Oh captain, my Golden Knights captain?


Hey there are wanted to thank you for your continued support of this podcast. With over ninety podcasts across our network we are committed to bringing you great content to fill that sports shaped hole in your heart to find more blue. Ira pods search for us on itunes or checkout blue wire pods dot com and remember one day sports will return and it will be glorious. Thanks for listening onto the show. What is a hockey fans? This is the Golden Egg. Podcast the PODCAST. Where the Las Vegas Review Journal Talks? About Hockey and today. We're going to try to stick to hockey again. Even though we are all fresh off some Korean baseball watching last night. We still have some fun hockey topics to discuss for you guys. We've kind of been all over the place the last few episodes but this one. We're GONNA talk about some interesting comments. coach Pete to bore made recently about captains and how that might affect the future of the Golden Knights and whether we will potentially see a sea in the near future but before we get to all that let me check in with the other members of the podcast Adam Hill and Dave. Shane Adema assert with you. How's it going wonderful then? I'm back to join a live sports. We are discussing just before we started the podcast here. I am a Korean baseball obsessive fan. Now Amal in some very excited to have sports back but I think maybe once sports is back in America. I might be done because I like was. I learned that my giants. That's my Korean team that I chose of not wanting a long time and I don't know if I could take any more heartbreak as a sports fan of just watching a team never win. I don't know if I can handle this very long. Dave Adam is a giants guy. What's your team? The was that that mascot they got I forget it. It's it's Funky name or whatever it's awesome. Yeah I'm all over it right you know I. It was funny because I was watching. I was watching some of the gangs and stuff last night. And I'm like dude. My hair wouldn't even fit right now under a batting. It's out of control. I have like the total art Garfunkel Fro. Going right. Now it's crazy. You might be honest. The Dave Swirl Daddy is their Nascar we go yes moral daddy. This is amazing. I of course with the key will heroes because they have X. twin slugger beyond park who was a bust in North America crushing it over there in South Korea. So I'm glad we all got something like that. Our lives to keep entertaining us right now. We hope that we're going to entertain you guys with some hockey talk but before we get to that let me quick reminds you that the Golden Age podcast is sponsored by. Sdn Sports Mobile from station. Casinos we are presented by Faber. Drink a favor dot com also like to remind you that you can check out all our written stuff. At Review Journal Dot Com days keeping US updated on kind of the latest goings on with the NHL spurious restart plans was happening with the NHL draft in that potentially getting moved up whereas I'm going player by player through nights roster kind of letting you know how they did this year how they project in the future and all that fun stuff but as I mentioned earlier for most of this episode were going to be projecting into the future and whether we're GONNA see a sea change for the Knights Pun fully intended. I will not apologize for this. Night's coach Pizza bore recently appeared on the team. Podcast sheriff lawless and some guy named Dave and throughout eight really interesting comment his quote. Was I'm a believer in a captain? I think we have a lot of candidates in the dressing room. I'm still getting to know the group. That's something I'll have to discuss with Bill Foley and George mcphee obviously in Kelly mccrum and and see what their feeling is on it. So just on. Its surface amick sense. The pizza bore likes captains because he had a good one in New Jersey Zach. Parisi another good one in San Jose. Joe Belsky went to the Stanley Cup. Final with both those teams but before we get into who are candidates for the Golden Knights potentially having a captain I put odds on it. And how we feel about that as pertains to the organization. my question for both you to start out and they'll start with Dave. How much do we believe in the power of the see? How much do you personally believe? They're having a captain or not. Having a captain affects the team. I think it depends on each team to be quite honest and I don't I we're going to talk about the whole twenty three captains kind of idea in water. That's getting a little bit outdated I guess with the knights but I think every situation's different as we'll discuss. I'm really big on. There's a certain type of player and or personality that I think is a captain and there are other guys that I just don't think necessarily fit as a as a captain in the same way that in business. Maybe some people are better as managers than than others and and things like that. There's a lot that goes into it so I'd lie. Believe it in in the sense of if you have a guy in your locker room on your team who is clearly kind of the ALFALFA. Like that's your St. That's your captain. And if you don't have one then yeah I don't think I don't think you necessarily have to force it and I think that's probably something that I would. Commend REUNITES FOR IT. To be quite honor is not forcing a C. On on somebody's shoulder too early Adam. How about you what are what are your thoughts on kind of the Captaincy in its relative importance in in a team context. I JUST. I feel like they've they've gone. A couple of years without one is really worked for them. And I think I think Dave's right along the lines of like if one establishes himself and somebody somebody just stands out and everybody is just like. Oh wait yeah. That's the guy. I think that that point. Then you then you make the decision but I think when you've gone you know a couple of years and it's really is this concept evolved into of you know everyone and everyone in the room the captain we have twenty three captains. And we're all going to run this and And be the collective leadership group around here and I think even even among that twenty three you know. They've had a kind of a Leadership Group. Stand out from them I think that you're you're doing until somebody just kinda takes a bull by the horns of goes but it's it's pretty clear that you know part of the war coming in is he wants to have that that established guy of he's had before and it's really worked for him so it would make some sense that even though this worked for this organization what's worked for pizza bore has been to have that you know that guy stand out and be the one that takes but those guys decided the past that we discuss our guys it. They just really are clear. Cut You do that. You know like all right. This is the guy so until they have that. I don't know that I would make that decision. But it's pretty clear. Peterborough wants to yes. It's interesting that you kind of bring up those contrasting wants maybe of what the organization is wanted in what pizza bore might want. Let's talk about something both right up there which is the whole twenty three captains thing which I think we kind of all senses a little bit cheesy in a little bit hokey. But it's a philosophy that's really worked for the team and for those that are kind of confused what it means. The nights like to profess that they have twenty three captains. They're twenty three guys maximum on NHL Roster in the nights like thing that they are filling those spots with you know guys that have if not captain potential captain character at the very least that they are you know malcontents just all guys that are willing to Kinda fit into the team and willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win and so when you look through the knights roster guys that kind of come to mind to me that exemplify that our guys like Riley Smith Brayden mcnabb Nick Holden previously peer. Edward Belmar guys that were fully willing to buy into kind of unsexy roles without really complaining. Mcnabb's like cool. I can defend opposing top forwards in get no power playtime. Great Nichols like you can kind of stick me anywhere. In the bottom. Two pairs left side right side. Different partners I won't complain one bit. Awesome Belmar will be penalty. Kill for you be a fourth line center kind of a grinder guy for you. Never complain about kind of ice time awesome. That's what the Nice timing when they profess this twenty three captains thing and like I said it's is a cheesy concept but I do think it's something they actually do. Deserve a little bit of credit for Dave because I think one thing you can say about the Knights. Their first three years is that they do build teams rather than collections of talent. And what I mean by that is there are some teams. I would point to. Toronto is one example that get along talent but those pieces don't necessarily fit in the best way and you can't argue that the sum is greater than the total of the parts where feeling the knights have done a good job balancing the roster so that the sun can be greater than the total. The parts of that makes sense. Yeah does I think it's just part of the culture that they established right from the start that everybody was kind of that misfit. Everybody was cast off from some other team in most cases either in the expansion draft or trades. Whatever it might be. Everybody was kind of all in the same boat. There wasn't somebody that necessarily I guess. Kind of stood out above the group of James. Neal has done some things in his career. Marc Andre Fleury Won Stanley. Cups guys had success but there wasn't anybody that could walk in there and say look. I'm the Guy Everybody's GonNa follow me. I got this and we're good. Everybody was kind of all there together and I think that's what they established and yeah. I agree with you ben I I do think they need to be commended for it. I guess kind of maybe the question. And this is what we're sort of discussing if they've as an organization and a teen evolved past that and whether now three years into this kind of project franchise you know however you WanNa call it if somebody you know. Maybe it's more appropriate for somebody to kind of emerge as the leader as kind of the face of the franchise and things were in that first year. I think they were hesitant to put that label on somebody and I think it's understandable. No totally in so that leads us obviously to this kind of part two of this big idea whether we think a captain is coming as Adam you kind of hinted on this tension. It seems like it might be a push poll with Deboer and the Front office where the Front Office might be more inclined to say like this model of twenty through captains has worked for US whereas deboer might be saying will but this is how I like to run it and this has worked for me in the past and so Adam curious from your perspective. Do you think whether captain ends up coming shows. How much influence may be have in the organization? Maybe but I also don't know how much the organization would push back on him if that's what he wanted to do at at this point where yes. That is what they've done around here. But I think if you're going to you know do what the Golden Knights dead and Make this drastic move and say you know. Drug land is a guy that did so much for us. But we're going to you know. We think that Peterborough is the guy that gotta take the next level it back up there. I think if you're gonNA hand the reins over like that. I think you're going to give you some leeway and I think I think if he wanted to do it. I don't think there's going to be much resistance from the organization. I'm in that regard while the Dave. LemMe ask you this question. If jarred land said at the same time if you still employed by the team I WANNA CAPTAIN. Do you think it would be getting the same? It would get the same potential response from the organization or do you think deboer has already kind of winnowed more influence on the team. Then Glenn had. Yeah that's an interesting question because I wonder how much of it is. Just the timing. If you know kind of three years knew it that they're a little more receptive to the idea and whether if jar gland had brought it up if they would kind of be as receptive as a seem to be right now with with the boers suggestion or if that's maybe another example of them kind of seeing some power I mean. I guess you could look at the goaltending coaching situation and certainly some comments by Pizza Board. There has maybe indicated that Dave prior and and these positions were. I guess a little bit influenced by Pizza Bar. I certainly took his comments of you know I make a decision on the starting goalie to to certainly say that. Pete's bore house some power over the goal tending position or maybe jar gland at least give the appearance in the past. He didn't that might be a change though. So maybe it is an evolution in that regard that that they're willing to take pibor who kind of an outside view and some things. I guess that he's saying maybe you know they're able to look in the mirror a little bit when he's bringing some things like this up but you know again a captain. I think an and we'll talk about this just you know for me. It's such a specific situation. I think it's either you either have it in the locker room armor team or you don't and so I just don't think you force it and maybe maybe it's an issue of PIBOR. See Somebody in that locker room now. Who you know maybe Jar Glenn hadn't worked with as long Kinda hinted Mark Stone you know. Maybe they just feel like this is this is declare guy in and we need to have. Have this happened now. I don't you know I don't opt that could be it. Know it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out whenever the team gets back together. A Dave mentioned mark zone he's GonNa feature prominently in the next part of the show where I go through the odds that I will be giving to each player as to whether they would be named the captain non but before we use all that. Let's take a quick break. They say a healthy gut means a healthy. You favor apple cider vinegar shots bottle. This feeling into the convenience of a two ounce shop better digestion stronger immune system in the lowering of blood. Sugar levels are just some of the benefits to shooting daily favor shot. Their proprietary blends are raw organic and mixed with other functional ingredients to create a better tasting. Experience burst shooters can go to drink a favor. Dot Com all right. We're back and after all that fun. Discussion about whether the nights will have a captain or not. Let's discuss who could actually be said. Captain Dave has already mentioned Mark Stone. And there's a lot of other names we can go through to so to make it more interesting. I did put odds on this so we can go through all these names. You guys can tell me how I did on my handicapping and then we can pick a guy that we'd like to you know maybe bet on at the end they got the order. Roughly right but I honestly don't know how great my odds are the math just kind of had to workout to make it more fun because I think the odds would shift us a little bit differently in real life. But let's see how this works out my first guy. Paul Stands Ni at nineteen to one. He's obviously a veteran. These older skater under contract next season. I mean he's already. He's clearly a team. I Guy P played third line center earlier this year without really complaining. Downside he is as we've kind of already mentioned on this podcast maybe the the the least nail down guy out of their core players because only under contract for one more season beyond this one. So I mean Dave. I know you're probably on this ban. Just doesn't seem like because of that. This is happening. He's just not around for the long haul probably. Yeah that's kind of where I would look at him as like you know. If you'RE GONNA put a seon somebody I would want them kind of locked up for a while to know that they're gonna you know at least under contract with the the franchise for awhile. Obviously it's business. You never know what's going to happen you know. Certainly somebody like Alex potential own Saint Louis. There's some questions of whether he'll be back there which seems unusual for a captain but as he just having that one year and and you know maybe if there's compliance buyouts or maybe he's a guy at the trade deadline you know in February or whatever it might be that gets moved for salary or some kind of stuff so I just have a hard time pussy on somebody. That's in his situation as much as a veteran and as much of a cerebral player as is just the situation doesn't match up our. It's the move onto the next guy who is Riley Smith at nine to one. He's one of the main alternate captains as I mentioned earlier. Ited she just kind of a key glue guy that every team needs even though he's not going to get the shiniest praise the big question with him is just does he have that forceful personality to kind of you know. Take a team under his weighing in kind of grab them by the scruff of the neck and lift them up just definitely feels like more of a lead by example Guy Right Adam. Yeah and you know. I think that is a that is a leadership quality that you can have. I mean it's not like it's not like you're that doesn't work. I think a lot of cases. It's the best kind of leadership right where you just go out there and do your job and everybody kind of gets in line behind you. He's he's never really jumped out as that as that guy that wants that. Then see to me so I don't know if that would impact it. I feel like if you kind of went around and asked the teammates. The maybe they would. They would endorse it a little bit. I I just don't know if that's that's the role that he necessarily wants So I a little cautious For to pick him here but the the Stassen example I think he's he's kind of would he be. He'd be the type of player that would want it. But maybe he would he would even go really try to fight for it just to try to help them help his cause of getting of coming back here like getting a new deal of like. Hey come the captain you might try to go for it so that might change odds a little bit that that's interesting. I like that and then I do agree with you. Riley Smith just kind of feels like they just kind of feels right for him to move onto the next guy who has got the same odds Riley Smith and that's an H. At Ninety one but also basically has a Z. Tuck Derek England's by the end of the year. He's obviously super goofy. But while we can all joke about that and point out kind of how funny he is and how he kind of brings that light edged the locker room he also is really really smart and I don't think enough people realize that about him. He's the teams. Nhl Pa Rep. He is really thoughtful if you ever have. Kind of an introspective conversation with him. He's a really good guy. Talk to because he's funny but because he can really bounce ideas off of you to all that being said Dave. I just can't imagine that because of that goofy side of his personality. He's a guy you give the C. To right just staying at. Because he's a gopher any like star wars rate does help. Those are two could good strikes disfavor. I'M NOT GONNA lie. Introspective about the the star wars movies. That's what that's what That's been getting thing can have conversations for days. May the fourth was great yesterday takeaway. Td It seems a good reason to put him no. I mean in all seriousness though. He's almost it's almost like he's the he's the polar opposite of Riley Smith and I say that because Rally Smith strikes me as the guy who's kind of the worker bee and wants to be in the background but behind the scenes when the doors are closed and things. I think he's one of the guys that you know. Maybe some of the players will listen to when he speaks up because he probably doesn't do it too often. I guess I just wonder like with him just to go back with him and not to like create. I guess an issuer controversy or something. That isn't there but he was. He's such a jar gland guy and I wonder if kind of as things evolve and things like that not not that rallies has an issue with anybody. Obviously I'm not intimating that but just he. I think he was just so attached to our gallant. That I wonder if he if he could be pizza. Boris captain I don't know but kind of the same thing like he gets a occasionally and he certainly vocal and we don't really think of him as a leader. But yeah like you said Ben. Behind closed doors when things are more serious and you know obviously the NHLPA Issues and things like that. I just think even even game by game you know having gone through the Washington organization scholar experience you went through that Stanley Cup final. You know he's been around a little bit at this point. I think Nate Schmidt's work carries a little bit of weight. Where maybe a couple of years ago it didn't so he was somebody that. I certainly dismissed like right away. No you know needs to make come on no way and the more and more I think about it the more and more. I don't WanNa be as dismissive about the possibility of it like I. I feel like I'm almost kind of insulting him away by saying there's no way that he can be a captain but I do think you know. His odds are probably a little slimmer yet. I think that nine to one is probably about right. He is I will give him this credit. He's the top ranked defenceman on my list. He's actually the only defenceman that I ranked. Because now we're GONNA get into kind of final three guys going to start with actually another jar Glenn Guy and so maybe this will come up with the same issues. Dangerous described Nets Jonathan. Marsha ZO WHO BEAT. Oh the self-described spider monkey isn't afraid of as not afraid to scrap. The team does seem to rally around him. I did you know a piece on him for the paper this week. And it is kind of remarkable the team's record when he scores a goal versus the team's record when he doesn't and obviously that skewed a little bit. Because you know the team. All shutouts are counted in fact where he doesn't score a goal but the team does seem to gain energy when he plays. Well he's the year guy I think the most people could get behind and connect to because he kinda represents both the past present and future of the organization. Could he still under contract for a few years ago? That said I don't think he quite fits all the criteria you're looking for in a you do wonder whether that's the guy you want your young players coming up through the system looking to like okay. I WANNA be a part of the Golden Knights Organization so I need to look to Jonathan Marsha. So as the example. I'm curious as to whether that's the message. The team of ultimately going to send them. Yeah like A. I feel like it's almost going to crossing. Were insulting guys like like a day was pointing out. You don't WanNa come across like you're insulting me. That hugest he's a different kind of guy. And I think the same goes for Marcia. So in that like he he he absolutely is a very important like force in the locker room and I think-i he brings something to the locker. They definitely need. But I just don't feel like that is the that is what they would want to go with as a captain an Mentioning with Riley's Mythili Dave pointed out and this was going to be my absolute Stance on Marsha. So that he's to meaty worry too way too tired of with jargon to to you know to be the guy that would take over as captain under to bore or like maybe conversely if you look at another way like that's how you kind of draw that bridge in say. Listen this is a this is definitely a guy. Everybody knows that You like what I've come in and I I've seen what I liked out of him and I wanNA make them captain. I mean that would make some sense too. I just I feel like on the surface. It just seems way too way too connected with the overseen to you know to be the guy that would step up as the captain for beat the bore. So let me ask you about that day. 'cause do you agree with I? Guess Adams Point if he could be a bridge between the Glenn Indoor regime or do you think he's I mean because to me even more than Riley Smith he is attached to gland. I mean Jonathan Marceau is basically just said straight up. That's my guy that's the guy that gave me my nhl career so you think almost too attached to be Damore captain. So I don't know if you guys can hear this in the back room where there's a you know a trash truck that's driving. Why picking up everything which seems like perfect symbolism right now. I'm so against Jonathan March so being captain and come no idea the idea. I think it's trash. So so here's the thing I'm Gonna I'm GonNa try to explain this and insult myself in a way so I am Jonathan Marcha so okay. I was player Straw chip on my shoulder. Loud mouth like speaking just too emotional. There is no way that I should be leading anything. You know what I mean. I'm not wired for it. That's not my personality. That's not who I am. John the March so is not a captain on the team to be fiery and do what he did after game one in the Western Conference finals in. Speak up when you know when somebody needs to speak up of anger up backward up but there are certain things in a locker room in. There are certain dynamics that just kind of go with hockey and the captain to some extent is an authority figure in that locker room and if you are the little loud mouths that's fighter monkey year. Thority is challenged. What are you GonNa do and a less? You are the absolute clear best player on that team. Unless you're somebody like Martin. St Louis was with the lightning. The little guy is is just. It doesn't work. It's it's not what a captain is and I. I don't know how to explain it any way than not just every team. I've ever been on every locker room I've ever covered you know during my career. As a journalist there certain people that are just cut out for it and there are certain personalities that just don't just don't make the right fit with that and it's nothing against him but I just see this is I can put myself in in those shoes and I would not be a good captain. I just don't think John March so is a good captain Means a not lear. He's a good leader. He's just as leader in his own way. And I think if you st on him changes everything. You're hiatus sizes three call. Yeah side somebody. Who's five eight clear like? He thought he was fixed. Four and I can totally relate to everything then Jonathan Marcus Darshan instead in everything. But he's just not a captain. I'm I'm just. That's the one thing with with this issue that I will like plant the flag on no offense Johnson March. So I'll stay this if you took me off the beat and you said okay if you were just a Golden Knights Fan. Which player would you like instantly? I would say Jonathan March so my favorite player. But I just don't think he's a captain my big takeaway from Dave's little spiel. There is that the two of us were very opposite hockey players. Because I am six four six five I play like I'm five eight because I didn't hit anybody out there. Even when I was a defenseman problem we'll move onto our next guy. Now that the day of has planted his flag around the top two but the second place guy has gave the same odds to marshes. So and. That's Max Patch Ready. Who's an obvious candidate? Because he's already been a captain in Montreal. He knows the pressure that comes with wearing that C- he knows the responsibilities. He also just and this is the weird intangible quality he gives off a quote unquote grownup vibe. Is how to describe it us. All this is all I wanNA talk about. I saw that in your notes and it's all I wanted to talk about. I lost why are you is. Are you looking for like father? Figures in the locker room like I don't understand where that came from grownup vibe. So a bunch of kids. So what I what I meant by. That is veterans respect. His play right like pulse. Tasni loves playing with the Mark Stone just respects it into the trump team th degree. I think a bunch of guys in that locker room like man. Patrick is really good and then youngsters. Like a cody glass. Look up to him. I mean cody glass famously. I think went over for tacos before his NHL debut at the patch ready household. So I think patch ready can at once be respected by the older guys in the locker room and then be a role model and kind of I mean as you brought up at a father figure to the younger guys do think is kind of an important quality to have and for that reason? I think his odds theoretically should be much higher than what even put them at. But the only reason they're not is the question of does he want it because. I think he's been not too subtle hinting that being the captain in Montreal especially being the english-speaking captain it for a French speaking city in a major Canadian media market just wore on him and so I think part of the appeal of getting traded to the knights was. You don't have to be the guy you can kind of pick your spots where you have to be kind of the voice the team and he still is the voice team a fair amount but certainly not as much as he wasn't Montreal and I think he's enjoying that too much to give that up and put himself back out there again. Adam do you agree. Yeah and you don't even have to talk about because you crushed it. Exactly what I was GONNA. Mexico ready is the I like to me. He's the absolute slam dunk choice. No question about it. He's the guy that should be the captain. I just don't think he wants it in for all the reasons that you rated. I think that he was embracing very much going from a place where he had all that pressure of being the captain in all is him all the time to a place that had the As we talked about twenty three captors that he could planning to be a player. And be one of the guys in. And just be a part of this and listen. It's different Captain in Vegas is much different than being a captain Montreal. I get that part of it. I just feel like he has absolutely embraced. This notion of everybody's a captain it'd be the captain off. Be The guy that's always looked at. Even though he kind of is in a lot ways like he's he's he's just in there so I don't think I don't think he wants any part of that and I could be wrong. Maybe he's taking a step back and said you know it'll be different here but I just can't imagine that he would want to jump up and take that all right. Well I wanna jump off something you just said there. Let me quick get to our first place miniature who is mark stone a three two odds. I mean just clearly the odds on favorite. He's the highest paid player. Probably their best player for sure. I would think you know if you can debate between he and Paddy. But he's one of their top two skaters. I Guess Unquestionably and along with William Carlson. He's under contract as long as anyone teasing emotional leader on the ice. He's also a guy that does some things off the ice to help guys out like he took in. Patan cribs This fall the nights twenty nine thousand first round pick krebs rehabbing a torn torn Achilles. I should say in Las Vegas. This fall stones that. Hey don't stay in the hotel they put you up in. Come stay with and my girlfriend so stoned subtle. Things like that kind of help. Bring a team closer together so for all those reasons. I put him as the odds on favorites. Captain Who Adam you said you would prefer Max Patch Radi so before I s Dave kind of his thoughts on Marston. Why why do you prefer Patrick to sell and potentially I think he's done it. I think he's also a guy. That is a little bit more vocal. I don't think I think you know stone. Is I think very nuanced. In what he you know when he gives interviews and that sort of thing. I think he's good at it but I think he's just a little bit more demure against in his in his approach and I think I think petroni is just that guy in like he has the experience. He's done it before. Nfl A key. I feel like he's some kind of a weird combination of like the old guard in the newer guard. I I don't know just get that feeling that he's that he's that good bridge. I just like everything about what he does. But clearly stone is the favorite in this. This realm Just because I think that you know as as you pointed out he's on a contract for a long time He's a guy that came in really embraced. Everything about it here was so excited to play here and was instantly kind of just a part of the team like all. Those things are absolutely true. He's such a great player. The best all around player on the team all those things are are the case so I think he's absolutely the favorite in this in this exercise to be the first guy to be captain Dave. What are your thoughts on on stone? Is this the guy that you're kind of hinting at would be the reason that debare can make these comments yeah? I don't even think I was so much hinting at it. Pretty much came right. San At nine. Let me let me go back to patty a little bit. Like I mean you're kinda saying he's like an old soul. Yeah is that is that? Maybe where? You're going with C. A GROWNUP VI- dessert. So I think he's only thirty one years old but he does give off the old soul vibe kind of where going with that a little bit too is. I feel like toward the second. Half of this season Max Patrick of teaching Mark Stone how to be captain and there were certain games where when they lost that knocks. Patty was still the one out there kind of giving the message staying. You know the things that they want to come out of that locker room. That's kind of the role of the captain when when times are tough. That's the guy who's got to speak and and say what you know. The players essentially want said for them and I think a lot of Mac petry's role lately has been teaching Mark Stone. Kind of how to do that. Sort of you know the the bigger media side. I guess you could say of being captain. You mentioned picking crabs and you can go back to even mark stone when when he was Ottawa. Did the same thing with Brady could shock. We kind of bringing in younger player taking under his wing. You know starving. Is that mentor or things like that. But it's just for me. Mark Stone is the guy that everybody has been waiting to grab Hobart and pizza kind of hinted at it when when he's going he's rolling. Everybody just follows along. That's that's what the captain is and the only the only kind of reservation I have with it is is sort of that. Public does Mark Stone. Want to always deal with us. I guess you could say an all having to to be the face because I think there are times and again I can relate to this I I can understand it. He is just Oltra competitive and he after lost just. He is grit your teeth and in a foul mood and you know doesn't WanNa talk and I get that I would be the same way. I hate losing more than I like winning. And I think he's kind of the same way part of being a captain though is is being able to get out front and take it on the Chin for the team a little bit and I think he's learning that he's twenty seven years old like you said Ben. He's got the long contract. He's the face of the franchise in in every regard in terms of points in terms of salary in terms of the high profile trade. That they Wayne got this guy in in kind of anointed him. A little bit said right away. This is our player you know whether it was the top down. Everybody kind of agreed this this guy and and for that reason once he's ready to take hold of it he's he's the one that's gotta be the sea because he's the one going forward that's going to be leading the team on on and off the ice and ultimately that's that's what a captain is yes it seems like we definitely have a consensus favorite quickly before we wrap up through the field real quick because I did leave the field at nineteen to one. Just just leave a slight smidge of an opening for someone outside of those guys. I mentioned to grab it. If all of a sudden goalies become seat eligible or teams are more willing to put a C. On Goalie Maybe Marc Andre. Fleury slips in there maybe if they bring back dirk England for some reason on a one year deal kind of give it to him for safekeeping for a year and delay giving it to stone. I'm sure there's other candidates that could pop up. If Gold Nights FANS WANNA DREAM THAT PORTRAY ANGELO. Who Dave mentioned becomes a Does end up becoming a free agent and for some reason the nights or able to fill vitamin under their salary cap restrictions. Maybe he could grab it. I don't know I just wanted to leave that door open there but I probably wouldn't bet on it and then quickly just to jump go ahead. Sorry really quick. I do think it's it's fair to mention flurry in the context of leadership though because obviously he can't wear a C. And we're not talking about him but I do think you know. I don't want to overlook his impact in the locker room. And certainly the leadership that he provides the guy who's won Stanley Cups and they set up the the first couple of years to the you know when the when it came to crunch time when it came to the playoffs. It was flurry that that the guys were kind of looking to listening to. And even though he can't were AC- I certainly think his leadership can't be Can't be overstated. I guess I think I think if like they would have done it. You're not long after the war came in and they would've said hey. We're going to name a captain here. For the last month of the season an England would have been perfect choice to say. Hey this is his last month kind of around perhaps We want to name a captain in. We're GonNa make England be the first one he's going to be the first captain in team history and then kind of pass it on. Pass the torch when he's done onto a guy like mark stone. I think that would have made a ton of sense of Like all of us in the world but I think now with with the way it's looking the season would just be you know playoffs essentially so. I don't think that would happen so I think that makes it a little a little less likely but that would have been a nice move. I think for the organization it'd be like hey he's the first captive in our history and then we're gonNA pass. The stone passed the stone. Passed the torch from there to stone that would would have been. I think the right thing to do right so quickly before we wrap up. Of course it gave odds for anyone. Dave using pretty dead set is going to be marked stone. Do the do by three to two odds. Do Anything to dissuade you at all or you. You ride in hard for that. No I take that I play that 'cause I'd make him at like two to five or some kind of favorite you know so if I was getting money back on that bad heck yeah to run down to the window and input a put a little bit on. Even their Laura are fine sports editor bill. Bradley does not let us Wager on nature also just for entertainment purposes. Only bill I mean. The Mark. Stones odds should probably be higher than free to but just for the purposes of this exercise. The math for everyone else wouldn't have worked out as well if he you know was sixty percent odds basically or anything. That's just that's just my skewed captain power ratings. You know I got him. I got weighted. Pretty Heavily Adams their underdog that you like here. Would you take stone over the field as well as if you're going to give you that? Nineteen to one. I might take the shot that they they do some ceremonial Derek. England thing that you win on a technicality. Something like that where they're like. Hey we're making Marston the captain but we're going to retroactively named Derek England. I captain in some tricks. Some tricky stuff like that that. I think you could try to cash but I'm just looking for ways to beat the favorite. That's how I like to to bet. Always like trying to bet against the favorite in a horse race. So I'M GONNA I'm GonNa try to find ways to go against but I think it's going to be so. Yeah I I respect your logic but I think I gotta take stone to just because I will admit I kind of under under seated him just for the purposes of making this exercise more fun will thank you guys for playing along. Thanks to everyone who listened. Hopefully that was entertaining. We will be back next week to continue to discuss just more. Nhl Developments more news is being made all the time we will potentially have a decision on the NHL draft when we get together next week and if it does indeed move up then we'll probably have a lot of draft content for you guys to process both here and at review journal Dot Com and make sure to check out the website for all our Golden Knights content. Make sure to rate review. Subscribe to this. Podcast whatever you do to this pod due to podcast please do to this one on Itunes stitcher spotify etc of big. Thanks to Estienne Sports Mobile FROM STATION CASINOS FOR SPONSORING US favor. Drink FAVOR DOT COM for presenting us. We are the Golden Age podcast for Adam. Hill Shane goats. We'll talk to you guys again real soon.

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