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It's that time signed mocking load. Michael very show is on the air. Let's check what's going on exile city hall sylvester turner on seven one three that is july thirteenth and original houston area. Code went on ninety seven the box and decided to answer the challenge as to whether or not he could wrap a leave that to your consideration. I'm not gonna let you get out of meetings and stuff but you better do his back. See i wanted to cheer doing it. You ain't been in radio. You talk about the show you know. Got the news meanwhile. Abc thirteen says a man shot by a stray bullet in a barber. Shot after two men argued over. Who won a foot race limping and thankful to be alive. Noah trae overturning back to the scene. Were you shot over the weekend. Trae oh says he was waiting for his turn to get a haircut at mean cuts barbershop right on tidwell road when he heard the commotion outside for show is the one that hit me sitting down the barber into chair so it went through and dad threw me to the ground and i started crawling like real fast towards the bag man. I told the kids a couple of kids would be in their haircut and so i told them to run to the back to. This is what happened the moments before he was shot. Abc thirteen got this surveillance footage. Over the weekend where you can see two men. Arguing police say twenty-seven-year-old japan coming started walking away from the argument. And that's when the suspect fired at him twice but bullets pierced right through the nearby barber shop window hitting trae ho and one other innocent bystander. Eighteen old terrence cleveland. Eighteen year old kid to next to me. He got shot to leg right here like his waist area. Police say the fight between the two men started over. Who won a foot race man mess. Does that come on. Yeah i agree to a foot race. All three victims are expected to be okay as for the suspect drove off. In the black pickup truck. Police are now asking for the public's help in identifying him trae oh hopes whoever is responsible will be caught soon. Bunch of people lost their lives there with kids in the barbershop. Getting a haircut. It was probably white. Supremacists be my guess. Apparently she was no george floyd so there's no outrage to men in minneapolis received life sentences for kidnapping torturing and then killing a minneapolis realtor order to get information about her rapper boyfriend. They then tracked the boyfriend down. Tried to murder him as well now that they've been convicted. One of them tries to bring up the george floyd case in his defense when addressing the judge during sentencing this story from fox nine minneapolis. Mom judge peter kayla in the court that her daughter came face to face with pure evil. On new year's eve. Twenty twenty monique's two babies up without a mother a truly awesome beautiful mom who had a giant heart and electric smile according to wanda williams bow during her agonizing victim impact statement county jury convicted the two defendants berry davis and cedric berry on a handful of charges including first degree premeditated murder and the horrific slang of the real estate agent which apparently was part of a larger conspiracy to get at her boyfriend and the father of monique's children over some kind of dispute connected to the music industry. According to evidence presented at trial unique bowels lured to a bogus home showing kidnapped in the back of the u-haul truck tortured and then executed her body. Toss out into a north minneapolis back alley. Both men maintaining their innocence. Even as judge k hell handed down sentences of life in prison without the possibility of release and also just like to say sorry. Something that i thought would never say you. Here is a deal man sitting in the same seat as their shocked. a male. Kill someone in front of the world. And i'm about to receive life without parole for a few fingerprints and they sit a few fingerprints. They say were miles. Also take seo phones and one other important point from the courtroom today. Judge peter kale actually tacked on an additional two hundred forty months of twenty years on top of those life sentences. Those twenty years have to be served after the life sentences. The reason judge k hill execute that sentence today he said in case the laws ever change he never wants these two men ever getting out of prison. The world just lost the guy that was probably gonna discover the cure for cancer. You'd think you're having a bad day. Laundry silvester thirty one. While he was known by his rapper. Name katie s dray. Now i know this story is about to take a weird turn. And you're gonna say to me a rapper. That was getting out of jail. Got shot will. That doesn't happen mr sylvester. Ktbs dray if you prefer had just been fitted for an electronic monitoring device and released from jail as he exited and walked down the street. Several gunmen quote exited. To separate vehicles all began to shoot in silvester direction striking him numerous times so vaster suffered as many as sixty four bullet wounds to his head and other parts of his body a sixty year old woman who was with him was shot in the knee and she was in good condition at stroger hospital. A second woman a thirty year old. Who walking in the area at the time suffered a graze wound to her mouth. According to a popo report she was said to be in good condition when taken to mount sinai hospital. Now i'm wondering were those sixty four bullets intended for our friend rapper. Ktbs dre a k a landrace investor to celebrate his being released from jail or was there a foot race nearby and the loser was claiming to have one and the winner could no longer handle it. This was a race to this. Was ben jonson's victory strip for steroids and he just couldn't bear it any fired off sixty four rounds but having no range time in his experience the sixty four bullets managed to miss him and hit mr rapper. Laundry semester rapper. Kt s drei will worry. Not because i'm certain chicago will get to the bottom of this because they're mayor lori lightfoot as you recall last week announced she was diverting ten million dollars in pandemic hysteria funds to fight systemic racism. Because i feel it's probably almost certain that systemic racism shot kt s. Dray the rapper sixty four times as he exited jail where his electric monetary to librarians. Everyone listens the michael berry. Show grow up to the waltons. don't use olsen. i'm not saying was riveting. But i'm saying it was reflecting promoting values that may be could be useful today. Now we're getting to the rub. Joe biden says it's no longer about who gets to vote. It's about who gets to count the vote. it's no longer just about who gets to vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote spout. Who gets to count the vote. Who gets account. Count whether or not your vote counted at all february ninth. Nineteen forty six. Joseph stalin delivered a speech where he said almost those exact same words in russian. Play that one more time. Ramon because i want you to understand. They've just moved to phase two. They've gone from what we have to be able to cheat so that everybody can vote to now. We have to be able to control who controls cheating homer time. It's no longer just about who gets vote or making it easier for eligible voters to vote. It's about who gets to count the vote. Who gets the couch whether or not your vote counted at all now. Here's what's happening. You don't realize you're ever winning because on our side. We're always playing defense. There's not an issue in the news that is of our making. That is driving. The news cycle never is ever if you turn on television which got on a why you would but if you go to the washington post or the new york times who are driving. What is being talked about. Think about what is being talked about who who's going to be canceled today. The best you can do is keep from someone being canceled. The best you can do is support them enough that they don't lose their job and they get another day critical race theory that was cooked up and made its way into the schools before most of us myself included even nude existed. And so now. There's been an effort to shut that down and that effort has caught on like wildfire. Because as i've said many times one thing i've learned about my listeners is the two things that when they are threatened they will fight. You like none other when you threaten their guns or their children. Not so much money a wish. It was their money but their guns in their children. They will fight back. That's why the democrats pulled back on gun control. Their polling showed him that they were losing gun. Control batley so voter. Id was going to be the big issue. Well it turns out that voter. Id voter integrity has over seventy percent support. Even a majority of democrats are no. This is shocking. even majority of democrats. Believe that you have to have integrity voting system and that the laws that are being proposed or fair. They're not jim crow. they're not slavery they're not torture. There's no to contain. Nobody called him. Toby there's no whippings denzel. Washington isn't crying frederick. Douglass isn't having to write poetry. Stop stop with the nonsense stopped trying to make this eighteen fifty seven. It's not working the public sees through it. And so that's why they're having a now shift their focus because there are a lot of internal debates going on as to whether they need to leave voter. Id alone the cheaters is the texas democrats flew to dc the cheaters. No well we can't win without it but the folks at one win elections and are afraid they're not gonna get it anyway are saying this makes us look like the cheaters we are. This is looking really bad to middle. America working class americans believe in fairness and we looked to be the people trying to rig the game. We look to be the people that are trying to break the rules. So let's pull back from that intercom la- harris this goofy woman. She is in so far over her head. In tacoma harris answering a question about voter id and again talking about rural americans as if they are aliens. Give it a go ramon agreeing to voter. Id one of those compromises. That you. I don't think that we should underestimate what that could mean. Because in some people's mind that means well you're going to have to xerox. Are photocopy your idea descended into crew for you are who you are. Well there are a whole lot of people especially people who live in rural communities. Don't there's no kinko's there's no officemax jan row. You come in here. What you own strange contraption room is making all these crazy noises nation is. I don't know the paper coming out of his something. Images what are you do. I don't know. But i think this was is possessed by the devil. Cute my mind. Get your gun. Three judge panel of the. Us court of appeals for the fourth circuit ruled that eighteen to twenty year olds do have second amendment rights to gun ownership which are violated by minimum age requirements. On purchases of of guns judge. Julius richardson wrote. Despite the weighty interest in reducing crime and violence we refuse to relegate either the second amendment or eighteen to twenty year olds to a second class status. Richardson was joined by judge. Steven george w bush appointee the challenge was brought by natalia. Marshall and tanner hirschfeld who were prohibited from purchasing firearms in virginia due to their age marshall nineteen had obtained a protective order against an abusive ex boyfriend who had been arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm and control substances court documents. Also state that marshall grew up training with guns and believes that a handgun makes the most effective tool for her protection. Due to its ease of kerry training in use hirschfeld was denied the opportunity to buy a gun when he was twenty but has since turned twenty one in his decision. Richardson noted that were required at the time of the founding to serve in the militia and furnish their own weapons militia laws are helpful because they provide a baseline for determining the relevant political community that enjoyed second amendment rights. They support the affirmative conclusion. That eighteen year olds are protected by the better second amendment but even if history were less clear eighteen year olds would not necessarily be excluded from the second amendment's protections finger on the pulse came dane continues on the michael berry show. Democrats are so inspiring. They paint a picture of george floyd as a hero police officers as brutal murderers the shootings on the street throughout the community as systemic racism. When it's almost always black on black january twentieth nineteen forty seven. The washington post attributed a quote to joseph stalin. the actual quote was if only one man dies of hunger. That's a tragedy if no aliens die. That's only statistics it's been cleaned up and made more pithy in the form. You've probably heard it. Which is one. Death is a tragedy a million deaths a statistic. If you were to ask americans to name one black man who was murdered in the last year they tell you george floyd but there is a lot of evidence that he wasn't hurt. There's a lot of evidence that he overdosed and had a heart attack. Eat overdose three months earlier. But okay okay. Let's assume the pressure to the side of his shoulder keeping him down caused him to. Let's assume that's the case because a jury of his peers. Who were scared to death. If they didn't that their city would burn down decided. The derek chauvin was a murderer. Alright so there's one guy who died in police custody win arrested for committing a felony. How there's your tragedy the streets of chicago houston. La atlanta detroit all of those murders. Those are statistics. We don't discuss them. We're focused on voter. Id suppression jim. Crow ending slavery. Listen to how kamla harrison the democrats joe biden. The democrats have taken to talking to people like we're museum artifacts they do it with with rural americans. They do it with blacks. They do it with. They talk about us. Like were some artifact in a museum that they're studying in and reporting on our like it's some national landrover driving through the dusty seraing getty describing the cheetah that's just feasted on its prey like. We're some mutual of omaha exhibit behind the glass. It's rural voters they can't get to xerox machine is agreeing to voter. Id one of those compromises that you support. I don't think that we should underestimate what that could mean. Because in some people's mind that means well you're gonna have to xerox. Are photocopy your id to send it in to prove you are who you are well. There are a whole lot of people especially people who live in rural communities. Who don't there's no kinko's. There's no officemax them in here. What you sound strange contraption living room machine is making all these claims noises. Look i don't know but paper coming out of the images all over the why do now. But i think this is possessed devil. Dang we better killing. We just read my mind. Get your gun. So i you got the rural hillbillies what can't get into town and get one of them xerox machines at one nam. Fancy kinko's there's safar out there. They might not know. The photocopy has come about harbor. Is we got any photo. Copies in town. Says he owned a document. What the mailman brought at the pony express. They said there's a photo copy. What's needed is you ever heard of such a thing. That's your rural hillbillies lacking a kinko's the in the hood. You'll you're in a food desert. You can't find a grocery store but out up in the woods. There's no kinko's well. Let's check in on our blacks and hispanics. What need that that vaccine will. Will they be able to find. The walgreens will they. Will there be a walgreens desert in their community. If they do find a walgreens will they be able to figure out how to get into line. Well let's see a lot of people. Don't know how to register not everybody in the community and the hispanic and the african american community particularly in rural areas that are distant and or inner city districts. Know how to use know how to get online to determine how to get in line for that cova vaccination at at the walgreens at the particular store maybe maybe we could get him one in one in computers and we could put it in the community center. Watch thank and we could hire some librarians. His nobody checks out books anymore and they could stand there and they could say ob. Loss aimed glass. Oh espanol let. I'm from right here. Mounts trying to get a vaccine. Oh you are speaking the english a particular vernacular to your community as i ascertain correct. Let i'm just trying to get back sane. Man as chinese china gets back. Let me show you how to fire up this computer. This machine has incredible capabilities and all great cities in between the michael berry. Show is nationwide. Doc to put melons back address medication he saved. My children's was getting on my nerves. Too bay i got nineteen. Immuno worked me out. I wrote a perma bottom three. Every morning i wanted to sleep late. But i be awakened by the sound of gunfire of personality out of jerry springer show up in their holland children's claim. I don't have enough to late in the house. And they say out of sterile and bread and eggs and mia my sister's supposed to come over the hit midwives to close but i think she didn't allows her mind and insensitive one motown them elected sacks put on her at good but she just talking one by one matute. Come up to me. Accent stupid question. Who's my daddy. Wear my jewelry where my people give me a call kind of noise and i'm stuck in listening to live a taboo mattaya arou- i got some cute and they need to be slapped in the mouth. Ooh baby did dragged the would dow your vice president toes you. The border is secure but wouldn't go there. She tells you that rural hillbillies can't get to a town and kinko's to photocopy an id. The president tells you that black folk or too stupid as or hispanics to find a computer and sign up for the vaccine and certainly it would be overwhelming for them to get to the walgreens to get in line to get this jab that they just must have but then again. This is the old drooling white man who told black people that if they didn't vote for him they're not even black deer a problem figuring out whether you're for mayor trump and you ain't black. I'm embarrassed for anybody. Black at voted for joe biden after that. But he's had a pattern of two thousand twelve. Barack obama running. For re-election joe biden goes off script again and tells people as if they were once slaves themselves that mitt romney's going to put them back in chains. Romney wants to let he said the first hundred days he's gonna let the big banks once again. Write their own rules. Unchain wall street for your back in chains about that. This is the guy in two thousand eight when running against barack obama who was trying to give him a backhanded compliment to sit all. Manny's american dream man. He's he's clean. I just sorta american. Who is articulate and bright. Clean vice looking guy. He's clean seriously. He don't state much. He conjugates his beaver jobs. I mean you could about take him around and this is a story book. He's the first one of them's mainstream anne. When he walks in you know. You don't think you're still better have my wallet or lock my door. I mean he played that again. This is this is a compliment. I sorta taste american. Who is articulate. Bright voice looking bang. You got the first one. The first one of them who's articulate. Just so you know you will never hear a white person referred to another. White person as articulate articulate the term that white people use for black people who talk like urkel. That's what that that's code his. this is a for. He says this is the first one who's mainstream interesting. They've been a few black folks who run for president before two thousand eight was shirley chisolm not mainstream. Was she not articulate. Was she not clean. This should not have soap and water. Seat media matters will make me sound like a racist and that's okay. They're good at what they do. They twist and cavort and then it makes a good story fox twenty-six run nausea. And and i guess a couple of people watch set but you know nobody's pointing out what's actually being done. George w bush was not a man exactly known for bone lots. But i tell you that guy delivered a speech and i. I learned from a friend of mine. Who was his father's speech writer. Who wrote this particular speech. And i can't remember who it was but it was one of the most profound lines in modern american history. He referred to the soft bigotry of low expectations. And you see that everywhere see everywhere. I saw democrats the other day talking about the fact that it is unfair to hold our schools and especially are hard working teachers accountable for the poor performance of children. Who were locked at home during the pandemic over the last year. It's just unfair. It's unfair to those kids okay. Launched them out into the world. And when they're given i q test or some sort of performance test reading comprehension in order to get a job as an analyst at a bank and they can't read quite as well as the next kid and they're not hired and the next kids white and their black well the next phase you screen racism. Why do we have performance disparities. Why do we have literacy disparities. Why don't we attack the reason for the disparities. Instead of attacking the fact that people higher on performance instead of saying though that dadgum. Tom brady he wins every time he must be cheating. Why don't we instead say. Why isn't anyone else doing what he's doing. Why don't you rise to that level. Why don't we look at the core reasons the death of the family. Why don't we look at the core. Reasons inability to perform in the workplace because of a lack of skills coming out of high schools gang violence in the neighborhood welfare. Moms that don't work. Why don't we stop saying that's racist and look at our indian and other asian immigrants who come here and say how can they as non whites many of them learning english as a second language not the indians but chinese. Why are they so successful. Why don't we say. Hey guys won't you look at what they're doing and inst- if we can't yeah.

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