RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Big Brother 20 Finale with Pooya Zand Vakili


Some game right to your mama. Offense. As the r h Peyton Ambi. Some day. Awesome school. I can sell you. Our ase. Hi, everybody. Welcome to the RHA p BB BNB four. The final three weeks of big brother twenty. We have finally reached the end of this long road the highway of the future, and that's cracks along the way. But we have finally emerged at the exit into the fall. That is twenty eight. Mike bloom here with a monthly crew people to break down the final weeks of BB twenty. I welcome my rider die. My perennial final to partner, no matter what Liana Boris Liana. How are you? I'm good. Considering this is the end of the hashtag summer, Steve. It was a fun summer, not so much Steve, but definitely summer. So it's sad to see it come to the Ed come to an end, but I'm excited to talk about the crazy finale that we had and everything leading up to it. Yeah, goodbye summer Steve. Hello. Follow Fessel. It's coming just you way people who fly. The leaves flipped. They change colors without even realizing it. I'm so happy to bring in this gas because I feel like it wouldn't be a season of the AP BNB without bringing this guy on near the end. You've heard him every week on Fridays. We're a bit late with our updates this week or happy to have him on regardless how you doing. I'm doing good man as me summer Steve is over, which means my podcasting career will be temporarily on Jatta until the next big brother season. I couldn't think of a better odd cast to be a part of the BBB finale. Can you describe the brick walls that are behind you as you podcast? Because mine's a nice day. You know, very order like gray. The brick walls behind me are yellow because that's the road I'm gonna take out later. Well, actually big brother's gonna be back sooner. You know? I mean, well, sooner than the summer hashtag summer of, I don't know Stacey, her whatever. We're going to have next summer because celebrity big brother is back which I am super pumped for. I mean, I think that a lot of us cat Assad coming, but it's nice to have it officially announced and coming back for shore. Yeah, winter of Winston come so slippery brother. Those odd cats reprieve second because I know that terrain was mightily offended by them, poking fun at his profession of choice. Wouldn't you guys think of that? I just feel like intrude big brother, twenty fashion where their definition of technology was murky at best. I think it was the perfect capper at the end of the season to have them to find a podcast as sort of a livestream sort of like a YouTube how to video sort of a hostage video from Angela's like trip to Guantanamo Bay. Apparently. I'd really seems like they didn't necessarily know what aesthetic ever going for here. No, they couldn't decide they had a little bit. Everything like Scotty had the twitch stream thing. Go and Haley had the Instagram live for like frame going. So it was kind of couldn't decide which direction to take it, and it wasn't. Everyone wasn't a podcast, I sure it's all some of them look more like a broad Cadillac news broadcast looked like he was in a news broadcast. I did like the competition. The ultimately it was funny for me and it was fun to see who's going to be what I think Terron was really triggered when Scotty got that twitch one though. Yeah, exactly. Hit him. Weird hurts. So I actually loved it because it just fit with the big brother doesn't really understand technology theme, which was really ultimately the theme of the summer. It wasn't big brother, you know, meets technology. It was like, big brother doesn't understand technology, right? So. I love it. I mean, big brother was essentially the grandparent that calls every week to be like, how do I turn on the cable box? What's what's an like that was essentially big brother the entire season. So I was totally happy with. They're very much living in like this Sam space of, you know, after too, and it comes to technology. Yeah, right. I was actually kind of hoping for the new, your parents like hold the camera too close to their fate to your face to their faces. I was just like sort of their eyes and then half the ceiling is the other half of the screen because that's sort of what you see. I was expecting one of those, but I was pretty happy. I mean, and they were so stupid. And it's so funny to watch them, try to act like Angela was so clearly reading some type of teleprompter cue cards, like see her eyes scanning back and forth, which then goes back to the fact that she was actually kidnapped. Yes, and I did love my favorite might've been Brett's, like Jim Cramer. Mad money style, which again, to pull point isn't exactly a podcast more of a broadcast, but I just love that. Like to that point on the other side of the enthusiasm spectrum, you have Bret who was screaming, devil level eleven for the entirety of his eighty, something days in the house to have them end. The season on that, I feel very apt and he had the sound effects too. I think that was my favorite part of the sound effect buttons. So it was like parodies sorta not like completely flushed out again, totally fits, but I think two point of actually the content of the competition I liked. It actually wasn't a crap, shoot. I know Terron said he likes that idea, but it was nice. Actually. Finally, the days incorporated into the game. I think it was something that was similar to what we saw in celebrity big brother, the first season this past winter, and I for one appreciate it. I'm very good with those. I really enjoy that. I did enjoy that. They have to, they have to earn it. It's the last one that should be the most important one. And as far as technology and big brother goes, I'm really excited for BB thirty when they bring back the technology, and then there's a veto comp with some kind of book cameo parody going on where old house houseguests will send messages in the got to figure out who said what and who it's about. Exactly. That's when Eric Stein rob takeover as show runners for big brother when they finally get the dual hosting role, let's let's serve a pullback the scope a little bit and focus on not only the finale, but the past few weeks of big brother because you know, it has wrapped and we have a lot to get to. But first into Julie, Chen moon vez style. I want to get your thoughts on not only the past few weeks of twenty, but BB twenty as a whole. Looking back. I don't know if either one of you do season rankings, but I would love to go around the horn and hear what each of you think about the season as a whole and if possible, where they rank, let's start with you. All right. So for me, you know, it's hard to rank. There's twenty of them. I got to think about all twenty. But as far as recent memory goes, let's go with when I first started watching live. So from fifteen to now, I do think this was probably the best one would like BB seventeen. Knock in the door. It was really fun. I drove the pre. Jury stuff was amazing. The jury stuff candidate Peter a little bit, but there were so sparks here and there from me that I enjoyed. And as far as as a podcast feed update or goes, this was my favorite one to cover so far in since nineteen out of the United. I mean, BB nineteen. Celebrity big brother be can't six. Then this out of the four been my favorite one, but it really did remind me how much love enjoying this show and taking it in from both the show angle feeds, angle character angle and the internet on on top of that, you know what? The fun stuff you get outta read it, the fun stuff you get out of Twitter. Ultimately, I loved it also just to make sure that I am safe. I love Tanja tangible best couple we've ever seen. They are the lot of my life and the inspire me to be a tangible as relationship. I think for me also, of course, yes, love to Angela tangles. All hail Tanja. I think that there's a tendency to let the past, you know. Four weeks or whatever of the game where things really started to get boring, just stand out and really like, oh my God. Yeah, see, see this season is no different. It's just as boring as all the other seasons. But I think it was MRs crazy for me to say, but the Rica show on Sunday reminded me like, oh my God, this season was awesome. I think because thinking about on my daughter's birthday, the fight with rocks and Brett was so crazy Caitlyn messing up the puzzle. Like really the first two-thirds of this season were dynamite. I mean, they were just so good and you know, yeah, the end of the game was maybe a little bit more on the boring side, but I still think that they're, you know, JC winning that final four h. o. wage a few curveballs that still make it somewhat exciting. And I think also, you know, some people think that, well, you know, Tyler didn't win, and I can maybe put us our taste in people's mouths. But I think when we look back in the season as a whole. It was awesome. And I agree with we like covering it. I was so excited to do the updates, and I can't really say that about nineteen. Now, I know that that's only one season in comparison, but still I thought it was a ton of a ton of fun. Probably in my top five seasons. For me personally, it'd be recency bias which I will admit. But in the moment, that's how I feel top five baby. I would say, I don't know if it would be top five for me, but I would definitely say top ten, which I guess makes it sort of in the top half of seasons. I mean, just breaking things down this cast, say what you want to Abro strategic accurate. Considering that, I think one side of the house might not necessarily have compared to the other side, you think contributed to what you guys were talking about in terms of the internet's growing apathy towards the latter half of the game, but they all brought something to the table and whether it was ironically or on, ironically, I feel like they each have a story. Be told on the show as well, which you know kudos to only the contestants, the editors for doing that as well, because it's tough to do when you're editing show on the fly and you're like, got to come up with the storyline for Klein's. Now what's Klein's doing? It does really feel like everyone sort of had their moment in the game to point. I mean, those first six weeks of the game were dynamite so many me Mable moments. So many viral moments. I would dare say probably the best pre most entertaining phase out of any big brother season. I do wonder how this season would come across on a rewatch because I do think one of the good things about big brother is that when you're not watching it day by day, there are certain things you can almost fast forward through say, okay, we can push this even BB seventeen, which is also held highly regard of if we're talking about like modern, big brother for using a Mons definition of BB sixteen on BB seventeen sort of held up next to it even be seventeen, I think had. A big sag in the middle with the Jackie, Meg James boots, the when the gremlins ended up going out. And so I feel like I don't know. I might be inclined to say, now that this is our fifth season with this twelve thirteen week format. Do we think that that's just going to always be a natural consequence of the way the game is that you know, I would say that PB seventeen might have had a stronger endgame or the strongest endgame out of this final batch. But the fact that all of these seasons have some report where we're saying, okay, next yada, yada, yada. I wonder if that just means that you know, it's not necessarily the contestants or the game play. It's just the fact that the game is so long that there's naturally going to be these types of weeks where we go through the motions. Yeah, I think that long and there's three episodes week, what edited show or written scripted show could even be that interesting. You know what I mean? I just feel like there's so much content that they have to put out there like. How do you not have some weeks that are going to lag that are going to be boring? And I think you know, maybe this is where the twists come in, try to spice things up and make it a little bit more exciting. But I just think with the sheer number of episodes that they have to get out. I mean, you I, of course it's going to be boring from time to time, and that's why I think, you know so many of us go back to our, we need to go back to the seventy season. I think that that's better. Obviously, I really don't think that that's going to happen. So I think we're just gonna have to sort of get used to these weeks that are a little bit of a law. I will say for me though, as covering it too. Sometimes it's kind of nice to have a low week where you're just like, oh, thank God like I can breathe a little bit. So you know, it is nice. But I do say like feel like on a whole, you do have these laws and its overall probably not that great. Yeah. When it comes to this format of having the ninety days or ninety nine days, if you will, it's important to note that this kind of show a really does end up because the more people leave your leaning on, whoever's left to produce the show now for the remainder the remaining weeks. And while the whole Tyler Tyler is really killing it level six is getting to the end as Liana mentioned, aside from the j. c. hiccup JC Wednesday, HOA age. It was pretty much starting to get clear cut, and that was what kind of killed nineteen was come Friday. We knew who was gonna get nominee we knew who was the replacement new who was going to go out and that really put a damper on everything. Obviously, the internet, we've all gotten together. We've talked about what can be changed. You know there's there was this mean thread that was going around of like you have three wishes for the show. What are they? I saw a lot of people mentioned like add more people and increase, put a double vision there. If you're going to put another double vision in there, and I do think that will help. The fact that the double vision this time round came in, we barely got to be almost didn't think we were going to get one because of the Caitlyn thing. It really does. The end game is worth slows down and it does lean on who's left because seventeen you mentioned. Mike. Then game was pretty pretty fun and we had the Austrians we had Vanessa. We had Johnny Mak. We still have people that we were rooting heavily for some of them, and then for other ones that were just entertaining to see how they were going to crack the end game. So there are these things that it depends on and if it doesn't land the way you wanted to let it does get boring does get stagnant and it is difficult to make a good show out of it at the end. Yeah, I will say the double of fiction. I agree. I think it came super late and we were definitely missing an earlier one w we usually do in the game with sixteen players, especially with a buyback. I don't know. It was. It was run those things where for previous like. For previous, unlike the spectrum of double visions between, you know, okay, we know this person is going to go out and they know they're going out to. We don't know this person's going home and they don't know they're going home like judge vixen and BB fifteen fell towards the latter end of the spectrum because while we knew the plan go against bread, read had no idea. And so I do think there was some entertainment value in that that I think put it above some of the other double of actions that we've seen in recent seasons. But I do agree that I think, you know we're about to get into our preseason predictions and we're gonna talk about basically half the cast. There were seven people left for the final three weeks, which is pretty crazy. I do think that throwing in a double Vic vision, you know, early on the season or even to start off the jury, like they do sometimes is a good way to sort of row things up. I don't know if the producers were figuring like these guys are creating their own frenetic energy. Maybe we don't need to necessarily rock the boat in that regard, but still it's a sturdy boat. You can rock it. A little bit Liana. Yeah, I was thinking about that because most of the twists came in the early part of the game where I feel like you've more characters and you're actually going to have probably more chaos just because you know you've more people to pull from as in terms of content. So I know that this is probably not a popular, but I think it will make the end game, you know, maybe more exciting if that's where the twists come into play. So I don't know if we'll see that. But yeah, it's, I think also it's sort of the combination like you're saying about the combination of the people that were there, but they also sort of get fatigue. I feel like, right. I mean, that's what's going through ratio going through fatigue and getting tired and Angela and like Tyler Tyler is just, you know, things are going well. We can let us foot off the gas, but then also it's just hard to do that for ninety nine days. So you know, I don't know how you necessarily combat that apart from making a shorter season, but it, you know, it's gonna be interesting. I don't think that the format really though is going to change moving forward. So I think we're sort of. We're going to be stuck with this for a while. Yeah. What I would advise is I can understand the double feature that was the survivor from Aaron, big brother, finale, but look on how everything played out. I kind of would've liked a big brother, two hour finale and maybe that's something that I take Vaga by all the final product. But I mean, I think we saw it actually vocalized here for the first time this season about, you know how the finalist felt didn't necessarily have enough time to, you know, vocalized their entire ninety nine day game or how we got essentially the first forty minutes was the final three ram which left us very little time for anything else or the fact that we didn't talk to any pre Jour's in spite of the fact that we had probably one of the biggest reality TV characters the past couple of years in Caitlyn. Fortunately, sit there mute the entire time like her late uncle, Lou grandpa, Lou. It was really, really interesting. Finale bolt between the result and the actually actually it was structured out. Yeah, it was. I think two hours would have been necessary. Maybe even longer rob has mentioned like, I've heard on these podcasts that you know moving the final three h part one part two into the recap episode that way you have room here because it's one of those things where they were privy to the fact that there were some shenanigans or some actions that they wanted to implement consider including the pre jury. So knowing that they I, they rushed these two. I mean, we've talked that we talk about how you know it's thirty nine days on survivor. And the final three get the talk for like two to three hours. And then they edit that down to give us enough to fill in a finale. But then here it's live. It's a final two. They've been there ninety nine days and they each get like minus the pauses in the questions of over like six minutes to really put everything into perspective for these people. It's. Not helpful. It's not going to not ask, and it really does take the wind out of the sails. Like the preacher was a lotta fun Caitlyn speaks for itself, but I wanna to know about Steve. The men looks different now use a major role. Sixty pounds. Yeah, secrets surely was summer Steve. Or lack of Steve? I guess we lost a lot of Steve. We love we lost more. Yeah, we lost a lot of Steve in more ways than one exactly not only on the show. So I a lot of people have been complaining about the way that the finale is always organizing the jury questioning. And I think that this was sort of the straw that broke the camel's back and not to sort of spoil a Casuals corner segment that will be coming later. But the casualties were not happy either. And I think that big brother is gonna get so much pushback on how terrible the finale was. I would hope that then they would do something about it because I agree. I mean, this was just this is worse than normal. I think that every everything just felt so rushed yet we didn't even get started Kaitlan I'm sorry, but they need a reunion. So I'm hoping that this is sort of the precipice of the pendulum swing that will then start to swing back. And now we'll be able to get along either a longer finale or Yelm move part one and part two to the recap show. Although, you know the no one's gonna watch the finale obviously, although that's a risk they're going to have to take. Take, but I just, I think now is the time to do it in preparation for next year. I only hope that CBS followed up on. They're just doing a nice sixty minutes full episode interview with Caitlin, like they did with the sitting presidents. Exactly. She totally deserves the exact same treatment. Totally. So let's let's move away from the macro. Talk in more into the micro talk. As I mentioned before, we're gonna go over mentally a bunch of preseason predictions. Talk with someone who's accused of having something micro. I didn't even realize that in saying it, but we're going to go through our preseason predictions for the final seven, Leon, I know you have some other stuff prepared as well as usual. You are the arbiter, but before we get to that, just so I can clarify, I have done nothing to anger. Any of your favorite big brother players? Right? I haven't. I haven't mocked them in any way just making sure. No, no, Mike. And I gotta say, this is the fourth time making an appearance on the BNB, but only the second time I've seen you or talk to you and the last time I did feel like we got off on the wrong foot with the Malcolm kerfuffle as I like to call it. So you are forgiven pardoned, this is a best of seven and the odds being your favor. We'll see. We'll see if it's close as Casey and Tyler. If it says lopsided, as I dunno, Adam adamant Abe of Reiner a baller from big brother. Go to. I don't know why was thinking of a six to say boogieing Eric to there were a lot of six to one votes early on in big brother, not so much lately, but let's get down to it. We'll start with from seventh place Liana. Let's go to you. What did you have to say about Haley? Miss seventh-place preseason? I'm BB twenty. All right. Start off strong. I had Haley making the jury and for her I wrote, she will be shocking comp beasts slash winner. We will see a confessional of her on premier nights, the ink. She felt butterflies looking at Bessie new. And comic book name idea was the blonde bombshell, just so creative. I know I mean, to be fair, you were kind of, I think, thinking along the same lines as the comic people, because I think now that we've actually seen the comics firsthand biddable wont womb in terms of the comments for BB twenty. Yeah, they were really, really dropped the ball here, especially after the blockbuster, that was revenge and all the stuff that went in there last year I feel like they really lacked. I mean, they added the letter t on Winston's name that was his Brett was some Efe cake, which I feel like, you know, with all the other diamonds that bread has given them, they could have done better. I was overall under well, yet. I'm looking at right now having one shows hilly was slam wit. So. Which sounds like sounds like an off brand Denny's menu item. Yeah. A slam l- it is the grits part of the grand slam. It's like the Cuban for the kids. You get the slam lit all that's so cute. Oh my God. Okay. Let's call up Denny's after this and see if we can market this idea. You know, I have Denny's on speed dial, let's face it. All right. So I'll go with my prediction for Taylor here. I also had Haley making the jury. I said she would wear a costume. She would be surprised. Beast in endurance calms she would not be the first to hook up, but the first to get a definitive showman's said her closest closest ally would be Sam woops. And I sent her superhero name would be quote something to do with the costume. She wears girl God damn, who am I. God, what. Mike, this anew, Mike, where see. Ghost rider come in this. Oh my God. I thought this was a slam dunk after Liana mentioned the festive thing. But I think after that last bit with the costume, I think Mike, you're getting point here. You're getting point number one. All right, good star. Good. Start much like Haley's game abo-. It falls apart. Very soon if I get Google is for another prediction here, speaking of which let's move on to the man of the micro our let's talk about Brett's all start with Brett here. So I actually, I had Brett going preacher. Jury. I said that Brett will be the first person ago shirtless he'll be the person to campaign the most to be on the bold and the beautiful. He'll win at least one veto while he's on the block. Wow. I really like that. I said, its closest ally would be Rachel, and I think his superhero name would be captain cyber or the hack slugging slasher frenzies because he thinks people will be shipping him with others and. He's not my what the hell are. Here's what I had for bread. Although I did have him making jury. I thought he was going to be a total douche bro the entire season and all of my predictions match that. Twitter will unearth something offensive. He said in the past roofing, cyber-security skills aren't all that. You'll be one half of a dish bro fight in the big brother house, but more Polly, less Matt Klein's. We'll have a confessional of him on premiere night saying how attractive Bailey is and who I. Yeah, I know I'm blowing it because you want to you to ship BNB Leon. I think it's just naturally part of your DNA conscious, obviously. And then for comic book name idea, I put the hacker tracker. I also don't know what that me. Keeper? Yeah. 'cause he's too. Oh, my God spill supplies. He is. Okay. Puja sill obviously who had the prediction Leon, if you had to guess I think you'd get it right, but let's go through them in depth. So like Yuliana I thought it was gonna be our douche bro. This season. Definitely nothing. He did preseason jumped off the page similar to how we all thought Winston was going to be an amazing winter, right where we were just off on it. I ended up loving Brett, but my you get this point because of the shirtless thing because of the winning veto even the Rachel wasn't his closest ally. Rachel was in his alliance. I'll give you that. And both of you were off on the comic names, but I really can't fault you because these comic names, where was the beefcake. So. I can't remember. I think he's either on the bold and the beautiful or the young and the restless Tyler that was shot in the dark that I was able to connect on like seriously. That's amazing. Yeah, him and Tyler apparently going to be on the bold and the beautiful. So congratulations. Mike. Okay. Really, I'm really excited to see what what that's going to be just because like I think the people get what like one or two lines episodes. So the maybe it'll be like surf Bros. But I wonder what sort of like, because I think wasn't Josh, like a caterer serving Meatball last year. What reference do you think they're going to make? Could Brett be like he'll be in the clinic being like, I've got a case of anal lice, I dunno gotta get rid of it. Dr. I had a picture it as Dale dancers, but that could have been a dream. I have the other day. Yeah. No, I think I definitely think it's going to be like the surfer bro, like type. I just because Tyler like what else do you cast Tyler as you know what I mean? Like I know, right? It's a soap. Operas reality is maybe not a thing that they truly strive for, but still feel like you have to go. Tyler is the surfer bro. I feel I Tyler will be some either clown at a birthday party or a gardener, or plumber or pizza delivery. Boy, that would be great. And then I do think operas, are you watching that have pizza deliveryman in the bland, the beautiful they've been going on forever. They're going to run out ideas of. I like as maybe he likes truly finally lives up to his carrot top comparison that I think of us had preseason. My name's turnip head. Some props, and that's his one line as long as he just like weird bug out is then I'll be happy. Okay. All right. Let's go to. Let's go. Let's go to Sam e one. Sam. All right here comes meet our right. I had Sam making jury, and here's what I said. Although she'll never understand big brother. She will be a lovable character because. She quote brings her own sunshine, and she will also have a mazing quotes. And then I have example from her preseason content quote, you could be a preacher or hairdresser, but hairdressers have more fun, wholesome, Sam. Okay. Then I also said, she'll just chill in the house. Vying her good social game until she's a victim of the double vision because she's an easy target. And then for her comic book name idea, I put Sammy the solder like Rosie, the Riveter, but she's a welder. She sews it. You're actually pretty close because she just though welder. Right. Take it. So, yeah, I think this one's going in your corner, but we'll see. I had Sam also making the jury. I said that she'll get named by Julie as a top vote getter for AFP or af h, but not get it. People will think she's not what she seems like how they thought Kevin was a cop or Donnie was an army commando and she'll win at least one mental competition. I set her closest ally would be Caitlin with her superhero name would be slammed SAMA. That's very Marissa lamb town ish. Maybe she's the mayor s of slam down. I like herb stop you. John Hennigan. Perfect. I think the the Kaitlyn is her closest ally, you know, obviously, really killing it. There. This is law of averages. I have one really bad prediction, so it's finally come back to me, what do you say? Well, I love that you that triangle of Caitlyn Hailey and Sam. You said they're all going to be close allies. So that was that was a nice cookie to find here. I gotta give it to Liana Liana mentioned that she's never going to get big brother kudos jury, kudos lovable character big strike like some people love her. So I can't fault them for that. She did give us a mazing quotes not in a lovable way, but in a home, my God, she might kill someone way. So that was fun too. Pretty much the same thing. Lovable murderer same same. Same same? Yeah. And like your comic was closer. So Liana you get this one hands on. Nice. All right. Let's go to Angela here so I can ask what's wrong with our Angela predictions. All started here. I had Angela making the jury. I said that she would become a perennial nominee in the initial stages of the game. I said the internet will coin her. The resident mean girl of the season. I said she would try to get an all girls alliance going at some point. I said, the women, she'll be the woman to win the most vetoes this season, which was not definitely not sure that I said her closest ally would be Casey, and I had her superhero name the pole. Vaulting pulverize are that's kind of fun. I like that. You know, Angela was super good competitor. So I think you know, it would've been like, oh, yeah, like she won a lot of calms, but just in a season where Casey literally tied the records, this. Look as great. Okay. So I had Angela also making the jury, and I said she was going to be middle of the road character and personality out a second. Juror boring. Oh, so boring. Her comic book name idea was the vixen vaulter or big brother forgot to make our comic because she's so boring. That would be really interesting if she's like, you know how you lost because he was running around looking for Rockstars name when rockstar was there the entire time. Like imagine everyone looking for Angela like, where is she forgot to make a comic for her one day, they'll drop the ball and something he just won't get one. I'd be okay with that. This is this is close gang. This really is close. I mean, you know, Mike, you nailed the head on the internet mean girl, although it was like the first half by the second have no one thought about anymore. She lovable and we love Tanja. We love them. More than Vegas for sure. I don't know if that was possible, but like I now genuflect to their alter. Yeah, me too me too. They made me believe in love again. It's important to me, I guess more just to keep the. Cover our bases gang. Got enough. Do that. The pole vaulter stuff also good Liana though you did hit home with the so boring. So boring. So boring, although she did smell stuff and that was pretty cool. So she has heightened power of scent, so you're wrong there. I got to give it to Mike. Sorry, darn. I will say that smelling segment was like my favorite segment of Angela hands down. Have I talked about this already? I just love that segment so much. It was. It was the only intro segment. So, yeah. House of your favorite. No, I don't know you guys are such tangible support. You would put that above Tyler Angeles, mutual secret that they love each other. Oh, it's crazy. We secret. Man. That's going to be. That's going to be turnip heads storyline in the bold and the beautiful. He's like, wait a minute. I gotta stop my act, beautiful woman in the audience. I have a secret. Do you know what it is? Man. I was actually really sad with many likes the dire, although I guess it was. He said, I guess I'm in love or something like that. Very couched. Romantic, let her know she was the lampshade on another couch now, right. Yeah, the couch one. Okay. Really. We're not to the couch yet, but let's go with quite an interesting character quite the opposite from furniture. Let's get to j. c. so Liana. How did you think JC j. c. I wrote about this in my parade article. I think he is by far I think maybe since Joshi's definitely defied preseason expectations across the board with the internet populist, but how did you feel JC was gonna do preseason. All right. So I said he was gonna make the jury. He was going to be the first person to go streaking in the house. He was gonna win the wall Cup foreshore. Sam, Sam has a word with you because she's pissed off that he did not win the wall. At least we got that like really great gift of him falling off where you still in the lake sort of starfish shape that was truly wonderful. I also said that he was going to be a diary room yeller. And his comic book name was the master of minions. When that was the, that was the most effective thing about JC. Can those true salad this right. Ripe before JC was giving the house the opposite of salad. I also had JC making the jury sort appears. If you and I were higher on him than I think a lot of the other people in the big brother populace. I said he would wear at least one costumer. He's dressed up like a leprechaun or an elf. I said he'll get an entire segment about how nobody knows what he's saying, which I ended up being multiple segments. I said he'll be part of a fake alliance at the other person has no intention of sticking to. His closest allies will be Bailey in his superhero name will be the fancy dancer and his minion. Closer fans and dance. I got a saline on coming into this. I thought this is another season of Mike just getting pummeled in predictions. But with this one, the fact that the fake alliance thing was there. The fact that no one knows what he's going to say was there the Bailey thing not really on par, but not gonna fault you on that and then the fancy dancer wouldn't have got it. But then you had you had the minions in there of that negates Leon us Qasim. So Mike, you win this one. If I'm correct mathematically you got four. So you win. Wow, I win the finale pockets. I don't remember how we really other predictions, but it feels good to get a rare victory once in a while, I feel like I'm Jay c beating the other three members of six game, they know so well, yes. While this are being season had a better ending, brother, twenty. I'm so sad. Well, that's all right. I think it was bound to happen. You know, statistically obviously. Oh, wait. I mean, I threw it. I threw it through it. Don't do that. That's gonna make some people very upset when they say interviews that you through. As I know, first hand. I'm just pulling a page out of Scotties book. This is my revisionist history British for short the predictions. Absolutely. Yeah, it makes sense. Totally totally makes sense. Let's let's let's go to Scotties best friend here. Let's get to Tyler all start with Tyler here because I'm so close. I had Tyler as my winner pick so close one vote away from that noise Leon, I think I'm gonna think I'm gonna make an assumption here that you also had Tyler Tyler. Winter pick on twenty. Twin stones. Twits tins. So we'll see who's more correct on her inaccurate predictions here. I said, Tyler will get a non crippling injury in the first half of the game. I said he'll have one shirt that becomes feed famous for wearing it for a significant amount of time without washing it a lot Judd's bear shirt. I said he'll get deep queued from at least one challenge for not following the rules. I said, his closest ally was Scotty and his superhero name was the rolling tide. Oh, okay. Roll tide. So mine was, yeah, that was like sort of, but not really, I think minus similar. So good luck puja. So I said that even though Tyler moves like an animatronic robot from Chucky cheese, his calming presence will win over the houseguests. He wins just enough calms to save himself and saying control, but not enough to come off as a total copies. But then I said he'll have a mediocre strategic game because quote, he fell off a pool slide when he was a kid and died kinda. For his comic book name idea. I put the Sowa vase. Surfer. So what do you think? I think his comic presence and winning enough calms you got those two mediocre strategy, hobbies, one of stronger Seuss actually. But this is where this is the Mike. I know in love in his this prediction, the non crippling injury that he made up and the feed famous. Sure. Like you went all out Mike, but this shows that you should stick with the other the basic stuff because Liana gets this permit. See my too much detail gotta be basic bitch. I mean to be fair, I guess I close to the shirt was the band. He kept wearing. Another house gets also wore them at the same. The one article of clothing. He was famous for well, NTV heat did not wear a shirt, particularly often not enough for it to become my conic skin feet, famous. Thank you for splitting straighten hairs as it were. But let's let's. It to it. Let's get to our winter winter chicken dinner here, miss Casey Clark. Liana. How did you think Casey was gonna? Do I said Casey was going to make jury, and she is going to sleep until jury. And this she said preseason, she would quote take her Derek to the end. So she will be. K. stupid loyalty all season long, which will annoy the shit out of me. And then for comic with name idea, I wrote something generic stupid. Give up ran out of time or just. That's great. Basically spent the equivalent of like ninety nine days in the house writing these who want to see them just sitting around at the end like I can't wait for this to be over. This is going to be a w in your column no matter what, especially because I had Casey going previously. I said, she'll get the least amount of confessionals out of all houseguests said she'll finish in the top two of at least one endurance comp, I guess if you count the final choice part one that visits. She'll get nominated as a pawn, only get blindsided or closest ally. We'll be Angela and her superhero name will be gridiron girl. That's actually better than I think, probably whatever they came up with her. It was a healthy. Hours? Yeah. All right. Well, you know, just the cap off this season. It kinda ended up being the same Leon, a, you get this one and you lose by four to three and you were probably the Goliath, but the David one case he was the David and Goliath. So congratulations. Casey. I mean, Mike, you on this one. Yeah, I got to pick the games that we were playing the route that we took and I was able to prevail. My bread prediction was like solving a slide puzzle in eight seconds has truly are David Bloom. Oh man. Okay. Well, let's move on from that because I lost and let's move to something else that I was really terrible at which we're the superlative. I went back and religion to support lives that we might you. And I talked about at the very beginning of the season, and let's go through some of the answers that we put for our superlatives. So are you ready to be wrong some more? Absolutely those back during the naive areas where you didn't even know what a group of baseball players were called. That's yes. Baseball players? Yes. My truly have learned so much over the course of the season, how to spell analyze. How to climb a rock wall how to say Yata. It's just stuck on a rock wall. Out to come up with a really rousing song about my best friend and his micro penis. So it's really an educational summer for us. All. So let's cap this off by talking about our superlatives. So for most likely to misspell a word, might you really knocked out of the park here? You said Brett, which that'd be like eight falls under that category because we, we didn't get a spelling competition outside of that unscrambling hacker com. So I guess that's the only thing we can go off unless you like j. c. just miss mainly managing pronunciations of words, right? That's misspelled pronounce. But I said, Fethi. So I'm really sad now that we didn't get the spelling competition really feel like that one. Okay. Harshest burn from Zing Botts. I said, Haley which she did. She get a burn from Zing, but. Let's let's remember just to make sure that they all got, you know she was in the house when she did. Let's see Haley God you were so get reading hamlet, but the real Shakespearean tragedy was your h. o. h. rain. All right. Well, this one, you know, this is a competition, but making it one because Mike said Rachel and shouldn't even get one. So feel like got the. Feel like she got, she got the worst burn from the comic book competition, it's starting to dance or might be the most nonsensical comic book character. I've seen in both internet a big brother, absolutely. No sense. And of course me trying to ascribe a meeting to it spent so long trying to figure it out like, no, what does it mean? This is like, you know, the kid trying to write a book report on the sentence of the door was red and the curtains were white, like, all right. So what's the red door mean? When really there's like no meaning to it at all. Anyway, my life. Okay. It's dance a sword, not date. Kartli on. Yeah. No, no one being hoisted by their own petard in this big brother season, so. Okay. For wearing it wasn't. The Petar was not a costume. Someone had to wear. Was to see my Patil. Yeah. And then that becomes their comic book because we all know on the punishment comic book names, I think we, we have a lot of ideas. Mike, we really get a start right in these down. All right. So for wearing a costume, the petard costume if you will, I said, swaggie, see. But Mike, you said rockstar, and I think she did get a punishment costume. Yeah. Although I think everyone else punished by having to wear swaggie shirts the entire season. That's true, which I feel like then that's like super beta encounter five points in this made up games like twenty points now. Okay. Most likely to bang pots and pans. Mike. Steam. Steve was around the pots and pans out. So quick like. Me. The reasoning was that you thought he would do it in an away to try and get bats and be pissed on getting back. That's that's what your reasoning was. I listened to this podcast. It was interesting also before you move forward. This is also around the same part in the podcast where Mike pitched this idea that he's got, I hope patented by now the smart call unders come. Again at it's the long list of great v. Oh man. Okay. Most likely to be a bitter juror Mike, you said Caitlyn an is faily. So I feel like I get the win there because Bailey was early on the jer. Slim margin though. I also think some could argue that like, oh, it was some people say, oh, as Bailey's vote that you know, one of the game much like same as Cody that one Paul's, but I think there's an argument in their tail and holds water, and that's Mark colander exactly. Isn't flow through the holes. Okay. Most likely to pander to the cameras, which I don't think we saw a lot of camera during. I don't know if that was because big brother would cut away if anybody ever tried to do it. Do we do? We count like the pin wall where they're putting their Instagram handles. Yeah. Yeah, I think that totally counts. Well, then, Mike, you might get this one because you said Fethi and I know he did put up some festive fitness things up there. He also shattered it shattered out in his victory speech as well. Exactly. He's got those bracelets. I said, Angela. For some reason she has an SE store. Oh, yes, that's right. That was your reason for business. Yeah, that's too bad. Those really amidst opportunity Angeles. You should've done more about the business. She was able to craft a love for herself in the course of the game is not the best craft to say. Don't listen to that part by the way. True. True. Artisan being able to build up love within the big brother house. All right. So most likely to eat cereal and be purple. We both said Winston, although Mike, you did add KC of course because apparently Mike had hit of before the season started and was able to predict all of these. I can't imagine Winston being purple and eating cereal. Just eating cereal calmly. Oh, no. Considering I can't remember what who's eviction it was, but when he was just like angrily drinking coffee in the kitchen new just looked so mad. Oh my God. Rice checks are soggy. There's no fruit loops. Okay. And then finally, most likely to be d- are yeller I said, Haley and Bailey. This is me just like sort of covering my bases. Like if I say everyone it'll be okay. And Mike, you said JC. Oh, I went off of your prediction for. AC not even consistent again, maybe just trying to cover my basis. But yes. So those are predictions some spot on, like most likely, bang pots and pans, some not so spot on, like most likely pots pans. All around a lot of fun to look back at sea air boy. Of bed tastic well, let's let's finish up our like requisite stuff on the BNB here. Liana. Did you have any BB BNC breaking news coverage from our post. Finale shenanigans. Sort of wrap up fig rather twenty. Yeah. So well, one, I had Tyler and Brett we're going to be on the bulletin beautiful. So obviously, if you're interested look out for that, the one thing though I did want to mention and this is super bizarre. Describe what happened. So as soon as the contestants were out of the big brother house there, obviously given their phones, it's back and Bessie was responding to a comment on his Instagram page it. It was a Haley STAN account. Vesey responded Haley, pick up my call, whereas Denny's. She was like, oh, you're, you're, you're slam. Let's getting. Yeah, you're getting cold. So I think he thought it was really Haley. Somebody like Bessie that isn't Haley. And then that's Dan account was like SEM not Haley. Oh my God. He is. He's going to be in for a world of hurt if he gets duped by one fan cow, considering how many fan accounts are out there in the big brother community, he's going to be like, Tyler. Why are you saying these things. Exactly. So he's got some lessons to learn. I saw this on read it so credit credit to read it. No. The top comet was if it walks like a Haley in tweets, like Haley, then it's gotta be a alias. Truly beautiful. Thank you for that. Wonderful. Delightful. Vesey just entertaining. In my opinion, from beginning to end he was he's really been the star of the BBC with all the festive fitness stuff. So I'm excited to see what he does. I think he he was also able to poke fun at himself though. I remember it, wasn't there a picture of like level six plus Caitlyn fifty settling. You flipped. Yeah, and he was at the party, the wrap party he was there. There was some videos of somebody yelling, fussy who flipped Ono who flipped. So which I think we saw when he got a victim like he's to have a really good sense of humor about himself about all their mess ups and screw up. So I think it's gonna be excited exciting to see what happens with the future of ESI fitness going to be keeping a close eye on that. But in terms of everything I have right now, that's all I got for the BBB and see. We've got the recording this actually on the big reality TV bash weekend in me which features most of the big brother twenty cast. You have any bold predictions as to how things are going to go for the cast that literally just left the house in the city. Do you have any beautiful predictions of what's Kappen. All right. So. Okay. Okay. Bolt predictions. I think one of them will lose their phone. Someone's losing a phone this, no, this this trip is not going to go by without someone having to get a whole new phone altogether. And if I put money on it, I'm gonna put it on j. c. losing his. And then as far as beautiful predictions, Tyler Angela are going to light up the entire city with your tangible Boehner. All right. Hey, it's not mine worship. It's a collective share. We all love them. We all have a collective Boehner. Yeah. Figure out a portmanteau for Tandel in Boehner, but it's over now. Oh, no. Angel owner, toner Gillette. Oh, man, yeah. Owner sounds like a like a bad, like off brand fruit that you the the back corner of the store. With your slam lit, you can get a site of handle on owner. I don't know if I trust that it's pretty not in season at all season just ended. Well, we couldn't do a bean see without doing one last visit to our corner of fan fiction. So I have one more little piece of fan fiction because you wouldn't be able to appear on the BB BNB without getting to hear some of this is one by Heke ING. RAD that I saw a couple of weeks ago when I was preparing for the previous alley Lascher, but actually found it applies much more here because this is cold flooded thoughts, and it's a cross romance between Bailey and Tyler. And I feel like considering the way things turned out, it's very apt for this occasion, hit me with it, man. I completely forgot. This was gonna happen on really excited and happy to have an ashtec's shocker for you here on the on the bean beef Bonaly. All right. Here we go. Barely lied in her h bed staring up at the ceiling you how this week was going to go. The high of was dwindling down fast for swaggie than Caitlyn rockstar Fessel and Scotty. Okay. So I guess this is an alternate universe in more ways than one where Bailey was the one who survived at the high massacre and now it was only her and Haley battling for the big brother crown and with Bailey as reigning HOA age. They can make a game altering decision. It was no question about who should be target. It should be the main leader of the other side of the house Tyler. The only one in the house winning comes left to right the only one in the house playing an obvious puppet master. The only one in the house that everyone could agree would most likely win. The big brother crown, but something in her wouldn't let her make that move? What was it? Why was it there? She knew what moves she had to make to win, but she let herself through that for the past few weeks. She in Tyler had grown closer after. Swaggie him ruined her name in the house. The Wiki left Tyler was right by her side, comforting her swaggie tried bragging to the whole house. About how quote unquote easy she was and how good she was in bed. Of course, none of that was true. She hit only kissed once the got victims. She was distraught and confused Intel. There was right by her side stroking her back and whispering comforting words into her ear while she'll never know why Tyler comforter her that day. She does know that it changed for outlook on him completely ever since then they got an insanely close. They did almost everything together. They would swim together, spend countless hours talking sleep in the same bed and hell. Sometimes they would eat off the same plate. Considering what I heard about Bailey's story with brenten the burrito, isn't that something that she likes to do just like sniff and take other people's food. She just knew that he was her best friend in the house. Everyone could tell everyone pointed it out and you're maybe there were stronger feelings for him than she led on. Maybe there was something romantic hidden behind the scenes, but she knew that it would never happen. Tyler was focused on the game. His mind was dead set on that half a million and nothing she could do change. That wasn't just a player came to win. And with every competition only got clearer. He wasn't there to mess around to get into a show, Mance. He wasn't there for her who knows how long she laid in that bed, who knows how long he thought about an she'd saw about her nominations. She just knows that every thought she'd have about the game always came around Tyler, just Tyler. Billy's is flashed open, losing her train of thought as she looked towards the screen that showed the front of her h room door and there as one would guess is the boy himself. Tyler Crispin Bailey rolls herself off the bed and fix the wrinkle in her shirt, walking towards the door and opening it her heartbeat lightly against chest as she opened to reveal the curly haired boy, her heart flutter for him, hey, he said is she greeted him and moved assigned to let her in just came to hang out, then you're going wild out there. He said on the bed, leaning against the headboard and watch Bailey. I should close the door. What do you mean as she cocked her head to the side and asked him sitting on the bed next to him. You know, he said, as she leans her head on his shoulder, his head on top of hers, just being generally annoying God, what do you do now? She laughed everybody in the house dislike JC, especially after what he did to Tyler and Hayley. Tyler brushes hand against hers on on their knees as he spoke to her, making her heartbeat harder and her chest. Oh, you know, aiding hot food and ice cream. Even though he's have not getting mad when people call him out for it. Bailey roller is last fucking j. c. I swear. I just want him gone at this point. She could feel Tyler races head off hers and turn his head towards her as he asked how you do with Nov. You're not stressing out right? They closed her eyes inside as she lifted her head off of Hayes and put it into her hands as she sat up from her position laying against the headboard I don't. I don't know what Ty I know one JC out, but him being out, doesn't benefit my game at all. I know I should be targeting someone big like Angela, but I know you're allied with her Abbott, put her up as a pond by, no, that she take it the wrong way and probably put me up when she gets h wage. Tyler, put his hand on her back and rub it up and down as she continued like I would consider putting you up upon since I know you would entice. Get me and you would most likely not go home, but if you did, I would be so distraught and like confused and she'll let it a heavy grown, rubbing her face, dressed Tyler, slung his arm over her shoulder and hunter, close his chest, pulling the two back to lay down their heads on the pillows, her head in his chest and his arm around her neck, rubbing her shoulder with his thumb. Please don't stress yourself out over this. Everything's gonna be okay. You can trust me want me to talk to Angelo about her being upon I will. He said in a soft voice, she could feel the genuine, genuine knee genuine ity in his voice, it lull Turin more and more the more they talked and she looked at him with a gentle smile and smile back in the same way. I really appreciate that tie. She said she buried her face into his chest and hugged him closer to her. She always felt safe around him. She knew she could go to him for anything and everything. He was her rider. By her number one, not even Haley or last alliance member was above Tyler. She trusted Tyler with not only her game, but her life is well evening Tyler with the same. Right. You would be right tunnel. Title he would ever meet someone like Bailey, all his life. Girls would play him. They use them for a few months and then drop and like he was nothing. Girls would use them as rebounds, they would cheat on him. They would mentally abuse him over the years. He made himself belief. You wasn't worth being loved. Being in the big brother house didn't help that the whole game is about lying and playing others. He told himself nobody could be his friend, let alone a romantic partner apparently was different billing me, feel safe. Genuinely safe, felt like she was someone he wanted to take with him as entire life if wanted her to be his is heart pounded ESI held her close to him his space, probably flushing read it was smitten for her any dreamed how she felt that she felt the same for him. They would brush hands share Bez and cuddle all the time. There was no way he cannot feel these feelings for her. She was genuine, may Tyler feel loved and safe. He couldn't help how we fell for her. He wanted her to. Stay as much as he wanted to win big brother season twenty. He was rooting for Bailey. One hundred percent of the time. She was so much more than half a million in his eyes. She was priceless. She deserved the world and so much more as he lied there with her. He felt like he was back home. It was familiar and warm and he wanted to stay there for ever. He didn't wanna show Mance with her. He wanted something real, something genuine, something like that was rare in the big brother show with everything that has happened in his romantic life. He he really hope that if anything happened between Bailey and him, it would be real in forever. So they both lie there with pounding hearts and flooding minds. Wondering if the other felt the same. The ban. Oh, I know, but, but now what. Literary blue balls. Visit a medical term for that. You should listen to the. The Notre Mike. This. This was this was a passionate, one. Wait, I'm get views. What did JC due to Tyler and Hayley, I think that's room for a sequel prequel to what happened with Tyler and Hayley that JC was trying to get between them like you did with Tyler and Angela or might be doing with Tyler and Bailey. But yeah, there's, that's. That's something that goes on spoken of apparently. Also, I think the should consider pitching this to MasterCard. She's priceless. Three h h wins, seventy dollars America's favorite prize. Five thousand dollars spooning with baileigh priceless that that accent than pression role. Good. Mike, I think one of your best. Better than the Scotty versus Brett. The morph into a Brent one, though, kind of job. I was gonna say that that was my thing was a pointed, sounded like Brett appointed sounded like that drunk yelling guy from the Simpsons. So it was a little bit of everything. So it's been of a treats Trump Barney. Yeah, Barney, yes. That's the one. Overruled. Bart. All right, that's fine. Hopefully we'll have if not survivor fan fiction. Definitely some more big brother fan fiction dip into future BNB so we can do more cross comparisons as to what my voices sound like, but thank you hitting RAD for giving me permission to read this as all the other fan fiction writers giving us plenty to pore through. Again, this is part of the big brother, thank community. I did not know existed until doing this BNB ended. His been a delight to read them, hopefully as much of a delight for you to listen to them. Yes. Okay. Sorry, I was. I was thinking about the story, Mike, sue me. Actually before we before we move on, I want to speak not about Tyler and Bailey, but I will say, you know, I was happy to talk with the final three the day after everything happened. I think what I was genuinely most surprised with with Tyler was not only how sincere he was about, like the mistakes he made in the game. But you know, Terry makes this point that Tyler sort of played on people's emotions rather than their logic. And I think that's just because from what I perceived, how a very emotional person to the point of where as bluetooth before he told me that not only did he throw the final four veto. But if he was in the final three with Casey and Angela, he would throw the final h. o. age because he wouldn't want to make a decision between, you know, his best friend and his show Mance, which, again, I don't know if that speaks towards necessarily his strategic accurate, but I at least was a bit surprise as to how outwardly emotional Tyler admitted. He played his game. What do you feel about that? I feel like I'm. I'm not really shocked to be honest, we, you just pointed highlighted and we've seen him do it all season where he is a guy who feels, and the reason others felt close to or felt like they could trust them was because he, he emanates that that's what people get from him. Also for me, the other factors, maybe this is another one of those things where if this season we talk about how being the big brother house with people, these relationships are getting you're getting closer and closer to people by the second, you're with them literally every second of every day, if it was three weeks, shorter, would he be feeling the same way? I don't know. Maybe most likely, but that's another factor for me that I would have to consider is that that's three extra weeks with less people less game on his mind and more just, you know, farming these relationships and getting closer with Angela, getting closer with Casey, like we made it all the way. This far he's an emotional guy. I understand him from that point. I feel like I'm kind of similar in that sense, but. Ultimately, I can't really fault him because he got trapped into this thing that he had made. He closely before game ended up being more than game to him. Yeah, I agree. I co-signed I think that totally makes sense. I think he is just inherent in his inherently personality is one that is so emotional. And so the fact that he's sort of played in a motion game. I mean, I think there are so few people that can play a different game than who they actually are as people. You know what I mean? I think that and that's why like a lot of the strong players are a little bit more cutthroat in their own personalities also. And so I think for him, like his strength was the emotional game, but then he sort of LAX's ability to then step back and think strategically and put emotion to the side because he's just so entrenched in how he feels. And I think that's why you know you couldn't see him, maybe make some of the harder decisions or people at certain places. And that's why you know we talk about, oh, why did he take Casey so long while men now kind of makes sense? Right. He was just so emotionally tied to her that he could never make that cut even though we all wanted him to, and we saw him. Strategic player. Really. He was more of an emotional Blair. I thought it was interesting just because you know, when Dan tweeted out right out for the finale of like, oh, you know, the muck Iavelli and strategy players that they're not able to win brother anymore. I feel like that's a different conversation, but I feel like from what we're saying, I don't think you can put Tyler in that boat. You know, I feel like he made moves, but I feel like it's a different category than you know, triple d. Dan Dr will and Derrick doing which was more social manipulation than Tyler, who just seemed like he genuinely got along with everybody and was able to utilize that trip to the. Yeah, it's one of those because that's the thing we're Tyler to. It's like when you get close to people like that, it burns more hurts more like we're talking about how you know the Liana mentally more cutthroat people. You see them, they're just game. It's all game. If Tyler stands up, it was all game. They're not gonna feel that way. Because of the close connections, he's mate. And then also these are not just game moves for him because obviously he felt close enough to KC and Angela that he just couldn't put himself in a Sophie's choice situation where you had to pick one of them. He couldn't do it. He couldn't stand up there. Look them in the eye and do that. So I don't think he's in the same league in that sense. I'm getting comparisons to like the mom archetype, right? Like emotional connections, and you use those emotional connections, you know, they're genuine, but you still have to play the game. This is just the sort of surfer bro male version of that archetype, I think which actually that's super cool to think about it right, because now it's how do we, oh my God. Do we think that we okay. Sorry, I'm having lots of thoughts that are all happening at once and it's kinda like a fireworks explosion to my brain. Okay. So do we think that as a community, like which game do we say we value more? I feel like I hear people talking more about like how good Tyler's game is, but like what? If it is super sim. To sort of like mom archetype game, but we're not valuing them because of gender inequality disparities. Oh, my God. Wow. I feel woke right now. So so woke. So woke Jesse from big brother, Canada, six is smiling right now for no particular reason. I think that it's a really good point. I feel like it's a conversation that can definitely be had as to like the degrees of social game because I feel like what you're saying on a sort of speaks towards, there's a gradient of, you know, the way you play with the relationships you're making with people, and it's a, it's a sword. That cuts both ways. And I talked by this Tyler, my interview as well about like you make these bonds people which helped further in the game at the same time, the closer you get with the person, the harder it's going to be when you cut them to have them, then turn back around and say like, you know what good game and was able to do that with a couple of people. You know, he was able to do that with someone like Brett. He was able to do it to a certain degree with someone like Haley. But it seemed like for the most part, other people, Scott in particular, who would seem like what someone that a lot of people were confused on with his jury vote that that definitely cut him that you know he, he felt good by the fact that he felt extremely close to Tyler, and that it was an injustice that his friend ended up cutting him without at least giving him before thought as to warning him. Or, you know, basically saying like, you saved your game instead of our relationship, which is a really obtuse way of looking at it. But I do feel like when it comes to perceptions and the way people are received in comparison to their social game, there is something about, like, you know, maybe something as well about if Tyler was perceived as this big recruit, do some super fans feel like, oh, I got blindsided by this guy who hasn't even seen big brother. Do I want to give them the money. Well, I think also part of it, we would talk about jury management is like being able to assess what type of person you're sending to the jury and how they're going to vote and how they're going to be h-have. So you know, talk about, oh, the best time to explain your game is in the goodbye messages, but that may not be applicable to every single person, right? Scotty is going to vote for very different reasons than a bread. And so being able to as a player, you have to break down how these people are going to vote and how they're gonna vote differently and how you can then you know appeal to them for your game game is your game, but how do you sell it? What's the narrative that you craft you send them off the jury house with? And obviously it can be tainted by the jury members, but I think it's just important part of the conversation that not all jury members of the same and you have to treat them all differently. Oh my God. Well, like meaningful discussion, having large AP and be crazy. Yeah. The thing with Tyler too, is that we saw him try guys. We did see him try to jump out of that shell and Seymour cutthroat when he says it has got to go tell your friends. I had the second power up which the power of the fact that he thought it was so important. It was just funny for me to keep watching that. And then also the whole one step at two steps that these not only to me. I feel like to the audience felt very authentic to what we had seen. But perception is nine tenths of this game. He's he's sending them out seemingly everyone. Cuddly mama, bear type. You know everyone comfortable with him confides and then he does those things which don't stick. So it's one of those things, whereas he's watched the show. He knows the grates. He knows what he needs to do. He's trying to give us, you know, showmanship good TV. But if someone like Brett was the one who was doing the wants to. That would have fit his character perfectly. Yeah, I think it's about this also segues into a bit of like why how Casey one is because I think authenticity and sticking to like what your perception is is a good example of it as well. And there's certain ways the winner of trillion survivor twenty sixteen is a person who can in the in the final turn say, like, you thought I was this, but I'm actually this. But like you said, Casey was pulling quote herself the entire time. She always approach people in the same way. You always knew how she would pave and as a result, like you always sort of knew where she lied either one side or the other as opposed to, like you said, puja when you have Tyler, try to sort of rise above his image and do these other things that come across as almost authentic, and it comes across as phony by not maybe phonies too extreme of a term, but it saying like, I knew this and now you're behaving like this. This leaves me very confused as opposed to someone. Casey who was very straightforward and now worked for her because everyone sort of said, yeah, that's Casey. I goal reliable, Casey, I'll give her my phone. Yeah. Well, I actually had a friend over for the premiere and the finale and we were talking about this because we always talk about like, oh, if the Philip shepherd or let's say like the crazy Kook character gets to the end. And then all of a sudden, well, actually I was playing all of you. I feel like the jury is just gonna be more confused, so, and then they're not gonna vote for you. I really don't think that that's a strategy to win. So sort of Mike to your point is of just like you just gotta. You gotta just be authentic and be who you are and maybe like ride that all the way to the end in any sort of deviation trying to explain your game, at least especially with the way the jury formatting is now is just not possible to explain. So you know it's like better safe than, sorry, just stick to who you are caricature of. You. Compared to someone like Andy who also was like he, he was somewhere spot with Tyler where like everyone seemed to be with him at some point in time, I feel like he was able to couch his thoughts in a way to say like, hey, I'm sorry, I had to get rid of you, but it was for the betterment of my game, but he did it in such a way to everyone was like, okay, that makes sense. That's not exactly going outside of the Andy, we know and love. Now, granted, it also depends on who sitting next to as well by comparison. But I feel like if you wanna good example of someone who is also able to really, you know, ride that social game workhorse, but also able to turn it around bits while still holding the reins and say, okay, now I'm going to use this sort of build a good case for myself at the end. That's a great example of it. Yeah. But I think also, you know, one thing Andy didn't have the Tyler Tyler had that sort of dumb surfer bro. Where I feel like Andy was ever perceived as dumb. So then when Andy makes a move that's in his best interest, it's like, oh, yeah, okay. I can see it. Whereas, you know, win Tyler out. Brett like JC was like, why are you so stupid? So I don't know if that was the perception of like, oh, Tyler, just messed up or Tyler didn't really know what he was doing and they couldn't take him seriously even if he did try to explain. So I don't know. I don't know. It's difficult to little bit minutia, but so. Okay. Who are right all that. All that serious discussion. Let's move into something another corner if you will, the casual so many corners in this room right now. We're only allowed to have four unless we somehow can get to the ceiling and then I guess we'll have eight, but. Okay. So we are going to tap into Casuals corner, one more time to get the Casuals opinion on the season. And here's what I will say. The big brother Casuals are way less than the survivor Casuals because big brother Casuals are like, I found myself agreeing. I was like, I wanna like these. But like where the ridiculous comments. But I still think it's going to be a lot of fun because I was able to pull some different perspectives. And so the format for this casual corner is going to be which one had more likes. So I'm gonna read Jew, comments that were on the survivor survivor, big brother, Facebook page, and you have to tell me which one had more likes. Okay. So Julia, we will start with you for this first question and this is the opinions on the winner. So why are people so upset that Casey one, she was a beast competitions. She didn't have to get her hands dirty and she knew it Tyler wanted to be making deals left and right, pulling strings all around him. So he got tangled up at the end or be CBS, you cost Tyler, the game, you've rushed everything. So swaggie can have more TV time tonight wasn't him wasn't about him. It was about the final three then to them. The winner. Tyler speech at the end was rush and cut off after Casey, whole speech, good job, CBS poem face emoji thumbs up emoji. So which comment had more likes a. Likes Nossa reactions, angry, sad, whatever I I didn't actually look through, but I picked comments that had like heart or laugh face coaching, so responsive. But yes, it is total. It is a lose to think that these Casuals would really want to give the likes to Casey. I think they'd be giving more likes to the Tyler things I'm going to go with beat. That is correct. So Harrison, the first post had one like. And the second host had one thousand one. Yeah. Casey did hover advocates, but every comment about Casey was couched with. Oh, tie. Tyler played a great game, but really happy Casey wants. So you know, it was like a lot of that. So it was hard to find though is like just pure positive for Casey? Immediately not liked opinion. I liked a though, because I feel like it would've been better though if he said instead of Tyler getting tangled up at the end, you could say Tyler tangible or not at the angle up at the end? Yeah. Okay, mic this question is for you. So this is about the format of the finale a worst finales ever to be attention away from people fighting for the win, be bad. Finale we should have to boot Alison. Poor, finale poorly, scripted produced, etc. Have worst finales ever to quote another Simpsons character that I'm apparently doing impressions of now. And bad finale as if they're scolding the finale. Who I mean be sounds alerting because it has so many fun statements in there like boot Allison and poor. Finale, but I'm gonna go with a because it's simpler. Yes, that was correct. A had one hundred and forty three likes be only had two overall. Finale was widely despised. So this is why I have hope that if if the Facebook Casuals are complaining, maybe we will get some change, but we'll see. Okay, who? Yeah, this question is for you. So this is overall impressions on the season. Hey, this season was weak, dot dot, dot dot. We need people who aren't afraid day one to call people out dot dot dot, no back door crap or be. I think this was the best group of houseguests since Jeff Jordan's. It was interesting all the time. I'll be be eleven fan. Okay. Would you rather option eight or option? B. I'm gonna want to go with b. I don't think the top ones going much, hey, I think I think the j. Joe, yeah, that's actually correct one at sixty. One likes compared to a which only had six guys thing by the way about Jeff crashing the brunch to be like, you guys don't know how to judicata brunch. I'm gonna do it for you. It was actually made by rob. I liked it more because it felt more natural. If they were telling Jeff the story of the season versus them just being like, hey, guys, you remember when this happened. So I think maybe you could pick somebody else. Although a lot of people like Jeff, obviously, given comment be that this was the house Gessen's Jeff Jordan. So what do I do? I'm just so happy. I got a new piece of a cabbie Lowry in my lexicon. Now Tiki Tiki I've no idea that was thing. I'm gonna say it all the time. Remember to use that key. In the house. Okay. Sorry. Next question. This is for Mike. This is for the format of next season. A BB Twenty-one should be a houseful of bitter jurors from over the years or be I would love an all-star season, but with all second runner ups playing, wow, these are extremely specific third, third players or extremely bitter jurors. Yes, I love the second one because it's like Victoria versus JC versus Manasseh like, yeah, like over just Christmas. Had some interesting there. Got you. Got Diane. Henry in there, you've got John l. two times we'll have to clone her. You got big Sheila, you've got Jerry. See isn't. And I feel like every time Dan post something, it's always like, Yep, Jerry's ready to play again. So if they want to do it, I think this is an option. So by that logic, I feel like it might be. No, actually be a actually got zero likes, whereas Bhagat nine people on the Facebook page wanna like the bare jerseys. No, although they were claiming bidders. So you know, obviously they, they don't like them. So obviously they're gonna vote or something like that would be on the bitter jerseys in. So I guess for like if the BB movie posters are any decay. Shit. I guess you get like the entirety of the nineteen jury will make up half the house and then who would be in the other half of the house. I feel like many oven nessa definitely falls under that could put a jig Giacosa in there. Trying to think. I'm trying to think about who else he could put some of the fourteen people in there. I mean, Sam, obviously, from this then Scotty, Scott Scotty, God equally disaster. All right. IV to- both of these from production, it'll be the best season since Jeff and Jordan best. Okay. So puja this question is for you. This is about rockstar, a all. The matters to me is that neither Bailey nor rockstar one a dime or being how dare they show highlights two months after rockstar stutters. No, this was a game of which one did you write? I feel like that's an easy indicator. Giveaway. I, it's interesting because I feel like I should say the second one. The second one is runaway miles ahead and it's an injury. People love their. Enjoy the Facebook. We found out the Casuals love that joke to death, but I think you're trying to full me. So I'm gonna go with a because people were pissed at Bailey to for the proposal stuff that is correct. That comment had four hundred and forty five lights. Oh my God compared to only three. Look, it's understandable by don't think the proposal was Bailey's fault. I think it was also also given everything that happened to Bailey and swaggie, which was revealed yesterday for those that don't know. Actually, the speculation slash sort of joking about there being a pregnancy was confirmed when it turned out that Bailey was pregnant, but she miscarried in the jury house, which is absolutely horrific. My heart goes out to both them at the same time a bit torn because the proposal was a little fame Hori, but the same time it was a horrible situation. I know like I don't wanna make jokes, oh, bad. But I know I can't because it's like what happened was horrible. When I saw that video yesterday was kind of one of those moments and the scar real like they had to deny thought about, you know how much stuff they had to have dealt with the fact that Bailey ended up getting all her friends one by one in the jury house must have helped or lots on. Glad she had support that she wanted there. So that worked out well on the fact that. So another thing I saw was that she found out about her pregnancy that day before the house meeting Tyler. So that kind of change that from using? Oh no, that's brutal. So all in all, it was just a shock to hear. I'm glad they have each other, you know nothing but happiness for them. Alta do after saying that proposal was straight up, like I'm going to steal the spotlight goes swaggie didn't even do a decent job at it. You know, are beautiful. But like it did come off like he's been planning this and it did come off a little q Cardi. How did he do a bad job? What was he supposed to do? No. Have something to say, and I'm, I'm gonna stand up for it knows like, why is it coming off? Like issued be more natural is what I think I like to Angela g. like is this proposal. Jaycees phase was also so good too, because jaycee is just like confused confused, slightly disgusted. And then. Face palm. I love Brett's who's just tearing agape Fethi is just like looking at him like what intrude festive fashion. So like the again with all the news, it's absolutely horrifying. My heart goes out to them. But if you wanna look screen shots and gift from the actual proposal reveal, it's it's it's kind of fantastic. All right. So let's move onto our final question. Mike. This is for you. Has won the game, but we'll let you take a final stab at this last question. So this is about Paul. Okay. They did Tyler just like they did. Paul laugh emoji laugh, emoji cry, face, laugh, emoji, cry, phase laugh, emoji crisis laugh. But I liked Paul more glad Casey one dot dot dot, but oh, well, dot dot dot. Now it's hashtag survivor time or be there's this lady named karma and she came back to bite hard just like she did all friendship guy. Maybe comic void. I'm sure he would have preferred anything to potty mouth, so right. It's a game for entertainment purposes only dot dot, but hurt much. Push Moore question Mark. Why wondering if talking about a lady called karma is that actually Caitlyn's old boyfriend, Joe because Carmen the song. Okay. So this is my mind, win reading comments. I was like, oh my God. So we just quoted Ireland. I gotta pull it, and then it was like read more. And I was like, no. But I liked old friendship guys. So I really like to, but I don't know of a like as more generic. I wonder if they would go with the more generic opinion. Can you read it one more time? Yeah, they did Tyler. Just like they did. Paul laugh emoji laugh. Emoji crisis laugh. Laugh, laugh moti, but I liked Paul more glad Casey one dot dot dot, but. Oh, well, thought it's now it's hashtag survivor time. So I'm wondering, you know, they do include that glad Casey one opinion in there, and I feel like those are the ones that don't get as many likes. So just for fun. I got an end on on an answer that I like, so I'm going to go with the old friendship. I'll go with b.. I wish that one we're true. No, though one only had two to the sixteen likes on comment a so. But I think from now on out, I'm gonna call Paul friendship guy guy fringe guy. But anyway, I actually have one more that I was gonna use his tiebreaker. Although we congratulations you, you're the winner, three one, but the tiebreaker actually what was really funny because so this is a comment as far as y'all who are seriously hating on the airtime that Christopher Bailey's proposal took up. I have to ask if instead Tyler had planned out a proposal that Angela and up that much exact airtime. Would y'all be reacting the same negative way? Would there be so much negativity hate and anger question Mark? It had ninety seven likes. So anyway, I thought that was a real wiring puzzling. That's the surprisingly adept for the Facebook page for someone to point out the hypocrisy that can come with the phantom and they're shipping. See, this is why hate them. They're like self-aware. It's awful. Yeah, just stupid stuff and helping segment. Asking for the website for the nip slips for big brother guys, not there. Exactly. Surprised that he did not respond. If if if they were doing if you're doing casual tweets, festive would be like, Haley. Why did you say that? About two Tyler winning. Segment for next summer when we do the BBB and be for twenty one, it's going to be the best tweets game. To the Rupert tweets game. Fantastic. Well, then that makes me look forward to so many reasons for the and BNB because we're going to close up shop here at least for big brother to allude to the comment. From the last question, we do still have some survivors stuff going on Liana. How can people follow you on social media and check out these survivor base worth that we're going to be doing through the fall here? Yes, so you can follow me on social media. I am at Liana Boris l. i. b. o. r. a. s. and survivor is hashtag back or now attached survivor time. Beckley on don't say back. Trigger word. All right. So we're not going to get on that boat, but out too. Four this season of survivor, Mike, and I will be covering survivor as part of the survivor BNB and we are actually going to be recording later on today with our guest Rourke Lesquin, which I'm super pumped about. I think it's gonna be a ton of fun to cover everything from the premiere episode. And of course, you'll be continuing throughout the season with our coverage and Pooja. Thank you so much for coming on going through all seven preseason predictions on it. Hi, wrote off making some bold and beautiful prediction as to how Las Vegas we're going to go. I always enjoy having you on. I'm glad you said we get an opportune moment for the two of us to actually talk on a podcast together. So thanks for coming on and lighting up our lives. For this final podcast. Your guys Tanja yours. We're having a tangible owner for you right now. Thank you. Yeah, no, I love. I love stuff like time capsules and that kind of thing. So to come back and reflect on your guys predictions from before the season, I'd love that. So I'm really happy. I got to be here. Fourth appearance on at the BNB always a five star stay. I want to leave with one question for you guys. Rawson Marissa. Did this for their wrap ups that they were doing in the backyard? At the end, I want. I want you guys to each name of celebrity. You wanna see in the upcoming celebrity big brother season. Ooh. Can I vote not Metta world peace. That's your pick just anyone. World peace. I would like I would love Gus. Kenworthy cosc- is he's such a big rupaul dry race fan, and he is very, very sassy. So I feel like either him or Adam Rippon would any of the any of the Olympic athletes would be a good fit in the post. So cheese CB two. I'm still holding out hope that miss New York, Tiffany Pollard. Because I love her also any drag Queen I would with because I feel like there's so many that you could choose a. Koffieh listen Edwards, Netflix series drops next week. I feel like it's a, it's a perfect way to catapult her into the limelight. I feel like it would be. I don't know. It would be perfect and hopefully if New York's on the show, I will provide the stipulation that she has to be on with someone named David replied another another hopeful, big viral moment. That'd be wonderful. Also Mike white. Surviving on just getting just get him just do the whole pantheon while we're at it mayor slam town. I don't know. I think it's going to be a lot of fun. I'm actually really looking forward to celebrity big brother. I think the shorter season, it's just like, I remember in the winter. It was just like this three week, just crazy bend or that was so much fun. And you know, I hope that this is a repeat high hopes, but let's my expectations low. But yeah, I am looking forward to, but who who would you pick to be on the season? Oh. Happen around the question back. Yeah, yeah. Well, I know that what's his name from the OJ trial was in the audience if you like, that might have been like a snippet of Cato Calin. Yeah, yeah. And he's into living in like beach houses and slumming it. There you go. That would be one. No, I think we should get. Cedric the entertainer. Oh no, it's visit from Grover. Johnston, I I can only hope so that's that's the dream. We're three days away from that premier to some excited for that, or how do you know that it's all every commercial break. Embedded exactly. It's it's branded into our heads. Thank you. CBS. Well, can always follow at checkout. All the great Casey has route this reality TV season. You can follow me at a Mike bloom type. If you haven't yet check out all the exit press. I did what those final seven contestants, including talked with the final three. I did the day after they were really enjoyable. I really do love this cast, and I think they all had some very interesting candid conversation about their games also be covering exit, press for survivor as well as some other stuff with the Hollywood reporter, especially with Comecon next week. I'll be doing some comic con stuff in New York. Speaking of New York, if you guys are going to be at the live and know it alls next week come and say, hi, I don't know what do we have a code word that they should use if they're among meat. Boy, if they hadn't thinking, if you go up to me and call me a mop like meat, boy, I will know that you were a BNB listener and not someone who might have had too much to in beieve that night. But I'm always. Excited to talk with people who joined into our shenanigans on the BNB. I do wanna think everyone for listening all season long. We stopped and only a few times, but special. Thanks to Amman Aswin hilly, strong alley Lascher for coming on as well. And hopefully lately on could be a quick and dirty celebrity big brother, two. But maybe if we'll have some y- initially on it to do at least a couple of those as well. Yeah. All right. I'm down. Yeah, we'll have to do some. I'm sure the caz. We'll have some definitive thoughts about celebrities and we'll see response celebrity accounts the way he response to stay in accounts. Oh, yeah, I just got I, I write down all the fetchy fitness. We're going to do a whole show on just you, wait. There will be a little offset rebuilding a little section for festive specifically, but thank you all again, so much for for listening all season long. Thank you too. Big, brother, twenty for being such a fun season to talk about, we'll be talking about survivor very soon. If not, you'll probably Hurace in the next year, talking about big brother in some capacity. Consider this a tougher now, if you will. Thank you so much. Liana puja great work as per usual. Take care everyone by will check you out at your next day. From day bright. Offense. The r h. Some day. All. I can sell you. The are.

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