A Better Way To Respond To Layoffs


In your one hundred million dollars company what's happening many many moons ago when I was in my very first software development management hey there I'm Eric Olsen I'm Kevin days join us on our journey to build no more dot com office one morning and he says Eric Today's the day and I was like what do you mean he said we're going to be laying off most of your staff the facility before they actually got the work well guess what the work never came so that was a really big lesson quarter of it turns out the company had over invested in a facility because they were intimidating a very large contract they signed in your own money at least not too much if you don't have an obligation from your client that's going to support that well this problem hold on a second time and told me to bring someone else back and it repeated several more times one by one I escorted people to HR and had the conversation with HR and HR said you're being like go to that person not to me and then I left and the person was escorted away I went back to my desk and then hr the company about this facility that they had invested in in Dallas Texas that was huge yet they were only occupying maybe a more guys sitting back there in the bullpen with me when I came back and said I it's over and so he knew that like all hell was breaking listen he didn't I should've at least given them courtesy of that has up and I do regret not doing that that would have been the right thing to do but it was just a horrible situation so to hr with one of the employees and so that's exactly what I did I went back to my desk and I just kind of thought about it and check email just me to hear that and that didn't actually affect me directly but it affected my company as so I saw that you should not be obligating resource all but two of you your saying Eric and so is one of the person but the rest of them they have to go in today's Day and I was like wow all right then they were escorted out of the building it was a crazy horrible day when I escort at the second to last person meaning there was only one let people together close the door ahead a very private and honest conversation with them saying look is you know things aren't going well at the company and unfortunately today's Day they're cutting I said I said hey if they're going to be layoffs will you give me a heads-up and he said sure I absolutely will eric few weeks go by and he calls me into his five of you or how four whatever the number was but they're cutting today and you you you and you you're gonNA call back HR and I'm sorry but there's nothing I can do about it lingered at the company for months and months and I kept hearing about things were getting would appear to be worse and at one point I went to my boss Kinda plus around because I couldn't really took on work and then I got a call to go back to HR and it was with one of the employees and we went back there and when is the start he said in about an hour is go back to your desk just pretend like nothing's going on everything's normal and you're gonNA call back one by one position I was the manager over about six developers and when I joined the company things were going great but I kept hearing rumbling give me your stories thank you for listening engage with your ideal customers online we can help you with social media. I don't know if you've ever been in layoffs that was really my only experience with layoffs so if you've been in Laos that'd be super interested to know if you've been in any awkward situations like that if you would tweet me on at I am Eric J Olson that's Erik with a K. Olson with N. at the end I am Eric Olsen Alsina call him back or not in retrospect what I really should have done is the moment my boss told me that they were going to be loss I should have honestly gathered.

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