Its Good To Be A Pens Fan


All right Air Check sound check mic check. Come correct air checks. Sound Checks Bob Bob. Bye-bye bath Elliot before we do anything on podcast. Today our thoughts and all of our attentions still very much with Jabot Miester of the Saint Louis Blues his friends and his family the outpouring last night indicated what type of individual J BOHM. Easter is. And how much support and love he has around the NHL and the entire hockey community information as we know is scarce. But I know you had a couple of thoughts on what we saw Tuesday night in Anaheim. Saint Louis Game. Everybody obviously was rattled. The players were shocked The people watching and the press box were shocked. Fans were shocked. Other teams were shocked. First of all a guy from a media point of view who I think deserves a lot of credit is Darren Pang. Yes if you were watching the Saint Louis Broadcast. He goes to the area beside the dressing room. Where I guess they do their walk off interviews and they throw him Bernie Federico in the studio area would it? Would you know at this point? This is the official statement from the National Hockey League due to the medical emergency involving a blues. Defense Jay-paul Miester. Tonight's game has been postponed and it will be made up at a later date. So that's official from the national hockey from the Saint Louis Blues I think Bob Murray and his staff to serve a lot of credit for up quickly. They were on the phone. Obviously with With Commissioner Gary Bettman with Colin Campbell and Doug Armstrong also on that phone. Call to make sure that this is done the right way. And there's plenty of concern From Bob Murray the general manager of the Anaheim ducks and their coaches. Well so there is no way that this game was going to go on The you can totally understand why and Darren is nearly crying. You know. He took a saggy started talking and he took a second compose himself and his viewer. You're sitting there and you're saying will boys. Is HE GONNA be able to hold it together and he did and he was fantastic is everybody would think because Darren is a fantastic broadcaster. And then I'm watching the Edmonton game. Edmonton Chicago is gene. Principe updates the audience to what happened and you can tell. The gene is unsure and doesn't know what to say so imagine that whole feeling going around the sport and I've seen a lot of tweets about it. I put at the top of the blog. A can't be said enough. About how good these staffs are the Anaheim. Trainers the Saint Louis trainers the Anaheim. Emt's the Anaheim doctors at handling this. Now you know when you go back to yeary Fisher. The League I think was obviously shaken by that and said we have to make sure our protocols are good and you take a look at unfortunately. How often this has happened in the past few years? There's Yeary Fisher. There's rich There's Craig Cunningham there's Tyson tynan other goaltender from the Antero Hockey League. I think one of the things people are gonNA start wondering is. Is there a reason that this has happened so often? But the response time the team work. It's incredible someone was saying to me last night. The governor of H. L. team. He said that the thing that made him feel best about it. Is that if this happens to you now at a hockey rink. Nhl Game or we've seen now eight and oh l. The protocols that have been put in place give you a chance. And I think that's a fantastic legacy and one of the things that's happened is and this happened after the Fisher incident is that the league said. The doctors have to have a clear path. The bench they cannot be in a position where you know they have to take an elevator. Or there's a door locked and I think that's such a huge huge part of it and all the Best Djabel Miester You know I hope. He's well all the best to was dad. Who was on the DADS trip and I hope the family as well but you know I. I think it's just an incredible thing that the various medical people involved in all of this have learned the proper protocols in the proper teamwork to make sure that someone who's in distress gets incredible care and I think that's that's impressive. We half of all of us here. Wishing J Bohm Easter a very speedy recovery and before begin Many of you listening to the podcast probably play hawk. Your spend a lot of time at rinks. whichever rank you go to if it's a new rink make sure you find out where exactly the paddles are. You never know. Three thoughts. Podcast brought to you by. Gmc Sierra locks. Don't like coming up on February. Twenty four th with Jim. Rutherford wasting no time acquiring Jason Succor from the Minnesota Wild for Alex Scalps Kenya. Young Defensive Prospecting Kaelin Addison and a conditional first round pick really fit with Crosby and playing with them as we'll see we'll find out but he can skate. He can make plays we see only points. He has Good pickup I think also at the same time for the penguins although they did give up quite a bit. This draft year is Super Deep Twentieth. So you know that first round pick could mean a lot in the future. But I guess Jim Rutherford goes. You know we're good We wanted sucker for a while and they went Elliott to the best of your knowledge. How many times has Jason Sucker been traded and you know what I mean? There's at least two previous ones that we know was of course. Pittsburgh in the Phil. Kessel deal at one was Calgary last year at the deadline. that was a first rounder. And Michael for leak I believe and now finally it's done and You know obviously he's excited. I mean do you remember this? This is something you'll remember in the eighties. Charlie Simmer was put on waivers and he got claimed by the Pittsburgh Penguins and he got to play with Merrill lemieux and the Hockey News had an editorial cartoon. Where like there's another plane? He was on the king's beforehand. And there's another player who's like crying and someone offscreen is telling them. Don't worry we'll put you on waivers too so you can play with your similar wins. The lottery must feel like he won the lottery. You know I think that guy obviously love being a member of the Minnesota Wild is families. There you know he he won. Big Charitable Wards. Aaron sick men who is the media relations Guru for the wild made sure to thank Zuqar publicly for everything he'd done in the community and you know now you go and you line up with Sidney crosby. I mean it's a huge thing for them. No question about it and I spoke to her last year at the at the allstate not the All Star game but the NHL Awards Vegas and you could tell he was tired. Sure you know. He was really tired of rumors and he wanted to go away. And even though on July first partial no-trade kicked in. I think he knew that this wasn't ending and I think that there's a person there who recognizes that. He's glad it's all over. He's going to be somewhere and he's glad to be there so the deal goes down a couple of days ago and I get a text from a buddy of mine and it just reads like this man. That must be fun to be a Pittsburgh Penguins Fan. We've talked about this before Elliott right. Now you're Pittsburgh Penguins Fan. You Have Sidney. Crosby have any Malkin your mother for recognizes that every year. He says we're going for it. Were turning her. Amateur Scouts into the Maytag Repairman. Don't really need you on the Friday night. Guys take the night off. Have a Nice supper. We'll see on Saturday around two through seven. Alex called Kenya Killing Addison. Any first round draft pick go back to the Minnesota wild your thoughts on the entire deal. Well I don't think it's a huge price for Pittsburgh to pay but I think it's a good price for Minnesota to get if you kind of understand what I'm talking about here like if you're Minnesota you don't have a prospect like Addison Group. They're one of the oldest teams in the NHL. They've got a lot of thirty year old guys in. Addison has a chance to be an impact player on the power play. Especially yes you know. Garin said he's not going to Russia. He'll go to the H. L. he'll get some seasoning. They're good place to learn and get ready and play will determine how long it takes and a first rounder is a lottery Chit yes. It's a a late pick for Pittsburgh but if you're Minnesota you need these lottery tickets now I have a friend. Who's a big orders fan? And and he was saying to me like why don't the oilers have the same attitude like they should be going for it with mcdavid and dry seidel every year and I do think they're gonna get to a place where they start to think about it that way but I don't look at Pittsburgh and Edmonton Insa- I the Pittsburgh Ozzy Ready to win? I don't think Edmonton's ready to win yet. I think they're getting better. I think they're starting to put their group together but I don't look at them as I'm gambling with my first rounder. Don't even know they're going to make the playoffs yet. I'm not gambling with my first rounders like Edmonton like Pittsburgh does AF- on the oilers. But I totally understand why the Pittsburgh Penguins do business the way they do. It does have to be fun to be a penguins fan right now like you know you know the bill is coming but the party still going. No-one saying last call. The lights are getting turned down at all. You know the bill is coming at some point. But we're still years away from it. And Rutherford just keeps going for it and draft picks be damned and prospects be damned like one day. Pittsburgh's going to be a really bad hockey team. Then we can all see that coming somewhere down the road and then they'll win the lottery another generation of cross. Whomever that kid right now. Is You know probably nine years old up on Sunday evening. The ranch is again the pain but you know the thing is too is that I remember last year. When Pittsburgh was going around this people were talking to them. Addison like someone predicted to me. I forgot this until now a year and a half ago that Addison would be. Addison was going to be gone for whoever they decided they were gonNA need and the next one. And you know these players better than I do. The next one's GONNA be pooling. Mueller one like Pittsburgh going to keep him or his next year is he. The guy that gets traded for them to try and win another COP. So what you're saying is if you're a young athlete right now and you get selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins go up on the stage. Don't put on the Jersey sheep the Jersey as a souvenir because you might not need it later. is this. Bill Guarantees Way of waving the flag. No I don't think so number one someone point out to me. Moving soccer opens up a spot for Capris off who they believe is next year. Also you know you heard his quote. I think Sarah McLaughlin was the one who wrote it about. Oh absolutely I can promise you this. If there is quit there will be more trades. I wholeheartedly expect this team to compete for a playoff spot. Right and if there's any signs of anybody taking their foot off the gas that will be an an indication solemn against Vegas the other night they didn't quiz and I do think they're younger players in Minnesota. Who felt whether intentional or not? They were blocked by some of those veterans. And that's a message to Lukanen to Jordan Greenway to Ryan Denardo. Who'd been a healthy scratch and saying okay? No more excuses he's gone. There's a spot here for now until the end of the season and they're still playing meaningful games like I look at the West. The they're starting to be some separation there like like Nash. For the week it goes in the play offs and I know they've got games in hand but they are terrible week. Is We recorded this on Wednesday afternoon. The two teams are out of the playoffs. I could see making it our winnipeg in Minnesota. 'cause I just believe that and I think the math isn't with Minnesota but they're playing hard so he's saying to those guys like look at Kevin Fiala in Minnesota Cambridge Toronto earlier this year Kevin Fiala was a healthy scratch. He could have been gone at any time. I think the best thing that Garin has done this year so far show patients. He could have made a lot of moves. He didn't and now Fiallos on a tear in his last five games so I think what he's saying to the canons. The greenway as the does is. This guy was on his Kieser. He was walking in his suit. Look what he's doing about it. What are you GONNA do? Do you put Joel. Eriksson Eck in that category as well probably would I just didn't hear his name specifically guy was asking around like who who benefits and I didn't hear Erickson the next name so you know I could be wrong on that. I missed it. I just didn't hear it specifically. Do we read anything into the FACT THAT BILL. Garin win to his old team for the big deal. I did ask him about that. Because I spoke to ca I remember Kevin Lowe one of his first drafts? You know there was something going on with the Rangers. I honestly don't remember if this particular deal he made or not but we talked about it later like years later we talked about it like the whole thing about Glenn say there goes to New York Edmonton and now you gotta make deals with them And what that was like and he I know he's your mentor. But he's also a wolf in sheep's clothing. You know are you. Do you want to do that? And I ask Aaron about that. And he said if there's anybody I think is going to treat me fairly. It's GonNa be Jim Rutherford. Because that's his whole mentality and philosophy. See Bill Garin as we all know is a new general manager. So everything he does. We're going to try to read way too much into it as we try to get a sense of where this general manager is with this team and we know there's a couple of players you. Menchaca pries off a couple of players on the horizon for this squad Addison's a a longer term projects. But do you get a sense of what Garin wants to do with this team and can the Sucker deal wink in any direction because the obvious one is. Why do you let go of this guy? He's one of their better players. He's still has term. Their backs aren't up against the wall. To do anything. Why I just think it's because they had to open up space. Think the Minnesota has to get younger. You know I remember two years ago when they were in the plaza wind up paying. They lost that series in the first round. We were putting up boards of all the guys who are over thirty and then last year. Your I still saw that same board. And the added Carello and they added a girl and then this year. I saw that same board in this league. You can't have that anymore. He could do more like the focus here is because I do think. Toronto's interested in him and Addison's our HR defenseman is good on the power. Play right those always helped to right. It's a good reason like the focus is on like because I think Toronto's interested or I know I'm pretty sure I know trials interested like I heard these got a lot for Brodine and he wouldn't talk about those guys or by a here. There's a lot of interest in Brodine. Deans one of those guys doesn't say a lot. And you can play for fifteen years. Because he's in good shape and he's just a really solid player you know. First of all would guarantee taught everybody is. He's patient he's not he's not out here who me new. Gm and E- You I'm treating you like. He's he's not that Guy. He's willing to be patient. He's made it clear unless it's like a top center or a good senator plus don't even come at them with Dombi Breen like again. He wouldn't talk about these guys. I heard there's a few teams Felino too but some guys have told me they don't get the sense. Fully you know is going anywhere if a sense of what can happen with Mikko. Koivu as you're sort of run down the future of the Minnesota wild through there are some indications and some whispers that this might be it Boudreau Told me this year when I asked him that. Sacrifice lately was thirty. Nine thinks Miko wants to play until he's thirty nine the alternate did you see the other night. Meco KOIVU HAS TO DEAL WITH RYAN. Riess all game and those players in Minnesota. They started getting really mad. It says to me that Koivu wants to play. I heard you want to play. Boudreau kind of hinted I bet you. That's an after the season discussion. Have you watched? Koivu play much this year as much as I've watched Minnesota which is less than most teams but at the same to soda. I'm biased because I like me go. I'm looking at him with I'm looking at him with is that I want him to do well but he's a step slower. He's not that same McCoy voice to include in the selke trophy conversation every year. I want him to be better than he actually is. So my eyes are very biased. When I watch Mika Cueva because I like the player alive the see. I wonder if it comes down to. They're looking for center. Helped they get it. While the greatest player in franchise history. When you think Minnesota are you gathering averick okay? I'm with you. I think he's the best player they ever had. And I would say suitors on that list and Coy on that list but when you take a look at his status in the city he's the most important guy right So you treat him properly and you sit down together and you figured out like you know who's going through this right now is. Is the Rangers with Lundquist? You know everybody's talking about what Lundquist was going to do. I think this year I think the rangers most likely punt it. They sit down. You know if anyone calls them about Lundquist they take it to Henrik and say are you interested. I think that's kind of what happens. If it does occur but I think at the end of the season they sit down. They have a conversation about how they WANNA handle this. I'm not convinced they they really WanNa Trade Jordan of your give their socks blown off. Let's do rangers and you got there. a couple of things here and we'll get to Chris Kreider and a couple of seconds. I'm with you on this idea that the rangers kicked this one into the summer and sort of kick the in the summer and go to Henrik Lundqvist and say okay. You're holding the hot hand. What do you WanNa do you tell us a really? We can all see where this thing is headed with the New York Rangers. And and I understand that. It's only been a handful of games of man. The audit so far is overwhelming with eager shift organ and his performance. Now I always come shy of saying I don't know anything about a goaltender until I see him for a hundred games and I see that about your give and I should say that about this Jerkin but I don't 'cause I can't remember a goaltender coming in like this and having this type of impact on his team where every time he starts. It's a story. Like going into the game against Winnipeg was on Tuesday. That's the return of Jacob Trooper to Winnipeg and you could actually make an outside of the Winnipeg market. You could make the argument. The bigger story was we get the C. Just York and again the goalie phenomenon. We know this is going. How can you put that in Lundquist Lap? And say what do you WANNA do? Because what if he says? I want to play what I would do is if if I was the GM of the Rangers. And I had this problem at the end of next year I would say Henrik. Is there anywhere you WANNA go? Let's let's say you're Jeff Gordon Henrik Lundqvist. Okay Henry. We have these two young goalies. I'm throwing myself at your mercy. You're one of the greatest rangers ever. You'RE GONNA have a job with organization when you retire for as long as you want and your numbers going up in the rafters but we need some help here right now. How can we make this work? Is there anywhere you'd WanNa play. I only wanted to play in New York. My heart is year. I've played here my whole career. I've been through this rebuild. I don't WanNa go anywhere and I WANNA play okay. I understand that. I can't make this any more clearer. More honest I hope you understand the way. I'm trying to tell you this. We need an alternative by. This is what we're going to do. You're going to go away for a month. Take some time take a month. Think about it. We can communicate through agents. We can communicate yourself. Whatever you're more comfortable with but we need another solution I promise you. Nothing's getting leaked. What answers the same in a month? Let's talk about it in a month. If it was me. I give you my standard. We could all be hit by buses and a month line but I would say you know Henrik. Let's let's see how you feel like I. I think everybody understands everybody's position here. Okay I can understand. Hendrick lundquist saying no I want. I WANNA fulfill this contract. I feel like I can still play. I love it here. I define myself as a New York. Rangers goaltender I WanNa go anywhere so you WANNA go. You WanNA fast forward to a month. Okay fast forward okay. So it's a month same as last month short. You know what I would say is this I. I'd say okay then I'm going to give you our position in K. As far as I see it we have several different options and I haven't counted them in advance. Everyone saw his number one. We come back next year with all three goals. We could do that. We don't really want to do that. I just don't like this where someone doesn't get full practices in. Someone doesn't dress. It's not what we want number two. We are going to continue to have your you have on the market. We want to see what his marketplace is. And maybe we get something. That convinces us to change our minds. Let's step away from this conversation really quickly because I think that in the Rangers Mind Their Batteries. Yagi of interest. Jerkin maybe but and if you keep the three and you're gonNA keep your keep him on the market and all of a sudden you're gonNA lose two goaltenders because Henry skinner run out of contract and you're GONNA be gone right gone from three to one like that but I I get all that like I I I understand all that Jeff but I think you at least consider like the rings have already done at once. They've listened on Gore gave on at once so they could still do it again and you never know who could think. They're losing a seat at the goaltender table or they lose in the play offs or something happens and they just decide. This guy's got to be our guy so that's number two and number three. Henrik like we might have to buy out after everything done for this organization. I would say look. This is the way we're going to do this. We're going to say it's our decision you wanted to play. We are going to hammer ourselves on the way out. Just like we wrote that great ladder about why we're doing the rebuilding the tear down. We're GONNA send out a letter and we're going to say this is our decision. We WanNA keep these two young goalies very painful. We don't want to do it. We understand that you're mad. We hope in the future. You'll understand the way we see it and you're still always going to have a job here but we have to do. This is how you want to end our relationship after I had the nerve to take you to the Stanley Cup and I had the nerve to sit through a rebuilt while you traded all my friends you remember the tears I had in my eyes when you move mats Zuccarello to Dallas member high on the brave face remember high wind in their remember how I was the best goaltender of the decade. This is how you want to break up. Yeah it sucks I would say to you and I would say I will take anybody who kicks the crap out of US publicly. I'm going to eat it. I wish I didn't have to do it this way. But it's a possibility but if you WANNA retire or suddenly develop a nagging hip injury and you go on L. TR which. I can't say for the record because I get fined. If you're willing to work with us to find a solution will find a solution Henry. Gay couldn't help but notice the last time he took off your protector. You had a rash on your chest. They're not sure what that was. All about you might WANNA get. That checked out would hate to see that. Develop into a hold on one second. Here's the here. So Henrik. Next year is under contract for eight point. Five million dollar cap it. It's a five point five million dollar contract and if you WANNA go on. We can do that if you're willing to retire will sign you to a ten year ambassador. Deal at five hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year. Can you imagine you having a Gel? Here's me says your cup. Of course you can gambling here. Of course you could say you get a ten year deal to be Andrew embassador five hundred and fifty thousand dollars a season. I think everybody knows what the score is Rangers fans you. I think the Rangers Mc Lundquist does as well which is what makes this. Perhaps the most interesting story of the summer. All I really hate you already jeff because I know these people are going to tweet at me. Like you're a heartless jerk off. Look at what you made me do. Okay I think I think at the end of the day of you. Explain it right and say we're GONNA take all the blame for this and we're going to sort this out you're gonNA find a way. Yeah I I just believe it. I think all you have to do is you you have to approach improperly and you have to say that. Henry everybody's going to understand that this is our decision. Were making you do this and we just need help here tell you something to. Kreider said at the All Star game that lunch is still as competitive as ever. Of course we didn't get that sense in Chicago when we talk to them way. I wonder if I mean if you're GONNA have a conversation of that nature. Why do you wait to the summer like? Shouldn't there be some indication to the big. I'm always concerned about giving someone a chance to say goodbye. One of the things that have always hated about our industries. We never give people a chance to say goodbye. Broadcaster's radio more so than television radio has always been the main corporate is one day you're vanish Yup and your names off the promos and you're not spoken of again very seldom. Does anyone a chance to sign off so write their own. Goodbye I think was someone like Lundquist. Don't you need to give them a chance to say goodbye? One last time on the garden. So maybe you don't punt that conversation into the summer. Maybe have that conversation now and you wink wink. So people to indicate that this is Henrik Lundqvist last handful of games like you wrote about the citizens and how originally you know what? I'd like the fact that you know it's not ending in Vancouver then with greater perspective. You know what that shows an appreciation. What type of appreciation those players had around the league now. I'm not saying this needs to be at any pot. Fan Farewell Tour where every rank you went any got presence and flowers and it became an entire tour throughout the entire season. But something no. If that's the way you're going to go with So maybe off season. If you're gonNA break up with me just do it now Elliott. Just do it now. What's the line? Welcome to dump spill population. You all right more on. The Rangers have mentioned Kreider. What's going on there too big goals? Big Jesuit good a tough one for the jets. Put it this way I think right now. It's more than they want to pay for. Kreider cowboys. Cowboys are term wise I would probably cap wise so I think that you know they have to wait to see if anything changes but they're definitely calling out there to find out what the market is. It's like they're doing both at the same time. I think that happens a lot. You have Way The skating more likely trade. But I don't know that for sure is one of the to a head fake and we're going the other way I I would say more likely trade but I'm not sure they would want to put a number on it. You know there was a lot. We just mentioned the Rangers play in the Winnipeg jets on Tuesday night. There was a lot of people. Thought that There was a head fake coming from the coach and that he was saying. All the right things about Winnipeg and then at the end of it a team like Seattle had their first coach. Pommery signs the extension. Well I do think he was on Seattle's Raider I said it like. I do think that if he had been available that he was going to be a good contender to be the first coach of the future cracking Why do you do this but as I got to tell you? It took longer than I thought why like. I always wonder about hold up. I think there was a little bit of a battle. There you know it was. I was talking about this with Someone yesterday about negotiations and how personal they can get and things like that and someone said to me. I know you took your negotiation very personally and I said yeah I I I did but I don't know too many negotiations. That aren't personal. Like how many negotiations are there? Really I think the jets wanted them but I think that there were some some things that he battled them over. I don't know specifics but I heard it was a challenge in the best negotiation probably comes when both sides sit there and say. I didn't get everything I wanted right so I I think there was a little bit of that. And it's been said before to the only real leverage you have in negotiation is if you have the ability to walk away and it sounds like Paul Maurice was going to walk away and let his contract expire. You had leverage does there would have been interest and probably not just from Seattle. Like I'll tell you this is a good conversation that we're about to have here. At least I like to think it is. Sometimes I'll go into like a market and travel and I do miss traveling. I don't get to go on the road enough. I I love to go like you know what I really think Jeff. I would have thought about it. We're doing this pod before the city in retirement ceremony. It's going to be released after. I think we should have been there. The only person I blame myself for not fighting for an earlier no that that should have been a night where we were on site in Vancouver and somebody made a a fair point to me said where it. While you weren't in Calgary when again lescot retired and my response to that is that was on a Saturday night. I think Saturday nights are different. Saturday night is the studio control night on the Wednesday. Our opening game was Montreal Boston. We should have hosted everything from Vancouver but anyway I miss being in the markets because I like getting a pulse of what the market feels. And you know I'm a Maurice Guy of talked out my real lot this year Imerese true. There is a right in the blog today and this person came up to me when I was there and he said you know I disagree with you. On Murray's he says a lot of us is my group in Winnipeg. We disagree on Maurice. Too and we had a really good conversation about it and I think when you're in the city or your in the market or your really a big fan of the team you see the warts or the beauty to a much greater degree than we do outside. I cannot be connected to the jets like your average Winnipeg or Manitoba N- or jets fan. Is I just don't have the time to devote to the team that that fan does and I recognize that and I think there's a lot of fans there who look at it and say you know we're not that good. Were battling for the playoffs. The team isn't that good and Marie doesn't coach a great system to me. The most important thing a coach does is they. Can they get guys to play for them? This is a younger league than ever. The players have more power than they've ever had like. We never thought Mike Babcock was going to go out the way he went out but it happened because the players have the power. Okay I look at that team. This year they show up to camp cal. Connor still not sign. Patrick Line is still not signed. Dustin Buffalo in announces. He's not playing the day before. Like your team is ravaged. It would have been so easy to be negative. It's a disaster. We should be Stanley Cup. Contender we're going to suck this year. I think with a coach. Diet what he did in that moment is Hey. I'm not putting up with all this negative BS. Were GonNA find a way to make this work? Players deserve the most credit heloc number one. The other guys on down rank them how you WanNa but what. The coach does is set the tone if the coach is negative. The players are negative coaches panicky. The players are panicky. He said we are setting the right tone. And those guys bought in and to me this year in Winnipeg with everything that went on that is an extension worthy performance. And I disagree and I won't hear an argument from anyone against it. He's the one thing that impressed me Abo- Palmer's in Winnipeg and this year is exemplary and they make the playoffs. This is going to put Paul Maurice in the conversation for coach of the year. We all know that for the longest time. What did we say about Winnipeg? Here's their undoing. They can't get to save and they can't stay out of the box can't get to save. Can't stay out of the box and it's the most undisciplined team in the NHL. All the good that they do they undo right away because it's not a disciplined team. Now the coach can do one of two things he can yell and scream with the team about it or you can do something to remember what he did brought in referees training yes of course he brought in referees. A training camp said. I'm going to show you what camp. What's the penalty and what's not a penalty and here's what we're making mistakes. You don't think those guys appreciated that is sort is getting screamed at and broken sticks and big show in front of the median throwing twigs up into the stands enough of these bad penalties call brings in referees goodwill that is it's different yes attention. I it's like we're trying something different here. I think that works with the players. It's a great point. Jeff you've made on the podcast and it will be my last since Darn L. Nurse and his new two year contract extension. We said that the Darnell nurse contract would be an audit on how can Holland is going to handle this oilers team. Your thoughts on the nurse deal. This was going to be a longer term deal if they could a worked it out. You know there's some people wondering okay you walk them right to free agency. Who Does that? I think you only do that. If you're really confident the player wants to be there or you don't want the player after two years and you'd think some young defensemen will graduate to that spot of engine. I don't I don't believe they think that necessarily about nurse I so. The athletic agents Thing this week and one of the things they talked about was the improving opinion of Edmonton that usually Edmonton was a team that everybody refused to go to but all of a sudden now because of dry seidel and mcdavid people are more willing to go there. I think to some degree. That's true but I generally believe it still harder than most other places. Darnell nurse wants to be an oiler. He wants to be no other. He's tight with mcdavid. They have a great relationship. E- watch him play like you can't fake that kind of enthusiasm you know with all the young players. You're hoping that you have something good with Darnell nurse you know that you have something good and maybe in two years if everybody gets hit by buses and you want to change it you can but i. I think that everybody goes into this with the best of intentions. If he wanted to be there he could go to arbitration and let the arbitrator sort this out and then two years ago and two years gone We do have the hustle a little bit here. Connor mcdavid and the quad issue two to three weeks Jones. The way Colin approaches dead wine like we talked at the beginning. I think he's still sees. There's a long-term playwright and hey you know like that team sent him a message. They won I know. The blackhawks aren't exactly world leaders. And not the two thousand fifteen blackhawks anymore but they won and You Know Yamamoto continues to play. Well Dry Seidel. I'll tell you this one of the more interesting things is what drives sidled deserves to be a hard archer. He'd looked like it on Tuesday. My God like all you want right is like him to say all right hop on the Leon Boat. Everyone the aircraft carriers plan out and he did you know that people are like there's a conspiracy here. It's what this says to me. Is You look at everything. The injury last summer the way. It was treated the documentary. What we know now. Connor mcdavid people are in charge of his medical. And that's why he went home if there's anything that they're not sure about. Its that Mark Lindsay Gary Roberts Group? They're taking over and I think the others are just going to have to live with that is Edmonton final boat. That can Holland was going to pick that fight. You're not going to pick that fight but for a lot of other players there would be. We've seen this before with teams. No these are our guys now. My new we've seen some teams false start players before and their staff gets dismissed over it. And I'm with you. If it's a player like Connor mcdavid we know there is no such thing as equality. Some people are more equal than others. Exactly animal farm by the way. That is my favorite all-time book. Animal Farm is and and when I was in grade seven or eight and I saw the movie like the original movie that stuck with me forever I always think about. I think the end of the movie. The pigs walking on two legs that has always studying may confederacy of dunces. John Kennedy toole. Everybody's got posthumously. One appeals we're talking Henrik and Daniel. The city's next on three one thoughts the podcast The is ready to do this. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and girls hockey fans around the world. We welcome you to this historic events historic because in a short while we're going to raise two banners as one from that first training camp in Stockholm in two thousand two that emotional farewell home game a couple of aprils ago. And Trust me. I will go to my grave kicking myself for not realizing that the winning goal was scored at twenty to thirty three of the third period. But through all those years it's been my distinct honor privileged to have been a part of chronicalling every step of Daniel Hendrickson journey with your bank. Oover canucks own front of all of our is. We've seen boys become men. Men Become leaders and leaders become legends and its greatest. They were on the ice with their creativity their innovation. They're courageous west to play the game. They're away Daniel and Henrik are even better people off the ice and that to me speaks volumes. Okay Elliott as we record this pipe. It is twenty two four eastern. And we've got a couple of games to do tonight for Scotiabank Wednesday night hockey. We have the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadians. That should be good And a little bit later on our late game ten thirty eastern the puck drops between the Vancouver canucks and the Chicago Blackhawks. Before that twenty two and thirty three go to the rafters when I say sedans when I say Henrik and Daniel or maybe even when I just say the twins what are you. There's a few stories Christine Simpson. I totally forgot about the Promo. We did with the twins so she put it out on twitter and I re tweeted it and I think there were two I tape that day one was with Christina and the twins and the others with Tyler Sagan and the reason that I remember the Sagan one more is because I had to arm wrestle with him and he actually pretended for a couple of minutes I was holding him to at least a draw so I kind of remember that one better. Oh I remember that doughty growing beards. I forgot about all those ordered. I totally forgot about all those two. Okay so I kept the jackets that they wore. They wore to blue jackets. Wanted Twenty two one of thirty three on them ninety Dany One and then one day it was gone. I think I have that too. I'm pretty sure I have the one if I have it I'll give it to you. Done the twenty to thirty three I had and in their last year and I think you know why one point in time the candidate Toronto. Before they announced they were retiring. And I have never asked an athlete for an autograph for anyone I covered for an autograph never. I don't believe it's right and I never have never as a professional or as a kid you never asked knows a kid. Okay I have some all right but as a professional like I've seen people do it and I don't. I don't pass judgement on that. I think everybody can make their own rules. I just don't believe it's it's right for me. So when they came to trial and the head announced yet I debated bringing those down and asking the connects to have them do it for me. 'cause I just always liked the way they carry themselves. I always tried to be an illicit people. Listen to this. And they're going to be like you're a complete idiot like I always tried to be like understated and let my work speak for itself and I know I've failed miserably on both counts but I like the way they carry themselves. I remembered when they lost. And how painful that loss was and how they stood in the room. They answered every question and like they put up with abuse Physical on the ice. I thought coming out this week and telling pederson. That's the way he's just going to have to live with that. You have to get used to it. I thought it was really it was them and it was great advice. But I didn't do it like Jeff. I just didn't think it was the right thing to do like you don't ask people for autographs. But that's the closest I ever tame to doing. It was them on the ice. What do you think of for me? It was these two guys playing in an era where the game is north south. They were the guys going East West. Well I think that that's one thing I remember the first time I ever saw them in person. I remember thinking how much of their game is so hard to appreciate on television. I think the subtleties of their game did not always come across on TV and watching them. You know pass back and forth with each other and how to handle that and then later team started to adjust by putting a person inbetween them like instead of covering them man to man no they put someone in between them look for them and get in the middle and you know it's it was a unique way defend because they were unique players. I am I remember was burkey. That draft was in Boston in ninety nine hundred eighty nine. When Burke walked in on the floor that morning there were reporters. They went Adam. They wanted to know. Did you pull it off? I guess people knew that he had been working on it the night before. And I didn't like I I will confess I wasn't as in then and I didn't have the contacts then. I saw two or three people running forum and I was like okay. There's gotta be a reason here. It's going to do it. And he kind of had this little the that Burke smirk and that's when you knew that he was going to do it he had done and You know I I've trashed respect for those guys. They were as I always like to say the most interesting boring people I've ever met. They would probably eleanor misconduct a compliment. Hundred percent I totally agree what they did on the ice was so next level for that era like Elliott. Every time you see a high tip in the game right now what do you think of? The city's up like that to me is going to be their legacy. Anyone sets up behind the net. You think Gretzky There's going to be the lovie spot forever and we're going to call it the lovie spot when I see high tip sittings. It'll always be that way for me until I hit the crematorium that's it high-tech cities. I would just like to say one thing that. For the first time I ever looked at a picture and I knew which one was which and I'm proud to say that on the day they are getting their numbers retired. I finally realized they always said to me. Daniels got the interface. But you would see then phase. All Daniels is thinner and you would see them apart. And you couldn't figure it out and I just remember when they got the King Clancy Award in Vegas a couple years ago with the awards. I ran into one of them with their wife at the front desk. I said Hi and I didn't. I'm so sorry I I just. I still don't know and Dan was Daniel and he has that please. I felt so awful. The most interesting boring people in the history of the NHL Flaubert be regular and orderly in your life so that you may be violent and original in your work. Taking us out is a Toronto based band. Who are about to hit the road at the end of this month. Formerly known as the KENTS. Here's heaps soft Senate. Can you should show sure with her

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