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Part 1: Alan Foreman, Brendan Walsh


Sirius Xm fours presents with Steve Aw horse racing handicapping interviews this is adorned with stupid in the news category in the after a amazing unpredictable thrilling stunning possible outcome contributing to a an amazing two and a half days into five am on Saturday morning because aside from the international category and then of course the Breeders Cup ramifications category every every triomphe That fell short fell short the given the ground given the Arkham stances just just got beat ran great the noble effort John Gosden amazing in Started with the keeneland opener on Friday which was really entertaining it always is and then it fed into Saturday rocking pull out all the appropriate adjectives just it had everything and it had it the racing action including Friday's also by these win British idiom interestingly the two year old racing they they they abounded over the weekend we'll we'll talk about Richard Mandella in a minute but let's go back Bob who's just legendary though the performances of legends the two-footed Legends Idiom on Friday when's the also by`dys Brad Cox and Max Field dominated the twenty four hours later New York the present and the champagne dominated Tis Law Barclay tag funny side to point out the whole thing sacking Toga etcetera some dominating efforts we'll talk about all of them we'll talk to Brendon Walsh who got his first grade one with Max `field but British saying even before enables attempt at a third arc de Triomphe and then yesterday wicked whisper to for the leave blocks always happy to see Alex Leib long and Joanne the being just really better on the moment and and he's certainly deserving winner of the Arcot trade gracious in defeat little bit of the ground a little bit of the trip little bit of vault guys just so committed to the the industry and rewarded with a great one two year old filly really really nice so much to do but back to the news that broke on Saturday morning before many of us were awake I actually didn't get up myself until after a very good Monday race fans Sirius Xm to Awan sports on nine sixty four if you're listening to six online and on our websites the dot com a remarkable deal involving every working part of Maryland I and racing interests and state city and county government agencies six on a Saturday which is a little unusual but the news had had broken that mark deal that will keep the preakness at old hilltop and a new old hilltop that is going to be potentially everything that has been discussed these last several years all came together to craft a just a a sweeping and Land Years Alan Foreman I won't get into the details right now because Alan form is gonNA join us in about ten minutes and essentially for those that are hearing the news for the first time or don't know the details stronach group deeds PIMLICO and environs to the city a reworking of the funding that comes from this very clever and will be you know essentially the nearly year round home of of racing in Maryland the comes from the gaming in Maryland the legislation the legislative body Annapolis will have to make in Park Heights multi use facility community centre sports fields you've how it basically came to be by laurel gets a complete overhaul expanded stabling and brand new building and they get everything that they wanted at Laurel public area unlimited potential mixed use zoning for retail and what could essentially matching funds essentially one hundred and seventy five million dollars the project renovation and rebirth in and around park heights a temporary areas for temporary seating a just a I think Alan Rifkin used the word transformative basically be a really a impetus for the Baltimore didn't have it the state didn't have it at Saturate well this was very clever and I can't wait to hear from Alan the specifics of of didn't see and hear Nacho just very emotional over yesterday's blurb line changes and the biggest concern of course all of the project and the potential for the project was going to be where the money was gonna come from because the open saucer up at Woodbine so there were twenty eight stakes Santa Anita Valmont Keelan twenty different writers just a little bit and really looking forward to it and then Brendon Walsh Johnny de top of the hour nuncio caress Nacho winning it's a dentist I would run them back in seven days the also had the mastery and the Yes sir hey this spinster back to back against against the odds L- let's be honest I it just didn't just didn't feel like and the details are just I crossing I mean what how how this was pulled off a is amazing so we'll talk to Alan loop rise could defend in that setting against the late and Dunbar road did just that and you could see if sets the greenwood up twenty eight states you know if if there's a horse that is made to run back on short timing upset several one you got on if you are a believer in blue prize just one of the performances that the win though that it just I think blew everybody away one stakes twenty different riders twenty eight races Joel One three Drayton Van Dyke all the fact that there was such a wide array of witter's connections yeah there were a couple of multiple states the superlatives you can't come up with enough it it just shake your head Miller Cox cassie they all but there was for the most part the Asmussen to including catching engaged the way back from his injury one three Castellano to Mike Smith to an Smith's but the two particularly Kamari win yesterday and had Indian summer it was amazing but and that struck me the for preakness it the this it's really amazing and I had Alan for them it had at kind of let me know a little bit on Friday night uh for a variety reasons first of all it was just playing exciting under the circumstances but Omaha long examples of of his savvy patients well this was this was unbelievable I'm sorry with another with another horse another big win fifty to one adventist amazing amazing job Sono wjr in the Phoenix on on Friday that was that was a nice little they're few few nice pops over the weekend that was one of them but Neptune store that resonated on this just terrific weekend I was at Belmont on Saturday team and I went down and we went to see the Abbott brothers the Hersch Junior Alvarado who else there were a couple of other pairs of of of winters I bought this but certainly Jack noten didn't do his win in the Santa Anita Sprint Championship Mandela Mandela just defies defies aw elbow certainly not going to the Breeder's cup juvenile a lot of this was triggered Saturday afternoon after the Champagne I- Tis Barclays that was tremendous fund twenty eight stake races if you fold in parks in the Greenwood Koppen and and how about your is Saint Louis Ah he's not the only horse that's ever done that but he's sound like he's run terrible since but Omaha beach gets the was terrific to it at Belmont Hill prints well-placed eyeball Baltics just does a tremendous job the there's a million discussions to be had about who's running who's not the reason they're not the reason there winning trainers Peter Miller won a pair and Cox course won a pair are Clo- I can never get arklow right arco with you could tell how happy and excited he was so much of this boy it it is there's just everywhere I look I haven't even talked about sister Charlie that was just not necessary many Franko with a a huge huge weekend for Godolphin Samantha upsets yesterday at Santa Anita talk about those kc right how much more could you really count on or or expect and you thought he could win be chance a lot did you really think even if you're a believer even if you even if you're odd it not necessarily her best effort but enough to win the flower bowl I told you about deputy storm shared belief maybe we'll go to the one turn act because we don't want to turn a was Larry we're gonNA shorten up for the Santa Anita Sprint Championship and you just went into it saying to yourself just hope he breaks hope he gets a good effort in and that he's healthy and moving in the right direction admiral by the complements and and brilliant career regular decades with all the fits and starts hiccups in the maybe go here let's prepare for this race in we're we're thinking we wanna WanNa run in the AH wins the reader sheet thirty wins the matron wins the turf sprint I broke up Bayden or two had a couple of seconds as well I I I know that one of the reactions for people was oh well chance lot just you know is not the same the horse that we saw program the University of Louisville Equine Business Program the University of Louisville has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years of equine business education classes stick around and campaign toward your three year old season with his law but nobody any favors by saying that he's got concerns about the racetrack that that are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's Equine Industry the 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Obviously we'll talk to Brendon Walsh after Alan Foreman after the first break Allen format talk about the new PIMLICO next with St we're back at the races twenty minutes you know that that that win at Saratoga obviously is one of those outlier performances get to sign up or Promo Code XP radio you're GonNa love it and that some might keep guaranteed must be eighteen years and twenty one years old and certain states opened the countless express bet one race but always try just as hard come visit them all at all friends when you're in Kentucky or at our Bobby Frankel Division old friends and Saratoga I know expressed bet dot com use Promo Code XP Radio Bet One Hundred Bucks and they'll deposit one hundred bucks back into your account the very next day but you get an into the Monday get together and normally we're talking about the first two couple of great one recaps at this juncture however everybody involved breeders that Cetera all coming together to announce an amazing perspective landman the state research activities legal void where prohibited national gambling support line eight hundred five to two forty seven hundred won the business of horses in the world's only accredited equine business mark plan to change things at them look at Laurel and elsewhere Alan Foreman joins US and of course Allen at the center of all the it'll be glad to see good old friends equine dot org or call us at five to eight six three seventeen seventy five bringing the biggest stories ever a great one set of negotiations at the absolute highest levels of the Maryland and Baltimore planted there had been acrimony that dissipated and a real estate even better than anybody agree more and that included on track and and this BC news and there's actually some things I think this week that there are some other shoes at the fall and we'll also have to talk about the MIDLANTIC group That had the meeting at a Delaware mid week that actually this Alan I hope I can say congratulations and make it stick good morning I agree with you Steve Good morning including the Great Champions and inspired unforgettable memories and maybe let your cash ticket to over the years we even have a former child prodigy here a superstar for governments and the Anna Rundle County Baltimore County road all the way to the State House and stronach group and that when you come to the preakness every year the conversation automatically shifts to which what's with Kemoko what's going to happen vic on Sirius Xm radio hey what's going on Mike here and I'm going to tell you about an offer from my good friends at Expe- a place we never miss it and you start with House money it say I'm crazy right cannot express your first hundred dollars are on them that's right sign up I trust you to watch it a couple of times to say just you didn't think and acrimonious litigation began and at the preakness the the new mayor of Baltimore and Belinda Strana Cata conversation and from that was a lawsuit that was brought by the mayor the former mayor and city of Baltimore against the stronger group seeking to condemn the mcco eminent domain the property and essentially strip the strike group of its hold on the preakness hang on what a great weekend for thoroughbred racing of thoroughbred racing and four thoroughbred racing on so many levels. This was a really good weekend I couldn't the Davis afternoon delights and kept us on the lights absolutely galloping in Hollywood paternity these are the champions that help out the horses that might not have wanted and the future of the preakness I don't believe the litigation would have been successful but nonetheless tempers flared the vendors raving generate electronic invoice English defenders who can pay through horse bills for just fifty cents turn out on work in at the Amsterdam say how much what what was chancellor at supposed to do I mean they got one or three buyers I it's Toyota Allen Ripken who has had a history not only horseracing representing the Francis Family previously and I've dealt with Alan for more than part of the recent spate of uptick positives but let's talk about this deal Alan and when the when the seeds were troy negotiated a hundred and twenty days standdown period was Allen said he had some ideas on how he thought we could move forward and they agreed to that and Allen about previously and the three of us put together and there was a with individual a a an unsung hero. All this Anthony Maggie narrows CNN form and the legislative session last year to push for the closure of tomato and the move of the preakness tomorrow and that and essentially it was can maybe have some conversations to see if we can find some way to solve this problem and Belinda was an ill advised decision made by some executive no longer with the company but nonetheless forced the issue in the state legislature and it city councilman former delegated dynamic young guy who loves the city of Baltimore and he looked inactivity involved in the Maryland Stadium with already study at Pimlico that we've talked down `just everyone knew it was unsuitable facility for racing the question was how to solve the problem and astronomers made a decision I we've got to stand down period in this litigation I assume ideas about how we might be able to solve this I need you I need your expertise and horse racing and the Shit I wanna put a group together who I wanna work with who I think can perhaps put something together and he called me and he said I need your help it's up until we broke the story Saturday it blindsided everyone we just went behind closed doors we engaged experts we had populace former h okay you know offered us numerous resources and we began in the middle of June. What we're highly confidential discussion some nobody knew about this what's amazing on stadium is already and asked Allen to talk to the warriors from the city to see what could be done and they really set off an acrimonious debate in our state capital over the future of the horse racing industry future to go in the future greatness architecture firm which built camden yards we brought financial experts in and we have a certain basics there was a sense that may be industry shouldn't be getting the revenues that it's getting from gaming to support the industry particularly the strike or and so starting point and as we work through this realized that wasn't financially feasible to do billy that we needed I think the industry felt needed to happen we needed to consolidate our training and racing operations Laurel Laurel and Dewey and that's the pregnancy is gonna stay what's going to happen to the dilapidated building that's falling apart the toilets don't flush the winter means break the electric goes continue to get started today for free or spills dot com toll free number eight hundred eight nine four six four three times doc state to this number one we knew that whatever we did could not involve state money would never sell number two to make this work Belinda a- amazing amazing just amazing I can't wait to talk about Civil had three surfaces safest racing will be able to accommodate fifteen hundred horses you'll have new housing were backstretch people badly we potentially protected the Maryland racing industry for the next thirty years and allows us to control our fate would probably have to donate the properties that something would have to be done with the properties to ensure protection of the craziness going forward and most importantly from my standpoint the third leg of the stool was bill Cole was asked to represent Baltimore city hit former director of the Baltimore Economic Development Corporation thirty years though serially and frankly but Allen at one time was chief counsel to Governor William Donald Schaefer who bill came towards created bromate track owner whether it's strand group or church or anyone else who would had second thoughts about whether they want to be involved in racing gives us brand new facility the -tunities to keep the preakness at Pimlico and then utilize the property as the lynch pin of a an A portion of this which I think was lost on a lot of people unless you really delved into all the specifics of the plan and doc getting rid of these big old behemoth facilities rebuilding your back stretches modernizing your industry for the future and in doing this the property with a new clubhouse to a total scrape of Laurel and a new clubhouse at world new backstretch laurel the addition of a synthetic surface beans and totally reinvigorates business. I really believe Maryland will become the epicenter of the racing industry when this is done you know you mentioned the Lord rubs Baltimore City and is a very wealthy man but he's committed to eradicate poverty in our cities I mean particularly focused on needed it's a it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to do something for horse racing that I don't know we'll keep located elsewhere but something new that I the foremost in terms of what you know what's going to happen because there are so many innovative on the voice of the Park Heights area and to love the state in methodic plan and wanted to ensure that the preakness which stood up and Anthony Tiv- to to help the community and of course the hospital Sinai involved in it as well as the physical plant Allen talk about it it really does benefit stronach group in terms of what their long-term strategy concept was and then the to do a training facility Laurel and it just snowballed from scrape off the with whatever we were GONNA DO Co. which pretty much meant there would be no year round racing or stabling comeback Oh we had to consolidate which is what distracts wanted to do sleep with scheme siriusxm learning yes with our have our team take over or continuing yourself check out a video tutorial on the questions elements to this it it just seems like everybody that brought a blue sky component got it installed into the into the plane yeah that's what we try to do is if you could start from scratch and if you could design facility that takes the it's a very sophisticated very forward thinking and very interesting designed and tremendously excited about it will won't be lease back the property for the period of the preakness meet war if this is successful afor me that will be stable year round but still have a piece of property that could accommodate you know seventy five eighty ninety one hundred thousand people and so every aspect of the property taxes built out all around the race track there will be seating on the inside of the racetrack with areas of Royal Ascott has an area at the third turn that is sitting empty year round with big open space with nothing to do in a community that really want something done we had the opportunity you to do it you know I it really was a very creative exercise go one of the things that I learned and I've learned Alan Rifkin who's involved in splits franchise is baseball other sports is this the consumer today doesn't want a seat and sit in off track betting or satellite simulcast betting center restaurants ULTA purpose use for the building with the building could be used and all all different things the infield festival can't watch the horse rates that's all going to go away there will be athletics Rodwell what will happen is there will be authority created Strana are going to donate the land to authority they're going to give up all rights to it we're only coach and the theory was that we didn't need a big building we could build a multipurpose building with a year round us there to support the preakness meet people train on the track track was going to be rotated thirty degrees out and work development on the property the most popular places to Ray Schalk we're going to build something similar to that the Infield we'll have we'll have a firm that has built so that you'll be able to sit on the the configuration will stay relatively the same and destroy next release the property for the period of the free news during the year and they'll be development parcel surrounding the property attracted to delve enforcers they don't make empire property multi it's on the infield which swing bridges that will take people from the community to the Infield when we're not running and the property will be enforced that into consideration for just the preakness me for example There you'll have some seating in the building but you'll have switched they'll have overlays they'll be section realization that there was the potential to rework the monies that trickle in from what you're you're sitting at Tom McCall you can't see crystal versus coming across you know the the the first stretch run because it's blocked by tents and the clever aspects at I surprised that it hadn't come up the for these negotiations was the the property with which can recall a temporary seating but they're suites and seating areas there is better as nice as any place you would ever want to go you wouldn't know the difference seat all day they wanna get up and they WANNA be able to move around so building first of all there was no chance that they were going to build a building just for a short pregnant arm you'll be able to watch the races completely from at the end it's going in fact for many racetracks you're going to be able to watch the entire race the clubhouse will be raised at no point Allen had anybody said you know why don't we restructure the the gaming bill and the gaming legend Miss Meat and then give the property back to the authority it's a very Chris what the orioles camden yards it's the modern way of doing things and then they don't have the year year round expense with no income of trying to maintain as humid property one of the one of the real flation and will use that as as the as basically the note as the as the money that can underwrite all this I mean just couldn't be functional doesn't make sense or otherwise and what you do today and see it at PGA Dolphin dance and you considered other sporting events is they overload well the stadium with authority had been charged with the responsibility of trying to figure out what to deal with Szymiko property and so they did it he entered these discussions we tried to figure out without asking taxpayers to contribute one dollar how much money could we put into it this project realistically and starting from that point and building back what could we do at Pimlico and then we'll you looked at Laurel interestingly had you know expenses from two hundred four hundred fifty million as potential you know as a potential cost for for these for this project the obviously the plan is to through the Maryland Stadium Authority which is international reputation. Don't Camden yards built Reagan Stadium redoing Tomoko so it didn't work and so what we figured was yeah we're GONNA have to work with industry money to do this and building is falling apart systems have to be completely replaced you can go on and on and on and the cost to do that was almost as much as particularly if you're not going to allow training you're not gonNA have year round wasting time ago is that is a richocheting effect on the rest of the industry so what are you going to do about this on that through the Authority could sell municipal bonds thirty year bonds and when we modeled what it would cost to do so we get from the video lottery system redevelopment money that goes to the racetrack and money go into the purse dedication account which by the way can the gaming aspect and everybody always was saying during even during the stadium development plan that and the interest rates at a very favorable time in the markets we've figured out how much we could afford to do and then plugged in the racing monies that we opinion work and so we moved to different portions of property and said you know what we've got this beautiful dirt surface turf course big enough changes in the second phase they came back with this design with the development parcel so we have it and estimated the cost well in excess four hundred million dollars Orange County and we've got them listen costs there is a state fund has money in it that is used exclusively to tear down old buildings the Laura clubhouse which has had some really beautiful work done is basically in the same condition as chemical just doesn't get the attention no infrastructure city they have skin on the game so they're they're paying for the cost of infrastructure and property related matters we need the same thing we built that into the project and took it out because there's no guarantee we would get that money but we'll we'll go after that that's you know we may be able to get on welfare standpoint for the worst it's great for training it's great for racing and we end up with at the end of the day with new housing for the back stretch the finest racing a ten million dollars out of that one that will help to do this but but make no mistake about it the bonds are going to be paid for by the debt service which needs to get scraped because it infrastructures failing the backstretch and because we need a training track the original design that they had in mind so in the country so really it's a two for with with a financing plan that we have had vetted by experts and then we asked the state discuss and I want to hear from other from some of the other elements that not today but certainly anxious also we avoid you know problems with access and we have three state of the art facilities that allows laurel run on a year round thing when are greater we've done a four hundred million dollars facility so Macau what does that mean and oh by the way Harry GonNa pay for that part of the problem is that whenever you do a macos edge to governor Hogan and the legislature I suppose one follow up question in terms of Annapolis currently the tracks get that money and it comes out of the casino revenues for a period of sixteen years from the date that casino open so it would require in the change in the law and extension of the REP for money for thirty years for each locations we know that at least one of the casinos sustainability is the racing industry which paramount my view. If that's what you're GonNa do with McCoy what are you GonNa do at Laurel what about building and so when we the temperature property no we're not charged you do the financing how you're GonNa pay for it and otherwise that was sixty four thousand dollar question is okay absolutely gets it done and interested in the room we went to Laurel and what to do with moral we realized Laura leads to get scraped the Baxter I I to me it's so exciting I look at who was involved here you know those that presented the pact actually working for a couple of years called the Corwin Commission but it's been working at the funding that the state provides education in the State Maryland has one of the lowest of course is threatened by whether we can go onto the surface in the winter we have the ability to use the surplus it's from a safety only be used for persons right now could we take a portion of that money and the redevelopment money and pay the debt service on the bonds we needed farmers there are probably the best in the business if we could excite the Maryland Stadium Authority to join us in this plan and help us to get it done referal money they call it the tracks get for tackle improvements eight and a half million dollars a year would be dedicated out for thirty years and and that gets it done on after the acrimonious session that we had were racing last year our money was targeted and they're looking for money from every possible I if this passes five million dollars a year from the worst men's purse dedicated account and that's GonNa require legislative change the redevelopment number one in order were that tracks redevelopment on each come to this project because it requires that that money would be available for thirty years the majority but look at this deal imported they give us paying for about a month but they came back and said you can do this so we know this is not just numbers throwing up parties involved and and certainly the people that signed on a you know think you don't get the impression would have the things they've had to say if they hadn't oh operators is is opposed to this plan and it's probably going to do what he can to see but it doesn't happen so that's GonNa be one obstacle the second four this is not some wish list of things to do we know this works Allahdad is obviously tons more to then all bets are off and Alan Ripka and said I would say the same thing we don't have a crystal for the future but I would not be very optimistic about the future of the preakness I would not be Funding mechanisms for education in the country and they came back with a wildly ambitious plans were money that we go into the education system the county executives the Baltimore City delegation the delegations are all now starting to weigh in you know we need approval the legislature if they approve this don't we why don't we put it to pita course in and and put it right in between the courses the turquoise so we have three tracks that can train on them you build a tunnel as they can to fund Kirwin and the racetrack redevelopment money was at the top of the list on shore a purse dedication account was in there and so it's conceivable that the legislature could say a racing great idea but we need that money for education if they do that if this camp sales and it it I think he'll be comfortable with it and I think that we'll be fine but right now that responsibility rests with the General Assembly and that's where we're pitching the raises all boats brings further investment in you know into really a you know go I'm I'm more comfortable today than I thought I would be about it is that we had was a commission was created in Maryland lashed very often mystic abduct Kemoko and I think that it would be a what is a fabulous win win for everybody here could end up being admitted flation for so many parts of Authorising Vons authorizing the Stadium Authority oversee this project taking five million dollars a year from the first dedication account extending the region go how important it was and what it could mean to help the the neighborhood didn't and to basically be a an economic engine and and we'll get real about this and then we'll work through the landmines well I will tell you I think this is going to get done and Wednesday's meeting at at Dell Park that Advances the the winter meetings initiatives toward at that sense and I couldn't wait to talk about it I've I've said so often particularly during the week I get to spend at the FBI excited about and and obviously as you say for the industry and for Maryland racing and racing enlarge Allen in addition to this reducing fatalities to the greatest extent possible. Well Stephen as you know we implemented a mid Atlantic strategically board is there anything that could derail this or or maybe you know throw a wrench in the works well the two things built into the plant to see who's doing what where we need to improve and what our next steps should be more than sixty tracks title there there's things for people to you know to latch onto and then there's so much so much and momentum engine people if there's this kind of movement and and this kind of an effort it there's a tremendous trickled down at it all right now we've got the best lobbying team Dream Team and right now I mean there's such excitement that it's hard to imagine we kick it it done but the euphoria will wear off I know you've gotta leave for WBAL and for talk show but we we do want update everybody on the mid Atlantic coalition and and we're going to be a model for the rest of the industry on how we can do everything humanly possible to Bulgaria that you know that could only that can only benefit and only go in in a in a positive direction and I'm anxious to hear from the we're talking about next steps we are we are laser focused on the safety and welfare of our horses this is just not Dan that we've been quite frankly implementing parts of of working on for a couple of years we formerly implemented the plan in March and the meeting on twos the park heights community as well and and if people there have got to be excited you know between between this and and you know the ongoing growth of the house make our services are racing safer for equine athletes and this is all evidence based work this is not hyperbole it's not conjecture it's real time organizations that Marion's regulators all the stakeholders in the room and it was a work session and we spent tremendous time going through the DOPP analysis we ah last week was to see where everybody is we had done what's called a gap analysis we add up twenty seven point worksheet for everyone to work from you know it's all guns blazing where we're going forward and we're going to move very quickly the governor's noncommittal but I I understand that in the political world et Cetera but this this is amazing and if you haven't gone through I'll send the link belt money so I mean there's a whole laundry list of things to be done we're already drafting bill but we've already gotten at least conception supporting the President as Senate Speaker of the House to make it better for pre-race examinations and reducing the risk it's all about risk management and spent a lot of time talking about education risk management it's sitting on the shelf we are actively implementing a plan that we believe is going to continue to reduce the totality of the mid Atlantic. You know we've got about thirty meeting tomorrow one o'clock at Laurel for all stakeholders with details Q. and A. With Alan and Alan Rifkin and William affecting our racing surface you saw it in New York eight years ago you saw it in California especially we even saw this fall at Belmont stalls they'll still be four Barnes essentially with what are now the steak barnes because the meat and potentially the meats. If there's going to be catastrophes something happened well it feels like the momentum is there and the parties you know the the most important from the city and it should be I imagine it'll be a pretty billion the crowd on hand Allan Thank you already have to some degree cleared the decks if an and Greece the score right the details and we probably thirty five percent reduction in the past five years but we've got to keep that momentum going particularly in this environment one of the things that we spent time talking about climate change is the real stuff and and we also it makes a medication changes not to address political issues but measures that we talked what the actual track they're going to rotate the track thirty degrees to frame things up better and they'll still be March we're going on Steve You're a dynamo I love it and Don thanks Alan Foreman and the work in Maryland obviously there's is the dot teased across out climate is affecting and we hope to learn from that we have to adjust to it so we spent time talking about racing services we have got committees working now we have ended with buoy freeze it up to and not to use that as a training facility horses can all be all be retrofitting so congratulations stronach group Wu acquiesce on one front and L. Fury Very talented individual coordinators plan on a full-time basis so we are you know we're at the table great task fault beat as well maybe there's a spaceship in situation so you know the hundred and Change Horses or Barnes Twenty on each side stalls of find out about that but anyway the ship in style meat is is what they would the setup for and then there's just unlimited the potential and it it's really amazing I think there's any harm in seminal find out there's the detail plan with what it's amazing let's take a break Brendon Walsh is gonNA join us next I was shocked when I heard I didn't that building was was in no shape the mail for long-term had get the benefit on the back end of getting exactly what they had aspired toward for Laurel and it also frees up you know the Sirius Xm radio amazing achievements were Pennsylvania breads on the world stage thanks to find a city unique belly hadn't occurred to me that was his first great one with Max fill in the breeders futurity and the and how everybody all constituents in the business can contribute to a better environment for our horses in Iran there's another it's pretty much one with something laughed with authority in-command in Hand Ah Laurel that'll be the the central training facility for for everybody it's really the street sense Godolphin Colt just blew that apart it's pretty amazing Only accredited equine business program the University of Louisville Equine Business Program the University of Louisville has a legacy of excellence for more than twenty five years shamrock rose. PA Joins Kentucky as the only state in the past decade to read Eclipse Award Champions three straight years add that to our unmatched and as we got Brendon Walsh joins us next Johnny de Nacho Correa Stick Mandela it's a lot of broadcast back after this that would would be racing them four let's see four if you had probably probably have stalls for one hundred sixty maybe shortened in aftercare thoroughbred aftercare alliances standard of accreditation and grant process provide donors with confidence that their contributions are allocated in the most the Laura side of it you know for those that don't you know didn't really realize laurel was given a facelift but breaking down the biggest stories in the world horse racing this is at the races with Steve Beck on Sirius Xm radio equine business program when it comes to horses we mean business for More Information Visit Business Dot Louisville dot edu slash equal why is accreditation in effective manner DA accreditation is only awarded after a complete review of an organization after care cannot be an afterthought for the industry of equine business education classes are taught by industry experts in state of the art facilities located in the heartland of America's Equine Industry the University of Louisville my good friends at express let's be honest we know you love playing the race but you can't always make it to the track sometimes life just gets in the way of good on and see why Pennsylvania is the premier place to breed them race most bills dot com is a cost effective tiny saving painfully benders rate today for free or spills toll free number eight hundred eight nine four six four three learn the business of horses in the China's plus our resource development fund can only be used to support PA breeding erasing why breed anywhere else. This is Brian Sanford Telo go to PA BREAD DOT that's right sign up would express bet dot com using Promo Code XP Radio Better Hundred Bucks and they'll deposit one hundred bucks back into your account the very next day the learn more and don't forget to sign up Pomo Code XP RADIO YOU'RE GONNA love it and that some Mikey guarantee must be eighteen years or older and twenty one years old and certain states to learn more or support the TA's mission visit Therabreath aftercare dot Org hey what's going on Mike you here and I'm going to tell you about an awful Johny Right now Brendon Walsh joins us on the heels of a very good weekend most notably especially his first grade I was I was surprised that this was your first grade one yeah it's it's amazing the amount of people that that that to me seems like we and it's aberrations with Steve Back on and we're back at the races coming up four ten o'clock johnny deal join us next get the weekend look a and I was saying I was shocked I was amazed that you hadn't won a great one. Sorry Steve the girl is going in and houses consideration what the current sports entertainment fan is looking for today and what you can do with a piece of property that's not gonna be a big building hey you could get an extra twenty five bucks if you use Express Fund direct deposit you see what I mean money for the races it's that easy check it out at express bet dot com mommy what if I told you about a place we never miss it and you start with house money you say I'm crazy right will not express your first one hundred dollars are on them and it's got the Derby points but that whatever would you know what winning that it'd be great if it was a great one that'd be fine L. doubtedly and the referring of course to the Darby which is a great to and unaccounted express baton reside in the state where such activities legal void where prohibited national gambling support line eight hundred five to forty seven hundred one in North America winning the breeders futurity with Max Field that Brendan congratulations obviously in good morning their own for for a while and a lot of people talk to the races do body was a great one but no no believe me I knew won't they won't listen to how so takeover in the book or continue to do it yourself you pay only subscription check out a video tutorial on the question was dot com check and get generate a laconic invoice owned of the vendors who can pay through horse bills dot com for just fifty cents turn out was working of minutes with are easy to use but you know domestically winning winning this what a what a tremendous performance was to a horse making a second start and giving away experience and he couldn't have been more impressive yeah no he's he's super super naturally Asian real quick which you know is a testimony a testament to the way you've handled them but also obviously to him and his ability to absorb essence yeah for sure for sure but you know he's he's the type reports that you know you basically point in the right direction results and looking at figures and stuff but tremendous weekend for Godolphin overall with both the Tom Alber tranny and Mike sending out steak winners in New York and and you winning here and and and more actually what's interesting about Max v Yeah Yeah like telling somebody the other day I lost a lot of sleep about that because of you know a lot of time I wouldn't do something like that passive or I mean obviously you ran but he only he only want what it's three weeks it's a three week turnaround since the main win there's a couple things about this and and I told everybody down if you saw the the tweet from Sunday morning when I was kind of going through back Lebron he's laying off in the straw like panel it's it's a great quality in a horse you know that you know would've asked another question so you know it's it's neither here nor there but no it was it was a big ask and what do you know what he's that type of horse I mean he's you know them Goodwin's overcome that kind of thing and You know that her was you know if you waited another week and he he just he ticks all the boxes now these are very blessed to have a how you know how a easy horse to be around he's got great temperament and he's just a beautiful looking horses well I don't I don't know if you've seen him yet but he's cracking looking horse he came through with flying colors psychology well a couple of things about it you know the the timing timing is not a big deal three weeks per se but you've been alone was impressive considering he was down inside and that that part of it it feels like he's got an education those are like everything he does you know even in the barn you know beat easing sleeping like the day we brought him open paddock school them and he was also making a transition from one turn to to turns you debuted him going the one turn mile at Churchill and one for three however she is a sister of Sky Mesa and that obviously you know has as field bred by house stallion street cents out of a Bernardini mayor who wasn't much is she reminder is probably more important than anything but he does a great horse and yeah we're just like I said we're very blessed so you know again he told us he was he was ready to to do like like anything we try to to the horses are doing well they're able to do stuff we we tr- go ahead and do it and and yeah I mean three weeks is quick and firm WHO's responsible and and did the early work on 'em before he he shipped in a February fol he was he was actually Steve Nice things about it you mentioned how impressive he he's been since he got to you tell us the back story you know including who and twenty minutes they are normally horses are kind of you know you will get a little rattled by it and that put the competitive school and then twenty minutes after initially it'll absolutely and it what what really contributes to this and so the excitement I heard I heard you say to he came he came with good reports but yeah not listen they great they do great job Jimmy belder sixties the high eighties on the buyer scale so this is a horse that is feels like the proverbial any kind Brenton I'm not sure who who was interviewing DVD But I saw I saw the snippet on on line about going forward with them to to Breeders Cup what what's really impressive is the have a young horse like this with this kind of turn of foot and this this is a exciting prospect and you know the the forward move in terms of in terms of figures from and obviously tacked up tactical speed is for him to rate the way he does and then answer the call when when Ortiz Asks you know all the time when when these come to this country and always been super impressed by the way he writes and then I I wanted you know a top writer for them and I I'm not gonNA name names but I did I did approach three or four of them I think there is he was in Broil would John Thomas had of inbred would they broke them and pre-training them You know and did I deal with with with CA dolls and you know I've worked for Loyd Steve Even since I was a kid like back in Killeen uh-huh also occurs bringing up Jose Ortiz's name a how did Jose come to him in that Oy and that he happened to be available he's been very I've known the way Jose right sort of for years I've been watching them moved will and the horse ran off you have to be a little surprised looking at this field that he wants so easily yeah no but you know hopefully we'll take it step by step but you know he he he's very exciting we're trying not it's not the thing and do well with the opposite kinds of mounts but certainly certainly Saturday associate him with a with with horses that are are going to be you know in the race flow and his brother Iran as somebody that likes to come from in that Churchill debut you know we tried to get we're pretty excited about them from the get gored yeah well hopefully hopefully you know I hate to hate them back you know 'cause you know when you chain for what you've become a terribly pesident nation to to work for and then obviously playboy all success they've had down through the years so for for me to win my first grade one for them was extras obviously he we've been very lucky bidder he he he won delay Derby from last year and I say and ars Sheikh Mohammed farm you know so on and off I've I've worked through my whole life and if the noting but just to nicest people in the class operator Ah a horse that comes off the pace like this those of us watch him in New York watch him and his brother in New York so regularly we kind of are ahead and and just take he's probably peace and like I said we let him we let him tell us but he is an time goes along you know absolutely absolutely wow Max field and so much upside and as you said off the pace and is best with this kind of wars and so for Jose to you know not not that either one of them can't can't flip flop and we'll we'll try and just do our best to horse and and you know what he tells us we go by in and hopefully we can build a good future for sorry yeah I think it's worked well for all of us now you

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