets she does not make. The mummy tries to like the mummies doing some bad lying right here because he's like. Yeah, if you me, Rachel vise, I'll totally let all over. Friends live definitely to worry about that. Cool Mommy. What are you talking about? I'm just a traditionalist. I'm not a racist or a hatemonger of just a traditional isn't gonNA. Steal this woman to be my bride. I definitely won't kill any of you. I'm a cool mom. You got. Kids can drink in the fucking to. For you do hear that who knows. We can screen those the movies of the trains here and. Get some new stuff. Lumiere brothers right here. but this is where also reason the juice guys like. No, no like you get out of here. I'll fend them off. which is totally pointless. He could just as easily jumped down with these people, but you gotta start killing off this huge army of folks I. Guess, Yeah, the thing. The city has fair layer where it's like no no white characters I'll fed them off. You Go! Yeah, totally the mummy going away. says, or is it no lived out at fairs like no Brennan. Don't kill. These people live today. Fight Tomorrow, Brendan Fraser looks this mummy density. I and goes. I'll be seeing you again. It's pretty cool rainy. Bad Ass, stupid. Stupid, so they have to get back to Hamanaka. They hire our favorite British drunk Winston. Haluk words holds, and you know what when you need quick transportation into a dangerous situation, you want an elderly drunk pilot with nothing to live for down in the near death as well. Yeah, they didn't think this thing through like fair and John Hannah are just tied to each wing like they're fucking like their guns, essentially like there should be a second plane like come. What are we talking about? Yeah, maybe he's got like an old shithead like buddy, a his or something that can take more people. Oded Fehr knows how to fly a plane. You Got Planes Yada Yada Yada. Steve wants to planes in the middle of the desert, not one. I think this is where the movie stars like jump the Shark, a little bit with the fuck and San Tornado shed and like the mummies controlling the whole world. I honestly I started zone out and I feel really I got bogged down with the middle of this movie and I was just like okay. Let's get their the ending. Invite the fuck and mommy already the. Really Clumsy, and it's like the last level in the video game and this one too many things we gotta worry about. For me. yeah I disagree but we'll. Continue. Years were canceled. We can't self cancellation on this. I. Never did I dig on the San Tornado. The Guy Winstons like I've never seen one that big before you realize, and while I think the tornado thing is cool. This is dumb. This is how the mummy is Emma. Tip is taking Rachel Vice and Kevin J O'Connor with him like they're wrapped up in the tornado. 'cause he just like the tornado like poops them both out, and I was like I. Aren't you just vomiting? After that art your bones liquid yet all you see is Kevin Connolly spit out, but just saying like. As No, you'd be dead or like, you'd be able to breathe. Your eyes would be ruined for like ever since Davidson at the end of X. men. I mean they should be inside and for whatever reason like. You know the reason is mummy magic. They're just like sitting there like a couch or something is like well. This is actually pretty comfortable climate control. How about that? But yeah, they're spit out it's Kinda stupid whenever but so then the mummy is like oh man. They are like he spots the plane and Rachel vices like Oh. Oh, call. Everyone is yelling, fuck and O'CONNELL in this. Kind of annoying. Yeah, we're not happy about this. Dude does die the. Year old friend there, he just got. He's like. Let's go. Let's go off this adventure. Come on. No, but he. That's the thing that gets them fucking Horny for it. Those Steve is, he's like Brendan Fraser's something about like it's very dangerous. There's a good chance we're not gonNA survive in the guys like. Did, you just tell me I may finally fucking die out here. Yeah, let's do it like it's totally into it. So his wishes fulfilled because the plane crashes and Dead Fair, Brandon, Fraser and this the brother they're alive, and this poor old man is just dead in the cockpit covered in San. Well, guys. We have to do it for the old drunk now. That's really what we have to. We did. This guy died for us with this old? What's his name? I don't they should. They should of the debt on him and try to resurrect. How nice big fat mummy then he'd be like. Oh look. It's a big fat mom, it down talks Downer governor drink alcohol. You can most definitely hear him. That's not so much a shuffle as stomping gait. Oh, no, that's like a nineties, gross out comedy, and like it's using its own paper to wipe its ass. Exactly uses own wrappings as toilet paper I sure. He's a bad joke in. It would be like Oh look my left legs bigger than my right leg because I originalist! Let's not kill him. He looks like he's going to kill himself. Do it also like you know they go out for wings, and like everyone's using the mummies mummy's bandages for to wipe their mouth you. Do, that's as he gets a job all right. It's a different scenario. The mummy he gets a job at appleby. Short or job is just go around offers services as being like moving paper towel. atkin holder for people eating fucking endless rib limits, or whatever they sell it that research so big Guy I guess the guy from the order of the boop goes. Big that mommy into the bathroom. This do. Blows his nose into it. Oh and one last final insult for this poor old man after he dies in his plane crash, the credit of fucking plane at sub sinks in quicksand. Yeah, it's a thing where it's like Brennan Phrases Shit. He had a son or something I should really tell somebody when I go. Please remind me to tell someone when when we get back that. That guy's definitely dead at out here like all right. I remember like two months ago I was back at the hotel bar with Winston and he kept telling me. This is my son. Does a lot of hard drinking that night I really don't Oh. This is my son. Oh Winston Junior I remember. Let me call them up. Yeah. I left your dad to die in the desert. Body has been claimed by the sands and I did not bother to bring it anywhere, sorry. j-o-s-e lock the old bested won't and the guy hangs up the phones at the. so I love one of the great details. Here's a dead fair rips the machine gun off the plane and that's his the bat as weapons carrying around. It's pretty cool. It's clear I mean we go in and like there's a bunch of fun action. Stuff takes awhile. It's pretty much I mean there's no reason to go through. All of it highlights include a scarab, almost murdering Jonathan, but then Brennan Fraser caught. Sit Out of this man's chest. You GotTa do it, Dude! You just gotTa do it there and this is where I think Steve to your point about it. There was more like horror elements I'd be cool if I fucking saw this blood digging it out like Rambo taking out a bullet. I like my problem with the research. At at some point like your Detroit scarabs they at the at the early when they're explaining what they do, they eat very slowly. They like they picked Arnold. Vosloo apart in this chamber, and then like when you see them actually doing stuff. They threw him like and a chicken wing. True, it's so fast it that's kind of doesn't make sense. Chris I also eat chicken wings like a cartoon cat. All the way in bones out and I make a clicking noise while doing it. Own No the cat was in the plane and we didn't know it like it just got cut for time like Oh fuck. Would they bury the cat and the quick adding? That's our best weapon. It's like losing your gun in a battle. Or losing your glasses an attempt. So, yeah, there's a great thing we hear where they they'll. They reached this. There's a treasure room thing that we go through but then this. Dude he's got a little fucking mummy army here. I appreciate a lot of these dudes. These are the dudes, just impractical suits. Yeah, of course, they're CGI to be had, but there are a lot of guys just running around the mummy costumes around. It looks good. It does yeah, it totally does I do like it would have a vassal gives them on nod like. Oh, my Mummy Army Bank like hello gentlemen getting the ban bagging. Could just the old boys here guess what's? What's it been three thousand years? Fellows guess what we're. My girlfriend gets back. I'M GONNA. LET YOU WATCH ME BANGER! Knows is like no gentleman. This world is full of Hunks I. Promise You. Told resurrect you are. Oh, man hunks to beat the band in this. We are going to Bella rose plays. And you know we should say yeah. We were talking about like those American. Guys as the honks do not want to lose sight of the the prologue of this movie, all of the imhotep Prese and the Pharaoh's bodyguards. These are all. It's a fucking snack room. The goal the Goldman Group that we got going on here earlier on. The body paint doesn't do it for me, but the other guys totally fine. Sure some really built to who oh God it's crazy so yeah, th-the Arnold, Basu Mo DEP is trying to do. The ceremony is tied to a board with like the his lady friends mummy next to her again. This is straight up from the old universal movies. Got It trying to do a little body switch action here in? In the universal movies, I think they use the same actress to play the princess and the Modern Day character that would be interesting, because then it'd be like Oh like reincarnation. Is that a thing is? Destiny, but exactly dude and that's that's the way the original movie positions it because he looks at her like Oh, well, that must be her whatever and I think they do confirm she's a descended and this movie. The closest you get is that she fucking says that her mother is a Gyp Shin Question Mark and also is Jonathan's mother Egyptian as well like has I. I thought there was some stray line that she'll lose to like step or half brother who? In that same campfire scene, but I can't be certain that that's what she says Mommy is. Sees the first girl and he's like yeah. I'm my bride or whatever it's, it's Eric. He's been in a box for three thousand years, DUDE! Take Roseanne. May, maybe not excellent. That's a female hump. That's perfect from. That's one of those over here. Female Honky got more of these okay, so the mummy the Stein Tom Arnold in Roseanne Barr. Nineteen eighties mummy. So much cocaine went into that screenplay. There's a great move somewhere around here the China just like fucking grays. Hal and get out of this temple, and whatever but there's at that's what it is. The running from some of these mummies, and they're trying to close a doorway and Brendan Fraser. Has that that same stick of dynamite from earlier, and he uses a dead fair stubble, like is being able to light the match kind of a cool move. I have to say that felt very Indiana Jones. Yeah, or like Spaghetti Western Oh. Yeah, sure definitely. Earlier on the fat guy that eats it from bugs goes bugs I hate bugs at the CIA. Oh, that sucks I missed that. There was one point in this movie where I did 'cause I was racing against time to get the record on and everything, so I had to pee and I definitely did not pause it for like two minutes That might have been the bug smart dude. You didn't miss much. Fair enough. That's the army. It's getting bogged down. It's getting bogged down well, so we will keep going forward then so by the way I. Keep saying Oh dead fair. That's the actor. The characters are death bay, and so there were fighting, trying to get the the find this fucking book here and everything and then they're trying to get away, and this is where the bay is like. No, no, no, you white people go on and say behind. Behind kill all these mummies for you. It is more important that you live not high. Yeah, so the the ceremony going on Rick and Jonathan break into the fucking room. This is Brendan Fraser kicking some serious mummy ass in the scene pretty fun. Yeah, it's it's fun and you know the this. This probably goes on a little too long. Just fucking around a bunch. Here's a thing that I'm really conflicted about because I. Think it's very funny, but. It. Does you guys are correct? Add to the. Let's just fucking. Get to the end credits. He's fighting these mummies and there's a scene where like a moment in the scene where one mummy is trying to like, hold him down while another one drops a huge tablet on him. Yes, and it's fucking Hilarious, but I was like looking at the clock like guys. He kicks them on. He kicks a mummy in the balls to. That's kind of fun. Yeah I was curious about the mummy testicle situation at the NERDS. It just turns to dust, obviously Mummy BALZAC. You know what it looks like. If you kick them in the nuts, actually, Steve. What's that like? When baseball players like? Tossing the old pouch chalk. Sucked up and over like the Chuck Dust as you. Do the same chuck dust goes if that makes perfect sense. I mean so whatever man they're trying to read from the book. Whatever Jonathan reads a spell where there's all these mummies that he can control for a second, and he's like Hey, mummies! Why don't you go ahead and Fucking Kill Anoxia? anoc sooner Moore that's the the lady friend so they do that Mo hips Emma Tubs Viking pissed off about that. Where you know Rick, there's a dumb ass. Thing right here. This is the dumbest part of the movie. These go into the money's going after Jonathan and Brendan. Fraser comes in and cuts off his arm. And then there's the fucking dumb thing. We're UC ARNOLD VOSLOO just like pretending to push his arm back onto his shoulder. That's. Eric's certain industrial light and magic now could look amazing. You gotta put us many stupid effect. This movie is possible, but that's what I'm saying. Though there's no effect he, it's another like. The arm falls off and Brendan. Fraser's or Jonathan's like. Wow, look at that. And they run away and it cuts, and it's literally just Arnold Vosloo stretching his arm and holding a arnold. Hey Arnold yet stephen you good friend Steven Summers how you doing? Just Rub your arm like you've been working out a lot. Just rub it like that and and you know what we're, GonNa, do this. We're going to do this. Okay, let's go rolling every that's that's pretty much. What happened Kevin he's literally just like rubbing shoulder like Jesus slept on that raw. Yes we just fight. There is right here this final battle with Arnold Vosloo in Brennan Fraser for whatever reason. Arnold Vosloo is just down to underwear. Was fucking physically fit for the mummy. At the lowly Shit Dude. You see the fucking FIS on this before this. He's got like a big open, robe-like big like a Arnold Alfred Molina and boogie nights again, ask generally. It's the professional wrestler while he's still walking down the ramp. Is the big coat and everything, but yeah, this is like now. We're here for the main event. That fucking thing goes off at. This dude was fit as far for this movie. Just fight a little bit, or whatever they finally say the the rest of the lines from the book, and then this like horse lead chariot comes out of nowhere and steals Arnold Vosloo. Soul from him, or it looks like trash is not. This is like fuck at Disney's haunted mansion. Shit right here and it's tough, then the Oh, we thought we were GONNA kill him, but he's still alive, but then burnt pales them, and it's just it. Yeah. Those things took away his made him. Mortal is the idea. So, he drops down into some sort of can lazarus pit here says he gets a t t to ending. T to ending, but instead of I need a vacation. It's death is only the beginning. It's like he goes halfway into the under the skin pool. Yes, oh yet. So that's like Oh. Death is only beginning subtle sequel setup. But Adore the window, I'll be back, so it saves. xactly. He quotes Vigo. The CARPATHIAN got it got it. Exam! Today. While all this has been happening the dumb gag is we keep cutting back to Benny Kevin j O'Connor's character and he is in the treasure room. He's been you know putting a bunch of treasure into saks and trying to get this camel to help drag it all out and trick. Elmer fudd feel stuff from daffy duck. Totally Dude, it's he's really causing some mischief. I'll now is the time to trick Elmer fudd. He's no longer pack and he. Oh that's right, dude! What's this new Hobby GonNa? Be think complaining about it. Your. Alex Jones. Here I think new hobby. He's going to be being crisis. Actor made to protest or whatever liberal values they're shoved into. These loans liberal tunes catching bid with. RULED ANNOUNCE INFO. Info Fund. That's definitely with that station. Thank you Alex I love your show. Finally I can get on a platform and express my opinion without feeling. You might as well make cash mania endeavour not spin. On you. And around all of my former CO workers and bugs still gets. tweety still lives in a K.. Let me. Ask you this helmet. As upset I am that I have to buy a DVD of gone with the wind instead of having streaming. Exclusively watch movies on HBO Max and took up a favorite movie that I definitely could, but will not stream on ten other. Let me. Ask You. Is there any worth having any other streaming service? That doesn't have the word Max unit. I'll be honest with me. It's not. Now, isn't it true that streaming rights and licensing of surtitles titles? Distributed! That's that's and that's impending my freedom. Call it matters amendment right net bax. Man So yeah they. Kevin J O'Connor accidentally hits the self destruct button for this temples. You know, so we better get move. You know but he is left behind in the treasury room to be fucking hilariously picked apart by these scarabs in the dark. I could use a little more I mean obviously, it's a kid movie for kids, but like obviously the thing like all the lights go out, and all these scarabs come out and. Does scream in pain which I appreciate week. It's a really great blood curdling scream. It'll be fucking awesome. If all of a sudden, you heard a clicking sound. Like A scarab was realizing one of the torch. Just so all the like the scared community could gaze upon their work and be like. Wow, we really fucking eight that guy or you can even do the blackout gag or The IT goes black. And then he goes. It's it by Esso. At least you get a little bit more of a visual image yeah. Stephen we We love this the mummy. You have done it again I mean this is a Lotta Fun. It is a lot of fun all around one note. The end of the movie when your character Benny. which is a character, I, just fell in love with screams. It's in my ass home. When the lights go out, YOU'RE GONNA! You'RE GONNA have to cut that out universal pictures does. Not Support Bug's gone and people's asses. Son Buck off I walk. That's the most important. See the movie, So yeah. We're GONNA keep. Altogether what are you talking about man? The whole movie is working towards Kevin J O'Connor getting a scarab borough up and. Read the tax. It's right there. Yeah. I did all the British razors stuff, but that was just sad stuff. That's the Broccoli and mashed potatoes man. Jail Carter's. That's all. Release the asshole cuts yet again we keep asking. Every. Movie has what apparently. We should have like a pov shot of those like scared, going down and going right up into his. Like a nice little. Swoop God. And then it goes dark. Yes, that'd be great dude. You know what you could do. You get a tape recorder. Go out to one of the old like through tellers at a bank where you put the little thing on the tube because. That's the sound you should capture. Literally it ends like uncut gems begins because you follow this thing. Yes? I would love that Dudayev pulling a reverse uncut gems. So whatever man everybody escapes, Turns Out Bay has lived to fight another day because it's just. Very well, they're like. You gotta get that hung back. Thing I forgot. What is with the Ghost, chariot? That's what we were talking about do. That's the thing that looks like something out of haunted mansion takes talent I thought you were talking about the soul wave thing others to couple is a couple of things that happened there. Yeah, yeah, whenever the shit is crawling out of the pool now. Yeah, the Cherry it. Wouldn't it be great if it was just one thing the one? That yeah, it's clear. I still don't know what that pool is. That Seoul do not know what the so pool is, either, but you know what's crazy. It's two weeks in a row where we're talking about movies with Seoul pools by the way that's true, Scooby Doo had one. We like I remember the pool is in the early when they take the soul out of the girlfriend early on the chariot thing. I just don't know what that is. It's really out of left field and doesn't work. Nobody knows what it is. Does that matter seen chariot scene Steven. Summers will because you can't even see who's driving it. You can just SORTA. Make out like three horses that the federal. I mean maybe it's supposed to be chariot. That would make sense if the Pharaoh saticoy back like you. You betrayed me in. Death. Yes exactly like get get that dude to come back as all like a CGI blue ghost, or whatever, but it would work. We're births now. Look at Japan Afterlife Look at Kevin J, O'connor assholes number one that goes charity number two okay. So it stays in I, don't care if it doesn't make sense. Steven Summers in some weird priorities with his movies sounded like. Now would you'd expect? Honestly that's true and so I mean that's the end of the movie like Brandon, Fraser and rich of is. ANA camel because they have to sure because it's a in Hollywood movie The brothers starts like throwing up. He's so disgusted that someone's tongue kissing his sister in front of his sister fucking here we go, yeah. Everyone's drinking around. He's at the end riding through the hot desert the cool caroni. But then you find out as a writing away in disgust complaining Oh. We did all that for nothing. And by the way we caused. The deaths of hundreds of people are are fucking White Tom. Fucker in in Egypt has cost at least the death of a hundred people. I would say that's fucking. That's a safe minimum. Those those hugs died the worst way possible. It's totally your fault. I would have a little bit of introspection now. We got laughing at. The cameras a bunch of gold on it. Right. Yeah, there's a one of Kevin J O'CONNELL connors like little bags as a bunch. There's a bunch of overflowing. And Whatnot in it. And, that's that's. That's the end of the mummy man thousand one. The mummy returns happens, but yeah, where we saying caverns you the Wiz Khalifa Paul Walker's dead, Song. Seizes. GOT THAT CAMEL'S PINK slip. You're fired camel. That kind of pink. Slip. I thought the cameras was being laid off where it trouble. Let's hit the NAS on this camel. Jackson with fucking opium. Works, the opposite of Flames coming out of the Campbell's asshole. It says it's just this brother feeding children. There's little neon green light under the camel again that work. Campbell's Dash. fucking they they like. Bend his fucking tail to make it a spoiler. She's Would anybody recommends Steven Summers the mummy, nine hundred ninety nine somebody on twitter right before we jumped on the air, put this the right way I'll see if I could credit them here. It's God tear hangover movie. I think I did see that tweet I. Agree with that I'm gonNA put up just. To credit show your work here. I had a lot more fun with this than I. Thought I was going to. Long time other sucks Yadda. Yadda I be complaining with the sequel as well which sucks really bad I believe. but this one is it's Super Fun. It's a bit too long. I don't think it's a great movie. certainly not one of the best action movies in nineteen, Ninety Nine, looking at you, the Matrix This is. Jamie Underscore Maurice there you go on twitter, said God your anger and it is. That's what I think. Chris Cabin, would you yeah? This is my second favorite? Steven Summers movie depressing being the number one spot because it's got blood in it Yeah I mean I I. Really Enjoy I actually watched this recently I. watched it last year and I still enjoyed myself here. I I do agree. A hundred minutes of this would have been perfect. To two hours four minutes. That's a bit much talking about the mummy returns, Steve. I went to see that in theaters with my father. And we went. They get to a part. They're in a air balloon. And my dad like you're me out of theater and like we walked across to Moulin Rouge. He thought it was GONNA be better. Dead I'm not kidding you forty minutes into Moulin Rouge. He Yanks me out of there. We go I like I'm like just a teenager at this point like like I'm like what's going on in this verbatim. The movies fucking suck. I left and I had to watch both a DVD when they come. On and on, and he kept going to find the right one goldilocks. Stupid this, what's too boring? That is fucking hilarious Chris. Eric Cisco how you feel about this movie. I did I. I always thought it was bad when I, but but we watching it. I did reappraise it and I was hung over this morning so perfect. Hangover movie I. This is the light. Recommend very light. Recommend from me because I. do feel like that middle gets. It's a little too fun games where I'm just like okay all right all right okay. I get the characters. I don't have to keep getting them and keep going through these wacky adventures with them. Save some for the mummy returns pal. Your movie is longer than Star Wars so. and. There, you go yeah I a recommend for me. Man I I do like this movie I have not. It was actually it was one of those things it was really pleasant. I was kind of like just sort of quietly excited when we decided to do this because I hadn't seen this movie in a really long time. So I was happy that it held up for me. The mummy returns another note on the mummy returns, and Y amps up the suck edge so much more is it takes place like a few years after the first movie and you better believe they have since married, and there is a shitty and kid at ad is what it is. Any fucking sucks and it's just the absolute worst This little like Freddie early. Whatever is obnoxious name? Is You know? He doesn't eat shit, man, you fucking want him to the characters name is Alex. I thought it was directed by John Waters. No No, no. But also I. Mean you do have Dwayne Johnson in that movie as the Scorpion King's? Five sequels to the Scorpion King. I've spent a films and I think if I'm remembering it right? His appearance in this movie is some Lake fucking Goro. Mortal combat level like CGI garbage. Yeah, I think it's a setup forest. They knew that they were doing immediately there like Oh, it's the Scorpion King. Look out for him. They knew they were going to do a several movie so. So there's the Scorpion. King and then four sequels of total of five films. Yes, yeah, okay and I, I'm certain. dwayne Johnson is only in the I think, and then it was like whatever professional bodybuilder was I. think is Kurt Hennigan some of those possible I think. Rick Ortiz is in like three of them. It's it's it's a lot. Billy Zane shows up at some point. Zan's. Probably the bad guy would guess if I had to oh. Yeah Big Old Ball! Bad Guy, billy Zane Oh, that's a weird thing. Because the old guy in this movie was also titanic with Bill, that's something but anyway so that is the mummy from nineteen, ninety nine directed of course by Mr Stevens Summers. If you want more, we hate movies. Check out the Patriot Patriot dot com slash. We hate movies June's. We love movies episode. is up right that is we still there's no. Man It was a great episode. People are loving it, I tell an interesting story about my dad. It's worth it so fucking funny. That is a classic Mr saying God I'm I. It's actually it's back to back. Really Great Mr Sadek and Mr Cabin. There's a God you're Chris. Gavin Dad's story on that one, too. But the summer blockbuster extravaganza. We'd be remiss if we didn't mention that. The cats have been terriers out by the way all of course, the cats dollar level that's. Commentary to the hit movie cats from two thousand nineteen listen to us. Get pretty loaded talking about cats while we're watching it. It's really something so that is also out now. Yes, absolutely, checkout all the offerings on Patriot patron dot com slash. And if you go onto our merch to emerge store any merchandise that you buy from t public via. We hit movies just this year. The Entire Year of two thousand twenty. We'll be. All the proceeds that we get will be donated to a charities that are Jason. Black lives matter and fight, racial injustice and police brutality. Right so yeah, that is all on our website at the gym podcast Dot Com Yep real quick. Check out our youtube channel as well we've we've done some of these quarantine mailbags their lot of fun. It's great to watch along, and they'll be previews of the cats commentary among other commentaries. If you're interested in all the other stuff we are doing besides just this podcast every Tuesday there. You go now Steve Saint. Agnes Summer Blockbuster extravaganzas rolling on next Tuesday. What big old blockbuster we talking about then did you big blockbuster? I'd left it off to be that. He dispatched the first two times I sent it. It is Shrek the third. Eric we're going to I. don't even know what speaking of Shit. Shit. GonNa fucking Shit Monsters. We're back Shrek the third, and now we are into Shrek territory I've never seen Shrek the third. Never either, but I I I've had a tradition of getting extremely drunk. On those past episodes. We'll continue. We'll see. We will have to stay tuned for that so until next week. Oh my God I just can't even believe it with Shrek the third Andrew. Joop even Sadek Eric Cisco Scab Gavin Take it easy. That was a hate gum podcast.

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