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Hurry and old navy and old navy dot com. Valid six nineteen to six twenty six excludes in store clearance, active licensed men's packaged flag styles. How's going everybody? Bryan Alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day. Monday through Friday, noon Pacific, three eastern Sunday's re Pacific six eastern cut. A lot of talk about this day to day this weekend. A lot of stuff going on, including the WB stumping grounds pay per view have odds for stomping grounds doesn't mean much this far out. I mean, most of the odds are kind of what you would expect. And as I look at this show, maybe we're going to get what people expect up and down the show. But based on Ron smackdown as I've noted I just see so many heels going over on Sunday, I could be totally wrong, but we'll talk about the odds for the show here. We got notes on Bobby, and he's got some health issues going on. The nineteen Eighty-six Crockett Cup has been added to the WWE network. Total divas actually total Bellas has been renewed for a fifth season. And yes, as I expected, and as predicted here on the show. We really went out on a limb to predict this. I might add our truth did beat Drake maverick for the twenty four seven at Drake Mavericks, wedding. Now, the only thing about it that I guess, could have gone differently because it was very clear Madrid maverick won the title and announced that he was the champion. And he was getting. Married. I mean it was very clear. They were going to do at twenty four seven title change at his wedding. But the question obviously was is it going to be our truth? Because there were a lot of different WB stars at the wedding, including bronze showman could've beat him up to win the title, you could add Carmella beat him to win the title for our truth. And then you have some sort of story line there, instead, our truth, just beat him. And the video is up on social media, right? Nephew head up there and check it out. But another new twenty four seven champion our truth, and for the record Drake. Maverick did get married first. And then they shot the angle. So he will not have to explain to his children when they look at wedding picture to this actually happened as he was really getting married, they, they married them first and in the shot the angle. But anyway, that's up on the WB social media accounts as we speak. We could talk about that today. Plus a lot of other topics if you want to give us a call. The phone number is always, eight four four four eleven five four eleven toll free, eight four four four. Five four eleven text messages, four to five seven eight zero seven five six six back in a moment to kick it off wrestling observer live. Friday nights Sunday brunch. It does not match. Her backs are facts, Queen every cigarette can cut your life short by that hard to believe. Then tapped the banner from all this free like freedom to be to Vacco free. 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He went to watch that one and also a couple of other things as well a note that today is open line Friday, which once I tweeted, I realized isn't every day open line Friday 's kind of pretty much. I mean, if there's a very, very serious, topic, and Ryan calls about something stupid, then that's an exception, but in general, every day is open line Friday here on the shell no structure. So if you want to do is call eight four four four eleven five four Levin is the phone number that is toll free, eight four four four eleven five four eleven four to five seven, eight zero seven five, six six is the text message line. I'm watching the Drake maverick wedding right now. They he got married here. They're claiming with the belt around his waist, and he kissed the lovely bride married worker. Yep. There's EC three. They're still with his red tippy Cup. I'm not sure what that's about sippy Cup. What's, what's it called? I got I got a toddler, they're called something different will the solo Cup this solo Cup. Maybe he's going to be involved with the. Streep prophecy prophets. Yeah. Dope here comes our truth. Just you'll never guess you'll never guess everybody, I should do like a contest, if you can guess how are truth pinned Drake. Maverick the official move the world wrestling, entertain, you get nothing. Yeah. Like the twenty four seven title. She'd have a schoolboy on it. It's one of the side plates. Snowing package on one. Yeah. That's a check it out. Check it out. Now. Anyway, shell by the more serious note I got some serious. I gotta say here. Okay. Really? Okay. I don't want to I'm serious about my serious common here. I don't necessarily want to call anybody out too badly, because it's pro wrestling and accidents happen. Okay. So on Monday night, there was a match with Dana Brooke that got stopped guy. She was bleeding all over the place. It was Dana Brooke and the Viking. What's her name toy? Forgot. Sarah, sarah. Logan, logan. Okay. Sarah Logan Dana brook. Okay. So anyway, I heard the match was stopped, and I was told because it was a dark match, I was told that got stopped forget, what I was told. But I think I think I was told she got posted and then what I was talking about on the show with Dave, he was, like, no, no, no, no, no, she. She took a knee. That's like how do we hear two totally different things. Like I heard that she at the post too hard. He heard that she got the knee. Like what how does this happen? So I saw the video yesterday. And the reason that we both got different story is, in fact, because she took a knee into the post so both things happen. Okay mic, you're laughing, but this is a very serious story. So if you haven't seen the video, let me tell you what happened. Okay, Dana Brooke is on the apron, and she is on her knees facing the post. Sarah Logan is also on the apron, sir. Logan goes running with a headful esteem and throws like a V trigger into the back of Dana Brooks head which sends Dana Brooks head into the ring post and you just hear the sickening crack. And then she's bleeding everywhere in, obviously they stopped the match. All right. Now, let me let me just repeat this okay accidents happen in wrestling. I understand. But with that said, who in God's name came up with this idea for a spot, and why I understand if maybe you got Kenny, omega and Okada in there to people who have been doing this for a long, long time, enter the very top of their game. And they are two of the best wrestlers in the entire world. Sarah Logan, I know she's been doing this for awhile and Dana Brooke. I know his improve. Moved, but for the love of God, somebody thought it would be a good idea to do spot. Where Dana Brooke is facing the post, she can't even see Sarah Logan coming, sir. Logan is to hit her in the back then no now granted it's supposed to be faked. But you realize that if you're hitting somebody like, let's say that I'm facing you, Mike. And I throw a forearm or whatever and and I don't touch you. But at least we're facing each other. So, you know win contact was supposed to have been made if I'm hitting you from behind. I have to make some sort of contact for you to know when I hit you. Okay. So they've designed a spot where somebody has to do a running need to the back Dana Brooks head which he's facing like I just don't get it for. I just don't get it. We have will Osprey knocking people out with his new move which he continues to do and granted, he hasn't knocked anybody else out that we know but we did have that a couple of months ago. We have Chris Jericho trained artists now using spitting back this and. Kinney elbows. And we're seeing more guys do that to who probably shouldn't be doing it. I know. And if you ask any almost any worker, they can you do it. Sure. Absolutely. Or we came up with this idea, we think we can do it, isn't it on the agent and isn't it on the supervisory? I'm asking who's I was this. It's completely baffling. Yeah. It really is. It's too bad because he gets just it sucks for Dana Brooke. You know, and obviously sucks for both of them because I'm sure that, that Sarah Logan felt awful about it. But it's like this is a dark match. I don't know. I just did seem to be bad all the way around. And it seemed to be a move that just didn't didn't need to be done. Although I guess if you wanna work something like that out. I just I don't know, just to seem like a bad idea. And let me say something else here. Okay. Now I was not as hard on. Brielle is a lot of people were. But I was still pretty mad when Brielle knocked out live Morgan because they were facing each other and live Morgan was sitting there with their chest open, just giving her a target for these kicks not moving, and somehow Brielle still kicked her in the head knocked her out, like I was pretty mad about that. Okay. But I would like to note and again, I really don't wanna get too hard on people because accidents happen in wrestling, but. Can you imagine? If instead of Sarah, Logan, it was breed Bella who had done that move Dana, brook, a running need of the back of the head, sending her into the post and busting your open. Can you imagine what people in the internet would have done? I haven't heard one person upset at zero Logan for this. Well, how many people really know about it? And look, this is not I if it's the bellows or Charlotte, or Sasha of Charlotte at done it. Oh my God. We might as well shut down this show. But it's again, it's that the outrage is completely equivalent to star power, and that's, that's that. All right. Let's go to the phones during the year. What's going on, Brian? How the question about your book? Oh, this is the one that you had to call in about because it was much too intricate for text in tweet. Right. You know what Ryan, I don't know why he didn't have me do anything with the book either and he had Karl stern help out. I mean I was willing to help. I mean I have probably an Email, and you didn't respond. That's only happened eighty five times. Liar, you'd lie ahead Ryan. Okay, like right. I live like you can do a number of things or activities that are related V addition. Claire. The cancelled the maybe and they also have tennis courts that were built by them. Some instances man's mother is live out our where I lived in really valiant has like a camp that's about four hours away. That's sort of like museum that like for you and Mike Clifford. They're like activities or works. She can visit by your house. They'll be what did. What did? Book captain Lowell Abano you camera down. I got it. I got it are there WBZ landmarks near my house. There's my house that should be a wrestling Stoorikhel landmark I got the starboard and Dewey beach. You never got up in there. They've got the, the former keyarena there were there were there were so many shows that were running the, the former keyarena back in the day. Lot wrestling things happened there. I got secrets in ocean city uses four our tapings, unfortunately, joy Morella passed away on the way home from one, but lots of debauchery and fund things of taking place at that place, as well to not a lot of not allowed to w historical markers in Washington state, Ryan. Yeah, I was like hitting like something like you can actually do you like you can play tennis at the tennis court or do stuff at museum. It's didn't Billy tennis courts around here. I'm sorry, maybe his mom up in the bar. Listen. Right. Thanks very much for the call. It was that was definitely a call that the question could not have been asked on Twitter. He was. Absolutely ranking Friday. Hey, listen. All we gotta head to a break Manno, ma'am. Shame. All right back in a moment. If observer live. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like, tell us what you want to pay, and the trombone goes, blah, blah, blah, and you say, we'll help you find coverage options to fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at ya. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Get to old navy today. All t's all shorts and the old dresses are on sale now for fifty percent off. That's right. Get fifty percent off all tees. Fifty percent off all shorts and fifty percent off all dresses. Get the styles you want most right now with shorts from just twelve bucks for adults eight bucks for kids tease started to seven bucks for adults six bucks for kids. Don't miss out. Hurry into old navy and old navy dot com. Valid six nineteen to six twenty six excludes in store clearance, active licensed men's. Packaged flag styles. Peg in the show. Brian ver- is here. Wrestling observer, live makes for Viva also of wrestling observer dot com. So yes, I'm not plugging it super hard because I'm waiting till it actually comes out. But in about two weeks, my new book is going to be out hundred things WFAN should know or do before they dive actually got a copy or I should hold it up for the camera. Video dot effort w online dot com. Maybe I'll do that after the break. But so. Oh, bonus content. I wanted I wanted note that when Ryan was talking about the Seattle area. And I noted that there's not a lot of WWE. It's the west coast. Like when I when I was coming up in wrestling in the late nineties, and, you know, buddy, Wayne would always call back and talk to rip Rogers and rip would always referenced than earth, west is like an island, like if you were wrestling here, nobody knew about you, and you weren't going anywhere. You're stunning island out in here in the Pacific northwest. But I remember when I was a kid that I used to go to W F shows all the time. And I remember things that happened at the shows like I remember watching this ultimate warrior, Rick rude match and then a couple months later, they wrestled at summer slam. And they did exact say match move for move and thousand I realized hold on a second here. This is definitely not on the level like at a pretty good idea. But when I saw the exact same Mitch move for move. I was like that is, this is definitely phony has terrible. So anyways, I was doing this book here. I can't remember what which one I was. Right. About. But I went back and I found all of those shows that I went to when I was a kid, I found the dates, I found the cards, I found the buildings and while my memory wasn't exact when I told these stories before it was pretty close. And the point of the story is even though like in the late nineties, it was an island here and you know w e now comes here couple times a year. Maybe when I was going back and looking at these shows w we came to the Seattle area all the time. I'm talking like every two months they were either in Seattle or Tacoma. This was the late eighties. And like, you know, I realize it during the peak period of the eighties or like four cruise running. And now you've got Ron smackdown, but I was just flabbergasted, like I can understand you going to Madison Square Garden every month or or out in the northeast hitting hitting a, a city like. Every month or whatever. But coming out to Seattle or Tacoma, every other month, and it did seem like it was kind of alternating. So they didn't actually hit Seattle every other month that was, like Seattle, every four months. And then they do Tacoma. So it'd be like Seattle, Tacoma, every other month it, which really is not that far away. It's, you know, twenty minutes from Seattle Tacoma, but still, I was baffled by how often they came to this town. It's crazy. That's how I love living in Baltimore between Baltimore and Washington, because when I was growing up, it was a war zone, so we got, you know, it was always WWF stuff at the Baltimore Civic Center than arena, and which is still there to this day. It's the Royal farms arena or whatever they call it now and the, the cap center, and they would always go there, and then the end of you came, and invaded the area through Gary juster getting him on TV in an opening the flood gates at TV and syndicated television on all these new UHF channels have popped up and TV was in wrestling on literally every night. And there's a book that Graham coffin. Did call battleground Baltimore that he interviewed me for? Where I went back and I found a bunch of mild ticket stubs and things like that. And we, you know, recounting stories from people in Baltimore about all of these shows that would come glow came to Baltimore. The Awa came to Baltimore southwest championship wrestling came to Baltimore because they were filming Santo gold, which was this bizarre infomercial that I could say definitely, please go, check out on YouTube if you can go and find that, but yeah, I mean it was something else in. So we were just flooded with wrestling, and you see, you know, kind of to this day, many people from the Baltimore Washington area are involved in wrestling, or obsessed with wrestling or something like that. It was it was because we were killed with and we weren't the only place. It was obviously Philadelphia and many other places too, that, you know, when WWF expanded it opened up the floodgates for a lot of different stuff, and it, it not to change the subject, but tied in with another thing that you brought up at the beginning of the show the Crockett Cup in eighty six just put up this video, because it always killed me, a buzz Sawyer taking. A drop kick from CoCo, beware, that's gotten like ridiculous amount of us on my Twitter to add Semper v to see that. I mean it's something else you can see it. If you watch that Crockett Cup Eighty-six footage that was put up on the, the WWE network, and I was ten years old. And I know you are a little bit older when you got really interesting. But by that point I was already heavily invested in. It was to this day, I remembered that bump into be able to put that up there and to see people freak out about it, and they never seen that before. But that's something Sawyer did kind of all the time in Georgia Meany, take that shot and the rings were small, and he fly across the ring and somehow look like he was levitating and go through the ropes and hit the apron, and it was like, man my youth coming back to me. And it's like that's the one thing I really, really wonder about is everybody bandies about numbers and things like that with how technology with change with how kids take things in with what they are their interests are, and all that sort of stuff. I that part the part of making wrestling. Fans for life, which always seems to happen like when you talk to people between the ages of eight to twelve or thirteen like once middle school hits, like you'll have some people who find out that, you know, they get interesting at that point become lifetime fans. But it always seems to be the really young set is you creep in, you know, twelve maybe thirteen fourteen at the latest. You know, those people if you can get them their fans for life, and that's a demographic, that, you know, we always hear about twelve seventeen slipping away, but, you know, and I only have just anecdotal evidence to go by, but it seems to be that there's just not cultivating wrestling fans as young as we did before in the, the enthusiasm. And the passion for it doesn't maybe it's there and it's just not the same and I can't comprehend it. And I it's not relative to me, but I do wonder if what we had growing up, I mean, I don't think these kids are going to have that. And I wonder how that's going to affect the industry, not now obviously, but twenty years down the road. I mean we talk about all the fifty year olds. And forty year olds that are driving WWE and spending money in us trying to get our kids into it and things like that. And they just they don't seem to be doing that. And how that affects the industry twenty years from now is going to be fascinating to follow to go to the phones. You're on the air. What's up? Hey, this is Christopher from Connecticut. Have comment inquest and a question or an idea more question. So I commend having going back to from the old Ron nitro views there to people talk about wanting to work with, and that's main and Scott Steiner in my have. I believe or maybe you want to see Vinnie Wisconsin. I I'd like to see them beat up Vinnie. I don't think I've ever requested. You filthy and Vinnie could join the king of truth tournament in Chicago and face Scott Steiner joining grace and what's his name. PD Williams or yappy Williams and, or you in filthy could face to face the fear if you were not a coward. And I was not a coward. Oh, you're, you're facing a little boy, instead of feeling with that main do I look like six eight going to go in their face. Scott hall. He's twice three times my size. What do you think this is you think this is magic? There's a reason there's weight classes in mixed martial arts. Sometimes guys go up five pounds and they get smashed yet. But brought me going in there against Scott Steiner, but boss to be fair. You went down and weight loss to, to would you shut up. I was beaten up by five I was going to buy a whole family by jungle boy. All the time. Anyway, go ahead caller better here. So the idea that's questionable. So I haven't gotten into wrestling two thousand sixteen and the site in twenty seventeen. I kinda missed the heyday if you guys doing contests sides, the stuff you do with granny, which I can't do since her Facebook's broken for me. Splo- probably blocked after this conversation. Now, it's but go ahead. It's that like this content not available thing that simple get so. I was thinking because I think Garrett sort of talked about this in one of his shows. Dave doing a g one prediction contest. Oh, God on one of my shows. No. Yeah. We're where people can just send in like they're complete sort of I had not bracket, really. But their predictions for every match and whoever gets the most right. Or are you trying to kill worse Brian or Venny? Yeah, listen, listen. I'll think about doing a contest like this, but not on my show. If geared listens to this, and he would like to do this, with Dave, I'd actually pay to hear that because I want to hear Dave going through all of the various scenarios from everybody that sends in various scenarios, this would be incredible audio. Unfortunately, there's a ninety minute limit. So we'd have to we'd have to break it up into a miniseries, and who cares about all this stuff anyway. When the annual traditional g when preview show from adamant Mike is going to be posted up relatively soon. That's all you need to get yourself. Ready for the G one is just listen to add when I go through as we do every single year and come up also close with our predictions dude Colville of noted to me that the pay per view is Sunday. And by the way, the odds, and he's early odd. So it means nothing. Seth Rollins minus one thousand overbearing, Corbin Kofi, Kingston, minus nine fifty over dolph, Ziglar, Becky Lynch, minus four. Four hundred over Lacey. Evans Bailey, minus five hundred over Lexa bliss, and Roman reigns. Minus one fifty over drew McIntyre. I mean these odd makers think that there's a better chance that dolph Ziglar will be Kofi Kingston, then baron Corbin could win the title over Seth Rollins. I think that's madness. But anyway, there's an advertisement out for raw the next day, which is an Everett and you'll never guess the compelling matches their billing for Ron Monday. All right, Barron, corden in a championship match and Lacey. Evanson Everett street fight. In Everett street. Tickets gotta be flowing for this show in Everett is it like, is it like mean street in Greenwich? I mean, we'll ever suck. I mean I wouldn't want to be out the streets, but hey we'll be back in a moment. More everybody. Observer live. Don't let this summer Passi. Well power it out in the five hour energy power up your summer sweepstakes. You could win one of five amazing experiences by any five hour. Energy product including cherry, extra strength snap a picture of your receipt. Senate in because it's about time you had the dining your life power up your summer with five hour, energy. No purchase necessary. 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Mike you are thank in the book, oh, even though you didn't help at all. I still think you you're welcome all the hardware here on this program, and you're on your own on Sunday. But anyway, I got something I gotta bring up here and then we'll go back to the phones here. So couple of weeks ago. Thomas Intel, was on this show, and he had the temerity to challenge me and at the time I was coming off the Marco stunt match. Right. Messed up my leg and tired. Lot of travel. I it's pretty much sick wrestling wanna do anymore. He's challenging me. Anyway, here it is two three weeks later. And my leg is not fully healed, but it is much better right now. And I've got some rest got back in the gym feeling pretty good. And I hear that on Wednesday uncharted territory. He done did the job done got beat Thomas sentelle, flattened laid out pinned middle of the ring so sucks to be that guy. And. Here's the deal. Okay. I don't want to kick a guy when he's down or anything like that. But. I willing to have a match with Thomas sentelle on one condition. Okay. So if you recall I tried to face Marco stunt, one on one in his whole idiot, hillbilly family got involved, and they all attacked me viciously. Violently and I was awesome. It leave defeated despite by the way beaten hell out of his dad beaten L out of his brother. Humiliating is mother. I still got beaten in the end because the odds were against me. Okay. So I'm still not one hundred percent. I'm not gonna lie. So my stipulation is I will face Thomas sentelle at beyond wrestling on one condition in that is that after one full year. The chop enroll express reunites for a tag team match. And I have some suggestions for a partner for Thomas sentelle. I got two good suggestions. Actually, and if he can get together with these people, then filthy, and I have talked to filthy. He's, he's, he's open willing. We will face Thomas Intel in a partner in a tag team match for beyond wrestling now the options that I have for for Mr. Santo. I got I got two names that really stick out to me. One of them is horn, swaddled swallow this little, creeps been talking trash about me over the last year. And I think that he'd be a great partner for Thomas sentelle. Both former WWE guys both old school one guys like a, a mini the other guys, you know, out of the twenty s or whatever or the other option is that I really pushing for this one, because this guy has been cutting promos on me on social media on Twitter at he's begging to get in the ring. I mean he is begging to get in the ring pop stunt what I. Think that Papa stunt Thomas tell to super old school guys. One's got an old school gimmick ones. Like in his eighty s I think that those guys together against me and filthy, Tom Lawlor. I think that's the main event on any Indies show in the country. So I throw it out there. That's my stipulation I will not be doing a singles match. I was I was ruined last time when I tried to do singles match I want some backup. I want some protection. I'm not going there to get killed. I wanna have just a good clean tag team match myself and filthy versus Thomas Intel and either horned swaddled or Papa stunt and he can do the negotiations. I partner those are my steps. What are you gonna do that winch of a woman flies in on her broom and wants to hang out with her hug love backup? This time, I'll filthy, Tom. What are you gonna know, but if she's on the outside? How are you going to cut her balance? I got filthy, Tom. I'm not going in there alone. Again, I'm going in there with in the rain, but look, yeah. But remember what happened the last time none? Only did she get involved in entire community. Yeah. I got her guilty. Tom with me. How is it so hard for you to understand because I think you're going to need a little help outside. Oh, oh, you want to be there. Now. No. No, not me. Although I if I let me tell you anything else, you wanted to write the book you want to be there for this match. Let me tell you something. I will smack the ugly off of her if she ever gets near me. But that's here, nor there. I'm not interested in being there, although I will dismissed her but. I look member back when, when when the horsemen were where they were they were facing off against Kevin green, and Steve McMichael, and they needed a brain to be there. And maybe just maybe I'm just I'm just throwing brain. It's not going to be, you know, not knee, a great managerial mind such as like, I don't know. Sidney Baca belt. That's what you may need match. Mike. What are you talking about? I'm like, I'm not I'm not trying. I'm just trying to help you out because look, I don't need help. I got a plan, you got filthy, Tom. But he's only one man, you had a whole ailing one man, but you Fago drinking, Indiana hillbillies and look what happened. Right. Let's go to the you're on the air. What's going on? What's happ from Norway, again? Yes. Eric. He had a book dispatch while you're at him too. I mean, I have some ideas but I won't interfere. Now, I, I have to tell you how WB broke me if you weeks ago, they broke me because I was sitting down to watch the shoe per show them. And then I realized that I was really going to go to watch a shame. Shame McMahon match in two thousand nineteen and that broke broken instead of I fell into the spare and I've been in that despair for weeks now. And I sat out this a math, and I ran, I say, let me watch three hours of three hours resting each but I consume over sixty hours of resting absorber condoms every month. I'll be like a little. To be fan, I moved to get certified. I don't care. I stopped carrying there's this bilking to the point that I, I don't I don't even watch Chris of ROY anymore. Hey, let me tell you. One thing. Let me tell you one thing they're Norway. So. I've always, I've always been too concerned about me like going off a cliff because I always hear from people that say dude, I cannot watch, Ron smackdown. Thank you guys. I just listen to your podcast and I listened to what happened on the show. And if there's anything, good or like hilariously bad. I'll go watch it. But, you know, thank you guys. I I've heard this for years and years, and years and years. So when w is good. That's great for us. When w e is bad. That's also great for us. Now, this hasn't happened yet. Okay. But I did get an Email the other day, I may even read it on this show, and it was somebody that said, W e has become so bad for them. That they can't even listen to recaps of it on our show. That's what I thought waste, like I can't have this happen. That's bad. So still everything is. All right. Like we haven't we haven't seen a down a downward spiral of, of subscribers or anything. But man, if w we get so bad that people don't even listen to recaps on the show. I haven't trouble. So let's turn this ship around everybody. Let let's get through this stomping grounds. Let's change the card for Ron Monday. At let's, let's get some good stuff out there. So we can we can turn the ship around together may get some good ship. Nineteen Eighty-six Crockett Cup nail in the WB network, w we edit a tournament or the tournament is part of this week's hidden gems features over four hours of footage, including the tournament itself, which was eventually won by the road, warriors, a lot of people upset about the spoiler. But dude, this was thirty years ago. Oh, come on. Also to non tournament matches including Jim Duggan vs dick Slater, and RIC flair versus dusty Rhodes for the NWEA heavyweight title. So if you want to check it out that is available now on the WB network. And also on that topic Bubby eaten sixty years old has been hospitalized since Friday with heart issues. He's actually at heart issues for a long time. Jim cornet reported. Congestive heart failure led to fluid build up anes chest, legs and other parts of his body, forcing his heart deaf to pump harder is being treated with medication and diorite IX and his heart rate is now down, and his pacemaker is working well so hopefully everything gets back to normal for Bobby one of the all time greats. God, he was great. He would go out there and tried to have good matches with guys were absolutely horrible like total jobbers. And if the jumpers were competent he actually would continue to work with them. But if they sucked in the match quickly, I love Bobby, there's nobody couldn't work with. And that's another thing go, where I can watch any of this Crockett and it's look it's like four hours, although there is a commercial tape that they put out which is available online. If you search on YouTube or daily motion, where it's like an hour and a half version of it there. I mean there are so many incredible teams, you know, the fabulous ones in the fantastic actually start the thing off his fabulous ones work can heal because there amid south, you know, working with the fantastic's and it's just the rock and will express in the road warriors and the midnight express. And just there is so much talent the Guerreros, Eddie, and people won't realize this at the time too. But I mean growing up back then the Guerreros against like the rock and roll express in mid south, I it's you. You have no idea how good Hector and travel were in how perfect, they were down in Texas, and Louisiana when they were down there. Wrestling, it's just there's so much talent. You see why tag team wrestling? You know, it's been so maligned for so long. WCW tried to kill it. And try to kill the tag team titles, WWE's never really had an interest in it fact. Vince is actively I guess, always disliked tag teams you know, one hundred percent. So, you know it's very disappointing. But you see some of the stuff there and it's absolutely amazing. Right. So. They're working on the Tacoma dome show right now. Timing it out and the good news is not going to be like a five hour show. They actually are short on time for once I guess, they could add more, but hopefully they don't and this person here trying not to sneeze on the air this person here says he's got an idea for the whole Corbin thing. And he says Corbyn picks himself as the special referee Seth stomps him grabs his arm, and does the one two three and somebody else's suggested that somehow he picks himself as a special guest referee as well. And I was thinking about it, and it would be so stupid, and I'm sure he'd rant about it the next day, but kinda reminds me of when they went to Saudi Arabia, not this time, but the last time after kashogi got decapitated and they said they were going to go anyway, it was like the most controversial w show of all time. And so, since it was already the most controversial show. They were like, nah, spring backhoe Cogan. While read it. So as I watched is I look at this show, it's like, why not why not do an awful finish for show with an awful card. You know what I mean? Like if you're if no one's going to the show, they can't sell tickets. The lineup is horrible like school, all the way do it w Newton shot in the show and just move onto the next show mess. What I think you're paying for these tickets. Let's go to the phones. You're on the air. What's going on? Hey, I heard some room or less weeks that Dana warriors, sort of hands on with Lacey Evans, and like her promos and her character work. I was wondering if you knew like how prominent of a role, she she has in the company or she is just another writer or like what people think of her in the company. I honestly couldn't tell you. I don't know. I've never asked. They caught some buzz though, because she actually did explain that. She was a marine chasing noted the background, which is the one thing, people always talk about one of the things they always talk about Lacey Evans about is, nobody knows what the hell she is. Or who, who exactly? She is other than she's a sassy southern bell. Whatever the hell that man. I could be wrong. But like, you know, there have been there have been names that flute around as being part of the WB creative team in the past and what I've asked about him. It's like. They barely did anything and I feel like I feel like Dana warriors doing more than those people did. But I couldn't really tell you anything beyond that. I'll, I'll try to find out and then get an update for you. But I, I couldn't really tell you stomping ground. Spoiler. This person believes it Stephanie McMahon is the special guest referee, because Seth can't waffle her with its share. Well, I guess you could do that back in a moment. More observer live. 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Knows I go over this card for stomping grounds. And I think about this match with baron Corbin. Seth rollins. I watch every single show raw and smackdown every single week like literally every second of it. That's not a commercial. I realize I have no idea. Why burn corporate gets to choose the ref. What happened? Did did Shane give him the? Okay. Yeah, I guess it was a little fuzzy coming out of Saudi Arabia wasn't it? I mean it's just like they talk about it, like it's something every show now I think they never remind you why he was allowed to do that. Yeah. I think the, the only thing I think he said it was the interview with Charlie where it's like, because I got some sway around here I'm going to be able to choose the wrath. And then it was like, yeah, that was it. That was all. Well, great. So anyway, Barron. Corbin gets choosed Aref on Sunday. This person says a twenty four seven title makes no sense. Why would anybody want it from the moment that are truth won the belt? He ran scared. That is now Drake Mavericks, curse who wants to spend every day running from everybody that he knows. It's a tribute to Ron killings that it gets any love at all. Well, our truth is awesome. Yeah. I'm a giant fan of art truth. Hey, I've got a question. You take. Arch truth. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I can do good school. Boy. Percents will Vince freak out on Sunday if he sees they have two guys on the same show named drew, I presume he knows by now. But if we find out that drew Gulick has a new name on Monday, well Gulick, and also this person here, Bryan. You made an error on the B and V show. I would like to correct the young bucks are copying Kamala spots in two thousand nine hundred and not the other way around. Please have some respect for the Ugun giant. That's what I said talking about a time machine. Yeah. Kamala did the leapfrog into the super kick spot way back in nineteen Ninety-two? So there you go. We're out of time. Everybody wanna thank you for listening here today. Thanks, mike. Is always he'll be running the show on Sundays since I'll be at stomping grounds should be a fun time. So check it out. Let's create seven the site, and we'll talk to you next time. Wrestling observer live. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group, mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now, get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry, it was pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Price and coverage match limited by state law. Get to old navy today. All t's all shorts and old are on sale now for fifty percent off. That's right. 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