The Queen Mary


In nineteen sixty seven. John Smith was one of the many marine engineers assigned to look after the ship Queen Mary after it became a hotel, the job entails routine maintenance, ensuring that the grand old ship didn't spring leak. And so John Smith was not expecting anything out of the ordinary. But one night Smith heard something aboard, the ship that chilled him to the bone. John was in one of the lower compartments testing, the integrity of some recent welding. He pressed his ear against the hull and knocked listening to the echoes. Like doctor might listen to a patient's cough. Strange sounds suddenly cut through the hollow knocking at first. John thought someone was doing some on permitted drilling. He listened closer and the rising wine exploded into a chorus of screaming. He heard hundreds of men yelling for their lives, and then and earsplitting crash cut through the screens and sent John reeling back covering his ears in pain. And finally, he heard a marine engineers, worst nightmare, the sound of rushing water. He sprinted to the extreme bow section of the ship, expecting to see a mauve torn medal and drowning men. But when he got there, he saw nothing. The ship was unbroken in the night was calm except for the screaming which seemed to come at him from all directions. John stood Bros. in with fear listening to the sounds of tragedy that could not be explained. Welcome to haunted places. I'm Greg Poulsen every Thursday I take you to the scariest is most haunted real places on earth this week. Join me on a supernatural journey to the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach and discover why to this day, it's onto. Listen to more episodes of haunted places as well as park casts other podcasts. On your favorite podcast directory. We're also on Facebook and Instagram at park cast on Twitter at parkas network and at par, cast dot com. Many of you have asked how you can support haunted places. If you enjoy the show, the best way to support us is to leave a five star review where ever you listen. Construction of the RAM Queen Mary was completed at the John Brown shipyard in nineteen thirty six. The one thousand foot ocean liner was built to be bigger and more powerful than the Titanic. It's builders initially intended to name the ship Victoria. But when they approached King George V and asked permission to name the ship after England's greatest clean, George replied that his wife Queen Mary of tech would be delighted. The shipbuilders knew better than to correct a king. Initially serving as a luxury transport across the Atlantic, the Queen, Mary contained two swimming pools, numerous beauty, salons, nurseries, a music studio, and telephones that could call anywhere in the world. The immense ship Fareed many famous people including Clark Gable George, Gershwin, and Sir, Winston Churchill a trip aboard, the Queen. Mary was a real treat, or at least it was supposed to be. Dana, walked up the gangway to the Queen Mary with a rising sense of hope in her heart. A few feet ahead. Her younger sisters Lillian Atta took turns shooting each other with their buck. Rogers toy, Ray guns. Daynuss mother had protested that such things were only for boys, but daynuss father had overruled her much to Lilly Mattis Gye. After the first World War Danes. Father had returned from fighting the Kaiser's army with the Dr glint in his eyes. He often awoken the night screaming that he couldn't breathe or that the gas was burning him alive. When Dana had asked her mother, what her father was talking about. She'd sent Dana to her room. For months daynuss father, wandered. The house looking at his family with heart is as if he didn't know them as if they didn't belong. But the clouds had finally parted and daynuss father seemed like he was returning to normal. Hopefully this trip would fully restore his spirits. Jingling the room key and whistling cheerfully, daynuss father led them to room be four, seven, four million. Anna sprinted inside running every which way like excited puppies. Dana watched parents laugh and slip their arms around each other. Surely Dana thought this trip would finally bring them back together. But that night, Dana awoke to the sound of her father, screaming, bloody murder, turning the light. She saw him thrashing against the blanket as if it were trying to kill him face streaked with sweat, his wide eyes roll, wildly data's mother tried to calm him, but he struck her in his fevered thrashing and she fell to the floor. His shouts ricocheted off the walls like bullets by the time. Data's mother managed to come or husband. Lillian Ana were in tears could only go back to sleep after climbing into bed with Dana. The next day, the hard look returned to her father's eyes. He apologized today and it's mother who's cheek was red and swollen. But there was something chilly in his voice. While exploring the deck, Dana rounded a corner and saw him talking to so much. She couldn't see when she approached and asked him who he was talking to. He said, simply the captain. Later that day, Dana hurt her father, arguing with someone in the broom. She peeped in and saw him sitting at the edge of the bed, pleading with a dark figure standing above him. There was a hysterical edge to his place that may Dana uneasy. She assumed her father was apologizing again to her mother finally overcome with genuine remorse. Dana left to lounge by the pool only to discover that her mother had been napping there the whole time. She raced back to the room, but both our father and the mysterious figure gone Dana searched, high and low for her father without success. She stood at the railing tiredly watching a flock of seabirds fly away. She wished she could sprout wings and to part with them. The setting sun set the horizon ablaze. It may Dana feel as though the shippers sealing off the edge of the world and into the fires of the underworld. A whisper drew her attention. Turning. She saw her father descending to the lower levels of the ship, Dana hurried after him. She found herself deep in the engine room. An areas supposedly off limits to passengers. More whispers echoed b-actor along the passageway. They seem to be uttering something foul, but Dana couldn't quite make out the words. She ran this way and that calling out for her father. Dana finally found him kneeling among rattling pipes his back to her dressed in strange attire. As Dana approached, she saw that it was a military uniform, the color of sand, a saucer shaped helmet, sat atop his head. His whispered voice hung about him like a cloud of angry Hornets, Dana finally understood what he was saying and felt your stomach drp kill them. All her father was saying, kill them all. Overcome with horror, Dana grabbed his shoulder and spun him around a rebuke forming on her lips. But it died when she saw his face. The man in the sand colored uniform was not her father, but a stranger half of his face was torn away as if insulin terrible explosion, he smiled in Dana could see all of his discolored teeth through the tattered ribbons of his cheek. She ran away screaming above deck. She held her head miserably wondering if she'd gone. After eventually finding our way out of the engine room, Dana came back to room, be four, seven, four, the hope in her heart, replaced by a heavy dread. The once exciting ship now felt claustrophobic. She just wanted to sleep to the rest of this dam trip. Dana open the door to their room, the light from the hallway, shown upon three human shapes lying on the bed. Dana assume that her mother and sisters had the same idea. She did. Something moved about the bathroom. Dana closed the door and stepped in. Her father stepped out of the bathroom holding the buck Rogers. Reagan Dana Cise were still Justin to the dim light of the room and her father's face was lost shadow. But they could sense something is not right. Winter is finally justed. She gassed in. Lilliana laid side by side straight as matchsticks, their glazed eyes staring at nothing. Dark BRUCE'S, crowded. They're tiny throats. Their mother lay next to them. One arm thrown over them as if in comfort similar BRUCE'S, purple turning. Dana wept. Looking back, she saw that her father wasn't holding a toy. He raised the barrel of a service revolver that is eldest daughter. I have my orders. He said his is hard to change. As the gun smoke cleared. Daynuss father saw his eldest daughter lying dead on the bathroom floor. The hardness suddenly disappeared from his is that he fell to the floor weeping terribly with the realization of what he had done. He held Dana close, gently touching her still warm cheek. Then slowly he raised the gun to his own head. They were found the next day Lillian Anna lay by their mother's side. Dana enter father in the bathroom, the wall slick with their blood. Room, be four, seven, four is known as the most haunted place aboard, the ship guests have seen an unseen force throwing their belongings violently about and a disembodied voice urging them to get out. Eventually the staff of the Queen Mary had to close room, be four, seven, four. It was considered too much of a liability to let people stay there. Until now. On Friday, the thirteenth of April two thousand eighteen thirty years after the initial closing room, be four, seven four was reopened to the public equipped with a ouija board tear cards and crystal ball. The room is available for any daring guest, who wishes to attempt contact with the other side at your own risk. Of course. But the tragedy of Dana enter family was just the start of the terrible history of the Queen Mary soon, it would be swept up in the chaos of another great war and be responsible for taking many more lives. We'll hear about this great tragedy. When we return. I have some exciting news for you starting. Now you can listen to haunted places episodes that are older than six months completely ad free exclusively on Stitcher premium. We're always looking for ways to improve the listener experience. We found an amazing partner in Stitcher to bring you episodes. Ad free, six months after they released. Again, this will only affect episodes that are older than six months. Nothing else will change. We'll still be releasing new haunted places episodes wherever he listened to podcasts for free month trial go to Stitcher premium dot com slash podcast and use promo code podcast that Stitcher premium dot com slash podcast and use promo code podcast. Now back to the story. When the second World War began its destructive March across the globe, the Queen Mary was called to serve as a troopship transporting troops to and from allied ports. The biggest threat to allied troopships were German new boats which sank almost three thousand allied ships during the war, but the Queen Mary with a top speed of thirty two point. Five knots could out run the enemy torpedoes which had top speeds of only twenty five knots. This made the Queen Mary of formidable tool. Long before sunrise on the morning of October. Second nineteen. Forty two Glenn petty officer aboard, the HMS cure soa, took a break from cleaning the oil drums and made his way above deck for smoke. Glenn tossed an oily cleaning rag over his shoulder smearing his uniform and looked out over the icy waters of the Atlantic. He took out a silver lighter and lit his cigarette. That lighter was the only possession he'd managed to save from his home before it was destroyed in the blitz. Touching that charged later somehow calmed Glenn's easily seasick stomach. It reminded him of why he was there. The bow, the cure soa, cut back and forth, and zigzag over the waves to confuse any German u boats that might be lurking beneath the surface with the ship, the size, the motion made Glenn constantly feel off balance. The cure soa was big, a c class cruiser built for the British Royal Navy, weighing over four thousand tons and boasting anti aircraft guns and torpedo tubes. It was a formidable craft, but it was only intended as an escort, the cure soa and its crew were often dwarfed by the troopships they escorted and the ship. They recording that night, made them look like a wooden dinghy. Glenn looked out at the impenetrable darkness of the ocean and thought about how the whole bloody war was like taking a boat across deep fathoms, waiting for some unseen enemy to break the surface and swallow you whole the constant paranoia kept him up at night. Well, that in the dreams of explosions, he still had a ringing in his ears that he suspected would never go away. Suddenly the ringing in Glenn Sears was cut through by much louder sound, but clanking of the ship's alarm bell bracing himself. Glenn scan the surface of the water looking for the nose of U-boat or even worse the frothing V-shape that marked approaching torpedo. But it was not an enemy that Glenn saw it was the vessel. They were escorting a fellow British ship known as the gray ghost. Her whole painted, an Ashy gray color emerged silently the fog, like some forgotten leviathan towering above Glenn. She was headed white for them for a split. Second, Glenn was back in the London shelter listening to the approach of German bombers waiting for death to come on fiery wings. Glenn dive to the side as the Larr. Ship slammed into the side of the cure soa slicing. The smaller ship completely in half is yours were filled with a hellish screams of tearing metal as he leapt over the side. He was in Gulf te in the absolute cold quite a bit Mandic below. When he surfaced gasping for air. He had just enough time to see the viscera halves of the curious soa before they disappeared below the waves. Glenn pumped is arms to stay above the surface of the dark water, which was stained even blacker by the hemorrhage of oil, fuel all around Glen men. He'd sailed with that broken bread with choking on the poison water. They fought against the deadly cold. He waited for the other ship to turn around and come rescue them, but it continued on. Glens arms grew tired as he paddled furiously to keep his head above the soil water. He knew he wouldn't be able to stay afloat for long with his final breath. Glen, cursed the Queen Mary, as it methodically drifted away leaving the crew of the curious soa behind in the frozen clutches of the sea. In nineteen forty two. At the peak of the second World War the Queen Mary, which would become one of the most haunted ships in the world crashed into the HMS cure. Leftover three hundred sailors to freeze to death in the Atlantic Ocean. The Queen, Mary traveled over six hundred thousand miles going back and forth between America and Europe. At least one hundred twenty times and is said to have been part of almost every allied military campaign. Many claim Churchill plan the intimacy d day, invasion, while aboard the Queen Mary, the ship, even transported many of those ill-fated troops to the French shore. It's not hard to imagine the great ghosts the Torius ash-covered hall stained red by the bloody low tide swept off the beaches at Normandy after the war. The world's thirst for blood was more than sated. But unfortunately, for many, the Queen Mary was still parched. On a calm night in nineteen forty-nine. Second officer, William stark popped into the office of f. r. Stokes, the captain steward stark was known on board as an entertainer, a real Gasser who liked to crack his men up with a joke or prank on long nights. When the sea sent frigid gales over the bow is warm. Hearty laugh, echoed down the long corridors making his fellow sailors feel a little less lonely. Stark explained to Stokes that he had just come off duty and it was feeling a bit under the weather, the cold wind. It seemed had finally managed to Pierce his warm personality. The captain had kinda given permission to have a drink of gin. But the problem stark explained was that despite his best efforts, he was unable to find any of that most seafaring of liquors serving as the captain's. Steward, Stokes was responsible for keeping inventory of supplies and for making sure those supplies found their way into the hands of the sailors. Stokes was not the captain's usual steward, and he was unfamiliar with the pantry, but Stokes wanting to appease the man looked anyway. Finally, he discovered an unmarked gin bottle and promptly handed it over to stark who thanked him with a wink and a smile. Believing the matter resolved Stokes return to his work. A few minutes later start stumbled back into the Stewart's office Stokes on mmediately that something was wrong stocks face was the sour green of curdle cheese. Pink frosting gathered around his lips. It took Stokes a moment to realize that the second officers mouth was bleeding. But was not Jinyu gave me start managed to gurgle before collapsing to the floor. Stokes discovered that particular bottle had been stirring Tetra chloride and acid used for cleaning in his eagerness for drink and being unable to smell due to his cold stark didn't detect the error until ole swallow of the corrosive liquid had burned. It's way down its gullet. It took four full days for stark to finally succumbed to poisoning during those four days the Queen Mary's halls. So accustomed to Stark's laughter were instead filled with his agonized, choking gasping as he struggled to brief. All the men were grim after Stark's death, but none were so Lois Stokes, he took hard to the very drink. Stark had been looking for making himself sick for weeks to follow Stokes, wandered the halls as to pity officers came down the hall toward him. Stokes reached for them grabbing one by the front of his shirt with tears, running on his face. He tried to explain to them how it had all been an accident that he hadn't meant any harm that all he wanted was forgiveness with their eyes, cast down the two other men push Stokes away and left him alone. One night Stokes was roused Madryn stupor by strange sound outside his room. It sounded as if some were suffocating in the hallway, he threw open the door, but no one was there. Just an empty gin bottle on the hallway floor with trembling. Hands. Stokes picked it up the meaning of the bottle cut through his trunk. In Hayes, Stokes was not forgiving. The next day Stokes was found dead at his room wrists slashed with broken Jim bottle. To this day, the specter of stark is seen wandering the captain's cabin and the main deck people report hearing horrible, choking sounds. And when they investigate find no one. After the war, the Queen, Mary returned to transporting civilians across the Atlantic including many war brides and their children, but by the nineteen sixties emerging air travel made ocean liners increasingly absolute. On December ninth nineteen sixty seven after being sold to the city of Long Beach, California for three point, four, five million dollars the Queen. Mary was permanently docked once a luxury ocean liner and lest raise military vessel. She was transformed a third and final time into a luxury hotel and museum. After nearly three decades traversing, the vast waters of the Atlantic the Queen, Mary would finally get the rest. She deserved, but the trail of dead. She had left like a noxious oil slick inner wake caught up with her and the dead had other plans. Will visit these spirits right after the break. Now back to the story. You're overwhelmed by the grandeur of the Queen. Mary's interior red carpet staircases marble pillars, and the long polished wood hallways leading to a seemingly endless series of hotel rooms. You had no idea that a boat could fit so many rooms but alone, all the history that your tour guides been rattling off with their practice, slightly bored tone. But as you descend into the metal guts of the ship fifty feet below the surface of the water, all the glamour, and refurbishment gives way to a labyrinth theme root system of rusty iron walkways and heavy watertight doors, huge pipes worm their way overhead. The tour guide explains that they once carried the high pressure steam needed to power the ships, industrious Motors. You can imagine them hissing, Mike angry, pythons. But chill runs down your spine, and you shake it off. A sudden sound makes you jump low, moaning echoes down a corridor, twenty peeling off the tour. You make your way toward it. But as you approach the moaning gets louder deeper, clearly, man. You round the corner in the moaning suddenly stops. You're at a dead end facing door with a number thirteen painted on it, the hallways empty. You feel the chill return. Maybe leaving the tour wasn't such a good idea. The huge gears above the door. Remind you of a giant camel. You should her to think of what might happen to a finger unfortunate enough to slip between those thick metal teeth. That's when you see it a handprint, smeared in some dark substance across the door Greece, you try to blink immature way, convince yourself, it's just a shadow or chipped paint, but you can see the imprint of a hand distinctly the walls of the fingers in the lines of the poem. A low moan behind you, bills your belly with ice slowly. You turn to see a man standing behind you. Young, almost a boy dressed in old fashioned overall stained with grease something is wrong with him, and it's not just as choice of clothes. You glanced down from his face, realize this man isn't standing. He's hovering. The entire lower half of his body is gone is midsection crush pulp of blood and torn flesh, dizzy with fear. You look at the man's our full face. He reaches for you. You turn to Ron and see that somehow door. Number thirteen has swung open cold breath, hits your neck. There's no time to think. So you leap past the door into the next room, your feet land in a puddle of something, and you go sprawling to the floor heart hammering. You reach out, desperately searching for anything to grab hold of your hand closes around something soft and wet lying in front of you is a pair of legs in white overalls, dark red blood steadily oozing from the ragged stump of torso. Turning you see bone white fingers, curl around the edge of the door. The man's face emerges is Sarah replaced by a mad glee. As he floats past the door. You see that in his other hand, he grips a rusty handsaw. A burst of adrenaline, shoots through your body, forcing you to your feet, but in your eagerness to get away, you slip again in the pool of blood. This time your feet slip out from under you completely and you fall on your back hitting your head hard. Everything goes dark for moment in the blackness. You pray that this is all a dream. But when your vision returns, the half man votes about you. Ghastly grin on his face. You try to convince yourself that you must be hallucinating, but then you feel a coil of intestine drag up your leg, leaving a glistening trail behind it and knowing your bones that this is real. With his free hand, the man reaches into the pocket of overalls and takes out a thread and needle holdings tools, aloft, the man's purpose becomes suddenly clear. As the teeth of his saw, press into your waist. You close your eyes and hope it will be over soon. The metal teeth Poway and then. Nothing. Silence precedent. And you're too afraid to open your eyes. Suddenly loud metal bang startles. You. You open your eyes, your low back on the other side of the door, no sign of the mutilated phantom or his terrible tools. As you get up, you realize there's something pressed into the palm of your hand. Bringing it close, you realize that it's a cloth tag, the kind you find inside the hemline of pants. This one is old and the ink is badly faded, but you can make out of Thint number. It's then you realize why you're still in one piece. You're the wrong size. The Queen. Mary is one of the most haunted places in the world. There have been forty nine recorded deaths aboard the ship and as many as one hundred fifty spirits have been seen lurking under decks or wandering her elegant hallways. One of the most famous these ghosts is the restless spirit of eighteen year old sailor John Pedder or as he has come to be known among those who witness half hatch. Harry. In the early morning of July tenth nineteen sixty six Pedder was participating in a fire trail in the engine room, as part of the drill sailors were passing through several of the ships, massive watertight doors, which were meant to staunch any break in the hall. The doors were operated by massive iron gears and took a full sixty seconds to close. Once they began closing, it was impossible to stop them. It's unclear whether Pedder was playing a game with this fella laborers, seeing how many times he could go back and forth through the door before it closed. Maybe he was simply trying to hurry through at the last minute. We can't know for sure. All we know is that something went wrong and he was crushed by the implacable iron door dying instantly. Since then, people have reported seeing figure in old fashioned, white coveralls tinkering the entered room near door, thirteen. Some even claiming, see greasy handprints on their clothes. Some say it's Petters ghost trying to caution others as they pass by the fatal door to prevent them from making the same horrible mistake. Others believe old half hatch. Harry is angry about being cut down in the prime of his life and seeking to restore himself to physical prime. Lurking in the shadowy bowels of the engine room. He waits for just the right pair of legs to stroll by. He was good at repairing engines, spare parts. Why should human flesh be any different. The Queen Mary has undergone many renovations since becoming hotel. One of the most significant is the construction of the Royal theatre a ten thousand square foot theater capable of seating, an audience of over one thousand. The theater was built to replace the first and second class pool areas during the ship's time as a luxury ocean liner. The pool served as places for passengers to lounge in the sun as their children's splashed gleefully, the new Royal theatre aimed to replace the sounds of playing children with the latest Hollywood soundtracks, but one child's voice refuses to keep quiet even to this day. Jacqueline Tauran or Jackie as she was known by the staff at the Queen. Mary, let's say, young girl up about five or six who wrote aboard the ship in her oceanliner days. One night, she managed to slip away from the watchful, eyes of her parents. Perhaps they were distracted by one of the ships, many fancy collars or maybe they had simply fallen asleep in that state room. Whatever the case Jackie was left alone and found her way to the second class pool area. She was young and not a strong swimmer. The new shoes parents Bader may Jackie's feet ache. She took them off and let her feet cool off in the pool. As she switched her feet in the water. Jackie Sanger favorite song to amuse yourself. London bridge is falling down from the center of the pool. A second young voice join Dan. Jackie looked up surprised and saw little boy. He was standing a top, the water, his little toes, not even rippling, the pool surface. Smiling, he waved Jackie inviting her to join his game. Cecchi was too young to sense. The danger, she jumped out to meet her new friend. There was no one there to catch her. Her body was found the next morning, the apparent victim of training her new shoes set at the bottom of the pool, the laces waving like seaweed in the clear blue water as the years went on visitors and crew members reported hearing splashing coming from the area as well as a child's laughter echoing through the air, even after construction at the theater, the sound of tiny feet, skipping across the pool deck could be heard. Jackie spirit remains playful at heart despite her tragic. In more recent years ghost hunters and purported psychics have tried to make contact Jackie as she is. One of the more recurrent phantoms. They claim to have recorded full blown conversations with young ghost where she laughs and dances. One such recording claims to be Jackie singing. London bridge is falling down. The ghost hunters in the psychics share a common claim about Jackie that like all lost little girls. All she wants is to be reunited with her parents. There are many recordings of calling out for them as she wanders the deck, never finding. Perhaps she hopes that one day they'll answer and that's why her spirit is so willing to communicate. You can decide for yourself what she's saying a quick Google search will reveal many of these recordings. The haunted history of the Queen. Mary is not exactly an unwelcome subject for the hotel's management. Nighttime tours promise that when the sun goes down the spirits aboard the Queen Mary come out to play, the hotel also offers a dining with the spirits event where guests can enjoy award-winning food in the sir Winston's restaurant while being treated to a haunted history. With tickets to these events running at around fifty dollars per person. It's safe to say that the spooks and Specter's aboard the Queen. Mary are good for business, knowing that you might believe that the eighty two year old ships curse is merely the stuff of legend. Ancient history, no more dangerous than a fairytale you would be gravely mistaken. In December of two thousand eleven twenty six year old woman was heard arguing with her boyfriend aboard the Queen Mary hotel. They'd been drinking and the young woman was very upset. She ran to the edge of the ship's gang. Her boyfriend followed. A witness would later claim that after ten minutes of arguing the woman shouted, I don't wanna live. I don't wanna be with you anymore. I don't want to go on. She leapt from the gang way, plummeted seventy five feet into the icy water below the Long Beach fire department reported that five different people jumped into the frigid surf to attempt to save her firemen to police officers, her boyfriend and a hotel employees, all of whom would have to be treated for hypothermia. The rigorous rescue attempt was unsuccessful. The young woman was pronounced dead by the hospital and another way words, soul checked into the Queen. Mary hotel for an indefinite stay. Is the Queen Mary, cursed? Is it possible that all the gruesome deaths that happened inside her heavy steel walls have somehow imbued the ship with an appetite for blood? Or is it simply a vessel that many lost spirits have made their final resting place? The real question is, are you brave enough to check in and see for yourself? Thanks for listening to haunted places. The new episode comes out every Thursday. 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