Tennessee Whiskey Relies on Missing Ingredients


This is scientific American sixty seconds science. I'm Christopher Dodd Yata all bourbon, whiskey doesn't have to be made in bourbon county Kentucky. But it does have to be produced from at least fifty one percent corn. And it has to be aged in unused charred oak barrels Tennessee, whiskey on the other hand must be made in Tennessee as the name implies. And in addition to the steps that create a bourbon, the distilled whiskey undergoes, another one called the Lincoln county process where you take your fresh whiskey this lie and you filter through sugar maple charcoal. It's also called charcoal mellowing trend. Curly is a graduate student in food science at the university of Tennessee institute of agriculture and just for the record personally, I prefer bourbon whiskey filtration through charcoal made from the wood of the sugar maple tree is known to mellow the flavor of Tennessee whiskeys like Jack Daniels, but the underlying chemistry was a bit. More of a mystery. So curly teamed up with the sugar Lynn's distilling company in Gatlinburg Tennessee to. Put their whiskey to the test. He used gas chromatography coupled with actual human sniffing to identify about three dozen aromatic compounds contributing to the whiskeys flavor profile, he then tracked the quantities of four of them to branch dock halls and two ethyl esters before. And after the Lincoln county process turns out the charcoal stripped out, a third of the branched alcohols in nearly half of the ethyl esters curly's advisor food chemist, John Peterman Afo. Hey, co message is that the branched alcohols and at the last Jewish that we analyzed in this study decreased, and that the distillate was smoother tasting and less harsh after the Lincoln county process. The researchers presented the work at an American Chemical Society meeting in Orlando and the goal. Curly says is to take some of the guesswork out of making great, whiskey, especially when the stakes are high. There was a head to Stiller at one of the big bourbon distilleries who said you really only get two chances to make a fifteen year old with. Munaf again, basically, we're just optimizing the tools to help the distillers get to the flavor profile that they want as for the flavor profile. He wants well. I'm not saying that Tennessee, whiskey is better just is. Thanks for listening for scientific American sixty seconds science. I'm Christopher Don. Yata?

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