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Episode 159: Oil Money (Guest - Trae Hall)


Welcome to episode number one fifty nine room money. This is the rotated views podcast with jimmy lee and the crew giving you life from from various perspectives. Welcome to our level. We hope you enjoy views brought to you by the blessed lifestyle brand visit visit l. three s. s. e. dot com to get blessed also sponsored by the motivation fouls on leashed. This motivational mixed your fuel for success available on all platforms all right. You were now tuned into the rotated us podcast. I am your host. Jimmy leave liz. I'm here with gabe heck. Danny and trae oil oil money in this episode we have special guest trae hall. We cover topics that range from the accountability charity community development dedication much more. We wrap the episode with quotes from jim rohn and michael john bobak all right. If you're new thank you for joining us. Don't forget to download and subscribe job a new episode every tuesday morning for your listening pleasure kicking things off trade hall. Thank you for joining us. May we appreciate it. Thank you for having having jimmy. I appreciate you absolutely absolutely so oil money man. <hes> let us know for those of us. Who don't know who you are what you do let them know. Absolutely yeah <hes> well first of all and say hi mom. Thank you all right so oil money oil money to the moon. It's an acronym. It's now wh- oil money to oil you know when you think about what we think about gold top line top shelf you know gold is always going to be a higher current even comes down you know american in dollars euros so <hes> what i think about oil oil money would say has good character traits and people okay things. That actually got us to where we are today. You know when you were younger. <hes> you know a lot of a lot of your imagination got you to where you want it to be. I remember being a kid and i would have a stick and i would think it was all my gosh. This is a sword pirated. Do whatever i feel like sometimes the older we get kinda. Forget some of our concepts and morals you know grew up on absolute so <hes> oil money definitely athlete to the moon we wanna do good characteristic traits and people are like trust accountability <hes> hard work dedication and self accountability. That's a big one for me. Eh working on now so we wanna take those characteristics and elevate them to the moon we don't mean physically but in regards to the next level <hes> and how the next level could be. We have to interact with each other yeah. I think communication is lacking as individuals so i definitely think we need the head well so so how did you get started with the whole thing and what exactly is is it an educational forum is a you know charity. Ha ha. Has it all work. We definitely are charity based. I'm just i feel like in life you you know i i just feel like i'm a server to the world. I feel like a one my favorite baseball players from berta clemente. He said if you have a talent or you have a passion when you don't use it or help one another. You're wasting your talent so <hes> just it just came up in regards to you know just definitely the lifestyle inch like charity outreach programs and not only that just finding people who internally feel like maybe they are left out. You know or not <music> as important as other as those around them so. It's definitely it's definitely it is a charity and average program but it's definitely more than that. I'm definitely you know so. When you're talking about oil. You're going back to kind of how you said is the qualities and and the things that make up a higher end material so what when when you're pulling these kind of characteristics out on people is it do you just throw it all thought all on them or is a specific topics that you work gonna accountability and trust or kind of just a whole <hes> program <hes> it is a whole program but it's broken up in multiple aspects and parts of it. I <hes> <hes> definitely to be a leader or to be in a leadership position and what you have to have control of your emotions. I yes <hes>. I think that's what i'm focusing on now self accountability <hes> <hes> you know no matter what obstacles we are presented in life you know personally. You have to take accountability for you. Know whatever you're doing whether the best thing about us being free and having options that we have. We have a choice to pick what we wanna. Do whether it's a good consequence of bad consequence we still have an option so <hes> you know that why why waste your time why you know come into work on monday say oh. I can't wait till friday. Use up your five days and make them count. Even it's the small things reading a book or having a conversation conversation with somebody. Definitely i love it. I love it so are you. Are you guys focused on like a specific age group. Does it matters or focus of variety <hes> honestly. We've been working with a charity out in conshohocken. <hes> called cradles crowns. I i heard about it. <hes> you know about maybe a year or so ago. Uh for children in the greater philadelphia area that you know unfortunately you know do certain hardships unable to you know be assisted in the way they need especially back to school time transitioning coming from fall to the winter jackets and the back to the summer so that's one program working with the younger age <hes> not adolescent younger agents actually are <hes> the the blessed lifestyle brand here <hes> if <hes> all of our kids t shirts actually a portion of the proceeds gets donated cradles you go yeah works the energy that we gotta share you guys. We got to have these dialogues dialogues certain things you never know. Look w- i just met you today already working passing direction where we're trying to go to the moon absolutely absolutely absolutely so who else who else are you working with. <hes> also <hes> medical missions in <hes> northern new jersey. They've partnered up. It's red cross. I'm sorry this is not the red cross definitely helping a lot of families in poverty newark new jersey x. county. That's where north is located right outside of new york. City is actually has the highest poverty rate in the state of new jersey so <hes> as a coincidence. I am actually moving in that direction right now. What does that what north is actually having a water a crisis in a and i'm not sure he was heard about it but <hes> a lot of waters almost on i guess sanitary yeah scoop consumable obviously <hes> you so mayor talk about politicians and talking about it and at the same time <hes> definitely trying to work up there. You know this coming up september deputy. Give you know water dr community give back back street. Program's kinda day can help clean up the neighborhood and i like it. I like it all right. So is this something that you're doing by yourself. Do you have a partner. Do you have a group of people that you tap into but you're kind of leading in a way <hes> honestly it's it's. I feel like we are a group. I mean i do have my close very close friends people who originally helped me <hes> you know even come up with the idea. I know a lot of close friends from back in new jersey where i'm originally from pennsylvania at the time of opening it. <hes> you know my girlfriend at the time. She definitely really humming identify some things about myself. You know that you know sometimes a lot of us. Don't notice sometimes we can ignore them because we think we know exactly what we need to do. What we're boom. We're supposed to be take a step back and realize and just appreciate things that are around us as much a lot of my close friends even working colleagues and honestly see. I don't even feel like we are organized organization. I feel like right now. You're part of tedium as i mentioned you working with your charity. You know you giving me the opportunity in this platform that form to you know to promote positively. I mean originally when i started this business a close friend of mine here he actually you know what are you doing it for. I said hey man. I'm trying to make some money selling some t shirts yeah. He says you're going to get to a point where you're not going to sell anything. You're gonna give up on this idea like oh. We'll take a risk and i sat back yeah. Can i realize that it's more than just selling shirt. It's an image of we were. Just i mean this is an image that we have but you know our actions and our characteristics that actually sleep make us who we are absolutely so went on the website and you can purchase the these t shirts now. What what what is the drive there. Is that like reimbursement. How does that work yeah yeah. Absolutely a portion of all of our proceeds definitely goes to a lot of our funding programs. We actually just did program last friday back to school down in new brunswick new jersey lee lee street eh selected church a relative of mine <hes> free book bag giveaways all preparations we have even though we know a lot of you know privilege school systems they have like ipads but you know certain in schools in the inner city communities. Obviously they're back to the basics of notebook folder so we we give it program. They're big donation as mentioned coming up in newark new jersey <hes> and also just a variety of options in regards to <hes> we actually work with. I've worked with a close friend back at home. <hes> his name is izzy. Okay guide nuisance highschool play football with them as well <hes> his family actually actually works with kids. Who aren't that middle school agent overthinking. We know everything especially. When we get to senior year yeah i'm at the top of the charts and everything and <hes> sometimes we do make bad decisions me myself. I you know i fall victim into that situation. Sometimes i feel like when you are in that tough. Situation needs something to inoculate that pain. You're experiencing <hes> and i've just feel like a mentor somebody just to talk to and us as humans we naturally adapt to. I guess relate ability like if you feel a certain way and i tell you i feel the same way we're going to feel natural bond towards each other just like if you come into a room into people are just an argument. You could feel that natural bond is so super awkward yes yes. That's hilarious. There's a <hes> an author old school author name by the name of napoleon hill muthu myrtos book titled <hes> the scientists success and in that he gives like sixteen lessons and one of the lessons is mastermind groups because kind of what you're talking about. We're kind of talking. Generating ideas concepts sometimes <hes> you know it could be a counseling session for the one of the guys who are in there. No one even realize realizes it. Sometimes you just need that camaraderie. Sometimes you just need that positive energy. <hes> an out of that becomes you know literally we together with our thoughts generate generate a bigger mind and from that <hes> brainstorming happens ideas that none of us even came with are generated because of everyone's thought process and frequency. Let's see waves or just there and creating something bigger. That's you know bigger than us and <hes> i know with me myself. Basically are master minds every monday with this podcast outcast were speaking positively into one another and other people's businesses. Is that something do you hold sessions like that. Do you is that that's something you want to do. Do you go and do speaking engagements or is that something you look forward to doing absolutely yeah for sure as i mentioned izzy <hes> me and him actually ed program we we actually went out and got a small group of young men and women and to go play basketball little bit. Let's just break the ice. I don't want to sit in a room and i don't want to be a dictator until you shouldn't should not talk to me about you know you like we have to be relatable. You have to be transparent with people you're so you're not transparent and people get that vibe. Sometimes it's just you always have that don back. You're like oh my gosh. Where's this gonna lead right so <hes> definitely being transparent being in relatable with them. Definitely help me actually spoke to the young gentlemen <hes>. He reached out to me a couple days ago. I told them sometimes when you're in the frustrating situation said of getting angry. Just take a deep breath and just walk away thinking about. What's your favorite place. You'd like to be yeah you could you tried it out and actually worked in everything came. Communist situation sounds very happy of him and i feel like that. That's like worth gold. You know references to the moon like i don't. I think something that's non tangible that that you get a lesson or or method or something you could teach. Somebody is worth more than a million dollars for the rest of their life. They're going to continue to pass it on just like a grandfather. Somebody of yours might teach you how to uh or grandmother years might teach how to make something cook a pie or something right passing on through generations. It's something that's tangible. You know it's amazing so so i know you have a sports background background and how how has that helped with with oil money how how does that leadership because there's always a team captain or even if they're not quote named the team captain. Everyone knows who the leader in the room is or leaders <hes>. How's that come into play with how you operate now. I think think it plays a big factor. <hes> definitely i feel like sometimes all of us we don't. We don't really notice that people are paying attention to us. Especially could be a younger relative of a little brother little sister cousin just the way you carry yourself. Sometimes it often plays a factor on people <hes> now with that being said. I just then that's tough. That's tough so so. I know a lot a lot of is just the motivation party and and the kind of like you said they're watching. They're seeing <hes> we can't be out here teaching the kids. Something and we're doing the opposite you serve you. Walk out the building. So any what's funny is <hes> i i had someone come to me <hes> and ask for specific advice on a specific situation. It was kind of saint day. I gave something real basic. I said said leave with the sorority <hes> operate imagine for four moment. During last week of your life was videotaped video tapes at your every. Move your privacy stuff. That's one thing which is everything you did. During the day like work wise and how you operate right <hes> would you be happy. Would you be proud or would you would you be shamed in showing that so i said just pretend operate at least for the next twenty four hours. There's a camera on you. What are your morals like. You know what i'm saying. How are you operating because we're different people when no one's looking pretend statistics show factories factory workers <hes> production rate went up like a thousand percent when they realize that there was a supervisor sitting on a bridge that they built and was videotaping them well. They knew they're being watched auction. The auction went up like a thousand percent. How crazy is that. Why is that no one knows but if you can operate in that way think about how productive you'll be yeah because it's embarrassing. Harrassing people really do see me watching t._v. At home when i'm saying like yeah motivating the daylights out of people over here and i'm just sitting at my mouth athlon accountability yeah and honestly get your accountability does lead to thinking back now. <hes> i'll think of a high school at first but now college wise <hes> often in large schools. I went to the delaware valley university. Go aggies <hes> so in the summer off the at large school. You know you have to stay on campus and got trained throughout the year and now being that we were smaller school in the summer got to go home. <hes> a lot of times you had to be accountable regarding working out like you mentioned sitting at home in the summer you could tell them guys come back from the summer and we do conditioning test. One hundred percent not so. It's like a blind eye to trust that the teammates. I expect to have around me. We'll be shaving. We'll be ready. Be ready to go so it's like a it's. It's a natural trust you have to have for somebody is like <hes> it. It does take he just makes great sacrifices. <hes> i know a lot of guys you know went to college and fortunately the summer and winter breaks they had actually stay out there and work on campus myself included and you know sometimes you miss out on vacation stuff like that but at at the same time you learn great experiences to make good sacrifices and you see certain things that do come out of it. Definitely you know hard work and dedication where that that aspect to it so absolutely yeah so what what's in your in your opinion <hes> thus far what has been the hardest thing to get the ball rolling here on the on the company as a whole <hes>. Do you go self accountability myself yeah. I think i'm the only thing that stops myself. I feel like as i mentioned we're the only ones who could stop ourselves one hundred percent tell me why lie and you have twenty four hours a day sleep for eight yeah. You have a lot of time on your hands. Honestly think about <hes> about a man who may be imprisoned. We you say life goes quick and it's annoying imagine how long they would be wanting to do if they didn't have that freedom that we have right so <hes> yeah you gotta take advantage manage of yeah. You have to take advantage like there's <hes> there's an old <hes> old story that someone gave to kind of talk about work ethic and they said imagine if jail allowed you to go out into the world for whatever it is four to eight hours and come back and you have the opportunity to figure a way to pay your debt out of jail so if they put a number on your on your jail sentence and they said whatever is a hundred grand you have to the end of this year to come up with a little capitalism for you right now. So how do you. How many people do you think do it. I don't think everyone would do it because things happen but i think a good amount of people if you're released for four ah four to eight hours four to six hours you're gonna what are you doing right so then. He's like all right so imagine if that's work from jail for us work because all you do is complain about it all day all day long victims all day long right and then when you clock out of work you have four to six hours to build the side hustle yeah four to six hours to get at a jail figure something out. That's going to replace your income. If you have in the back of your mind and if you're not doing that you do not want it is another story about a you know a dog on a portuguese howling and the dude just goes why doll keep how is this your dog. He goes that's. It's not my dog he said why is this dog. Just keep telling he's hurting and he says oh i know why are you telling why he sitting on a nail well. Why isn't he getting up because it doesn't hurt enough. The pain isn't enough and when we do we act is because it's so painful i don't wanna want to do that. I don't wanna do it right. <hes> we're gonna get up and move. That dog is going to get up and move. You're going to get out of jail. You're gonna figure something no absolutely so do you. When when when you partner up with somebody <hes> like an izzy is this <hes>. Are you selective or you going. You know you're trying to pick people who are going on the same commission. Is you never make sense really honestly would ever make sense all the characteristics i've made. I you know i came up with for t._m. I had to alienate myself off as an individual sit back taking time to figure out what what matters to me. If i had to create another person would matter to me if i wasn't me all my good characteristic <hes> now with that being said i just feel like a natural spirit that i have with people yeah <hes> not that i'm any different friend. I'm not you know not religious spiritually the conversation just being comfortable talking to people and as i mentioned relating to transparency <hes> i felt my whole life. I was always a quiet guy always a quiet guy older. I got <hes> just become more transparent yeah and always just wanna you could open up about about things you could be upset. You could be pressured as long as these people can show that they're open enough to talk to me and i could trust them for example. If i was a multimillionaire corporation i could leave it at the league for two years. You can handle everything yeah. That's i trust that we can have a multimillion dollar company if i can somehow yet a thousand is in kids to make them selves feel like i can be more successful than just an athlete or just as you know. Something that i see around me is making money. I feel like no amount of money. He compared to that. I know multimillionaires who give money to donate to charities yeah and they really we don't remember the names i'm i feel like that. That's not the same yeah. That's not so you gotta you gotta be with. That's a write off. That's just the right off. That's not something from your heart. Just remember who you're donating or anything. That's a shame because it is like wow all right so i'm gonna put you to the test test. Okay so you have someone who comes you. Who's <hes> failed at something and are coming to you for the bounce back i do. I bounced back from whether it's you know i didn't land the job that i wanted. The business failed <hes>. My girl left me. My boy left me. Whatever ha ha how does has someone come back in their ass. You advice about the bounceback the best part about the bounceback. Oh my gosh look at michael jordan kobe bryant you look at all these great athletes you just look at regular. People the mom and dad you gotta realize the best. The reason people say no the older i get. My favorite thing to hear is know as a kid you like hey hey can. I have this toy now. We're going to have this now. Can i go here. No now you gotta. You're prepared for this as you grow up. No is an acronym to me next opportunity like it your next option you can do who it's okay to fail the best part about you. Who's that artist artist. Oh rob named kevin gates references <hes> cardi b. She mentioned you can fall down nine times as long as you get up ten right right. Absolutely that's all that matters at the end today. It's okay to fail. Nobody i personally. I don't feel like anybody's choose. Accessible has never not failed. There's something right maybe more drastic than others bankruptcy compared to losing a loved one but it's still a loss i just did a video called <hes> struggles part of success <hes> <hes> and <hes> wha what's funny is real makes succeeding in something so great or getting a degree. You're so proud and you're standing. There is because you know all the blood sweat sweat and tears that you put in for those for those moments. It wasn't because the whole thing was a breeze if the whole thing was a breeze. How how much are you celebrating. You know what i'm saying like. Oh that's all that's kind of like a throwaway but you know you busted your tail off day in and day out and there was a lot of downs but then you find your juice. There's something there about overcoming <hes> but struggle is a part of success. Absolutely you have to embrace it. I love the fail <hes> <hes> that's awesome so so. Are you doing anything else with the t shirts. Are you trying to come up with now. I would like winter. You have hoodies. I mean has come out with some new designs. I've a couple artists up in new york <hes> like i said i'm going to be right outside. The city. I'm working with a couple of people. Come up with some designs but i mean wall more than welcome. I'll be honest adding tasty what other people think you tell me what you think. Wanna hear how you feel right people are not used to that. They're used to being told on a schedule. I was just talking to my friend nia yesterday. We felt felt like ev all day like you mentioned scripted. You always forced to be somewhere by certain time. You have to dress the same way. Tell me how you feel right. It's okay. Let's dialogue dialogue. That's i. I like to be a conversationalist yeah i do. I like different things so it's all right yeah yeah <hes> actually it might be a good concept except you know. Put something on your show designs or something. What are you guys like. I'm discount and a half the shirts. I lay late tunis fault so so what's your favorite part about giving back right so there there's this. There's this thing <hes> that when you give i bet you we naturally it's almost like i don't know i guess i guess there's a science to it but you just feel better <hes> <hes> and then <hes> i heard one guy say one time. He's he's learned more so he was a motivational speaker and he says he learned more behind the pulpit in front of the which i thought it was amazing because when you start to teach for some reason it feels like you're retaining retaining more than i felt like this the individuals getting <hes> wh what's what's that reward like to you is is it rewarding and and you know how. How do you embrace that. It's amazing <hes> everybody help. I wish i could see their face. Unfortunately i don't <hes> it's just a natural satisfaction. <hes> like you mentioned with motivational speakers. <hes> <hes> gave us when my favorite motivational speaker should be complain every day but so much you go sit in the old people who talk to you about all the things. They wish they could have did yeah. Should it did did my kids. Come visit me anymore. You have all these options. You have all these choices. Let's do it today. I feel like if there's if there's is anybody out there that you can help to have that conversation. I have them. You know what i mean. Just help each other out <hes> obviously yet to get control of yourself and understand where are you. Are you have to balance yourself out. You're gonna like we mentioned. You're gonna fail. Multiple times gonna fail but the reward of all my fears that i've had is that i still have opportunity hopefully tomorrow my feet touch the ground and i can help somebody else love so it's just it's a never i think i wanna be a student to the day i die and you know i i just want to continue to teach and just serve just help everybody i can so that's the best part about it every just smiles absolute miles. Oh my god to make somebody smile. People don't understand it takes more muscles in your in your face the smile in france right make a habit what <hes> so on your website you have <hes> a motto stating elevating from within. What does that mean to you self accountability again again. We can't have conversations and think about where we're going to be ten years down down the road helping each other out where this is going to be unless we start from today yet. We gotta make a habit. If i don't wanna do it for weeks straight house a year gonna go by ten years. Go buy my first video release december thirtieth <hes> you know and i told myself we're going to be come august. Luckily i'm sitting right here platform to talk to the more people absolutely have more people you know new old anybody who's just anybody's looking for some type of way to be filled like you mentioned. You know some type of way. Since i was helping people sometimes you fill a void within yourself by helping somebody else out and <hes> just elevating from within. Just it's amazing. It's amazing how far we've come. Sometimes we take a step back. Alienate yourself and look back and for you come from within sometimes. That's what got you where you where you didn't give up eating. Give up so you just have to just continue see to focus on you and improving every day one percent one percent every day and you'll be able to continue to help others out every day as well from your lessons. I love so <hes> as you all know no the we have. I have my own lifestyle brand and the three in bless. Oh it's b. l. three s._e. D- <hes> stands for faith hard work and gratitude sued hard work is obviously the middle one <hes> par- part of part of you know what you do and everything you do. You talk about hard work and dedication. What does that look and what's that mean to you. <hes> harbor dedication not gonna let one of the most arrogant people taught me about that floyd mayweather. You said we all the time wise in the gym hard hard work and dedication. He separates so even i understand as arrogant size. Sometimes it's hard to even fathom as sports but he he takes away away a lot of things in his life. He makes a lot of sacrifices in his life in the hard work that he puts in is ridiculous. He stopped in the middle. Be out with a group of friends. Hey go quick run. You know the longevity is the key of anything you can do anything because once day one good d- how often can you do it right. That's the hardest part about anything anybody how excited are. We've just started a brand new job right okay six months later i. I think you're gonna feel oh. I'm gonna i'm gonna be buoyant. You know i'm not gonna have any worries at all. You like <hes>. Maybe you should wear cups of coffee job. Now the need this one isn't that amazing. It really is a and it's all perspective is how we see things. I heard a guy say longtime ago <hes> when i first got into the personal development industry he's he's talking about. He's saying listen. How excited are you going to be if you've been up for sixteen hours working working right and they said oh you know you need to do a mandatory shift circa go another four hours right. You gotta work twenty hours straight and can you do it probably not you might pass out. You're going to be miserable. You you know all that you know whatever comes along with that. He says now tell this person that you have four hours to pack because we're going to puerto rico. We're going to your favorite island or whatever how much energy that person going to have is direction as the mind says what you're thinking <hes> <hes> all of a sudden. I'm not saying that it was you know it's not energy because both of them are energy. All of a sudden is how as utilizes our perspective our the way we see things <hes>. It's gonna get you that and when it comes to hard work it's kind of like the same thing what kind of motivation are going after basically what's your carrot parrot. What is gonna get you going and running because if if you're just sitting on a couch night in and night out you're talking about this movement that you're trying to start but mon- months six you're still sitting on a you know on a couch watching sports your idea your concepts trash. <hes> mindset is trash. You gotta think you've got to operate in a different way because i know when we started we we couldn't sleep. There's a there's a story about jay. Z who didn't he didn't go to there was one project he was working on the album and he he he was up for seventy four hour street and didn't realize it but he knew he was up for a long time but he didn't realize it was that long <hes> because he was saying that he's when you're in the zone own and he's he was saying that he didn't miss anything so when you had that level of energy right ozone we're told my man he eight hours sleep think about it. Wiz khalifa talks about he says i used to think it was cool to stay up late and be at the club until i realized getting up early. Is the real boss move big about how we're using our our energies is not saying it's like oh yeah he he goes to bed early. He's corny yeah. Okay what he's getting up early and he's dogged you. First hours he's been up and you're out here yawning heaton cheerios and all this other stuff bananas milk shake a protein shake and just came from the gym just came right fresh fresh. He's gonna dog you all day because if they're everything's there <hes> it's it's an interesting thing. It's hard when you when when you're in that zone it's hard to hear somebody say they wanna do something. We start something to <hes> and they don't have anything behind. There's no fire or say who do who you kidding yeah. You know what i mean who you get in or or you know happens with working out and everything pros at all when again she want to get into shape. I want to get in shape brodrick. The only thing you get into shape is you're you're. You're you're talking because man you exercise that more than eh moving moving and basically what you're starting on monday ya. Oh yeah that's easy right. That's easy to say. It's an escape deep <hes> we had. We had a podcast. I was gonna get canceled this. This goes for everybody. Listen i mentioned this. I mentioned this last podcast but i'm gonna say it again. We had a and something happened where it was had nothing to do with it is an uncontrollable. The power went out. There's nothing literally we can do. <hes> it was the point queen is it was it was at a time where everyone allow us. Put that excuse right so we're going strong. I mean we went like eight and a half months would a guest three and a half year straight. Never stop the summer vacation. We doubled up on the podcast and one week. It was just an accountability kind of like you're saying when everyone gave us that excuse and they said they gave us the past like you know what you guys are in weekend week out. We still didn't fold. We still didn't crack. We like all right. Come back thursday. We're going to have the guest was able to reschedule for thursday. We still had it and is is that level of accountability that trust that people were going to say and i put it out there. I put it out there on the little videos that i shoot. I said not happening tonight. That doesn't mean it's not happening. It's just not happening tonight. It's going to happen on thursday two days from now. <hes> i think accountability is huge. I love that you have trust on here so so what's your with trust just a long way. Yeah sounds you blow trust. You know they can affect your relationship with partial. Partially <hes> trust means a lot to be able to trust you enough non when you say with my life put. I want to trust you with how i feel. Yeah i wanna touchy that you know right now. I don't feel like i'm you know the best that i can be sure. I want you to hold sacred the things that keep to you. Not you know tangible durable things you know secrets or just emotions or just game plan because sometimes we nobody's perfect yeah perfect. Sometimes we just give up on ourselves. A little bit is they. I trust you know what's crazy. I think of <hes> like when you think about the music industry they trust. They have to have into producer or anyone. Who's a part of that album right because we've heard i mean i think it went on like this weird like stretch. I think in like the late two thousands or something where everybody's album leaked and it's like or if it's just the us who literally have control you had the keys you have the keys you have the keys. You have the keys and i had the keys. How in lord's name is it out there in public right now one of us leaked and somebody you know you know slid them twenty five thousand dollars or whatever it was enough for you to break so when you talk about trust is like so you took that twenty five thousand dollars instead of us raking in millions you could have been two hundred and fifty thousand dollars but because you want it that quick money or you know the and they messed up relationships now like my next album you you were going to be in a specimen up so trust is a big thing is even even even that one. That's that's ah i think to me. That's the hardest thing the bill back. <hes> it's tough once you break that thing to build that back up because what did they say. It's like a reputation takes lifetime to build a reputation and one one screw up to for the rest of your life you see the all the politicians like the you know the infamous one <hes> you. They worked hard. They did all this. The lord knows we don't see what's going on behind doors and he find out certain things i you know i thought that this person one way and here he or she something totally different different. You think i'm voting for you now. Reassures right assures his heart need. You need a lot of reassurance backup so <hes> all right so we we always talk about <hes> community development. <hes> where you know third brother actually my brother miguel he was part of a contest and won <hes> it was called the small business revolution where they help invest money in you but the thing with these kinds of things is that it's building physical locations right okay so is building you can help build or remodel or just getting things back in order and together making it yeah yes exactly but it's all physical stuff what i what my mission is almost like the rebuilding of someone's mentality spirituality the you're right and that stuff that you can't physically see <hes> until after wa i think it does come through and someone's physical appearance and i mean the way they stand the way they talk up their confidence and you see all that stuff building up in his adding up before that you building a temple inside where no one gets to see and your vesting day in and day out day how does oil money to how how do you guys do that and and motivate you know the people that you talked to than the result so is there because you physically can't see so people think i know working on this but no one can see that campbell house foundation absolutely. I feel like the basis from within absolutely if you have a c._e._o. Which she don't trust the them the c._e._o.'s been in that situation. Absolutely they lose the company. It could be bad the whole organization organization. I don't like to get into politics but you know that happen. You know he's definitely your image matter so <hes> those as i said yes all you have to be selective of who you have around you definitely it's <hes> stuff had to bring it back to music and in sports or anything but it was this whole thing ripples came out with a <hes> <hes> a song titled idols become rivals birdman thing with the c._e._o. Of <hes> young money cash money and the way he was operating was in a way that was suspect in a way that just wasn't up to the level that everyone thought it was being ran and let's just keep it at that because everything's allegedly but anyway and then you see it and it's like you had this is so crazy because you have this like thought of who who these people are what they do and is so different and then ross comes out would attract like that and it just like wow just put the way he put it into perspective. Is that was hard. It was tough yeah it was. I heard the song personally i mean. It makes you think wow that why the situation is is this way and it's unfortunately sometimes the media portrays people to be who they are going to be yeah but if you don't know that personal question it's hard for the past judgments natural natural thing that happens but i mean we all fall short. I mean hopefully that very mandatory just figure out but things could be disdained relationship become disdain aimed because of that but at the same time you know we have to continue to motivate from within if i know the truth. Is you know that person's like that no problem you just have to distance yourself as did you say no loving from a distance so there's there's something about being around other people who are positive <hes> and at once again there was another successful autism. Keep chopping names anyway. He talks about a one of one of the guys that he signed on his label was talking about his his boss who was also a well known artist and said i never never known this guy for five years never heard him talk negative about a person <hes> and then the interviewed the boss and said yo x y and z says you never talk negative and he he looked dude lennon's as i don't <hes> this multimillionaire you would think in that industry yours like yo you. You didn't talk smack to anybody's it. Just don't talk negative about anyone to people there. You don't have time time for that. I need he's like my conversations need about building. Not destroying exactly you cannot engage in negative. You know the i lost. Just don't engage in anything that can question you respect. Don't do i if even questioning it. Don't even do hesitation a lot that comes out of that. Though there's a lot that comes out of that your as you said as a leader everything comes to self control. I'm gonna work hard if i see you. Working harder is the difference between the boss and a leader. The boss can dictate tape what the deal to go and then you know. If you're a leader you just you know taking charge you know exactly what to do and you're out there with your team so absolutely matters like you mentioned it tied back to sports and music piggyback on something. I'm a nurse so <hes> the floor of where work is my ship so i'm the captain and final work hard people with me. They're definitely not going to work hard again as a nurse. I have the loved ones. I'm taking care of them. You can lose your credibility in a second but it's a my philosophy is i like to make sure i leave people with a good feeling because people don't remember things to do when the remember how you like how they make you feel deal yeah so as a nurse. I got a lot of responsibility so i make sure i was very important so you guys are preaching to the choir on this. One yeah absolutely needs <hes>. I heard a guy before again back. In when we got introduced the personal development two thousand six and a guy said you're just imagining because people say how. How much effort do i need to be had. How much effort do i need to put into successful at first of all one thing. Success is defined differently by everybody second thing. Just imagine if you have a team the way you lead the way lead. The pack is just think of your team's. Only gonna do half of what you do so now. That's your starting point so whatever you think they need to be doing now you have to double up because they're only going to do half of what you do until you find a love other leader within that packed and all of a sudden you bring him her up with the amongst the ranks influ <hes> then you have a partner and you have you know someone who can who has the the same vision as u. n. Just like you know most of us here earn relationships. There's a yin yang. There's going to be days where you're gonna be down now and your partner. Whoever huge grow your wife whatever is in thank god is in a good mood. This happens in this argument start. When both author negative mood forget it clashes titan four get it but fireworks happened when both are in a good mood yeah date night or something like that again. This is the best thing ever but it is as long as you find. It's all about the accountable. It's all about the trust. It's all about getting getting around people <hes> who are moving in the same direction <hes> yes wha- what's your plans for the next five years. Where do you want to see see this go. I want to get to the point where <hes> i remember. We mentioned you know right now. We're cradles crowned. You know the younger age people. I wanna start reaching out to kids getting ready to go to college or not even getting ready to go to college. Give in transition to the next phase of life college necessity. I'm sorry you know all the colleges out there. I'm sorry i feel like it's not a necessity <hes> but i wanna help people decide on if they feel the same as me. We don't all have to be the same. It's okay yes the different. I want you to tell me you know. If you feel like it's not a good idea to go to college. What would what do you think would be a good idea. Come to me talk to me in. Let's figure got something that will work best for you. If you do think good idea what's the best way to apply for a loan or outside most scholarships <hes> i wanna. I wanna work to get to that level title. I want to build a fleet of people even though we're not for example may not be working for the same organization but we're sharing the same characteristics that are going to branch out and it continued to build like a family tree of positive energy so we're going to bring the war closer. <hes> may not be able to impact everybody in the world but sided with one person said the domino effect. Even if it's one person ninety years from now remember hey i remember trae said try that out or or someone watching some always he said that interview and you never know this. One might spark somebody else. Wanna do podcast. Yes something like that. Somebody might have the same ideas and philosophies that we have. We might get together. How largest podcasts might compete with roc nation. You never know what's gonna be next. You never know but i mean as i mentioned the joy. Don't let the joy die down in the youth that you you have any any anything is possible. Literally anything is possible that you want to do absolutely <hes> all right. We're going to switch things up and go to our advertisement advertisement. This show's brought to you by miguel's riverside barbershop went. Oh five market street bristol p._a. Miguel's oversight barbershop app download book an appointment and for any other business inquiries hit up info at jimmy leila's dot com going on switching gears trae. How do you manage your work life experience blueprint whole life. Didn't we have a goal. Oh i'm going to say one goal but when i play now things that i wanted to. I never met him out funny. When i was in middle school they made me take an extra class so disorganized. Maybe make sure i had my my notebook. My folder pen omaha is done on time. I was like a broken down program <hes> so you definitely have to set a blueprint on which you want to do what you're trying to go <hes>. Where do you see yourself by december. I'm agenda i video. Where are you going to see yourself every three to six months. As long as you're getting one percent closer. You might not okay you still at the same job. You're frustrated but that money money you're making every day. Where is it going for. Is it going for you spend on the weekend or maybe a mortgage on the hash about the buying five ten years yeah so <hes> future goals always have future goals <hes> yet the map out the to what you wanna do <hes> sometimes you get caught up in the corporate life and frustrated but like you mentioned that four hours freedom swallow your pride a a little bit and i it's especially a long period of time because she was going to go there for hours for week. Two that's huge. Actually i was. I was driving and i seen one big big name. Furniture places had an advertisement in the grass one of those. There's little signs you know <hes> saying a sign walkers. I guess that's what they call. You guys ever see the videos that guy spinning assigned flipping eleven dollars an hour outright and i'm looking at the sign and i'm like that's crazy because i remember when we were me and my wife were <hes> stacking up for our wedding. I got a part time job cleaning and it was like you said is like <hes>. I had a full career. I wear our graduate. I'm like going through from you know eight o'clock in the morning to five job actually earlier to four and from five ride the ten at night. I was cleaning <hes> an industrial building but stacking up everything was going to go on like i'm only doing this for a year and a half just doing a year and a half listen and when when you set a date on something and everybody listen. I invited everybody to my wedding. I send out the invites to save dates. I gotta i make this happen and there's no oh we're gonna change the same day we're going to change. Their families didn't make the cut the pressures right. It's a part time job or extra gig just endlessly work for the rest of your life four hundred hours a day and that's what i'm talking about but i had a goal ato auto fire underneath my because i'm like i am not going to be known as the to the cleaning around. That was my thing. I'm not doing that with multiple jobs and just constantly tired bags eggs rome is. I'm like i'm not doing that. That's not my thing but i knew i had to do is kind of you think i'm going to do for the time being yeah. I had a goal. I made it happen. We overdid overdid it because we actually over. We thought something was going to cost more than a one thousand dollars more and it wasn't and i think that was god's throne. You know a little bone. You know what i mean. Well done kind of thing award on the back and i know i know for fat. Everybody was watching in my family the first one to get married so it was it was one of those things already setting the tone which normally i'm four or five years younger than my brothers so normally. I'm always watching them. Make that move. I and it was just all on the same thing in fact within that short period of time a pitcher cough pay student loan off and put a down payment on a house so so is all that stuff is like again we over. We over planned something but ended up working out for the benefit. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a finger to save the hand absolutely absolutely have to lose a thing as the hand no absolute everything comes back and forth every time i love it got a little time so is there something you feel like in your childhood or grown up. That's contributing to your success. Oh yeah my i was around a lot of my grandfather's now. There's a cousins or family members yeah. We're always passing out money as a kid. Money brings you joy. It gives you a five dollar bill. Oh my god gives you a twenty back. I'm going to get a quarter of gas this so just seeing him pass out tangible money understood. It made people happy happy but when you get older that sometimes internal we feel like we're not where we need to be yeah. Sometimes i mean somebody actually when you wake up first thing in the morning he log onto your phone. You can go on social media. She somebody traveling. You know you're about to go to work. You're going to get upset right before you even get to the job that you already feel like. It's going to give you a headache. Eh you making yourself said that you're not going going disconnect with social media the first in the morning thinking about yourself a little bit all right. We'll my goal for this week. Yeah okay michelle. I'm trying to make sure the clothes get done tonight right everything ready. I don't have to stop and get detergent. I'm alright. It's interesting yeah. That's funny <hes> all right so so what's your recommendation anyone trying to you know jump in the charity education business or or whatever it is that that is a goal of theirs had to get started. What's your choice but this charity business or any business student. Don't just jump out there and thank you have ever figured out. I tried that at first and as i said it's just money money reach out to somebody a friend of colleague mine that i work with <hes> some people people in philadelphia reached out to people in new york down in d._c. All over and <hes> they just opened up to me and told me the best thing to do. You have to do things from the heart so be a student if you you want to get into this <hes> if it's a money driver thing you wanna do go into sales probably sales so <hes> if that's what it all depends you like those your okay but if we were all the same i'll be honest. All of us couldn't be ahead couldn't all be successful unfortunate people at the phelan life. It's your decision with what you wanna. Do what side you want to be in fairly doesn't have to be financially he could be the richest person in the world have a terrible soul then you're not really living life all right awesome so there you have it folks six. How can <hes> if they want to reach out to you. How can they reach out to oil money to definitely follow us on on instagram peachtree l. hall <hes> gore website my own m t t m dot com the brain purchase find out more about us <hes> difficulty making some upcoming events this year hopefully us christmas gift back thanksgiving. Give back nice and <hes> message me <hes> when us on twitter unfortunately yes follow me at a long some emails. That's true whole ninety four. Sorry take my personal on trade hall zero four at yahoo dot com. We're going to be transparent. I'm not gonna you know. Does anybody trae the hall zero four at yahoo dot com personally. I'll be waiting for you. I love absolutely all right. We'd like to end things with quotes in the first one is by jim rohn. If you are not willing to risk the usual you will have to settle for the ordinary the second one by michael john bobak all progress takes place outside of the comfort zone the oil money in this episode special guest train hall we cover topics that range from accountability charity community development dedication much more we wrapped the episode up with quotes from jim rohn own and meikeljohn bobek awesome guys thanks again for joining us to rotate podcast was produced for self feldman purposes huge shout out to our sponsors. This episode is brought to you by the blessed lifestyle brand that is b. L. three s s dot com also sponsored by the motivation files unleashed. This motivational mix tape would be your fuel for success available on all platforms guys. Don't forget the visit to website. 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