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Augustine, hosing a show with your host dog use Gino's. took. Take. The Tint. Why hello and welcome back to the Casinos Inga show would meet your host Agassi knows Inga and number free seven, eight de-stress state, their own show that stress. Day Or? Calmest Amigos Bien me say same know just hanging on in their as best as I can during these difficult times. If I'm watching the show view, Youtube make surely smash hit subscribing mic commandant low if you're listening to the Cossack pleasing their five star review download the show shared your friends puppy into the back of the card from carbon floor wait for somebody to pick it up. Pick ups I'm going against the wall though is the car back killing the train to work chuck it had been someone to pick up. And then continue tyler in the show too much rocks in it. Let's ask for in regard and also you can support the Chevy a patron forget that page on link is down below new comments yu-gi-oh defined. It is a pin comment day but it one dollars per month you can see support the show capital grow allow me to buy Gopro as wannabe yeah I need to buy groper hero nine. So if you WANNA support the here online fund make sure you click and subscribe via paycheck for. That user get this full put cost in audio form before anybody else who has comes down data recorded via Patriot before you get anywhere else it's like free or four days ahead of being on Youtube will be available if I choose make sure you do support the guy on Patriot Patriot accomplishes Agostino patient accomplish as H. E. S. T. I. N. H., O. FOR US one per month link shebeen a description on the pin comments however hearing or listening to this don't delay get involved on patron today. Okay, cool. Yeah man walls has been going on I. Guess the Major News in the UK for the most part things opinion are. Blowing up the time line, hitting the airwaves and causing debate and controversy all over the nation are these new covid nineteen restrictions dive hit most of the do you case Scotland and wells for the most part? Of course we're just gonNA focus on UK because that's where I'm at. But yeah, it's been a bit of a it's been a bit of a tough. Pill to swallow some people I think like I mentioned maybe a few of shows I still get the feeling maybe not so much now because you know, of course, the new restrictions come into place you know been outlined by thinking of beginning or may be during the summer. I still had this impression a love people had a lot of people were kind of. Hope that number one vaccine by the end of the year or that somehow get back to noon by the end of the year I. Don't know why why they had that expectation maybe it was just trying to be optimistic maybe they had of abyss of information. But wherever is our had that feeling? Because of course, you know looking around the area going about? My everyday life into some food shopping and just hanging out you see people kind of not really acting as if like there's a global pandemic having at a moment right so of like just living life as living and most of it if anything isn't a fold, the people's mostly default the government rather leadership from the top of impre- wishy washy. Be Hands. offie. was a phrase used about. A great British. Public used a common sense or something along those lines. Right just kind of if anything was termed equally it's like you. It's like plausible deniability in some way shape or form it right instead of kind of being forceful with the rules are strict with it. They'd rather be hands. If anything does go wrong, you can't exactly blame Dan because they kind of gave you some vague general flow guidelines and if anything goes untoward than it isn't for them to. Be Put on but. I kind of got. Now of see what he's new cushions base Some really tough ones ones that probably needs have happened at UA denote giving back up to normal, but it just pobably thinks God damn it. If only the government would have been des- forceful would have been this forthright fright would been des- direct would have been des- blunt on this about the situation in the beginning who had been the FOB place instead of trying to that's happened right? If anything we got the. We got the kind of political version of what trump did when trump tried to like say, Hey, I'm going to be positive. You know here's what you mentioned to bubble would put both Aska at the moment could raise or something right? He kind of leaks that he was. He purposely tried to downplay the virus which you know I think mostly should try to remain calm and not. Hate trump you can understand his rationale but. He went to p. went like crazy in terms of like how he responded in public right? You dismiss this as China problems as an issue go away. But privately, he knew how deep issue was but he was shunned remained calm. He didn't really you know he didn't really Do. Achieved by the UK government did right they did really well in that regard dumped dumbing down the virus telling people to get back to work on holiday Tim, kids go to school which kind again, these are all things are probably crucial in terms of the wellness and you know whatever the economy of our country, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, but these things together in. Tandem back to back, just kind of sent the wrong message it made it seem as if like we were doing. Well, we one then I remember those appeared where people were going on some holidays and Shit and then you look anything for yourself especially if you're going when he's hundreds of them while we can on holidays in countries that have been filed position than us. Not. An. It has to stay in place. They make any sensory in it, and then I guess some of these, Tech Business Tech Nepal puppet up in places and just it just kind of methanol bad taste in the mouth in it Kinda just made you confused. So I guess restrictions are meant to clear up some of that confusion the UK headline from the BBC says the coronavirus. New covid restrictions could last up to six months, which again was the that was the big thing that kind of. Triggered the time line for me of Donald Mind I'd rather I don't care how long it takes I just want to take as long as it takes you can get back to normal I'm on that but of course, I wouldn't want to be you know and living under these objections for like. Two years and she'll five web may be having takes for us to just to get this done so that we can return to normal life for. And I'm not ignorant enough to like believe that. Somehow we going to design a month or two mapping because we had a, we had nearly a year sorted out. We didn't. So it is what it is. So this is from BBC says the following says UK, reach a perilous turning point prime minister operations in the said as he set out a raft current device restrictions shop staff. Will have to wear face masks and weddings will have to be limited maximum fifteen people under the new rules visor breaking the rules on those on gatherings and knowing a mosque would increase two hundred pound the game, very clear warnings for the things that you're meant not meant to do again a wish this would happen before I in the beginning with this nonsense, just do it anyway. He also won't a significantly greater restrictions could come if necessary again, clear warnings telling you is all about at Mrs Johnson says, similar steps will be taken across the UK after he met with these of Scotland was a normally Tuesday. Morning like England Scotland's first. Munster, sturgeon also announced twenty ten o'clock curfew for Saturday businesses. The same measures to come into force in Wales of course of I'm still not I'm dubious about are mentioned previously that guy who Jonathan down. To actually made a comment that supposedly only five percent of covid cases of have come from the hospitality industry. So this myth supposed to help. A place that solve like sparking advice isn't true not to give the government some slack I don't fitness saying that by closing the pubs earlier I just think they're just trying to avoid the dreaded mingling, right? That's what they want to avoid and kind of think if they come and get pops out away, it would effectively keep people indoors 'cause. That's party issue because we head into the winter months most of the people that I've listened to online especially, the pub owners the landlords on their source of They've they've kind of said that their best business happens in the winter especially in the UK I went to mum's WanNa be endorsed next to a you know a fake log cabin. And Drinking, beers in a have church with their friends. So if they limit the hours or they, you know even just by one hour because in a pubs in the UK usually will a towns close by eleven anyway. So they limit by one hour is so puts makes a muzzle benign by that time in it because most people probably leave before ten anyway the house to fin out blahdy Blah Blah Blah so is a good way to solve. Like program the population not to be outdoors. So I think that's the probably the main point of ace. No, so much that Oh. We're going to stop the pops from opening later because we fearing that Esperanto viruses Moso so we don't want people to be out for stop. So if we limit their business hours, it's going to put me Quinn was head to, Hey, we call me go anywhere and of course, Geno into Monte can't do politics anymore. You can't go to bloody some trendy park somewhere. We had a double soul shoes and your you know and your bloody, you know A. Rolling a cigarette and stuff you can't do in the winter months. You kind of have to be endorsed House parties wherever it may be. So if limiting around people you can meet and also limiting their man hours pops up voice Orcas, I. Huge Chunk of the people that are going out in my opinion, it continues to answer Mrs Mr Mr John went further than England restrictions Bena visits visiting of household indoors while it comes up to the number you, K- cases rose to four thousand, hundred, twenty, six. On, Tuesday with the deaths increasing by seven speaking in the House of Commons apartments told MP ways knew that while we might have driven advice into retreat the puzzle second way was real. I'm sorry to Spain France and many other countries we've reached a perilous turning point again let does other countries though because I think he meant something about you. UK's free. We got free speech and move, but basically, they didn't look they knock them and he's do go second spike so we were always destined to get one. Difference is that they was use to already obeying the rules in some extent don't get me wrong. They did of discuss some Rosebud, they had something in place where they knew what the they knew how hot imaginations shook could get. So once stuff site to reopen again are well behaved, right? That's the issue. So of the problem you think in the UK if they did reopen stuff like people would go absolutely nuts and Paul, my fear actually when they interesting restrictions was that. They're going to introduce them on the Monday and in that would have meant the weekend coming up would have been just people just getting absolutely hammered by instead they were they kind of used their brains at a decided to implement the changes on Thursday which Kinda give you the industry had time to just guessing settings give people time to as well as the new rule change it continues to say. Mrs Johnson said a new rules were carefully just to mark to achieve maximum the number which measures how quickly devices spreading while causing the minimum damage to lives and livelihood but he said this was way by no means return to the full look much, and then we continued that by looking at video quick recap of Johnson talking about or address in the nation being a guardian we must take action now. I, know that we can succeed because we have succeeded before. When the sickness took hold in this country in March, we pulled together in a spirit of national sacrifice and. Not Not much. Lasted like two weeks. Off To that people were just doing what they wanted to do, and that's the thing I think is another room misnoma. Is If people hadn't misnomer. This term about what's that term? Is some flip in English folklore in the US keep saying, right what is it about something stitching nine body Blah Blah wherever that term does right some Shakespearean thing he's talking about. And it's sort of like I approve of not being lazy and kind of addressing issue now before the issue gets bigger, BLAH BLAH BLAH. But I don't Really Think Laziness when people somehow think is that people are not bothered to put my on the bumper to go social distance. It's not that I think people are just some people have made a conscious decision that they don't think as as for Fred and they'd rush marvel, take their chances to live their life and go by their go about life every go by the everyday life and continued you know trying to make the best of it then living quote unquote fear. What is just idea system? A different ideological is this a different worldview one group of people like myself saying, Hey I'm going to obey the rules were face covering hand. This will its one-sided just doesn't agree with that notion whatsoever. So it isn't really about convincing them. It's just about doing what's right for the greater good I mean that's why I think anywhere. Guidance to the letter we stayed at home protected the NHS and save thousands of lives in. Well, the vast majority of complied with the rules have been too many breaches too many opportunities. Are Invisible enemy to slip through on the tech. Did this is a good thing? It's a good thing that he's written a nation. Let s he went into the House of Commons. He also did it with some prayers and the he's doing this brief intonation finish as good. He's been forceful. He's trying to before Friday shine to. Solve of like be as varied as he can be, Hey, what was this energy in the beginning? My friend was energy amount. What was this energy when you 'cause imagine if this was a imagine if there was an incentive? Of E help out of like, save your summer with this message at the beginning. Imagine this message came to you April May. Before the show even started and said, Hey, if we get this number down. If we really smashed as far as if we do our best to make sure we contain this thing here's your reward nation. Some holidays E. POW while does whatever the freedom freedom of movement whatever that is that's that would have been a good that would've been a good way to combating instead no hands off approach common sense stay all these different codes and mantras and Nando alert systems and all this nonsense and people ducking views now Korea. The virus has started to spread again in an exponential way. A tough. A package of national measures combined with the potential for tougher local restrictions for areas already in lockdown. And as for that minority who may continue to flout the rules, we will enforce those rules with tougher penalties and fines of up to ten thousand pounds. Again most show how How work if they're gonNA touch again with pay way shape or form because I just think they just divide the country. Is All what they are, and it's just it. You convert convince them otherwise that's finally be doing if that's the case. We will put more police out on the streets and use the army to backfill if necessary. This factory. ME. So if it wasn't enough to. faubion mates forbidden. Neither going to have, they're going to call the Armenian to gave line that is a madness, and if you if you if you saw those protests in London between the black lives matter and some of the Xm, some of our veterans that some of our military folks than you would know if she kyw's come out on the street. And you to be of a different complexion to brush Johnson, you might want to stay indoors. Reality of having cope it is the your mouth cough can be someone else's death knell. And if we were forced firmly, you used these allergies in the beginning. Imagine this disparity beginning on this are knock. You stop this book. Just imagine if he was directing the beginning what it could have done, the deficit could have made the lives that could have saved. God in. Did you feel politicians get punished for their incompetence? Let's just like a hey, you just had a bad term in just get over. It's like. It feels like if you're a politician, you just end up and you do a bad job you like that kind of share act tennis soap opera. You don't GonNa ask you to get fired. No one's GonNa throw tomatoes on the street. But when people see they know they know you was version of wherever villain I was not serious. They know they know US I've ever sheet that the TV series you one face, right? Be Not to carry on you just you might end up in another series you may end up going to. A Spanish speaking country doing telenovela. But I think that's apple get treated as if like you know you really terrible job and nothing happens. You don't lose any money. You don't lose any state as you don't lose any opportunities. Your reputation doesn't suffer even in that regard just he's just put in the bad job bad job. By Job Into, a new national looked on. That was not just jobs and livelihoods, but the loving. Contact on which we all depend it would mean renewed loneliness and confinement for the elderly vulnerable to our lonely man I'm not elderly I'm lonely. Lately it will threaten once again the education of our children. We must do all. We can to avoid going down that road again. But if people don't follow the rules, we've said out. then. We must reserve the right to go further things will be far better by the spring fervor is six months spring. Is next year. And again, I'm okay with it because thousands prediction to beginning I always predicted that we were going to be under some kind of lockdown, a restriction of movement. All kind of you know a break from normality and to the end of the year again, it's just my energy of like being in a house party and having the police come around and breaking up in never really restarts the same way. It takes a while to kind of get going and if and sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't kind of the magic never returns soon as a piece of even when they compensate us okay and leave the magic never returned to solve like done. Right they kind of just. Dampens mood and of change their have changed the frequency the vibrations in sappy happens with this I think the government closes the economy down Tokyo to stay in place shots of different sectors. It's very difficult if not near impossible to get that done to get that restart of six month period. So regardless of how long the virus loss, you always have to take on another year to kind of gain stuff backed up to nome again, you just have to kind of re. Government just moved to slow too much red tape to Brooke AC- for anything else happened quicker than not even even the vaccine think how long it's GonNa take the vaccinate everybody when the vaccine comes round is not going to be like a week process is GonNa take mumps, mumps, and mumps moves especially if you know an s just hoping complications along the way. When we have not only the hope of a vaccine. But one day Su I must stress that we're not there yet. Of Mass testing. So efficient, the people will be able to be tested in minutes so they can do more of the things they love. That's the hope that's the dream. If we follow. Selling dream about testing. People not go. into. Saturday. So mentioned that tried to get tested they had to they were they were told to go to. Aberdeen. Scotland get tested live in London thousand nearest place go test nearest. We will get through this winter together. There are unquestionably difficult months to come and the fight against Kobe is by no means over. And I have no doubt. However that there are great days ahead. But now is the time. For us all to summon the the discipline. And, the resolve. And the spirit of togetherness. The will carry us through. Some budget judge Holman F, I him terrible job. Again, I don't mind that we have to changes is what is you know winning by position where we have to get them but just the amount of time that was wasted man like if you just it on the stairs looked at the beginning, you would have it would've appeaser but even a cover denies you just tell them to be indoors for two months shutter for copy. Give them money at mean whatever may be let them rant and rave guess looking for two months we HANG OUT WE'LL GET A. Numbers Down with it needs to be we keep an we slowly and surely open of different areas of the economy. The people are more vulnerable. You tell to stay in place you don't push to get back to work he just that's it working from offices a down into a vaccines around you know that stuff at least economies reopened people can still move and kind of you know business can flow supply chains broken blahdy Blah Blah Blah instead look what happened hands off approach go to become us go in flip in you know get yourself a half price. Piece Express whoever's doing even sometimes the question even the decisions people major and all help out. But wherever at least a solution has been done in some regards we are no way to some kind of recovery but yeah. UK. Lebanon how you film him? Six months six months we're going to be in lockdown six months another six Mosa. Let me know what you're feeling. Out. Day during the UK, let me know your vibe is an comments down below. Okay move on. From that one. I'm news and a hip front. Unfortunately, if you're a fan of bobby chm murder. He was denied bail recently. So unfortunately, I think there was a big push hippie seemed I think because he's Marvin signed, I guess he signed to ROC Nation Roy SM ties with some big label regardless over just basically stand up dude and he didn't do was did basically the opposite of what six, nine hundred when he ended up getting a busted by the feds and it was a hope that he would be backed by the in the summer obviously, they might been hoping to kind of you know. do to whole corona virus hustle that six nine ended up doing you know saying yet as Melissa nonsense but having worked for punishment of maybe because he broke, you know he hasn't been his best behavior in prison, but he's basically been denied parole and he's going to be stuck in prison until the end of his prison term. Now, this could just be the prosecutor being like you know or the judge being the hey, we say example because Bobby Schmidt, any friends basically poem principal some pretty heavy charges, right? So I'm sure they went to send a message at Taranto anybody else that might WanNa get involved in the activities a day were convicted for that. You know set up I guess regardless of stardom they just didn't WanNa Buck also unfortunate if you're a fan of his way into next year or the end of next year for early release, they might end up appealing an parole of. These works that way basis frontier DC Bobby Shimoda pro denied stuck in prison twenty, twenty one. said. Rest of the world boyish Moore has two reasons to retain twenty because it's not going to prison just yet spice high upset you would. Louisville's missiles his toe TMZ bobby was denied parole off interview the last week. No reason was given us to why. But we're told certainly going to be held in custody until the very maxine waters, which is December eleven twenty, twenty one, we know bobby was not been helping his case while doing his time remember the rapper top eleven violations and could drop addition fighting in having a shank and a good behavior clearly weighs heavily on the Parole Board. So you know those things is all like similar to like meek mill. Go. Back to prison for breaking, he's covered Beckenham probation by doing wheaties street and you know he got the entire hip hop to ban around again released Tuesday his own mistake it feels like that kind of if you're in prison. And you've got the backing of some of the big labels and you know some rule because ends industry you probably over to damage yourself to ridicule your nose clean. Now, that's easy to be said from the outside in. We don't know what reality is living with. You know having to live in a habit basically spend. The six plus years in a federal prison Especially, you know knowing how popular he was at that time of going in there to a is a whole different vibes understand it, but it's just a shame in it it to sit as we reported heat copped a plea deal ten to twenty sixteen to conspiracy to possess weapons a position of a weapon. The ever charges including conspiracy to commit murder were tossed but was initially sent sixty seven years in prison and has been. Insists seventy, two, thousand, fourteen, Jesus Christ Bobby Smith, the story published Maputo's son was ready to drop me music if granted parole and it was. A documentary about his life in hopes, it could be used educational tool for troubled youth. So yeah. Again. side news by guess still he has a positive coming out. So that's also great in still is career. He's Hawker in front of him. To change his life for the better and I think he's fans will be more than happy to way of a year. If you wait this long Bob Schmead. African abby between of ear and is as bad as that news is I'm sure he'll be fine. Moving on was this one we've got this story about a single plane passenger jet nurse US moving lower mccovey talk through. Next story here because we have. A story that I guess should be hopefully a a cautionary tale. Hopefully a good wakeup call for the said individual a big fan of his I think he's easily have been. He's easily one of the best new rapids demerging the seen Maybe one of the most improve to from the time that I I saw him to how he's developed now and it's just been crushing especially with the visuals probably has won the best video teams in the game hands down and it's the baby big big fan of his again I don't really subscribe to the idea has one flow. I. Think he's very versatile I. Think he has his own car especially for a young artist, an age of. Of Artistry He's very young in a game for him to have a particular sanders very discernible a particular cadence. A particular aesthetic without really it doesn't feel like he's tried that hard anyway to find it. So just imagine. What will happen once he really starts to concentrate all making great music and great buddies work. He's going to disguise the limits sky and again, the visuals are just insane in terms of weight does Bob Fortunately. As all amazing people he has a little bill. Dockside and at dockside is that he doesn't hundred disrespect. You just doesn't under any circumstance wherever you're a female whether you kid wherever you're a grown man wherever you are. If you come at the baby the wrong way, he'll definitely set you straight and unfortunately because he's so big east like closest thing we have a new ludicrous or something. Right? He's like that. He said that we'd never way he's like really well regarded in the wall in the Kinda streets and he's also very much accepted in pop wall to let general couldn't public world right kids all over the place. Love a minute. So it's really interesting when it'd be does him On the streets and fans are coming up in wanting his own selfish and it's just so many different people for Mums two children. Two teenage to young adults is to cover the whole gamut because obviously it's one of the more popping representing has some big features on big pop records but you know that dark side of his gets into trouble because he demanded the people he's out in the street even yes security he kind of touches. Hugs and kisses people obviously prior to covid but that's gonNA cause issues and this is one of them. For Complex, the baby sued for notification will her Beverly Hills Hotel employees this happened I think sometime last year. But I, think you remember the video of himself like given the business or put pressure on some hotel employees kids opposed is because he was taking pictures of him was his in Dan the baby going he was coming into say TVs child in jeopardy body Blah Blah Blah it was really aggressive very unnecessary for the crime that was offender that he took place. But again, at a time, you could understood the reason then you kind of moved on but somehow Lucia wide somehow the kids decided to sue. The baby of the altercation Donna what prompted it, but let's continue the story says here. The baby is being sued for his altercation with a Beverly Hills? Hotel employees, teams. He reports the incident took place in. December. Two thousand, nineteen at the hotel at Mary in Beverly Hills and was captured by the building's surveillance cameras in footage rapper can be seen following the show Kristof. POLKA sand gray into the building, pushing him into a chair after token to them and the baby and a member of team exited the building. I. Remember this video explain that a little bit for. The guy they're looking into chef I guess would be shift close on. It yes absolutely draped and push the war sat down in his chair. And then they're over him putting in the pressure pointing fingers faces got his leg. Purpose son in a huge. Stunning. And now you shoot me if it's a hotel in Beverly Hills, that most likely that kid is us being a chef was just being annoying in China sneaky pitch of every who's doing NBA to kind of act that way and go to such extent they must be there must be more to incident you hoping so an arrest continue For, their chef claims organization started because the baby foods take a picture of him. So he took a Selfie with the baby in the background again, you shouldn't be doing that right especially this thing about fans some fans you should know if your friend of the artist, you should know what they're about from Reading Vince coaching interviews from what Ching other people talk about the artists. From reading between lions, creepy WANNA comments you should know the character of the artists that you're dealing with saw when remember early in the day when people used to get when fantasy to get to tyler from taking pictures of being awkward and Weird and like his pre pre evident from how he carries himself that he's not the most comfortable when people are you know being with? Fan gals and guys to him, which is ironic considering how much of a fan go I'm tyler and the Basha please people are throwing just our magicians likes but he just doesn't deal of it well, and and he's kind of told you countless times. Hey, don't be with pitcher instead took them. You have a conversation but still people Oxford picture, they get they get the blanket. or He kind of keeps it moving and then guess what go should meet his complain tight as a bad guy sack no, he's told you about he's shown times. He's about the whole taking pictures thing Tokyo. Child sits telling what your favorite choon was of his album mentioned something about the bridge I duNno, whatever he likes them with the baby. He seems like somebody doesn't really. Enjoy fans coming up to him when he's on his own load relevant everyday life. He's okay. Thinking crowd looks like when his other friends around he kind of tons on the autism of when he's on his own and he's on Daddy. Ju just being a regular dude being cook. He doesn't like France coming up to him and taking pictures. It's just what it is. So he should have been the fans should have been respectful enough and just carried a move in so you know. You have to blame him for some extended but of course, the baby but we took it too far with a physical altercation continues maybe saw the mandate pitcher and told him to bleed the photo. The Sheriff says he deleted on the spot but this didn't satisfy rapper leading to the other -cation at the time of the instead of the baby confirmed that the the shift also pitcher declined because he was his door maybe dinner just jeff tried to film him while he was holding his daughter despite him repeatedly asked him to stop. As. A as a result the baby daughter safety was jeopardised which. Response the hotel worker you see me pushing came out to outside hotel Oxford record video while hunting material to babysit and instagram icon said no explained to him that person be demand at the time would compromise. The safety of my child is social media in a way of staying. Now, the Shifa slept the baby lawsuit I includes US kisses. Battery efficient, emotionally distressing seeking unspecified damages. Now, I'm just confused as to why this came about now I don't get it. I think if anything if my memory serves me correct being big the baby fan I think this might be and he's lost physical education with somebody maybe just before the proceed the Gal slapping free when you walked in walked through the crowd and indecisiveness of Gail he didn't know I didn't think news again someone just touched him in their own way and just because. It's the baby look his face. He doesn't take no shit. Look at that face to face some takes shit. So. He just react to the slap them I've been. Incident buffing. Since then you saw learn his lesson he kind of avoids getting himself into any kind of fisticuffs, which is you know the best thing for him even though he seems to be able to handle himself but curious to know why the kate decided to sue now. Now, what's the rationale behind it is at just is that hard times Kobe Times where people just trying to you know Fine wherever money they can find behind the SOFA in between the cushions and shit and this might be a good one. We remember. Oh. Yeah. Share remember son by the baby out work on it and he tried to sue I wonder what it is about is going on again I hope this is a. Lesson learned for people like the baby of his ilk. Again, he's probably cost of his own in terms of what he does and the CBA. He's too big of a nice to be beaten up brandon people. Jeremy like copy doing that right especially, people attempt to claim to be fans but they're annoying you can't just go on he in them that that's not the vibe. So yeah, hope the baby has learned from his misdemeanors there and it kind of works out from WHO intense purposes. One. Losses on here that Oh yes. SUPPOSED TO BE QUBE is look into cell but hype point. So do you even use creepy? There was a big deal. Moshe is even available here in the UK flipping massive deal. When it launched they had a law really big celebrity pawners they kind of had on board but not looking to sell in typical catastophic fashion in it. You build something you prove they work somehow you inflate the numbers all you know allegedly and you try and sell offs you try and you can use the numbers as leverage to kind of increase your. To increase your bio get cash and we went to the other thing. So that's why usually somebody's never have the original founding team day when they kind of evolve maybe snapchat is one of the only exceptions are usually replacing with a whole different people's identity them when facebook boy right the two found left immediately it kind of is, is nothing now existing within the face facebook ecosystem as opposed to way was prime anyway it says if my pizza queen into new report for North Street Journal Streaming Platform Qube. is now exploring several strategic options including possible sell could be originally laws in April. Early, this year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Hope it to tap into those staying home due to social distancing and lockdown regulations. Yeah. When they do bobby was apple will use it livestream maybe Sarah is. CONTA- premium content such as new seasons of Reno nine and of original content including Chrissy Teigen's Chrissy call that parental good idea bad ideas Adam Devine is efforts failed to compete against likes of Amazon prime video and is now exploring other options because I think we've been on smartphones is is it is it like a normal thing? I've never even tested it to be for whatever she joan washed out. Too. quickly, spokesperson declined to comment on rumors of pickle said that Qutb has successfully launched a new business and was pioneered a new form of storytelling and staved your platform. Megan Jeffrey are committed to continuing to build the business in a way that gives the greatest experience for their customers. Degrades radio show doesn't a great opportunity for employees. Again, nothing stops statement but from what I know. From experience what can the startling? This is definitely the The Standard Start Apostle right. Something works prove proof of concept you get out to the market. You actually have active uses on their people revisiting the site opening up, opening up the APP Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah, and then you try and get some of the basically by out for me. Because kind BOVICI can because you don't really see house, you can grow it right you kinda. Hit, you see it. You'll ceilings also a barrier shale by the company of ruin kind of move on. So let's see maybe that works for up for them but I don't know man from what I've kind of seen him from my lack of interest in it probably is a good omen Graham. Ford there might be one of those it might be just. Maybe, the person buying imagine back you know what? It's good. It's. Look good money unbased like sometimes when you buy these APPs is lesser about the episode of Mosul about the the team working behind or technology today using right. So like you buying in section property as opposed to. Like by bill bind elements of. Intellectual Property as opposed to the into property on the whole. Sorry. I kept messing that phrase intellectual property in T- LECTU property the. Let's move on. To talk about him. BAP. This that have imitated. Jump with this one yet so Did Not tell you guys. Prior that Bryan callen dum dum in terms of how he's approaching allegations and is coming from Fan, right? I'm a fan of Chief A K I'm a fan of Cata and a fan of what they've done they built up their brand and build their careers. and. Just you know I think you know especially in brand's case he's definitely better when he's around of a comedic. Giants and the podcast and space right similar does KRISTALINA will Sasso podcast causal gooden history especially early a ten minute podcast off. But some of the sessions where they sit down to find the kid had been easily won the best. I think's I. Finished. My actually be the most viewed video on the fire Nikki Channel. The one way Brennan wasn't rounded or just Kristalina will Sasso and Bryan callen is of infamous one reconciliation loops. German at one right that was the one right Aliu says. Is it down. That was on fifth night legendary some a big fan of his right. But I've had a real issue how dealt with these sexual assault allegations or especially the more serious allegations of rape I think he's dealt with in a really poor and it's really kind of encapsulate overly poor cherry on top of a really disastrous year FO- cabinet from separating with his more of children to get into eyelid surgery to securing his own show scandal. You know what is securing role in the show Spin. Off The spin of gang canceled being covered Anaya an you know suddenly not be embroiled anneke coveted I offering his friend Kristy on the bus to pretend like he doesn't know him the backing him up in public, and then suddenly he's broaden his own sexual assaults kind of which if on paper is she more serious over the fence then what Chris has been alleged to have done Chris alleged in beverly dog and tried to Holler at. Everything that moved that states that he was visiting by net it doesn't really seem data bat if you look at it on paper, right he didn't sex you're so anybody he was maybe indecen increase in some respects it branding on account your member aware county believe avenues one about indecent exposure. But you know if we have to great a level of nastiness out, say potentially raping somebody and maybe whipping at your piece because you're trying to be too. I say the rape. Definitely. Overseas. The whipping piece of pieces to approach don't get me wrong but. The point remains of never even a fan of how he's kind of dealt with the issues and. I guess I've been vindicated somewhat because now I'm especially prior to the prayer private made about. Basically. What he say no. So Brian Cowen said in one of his earliest videos die played. Of of I think the an update of showed the brain candidate pool. He mentioned that how going back until He was going to launch booklets. Book Club is also growing until and ill advisor. Them feels good idea because as much as I commend he's chewed to be like, Hey, I did nothing wrong. So I'm going to try and live my life. I'm going to go try and put food on the table. You know you know helping my family you know got provide for my family. You know whatever payments has to make whatever he is doing his life. He's he's within his right to try and make the best situation bound fortunately in the era that we live in order we live at a moment. If you're accused of such a crime, you have to clear your name before you can go around trying to. Go about your life you know. Regular or kind of regime. Yeah. Every live conduit if he allegations over your head because guess what happened especially if you're a comedian if you decide to toe and you announced the days because you want to sell the tickets and said it out because Bryan Callen isn't Lucy K.. Unfortunately, he'd needs to advertise these shows ahead of time people to go out and buy tickets. What's going to happen is at the track the detractors if you're into DSP wherever I don't like you. And the people that think you're guilty they're going to make it their mission to council you to cancel the shows that you're appearing to send you a message A. Hey. By the way, we still think you're a bad person. We still think you did this really heinous crime and if the court system components you, we're gonNA punish you by cancelling your ability to make a living as what cancer coaches effectively is, and for some reason, Brian Things counterculture doesn't affect doesn't apply to him I don't know why that is otherwise approaching this where. He's friends on, took it to him, and if so to do on his own by generally think is a bad idea and again I've been proven right because now his article from place called PEA patch up Jiba. And basic on in-in-in Sonic right and the article says the following alleged rapists Brian Cowen, his whoring and Jen Kirkman is understandably outraging Kirkman. I guess is one of the. Women in the scene to kind of leading the charge in terms of gain men in comedy scene to solve. Own Up to their mistakes to hold the. To male comedians accountable as she generally just been lying the fire. Of some of the people that I've been accused and just basically being the person. It's like Hey I don't forget what happened. Right? So she basically sworn enemy of some of these which comedy stalk readings you just want to carry on and just you know ignoring pretend like nothing happened which I guess again, never good nor bad by just think if you're the one that's being accused of doing such a heinous crime, you need to clear your name because if you don't someone like Jen Kirkman is GonNa, make it their mission to make sure everyone knows exactly what you did and to stop any kind of possibly fee to kind of advance to move on from the because. Whatever so The following it says ferber evidence. That power of consequence widely hyped does not true orchids these still canceled he congress should. It's the thing I hereby some of these people, right? Again I don't I. Don't think coach is a good thing in general but understand the premise. I. Understand that sometimes there is such a heinous crimes committed. There's no way of somehow maybe the time has elapsed, maybe there's no way of gathering actual rule evidence. But if there's no way to actually have somebody you know be convicted and be front into prison because they did something to reheat us back in the day do any way that you can get. Some kind of reprisal is to effectively quote unquote reifer wherever critically have because for some reason like who's who quote come from I'm GonNa say with an Economy Mississippi Humphry like the worst end up on top right WHO's it by? A member. This quote was pops into my head whenever fingers Sir the worst. A make it to the top who's by a quote by Hayek Right? Yeah. It's a famous quote by Hayek. Got It here. 'cause that's what Jimmy happens. That's why counterculture works because usually the of people definitely do make it to the top according into high-carat. Quickly, publish articles is as High Iq was right. The West do gets a top that the deterrence by the freedoms remarkable good response in recent years from the clubs the Soviet Empire to for presentation as no SANITA social assesses with silly and destructive schemes. The specification of why and how such people get in positions of power is still finding the wider was on talk, which is a chapter, ten of FA highest masterpiece of wrote to serve them. So if that is A true fan we are to believe. So I'm not I'm not mad at council coach you're going to try and get somebody out the paint because any way you go to do but to save over hype isn't true because he's his career has been canceled somewhat conquered is unknown show. He's better and Rogan has biggest show on the planet doesn't ever mention him. He's friends took him because he's on any of that mud to be placed onto them. He's officially been. Ostracized from his community, he's lost Econo- meaning any kind of making an income that is canceled. VIBE has continued. brain can still touring comedy clubs. In weeks off the four women accused him of sexual misconduct and sexual assault, the former go bookstore, and christly co who who promise vanity what's not lay low is currently listed as appear several clubs in the movies. Comedy Incentive Jamaica. Outraged and I mentioned it in my video prior by the booklets bookmobiles already ill advised him to announce his on toll you not going on four normal to see you you should be trying to Bloody. Clear your name as opposed to going on tour. This again is it's just. So sometimes I want an this. That's why I really do think as much as people rag on Brendan he's happen to Bryan callen without Brent Brendan Librarian would be weighed beanies career right now he's a great stand up comedian, but the he's moves that he makes just so. I don't know man for first smart as he can sound sometimes he really does do things in a really dumb way and outlook being essentially you know all these definitely get council by end of the week. If this carries jen keeps if jen keeps between sharing, sharing on social. Toys done. He's going to be competitive and he's going to be you know granting a rave on these show about something else Leo. Hey, system of this Mrs. Mazel. Rights are drink cook. As you can see here, she could look into is she's definitely determined. Took to twitter to call a male comedians to allies they claim they. Call out the clubs who are book, and he's let rapists as a quote from her. On twitter says Demo Comedians I'm outfox you've or down again remember three months ago when you went to help change the culture, we still see you ever freighter don't care. These are the two options now that's unfair fair to be honest if you went to help when it happened why we know so fresh, I get the sentiment, but now it's not really a business. If you're not involved in this you didn't do anything wrong you kind of essentially we're going through a global pandemic. You've probably go your worries your things interloop after is actually the responsibility of somebody I could drain Kirkman who is Pretty prominent. Voice of. Displeasure, when it comes to some of these actions from some of the bigger people in comedy senior L. A.. So she you platform, she's verify she's an F. especial. It's good enough what she's doing her friends sore silence the alarm let people know hey, this is more sensible but to expect. Of a people who aren't involved in his who don't have any skin in the game who don't have anything to do also ever if anything they probably in a really macabre woke up in a very. Selfish way they probably weigh in for everyone to of like Kelly Jefferson and they can have spots that they can go and appear on like that's probably the main named game because he was just a, you're regardless you months ago I wrote the eighty five point threat about how you can help change the culture of sexism in comedy. Now, I don't know if it's because the pandemic still going it doesn't really seem like there is comedy will what a great time to help rebuild it and change the culture now that clubs. A really struggling like you do have a little bit of power here so The power thing again, like if we do one to if we want to address these things, this list not just won't be pointing H OF ELICIT WORKED TO GIVE A. Comedian. Known about none this stuff but I would assume the best way to kind of Gabby puts opinion side is not chastise in public. You probably should be trying to get them on your side by may be encouraging them may be trying to convince them may be trying to empower them maybe trying to make them your actual ally instead of Bingo attack dog wherever is by them finish the best way again yes. I look in I. Don't know what's going winded by the way male Comedians I knew you would never do anything about it. 'cause you're all really afraid. Because you've always had each other and you've always thrown the women under the bus, even the alternative commissions. Essay. For anyone there for everyone under the bus as proven with Chris, Lear Bryan Callen L. A. Seems like such a cut for a place to be an entertainment in general assume actors committee actor standups improve it just ten penny at a in California in. America. In a world, right? Everyone's funny everyone knife on funny will allow people can be funny locker really good at what they. Do in that mode of funny. So when they get to Hollywood and opportunities are even more limited they on your wall because there's only certain amount of spots that people can take. It's no surprise that people are going to be a little bit back stabby and Anouk off their own self interests and a fro- their own fringe under the bus if Brian Callans quick to dismiss that. Is. Quick. To kind of make it seem as if he doesn't know Chris and say, they don't talk he's ever seen him do anything Brad could've gone tour and then at least pitches for him and kind of him in the League Razor Midstream from his feet, you shouldn't expect him to suddenly speak people of that ilk to then stand up for women that they don't know who have gone through a WHO alleged that they com prove is not going to happen if they can't back their own friends right in against serious allegations. But if they combine their friends will Michigan, they're gonNA back you. Mean, you have to this whole chastise and things a little bit of a bad tactic in that regard is GonNa just you know they're a bit what normally live a bit. They don't have any backbone. So you can't me suggest that in that regard I think again, if the she got the platform, she's got the connects she's blue checkmark. She's got a special on Netflix like you're doing a good job in that regard yourself don't need to Cajole guys. You probably don't give a fuck about it were actually what's going on in general to be completely honest to try and go on your side not going to help anyway shape or form I don't think. So guys, we see you. We've always seen you. I'm out of Fox to give at this point. that. Shit. Crazy from this pandemic. So I don't care. I. Don't care of all comedy I don't care. I don't she doesn't care full comedy goes but issuance people that have the power to redress abundance. CARE, if I'm liked I don't care. So I'm just having fun writing on twitter of clubs that book rapists even if their clubs are owned by people that I performed for. You're just adding your opinion I'm not trying to get anyone's dates canceled but Yeah, you are. Again, this is the thing with this issue so many people. Cancer Coach does exist is not over hyped and if you are going around in clubs or people that you think shouldn't be playing a places, you all doing it with the intent. Okay. They cancelled now. Do I think it's the right way to go things Renault by understand the sentiment I get it. If you charges guy for the crime that he allegedly did right then the best way to. Tech this person's for their pocket, right? That's the only way to they into quote unquote learn listen and actually where you can get your message across I get it. But to make you out to seem to make it out to be like anything other than canceling somebody and making sure they don't have a living is a little bit disingenuous. It is what it is. Isn't it? YOU HAVE TO SLEEP That's the thing you have to go to. Maybe maybe they just convince like I say just convinced that they're doing something fundamentally right. Conscious may be the case in it just convinced that this is what I'm doing is the right thing regardless of iffy because general if you think about it canceling Prank Allen Right is gigs is essentially. Removing his ability to provide for his family, removing his ability to support his mirvish children receiving the believe him to pay for his kids to school. Right. So it's affecting. People that have nothing to do with the allegation he's with the crimes that he's been accused of. And again you know if you WANNA get metal evasive effective, it's affecting a single mother, right? Somebody's already gonNA find it difficult to. Keep riverhead in California with two kids. It gets a bit weird when you really think about why not like Clubs already have stopped tweeting about how Brian couns coming don't because I was so annoying and then customers joined in because they're like we don't want support something like this. Now missing teak is day-to-day. I'm just saying out your voice because clubs always say free speech and we love you know the doing with the marketplace wants, hey, the marketplace wants to see guy with Dick out we book him well does the marketplace ever speak up the other way? No but male comedians you could just simply tweet like, oh, it's not that well, that makes a good point I think. Everyone was to get in on. That's okay. I, get I get the complaints. People will complain that some Amblin Lucy came from his game and he was popping up in certain clubs. So I think he popped up in some places and of course, naturally, some people upset because, hey, I didn't pay to see this guy I I believe is a creep I. Don't I don't condone anything he did at Dumping Shepherd Career Blah Blah, Blah game on my space. So they naturally, they naturally go upset and they had every right to be upset right because you pay ticket to sees someone in saga you don't like pops up you're going to be pissed off. So then club changed their tactic and decided to announce that he was coming and it was up to the market to decide the our customers they went to pay to see him or not, and you know, of course we'd. Lucic Musica, Star power, and the fact that if my opinion he was pretty much a dinner on the stage anyway offense kind of Ford that they knew he wasn't surprised by wherever he was alleged to have done and maybe some people form their opinion about the story and maybe he didn't anything bad anyway. However, the case is there's by tickets and so that he shows wherever he went and oversee rubbed the wrong way. So that's the issue issue for me isn't that. What she's saying is partly true by Think, the issue is that if the market decided Bryan callen was. If the market said, we want to see Brian, currently sold at a show she was to be annoyed the comedy comes in on. So we have to pick up a little bit because I think you calmly comedy clubs for putting on a big comedian who hasn't been charged for anything. Right? Let's get into being accused of something is one thing but he hasn't been charged record-low nothing's been proven allegations. From the time being that he knows everybody bad. If again I'm I'm a Bronco Fan, I still think he should lay low he shouldn't be trying to put on show. It's in bad taste, right? Yeah. Some really heavy allegation will be said he's trying to clear his name. He should be trying to make amends whatever you should be doing shouldn't be trying to dig Dick some status, not the time. But. If the market does decide that they wanna see him and they think it's okay because he hasn't been charged of anything then you have to let them go and see him to you can't then go and carry on firming up place cooling embalm Fritz picketing outside a club that's taking it too far. You made you. You made your stance, you made your position. Clear people know what you stand he just Kinda move on. But again, knowing this whole issue, the whole program for me in this isn't jen isn't what these women are saying. It's fundamentally Bryan callen he should have never knows he's going on the tour. It just doesn't make any sense. Why is he on tollways? Allegations are still hard for their head like it doesn't make sense. He's own best friend Joe Rogan will isn't it mentioning his name ever again on on air or his poke especially on spotify and now he thinks it's best to go to now look he's has articles. Being written about him engine Cook when come in a minute often multiple afraid to buy him always gonNA freeze just a very, very poor decision making his in his thoughts and then you can listen to the Jackie Laurie show and find out like what exactly is not cool about it when the whole staff has to be around someone that's been accused of rape, but you guys always ask how you can help them in you never do it so funny but I know you're busy taking down trump and that makes you feel like you're doing but again I think it's unfair people. Look. Let's move on with article. So back in June Kirkman Often Olympia framed action items Sundays does could take to help make the shed work environment safer for your again, these things are probably needs to be done. In the long term with a bit more cooperation would kind of finger pointing again that's probably another. Day We continue and in says I'm Ernie one male ally who is doing the work is God God. We'll take them in husband of Catherine field. That's what they do accused should. Branko rape. Nights nine and again this the issue fear if I remember the story correctly. I can amy coupon was a little bit loose with some to the fiction but. If I remember correctly, they did kind of lose to fact that he might have Rafidah allegedly right. So, if I'm being accused of something like that like. This time to be announcing shows, there's no time to be trying to learn secret potluck patron podcasts, I mean you're GonNa try and create your name. So you could go back to do what you're doing before the level you're doing it like. Some nondescript studio with a wobbly table doing conspiracy free podcast with somebody that you didn't probably speak to that much prior in some Tripoli who's been absolute jen in terms of how he's backed him in public is probably against some trip. He doesn't know Brian Cameras well as Joe Rogan does and he's beckoning more than he is. It's like, oh. Yeah. All the things again annual has continued. Looking over the websites for the club listed above reveals interesting details. The helium comedy chain not only has kind of performance has promoting his appearance from the Shane in his who might remember from side in again. See Look. Just his own surface action is getting Shinkin this name for in the mud. The candidacy Improv is also has Kevin Show promoted on his main page and it's an Improv has listed on the calendar. Turbo meanwhile, the breakdown comedy clubs seemed to have scrubbed cannons named from their website already want. So one places really knocked him off a Google Search Name Brand current tells Debbie La. He says, however, if you get the link, it takes you to a May pay listed on the day shown in. Google. Preview new cannons list still is unclear if he's been counselor Britan's laying Lonzo its Tom. Blows over. Court. Cookman and take them shed their profound disappointment with the men in comedy saying following Cartman said France for doing this work. Hope you'll as discussed design at the male Comedians who will say anything don't even mean friends of color I mean the good guys week just fucking week but again, what you expect, right they don't help you any like La Comedians. The just the worst in they don't th friendship doesn't exist. No. Trying to protect their own shows, protect their agents detector on open trinity to Gauge Gigs it is what it is. Suggest that somehow people are not involved in a even their friends are going somehow jumping to be allies. It's just not going to happen there waiting for the guy to get canceled completely say can take your spot comedy club comedy story. That's what they're waiting for and I guess the husband of and hundred percent since they all came at my wife and I have been talking about signs of the male comics. So good ones it's disgusting disappointing Stephanie Yeah But again I think the onus is on the people that actually give a shit to make the change. If people don't give a shit that don't WanNa get involve. Let let them be an unfitness anything that's slam them. Regard a maybe might be a slight again it's not really a business. He said Okay. Continue here. The audiences Kirkman explained this up to Comedians and comedy Patriots to speak up when clubs booklet abuses, of course but then there's also up to the clubs. So you speak up, you've wish this discontent and it's up to the clubs have a final decision if they WANNA buckle under pressure and say, we're going to take the show off then cool. But if they want to continue putting a show on, you have to respect the decision to is heinous as bad this whatever tasteful. But is what it is in that regard. But again, Callan, why did you announce the shows? Why you until while you know trying to clear your name who knows? It continues here she she's going in like she's twin lawyer in this article says I feel alone you asking guys give share including Sapphire, which means which makes me feel insane. I think having Kovic probably doing it to being endorsed so long and just seeing people that probably this thing to counter coach as interesting especially during covert when somebody does something allegedly as what he has been accused of, and you're seeing them on on your time line still you're seen them you know you see these Patriot flip blow up thousands of pounds a month being pledged to him and he's efforts to get back on his fee and you it must irk you again. So genesee bitterness by Ackerman, the stand that contempt that's going to be brewing when somebody like a John Kirkman may be things you really have them sandwiches that he has he's a man did. So this is why I think some of the cash should be a little more. Sensitive of the climate right and just be a little bit understanding that sometimes it's not even you is what you represent that as actually the problem and the best way that he could have maybe addressed it wasn't to maybe you know. Openly what chastised council culture when the allegations cameras, this counterculture, Callan you being accused of touching women when they don't want to be touched up being accused of raping. So Jamie this isn't Canseco. This is way beyond cancer coaches like. Is such a doughnut man again I'm a big fan of his buddies fumbled the so badly. She said he it's about What is it? Continue here she said I'm realize in the mentality of the dude is that if they can't fix all the second nothing mares. Kay's company company. It is excited to Karen coming because about twenty five people wrote gross under the and all it took to them shipping himselves. She says about Kelsen Comedians are ruining club lives is about making people who book repairs have to put up with someone comfortable feedback of their businesses. Susan's that's it is so much simpler and way is punk rock that then you're making it. Yeah you can spin it that way, but you know it is what it is. GonNa Count someone them but don't try and make it seem like you. Now you're doing anything but that continued here's some respond. Disappoint Kuchma tournaments caused by under invoice some person could Francona. Who I'm assuming we'll probably in the same scene is recognizing the names will probably. Improve people who'd naturally make sense. Now because if you listen to Joe Rogan, does because comedy scene, they always attacking impromptu thing how in a Corny and lame day it makes sense now that they've been the people who've been accused of the horrible crimes are the ones from the comedy store legit comics say make sense that these guys don that graves and I it completely makes sense I get and in another peasant here called may Martine. Another person called a gray delays Griffin who repeat a tweet as she buffy met another day when the faintest story she leaked about her and a friend going to see callum go into comedy store and they're looking at because it's a Kevin. Because he allegedly raped what inmates and it continues here. Number Person Haub Gentleman and the update is that breakdown already has council show breakdown company covers confirmed it accounts book in. This shows have been canceled. So again, the point remains man like. You can ignore council coach as much as you want you can pretend doesn't exist, but it's GonNa come to you especially especially especially, if you haven't defended yourself adequately your content go about trying to you know. Re whatchacallit restart your career in any way shape or form especially Callan to his he's not known. That level of fame where he can essentially dictate how things go the way he wanted to go. He still needs the benefit of the doubt he still needs. Fans and. New Fans Kinda take I don't know. He just hasn't got that hardcore basic Nikki sort of like a Lucy K. would have in terms of kind of riding through the storm and again is unfortunate inches on issue. He has kind of soda that wakened. Fan, because I think. He's friends. We can help them a bit more bug and this might be common for the thing that really and in the coveted now of prior this all mad. It s maybe coming back. To shore but hey. Let me comments down below moment you think Jen Kirkman is going way too hard. Do you think she's the range deficiencies woven their rights to call up for male comedian friends what you female comedian should be doing? Should they be trying to help out and trying to hold clubs accountable always at the responsibility of the people who actually being affected I eat a women I e the allies of these women to try their best to hold the clubs accountable and to try and kind of create a safe space for Comedians with interment industry whatever you foresaw. Let me know comments down below. Kate. Next move on from that one soap. Oh. Let's begun. Update here on Christa. Leah. Lou Show one because no one be mentioned Chris as name anymore he saw like a the The boogeyman Ri- whatever that, what was that horror film? Will you call repeat the person's name whatever is a he is that person you do day do not as name name shape or form, which again considering the allegations abbot hovering against over their heads, Chris Leah's crimes of relatively tame if you really get to the me and bones of yet cassation's right is him just being a dog trained to hallway that moves in every state that he visits when he's on toll maybe he? Slipped up and didn't check the DB's of some of the profiles that he was messaging and just Germany like site is whatever it may be. If you remember he's quote his statements like all he led lifestyle, get the best to take him weve right that essentially happened and that's basically it. I think he's also may be guilty of being vivid Dick covering from somebody accounts. You read somebody else he's not really the best of company when he knows what he wants from said individual allegedly. necessarily. Guys Way to make a fun evening I'm let it be said in that regard and again these crimes not really it's a sh-. DICKHEAD? Would you recommend him to your sister Oh, to your best mate probably no. But you know he's probably not enough to county his career but I understand in his position especially considering his image and the fact that he's Tito and he seemed no and to suddenly have this weird nowhere butts to suddenly have your fetishes and your you know behind closed doors desires. Laid bare for the water, see can be really embarrassing. So it might be moving embarrassing thing that he's laying low has said nothing since then been some pictures of him hanging around and Shit and going shopping with by ever hear bashful Krista Leah and of course, he's friends of you know not really said, mom you don't expect much from most of them but you know somebody evers you expect a little bit more and I guess one of them being bobby bobby he's been going through a tough time himself right I think. There was spat where I felt like there were stories those old clips of Bobby. Lee On What's his name on the David? Show they've show podcast back in the day with us care saying some wild stuff You know maybe stories embellish maybe they want. But regardless it fellows if there was a a concentrate EPA underground to come cancel Bobby Lee two. So I think ever since then he's been kind of like. A reputational damage tall Kyla when on another percussion, the in says something about all wobbly stories are fake you make up he's lying but we went around and basic tried his best dance around some conditions and again make it seem as if exaggerated stories and be self deprecating by WHO's conscious enough that climber industry made it seem as if he couldn't say anything positive or negative about Crossley because he was afraid of any attention in my. Printer stuff he said in the past. So we it comes to discipline them. When the show you this is the recent podcast dispose weekend with viewpoint episode number two, nine, seven where he invites a bobby Lee down and you know against fun podcast I'm a big fan of Feo bobby and feel great chemistry and Renter's obviously amazing. You know those of good laugh out loud moments but ever show segment here where they touch upon. The difficulty when one of your close friends is accused of a heinous crime and you know of how to kind of stand up from Beckham playbill clip and we can talk about it on the other side. I. Get your number this or that you get scared of, I, get scared of. People like Sharon that or like screen-grabbed it in like I don't know. It just feels like You know people are gonNA use it to mass with you. I, mean even after what happened with Dalil like A lot of the stuff that got shared about last a lot of the stuff that got shared about him. These Jackson when he mentioned his name. Looking space you know people are GonNa, use it to mess with you. I mean even after what happened with the Li like? A lot of the stuff shared about. A lot of guys shared about him none of it was illegal stuff. You know and they just people like Oh. What about this twenty two year old woman that he was communicating with you're like, well, that's not the you know. It. Might be. That's you know there's the difference between being a dog of a man and being a. Pervert or criminal perv would I have to say about him because I didn't I I don't want to get in trouble. You know that's the thing I I've been pretty silent about you know. Talking about the me too. But I WANNA say one thing which I'm trying to gather the words is that I do. The allegations are shocking. But I do have to say that. We just. Just. Personally what are the nicest Generous Good guys that I've ever met in in the business you know, and again this issue I had with the beginning with the allegations these guys in La Right. Allegations are heinous right there deep, really serious allegations that need to be taken seriously, and of course you know you're hawk without the victims alleged or whatever you know no one should go through what they had allegedly gone through. But I still maintain. If. You're the friend of somebody like this who's done gun for something even private offices myself. I. Want to get the facts from my friend in some way shape or form, and then make my own decision up that way. Right. But even with the Elias Node, Bren shop and brand count went on their podcast straightaway the news came out and just I bowling in front of the camera, you know a damage-limitation. Distance themselves from trailing, reviving talking to the guy. I he's owed conversation conversationalist just. Even One When your friend or somebody they allowed at one compensation. If they murdered somebody stole money, whatever they're allowed. One conversation is up to you of the conversation to decide whether you want to be differentiated. In my decision my point of view less you walk down I guess the only thing would be radically I would never be a friend again we'll definitely be rape will definitely be touching minus right that's completely done. There's no concession to be had but anything else outside of that I owe you compensation I, owe you the chance to explain yourself and you and you should you kind of deserve that from me being a friend right the to kind of be there for each other you know in the good and the bad. So to see those guys be so quick dismissed the allegation. Especially when on paper they want that serious. They went allegations that no one could ever come back fruit areas and wrote of adaption is a wrote of forgiveness in some way shape or form. There are lessons to be learned from it. Why don't you say one be okay just saying, Hey, he's my friend. I'm support him as a friend Oprah's I. Don't condone what he did but I'm GonNa try and be different much as I can because I don't I don't kind of let go of my friends don't remove to my because think about it. Quentin Tarantino said the same thing about bloodied. was his name Harvey Weinstein, and look what Harvey Weinstein did right when. When I accuse they kind of Quiz Quentin Tarantino. By relationship with Harvey because obviously he green lit. Of some of the more successful movies. Quinta Tarantino directed and he said quite clearly, hey, he's my friend. I don't know I'm not familiar with delegations. I. Haven't read up on them by her they've sound very serious, but please allow me some time to reflect an LLC to later right but he maintained the hey, this is my friend I'm going to give them the moment of the chance explain themselves. I'm going to read up on what's happening. I'm going to get back to you later, and then of course, you know once he kind of. saw the the severity of the accusations he kind of you know distance show, but even he had the. Temerity to kind of give the guy a chance explaining some because he was again, he saw him as a friend. He didn't know the other side of him. Same applied to crystal yourself. That's your. Knowing really and again in this case to be fed him as well. He's been quite open about how? Much of a bad way by he's he's a pussy in regard doesn't necessarily he does because he's so he's kind of like Helen away. He's been so mistreated by industry. He's got some of the most cringe embarrassing stories by auditions member. Once he mentioned something about him dressing up as a Ninja for an addition like he's been trailer adoption industry has been for a lot so. He suddenly now go success. He suddenly pauses pop in. He's got you know obviously because of the famous podcasts has allowed him to leverage that to get more acting gigs and stuff and he's you know he's able to build his reputation industry and stand. He's a bear frayed to kind of talk about it because he doesn't want WanNa ruin the thing that he has especially you know. He's what fifties now something you know he looks great his age he doesn't want to ruin it. I GET IT A. Poppy. Still thinks like you know doesn't your friend is owed a bill public support when these gained trash online. So much I don't know man I. Don't know. He he's him and his family of only been even when I was struggling up the sweetest people and he's he's only been the sweetest guy. HOW YOU KRISTEN You've opened the doors to your home to him, your family, your mom, and dad love him lack of. Like A. Lukas silent and he doesn't say anything about your backyard. Mustang it must thing but again I guess it's. And I've not said that out. Loud. And because you know we live in a world where you know. You know you. You get this fear that am going to get canceled two or. Whatnot but I have been also thinking about, why can I say that? Yeah, you why can't I say you know that? You're coward. Basically, it's not bad to say, but it is your coward When you wrap up your value in industry, amd determines when and when you can get paid when when you can work who you can work with. You're going to do whatever. You can't stay in a good books again, it's not i. just think there are parallels to this is kind of a now decision that way I've been within the same thing if it didn't get allegations against him Hewlett Mention Christly ever again. Because he's of course as well somebody who only. made it late in life. To successive has caused hoop, which again same. You know Bobby Lewis mentioned that Carolina was the reason why Tabarre, any popped off the way did Brennan show reason why you know? The fine a potus away was so I'm sure they bumped down noted they've only got the chance because of the people that they've kind of poss- by their life at the right time and they don't WanNa fuck up right because they know how bad it can get for them. Sign a standard the reluctance to speak up. It's nothing more than just being a coward recently really at us. Basically, what is all about? You. Know. Kristie Leah is just one of the nicest guys I've ever met personally in my life. I've never seen him do all the things that you know he's been accused of doing i? Don't I also I'm also I'm on the side of always victims. You know I feel you know people have been victimized. But that's not what I'm saying right now. All I'm saying is that you know. That's the thing that I've been scared to say because I don't want people to think that I'm defending him. I'm not I'm just saying that you know. That's what I know of him that he's just being a guy i. do have the same experience. Chris has been super nice to me. Mean you know helpful with workout you and I you and him are closer. Because y'all have more of a history together you know. Yeah. But It's just so uncomfortable say that because it's like you know it shouldn't be but it all like it shouldn't mean just because we talk about someone that means like we. Don't. Like support somebody that if somebody was taking advantage of I, I don't support the behavior, right? That's the behavior if someone's victimized. I'm not I. I'm on their fucking side. That's what I'm talking about I'm just saying that why can't I say to you I mean the he is just my opinion about him. You know it's like, yeah, totally. Yeah. When people are more than one thing you know like people like I said before like people are complex creatures Riley it's like when people like? WHO's that? Guy. he's not here live, but he is a human and I. Want to add one last thing it's like. The same thing as I feel about Carlos Mencia right and what went what he went through it's like you know I was as opening act when all that shit went down our really. Yeah. You do you speak up or do you not know fucking cut ties and I fucking ran a guy feel bad about that now or no? You know there's parts of me that feel bad. But then you go and that's the evidence and I guess that's probably that may be explained why he saw uncomfortable Ranch Oregon because I think you know everyone is clamoring why isn't Bobby Leave Ghana? And you know he's always kind of making excuses and enjoy even told him once at a comedy show hey, you should come into the show and you just want to follow up on it because he's weighed about calling one Texan and asking for things buffing fundamentally he does feel a little bit of fraud and you probably does feel like the down they still look at. Bobby Lee with aside because he was so close to Cozmanca of course, cosmic safe. You know the law he was a comedian who Jauregui. So of course, it'll stage because he had been stealing drugs from a group of Comedians at the Comedy Store People Irish free and others, and you know he's teeth I do this really fucked up finger he wants them do their job. and. Income up later on when you have his prime slot and do the jerk on stage or or just do he's flip of the Jerkin in kind of ignorance and of course, but merely being somebody that kind of told him on the road with him he was a close ally close friend and he essentially decided to cut ties him as soon as the comedy store. Turned on Carlos Mencia Time Cozma had a lot more clout and accommodate stored in Jerusalem he was at the main guy. So for Juergens even dude NFL it was a bad thing as a big deal at the time in individual in is out there is probably one of the most wash ones of Joe Rogan, stuff outside at Safi did or fear factory and stuff beforehand. But. Yeah, these kind of some previous history of kind of being a bit of accounting up backing up his friends maybe the presidency thing. It's a bit difficult harsh to say that because you know he's at the of his career, he probably did on the right horses long-term right. You know staying sweet with the La solve light comedy crew was. Idea kind of siding with. Right it made sense. But if friend still you'd probably Yo yo your friends that loyalty. That's all you owe them. Loyalty loyalty loyalty and there's a part of me still thinks regardless of regardless their crimes of course, like I said touching them kids raping people you should be excommunicated apart from that. You should stick with your friends when I dunno way again I, don't have any I don't have many friends I'm. Not, the most sociable guy in the world, but I think if you have friends that you've known for years, you've developed bonds wave you've got to not of the you owed him that especially in the seat him get better you owed just yo them just to kind of be around and help them to kind of you know become a better person even for the next friend right you just what you WANNA do. Copy by life because I make a mistake or something that's not how the world works. We all make mistakes will fuck up and do crazy stuff. But anyway, WE'RE GONNA learn is next to us can of pull up, pull us up on it in some way shape or form but again, I won't play the whole clip bit long but definitely check it out. The whole episode is really good. bobby, Lee Enfield airfield Castilian again horsemen do you understand what coming from? Do you think he is a coward like I'm saying mcgann saying to be rude because I'm a fan of his I. Love Tiger I love what they do but is there is what is he didn't setup and for any of these friends, he would never stand up for each plan because he always cares about his career. It's funny because that is just how is an again like I said he's had some really terrible expenses in Hollywood. So I completely understand is risk aversion and him wanting to kind of make sure he doesn't lose wherever he has at the moment because he generally is quality cognitively aware if it if he does get counseled is over, he can't re style his career again right just hasn't got it in him. They don't slept king for nothing. But yeah let me know what you think of that and what they. Say, and is there any is actually wrote for them should Kristalina can actually come back again he's probably GonNa buy the right way. Just, laying low, not doing a Brian Caliber Kenny ever come back and have another. Comeback in restart his career. Completely, over for him and if he can house again into Duda, let me know in comments Dambula anyway that's accidents ships a free seven eight. Twenty in too much of your time base again for tuning in if I wanted to show, make sure he smash hit subscribe and comment below if you're listening to the poor please me five-star and Cheddar showed your friends Dalo And if he can't support show via, Patriot please do I wanNA buy a Gopro? He relied on upgrade is camera. What he gets fish affects share and use another place definitely make sure you subscribe on Patriot patient. Accomplished. 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