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Your college team is playing in the stadium in which your professional team now plays. So so you you've got it all coming together this week in a sense tell you what I should do. And it's going to be so nice to be out there and to to root these guys on Clemson against Alabama and to come out. There. I was out there five times last year. So I know my way around the stadium pretty well. Now, Tim stuck you wouldn't Super Bowls with the forty Niners and Super Bowl sixteen and Super Bowl nineteen is a defensive tackle. He was all American at clips, and he was the first round draft pick. Jim what were your thoughts watching your Tigers demolish Notre Dame? Well, you know, I mean coming into a Jeremy I thought it would have been a lot closer. And I guess everybody to I'd and wanted to see how. Could handle Notre Dame's running game with Doug lawns on not being available to play and of of the guys today fantastic job there? And I mean the defense guy after coats Bengals defensive coordinator at Clemson had a great game plan. And we we rent some really good blitzes, but the other guys stepped up to and and but it was nice and watching Trevor Lawrence and some of these freshmen wide receivers. They just play great. You know, the tall rangy? You know? I guess I'm a believer in a wide receiver. You is Clemson university. And you're still you're close to the program. I mean, you're you're you keep a close eye on what's going on. Absolutely. No. I do and been involved with the program, and I just love what Devo, sweetie. Our head coach is done with a program. How he's moved it forward in the last ten years as been nothing short of meteoric. And and our rise and sustainability to to stay there really at that top. And you know, the top has been just phenomenal. And it's it's a great credit to him and his coaches staff and the type of student athletes that he recruits and who play Clemson, what do you think that the matchup facing Alabama again? Of course, you guys have gone back and forth last couple of years two years ago, Clemson winning the national title game last year, Alabama winning Hanley we're seeing these two teams yet again facing off on the biggest stage in the SP. Sport. What has to happen for Clemson to emerge victorious this time? You know, I think going into the season and throughout the season. I have always felt that we are. And were the only teams can compete with Alabama. I thought everybody else was a step below. And that's because of the athletic talent on both about teams. I think we have to play our best game again. And because they've got a great defense. They got a I mean super offense. We get the two best teams and by far and away. We have the best athletes on both sides of consonant, Alabama. So we're going to have to make some big plays. I mean these receivers weapon step up and and make some of those catches that that that gives last week. I do not think Trevor Lawrence will be overwhelmed by the situation. He is. So cool, calm collected. And he just played on the big stage. I I don't think the pressure of this will get him and to go out have fun. I think Alabama's gonna get their yards to. And I believe that both the princes are are stout might been, but we don't break that much. So I mean, I'm looking for a good. Hard-fought game. And and certainly turnovers can be huge on either side of the ball for whether it's us whether it's them, and if we recover fumble intercept a pass or or do something like that we have to capitalize on scoring opportunity related to make touchdowns in the Red Sox instead of feel goals and to curtail some of their running game. I I mean, they're monsters over there too. When I loved this matchup between both teams, it's it should be a great game. I know everybody's looking semi finals for great games, and they were pretty much blowouts. Now, we get to see the big boys. We're talking to Jim stuck eclipse and football legend who has a pro and the NFL in the nineteen eighties. When two Super Bowls as defensive tackle. With the San Francisco forty Niners supports Jim in the eighties. You're playing for one of the greatest coaches in the annals of the game. Bill Walsh, one of the true legends. One of the true innovators won three Super Bowls as the head coach of the forty Niners. And then his successor George Siefert, of course, would win two more Super Bowls Nick Sabin at Alabama looking for his sixth national title at Alabama has seven th overall. He's one of those names now on the shortlist of greatest coaches in the annals of the sport as somebody who played for Bill Walsh is a very different kind of personality when you look at Nick Sabin. What do you think it is over the last fifteen years has elevated him to this position where we talk about him with the rock knees delay, he's in the Wilkinson's, etc. You know, I think it goes back to how he does how he coaches out disciplined. He is how much of a perfectionist he is. And he expects that from his coaching staff and his player. And he instills his belief system and how things work into these players and they buy into it. And I think it's very very disciplined type of regime that that he runs and it's worked, and and you know, guys go there and say, look, I wouldn't six national championships. You're sitting in as a young kid. It's like, I I'm gonna listen to this guy. He's not only qualified, but he's got street cred too. Because you look at it as coordinators leaving, you know almost every year. But there's something to be said, I mean, the man at the top that everybody looks to and you cannot take anything away. You have six you're going for seven your top with coach bear Bryant. And who's right up there with God? And Jesus and so really coats say you you cannot had from history. He's the best in the game right now. Do you think? If there's anything for Clemson to take away from Oklahoma's performance in the second half against Alabama. You know, they were able to move the ball little bit more. But I I do not think so I think we we have our game plan and in mind that we do and what we do best. And as as comes and goes, and and how we're able to attack that defense. I do think they took the gas off. And I think it's a subconscious thing your head twenty eight and nothing I you said man, we got this in the bag. And then all of a sudden they come by the game was never in doubt. So I think we're going to stick to what we do best and a running game. I think we can do I would like to see maybe a little bit more running, but we've got to offensive coordinators and. Tony Elliott and Jefferson is just those guys. Do a great job. Tim, you live on Kiawah island outside Charleston, which is your favorite golf course. My favorite well, play the ocean course about forty times a year the McGee now they're the ordering times a year. Yeah. Play with marina. When he comes up, and he said stop. If I didn't love you. I would never play golf with you. So I'm a little worse. But I usually just play with him and some of the guys, but I love cacique and the river course, also that's a private club at Kiawah island club. You island is one of the truly special places. Really is. Yeah. Thank you. I've been selling real estate here now for twenty three years. So it's great. I had no idea. I I was down there a couple of months ago, and I played the what is it? Asprey spray. Course, I actually had a pretty decent day for me out there. But it is it is a great place. How much golf you playing? If you're playing those course forty times a year how many rounds a year you playing. Well, I can't tell you because my boss might be listening. But there was one time I play them to twenty rounds a year, but I just had a hip replacement about seven weeks ago now so I've had to take the time off about looking forward to getting started up in the new year about Jim gives us. Prediction for the championship, Monday night, and Santa Clara. I think that some a win twenty seven twenty four by that's a that's a smart thing for somebody living in South Carolina to say in my Clemson as well, Jim stuck easy. The Clemson legend there in the seventies won two Super Bowls playing with the forty Niners in the nineteen eighties. It's always a pleasure. Jim having you on to talk Clemson football. Thanks for being on the sporting life. Yeah. Man. Thank you. Jeremy y'all take care I'm Jeremy shop, and you can listen to new editions of the sporting life every Saturday and Sunday morning on ESPN radio and ESPN app beginning at six AM eastern time.

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