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Did you know that ten things that scare me is a public media show? That means we rely on people like you to support everything we make Sakib tempting short sweet and weird by making a donation today at ten things podcast dot org slash donate. Listener support w in Weiss studios. I have no idea. This is the right format. But yeah. One never making any of my own work again. To never getting paid for my work again three number getting paid again for never having another crush five. Never being the object of another crush six the fear that even my using the word crush out of touch juvenile the crux of the whole problem. Seven dancing, eight singing nine the man I once on the subway eating a full tub of cream cheese like out of the tub. I'm losing track of these numbers aging being asked my opinion, number friends work. I didn't like out of the three truly terrifying. Images in film, hereditary Toni Collette floating in the attic scared me the most. Never being scared of any movie as I was when I was a kid break-up dreams. My ex's being happier. Without me. My ex's never thinking about me loss of meaning loss of purpose. Lhasa curiosity. My voice becoming gravelly walking up the stairs outside my apartment. One day and realizing I can't make the full climb walking. My dog up the stairs outside my apartment one day, and realizing my dog chemic- the full climb my own anger loneliness. My friends all coupling up and having kids, and I at a fear of being left behind combined with the N B. I feel starting to look for things to critique them about judge them for until I am nothing. But a critical judging shelve a person who they have every right to not take back on bite things thus fulfilling the prophecy that I myself set in motion. The apple store expensive pillows hipster stores in the airport wanting something I can have the death of cities read the internet having kids not having kids everything related to the environment power powerlessness mob mentality. Capitalism. Quality beauty uniqueness being things. Only for the rich class war. Among the old, the fate of everyone who isn't rich. There's an apple store that with put in in Williamsburg. And I feel like that really was the thing that changed at all. Like everything followed apple store, and I'm never seen an apple store that not in a mall that you can just like look through the windows while it's asleep. You know, so a night you can see the iphone charging, right? And it looks like an army of Dick's. I'm starlet kind. Neither ten things that scare me. The ten things team includes Amy Pearl Daniel game at Sarah sampack, Emily, teen polish human, Melissa -chusetts music and sound design by Isaac Jones. You know, what scares me if I get frozen like you get cryogenically frozen and then in the future when they unfreeze e they're like oh. What are you? Scared of tell us at ten. Thanks, podcasts dot org.

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