Scheananigans 100th Episode Celebration with Ariana Madix


Thank you for listening to this. podcast one production available on Apple. PODCASTS and podcasts one you guys I am so excited sided. It's fall because not only. Does that mean new fashion but it means new. TV Time and Hulu has all of the shows. I love to watch like fan of bump rules. The voice voice grey's anatomy. This is us. I mean so. Many of my binge -able favorites and Hulu has them all but as much as I wanNA watch like dramas all day you know. I also won't comedies. That make me laugh so hard. I literally cry like the good place. It's always sunny family guy. I mean an Hulu has all of those shows too. I know you guys love watching them as much as I do and do you know what else who has well. It's a really great low price plan. Start at five ninety eighty nine a month so if you love TV and don't want to miss a moment of the new stuff go to WHO DOT COM and start your free trial and again who dot com start your free trial who has the TV. You love only five ninety nine a month. The thing the from banner from rules to Vegas and everywhere everywhere in between it's time to party Sina Shea this is Cindy again and now here's your host Sheena. I am so excited. I didn't think this day would come. But this is my hundred hundred podcast episode. I feel very accomplished and proud of myself and I have my I was ever on my podcast. My best. He Arianna Arianna back for number. One hundred yes. I know I was thinking about it a few weeks go and I was like wait. I feel like I've been doing this. Almost two years now is like one hundred episode and it was like Boom January. My God here. We are twenty twenty hundred episodes. We've we've got go thanks. We've got to pump rules episodes of Artie aired. And tonight at Sir we are going to be doing a fundraiser for the wildfires in Australia. I'm going to be selling the rest of my from my fitness line. I think Arianna is going to have have some fancy AF merge might throw her behind the bar. Jack's Taylor says he's going to show up and guess bartend tonight. We will see hockey game. And and there's a hockey game you know so so important. We'll see by for all of you listening right now. Assuming it's before nine pm you're listening. Please come to Sir tonight support. And if you can't make it to serve you're not in the L. A.. Area just clicked the link on my instagram profile. And you can donate directly to the go fund find me fund that my boyfriend and his business partners started. They're all from Australia. forty-five gyms started out. There brought them over here and they just put together their own fundraiser. So all of the proceeds are going to be donated to that and then donated directly to either. The Red Cross or I I think 'cause because there's something with I know with go fund me they take like a percentage but is it something like that is yeah they take like twenty five percent. What I know? But it's like they've already. That's why when you donate they give you the option of like right. Yeah selling out to keep the site going. I got it but then I think there was something I don't know if it's the Red Cross like also takes a percentage or whatever never that was ran across his heart I think because they have a lot of initiatives around the world yet. I think that's hard to donate in like directly to something. Yeah but there's also also that wires Foundation that is like directly in Australia. So there's a few but obviously yeah the the money exactly and they had said that they wanted to go directly to the Red Cross but if there is another one by the time we wrap this campaign up then it's going there but regardless it is going to Australia. The fires are so devastating. Like did you see that Satellite photos of Australia insane. And then when you put Australia on the US it's like it's basically the same size. Just think of the entire. US At some point burning. It's like it's like the end of the world is what it feels it really and the sad thing is to brockway telling me it's like they're just now going into their summer and fire season and it's like they're already this bad. It's not going to stop anytime soon. Even if it's contained in one area it's getting worse than another. I have friends there who have been evacuated the smoke inhalation. That people are getting I. I have Somebody I follow. Who Lives in New Zealand posted a photo of New Zealand Psycho three hour flight? So yeah it's close And the skies there. Oh I know are the smoke. The pollution coming from the fires is so bad that now the sky hi is a different Color Zealand and I can only imagine the global impact that this is going to have probably already having. It's it's honestly it's it's awful and it's crazy so I'm proud of you guys for for taking the initiative to raise money to try to help. I feel like I haven't been then sad realization. I've been passionate about a lot of things in the last few years and just having been in Australia literally early hugging qualities in feeding Kangaroos and just like seeing all the wildlife like it just breaks my heart. And I'm like this is something I am passionate about like. I want to just like raise as much money as I can. I want to volunteer and like a qualifying shwarier just like I want to do more than just raise money. So I'm just GONNA until I figure out if I'm able to do that I'm just GONNA keep talking about it and keep posting about it until we reach our thirty thousand dollar goal so hockey donate people donate come to hang out with US tonight as some money and help the people in the Kangaroos and all of all village animals. Okay moving moving on yes. How do your topics but I just wanted to put that out there? Oh and I'm GonNa say this again at the end of the show assuming I remember before I forget I will be live tax seen every episode and I know people are like. Is this really your number like it shows on the show that you have an iphone but your text messages are green. So this is through An APP called community that I am Texan new. Because I can't have my normal embossed really is going to your phone my friend has carpal tunnel from. If you guys is like my wrists brock was like she gotta take a break from this op like segments. My friends again. He has a texting injury I do but all per I promise it is really me. It is going to an inbox. It's just not my message inbox. But I've gotten Martin so many positive messages I love being able to interact with you guys directly. I love talking to people. I love talking to people. I've gotten some amazing using ideas from people. I want to actually give a shoutout to Kimberly Ortiz. WHO said a couple of weeks ago Hannah burner from Summer House was on my show or actually not just last week and we were talking about doing a tour getting things together like a live show just because he's doing it like you should still do it because it would be it would be? You're saying you wouldn't be. I mean we've been trying to work out during stuff for our book for you know. We've we've done like a mini tour. Yeah and we're adding adding stuff to it. It's I think I really all of us should be doing something especially whatever it is that you're passionate about that you do you are your own person Yeah and I mean right now like anything I do like I mean. Even my cameos like they're donating money that are making on campus Australia. Wildfires ars so love that anything. I can do to help raise money for that. I'm going to continue doing. But Kimberly text me and said she goes. I really think you should do a tour and you should call it. The it's is all happening to her. Oh my God she hashtag yeah. It's all happening. I was like it. You know you got. Yeah but I'm like I mean yeah it's from almost famous but that it's like I'm literally the theme at Bravo Con was. It's all happening so I could just see that in like neon lights like interest to call. It's all happening to her because each show there could be. You know like it's all happening. We got this. We got that like I've so many ideas you guys. I'm just putting this out in the universe. Obviously it's not going to be tomorrow. I go on tour. It's going to be several months from now but if you have any ideas if you have things that you think you would like to see a live. Show me doing whether it's singing acting dancing interacting whatever it is I want to hear all of your ideas you and brought to be doing your dirty dancing dancing left. I'm GONNA need that to be every show. Yeah Yeah I don't know if we can do every show because he has a career down in San Diego. Well listen. Brock's get it together. Let's see like that's like a good aspect to even like things like that. It's like Oh surprise guest tonight and the review the dirty whoever lives in that city either. I mean you've lots of friends. You know people all over the place. You can have a lot of fun with what's so funny speaking of the dirty dancing song so way back circa in two thousand eleven twelve twelve eleven twelve. I would always have dance parties with the we just dance. I I keep saying it. We got to bring them back. We do we could bring him back. You have a house with hardwood floors. Yes that is decorated. Just add because it was fucking ask get into the upper. Yeah we'll get into it yet. We're also trying to work out one of the rooms upstairs to be just like a game. Hang Hey like video game like hang room and it would be perfect. I love that. Yeah so after our shift Seville blog. I would always just have these little after parties. He's ever woman would come over by everyone being Tomonori Ana well and and other Vena Katina and Jenna like Shay was always. Is there Tomonori on. We're always the stars of the dance party because we're very competitive and one of the songs that they would dance. Here's the dirty dancing time of our lives song. By the way I would always win. Yes always there was one time he beat me and it was to a lady Gaga Song. They'll never her let me forget him. Never buy your look over time right but at the end of that dance guys never finished with that move. We never did the lift. We never did the left so now. Not a Lotta people can do the left. No sheena China honestly you and brock defy gravity when you don't understand how it's possible but you fucking there's that picture of you guys in Tahoe. Yeah Yeah when you nailed it and you can see my head in the background and my face is like Oh my God. We always think I did post me posted again way. I swear to God I'll find it and like our space Su. I'm like blurry in the background and I'm clearly impressed. Yeah that's kind of become more thing. We like do it everywhere we go. That's cute. I need a thing ask so we get a thing. We need to have so many things you guys. You have a a lot of cute things. I've always your couple goals. No your favorite couple. Yeah speaking of favorite couple. We just just took a little double date trip for New Year's the Tahoe. Yes we are on. I we snowboard but we aren't that great at it and we'd have both taken years off from exactly is started snowboarding when I was like twenty two and a used to be way better and then I remember us to use ago with like Steven Vanillin. Like all of y'All USA you would drive out snowboard and then be back in time to work literally. What I was snowboarding working dinner shift? How is that frigging possible? Because it's southern California. I guess you grew up to whatever we can do it. Yeah but I forgot forgot. I did so used to be pretty good but after I fell and broke my teeth I was afraid of falling snowboarded. And that'll happen once you you have that fear yeah. You can't be afraid when you're doing it now when you hesitate that's when you fall. Yeah but we decided to take notre because poise are really gonNA snowboarding and I remember sandals. First Time on the mountain how terrible he was and now restrated and like yeah and now he's just whip and he's join toe he's doing good he's just naturally picked it up. I know it's so inclusive to be so good at rockets. It's so annoying. I'm just like he wakes out with like like perfect hair. And then like just like all of these things like last night. For example we ordered posts maze not once but twice. I've actually never done got. I love a post meets journey like he wanted to offer a nice dinner. And then we started finishing season. Two of you and we're like let's just finish season one last night. I watched the whole thing in like a day. 'cause I mean I kept talking about it. It's so good you guys live really light season one except for in this is what's putting me off watching season two okay. I really did not like that end of season. Twist see okay. So this is like this is lane I'm like why how and why like I was really. I don't know it just made it seem fake Whereas before I was like okay hey the sky as insane and over the top like some of the things in the show are some of it really does feel like real and their personalities seem like they could be real? Yeah and then the last episode. There's something that she back does that I'm like. Are you like like literally as it's happening. I'm like you fucking idiot. Yeah and I was like now. Now we're going into like shitty horror movie territory. Oh totally and then the twist of the end of the season I was like fuck this. I don't know if I can watch these two now. No season is really go. I'd like makes a lot of the. There's a lot of like dumb. La Cliches since he's in two there are like that we all drink kale juice and do yoga. And I'm way it's celery juice all studio with Eric today and shoes drinking thinking fucking celery juice. Unless she's the exception because I don't know anyone who drinks seller US I when you look like Erica. jus I don't know exactly literally really. Do People always talk about. La Like we're just driving and drinking celery juice. Who are these people? I know that there's a part where they say they're seven things that happened happening L. A.. And if you've seen all these things you're a true like Los Angelino and you can never leave and like one of the legit. Are they dumb. Some of them are legit. I was like seeing nothing. That's like A Superhero not on Hollywood boulevard. Like someone like dress up like that you know just like walking down melrose or like things like then there was another plane a superhero. It's like the person that plays the Super You don. I thought that's what you meant like. Oh like if you were to see like Chris Hemsworth at Craig's or someone costume home and then it was another one was like someone rollerblading in shorts and then there was another no. What was it There was that one was a palm tree on fire and I go our Sina. Palm would've palm tree catch on fire. I don't know but it's like palm like the Bush Okay so I'm from Florida and we don't. We have the tall palm trees to mostly. We have the like Bush one right sorry. Yeah but but that's a palm tree on fire so those are what people are talking about the lame like La Cliche Shea things and it's like okay. That's not technically what I'm like. I mean there was half of the less that I'm like. Oh yeah that is so. La like that is to. I can't think of them right now but okay now. Delay is such a big city to act like the same like millions of people. Yeah it's like specifically like Hollywood. They're talking about like the three square blocks that that inhabit in west. Hollywood exactly so going back to post me yes back to mostly last night. After we got our dinner he really wanted ice cream so we order post meets again and then the guy gets there and I where I live. It's not like a top floor. I do like on on the second floor. But it's not that far so he's too lazy to walk. Put on shoes and walk down. Elevator walked down the aisle. So He's like I'm just is going to have him throw it up and I was like brock. He's not gonNA throw up the ice cream. No He's not going to do the. Oh so I go to the bathroom and I'm just like just go down and get it. I come out of the bathroom. I hear him. He's like Hey I got it on my balcony. The Post meets guy took it out of the bag through it up and he caught it in walked in. I'm like you are so annoying when you're dumb ideas a workout just like no. He's not going to do that and he was like just me thanks and he caught the ice cream. And Oh my God. Yeah it was really supposed Idea like that you're supposed to be punished. Yeah not working now. There was a couple other things recently like that that I'm like that's not GonNa win. They were gonNA when they were not coming coming down the mountain and you guys had to go to the airport. Yeah Yeah that one. We made the flight. I was so annoyed that we made that fight because I wanted to be right so bad. Yeah we'll because they were this okay when people like I'm I'm like barely a rule bender right like how Ben Rules sometimes but I'm like a rule follower follower like their rules. I typically will follow them unless I think it's ridiculous and then whatever but most of the time there's their rules for a reason yeah number number one being you leave a certain amount of time before you have a flight so that you're not freaking out and you can check your luggage and not have an issue taking it on time especially when you have a two hour flight to the airport drive. Yeah Yes oh to our to our lights. There were the snow well in their defense. I later found out that they got stuck somewhere they had to walk. I felt bad too because I literally then. Oh Oh bronx phone dies so then I've also now. I'm literally screaming. Only he's like she was like we need to go. Oh my God because also like I shout out to Delta. I fly a lot with them. I mean platinum medallions member very proud of my miles all fucking spend. I deserve my my three free checked bags plus my guests so we have six free bags. So we're like we're taking advantage of this. We brought snow suits shout tipsy elves as well. Yes tips yells the cutest snow so we have literally like six no suits. That was two cases two suitcases alone. I brought jackets because Arianna forgot to pack jackets to go to the snub. The the one jacket that I remember to bring was like my snowboard jacket. Yeah not like jackets to like. Wear you know we're the life to a music festival. We went to Snow Globe out there like we needed to be bundled up so I bring extra jackets for us. We have our six suitcases. They're free to check so so I'm like if we miss this flight on Delta. There's not a later one on Delta. We're GONNA have to get on another airline pay. Well southwest at least the united the United flight earn American flag. I wonder maybe for but I'm like still regardless we're now paying for the flight. We're now paying for these extra bags going to be a six hundred dollar change. Yeah so I'm like I'm not paying for this. He can pay for it but it turns out that he got down from the mountain just enough time to get got in the car drive to the airport wraps snowboard and a blanket because we didn't have a bag for his snowboard. Wrap it in a blanket. Check all the bags get to the gate still had time for a glass of wine wind before we boarded our flight. Oh my God I was so I was having. We made me left on time and we didn't have time for the last of before our Fli. The flight that had got 'em was like D- boarding or deep learning whatever it's called like when we got there. We had a little extra time. I was like hurry up. Hurry up and then I get to the gate Osha. We're not even boarding. And and then he shows up and he's like see and I'm like frustration won miss the flight just but I'm like I don't want my boyfriend have to pay six hundred dollars but of course it's like you WanNa make the flight but you also don't want to be like yeah you. I hate when people break the rules. You don't in trouble. I know and this happens all the time he tattle. He just uses his accent and gets his way. All of the people here is accent. They're like whatever you want exactly. And when they see him in person it's especially like man you can have whatever you want and I mean when benefits fits me. I love it but still so annoyed. I'm like I never got a spike. Okay speaking of things that like I never got. I want to kind of get in to the episode a little bit. We're not doing like a vendor pump rules like RECAP PODCAST here. Sure but I do happening. It's my life and I do. It's your life now a few things episode. Because I think it's coming off so far. Obviously that I'm jealous of Dana. Because she's dating Max I And I was like she has no issue with anyone else that Max is hooked up with like so it's not about Max exactly and then laws like oh well aw Dana whoever said it was like oh it's because they're not hooking up with them right now. Okay I but after before and after me Eh. One of the other girls. I put her on blast but one of the other girls who works at Tom. Tom Who kind of looks like me. He earned name starts with this. Clutter he I guess was hooking up with her before me and then right after me and like whatever. We've been friends the whole time. I've always lived with her so even when they were hooking looking up again like I don't care a just it's not the hookup that's bothering you. Know what was bothering me and I mean I don't know if I'M GONNA get in trouble for saying this is but what bothered me is. She's new to the show to our group of friends and all of a sudden episode to. You're seeing her career. What she's trying to do with her career on the Shell and help us owed five thousand that you've been on? Yeah we've never seen you podcasting now and we've never over senior show in Vegas. That was a success. You've never seen you buying your home in Palm Springs. No my fitness line. I have your fitness line that I I wear all the time. I love it so again everything. But it's I understand your struggle because I've been reduced mice mice my you know my I'm not gonNA say storyline because that's not how our show works about storylines they follow the or they don't follow. But I have been frustrated in the past ask at times when I felt like my existence is reduced to my relationship when I'm like okay but that's not my life isn't that's not how things work. Yeah and I'll see people say things like what is Arianna. Do besides daytime. Excuse me you know if you the only new yeah. So it's like people would know if they were shown what you're working on so I understand your frustration that I think it's amazing that they're showing what Dina works hard on and what she's about but I feel like that should be even every cast member especially the women on our show. Oh whether you like them or not whether we get along or not. Every woman on our show is passionate about something and work hard and something some of them you see it some of them you don't. I don't know who's decision that is. I don't know what I think. You should change exactly because literally all you see about me is boy crazy. She knows desperate spread for a man and doesn't do anything else but work at Sir and my that is literally like ten percent of my life maybe raise so like. Let's see the full you and I'm also so like a very flirtatious person. I always have been and there's so many things so okay going back to Dana so it really was not a personal thing. I was just like like frustrated. That not only is like this part of her life being shown immediately but the fact that everyone is going to support her show. And you you and Tom Dolan. The People Britney Britney game as well the only people who came in support of my show in Vegas. Yeah either way. I laughed my ass off time and like yeah I get it wasn't wasn't in. The valley wasn't around the corner but almost every person in our friend group was in Vegas within those five months. Doing the show. I'll play cameraman. I'll take some cell phone video. Go Navy to like just skimming credit. Yeah so that that. If you want to say I was jealous of anything. That is what I was jealous. I would be jealous of that you to be fair fair I if I felt like you know which honestly now that I think about it. I'm like if if this season all however many episodes we have goes by and you're not seeing how hard we worked to make this beautiful stunning fantastic tastic cocktail. Yeah I will be really fucking pissed. Yeah and I'll be jealous of Dana exactly and however and I talked to her every day. I'll tell her sir face So jealous they show what you're passionate about in the show what you're working on didn't show if if that happens. Yes if we wind up in June or whatever I'll report back yes 'cause I might feel the same fucking way exactly and I mean your book. I mean I had to buy tooks one from a house but it is the most beautiful piece of artwork just like you. It's not just like a recipe book. Like I mean the amount of money and time you guys. Oh my gosh incredible. Yeah it's a it's a blood sweat and tears like literal blood. I'm pretty sure we caught ourselves at some point. You know photographing and jumping in the pool like all the stuff I know when I saw that picture feels like oh she really went in the pool. Oh Yeah and the look on my face Over the wide. I look at my fingertips because I realized as I was moving in that direction that they were lit birthday candles and I was going this way. Okay and I had that thought of if the if the Qiqu smacks the water yeah and stays in my face goes. Am I going to burn my face on birthday candles. That's the that's the look. There didn't happen. Luckily that's like a one take shot. Oh Yeah it's that's it. Yeah well it was. A great shot is have not bought. Tomonori ONA's cocktail fancy. What are you doing like literally what you do? Yeah I mean it's available on Amazon Arza noble target indeed bound Hudson if you go to fancy of cocktails dot com. There's a list of all the places you can order online But it's also in stores. Yeah and it features are fantastic. Co Author Tamie Pellegrino. I know I gotta get back on the PODCAST. We had so much. Fun is just now that the show is back on. Yeah I need to do a podcast. He's so good. Yeah I need you. Yeah I need you to Bannon Ronnie from watch. What happens there vocal impression view? The honor show is like maybe one of my favorite things like it makes me laugh so hard and it's like they never do it in a way where I'm like. Oh it's just so endearing lovely and beautiful. It's just needed to listen to that. Only God I cry like I like I listed Progress I cry. I think they're the ones who took over my twitter order handle when I changed it to just Sheena. Oh it was. I think it was that podcast took the action emry handle or something. I don't remember what it was but it was something that they're like. Oh well since you're not using this anymore. It was like go for fun. Yeah Okay So. We covered the Dana Jealousy thing. I just want to hear that up because you might have more people you know I might be on your might be depending on how things go it just it. It was just frustrating and got you know whatever you're going to see me cry a lot more in future episodes. You have seen me with my inhaler on previews news. which we'll get more into as those episodes errol story but just stick on the topic of the episode? We all saw us night. Hi Max after I saw Ma- oh after I saw just that one lunch seen in his interview bites I stopped watching the episode assode and started rage texting. We have gotten so closest friends and I need to remind myself this was in May. We weren't even not closest friends back in. May Like I get it. But he said legitimately hurt my feelings. I also feel like the things I some of the things. I'm seeing in his interview. Bytes I'm just like that's doesn't sound like you like Max's over here at my house like daily. Yeah like almost all the time I see him all the time. He's always here and I you know I just feel like I'm not seeing the Max I know and love what I'm watching it. I'm feeling feeling like this is like I don't know what's going on. But he's coming across not good. No and as you saw at the end of this episode preview for next week I call him out for exactly that I'm like this is not the person I own and Max is the Max I know. It's is not the person I would never could never imagine him sitting there. Like I'm good looking guy like Blah Blah Blah. He had it over with the ladies. Never spoken like that. He's never spoken. Okay that in front of me ever ever ever see him. All the time these poor newbies don't know what the I. Oh Yeah I think you know sometimes you just get caught up. Yeah get caught up in a moment in some comes out of your mouth And you learn real quick. Yeah Premiere Party. Last week his mom mom met for the first time I love. His hand became friends and they've been like messaging. She's just like how do you and it's like. Oh this is only episode two lane. We know what's going to get so much worse. Yeah but not bothered me so much is a couple of things he said I when he's like. She got off birth control which just a freezer eggs. Because she's so gave me your excellent Travis Child xactly quite the opposite. I'm like how `bout you wrap it up. You know like like I'm I'm not trying to get birth control. I'm going to need you to wrap it up because I'm not joining a pregnant trying to freeze my colleen you don't get it too. I'm not trying to trap have you twenty-six-year-old bar manager okay. Sorry I would like I love you Max but like I was not trying to travel and having a baby I was planning on freezing eggs months before I even met him for months. Yeah you have to plan ahead and so the night that I met Max I we can go back and listen to the podcast. They did with him. I don't remember breath. We talked about this but the night I would be interesting. I know and then I'm going to get him back on in a few weeks to give them more shit. But the night I met him It was after dodgers playoff or World Series Game Adam and I got in a huge fight that night he told me and I quote to go to fucking Helen lose his number and so I was like why exactly. Oh because best because we went to club I don't go to clubs but he had his friends from. FSU In town that night. They wanted to go yeah. It was like Halloween. Time was like a costume party. I was like oh just wear a dodger gear and whatever so we go to this club he gets blackout drunk among his phone. I don't know his phone died or his credit card got declined or whatever was. He needed me to call an uber for him so I call him a Newburgh. It's on the corner because they can't turn this way on Hollywood for whatever reason so I'm like your ubers here on the corner. No actually. His phone didn't die because he texted me to go fuck L.. So I think right right. He didn't have the money. It didn't have the money who have money for Uber. Yeah so he starts texting me like he can't find the I know exactly I from Hollywood west Asala would really that'd be start singing and dancing outside maybe and collect five dollars. Yeah so I'm on the phone with Uber. Driver like trying to tell them like what he's wearing where to pick them up up. I guess they couldn't link up. For whatever reason so the ride gets cancelled. He walked home from Hollywood and vine to Santa Monica in Louisiana. He walked all the way home and said it was my fault and to go to fucking High God and never speak to him again and I was just like whatever so clearly. His friends his own friends from college are going out with me fuck it. Let's go to Tom. Tom Like let's go out. So why don't you go home than in the first place. I don't know he was like so I guess I don't know what it was like. pissed him off but you just wanted to go home. He would always get that where it was like when he was a child during a Tantrum. I I WANNA go home now. Go to Disneyland. I'm just like Oh child so that night. I'm like fuck you dude. So we go to Tom. Donlan like go to my friend's bar. Let's have some good drinks. Let's forget about this. Yeah that's the night. I actually like really met Max like I had seen him in passing over the past few months when they had been open those the first night I met him and I heard I heard from Logan and if the other servers there that he had a crush on me it was always asking about me and was like super interested me and I'm just like how he's a lot younger than me. I don't know about this but that night we were like really hitting it off and the night before I remember. I was at Tom. Tom And something happened with a really drunk Fan Dan who grabbed one of my friends and was just being like really drunken rude and security had to take them out and he started like punching remember. Heard what about this guy. Yeah Yeah Yeah and so. It was like a huge fight broke out and I felt like it was my fault because I asked them to make this guy leave because he was being disrespectful but I think he had also been in in there before and they were like they had their eye on him like. He's not really welcome now so I felt so bad that night that that happened and when I got home I went to tax maximum. You only got him so I realized I don't know you don't have your phone number. Yeah so then the next night we go back and I was just like when we got to realize that I don't have your number and he's like well we should change that. We exchanged numbers. We go and get drinks next night. Totally hit it off. I went to Chicago for a few days for Halloween. I came back. He picked me up at the airport. said he's never picked up anyone at the Hague Chew Up. Lax Yes yeah that's lake. Lax is like the whatever inner ring of Hell. Yeah and then I had like gotten sick. I don't know picks me up from the airport mama familiar. It's like I'll tell you exit you just hop on this show. Now that's the thing on. They might be different next time. Mom Yeah but yeah dot night I remember like he was like Super Popcorn. Was Watch movie. Let's cut like all these things. Make me feel better because I was sick. Even had like pulled atom aside after like Zen of course like we made up. And we're like he's like Adams are saying and I'm like well whatever like boom like met someone else in like I mean. I never technically dating so you. You weren't no and so you can do whatever you want exactly. But out of respect for him I told him in person. Like I'm interested in Max. Max Sat down in person was like I'm interested in China like this was a thing and then it just you know progressed very quickly and then it ended very quickly because of him I mean yes. Twenty six and thirty three like we didn't have a ton in common and that was the main reason why I didn't want to date him but he just kept being like I'm more mature. Unlike most guys made like I've been running a bar since I was like before I was twenty one thousand nine like this. I was like okay. He has his shit together like I was just like yeah. He has his shit together. I think Max is. You should together. But that doesn't mean that he's like on your level of in terms of like relationship. No answer for him to say that. Like oh like to make the comment that I'm I'm older and in a different place in like this. Why didn't want to date you? However you which you guys will see next? He's trying to make. It seem like that's the reason why he didn't want to be go even though he was telling people that use like a merger bridge. So when I can actually lovey book same broke get your Shit together so when I confront him next weekend. We haven't seen this episode yet but that day I. I didn't have any of the text messages because when I'm done with someone delete like Oh really on follow like like I just deleted the CIA. Didn't want to see it but I remembered when things work you. I sent Logan a bunch of screen shots as I was like. Look at all these things he's saying to me and like butterflies defies and like all this ship and so when it came time that I was like no. I'm going to confront him. I texted Logano. Do you by chance still have our conversation and like the screen shots. Can you go in the Info and he had everything so I was like. Let me just read you a few things you said to me. And I'm Mike. Remember all of these things so like yeah. Don't make me again. Look like I'm fucking crazy when you were the one I don't date you're too much. You're a lot younger than me but I was like you know what as much as it doesn't seem like the right time or the right person necessarily because it's like let's see what he was giving me everything out of wasn't and everything. I wanted all the attention attention in the nice at. It's fun yeah. Of course so then see that that Piss me off to then go in an interview and say that all I talked about was was photo shoots music and emojis and I wasn't enlightening. I didn't enlighten him. I'm sorry twenty six year old. How how would you like me to enlighten you? Yeah exactly deep talks. Do you want to get into and then when I was thinking about it. I'm like I didn't even have any photo shoots last November. I was working on music than like sure sure. But that's definitely not all we talked about so also like if you're just fucking somebody. Are you really trying to like how those kinds of conversations any way. Yeah and the way it started out was very casual and then it was like progressing so quickly because of him because of all the things he was saying and the things that he wanted and he also was so supportive of me freezing. My eggs was like team. SHEENA freezes her eggs like and so then then you know six months later or how ever many months later to see him. Say these things it was hurtful. And I'm like just the fact that to say that like I have no depth depth like I'm just a superficial fuck an airhead who only talks about music and emojis. I'm like you know who talks about emojis Max specifically Max because when we exchanged exchanged numbers and started talking. He's like okay so like now. We need an Emoji for like our contact photo in our contact. He was like asking me. What my favorite Emoji was? And I'm like. Oh my God. I love the Unicorn so he put a Unicorn knows what's yours and he's like I like the monkey was like okay so I put a monkey for him and then to he continued the emoji conversation. He goes oh he's like he's like I added an extra emoji because your nails are always like really pretty done goes out of the Nail Emoji and I was like well. All since you're born in Hawaii I'll add the shock emoji. The EMOJI conversation started with him. Let me just say so in water all right. Let's move onto the other guy. Sure it Brett Thirsty Brett. See Ah Okay my experience Bret has been obviously very different from your My experience with Brad. He's been nothing but a sweetie and and you know tell your face and then you see his eyes and things he says the Lisa behind your back. Yeah I'm curious you know later on what's going to be back. I I mean I guess I don't know yet Yes so far I've I've my interactions with breath sweet. Yeah and seems like he maybe needs some like guidance like I don't I was specifically trying to give him guidance. Your nudist Sir are your new to La. You're new to this whole experience and Lisa asked me to look after him and kind of take him under my wing and showing the ropes. So that's exactly what I was doing and in in the process of doing that he kissed me. We were flirty but like even like I don't even know how much kind of see. But it's like he's like. Oh my God I need to like open a dictionary and show her what friends just friends mean coming over getting drunk and then making out with me in my kitchen like did I act like you were getting down on one knee like what. What part about that have? I acted as this where he's getting up from and I don't know doesn't see but if was just so the way our conversations were all summer and the way we interacted with each other now seeing the things he was saying at that same time behind my back. I'm like your fucking fraud. Your fake you literally will just do your. He's I'm a people pleaser. He is that to an extreme him he will do and say whatever you know that people he is a people pleaser. Yeah I feel like yeah. He has a people pleaser and he also he doesn't want anybody to be the mad at him now but in the process which is something that she you've you've been through When you don't want anybody to be mad at you you're just Mike? I just want to make everyone happy in the process. Then nobody's happy exactly because then it's like we need to know you like who are you because of you. Just go with what the people want from you. The News yourself so annoying and even the part where it Sir and I was like Talking about freezing my eggs and I I was like Oh was that an offer like wasn't even the whole conversation. He was making jokes about like. Oh you just need to find the right sperm to fertilize your eggs. And I'm like an offer who was Joe. Oh where's the. Hr Department God calling hr saying. I'm a bad kisser. When at first he was like because when I was so oh uncalled for? It was so second of all. I've kissed you and your great Kisser jail. But the FA and then Jacko's I'm watching Evans. I was like yeah. Yeah I've heard that around town Mike Mike Jackson booked up with Thomas thing about being so annoying but what I saw dossier was like. I can vouch. She knows is as in Kisser. Very soft very Nice Lips. And you're great. You're great kisser. Thank you so fuck off everybody. The movie Non Lisa Moving on. Yeah okay I feel like you're one of the only employees of hers who actually has stood up to her and said your opinion and how you feel not even just in defense of your boyfriend but just in general. Did that give you exiling knowing that you were going to like have cameras and have to stand up to her. Yeah it did my anxiety came. I'm not so much from talking to her. Because they feel like yes. Lisa is very intimidating person but she's also As I've learned learned over the last year I would say like in the beginning is very like sometimes she can seem a little bit like a not real. You know what I'm saying like everything's perfect. Everything's you know. People are kept an arms length. Sometimes sometimes it feels like you don't know who the unreal person is. I've learned over the last year so much more and I feel so much closer and more like that. She is really like the kind of person the I could talk to. She's a real person with real feelings and emotions and and things like that To rewind back to when I talked to her at that engagement well at the finale. Yeah so last night filming. WanNa talk to her. You better do it so when I talked to her that night I feel like talking talking to her. Generally wasn't what was what made it difficult. It was knowing it was it was the filming aspect aspect of it that I feel like added so much cuttings Zayed right because what happens. Is You know Lisa Ann. I it can talk about something. We can work through it. I can say I didn't agree with this this and this and this and she can say well. Here's why or here's is with the deal and I don't agree with how you handle whatever we can talk about stuff like in the way that people do but what ends up happening is is an hour long or a thirty minute long or two hourlong. SOMETIMES CONVERSATION GETS DOWN TO A couple minutes couple minutes and when that happens you lose context. Sometimes you lose. And that's the that's no one's fault it's just the nature of you know. We have forty thirty to forty four minutes to make a shout. Nineteen cosmic yet. They can't use you know two episodes to cover me Lisa sitting down at Sir talking like they can't can't do it now would be ridiculous. No one would want to be like. Wow I feel like I'm watching. What is it like Not The bachelor Big Brother they you like alive would be like that right now and so. What made the nerve wracking part is knowing that it is going to get whittled down to such a short thing not not knowing what's GonNa get capped and what isn't and then knowing that the people were watching it are only going to see what's there and not not see like they can't be there to see the real cotton the two hour long conversation? I can't be there to see that. So their opinions are going to be based off of what they're shown on on the show. Yeah and they can be you know on one inside of the situation or the other side or both. Sometimes people are. I feel like for the most part people are really like. Look these are real people. They're working through their real problems. Like like you know. Good luck to them you know. Obviously there's more that we're not seeing like they. Most people can objectively look at the show. I I love that I love you guys. But there's the like I would don't think I could do it without those people. Yeah but then there are. There is at sliver of people who are very loud and very aggressive passive and also very wrong yeah and very toxic and I think that goes with all social media in general and all just life in general what ends up happening happening is in those people are the ones that make it very nerve wracking to do because you wanna be yourself and you want to be open and honest honest and be able to have those difficult conversations with someone like Lisa who is very. It's a difficult conversation to have. Yeah or if me and you have of an issue like that's difficult conversation. Have you WANNA be able to be vulnerable on. Have those kinds of talks without worrying. About like someone's GonNa and how many call myself whatever toward or think that I'm I always find it very obvious when I'm watching the show when audio is spliced. Yeah apparently it's not the obvious to everyone I was like I said something before that. Yeah or I said you know. It's the things that you know Thomas Bringing home and obviously I'm very I can tell when that that's been cut off. Thomas is not The reason why I feel the way I feel yeah. I'm going to talk to Lisa. I'm beaver I was like you know fuck in that moment and that that conversation at Sir I was very much like. I don't care if this does take two hours. Yeah and they can cut around things that they can legally say or legally not say That's up to them. But I am going to be very open and honest with how and why felt the way I felt not the glossy for show version exactly glossy for show version is a you know. Oh you're Rou- that's no we're going to get into the nitty gritty and we did and it was a really really lovely conversation. Not Blaming should on Tommy fucking kidding me now and that audio is so obviously spliced but again again I feel like our years are trained or like when Dana says to quit my job in healthcare sales. I'm like did they just make. Did you say the words healthcare sales like what the heck fill in that blank. But Yeah it's it's that tiny sliver of toxicity acidity that makes things scary. Yeah and you have to try so hard. Not to dwell on that and focus on the on on the positive and focus on the constructive criticism and the people who are very obviously when we were Bravo con. I've felt like he was all all those people. It's only that sliver and of course our brains naturally focus on like that one yeah leering spot totally and that's frustrating Australian. But you and I were saying how it's like I know we sold you stopped by in the beginning we would block everyone. Every every negative comment block block block. Might get the fuck Outta here. Yeah but then it got to the point where I'm losing followers by blocking I go back through my block. glisten just unblocked everybody right see what happens but One thing that you and I were saying recently is how it's frustrating when people people say something that's incorrect. I want to correct them. It's like I don't want to you know. Ignore all the positive comments but I do WANNA correct the people who were wrong. Because it's like if you don't like me or this situation for the right reason okay. You just don't fuck with me. That's fine young happened but if you're going to like I was just reading all these comments. Someone posted something about today and it was like Desperado. Sheena and every comment was like oh I feel so bad for her. She's so pathetic she it's so sad she needs a man she so desperately on Mike not on your single for like three years. Yeah like tuna. Yeah but it was like I was living my best life. You just didn't see it because the guys who I was dating eighteen didn't WanNa film and Television Show. Yeah I saw somebody recently was like. Oh we're not one guy. Why isn't healer show? And I was like he wouldn't sign a release but one thing with you on the show that I think is so amazing is you've always been so vulnerable and you. I think it worked in like I know no in the beginning it was harder especially like I'll never get over the season that you and I fought. That's my biggest and show. I hated. It was the worst and like seeing you. Cry In the back of the cab like with Tom. Oh my God my hardest rough back then. It was harder for you to open up especially on camera and now how I mean from hating your vagina. Everything with your depression like those are things that so many people can relate to and I commend. And you for that because it's not easy to do. It's yeah what Sox's I you know. It's not easy to but what happens. Is that in a moment it's like You know it's there. It's like right there and so you say and then then you can never not never ticket back not talk about. Yeah then it's like Dang it yeah really thought I could squeak dot won by guys nope I mean. does specifically I think is such a relatable thing that so many people are going to understand. I mean I take Wellbutrin daily more for anxiety but it. It is also an antidepressant and this past summer for reasons. I can't discuss on here by there. Was something work related that was really devastating hop end and for me it. Just put me in this depression that I hadn't been in for a long time and as much as I did not want a boyfriend or relationship at that time it was just like everyone I was dating it. Just it was just such a Downer and it just put me in a funk. I was in a really bad place. Listen I was really depressed for like six months. I'm freezing my eggs injecting myself with hormones. I'm crying I'm that the hormonal thing I when I'm on a period or like about to get when my basically when my hormones are raging or whatever's happening holy Shit Selena right now. Oh my God like he's like Oh she knows back. Oh man you I remember. There was one time and I knew it and and I was like Tom it. Oh it was literally like right when we were like like when we first got the Tahoe and I was like. I'm so sorry I was like my cranky and yeah and I'm like impatient and and I'm like didn't like the night before you guys got their music. I don't know what else to suggest. I've suggested that we do this do that. No Mike I don't want to do any of it. Ah You want to go back to the rim. No I don't WanNa do that either like it was just like everything was just wrong. Yeah and I just remember. I said something like that and the look on his face is like you. You could tell he was like yeah. It's definitely can tell like he knew. Yeah because it's like. Oh my God so. I can't imagine injecting injecting yourself with hormones and and I don't know how you know when people are pregnant and our hormones crazy like my Omar hormones when when they're just period. I'm literally an insane person. I should be committed. Like oh my God straightjacket and throwing the corner and I realized when I'm not on birth control like you would think like taking those hormones or whatever it is that makes you crazy but when I'm not on it like right now as I'm gearing up for round fucking the three of freezing my eggs trying to get Arianna on board with me to do this with me in case you change your mind and WanNa little matter if I want to or if you want to donate exactly. I want all of my same sex friends to be able to have. Yeah and I love that and I can of all of them. You should absolutely do it with me. The whole thing about it but I feel like Mike when I'm not on birth control. I don't know what it is. It's like my body's not used to not having that in it that I go fucking crazy like last month on my birth control troll since I was twenty six and yeah but I mean I don't know what it is just I've been losing my mind. I wonder if I was on birth control. If I it'd be whore near are you see. No that's the thing because when I was on the new ring it like I lost my sex drive. I also was in an unhappy marriage but even like wait. Remember that time you lost it. Oh yeah fell out. Couldn't find I think uh-huh Salem Penny founded because like you weeks later it was like with all the sock monkeys the the plastics drowsy. Like oh my God own my. Yeah but I've felt like since I got off birth control. I feel like my sex drive is higher so you know what I read an article about like re I mean we're talking like caught like a long time I was reading something about how people who because of the hormonal thing. And like if somebody you know listens to your podcast is like Arianna. Only your fucking idiot. Whoever wrote the article doesn't know what they're talking about? Go ahead and let me know but I read an article that was about how like this woman was on birth control for like forever vert forever forever and in her thirties. She stopped taking it because her and her husband Maroon advocate she off birth control was like not attracted senator husband interesting and I was like what and then the articles about how because the hormonal differences could possibly make you like attracted to different aspects of person. I don't know it sounded like I was like. Oh my God no what if like what if I started taking birth control and I wasn't like oh no. I don't think Tom's hot or something. Like that would be awful. But then I'm Mike but what if I started getting really horny like I don't know way I'm Lou this up I'm GonNa look it up and maybe a now. What if I drummed this? I have to look any maybe now to like. I have such a high sex drive because I'm dating someone I'm so attracted to you. Not just physically but like mentally like we're just very somebody wrote about it again away. Twenty nineteen so I think purpose Israel Birth control might change. Its on Vice. Birth control might change who women feel attract. Too Interesting we are heard you posted on your podcast supplemental reading to this episode. Got It fire. I love homework going back to the reliable topic depression. Sorry how this is how hard old void talking about. I know I just I just want to touch on it because it is something that so many of us in our friend group but also just people in the world can relate not all the scary part. Okay so for me. I and obviously throughout the season can't get away from it's like you're talking about something once uh-huh and you're not allowed to not talk about it so I'm sure you'll have you struggled with depression Probably since I was like a teenager yeah I just feel like my mind has always been in some sort of like overdrive certain ways and I. I think that it's hard for me to just be like I enjoy like I just think think of I think I'm I'm just maybe thinking too. I Dunno overactive something with my brain and it tends to end up in these like spirals so like if there's a negative thought I like all spiral on that negative thought It's hard for me to spiral on a positive thought that makes sense. I'm the same way so I got that. Yeah and then when that happens of course it flows over into everything else and it's hard for me and it's like feels to me not like I don't know how to control it or block it or so of I've I've learned over the years that I mean it's definitely something since I was like a teenager to the age where you start thinking about like the world right in life And beyond just like you know little things And I think that there's been things that have happened to me That are really that that were out of my control. That were really bad weather. It's whatever traumas right. Bad traumas commas. And I think that I've tried to attribute healing from those traumas and like re and really getting past those traumas with like being like okay and then once I get there I'll be good or are you know so it's like okay so I feel like I've really dealt with my grief I feel like I've dealt with Pass trauma from the emotionally emotionally abusive relationship that I was I feel like I've actively put in the work to deal and heal from those those things Not to say that they're gone forever. But at least have coping mechanisms now for those specific things. Okay then it's like but I'm still feeling I still have like thing it's just still feels like there's an like I said the episode undercurrent. Okay so my book is fucking sick sick publishing this book. It's thick. I have a career goal huge career goal. I've accomplished this career goal. I'm super stoked about that. I'm moving into my. I moved in my Dream House with my dream man. It's beautiful I love you. It's my favorite out of all of them Ah But then it's like. Why is this undercurrent? It's like you know then I'm like okay right. This isn't GonNa go away and then yeah I think what really scared me in the months leading up to two filming and during foaming around the time this episode was shot is that I started to think what about You know people. Who are you hear of like celebrities? Some of our the funniest most talented wealthiest wealthiest. You know you know you think like maybe it's from like what is it that I can fix right you know. What can I control while maybe if I work harder and make more money and then it's like but it's still there because it's an imbalance in my brain and then I realized there are people who are celebrities that we admire? We look up to WHO lose that battle and they lose it at like sixty five and you're like well fuck. I'm going to have to from now until sixty five hundred. If I want to beat this I have to have systems in place every day and make sure that I am on top of my fucking shit in terms of this brain disorder. Yeah to make sure that I don't lose this because what I'm doing is not working and thinking that it's revolving around one specific issue. Those are. That's a separate thing So I feel like that's kind of where it was. I the one thing I don't really like I feel like was was being slightly skewed in his direction. I wasn't not decorating my house because I was the way it was cut. Sounded like have you been. Did you decorate your house. I'm like no no and when she asked me why all of a sudden I'm sorry guys she asked me why then boom. Here's longer different and I was like you know I. That's not the answer the answer to. Why isn't the house completely decorated? Because it's a five thousand square foot house. Yeah Yeah and we're very particular about what we're putting in it and a lot of the stuff that we have in here now or stuff. That was either custom or things like that. Not Once we start filming. It's like you really can't you can't be here working with. I can't be here working with designer. While we're filming too Sir her I have to you know That was a one thing that I was like. That's not an exactly what's happening right here. but yeah it's it's it's GonNa it's GonNa be a lot. There's definitely a moment later on the season where things really came to ahead and I was like really frustrated. What are some of the things like because you don't take medication right? No I sometimes over Blue-green if I could but was prescribed anything I mean I I feel like I've been on Wellbutrin for like four years now I'm like I'm in a different place in my life but I'm like my brain still fucked up. I'm not GonNa get better like it. Is that imbalance. I'm still going to suffer from anxiety. Heidi would like do. I need to be medicated. Still like is it. I mean is it helping me because I still getting Zaidi. I'm still I get depressed at times but it's like I don't. I don't know so if you don't take medication. What are some of the things that you do do like therapy to cope with your depression? Well number one being open about it they feel like that's the people are like KOPF plummet like some people that sliver that we talked about the talks liver will be like. Oh Fuck you boring no one cares you bring nothing to the show and I'm like okay except me even just like saying it. I feel like like sometimes people will contact me and say when you said it made me feel like I wasn't alone. I've been through the same thing and relates. I am I no thank you because me hearing that from people that I don't know makes me feel better So being open about it is is like to me. The best thing I've ever done here is the scariest thing I've ever done but also the best thing I've ever yeah number. Two therapy is I mean even if somebody's like I I'm in the process now of of finding therapists that is in in this area because You know whatever my therapy journey as been. It's tough because it's like you want if you find somebody you like right but if you find somebody you like and then are far away from your house and you can't like find the time to go as much as you want to go. Then you feel like you're not hitting in the work and you're not benefiting reading from it so working on things right now but therapy even just like twice three to even just to get that kind of tune-up yeah Is huge after. Say That exercise is I mean even when I don't it's huge for me. Exercise is huge for me. I used to exercise on in an unhealthy way when I first dude Sheena. I realized the other day when I first started this show. Oh I see people online talk about how my face is puffy and my face is fat and they think it's because they have filler in how when I first started sort of this show I was so naturally beautiful. And what the fuck did I do to my face. Yeah Okay when I first started this show one hundred and five pounds yeah severely. I remember how 'cause we're basically the exact same size like weight measurements like we're very very body types and I remember when you you got down to like one zero five and here. I'm at like one twenty five and I was like should I gotta get back down to Arianna weight very unhealthy exactly and I was very mentally unhealthy about I point to now is a physically unhealthy regardless of how skinny I loved I was very mentally unhealthy as well and so it's very triggering. Bring to me to read a comment. That says that I looked beautiful when I first started the show. Because I'm like no I did not actually no I didn't i. It looked very unhealthy. Yeah great you could see my cheekbones. I don't think you ever looked unhealthy but definitely I would love to be able to be a healthy weight waiting for you to be able to see my cheek. Yes that would be great But a healthy weight for me means. Guess what guys. It's just my fucking face so get over it. It's just my fucking face. Yes I'd love to have a skinny face guys. Let me know if you know how how to get a fucking skinny face Holler at me but okay. I'M GONNA say with exercise yet in in a way. Hey where the thing exercise now and then I'll shut up but my thing about exercise now is yes. Obviously they're big physical benefits benefits to exercising eating healthily and being on that wavelength. Yes there are but ah to if you can switch that gear where you're not thinking about the physical result you're thinking but you're getting that mental boost from met then it's then it's so much better so much more beneficial. I think I agree and I need it. I have to yeah and helping other people. That's another big thing for me. Yeah Yeah I'm with you on that. I will say though about the skinny facing when I got grits in shape and like lost the weight eight I like at my when I was like my skinniest like on the show I got down to like I dunno one. Oh seven zero nine. I was healthy and now I was like. I'm my healthy. When people think I look sick because my face was so thin that I then put filler in my face because it was so skinny? We're like oh now now I look like a free exactly and I was like I wanted to like but I'm like I'm the healthiest I've ever been. I'm not anorexic. And that was such a trigger for me because I I have struggled with an eating disorder before I'm now eating five small meals a day. I'm working out. I'm the healthiest I've ever been. But I lost the weight in a healthy way that my face was so sunken then. I looked sick and that wasn't a good luck. So your face as it is right now is the perfect and it looks better fuller than it does skinnier so I appreciate you just because I mean it's yeah it's like they're also like those things like the comment you made about your arms in the episode. It's like you don't need to cut the fat out of your arms your perfect and you're tying well one of my are uneven because I did cool sculpt one of them and not the one. Yeah yeah no elliot hurts so bad. I couldn't. I never went back to the other arm. Yeah I paid for. It never went back for it idiot. Stupid he's like all of these things that especially in La that we do to try and look better way. Yeah Okay so you you say especially in. LA but here's the thing nobody in in La gives a shit right no one in la says you look fat you look ugly with the fuck are you doing you fucked picked up no one ever in la who lives here ever fucking says they don't care about people who don't live here are the one taught the top you know what I'm saying. Yeah it's the people that's liver the toxic sliver they're the ones who create this toxicity and then get pissed at the people who live even la who have the resources to do something. Like a cool sculpt or you know somebody gets talks or whatever but I'm like bitch nobody lives in l.. A.'s telling you need botox now. The person who's telling you need both talks that you look or they don't say you need both. They just want you to be naturally perfect perfect but guess who wants you to be naturally perfect some bitch and fuck in Minnesota whose commenting means shit on your instagram on on a fake account with no profile photo and no followers and there's like a Bible quo. Oh my God this best one recently. I don't remember the comet. It was a nasty comment on my page. And I I guess this woman who left a nasty comment blocked me. What did I do? I go to look at what everyone's commenting and apparently and let me like in her profile. Apparently it said like spread positively pretty good lord and I was just like all. These people are commenting. They're like literally like you're so then. I guess she blocked me so I couldn't go and see her hypocritical fucking bio. But it's always one of those are with the Bible quo picture of their dog like Oh loving mother and like I love when a mom comments something nasty now the public profile I they love to go and comment on a photo of her child and say I never hoped that comes out of your mouth to a strange. Yeah like how would you feel kid head like Oh my God I just heard this satis fucking story my little cousin. He's thirteen years old and one of his friends in school just literally utterly hung himself because a girl told him that he should do it and they're like no one liked him and he should just kill himself. Oh my God years. Old Ono so heartbreaking. That kids like now. I mean even. I got severely bullied in school. And thank God. My parents put me in private school for high school. Because who knows knows where I would've ended up and nowadays with the Internet and the cyberbullying I think it's because and what's so sad. Is I wish that positively was as contagious use. Because even now it's like the the negativity is what we give it. We give attention to it because there is like a weird dopamine years like a weird rush. Yeah Yeah you get from like like. Let's say you're like I think my hair is ugly in your mind. You don't say it but you think right someone on the Internet says your hair is ugly ugly. There's like a weird validation that you get from it. Yeah no rush of like whether it's anger or whatever that you get from from focusing focusing on that negatively if only positively whereas contagious as as as that is and what socks is that kids who you know they don't necessarily have the con- the conviction to like it doesn't matter now and it's like it's it's GonNa get better the anonymity. Yeah I can make a profile I could call myself. Pink couch One two three and I could go online gene and say awful things that affect somebody else. But I'm anonymous. Yeah it's like you know. It's it's awful decade. Let's make this like let's try just spread more positively fucking pay it forward. I am still going to belong. Nice though yeah I Ashok knows to be people in two thousand twenty I. I'm trying to catch up to your followers so I will not be right okay. Block them if they don't follow you right Seriously but to wrap this up again that we will be at search tonight accepting all of your donations going to the Australia wildfires. If you can't make it into Sir and you want to donate click the link on my profile and also I will be live texting guys again next week. My phone number which I forgot got to put in the beginning. I just thought about my phone number that I text you from is three one o two nine nine nine three to four her. Send Me Your questions send me your thoughts. Say Bad things about bright and make me laugh. I'm just kidding I'm kidding. Not Positively guys does now. It's just funny when people see what I see Mike. I don't want anyone to talk bad about anyone although I kind of just did but you know what the made me do it. He said things intact. I know it is not okay to bully. I know I'm kind of coming across as a bitch. Dana right now but all I can say is day tuned watching. We have a long season ahead ahead of all so long. Do you think we're going to get a phone call from this podcast. All right well I hope you guys enjoyed our real real conversation. Yeah this is a very real conversation. Also if you don't have fancy AF cocktails you release should go ahead and get it a fancy. CF COST COM also in Alzheimer's where you buy books and I'm doing cocktail tutorials every Tuesday on my ticked ticked So follow are you on top by her book Arianna by her book. maddix twitter. Thanks for doing my hundred podcast episode. You and thanks for listening guys. I think this is actually the longest podcast I've done. Oh Hell Hell Yeah. This is a great one. All right one hundred episodes in and we're out. Thanks for listening guys. Thanks for listening to shenanigans download new episodes every Tuesday and subscribe on the podcast one APP at podcast dot com or at Apple podcasts. And don't forget to rate and review the show on Apple podcast. Catha looking girl with me to make me over. Boy You want on an club little black.

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