Introducing The City: Reno


You may think you know Reno a town known for gambling strip clubs quickie divorces too many Reno's the butt of a joke second rate Las Vegas until now Reno has caught the attention of tech giants like Tesla Amazon and Google as the perfect location for their warehouses. Now it's fighting to reinvent itself as an offshoot splash across the stage almost beckoning the next dancer come on up or Nevada mountains three guys walk into downtown Strip club and take a seat near the front the club is small and dark but brightly colored lights outside city limits now sex for money is not legal in this club or any of Reno's strip clubs with the illusion of sex from private rooms in the back of the club but it doesn't seem interested in that instead he says his goal is to quote get some action late about it even seductive she's not GonNa Straight up tell the guy to get lost for asking her to get it

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