90: Stage 7 | Belfort Chalon-sur-Sane | Tour de France 2019


You are listening to cycling podcast additive in association with the fastest losing in the world to the Oma cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a path now e-education fast and Kenyan sharam stage seven today wooden shutters your soul well fellows the Tour Giveth and Taketh. Take it the way we are. We Lionel well. The tour is giving right now because <hes> we were in the courtyard of the wonderful linex <hes> not really a hotel more restaurant with rooms and our lodgings for this evening. I'm looking forward to very nice. Mayo my roommate's absolutely wonderful minds a little bit nicer because I saw them I. I've caught the balcony. Oh well don't have a balcony but I kind of emits uneaten you know I don't know why it's because the Betty's downstairs so I don't always I'm going to visit the medicine in but it exists a Balkan the animates the hierarchy on the suckling podcast is being clearly established by who has the nicest room Ryan was more sound bite who gets gets into. That's how I actually buffalo your way in through the door. I knew I I tried the tour you know reflects. The is reflected by the quantity of the hotel rooms well. It's been debates. This is a whole awesome. This will be the subject of Columbus Zero interesting zero for dementia with a listener of the podcast today. It was really interesting so let's night for that. And how long can we just keep chat. qui fondling like this before we got onto the stage because it it Wa- I mean after yesterday's thriller today was news fast. Wasn't it well it wasn't it was entirely predictable wasn't it. Let's have the title of the TAP for stage seven the longest of the race two hundred thirty kilometers and after the difficulty of yesterday not just a difficult finish but on the climb that came before it <hes> looking at the road this morning it was pretty predictable that it would be very similar in fact to the stages at the same point in the race last year we went from Belfour to shallowness you sound one and while we saw very familiar faces in the breakway Stephan Rosetto of confidence and Yo- and afraid of won t go buy a new out in front for two hundred eighteen of those two hundred and thirty kilometers and they ruined daring the Peleton to catch them numerous numerous points. The gap came down to about three inches at one stage. They still stayed away. I mean it was it really was a day and no one really was racing with. I go text message from July fourteen fifty nine. I'll have to edit that. They're even peddling. The thing was covered the first half of the stage three and three quarter hours. It was six hours in all okay not unusual to have a loan day in the saddle. It was pretty action. Free really the only action was <hes> splitting the Peleton without thirty kilometers to go and finding out that Nardo Cantona Dan Martin van Ark were caught behind the split just wanted to or not because you you said you only action was split but T._J.. Even gathering crushed well okay okay. Excuse me are you reading over my shoulder at annoys me a thought you might even sleep in one that I did see I was gonna add in the end but that came back together. Well mainly because movie star I had some riders to chase and Dan Martin had recourse to chase <hes> so it came down to a sprint finish and it was pretty good clean sprint and Caleb you in look in a really good position to win his first Tour de France stage right until the line but it was dealing Gronhagen who came flying up from about fifth or sixth place to nick the stage win his fourth front stage when remember he won the two most boring stages last year's race into Shara and Khalid and he'll say one on the show. I'm Selena in two thousand seventeen and so often dylan turns yesterday Dylan gruner Reagan at one and that leaves just Dylan Van Bala of team India's the only Dylan who hasn't won a stage more isn't it well. He may well do and a Francois mentioned T._J.. Vanguard Room was the victim of a crash and at the finish I saw him come out of the Education I box and hopefully into a a waiting van to be taken to the little X.. Ray Cabin is up near the press room with near the finish line one or the other I had two big bandages on on his one on each knee and some cups and bruises on his elbows on one one on and his face so we await to hear how he is I mean he lost a fair packet of time on lap Lo fi yesterday so it's not like he was he's overall chances are affected by that crash overall overall no change Julia Coney still in yellow by six seconds from Jillian Alpha Leap Saigon's Dylan Green Welland still in the King of the Mountains Jersey and CICCONI still in the White Jersey but it will be warm by Egging Banal Again Tomorrow <music> fastest closing in a world tool the cycling with character Ryden Watch in two thousand nineteen as a partner education. I and Kenyan Sharam thank you very much indeed to Rafeh are headline sponsor and makers of the coveted peddler ducharme range of cycling podcast clothing the T shirts and we've come to France armed with a stock of peddler deschamp t-shirts. We've presenting the first one tomorrow morrow at the moment. It looks like to Michael Markov who is leading the poll of Tom. Green Jr has been lobbying on his own behalf and might make a difference who knows still about twelve hours ago so so if you are one of the early listeners to the podcast you can still vote at yes is the gap is closing and more than fifty three percent and squeezes on thirty percent. You unafraid on thirteen percent Julian C mo on four percent. I'm afraid of May have got a boost today I in front yet again. I mean that's what he does. He told you today Francois. I did wonder if those two hadn't attacked what would have happened because they went away. Nobody really wants to go. With them maybe Aleksey on Oliver Nessin have gone because the the kind of try and I mean they tweet. I think Guja tweeted <hes> you know <hes> you know like an hour ago about it like like they they were they were they were chasing counterattacking for like two or three gays and obviously open for other guys to come with them and nobody did and Gujrat tweeted saying well Oliver in me softly my bill idea to join the the <hes> the break but nobody seemed to have the same opinion so no obviously everybody was nobody was was trying to do anything today and it was the usual I called them. The breakaway addicts you know because that's what the kind of what they are. They both broke away three times in the studio fronts now they've they both actually got the most combative trophy once and the interesting thing is been said before but he's they they've known each other forever whole Saito and an overdue. They are both leaving you you know in the area of Paris Airbus Parisian's. They're both thirty two. They both road together for a long time. They've known each other forever the go on holidays together so you should think that maybe at work the day my want to to to to kind of spread a little bit but no respect what they were doing. They couldn't find anywhere to stay well. Maybe on holidays. It's what they do. You know they take their bikes ice and and go on a stroll together because he was not actually it's not like they. They tried hard to win the stage. I mean the the pace okay was ahead win but for the first three hours the average speed with about thirty five K. P. H.. So it was not and but once again they they've done that in the past as I you know I told you in the car they used to to to run in in induce or trios we we come to time trials in over here Joe's and a few kind of Bank Uptown Transit Center so so that they've done that for from very young age and the last I heard is that <hes> stiffen all set to <hes> you know recently had a baby and <hes> and Yana Fred Oh we will be the godfather so I mean you couldn't have you know in closer closer France to to to to break away together so that was in a way it sums up the day it was a sunny day in the countryside. You know everybody kind of took it easy. After a hard day no mountains and two guys to France brands you know went on on the leisurely stroll <hes> in in the in well actually almost in the vineyards of the Horn region because we're going. I do a little Danielle correction therefore for full line on because he referred to finish them as chalon-sur-saone where it's actually shuttle soon. You know sorry I fought. Daniela told you never mind that's useful and well I mean the breakaway was really the only thing that happened. You mentioned T._J.. Gardens crushing it did Luke Luke Nasty didn't have a great day up until plunge the bell fee and you know he's fine below the radar a little bit come into this race excluding conform. Jonathan Falters telling us how relaxed he was am an it'd been the key to him producing some good performances this year and I think a lot of people are some people were maybe expecting some some strong performances from him. He looked look pretty bashed up than the used saw. You did yeah yeah but we don't know the moment walked the extent of his injuries are and that will probably come out in the wash a bit later on but quick point on the breakaway. Some people might be wondering well. Why is it only two riders? Why were they going so slowly at the star? Why didn't appellate on want to catch them at some point and there's almost this kind of invisible deal isn't that between the break and the bunch if well Rossetto afraid afraid of only two of them they've that's an awful lot of time to spend on the front each of them basically they're looking at one hundred and nine kilometers each on the front if they share the work evenly and so there's a limit to how mm how much energy they are going to be able to put into the effort if they had gone harder and try to stretch the lead our own would have happened would be the peleton would have gone harder as well to basically give them that that kind of silent shout from behind that they not going to be allowed off into the distance and so you have this kind of dawn that goes on between the break and the Peleton and well today with a one one for the purest but quite an interesting example of it because there was hesitation for many kilometers probably an hour maybe two hours where the bunch just refuse to kind of keeping them on the leash as they say in in the Peloton don't jargon because the the the idea is that you you're three guys leading the Peloton all day <hes> got from the QUICKSTEP <hes> maximum for from low to Dell and Tony Martin for <hes> Humor Visa and an obviously instructions the near in the ear all day was was to to to kind of pull the leash a little bit? You know let it lose a little bit. The idea been don't don't catch them because if you do catch them that'd be a counterattack and maybe more dangerous guys going up front so so so so he was ideal for the pollutant relaxed the let these guys have their day you know and we keep them within a reasonable the distance and then when when it's time to go to the serious business which is bunched sprint then we'll catch them and that's what he did but it is one for the purest isn't it. It's a bit like watching Batsman at the crease not scoring any runs for our after what you're talking about. Ah The it was a bunch sprint and Grennell Wigan one fastest sprinter we thought coming into the tourists of finally he's got his win. Elliot Vivani stage already had a perfectly <hes> cheese and more cove again to you did a great job for him and we learned later that he had a soft Tyre C. finished six in the end. You know e counter sprint with a tire. That's losing air so and not prime size. Bass killer unit was impressive and then the other subplot. The plot was the the the goings on at A._T.. Memory say Yes for Philips in Very Young Writer who we heard from the other day line I signed the team bus and I was on the Kristoff of course now Christopher's tenth Phillips was fifth and they lost each other in the finale. I think Phillips and went through a gap that Christoph couldn't or didn't go through much bigger isn't a crystal and but it was interesting because you know he's a young writer learning the ropes and presumably part of the education for him is is to stick to that rule of leading crystal he didn't do that might not be in his own fault and they'll be interesting dynamics within the team politics and in terms of higher that ended up today and we looked at the the finish Chris annoyed or anything so it may well it may well be fine. I'm finishing fifth on the stage of a tour age twenty one and your first tour is pretty impressive <hes> on that will of coffee people's Hi but the winner of course dealing going to hear a little bit from him and his sports fronts mass into a U._n.. It's always pretty close so I don't know why but I like it through into sal I I really after the first day I was a little bit disappointed for myself. <hes> there was another expensive <hes> today the threats states and three river really access as at this moment today yeah really team and for me after the less print that he's a no we believe in you and you can do this over from David. It's been a dream you start to the Tour de France so I couldn't have gone any better. I guess no no you can <hes> can say that yeah we <hes> got two out of two and after that <hes> a second place for mountain also offstage yesterday was a bit <hes> we hoped a little bit better but <hes> still okay because we know Stevie is in his best Ed last week so but today <hes> Dylan show sees these maybe the fossil spindle may say that we probably can say that what happened with what went on when with around thirty kilometers to go they were off the back and he had to first of all tried to chase some guys eventful bottles for P. and <hes> after to spend a little bit and then <hes> he was in the back and the first he was pulling that we said stop pulling because Tana's there they will wait for Canton may was always perfect. Yeah always what about Steven yesterday because it's not necessarily the finish four hammers not not really despite the finished romy yes is to go steady and <hes> he's not the pension that <hes> he can do but <hes> we have confidence the confident daddy still be left the best way to say last week because obviously one mountain stage very difficult but in total isolation in the race now we have hilly stages flat stages next week we have the time trial before any real climbing again but we have to enjoy now and <hes> we see for the plan for the next day. We we see we were tonight and we see the plan for the mall. David Ritchie Stevie is one job you have to be good in the last week and don't lose any time before and scrape shoot shoot that I was taking phone calls team Kart at the back of the pack flees this episode of our the front coverage sponsored by the bike atom and well Richard. We been riding the Bike Adam before we came out to the Tour de France. I'm one of the things I got to grips with very quickly with the two distinctive modes that the atom mm-hmm has it has an integrated gear mode which is basically makes indoor writing similar to outdoor riding. It's not having a bike with electric gears on isn't it just touched a button and change gear or you can use the atoms ergo mode which sets the Resistance for Oh you depending on the program. You're following in the desired power output that you want to reach so you kind of don't really have to do anything other than concentrate on the pedaling and the power output so let's hear you in action so on we go. There's a big a big lump in the profile out sounds like a sprint better. Get myself prepared for that physically on cycled here goes silly me but I didn't know you could just the year so my cadences being a bit low. I know my gears been high enough for these insults so let's put up. They learn something every day so on the brake levers I can adjust the gear. This is a revelation. Oh that's brilliant so always read. The instruction auctioned my kids. Don't wait like me because you'll waste what seventeen minutes work here equipment. That's perfect now. It can be Muhtar cadence. Whether it's it's arrest between then falls or self here we go if you want to be like Richard and ride a bike atom. You can get one from what DOT COM until July the thirty first every what purchased at what dot Com we'll come with one hundred pounds sigma sports voucher to receive that offer go to what by DOT COM slash T._C._p.. One hundred that's T._C.. Pay For the cycling podcast One one hundred in number one zero zero and use the Code T._C.. Pay One hundred well. It's been a dream week for your movies man. They won the first two stages. They've had the Yellow Jersey that one again today. The only small won't Hiccup was Stephen Krykun lap launch Delfi and as we heard from friends mass maybe they would have liked a little bit more from him but that's probably the climb that suits him least in Hauteur and while as says that job is to be good in the final week <hes> grown Reagan well we thought he was <hes> nailed on favorite to win on the opening day in Brussels and perhaps he would have done had it not being for that crash and I actually looked. I mean he wasn't impressive performance by agreement you. It looks badly. You know her. It's actually in in his crush on on day. One <hes> I obviously goal was to win and take the Yellow Jersey was a great opportunity sprinters to do that. Well it was actually he was in the family because my two Nissen did and recovered quite quickly which is impressive in in the last sprint okay finished fifth thing but it was there was actually you know he was kind of blocked inside the the the bench and couldn't do anything but it looked good and today you want an which prompted me to to ever look at the you know the other Dutch sprinters would one stages in three different tours in the past and while I was looking at this starts something something struck me in. Maybe a Dutch specialty winning sprints in the most boring stages in the tour because if you look at Dylan van grew Grinberg in the last couple of years is staging. Let's is facing were also in those long long long days in the sun and at the end of it you have this kind of a shot of adrenaline when he actually wins and in the past a urine blijlevens so did was also <hes> could've say sprinter one born stages and let's face it gave foreign press conferences from time to time and even before they remember John Paul Van Poppel he was great sprinter of of course but it was the EPA item of the writer you know when the Tour de France first week with all about long transition stages in long burn stages trump thumper was the pope of the spring so maybe you know adult specialty if two stages boring you have Dutchman win in the sprint in the finale an interesting theory an interesting theory certainly well today was first day and yellow for Julia Cheek Coney the young writer trek afraid that it's such that's a great deal on it's come to tour quite unusual for young writer actually to to do two grand tours by toback but he's in the Yellow Jersey. He did say fell a bit tired today but it's a real boost for I team trek. Siegfried has struggled a little bit on how to Great Jiro and I think you know not not that helped the team immeasurably they come into this race with Richie Porte as their leader and and <hes> you know Gaspar Stephen as a decent bet for some stages you get something in the top ten and sprints and without being a pure sprinter and so I spoke to one of their writers Kunda Court the veteran domestique on our team is being around several teams on the right close in the past taking coal Marcel kittle writes that he'll have a big job to do helping defend that Yellow Jersey so spoke to him at the finish today. How was today along along there there yeah <hes> bit boring at one point? I probably shouldn't complain too much about that. 'cause it's probably not going to be very boring next couple of days so <hes> tried to enjoy it as much as we could of course riding around with the Yellow Jersey team and yellow helmets and yellow numbers in back. It's not too bad yeah. I was a bit of a celebration <hes> we definitely drank <hes> glossy champagne but <hes> yeah work's not done yet so <hes> not not too much celebrating but <hes> you know we'll keep the Jersey now oh and hopefully we can keep it a little longer off that but you know we still have some goals <hes> in the final g Seeiso I mean what was it like for a team you come in with a very specific plan. You've got leader and Richie yes but it's been going for sprints and says well I guess yesterday was completely unexpected <hes> yeah kind of unexpected but on the other hand having Ritchie and Boca so good nj see it's always good to have good climbers into frontal in the breakway first of all they can go put her own results in second year. If anything happens now the race is open really early and it's just the latest left then you still have one or two guys in the front. It can draw back to help out rich elite oversee. I'm there's been a lot of pressure expectation him for for many years. What does it do to the theme unprocessed for him as well to have this early success of having the Yellow Jersey in the in the in the in the team something that a lot of teams with would would would settle for the tour no absolutely literally? I think it's <hes> it's really good for him to go to the team. You know it gives a good <hes> a good atmosphere in the team already with the riders for stuff management sponsors. Everyone and I think for Ritchie himself as well it just <hes> <hes> it kind of calms him down. I think you know a we have a right to sit up there. In front of the bunch of people take into account and <hes> I think he showed already in Viet at ease in good shape and what you know about Julia a young guy would it very well Geraldino him well why obviously <hes> I've seen him in <hes> in a couple of races and training camps and that's what is up with them <hes> awesome guy really funny <hes> might need little little calming down but that's probably it will come to H.. Bouncing off the walls but <hes> that's <hes> that's a good character to have any team as well. I guess we know him as attacking aggressive writer that's one of the Kingdom I says the Jiro and the Yellow Jersey he'll have to write in a completely different way possibly but then again you saw yesterday did he didn't have to so <hes> it really comes down to how to raise develops <hes> he might have another chance or two but <hes> indeed maybe needs to sacrifice his own chance to sometimes <hes> to make sure that <hes> that that you see for <hes> for richest protective but I'm sure that he's more than willing to do that too well. It was Kundi Court of Cigarette. Let's hear briefly from the Jersey. Jalil Kuni very difficult talks about <hes> also tomorrow we'd be we'd be stage long in that stage so for me. It's important to recovery when these nine and tomorrow we will see. I think it'd be the Yellow J v very anybody. Maybe most people into the break we SOCIA- Coney makes point that six seconds means almost nothing and well with the time bonuses available. Oh on some of these final climbs on the stages. That's certainly true tomorrow on the running to Senate in the Cote Zsa ZSA. Should I think they let Solaire Jelly ass the final climb got degree climb time bonus at the top which if if the bunch it all together and Allah Felipe can take it then that would put him put him back in the Yellow Jersey and of course seconds on the line as well but you know when wouldn't necessarily anticipate CICCONI being involved in that sprint olof elite might be so it's up for grabs really podcast. The twenty nine hundred to the phones is supported by scientists books science books fueled by science scientists for long time sponsor and supporter the cycling podcast now you can get twenty five percents off with S._I._S.. EP twenty-five scientists sport don't come also had to scientists sport dot com forward slash sign up to enter a competition with an incredible price to spend a they the Vuelta or the Britain in the team any off steam car include tonight's accommodation transport on four hundred times spending money runner up prizes are tasty as well and and yes great great great prize offered by science and Sport Science Support Dot com forward slash sign up now am I spoke at the finish to Gary Thomas the defending champion who had a very good day la plunge the belfi surprise a lot people including himself. Here's what he said twenty four hours later I was okay it's just <hes> along so day and sat already you know with the headwind in forehead cross whatever but <hes> for a long day every thing starts by the end your wrists and feet the and stuff but <hes> I guess it's better than <hes> Pity K. and Cross wins you know for sure. Everyone thinks a great way so it's GonNa be a big fight for that probably still be going by the time we hit the I it's GONNA be hot stopping show and then <hes> yeah may sell down in the break go then it depends numbers and everything but <hes> Jeff in the next two days. We'll be sending tough. You're right on yesterday's pretty happy yeah <hes> I didn't really know what to expect. Go in there but <hes> yeah focused on as nice finish ahead of guys. You've made an effort on a client I guess since the tour last year almost in a race at least because you know so many races have been thrown and I'm so nervous before sage respond when the you know special not final claim yeah I was just <hes> didn't know I'd be ready compared to everyone I knew I was he was going he take confidence from not still is up in the back of your mind. You don't exactly know else's but <hes> yeah I think it was a good day especially on a climb which would necessarily be my ideal climbing. you think be more suited to the pure climate so yeah. He was a good thing that anyone else this catch your eye impress you on the claim <hes> Pino of the C- <hes> I heard he's from around there. Anyway knew it really well. I think anytime this effort really well obviously obviously still super strong and then everyone else is just so there were there were about so it's hard to say really still early. Though so <hes> <hes> yeah we'll see well talking of British riders and Shallan Sue soon soon soon <hes> well talking British riders and Shalom shoe soon. It's not too bad yeah walks with them. Thank you sixty years ago. Brian Robinson one in the Finnish town that we visited today he was writing for the Luxembourg mixed national team <hes> a British writer while there wasn't so many British riders doing the tool in those days Robinson of being the first British rider to win into a stage at previous year nineteen fifty-eight but in fifty nine he won with a solo break. It was a third from last stages. It came all the way from annecy as I headed up toward Paris at the end of the race and <hes> he won by around twenty minutes and you and you know what happened that day because of rain Robinson's victory and yet actually been reinstated reinstated in the race the day before after missing the time cut but that day Zhol beak to go one to nine hundred forty seven <hes> tour in shuttle Hobgoblins of the Britain Moore says he has no absolutely emits the time cut and he was kicked out of the race it was it's the tour wow going the benefit of the doubt one day be absolutely amazing well. They will get knowledge Francois Excellent excellent. Are we going to hear you're the exciting feature outside the team bus. Yes I headed to well. We'll find out outside the team bus we. He's Dylan Turns Byron Mehta Dylan. How did you sleep last night <hes> okay but <HES> I had to show off this night <hes> the the last couple of days? Why was that because the motions I think <hes> I couldn't sleep I couldn't I couldn't get into sleep like <hes>? Take me a while and <hes> yeah after ones. I was asleep at <hes> good night. Normally I can sleep with a long eight hours clearly away again is that because the tour is just so overwhelming. There's so much going on. This is a part of that <hes> I think it's more of the motions from the victory and still the other GonNa Lynn News going into the body. Are you aware that it was the first to the front stage win Fulbari Morita since I started at a sponsor I not before but afterwards walks <hes> that oldness so what was your reaction last night around the dinner table did you celebrate have a glass of champagne. Everybody came late in the hold. Also it was pretty busy evening. That's with set also because of the traffic to going down. <hes> mountain but overall we had <hes> a small celebration and for sure everybody was super happy. Did you ring friends family. Talk to them about the day. My family was here so there's <hes> uh I saw already hit a quick. <hes> I mean after the the statement and also have friends texted me and the call was <hes> busy you said in the press conference that what you learn something in the Welte last year when you lost to Michael Woods. What did you learn to dont overreacts like to stay calm? Actually so you waited for the perfect moment I a couple of times between between <hes> five on this done <hes> two fifty to go and then the one fifty I went for us. Did you know that she coney was going to get the Yellow Jersey. Did that make you think that maybe had a better chance for the stage I I I knew I was aware of this but <hes> in the end the one goal for the statement so <hes> almost didn't made it so <hes> only kept it by six seconds so <hes> if I was in my with fast up the hill so he was bitten more sure but basically the two of you side by side at one point where you confident <hes> I was confident about myself but I knew it was also sung guy to so beat so it was <hes> was not an easy they was pretty nervous and stressful and this lost moments and last couple of questions <hes> your third overall at the moment. This is all kind of being coming. You did very well in the dossier one stage and finished six but the two of the Franz he's new for you. So what are your ambitions now for the rest of the race. It's all new <hes> and I know I'm I'm good up there but but <hes> yeah it's not a goal to make <hes> <hes> top dungy see <hes>. I think <hes> maybe later I'll try this <hes> but not now a bit later in your career. Maybe I'm finally a grown deeper in Brussels with Eddy Merckx. I mean how special was that. First of all it is is all and <hes> this <hes> the puzzle was amazing also to start my first two and own count and the capital of the county was <hes> pretty amazing well. It was still interns a winner and so that's Pari Morita take off nine line as you work your way through the teams seven down bunk coin press that this is the same prices I was glad to see on twitter a couple of our listeners. You know that were not too shocked by my silly on Dylan tunes and who suggested Dylan Tunes to go with a tour. Were you know so well. That's Dylan coming and talking about Song I learned today about the re- while the family links between Jew Lucci Conan Madonna Donna there are non well actually Madonna's family came from a small village fifty case from the town where to CICCONI comes from so the might be distant rely relates if so but the broncos geological likes to hint that might be links but we don't know I mean he's too young for Madonna yet. Some some juicy transfer speculation gossip not that juicy berries about you know I I saw about a thought about it when I saw that was it to an a- Frederick together there's obviously lots going on at one ti- Gubbay because of Fred Windsurfer who writes for our once you go as is set to be going to Israel Academy so next season who knows I mean it. It looks pretty serious and would see and Guillaume motto. Is there the leader of their once you go beyond the tour would begin to coffee which Stiffen Rossetto team <hes>. It seems quite well well. I don't know about refresh official but Guillaume Mountains move look looks quite definite so obviously said reverser is working hard to have a strong team next season with the Elliott Vive vive yanni announce as a sprinter and Yomata G._C. leader. We'll see listen before we go tonight. We should mention our latest clements zero which was <hes> well. I part of a two part conversation with David Walsh this Sunday Times journalist who of course twenty years ago came to tour and was delegated his pursuit of Lance Armstrong and did more than any other journalists to expose Armstrong's doping suffice anything to park compensation part one came out today and yet dots on your on your regular feet thanks to Hans groer showers and taps for sponsoring comedy zero militia type for our show at Harrogate at the world championships on the Friday evening. Go to the second PODCAST DOT com click on live events on the side of the page into a click through to get your tickets for our event in harrogate well as we're in the Burgundy region Francois. I'm assuming snails will be on the menu for you. Well I've ever had looked at the menu so that might not be but we're in jewelry and G._e.. Is a very nice place for wine anyway so unutterable snares but what I'm sure of is that we are going to drink chivalry wine tonight. Before we go am Francois you met a couple of podcast listeners in this village. We were staying in a couple of well yesterday morning. Berg I'm they'd come there because they'd heard about it on the podcast which is nice and they came to to see and we met them by our by our car and you rashly promised he did. The listener did say that he was was poised to sign up a friend of the podcast you convince them to do so and but you did rashly promised him that if he did so we'd read his name on on the podcast now we've got a problem there because he tweeted to say that he has signed up from from his twitter. Handle wasn't clear what his name is so we're GonNa have to read all the recent sign ups as friends podcast and hope that we get him because a promise is a promise now anyway so thank you to Cornelia Bruckner Philip Grin half that might be him Paul Diet John Sculley Ian John Simpson a big thank you to James Phillips William Russell Matt Match Iak John Johnson.

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