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Learning More About Open Education E499


Hey. It's Pretty Goldbach. It's a topcoat audio clip episodes poor ninety nine in the background. You're listening to an open education forum. That's meeting in Australia and around the world. It started at six am local time in Ireland's. And currently I'm listening to voices explaining the concept of textbook broke. In a how much it costs to. Pay People like Oh these booksellers for essential textbooks. Here's your kids need for skills. So becomes an issue of social justice. Because kids parents can't afford the new workbooks or copybooks or other assets they. They don't get access to learning materials required to actually participate fully as students. The reason. I'm making this clip with voice. Running in the background is because. It offers shows an example of online. Dynamic education the kind of education that might be missing in some students lives at the moment, but it's very sophisticated in its treatment. There are. I think at least thirteen participants. Thirteen authors of different technical papers that had been peer reviewed some in publishing in hardcover publications. Summer just manuscripts that have been reviewed by peers. So to talk in this. Hour's long resume call. You've had to have some form of paper that's been submitted in in view curated and put into an agenda. It's a very dynamic. Interaction that I'm enjoying. Its HASHTAG is like open educational resource though we are only. It's something. I learned about this online. Zuma that is something I've learned about because they follow those hashtags about open education on the Internet Catherine Cronin. Who is? Collectors at the Nationally Nationally University of Galway, you go away. And in National University of Ireland Galway and you might go way. She's a lecturer there on she. She's quite a. contested. Funds and information concerning how to do things better in education. Paul if you're listening to. The stuff that she showcases. Are. Elements of advanced practice for primary school or Secondary School, teacher. It's just really hard to come on board. One of these kinds of online education seminars without having a really strong background in how the technology's work goes so far in space of twenty minutes. I've been exposed to serve as to have been asked by presenters to mark up there. Imitate with check boxes or with colors, different words that are on their slides, and to interact with voice, and we're only twenty five minutes into this session air into this entire event, so Israeli dynamic it does show that it's possible to engage deeply based on the written word I people have ridden and research things been reviewed by peers, and now they're talking about distillation of their subject material. It's really high quality, online, education, and something I'm hoping to be able to integrate it in my own practice in the semester ahead. because. We're going to be more online than physically presence in classrooms. Bernie. More information about who I am what I do. Following the handle top gold on all good social networks. By US Old. Days. About the. Maybe False Mirror.

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