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Hey how do you want to do this. Do you want to go through every single becker. No good there. Because there's over a thousand. I just thought that was the thought. One Rosenblatt's just our winters get. Good afternoon gablers. Hey this is good. Better bets podcast. DEGENERATES BY DEGENERATES. This brought to you by fan dot com slash McAfee and the number one online gambling site. The only one we trust the only one you should trust in US dot com slash McAfee. And they have of a fuck ton of pets. This is our prop Beth special half for super bowl fifty four four but it doesn't matter it doesn't matter gains do chiefs San Francisco Forty niners today. We're going through all the props all the props that we liked liked There are a billion props out there the one that I have not seen yet that I'm really looking to get my hands on. Is the over under for the national anthem. It's my favorite prop. Every single year Demi clocked two to twelve at Mayweather McGregor. I know there's a lot of national anthems out there for her so just makes sure you're working study film up there to watch. I mean you'd be an idiot not to watch it. I watch almost every single national anthem just to know what everyone everyone else is doing. You know personally recently also saw demi dump 'em out somewhere so good for her guys. This is a fucking children's show. Oh you're unbelievable we just WANNA go around and be like. Hey this is I think we just throw them in like a grab bag so you throwing in force who do a round table. I'm going to start. You should start the show. Let's go opening kickoff touchback. No ooh one thirty five. Let me tell you why. No Pat McAfee is our boss. Pat McAfee kicked off a Subaru. Pat At McAfee tells the story how the Super Bowl Ball the day kick off with is not broken in like like normally as an NFL game so it's harder to kick because that ball goes directly to the hall of Famer somewhere. Yeah so it's not broken in so it is harder to touch back with Mitch which was you the kicker for the San Francisco Forty niners snip. See His yes for a touchback plus one twenty. So He's actually favored. Do not have a touchback. I guess his leg as strong as on the kickoff Harrison bucker on the other hand very strong legs. He's minus one seven touchback so we're basically playing. Hopefully hopefully that is forty niners kick off and if they don't hopefully the ball keeps the ball out of the end zone for Harrison puckers kickoff. Uh so that's why I'm going with it. They're a love go. dumpy heads have been nine of the last fourteen super bowl fifty fifty who ooh so. I'm going with tales. There you go okay. It never says. The Aso walks up to the roulette table. Oh there's been six blocks it's got to be read. Yeah that's me it doesn't matter it's still fifty fifty. Every single world winner. Single spit winters. When I love it I I love with that being said I like it? Yup Gone also boy. No we'll we don't know you know. There may be a boost to either heads or tails. Maybe maybe connor go. I'm going to start off with Patrick. Mahomes over thirty five and a half attempts really. Yep I think no matter what it's going to the ball is going to be in mahomes hands and you know knowing this San Francisco Front seven I just. I don't think they're going to have much Luck on the ground. So I'm going with over thirty five and a half times. He'll probably check the ball. You know forty forty five times. Andy Reid has what eighty new pass plays as in his repertoire. So I like the over all right mahomes. Last Games attempts wise thirty five thirty five twenty five thirty three thirty. Four forty forty would've been winter twenty nine thirty to fifty thirty five thirty. It's GonNa it's miserable. I mean it's not as if they're going to be like okay. Let's hand handed the ball off like they're going to need to give the Baltimore homes. What if they're winning or are you saying they're gonNA leave it all out there? I'm saying that they're going to leave it all out there all right. My next prop at forty niners over five and a half third-down pickups who they're down conversion over five and a half their dunk versions they averaged five and a half on the year you know they run the ball something. There might be a lot of thirty shorts easy third down conversions. Casey's defense has been playing better so I like them to actually put them in a lot of third down situations. But I like San Francisco San Francisco to convert though so I like forty niners over five five and a half they're down conversions like that like company I haven't found this on Vandal. Yet four of the ten kickoff returns for touchdowns in the Super Bowl have been in Miami really on there. I saw her for you right now. I mean Are you saying when I believe. It's plus eight thousand. I mean it's worth dabble absolutely I. I'm I'm the same way I like. I like the good odd pro. Goldman is a great kickoff return. Do you will do okay. Connor go. I'm also going to so I got two right now for this specific prop. Okay both teams score one touchdown in each half. Yeah I have that as well love that one thing. That's the odds for that and just one thirty. I believe. Oh that's where it touched. Yes go ahead. So both teams score one touchdown in each half. That's pretty good. Both teams score two touchdowns. Oh yeah what. Yeah both. Both teams score a touchdown each half plus twelve sixty personally. I think this game is going over. I think they're going to be points so I love the odds on this one but again we're just GONNA have to wait and see. I assume the teams are GONNA leave it all out there said so. It's a store some little. Let's bring some money on that great odds on it. The Oak the opening kickoff return four touchdowns plus eight thousand there just for any in the game. Now that's just for the opening opening kickoff tough. I mean that would be electric. That'd be electric. Yeah all right. My next one is the game to be decided by exactly three points points. Tony It'd be it's going to be a close game. There's always a chance number. Always it's tens of fallen three six seven exactly three points plus five hundred sprint a little bit on that. Okay I have to Damian Williams one. Okay let's do that Damien Williams over or fifty and a half rushing yards so his past two games. He's been on the field ninety percent of the snaps. Yeah there's no running basket and twenty nine of thirty of their hand. Offs have been to him games. Ten Games with over sixty percent of the staff rate he averages sixty three yards per game. L. That'd be a winner and then I'm also on. It has gone up. It was eleven and a half rushing attempts. I was on the over but if if it goes up to like fourteen I'd go under. Oh Yeah I mean four to staff these problems. I mean these are electric. He's looked at it when you look at all the props. It's basically just their season average. They're just like nailed right on the head. That's basically how you think the game's GonNa go about me recall Hartman to score a touchdown plus three fifty. I love this one San Fran obviously the focus on tyreek Hill and Kelsey. So Casey's GonNa need the other guys to eat watkins also like him to score a touchdown but the Miekel harmon had the best odds at fifty. I think he's GonNa show out and again. If you WANNA partner that with kickoff return touchdown you might. You might get a two for one. I believe I go harmon to lead. All receivers in Yardage is like plus twenty three hundred to if you like that I like tied after I score. Yes yes yes minus one thirty got as close game all game long. So the reason he's one thing that won't be tight again demarcus Robinson hate them under one and a half. This guy hasn't seen a lick since tyreek hill came back. I got him at twenty six and a half inch. I'll jump on search for that up. Whatever you God? I'm taking the under on this guy. Let me hold on let me look up his stats real. Quick take We got time I know we do he. Just he's been absolutely nowhere. These done if if if Tyreek Hill Sammy Watkins and Calcio healthy. There's just Santa From and they're dumping the ball off to Williams and homes running now. There's there's there's no reason to give him the ball so the last one two three four five six games to catches one catch one catch one catch to catch won't catch catch. Go To for twenty six I could could ever twenty-three exact same over under last year was filled or set and I went went under and he he did not have interesting no these fringe wide receivers and these big games. They tend to disappear well. Here's the quarterbacks aren't trying to rely on those those guys so big game You're next caller I Love Patrick. Mahomes one pass touchdown in each half. The odds are minus one twenty again not great but I think this one is a pure lock I don't see how MAHOMES GETS I. I obviously I can see the slow start From from the past few weeks but the the slow start even supports the mahomes more. Because then they're gonNA have to be chuck on the ball very much though more than they would usually homes pass touchdown each half. I have a will a-team team score three unanswered times. So we'll the chiefs scored three times in a row without the forty niners or the other way around is no plus one seventy like I said thanks going to be a close game. I think it's going to be back and forth. I don't think one team is going to score three times in a row without the other. No way no plus one seventy gumby. I Have Patrick Patrick. Mahomes to fumble really plus five hundred. Wow if they get loose and they I mean is it just a fumble or to San Francisco. Have to recover recover. Do know recover okay but I mean I could see someone coming off the edge. Catch him on the blind maybe connor. I'm going go total touchdowns scored over six and a half that plus one twelve right now like we've been saying there's a back and forth game. Both these offenses could easily steamroll the defenses. Obviously people aren't expecting that. What the forty niners? But we're also talking about Pat Mahomes here so I love the seven touchdowns or for more. I think what set seven times. Seven forty nine over unders fifty four not terrible terrible at all. It's not a greater. These teams have Afghanistan's on the can't be kicking field goals but I still like I have largest lead under fourteen and a half minus one fifteen or yeah. I think it's just a nice little play there. Oh Yeah I'm not gonNA keep saying that I think gangs would be fucking close because who wants to keep hearing me say that we've established we've established that so I'm going largest lead under fourteen and a half minus one fifteen got the niners to score I minus one ten. What do I know they are going to start slowing? I mean it's just it's inevitable. What's your name Corner? Connor both teams score twenty five plus points plus one eighty gang knocking to hammer home. This point over and again I just think that the offenses are going to dominate this game and both teams will in fact leave it all they will. Here's here's the thing about the super bowl. A lot of people forget so people leave it all out last year. The rams the Rams Yeah Yeah. I don't think the Patriots left it out there last year. They didn't have to leave it all out there. Because the rams only broad tank quarterback to be sacked I Jimmy G. MINUS ONE thirty. Do the niners have a better line. Yeah does Patrick. Mahomes get sacked. No does Jimmy G. run much now and then you have Chris Jones Frank Clark. I think there's a solid chance that the chiefs get a sack. I gumby another double here. Two point attempt plus one forty and a successful two point attempt plus two forty. It's plus one on forty four four there to be a two plus two forty for successful. Okay these big games just usually see some common down late. There was one on there. I Don I might be jumping on someone similar like will there be a fourth down conversion. Will they go for it on fourth minus three something. They're probably going to but that's a little too much too much juice for me. To lay their odds are odds. Aren't great on that. No you both teams to score ten points in the second quarter. This is one of my favorite problems I saw again. It is the highest score in quarter. I believe in the Super Bowl by far and also it might take a little bit for them to get going so by the second quarter rolls around these scorned points points points. I mean you get that end of the first quarter driving and then all of a sudden the second quarter starts in the red zone. I mean that's sort of what I'm banking on. The odds are plus five thirty. So they're great. I'm GONNA lay it. Okay I like it. I like it this up. Do you think this point scored. Let's just say I'm digging the Oh so I have to. ooh Manny Sanders bets here who most receiving yards plus thirteen hundred. Okay no I like I like taking a look at that It's great odds for a pretty good wide receiver who just trust me here. Plus thirteen hundred and then sanders versus walk ins they have straight up matched for for whoever's GONNA have most yards and sanders is plus one fifteen. Then I'm gonNA think Manny Sanders there too. I'm with you. I got over forty and a half yards for senators. We like manny any sanders. He's been there before he has. What's your name company? Had that gun. Parts Tire Tyreek Hill. UH-HUH Q. Tyreek Hill over five and a half perceptions plus one zero five. Yeah I really liked that one. I mean in the biggest biggest game of the year. You're going to get the ball you're playmakers. I also do not hate him at twenty two one for Super Bowl in two one. Yeah Jeez that's pretty solid cargo. I'm going Deebo. Samuel to score a touchdown okay. Plus one forty do depot is a great eight red zone threat for the San Fran niners. Iran's the ball he catches the ball. SHANAHAN LOVES TO USE MY SOOM. Some of those plays that he hasn't used that are specifically difficult for depot Obviously you know Kiddo gets a lot of attention against sanders. They're run game so depots kind of that guy. They move around to a US dod score touched attack I like chiefs under seven and a half people who are gonNA catch a ball okay. So this is his gonNA catchable. TYCO ARECO Nicole Hardman Damian Williams Kelsey Sammy Watkins. That's five and then Marcus Robinson normally gets one but he might not at six Darwin Thompson. Their back of running back sometimes gets one so so like the mortgage Robbins Dr. Maybe they don't get one and then they have like Lake Bell. nope Blake Bell Blake. I don't know I just don't Blake Bell. Blake Bell thank you. Is that the Oklahoma side and believe so. I don't know I just I think they're going to keep it in the hands. The people they trust so I like going under seven and a half and when I looked it up they had six people catch it in the AFC championship game Then they had a seven game before that and then eight-game before that but then it was seven seven seven so I liked the seven and a half of them taking the under seven half there for chiefs players. Who have reception action? Gumby I touchdown. Television Coleman Sixteen to one really. I've I've seen some reports. They might not put he's GonNa play. Did I mean these guys do leaving Dallas that. I just feel like everyone's just riding what happened last game and not remembering that he actually starter. Carter had how many touchdowns a game against the Vikings I like also his injury. Now I'm going to say this not knowing fully what the injury was was just to just a dislocated shoulder and it looks like a broken forum. That's what he was treating us. Pop that baby back in and you normally you taped dirt on your back. He's GonNa play. That's not a bad sixteen one. I like it like like a lot. I mean they also brought the card out. Don't forget that he didn't just want more carbon a dislocated shoulder. Yeah interesting move pain tolerance. Go Patrick Trick. mahomes to score a touchdown plus three fifty. Yeah that was a good one. I mean it's like Oh yeah I mean first of all you gotta at least prepare for the in fact the niners might just absolutely get after them so if they do he's going to be scrambling around all the time. So I like mahomes score a touchdown again. The odds are just so nice and plus three fifty. It's hard to look away from that. I'm taking telvision. Coleman will be ready for the supervisors. I have forty niners rushers over four and a half. So most it's going to get a Kerry Coleman's GonNa Carry Braid is probably going to get a Kerry deebo. Divas Samuel Garoppolo could sneak for one. Exactly there's five if one of those doesn't happen maybe US check gets a carrying. Maybe Kiddo gets an end and around I like that so I have forty niners rushers over four and a half and that's an one seventy so I believe they also think it's going to be over four and a half but you know winners are winners. I'm GONNA join us. I'm out of Okay some fun stats the same for same for the end of the upset Okay I love refund stats. Probably I got one more. Yeah okay good Miekel Hartman over one and a half perceptions it's minus one thirty over over one and a half perceptions but I think one and a half is low so I mean he gets to bubble screens. He gets to he wins if he gets to he covers. Yeah it's one and a half so I I I like that I. I don't think that's enough. I figured it would be at three and a half two and a half at the lowest. I mean. If you don't get in the ball two times you'd have to question if they're leaving it all out there well that ends the and after that fact which they might not even out there. They'll give him the ball that that means what they're gonNA give give it to Kelsey Williams and Hill thirty times each like they gotta be moving into they gotta be moving. The Rock around especially because San Frans- can focus on their studs Miekel harmon over one and a half. I I few more. I'll build off some of the things that I said earlier. Some gun forty niners under two and a half sacks minus one eighty. They'RE GONNA I. They're going to pressure them homes but I just don't he just doesn't get down throwaways scramble. Whatever it's a different store chiefs to record I sack is minus one twenty? Same as when I talked about earlier about quarterback to be sacked I jimmy. She mahomes under thirty and a half rushing yards okay. He's only over thirty rushing yards and five of his thirty thirty four starts so people are betting the Orcas it open twenty eight. I believe yeah and he went over the last two weeks. Yeah but you know. I think let's come back down to Earth here. Okay okay remember the stats Let's go to the back here. gatorade color I'm not sure yet. I have not got any inside information yet. MOSTER and Williams to score each half plus sixty five hundred own. Just a little of the throw in there to sprinkle in there I'll love those There are a lot. This is my one. I played all year long touchdown feel go each half both teams plus twelve hundred. That's poss- twelve one hundred. It's rare how doesn't happen. That much final score here. We Go San Francisco twenty-seven Casey twenty-six ooh is a plus twenty five thousand sh sprinkle a little on that guy And then I have I have. This is not who I think's going to be people you know. Just some longshot. Maybe looks that looks thing code side. The box kittles plus eighteen hundred for. MVP Yeah now. Those odds are insane. Chris Jones is plus twelve thousand. Five hundred now. He gets to three six one forced fumble something to think about Bosa even like to and then I thought you know Coleman has a shoulder injury Say I carry. He's a little bit just a little say most circuits banged up fucking braided comes in and runs for two hundred. He's plus seven thousand. Wow Yeah just sprinkle here and there. Hey look that's a hundred bucks. One seven thousand bucks. I don't know if we've established that is exactly what that is. That's great we should establish. That's how odds work. I'm glad we did ten seven hundred dumpy fun facts forty niners to no no wearing white in the super bowl and they'll be wearing white correct yet got it. was that that. Yeah you like unbelievable. Jared soon said you'd stats plural or do you want more. I thought we were still doing around. I got nothing left. left-back we're just we're just be bebopping off Sanford has won one of of their last five games against the saints. Yeah that's it pretty good team. Miami's Open open-field though. How's that make you you only six time? Superbowl winner has not covered the spread. Twenty six super bowls spread has been six or fewer dog has one straight up or lost and failed to cover. ooh So you're saying normally super winter covers. Is that what you're saying there but like the the dog doesn't cover the favorite WYNN's favourite. Yeah continue funds I love these stats thefts. AFC eleven and six in super bowls played in February. Wow that's most people are in February. I thought they all were apparently not. Because that's only seventy just changed. Go ahead that's good. That's all I got. Those are yeah. I thought we'd have more. I love him. I mean you're talking about those stuff you know you actually absolutely dominant. I don't know where we're we're good. We're funds fun. I mean we gave you probably at least forty brought props on props the props I might hold on. Let me just scroll through one of the one thing. I will say if you don't keep track of how many pets your betting because this happened to me last year horse slippery slope like you like Oh. Chilly tend to win in. Like if you keep doing these on bets like plus sixty I five hundred in because plus six hundred pets don't hit normally and you don't hit one of them you're GONNA lose money a lot of it like last year. Had we had. I had the winner right. Yep had the had the under nip lost because I bet I'm like thirty projects all like plus three. Oh that's good value. That's three. I'm GONNA be rich. I guess what at the end of the day you lost money. Because you're a fucking idiot so just it's it's okay to sprinkle here and there but you you don't hit any of them you're probably GONNA lose money. Look make sure you have an ace in the hole go if you love one prop definitely hammer that one and then sprinkled okay pardon sprinkle. I remembered where I was going with. what are you talking about that. They're both better playing outdoors. Okay Therapists Artists Rosie now. We're good I forgot to write that down. Hey that's on me. No I mean there's a busy day still very very we are good pal All right says good better best props special keep following us on the action APP. We've been on heaters basketball basketball's been well Tony's the G. now told well we are on I g good dot dot bets. Send US your winters to. She's on center ice. Tony his last night. We'll put it on the consensus bad. Beats I mean what it will put it all up there. So we'll we'll start doing more. Your love bad beats to make everybody feel better. Good better dot bats on instagram. Good better bets on Twitter Pam. mcfee INC McAfee What's that both teams get outside outside Fans will dot com slash McAfee. Remember when you make your bets leave it all out there just just like these teams are going to do leave it all out there in. Remember Expos around the corner but it's going to be different. It's going to be very different so hammer these pets. We will be back tomorrow with just. We're just talking about the game. Oh yeah even. Though we gave away a lot about what we think about the game. Those are just fun stuff. Plus we've got basketball picks common hot starting next week. We'll be every Dan. Yeah every day with video on youtube probably with the on Youtube and locks on knocks on the Hawks and good better bets. Tease now on PAT McAfee store store. Oh holidays right good better bets. Good luck goodbye.

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