The Panthers didn't play against the Falcons


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Thanks and I did hear. This call is being recorded by the Nice Lady so yes I did too so if we end apps wasting a half hour we can blame John which Sir I will welcome to keep sounding podcast. This is your New Orleans Saints. Game One edition Lou following a horrific loss to the Atlanta Falcons in in the first game of that series this is Brian joined by Brad. Brad how are you doing this fine evening. I've been better better. Yeah I think I have to So as you may have noticed that did not introduce John John. Had I don't know something going on on. I WANNA say prior engagements but doesn't really seem like that come. Just seems like he didn't feel like it I think he just didn't WanNa hang out with us. I mean yeah I could see that he. He tends to be the one who's very down in bitter and angry towards everyone intends to put us all down and make us feel bad about the panthers senator few with that Brad. Ah Do you do good glad. We're on the same page. I'm glad that you and I are at least on the same page aged. Show go round the the show I think's going to go a lot smoother tonight. Yeah without John Jumping in with his calculator and his analytics in his numbers and statistics that lack context and are wrong most the time. Yeah I mean He. He acts like the Games. Played on a spreadsheet or something like. Yeah it's just weird like it's on a the football field I know right it's not nfl xl it's NFL. Football John Yeah. Momentum is a real thing John exactly and you run the ball to win the game you dictate the tempo you play defense and you run the football. That's what we've known for how many years it's been working since nineteen o three John. Yeah if it wasn't working they would quit doing it. But that you're five and smoke at John so anyway The panthers are coming off a horrific loss to the falcons which was probably absolutely should have won. It was even even been a little bit remotely competitive event. They only scored three points on offense. Against a falcons defense a has been categorically bad throughout the entire year the final score was. I'm trying to find a whole bunch. Twenty nine to three ninety nine to three and it couldn't be twenty eight to three like if we're going to lose at least they could have made it funny. Yeah we can't we can't even mean about this game. Yeah because of that Kyle Allen through fifty passes asses this game which is his career high. And one thing I do want to bring up about that is Kyle and through fifty passes through four picks fix and was not really all that great even though he set career highs in completions and yards but again he did throw fifty passes asses and the last time Cam Newton took a panthers football field he threw fifty passes in a also. Did Not turn out. Well so is it. Is it the quarterbacks axe or is it the offense rattle you elaborate on that. I think is a combination of both. I mean when your best player is you're running back. It doesn't make a lot of sense to throw the ball fifty times. I mean I know that that opposing defenses are game planning to stop Christian. McCaffrey from running the ball. But you have to run the ball You know I'm not and and I know John's not here but I'm not saying that you can't throw it at all because that's absurd but you have to have balance. You cannot throw especially with Kyle Allen a quarterback. You can't throw fifty times and expect to win as we saw So I think it's a little bit of both. I think the quarterback you know he's limited in what he can do He's not very good at throwing downfield. He's decent enough at throwing within twenty yards but everybody knows that so the defense knows that all they have to do is shut that down and make him throw deep to beat you and because they know he can't do it so I also think that it's it's north Turner's fault for not finding a way to game plan around that. Yeah here's a little fun statistic for you as well in regards to kyle during the ball fifty times times Christian. McCaffrey ran the ball fourteen times. which is actually kind of low for him going on the season but he did catch the ball eleven times so he still around his his average of twenty five touches? Yeah I mean I didn't have a problem too much with them. Throwing to Christian McCaffrey. If eleven of those fifty catches our passes to Christian McCaffrey wise targeted fourteen times targeted eighteen times. Yeah that fourteen out of fifty. That's not that's not too bad but I still think that Kyle Allen shouldn't have thrown it fifty times maybe you know take twelve of those throws and hand the ball off to Alex Armagh. Who as far as I know is still on the roster put reggie benefit in therefore I down Put Jordan scarlet in the game. I mean as far as I know he's still on the roster so there are ways to not over overload. Oh Christian McCaffrey not throw fifty times and run the ball and be a little bit more unpredictable they also just signed somebody running by Davis. Yep they signed Mike Davis. He didn't touch the ball once on Sunday. He wasn't even active yet. He didn't even have Game Day Jersey so they still fed the ball to Christian McCaffrey. But it didn't really work out for them. Because when they got into scoring distance Kyle Allen turn the ball over or got sacked. Now I will give Kyle and credit. He threw probably the best throw. He will ever make his entire career on Sunday. The only problem is he threw it right to Desmond True Font Yeah it was a beautiful throw perfect placement. He just do it right to the defender. Yeah I remember. I was watching. I was watching and I was live tweeting from the handle title by the way. Follow us at cat scratch reader without the last E. R. E. A. D. R. and. Yeah I remember seeing that that ball come out of his hands and it looked pretty. It was a pretty throw. Had A lot of velocity went really went pretty far down the field and right into desmond robots hands. It was a dark mark. A DART to Desmond Font. And that kind of summed up the game like there was some redneck exactly was that that summed up the game perfectly physically that because that is exactly what happened. Yep It looked there were times. They looked really good and they looked like they were going to. You know score and then it just happened. Happen to go in the Falcons Direction. And it wasn't like the Falcons got lucky. It was just the panthers offense executed so poorly. I mean there aren't many times where you can say. A quarterback threw the ball four and threw four interceptions in the offense executed. Great but on top of that twenty nine of his targets targets were to Christian McCaffrey. Dj More. I don't know if you knew that Brad I did. Not Yeah he just make sure I have that right real quick but he definitely targeted both of them a lot. Hold on the phone code Yeah he threw the ball. Fourteen Times to Christian McCaffrey and fifteen to DJ morning completed in nineteen of those passes. which just those? Those by themselves is not great but yet he ended up throwing uh he also targeted the Curtis Samuel Seven Times only caught four of those. And you have just all around not a great game. The offense and obviously a lot of people have been talking about the panthers defense over the course of this year but they did their best. I think based on the fact that the panthers offense didn't score or at all and they couldn't keep the ball all that much. It's it's just one of those games the way I can put it They still sack Matt Ryan Nine three times. They hit him nine times. You know like you just can't you can't always overcome when your offense playing that for early. Yeah I mean you can't expect to win when you throw four interceptions it you just. Can't you know the the panthers may be could have beaten the bengals or whoever else is terrible. I haven't really been keeping up. Maybe never jets. Maybe maybe Miami in Washington One of those bad teams. They might could've won despite four interceptions but you can't win a divisional game. No matter how bad add the other divisional opponent is because let's not let's not give the Falcons too much credit here. They were two and seven than going into this game for a reason like they were not very good and they won two games in a row against the saints and against the Panthers so weird. Football's we're especially in the AFC south when it seems like over the last few years every team no matter how bad bad or good they are. They always play each other close. I mean even I mean even when we were when we went fifteen in one one game we lost was to the Falcons Yup Matt Ryan Super Bowl. That year was a a painful memory. Gina brought up last week and we continue need. Look back at it but not as painful as Matt Ryan's Real Super Bowl was too. That's true they did. They did in fact lose after gaining meaning at twenty eight to three lead so we do have that little bit of solace so before we move onto the defense as a whole kyle on this was by football outsiders metrics and granted. This will probably change over the course of the season but by pro football by football. Outsiders metrics that they use to measure quarterbacks. This was the worst statistical statistical game by a quarterback of all time. So they're looking at now instead. After the end of the season at being one of the worst instead of V worse so Iraq has seven more games to play so yeah exactly so it's not like the way their metrics work is. I guess it goes over the course of a full game or or a full season but right now kyle allen is on the bottom of their metrics as far as starting quarterback in the NFL. So Brad what do you think a coyote hi allowing can you come back from this. Have figured him out. What do you think teams have figured him out It's really not that hard. You know he is is one of the biggest media driven quarterbacks we've seen recently I'M NOT GONNA go into the reasons why he is a media media driven quarterback because I think we all know what those reasons our own and if you can't quite figure out why then can you know. Just take a closer look at the situation. But I mean he's not he's not bad listless gift that out of the way. Now he's not. He's not a bad quarterback he's level bad yet. He's not Jimmy Clawson level bad. He's not a disaster. He's just not a franchise guy like you're not going to. At least I hope they're not not going to get rid of CAM. Newton saved the nineteen million dollars and roll with. Kyle Alan unless they want to tank. Because he's too one dimensional like I said earlier you know he's pretty decent at throwing between five and twenty five yards anything more than Matt. He's not good at all and I know one of the arguments is that he can learn how to do it. He can grow into it And no he cannot. You can either do it or you can't especially when you're in the NFL now. If he were a college freshman or a high school sophomore more than yeah he could develop a deep ball. But when you're a twenty four twenty-three-year-old however Oli is a second year player in the NFL. L. You either already have it or you don't like is not. It's not something that comes with experience. He just doesn't have the arm and and he also doesn't have very good pocket awareness. Now this is something that he could develop with time and experience but leave the best when you're in those situations where you absolutely have to throw the football. That's when you have guys we're gonNA jump routes and make plays on the defense so not fun. It's it's not fun to watch. It's fun to watch it all and it sucked. Because like when the panthers win they do look decent like their offense. Their defense generally tends to like get after the passer get some saks. Get some big plays in their offense managed to score some points but when they lose lose bad right now like every game except for maybe we the first game of the season which is always a toss up has been like horrible loss because like limit quarterback play. And I don't know how they're gonNA to get past that at this point like I don't know what they can do with Kyle and to nullify that because he's limited he can make he can make some great throws every now and again but it's not consistent Where you can put the game plan is hands and let him win the football game and that's where they're at right now? Yeah well the downside is and I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer here but I think the season's pretty much over there are six games left And we are five and five and to make the playoffs. The panthers have to win out because I don't think ten and six gets us in in the NFC because as we are all ready chasing several teams in the wild card race. I don't think we're going to catch the saints. Because they're eight and two so we're three games behind the saints. We have have to play them twice so somebody else would have to beat them to help us out we already lost to the Falcons that was one of the Games we we needed to win. And our final six games. We have the saints twice. We have the Falcons again. That's three of our final six within the division. Listen and you know how that goes. We play the colts will play the seahawks and we play Washington. So how do we win against against the Seahawks who were rolling right now. The colts who were still pretty good. Even though Andrew Luck retired the saints or the class of the NFC south and arguably the NFC. And then anything can happen. When we play the Falcons? So you know were we have five wins. We need at least is ten if not eleven. I don't see US winning out so I don't really think it matters. You know. I think they should just keep letting kyle and play and as soon as we lose two more games and we're mathematically eliminated. I think they should play. Will greer guy was renamed to see we need to see what will will greer has I know Ron Rivera has said. They're trying to develop Allen but they used a draft pick on will grier they drafted with him at one hundred over all they could have drafted Chauncey Gardiner Johnson and shored up the secondary but they chose not to so damn it. If you'RE GONNA draft a quarterback in your starter is out then played the drafted quarterback. It's not that hard especially if you're not gonNa make the playoffs else. You need to see what you have. Because will greer might be worse than Kyle Allen. There's a reason kyle in one the job and you know it could be. It's just because it's Ron and Carol Allen has been here longer It could be because will greer is. He's a garbage can we don't know and we won't know until he plays. He was not very good in the preseason. But that's preseason So I mean and I think we can steal the return. Game with the Falcons because I I fully expect us to beat them in Atlanta. Because that's the way this this shit. It usually goes we. We always the team. That should win. Doesn't between the panthers and Falcons it seems like that's the way it always works and I think we can beat Washington but I don't think we can beat the saints especially twice. I don't think we can beat the seahawks and I don't think we can beat the colts so I think we're looking at a ceiling of seven the nine or eight hundred eight and no playoffs. Yeah I agree. And we'll see them at the Ron Rivera special. Yep the Ron on Rivera. Special marginal improvement marginal improvement. And at that point. When we're sitting there against the Falcons and seahawks in we are five and seven? Why not just play will greer? Yeah I mean you. Invested draft capital and the guy is at the very least light and play series or two here and there just to see what like you don't have to like you don't have. Let's start him against the seahawks and let them play a whole game but you know put him in there. Just see what he's got. Hey I'm Spencer Hall I'm I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan Nanny. I'm Jason Kirk and we're the hosts of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football. PODCAST it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically what I mean is it's all spoiled. Every Tuesday. We talk about everything from cooking. Disasters to pro wrestling too. Fashionable pants worn middle school. We also do you talk about college. Football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early. And unfashionable pants. That coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts. or in your favorite podcast APP. Hello Listener I'm Sean. Rama's firm firm host of today explained. Vox Daily News. podcast every day Monday through Friday my team and I look at what's happening in the world. We pick one essential news. The story that defines our moment and asks smart people to help us understand it in about twenty minutes or less. It's the perfect way to start her. End Your Day. Subscribed today explained for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast APP from stitcher and the Vox media podcast network especially when there's was like this so there's so much uncertainty surrounding Cam Newton. I can camp might just come out tomorrow and say say you know. I don't WanNa play anymore. Yep He very well could pull Andrew lucked. I mean he's selling backpack for like three hundred dollars. So yeah I mean he can make money. He doesn't need to play football to make money a he very well could come back in two thousand twenty with the panthers. He could be one hundred percent sent healthy and Marnie or whoever the general manager is could give him a five year two hundred million dollar contract and they could trade him he could. They could cut him. They could save. You know there are four or five different. Choose your own adventure type Scenarios Barrios with Cam and we don't know which one it's going to be so we need information more than anything else. Yeah this is the time that you especially. If if it's Ron even intends to keep his job or tries to this is where you gather information on what else you have and then make an informed warmed decision next year. Ron should play will greer at least once because then he can say. I tried everything I could use everything I had ed and we couldn't win because we lost Cam. Yeah and he. I believe he's under contract till twenty. Twenty which is the same as cam. Yep Yeah isolate. They don't have to move on from Ron. I know there's a lot of panthers fans out there who want them to and I kind of do as well. But it's hard to put if you really want to commit Mitt to Cam Newton next year for his last season on his contract. It's hard to expect him to be successful. When you move out the coaching coaching staff? He has around him so I could totally see them going for one more shot for broken. See what they can do with Ron and maybe even more With Cam the healthy cam. So they're the options wide open at this point. Yeah you're still fighting for the playoffs and I know that any rational all head coach is still going to want to say. Well we need to be trying to make the playoffs but once you're done with that you need to give will greer shot to show you what he's got yeah because they might find Out The they have to draft a quarterback this year whether or not can plays not because will greer could be terrible. Yeah we'll could also be Tom. Brady I mean you know. I don't think he is. I don't think he's GonNa I don't think he's GonNa be Jimmy Clausen bad but I don't think he's going to be call Allen. I think it's going to be anything better than Kyle Allen but I mean this is what I would do personally and I know. This isn't exactly the path we thought we were going to go down we. We talked about doing the show but they should do what the Ravens did. The Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson when they still had Joe FLACCO and and we should draft someone when we still have Cam Newton for one more year whether that be Jalen hurts whether that be to Tagliabue's whether that be Justin Herbert whether that be we won't get him but just an example Joe Borough you know one of the you know any any first round quarterback draft a guy. Let Cam play in twenty twenty if he's healthy the NFL wants to play. Let the rookie sit for a year. Like Lamar Jackson did use it. Use Create special packages for him like Baltimore. Did and especially. If it's Jalen hurts to get him acclimated and then after twenty twenty let cam go. Let him go in Free Agency let somebody else pay thirty five forty million dollars a year for thirty one thirty two year old quarterback back with an injury history whose body is slowly breaking down and just start over with a younger healthier cam. Cam Newton like quarterback. Yeah 'cause Lamar Jackson is a future. MVP In this league right now and everybody who you said that he should switch to wide receiver in the Ravens. Were rafting him and putting him. A quarterback are being proved proven. How wrong they were and and I'm not an expert? I don't get paid to analyze draft prospects. I don't watch a ton of college football not as much as I used to fuck. You will must champ. Because uh-huh Jalen hurts has the potential to be the next Lamar Jackson. Type Guy He is really good he. He was good at Alabama. He just lost his starting job. Because he's Tackler Bola played well and hurts. Didn't I didn't play well and dumb to just played so they couldn't not ride the hot hand and then Jalen hurts transferred Oklahoma and he is playing playing well at Oklahoma. He is playing just as well as collar. Murray did so I I mean I think whoever drafts him is going to be glad they did and I kind of Hope Carolina does even if they waste to gear by putting him behind Cam Newton on the bench. It wouldn't hurt to hurt to go ahead and make that move. Yeah and I think that if they do do that it's because they end up moving on for Mardi Hernia. And maybe even Ron Rivera where they're building for the future and they're letting Cam Newton like see where he goes for one year so I could totally see Carolina going route but yeah I mean it gives them options because you know they could either just like cam go free agency and build around hurts or they could trade jalen hurts for a first or second rounder to someone who wants a quarterback and signed cam to an extension like they have choices as you always need to have options. No matter what they are you have to have options. You cannot be stuck doing something you don't WanNa do like we're doing right now. Yup I agree and I think that that's a great conversation. I'm to continue for another day because the panthers season isn't quite over even though it feels like it I mean anything can happen in football. They could they could win out. I mean I don't think it's going to happen but they could win out. They could win five out of six and make the playoffs. I I don't know what. The math says John's not here to tell me with his abacus but I think the odds are very low. But they're not eliminated and I don't think they'll be eliminated until they get to seven losses. Yeah and that could happen and soon I can happen in two weeks. So we'll see about that. But for the optimists out there the optimus listening to the game to this podcast. The panthers are still in it. So we'll see what happens. We'll see what kyle and slash will greer can bring At the moment we still got Kyle Allen at the helm so we'll see what he does But yeah personally. I want him to lose out. I wanted to go five and eleven. I wanted to get a top ten draft pick. I want them to fire. Mardi hearn Ron Rivera. I want them to hire someone who knows how to draft. And I want them to hire Eric. B Enemy as head coach which offensive coordinator chiefs and I want them to build around a young athletic quarterback and be a winning franchise. That's what I want. But that's what everybody wants. Yeah and I don't think that's what we're going to get. But that's what I want. Yeah I'm willing to suffer through six law six more losses to get that. Yeah and I think when I don't I when I think I'm gonNA suffer through at least four if not five losses anyway. We'll more loss doesn't matter yeah. I agree but as we know Ron Rivera is gonNA stubbornly continued to try to make the playoffs and something he should. That's that's how he stays employed. Yes it no one can fault them for that no matter how much you hate him so On the flip side of the quarterback situation before we get we'll get into the saints game briefly. Let's just let's just jump into it right now because I mean there isn't much talk about the same with the Falcons Panther's game on defense. I think we already really broke it down but yeah the only thing I would say is. Don't be mad at Luke keithly for failing to cover Julio Jones because a that's on the coaching staff for not not for putting Leuke cleon situation where he had to cover. Julio Jones A number to it was perfect coverage. There's nothing more he could have gone on Matt Ryan through the most perfect pass. He has ever thrown in his career. Yup No matter. It doesn't matter if it was leuke. Cly Shaq Thompson James. bradberry Daryl rebus Dion Sanders. It doesn't matter who was covering Julio Jones that was completed catch no matter what it Matt Ryan threw it in the one cubic centimeter of space. That he could put it so Julio could be the only one to catch it. He'll never throw that pass. Ask again. It was a nine hundred ninety nine times out of a thousand type. Play where it's incomplete. That just happened to be the one yup and and is so bad. Yeah I felt Lewke. We played a perfectly to ram. There was absolutely nothing he could have done better. Yup that's what the cover to. What is that even called Tampa sanitary? Yeah that's the way Tanta to works like your middle linebackers gotta cover over down the middle of the field. I wouldn't put any other linebacker. They're in that situation. Try and cover. Julio is just it's who Matt Ryan. Julio is nothing you can do about it when the passes perfectly urgently. So Yep made Matt Ryan's professional quarterback who gets paid to make those throws. You'll never do it again. Yeah that well anyway. So Panthers Defense facing the drew brees led saints. Offense drew. BREES will have Michael Thomas who is currently the statistically best wide receiver in the NFL. Alvin Kamara obviously has given the the panthers so many problems over the last few years. There really isn't much to say aside. Yeah say we can sum this up very quickly clearly L. O. L.. Yeah like Bradberry is having a great year Even if Ross Cockrell plays between between bradberry COCKREL JR and Dante Jackson. Michael Thomas is still have probably over one hundred yards receiving. It's just it is what it is at this point i. I am looking forward to the fact that he's on my fantasy team. Oh well maybe we have a chance because he is so yeah. We have a chance at stopping him. He might only have like forty a yards receiving and like a fumble. Because Brad's fantasy lock is really bad. That's exactly what's going to happen. He's GonNa get like two catches for thirty thirty eight yards and he's GonNa fumble the ball on the one yard line. So hey maybe maybe we have a chance Brad on our side and I'm going to lose by five points joints because it if he would have scored that touchdown I would've won he. Yeah exactly Alvin Kamara. Though he could be a huge problem. Yeah the Panthers Rush Defense has not been great they did do a little better against Alkan also against what their third string running back. Yeah we were on their third string. Running back was was playing and we sold out to stop the run and over committed to stop the run and then and Matt Ryan threw for three hundred and fifty yards. Yeah and we still lost the only real the only real reason the panthers have any chance that this game if they can and really get after drew brees sack him even more than I would say even more than the three times a sack. Macaroni Matt Ryan. They made like six at least to really have an impact on this game or they need to turn they need to force a lot of turnovers which throw some fake diamonds at him or something but yeah otherwise I mean drew. brees is going to have a field day. Because her breathing's his his one thing that he does better than arguably anybody else the league other than maybe Aaron Rodgers is that drew brees can take a play. That's going nowhere and just magically Jacques Louis make something happen out of it that gains like ten to twenty yards and he does that all the damn time like like you can have him sacked and he somehow magically find an open receiver downfield and gets a first down. And there's nothing you can do. Like he's got a horseshoe taped up in his ass or something so I mean I expect act the only way the Panthers GonNa win this Games if they can score like forty five points. Yeah and that seems like it's going to be a problem. That's a great segue into the Saints Defense so they just played the buccaneers with James Winston. And so here's what they did to Jameis Winston. They picked him off four times which is really not outside the realm of possibility. James Winstone any given game against any given team. Yeah I think a four interception game is called they James Winston but they did they sacked him twice. They hit him twelve times in that game. So that pass rush is going to be coming after. Kyle Allan on this week. And that seems to be the solution to beating Kyle on his. Just get him under pressure. And and keep Mr Christian McCaffrey from scoring. Because even if he gets like one hundred and fifty yards from scrimmage they could still score six points so yeah and all those yards are great but they don't mean shit if he doesn't score. Yeah this week is going to be all about Kyle Allen reducing those those mistakes when the panthers have the ability to score this might be a joey slide special where kicked five field goals and even if he does they might still to win. They might still not win. But regardless they gotta keep Kyle and protected and he can't get hit that many times he will throw four picks. Maybe more like the the formulas out. There you get stopped Christian. McCaffrey from being effective all the time. You stop him from running over your defense you make Kyle and have to throw the football to score to score and were moved the chains and boom. That's the problem. So unless Kyle and suddenly finds a way to navigate the pocket in a better way than he has over the last several weeks this could be a long long game for Carolina. The release of much else to say about it the saints are very hey good team. The panthers are somewhere from the scope of kind of good to really bad like they just Kinda flew to. They're mediocre. Yeah they're mediocre but they've also had those like really great performances to the season which is why they're kind of hard to get to really like pin down to one the area that seems like a different Carolina team shows up every week so and the saints are eight and two for a reason like they are one of the best teams in the NFC. The and you know who really expect to have a really good game and it's GonNa be hilarious when he does is Johnny Gardner Johnson. The guy that we could have drafted at one hundred hundred and he went to the saints and I think it will be. It's expected at this point that he's going to probably we have at least one interception on Sunday and it would be even funnier if he picks off we will greer. Yeah thanks what happens. But it's funny. Because Chances Gardner Johnson was somebody that a lot of panthers mock draft had in like the second round for the Panthers to Pick End Stadium and take a shot shot on the third round or that was surprised that they took will greer instead because we needed a safety at the time I was hammered on the table all off season. You guys all remember that for. Yeah I mean this was before we even thought about bringing trae Boston back. Yep chancy Garner Johnson guy to watch for this Sunday's game hopefully. It's not a horrible game to watch where we're sitting there in the third quarter hoping it ends soon so but not looking ideal for the panthers authors Brad why don't we go ahead and just do our scoring predictions yeah. I'm pretty sure this is going to be a nightmare I'm I'm going to say Saints Thirty One panthers ten. I agree there somewhat. I think I'M GONNA go with Saints Sir. Twenty four panthers seventeen I think they'll like rebound a little bit but it won't be enough this game. So they'll lose the scoreboard will look like they didn't lose that badly. But I think that like looking at the game from start to finish it'll the the saints will have dominated aim for the most part I'M GONNA give John Score predictions because he's not here and I'm going to do it anyway. I'm GonNa give it a panthers. Twenty the eight Saints Eighteen Score. It sounds like something John. Let's say Yay. Because John Always fix the panthers he's probably been running excel spreadsheets the whole time. Yeah profitability figure out a way too early. Yeah almost like the avengers where there's like that one in a million chance they. They actually do win somewhere. Range of brain. So that's John's prediction for everybody and he absolutely supports Statham. Know that for a fact that don't need to consult him so no not at all So yeah the panthers play the saints on Sunday and this is looking to be not great game to watch so the one good thing about it is that it's on. CBS and Stuff Fox. So we don't have to listen to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman talk about Tasting Hill. That's true that's the one good thing about it. We Tony Romo who I only Romo. Yeah I can't wait for Tony. Romo tell us how how kyle is about to throw an interception. Because the way the play lined up his his little pre-snap stuff he likes to do. Oh Look Greg Olson's lined up in the slot. Kyle's about to throw it to Chauncey Garner Johnson here. I can't wait yeah. It's going to be good grill. Good way to to inspire confidence in your offense when Tony Romo's like hey they're gonNA throw the ball here to Greg Olsen on the defense picks it off so should be a great time Yeah Saints Chiefs Panthers The grudge match every year. The game the one the one of the two games that I would that I would like to see the panthers win. I could totally we see them lose every other game. They beat the saints in quite frankly I hope the saints make the playoffs in losing the NFC championship Tragic fashion once again. That would make this season worth every goddamn painful moment. We've had to experience so I said it before the season started I would trade and Owen Sixteen in season from the panthers for the saints to make it to the NFC championship game. Commit pass interference. That would win the game. If if if the touchdown stood but commit pass interference enforce an incomplete pass the other team challenges it and wins on the pass interference challenge and then they get an extra down and they score touchdown and beat the saints. Yup I would. I would sacrifice it's an Owen sixteen season for the saints to lose the NFC championship game on this stupid ass. Challenging Pass interference bullshit that they created because they don't know how to lose with grace. Yup I would actually even be fine with the panthers having another losing season next year. If that were to have I would i. Would you know because we're already the worst we can be as five and eleven. I will take two five in eleven seasons back to back if that's what happens. Yep even with camera turning it would still even the camera turning it would be worth it because the on top of the fact that it would just be hilarious that they had that happened three times in a row having a tragic loss in the NFC championship championship but they also drew brees thirty million dollars next year whether he plays or not the NFL. I would be fine with that and quite frankly it's just the vengeful asshole in me. But that's what I'm okay with Brad anything else. You'd like to add prior to this Saints Panther's game coming up on Sunday. No I think I've pretty much covered it. Yeah to watch yeah. I hope it's I hope it'll be at least competitive but I not holding doing my breasts but I want it to either be competitive or funny care. I don't care either way if it's not going to be competitive at least be funny if we can get like a kyle allen like wacky wacky sacks or wacky sacks or whatever it's called like fumbling the ball and everybody's jumping over each other trying to get the ball stumbling backwards. It's like thirty eight yards. I'm okay with that too. Yeah that would be fine. I'm okay with that so but we'll see what happens. I mean maybe Kyle instead atop finally delivers all the promise that the kyle truth hasn't been telling Mrs there so he is one against the saints. That's true he has never lost the saints so anyway from all of us here at the keep sounding. podcasts this is. Brian joined by Brad and not John John. Hopefully we'll see next week But thanks for listening and enjoyed football game whether it's hilariously bad or good see later keeps the football tek software for the textile ordeal the dolphins behind the village and took it in for the first time in caves shouldering. Thanks for the second second touchdown. Jonathan Stewart that. He's in for Tostao. That's intercepted the more. I know it gets a road win in New England.

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