Special Report: Cinetopia 2019


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Sprint dot com slash L G or call eight hundred sprint one cone fifty dollars a month for twenty dollars month predator vibe into Bill to cancel remain balanced. Willing to face a six thirty twenty thirty dollars per month for line with auto pay DVD Burs Asian during congestions maximums. Usual restrictions apply. Hey, Phil choking projection booth. I'm your host Mike white on the special episode. I'm talking to area one who is the director of marketing and programming for the Senate Opie film festival happens over an an Arbor Detroit. Dearborn Bloomfield Township Royal Oak from may tenth to nineteenth twenty thousand nine we're going to be talked about some of the films that we're going to be. Talking about some of the films that are going to be shown during the festival. I hope you enjoy. Area. One every year. I tried to talk to somebody behind the scenes at the Senate Topi film festival, and I'm very curious. Is there a theme to this year's festival in any different theme than what we'd do normally which is showing the bus stumps for the best doubles the themes that kinda come across all of the films that we end up choosing high not line height? We're hosting spring picnic on the weather looks great. But don't we need stylish new genes? Now gets old eighty old navy. Yup, right now, jeans shirts and teaser up to fifty percent off to fifty percent off our fashion forecast is looking up. Sure is refresher with you. Distress dials lighter washes, there's one hundred and six to choose from dean started just fifteen bucks for adults ten bucks for kids. But the picnics this weekend, we need them. Now just by line and pick up in store for free today. Free pickup and time for picnic get up to fifty percent off since he's now, it'll maybe it'll maybe I'll come four twenty seven to five five thousand four organically. So maybe one of the things that we think about the most one we were programming. Are the fear is. We wanted them to be the life. All you know, we wanted people to leave the film's happy enjoy what they saw and not to overly depress. The festival runs from may tenth to nineteenth this year is that earlier than usual. It is it's about three weeks earlier. Although sometimes we just say a month earlier, but it's actually three weeks earlier. And you know, the main reasoning behind that is there's just so many other events happening in June. And we have a lot of people that all I wish I could go to help you. But you know, it's the same time as, you know, the grand prix or like a big grilling fundraiser, the happens in Arbor, or you know, it up to the summer festival or a venues are just book through that time. And also the auto show is moving to June in twenty twenty. So we were going to move it anyway, and we just decided. To move it. This year of kind of you know, the way for us get used to what it's like to run a festival in may. So far most people that we've talked to are relieved that we are doing it in may because they're like Finally I can go to Senator via and what was your role with the festival this year? I am one of the directors of Senator Pia Kotorak gang with their Ascalon Tei and Seren I bring two halves to the director role. My expertise is in the marketing and programming side. And her expertise is an operation, although she also have experienced doing the marketing program inside because she worked at many different types of festivals all over the country. What were some of the films that you saw throughout the year that you said I have to make sure that this gets into sanatoria for me. Personally. I have a programming lead on staff he does programming for the Michigan theater. So Nick altering he's actually. In every single movie that we've shown and he goes to Sundance and other dump of all the one that I saw through my limited festival attendances would be one that made it into the program this year, and it was called time trial, and it's really intriguing documentary about professional cycling and how people go through these time trials to qualify for the torture fons. And this documentary follows Miller who was caught doping and he got one of the title surfed because he was doping and this follow him and his kind of like last chance to get into Twitter. Font clean. And so you kind of go behind the scenes, you're you're on his bike or Ewing next to him. And you kind of see that there's the whole community between the racers. And you know, they'll be fighting next to each other trying to get their time. They're also kind of heavy fight conversations asking, you know, like, oh, where did you summer? Okay. Well. See you later. Bye. You know, it's just really really different look into the world of cycling, and I don't I don't like myself, I suppose, really fascinating. And I think there's a huge community of people that do cycle that would be really interested in this documentary. I notice you're showing a lot of movies with Lili Taylor in them, the university of Michigan screen Arkan cultures. They do an annual oppose him called the makers and Mavericks, and they honor a filmmaker every single year. And so last year, they honored our off, and we show three of his film and this year, they're honoring Nancy's, the voca and Nancy focus there. The director of dog by an household saints. And we're also showing thirt- are you kind of partnering up with the Jewish film festivals. Well, yes, every single year the Jewish comfortable rent out our theaters, and they put on their Jewish film festival this year. It just so happened that their full also coincides with when our some Fussell, and we talked about whether. We should keep it separate or if it would be beneficial to both some people to kind of join forces similar to how we partner with the Arab some festival because we moved there festival up three weeks, the Arab film festival couldn't change their dates because of Ramadan. So they're keeping their June dates, and so we kind of are now also partnering with the Jewish from us. Well, we decided it would be great to be able to combine our resources, and our audiences will have more opportunities to watch really great films. So it was a really great process working with Karen the in Arbor Jewish community center, and you know, the films that she programmed to be included are also filmed that we would have also enjoyed to include infants and a Tokyo. And actually, we have one film that is a Jewish Centric foam that did not make it into their programming, but we'd really love to. So we included in the phone Tokyo program. And so people who sponsor the Jewish phone festival. They also get access to the Tokyo dome and vice versa. Well, tell me about your venues. I know, of course, that you play at the Michigan theater in the state theatre where also you playing films this year, one of our other larger venues where we're gonna show a lot of films is the imagine theatre Royal Oak. We have a really great new partnership with them, but we're actually have four screams for four days at the second half of Senate Tokia, so we're really excited to be able to show, you know, one hundred twenty screenings of foams there the other venues we are also continuing to be at cinema traits which have been downtown to try and the spending theater we're going to use them for two days. And that's kind of like they're doing a lot of renovation to kind of bring back the facade of the Senate theater. The inside of the theater is really pretty they've already done a lot of work inside. They have a world organ inside. And you know, they're trying to bring back that area that neighborhood in the trade back to glory. We. Decided that it would make a lot of sense to put our Detroit Boyce this short film competition to exhibit at the Senate theater. And we're also doing a panel for filmmakers of free channel about DIY distribution and other distribution stories. It's really exciting for us to be able to try voices at the Senate theater, and we have this new venue that lot of our audiences haven't been to before very exciting for us. And then besides the Senate theater often gonna be back at the maple Peter. So we've worked with them before the venue. We weren't able to do them last year. But this year were able to work with them. And so we're going to be showing three films three days may thirteen to make fifteen and they're really excited to work on five some the foam that were putting there are going to probably be really big hit. So that's also going to be really awesome. And we're also back at university of Michigan's Angell hall. They have their auditorium. They have one that is. DC P capable which is the format that a lot of new films are on nowadays. When when you say things that are going to be big hits. I mentioned something like a framing John DeLorean is gonna play at the maple has actually already on standby. We're going to be showing in the maple theaters largest screen and already it's on standby, which means that we have half of the capacity held for Pasalar. And then we sell the other half for advanced pickets, the all the events tickets have already been sold. And so what that means is people who want to see this movie will show up if they don't have a path Bill wait in the standby line. And after the pass holders are seated at fifteen minutes before screening, whatever sheets are remaining we're going to start selling for one will definitely saw out that is one of two screening framing John DeLorean gonna happen during Topi the other one that's going to happen at the Michigan theater on. I think. Eleven and a worksite is because Wanda producers to MIR Arden he's going to be an attendant do the QNA, and he's also known as the DeLorean historian, and he is helping us get some delorean's park around the theater's. So people will get a chance to pick pictures with real DeLorean who else to have coming to the festival this year. A lot of exciting people who may really great not a lot of them are super famous like last year. We had Beaubourg him who has pre-payments around certain circle this year. We have probably I think about thirty people pendant some really cool people that I'm really looking forward to meeting our Alex Horowitz. He directed the documentary called upon me, which actually are closing my film. I'm really interested in being him. And also Eddie Alterman who is currently that she brand officer at Hearst auto. He used to be the editor in chief. Of car, and driver magazine. And so he actually works locally. I'm not actually sure if he goes locally, the two of them are coming for the film autonomy. And I I thought the screener for autonomy. A knife bought the documentary was just really well made and really touched upon all of the tough things that you can think about with a communist vehicles, and you know, the history where we are currently, and you know, where it's going, including the ethical implications of autonomous vehicles. Like, it was just a really well made story, and I think it's amazing that Alex was able to kind of put all of that together in a way that easily understandable by the general public. My husband works in autonomous vehicle control. And I watched it with him and afterwards, he said, yeah. I mean, I know all of this stuff. No. But so does that mean you like the movie or you don't like the movie, and he said, no good because I think it's a movie that would be really great for my parents. To watch to get them to kind of understand what an autonomous vehicle means. Okay. I think that's a good thing. What you're right. So you don't get this awkward questions at holidays. What is it that you do exactly? Or you know, what people have been caught on in this beautiful like that will never happen. You know and kind of documentary sort of explained, but like it's kind of already happening in your vehicle, you just don't know and one of the things, and I think the documentary really give you these different perspective. But for example, right now, you think about Tom this vehicle, you're like, I would never watch. You know, I would always drive forever. Never let a machine control my driving. And then you know in the documentary, they say, no long time ago a person operated. The elevator got into an elevator. And someone manually cook you up and down. And then when they switched to automatic elevators for a long time. They still hired an attendant to stand in the elevator with you pressing the buttons because it made people feel safe. And then nowadays you freak out. If you got into elevator were somewhat with manually control elevator. I. I am very excited to see making Montgomery Clift that fell Martin Van Dyke. It's also very excited about it. Because he was also very huge Montgomery Clift fan than very excited for both of the directors to come to one of the screenings Hillary and bobber cliff though, he's Montgomery Clift. I'm not even back in high, Hugh, but band, son or son, or now, you have to look that up for me. But both of them will be an attendance. Did you see Fono tune? I do not keep on tune. But I heard that it is very quirky. The director of the film. I think he's in Thint. He was not able to come. But he made a really cute introductory video for us that it'll be a message for people that are seeing this gome. But I know that the programmers who did see the film. They are. They're very excited to show this to everyone I tend to enjoy the more quirky midnight movie esque kind of stuff. Do you have any recommendations for those teams a really good one killing God is is a black comedy horror film? It's in Spanish, it's made by two Spanish directors. And they're also coming for one under screening, I think it's on the second weekend. I think how it's to be really interesting. There's another one them to follow. I heard a lot of really good things. I think that Soames probably going to get a wider release later on. It has a really great cast. And it's just done really well and about a cult that worships snakes. So if you have make phobia do not like the pentecostals are lead programmer, and he says, the favourite film is the documentary called Mr. Jimmy and about this Japanese guy that credit embodies the performing soul of Jimmy page. He kinda dragged up like him, and he acts like him, and he performs all his live concerts. Exactly the way that Jimmy page will perform. That we tried really hard to see if we can get him to come and it almost happened. And then the and it didn't work out. We talked a little bit about some of the live events, the panels. Those kind of things are there any other events going on that people should be aware of we normally have. For parties are parties, usually have filmmakers that will come our opening night party is going to be before the opening night film, which is before you know, it, and I'm actually really excited about our opening night film because it is just a it is it just embodies the word delightful it talks about the conflict between these two sisters, weird, family dynamics. But then it just really leave feeling really great. And the main actresses the two people that say the sisters they're coming. They're also the co writer and Hannah, the main actress, she's the director of the film, and and you know, I saw her and her film when I went to Cleveland and just hearing her talk and Acuna that she did there. I just thought like this is going to make work great panel after the film because I think a lot of people are going to have similar questions, and, you know, ask her because it's very rare where when you can ask. Ask a director about an actress experience to but because she's the director, and she's been main actress, and because this was her first feature length film, but she made in acted in a she can answer a lot of questions and give you a lot of insight on this reason for the choice, or that reason for this, you know, seem setup because she she has done it all the other big event that we're doing our clothing nights are closing is I I mentioned the film autonomy. And it's actually not really at night if at two pm, but after the film and the QNA with the director and the producer. We're going to have our closing that Cardi at and city, which is the first autonomous vehicle test track proving grounds in the world and the university of Michigan along with partnered with other companies to build this facility. It's close off to the public. It's mainly use for companies. And for the university to pass the vehicle that they've been working on. And it's very rarely open to the public. I was able to go to MCI when they first opened because I mentioned my husband's in the field. So we went to the special events. But really not often you get to check out what I'm all about 'em city is this it's a it's a fake town has a fake downtown. But may took kind of look like Ann Arbor. And then it has a section it looks like a highway and has a section that kind of different weather conditions. There's lights their stock signs. There's cakes fire hydrants trash the just looks like a pound, but it's there and just enclosed. And so we were like, let's you of block party at 'em city. So we're sort of divining the party like a in Arbor street party, like the violin monster confirmed that he can be there, and we're going to have to trucks, and there's gonna be a live entertainment. And then we're also going to provide a self guided tours around. M city from companies that were working with are going to bring a vehicle to the spray, and then they can like talk to people about, you know, the autonomous features that they've been working on and kind of answer any general public's questions about what's going on. How big is that place? I wanna say it's twenty two acres twenty two twenty two acres and it's completely enclosed. And it's right below the water tower on unlike Plymouth road, the has the clouds on it. But right next to that you mentioned before you know, it and also that you'll be having the symposium about Nancy Sevaka. Did you try to make a real effort to get more female filmmakers into the spotlight? This year when we open our profits, the programming we always look at the some I and when we start narrowing things down because there's just so many great home out there when we start narrowing down. We do make a conscious effort to who different voices voices of women of L. Cheapie Q humpbacks just to make sure that it's a well rounded program and this year, we do have a lot of female directors. I believe there are eight films that are LGBTQ Centric one of them that were really excited about is called manmade, and it's a documentary about prince sexual bodybuilding and two of the onscreen subject are going to be an attendance to one or the other screening. So you'll have a different Q inexperience depending on which screen though to and that's just the really fascinating documentary. And I'm sure people are just gonna love the documentary. And then just have a lot of questions than just in the okay, hand, the ability and the actions, but talk to people who like this is their life that you're watching out screen. Do you think they will do like body presses and stuff if you request that I don't know? Maybe I think I watched them of the documentaries of when those nigger used to do it. And I think they do. Awada prep before they actually for people. You gotta like fast, and then a bunch of push ups and do the tanning and the baby or yeah. Where's the best place for people to go to find out? More information and pick up a pass for this year's festival, you can find our schedule and fullest, the film, I going to finito PF festival dot org, and you can bypass online as well. Or even come to the Michigan theater. We will start telling passes thirty next week in person during the festival you can purchase a pass at the imagine theatre when we are at imagine. And also at the Michigan theater over in Ann Arbor, but you can always going to hope you festival about orca by path and this year one thing that we're doing new is that we have a concierge phone line, and you can call the phone number two bypasses buy tickets, repeating four packs that you purchase or just ask for recommendations. Which one should I see I wanna see this one or this one which one would you recommend? So it's really great new thing that we're doing this year that will help navigate stuff. Bull because what we've found is. There's a lot of film sec-, and sometimes you need a little help. And we are here to help you and the phone number for that is some in three four six eight eight three nine seven and ask for extensions thirty five aerial. Thank you so much for your time tonight. I appreciate this. Thank you for having me. Not. Directly at the city of Annaba. Extra to Reggie over. Snow? Why? You to an auto. Into your Lowell redundant. Bringing you the screen. From another time of another galaxy oven the SoHo system. Eric. Interplanetary? We watch. Seventy six seven. Projected. City. Trough him. Wasn't notified. Musicals? On this. The first time. This. The screen if you. Breakout James, even when you don't give. Wow. You will be under radio. I will now begin my final. Not fly. Can you off? Cool. 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