REShow: Michael Kelly. Hour 3 (10-03-18)


Rich Eisen on demand, your show your schedule, fifteen minutes after ball dot com. Check out the casts at richeisenshow dot com. Hour number three, in our neighborhood here in our neighborhood as you just heard Michael Kelly, I love this guy. He's been on our show before he's back again, big time. Braids fan. He's from Georgia. You loves his Atlanta sports interesting time to being Atlanta in Los Angeles with the brave showing up to try and destroy the dodgers season. And these got a new film called all square. He plays a book that has trouble collecting debts. He starts trying to make money off of twelve year olds, youth baseball games that he starts to attend that just part and parcel of this very funny. Comedy with a nice warm heart called all square that he's part of. You know, it's not funny with a nice warm heart is his portrayal of Doug stamper now cards here in studio. Our number three, good times, Andy, Dalton and Ron darling of already been on the show. Our poll question is based on the playoff formatting and and our phone lines, what we've been talking about is what is sporting. That you've attended like cubs fans did last night that left you broken. Broken brokenhearted. The poll results top our number three, Chris read them off with the best playoff format or system right now. NFL leads the way forty one percent college basketball making a little run here twenty six percent and Joe NBA fifteen percent same with MLB college football, three percent, and see LeBron last night and his Laker's uniform. Did you catch any of that last night? Chris Brown couple of highlights. Hairline saw him struggle to get off the ground for dunk. But yeah, it was nice. Oh, God. Just love hate non, the Brown over there. That's what I saw. Okay. You know what? I saw an exciting staple center. People all fired up. I also saw young team. It's gonna have to gel this first out of the box. I also saw Rajon Rondo start. Yeah, wants us. They'll come back. How long how long are they gonna? Will that be able to last us be an excuse for? Why? Darting there's three ways to look at it. Yeah, excuse cover story. Or reality. I think it's an excuse in a cover story. Yeah, then they, they need to face reality or we'll see, because you know, Lonzo gets out there and starts bawling out then why would you change anything? If he's comfortable coming off the bench? And you know what really doesn't matter. I guess who starts its who's finishing first time that there's the crucible of a one possession game three and change to go fourth quarter five minutes to go in the new NBA game. What are we? We're putting ninety nine cents down to watch it. Exactly. You know, watch the end of the game who's out there and I was out, I think my gas is going to be. It's Rondo I wouldn't it be right now just to say that coming in who knows this kid's rocked up. He looks great lawns. Eight. He's been working on the jump shots retooled a little bit. They're going to be. I don't think they're gonna win much. You know, there may be the fifth or sixth best team in the west, but they're going to be. Exciting. Every night there, entertaining their dramatic. There's a lot going on there guy who dominated. At his age last year that LeBron shows up in Los Angeles and I'm prophecy present. He will. I think they might be better than the sixth best team in the west, sir. I know a lot of folks around here are excited to say it, but last night Rondo got the start. Skipping. I on that. Put a pin in that as they say the business say. Older is is just a boy days away two weeks NBA season around the corner. All NBA is going to be hot and steer my right. Chris, you're news update have had it brought to you by the pilot. Now. For the federal live report rock men with the news, the twenty nine hundred Honda pilot with seating for up to eight and available intelligent traction management. You can haul around all your role pros this season, all around town, hurry into your local Honda dealer today. If you're on hold, stay on hold a ticket calls after this news update crisco before it kind of calm NFL news day for once here in between weeks, four and five injuries update and you guys on some Wednesday stuff. Doug Marrone said, as we mentioned earlier, winter four net not playing DJ Hayden up playing this week against Kansas City. Obviously a huge matchup between those teams right now. Sammy Watkins on his hamstring injury also up in the air as it currently Watkins is back at practice. He is practicing today. So that's good news with deformed for for cans. Hamstrings, just we'll see limited or not. I don't know. Yeah. Other guys practicing Joe mixing back. Yeah, he's back. He's back at practice today. Nursing, that knee injury. He is on pace to play against Miami. Geo Bernard dealing with the doing with an injury he was out today. So keep an eye on that. Dan Quinn said he expects devante Freeman to return to the lineup, that's huge for the falcons as they have a massive game against Pittsburgh. This weekend should be a lot of points and fun, and that game a couple of guys not practicing Jarvis Landry. Adrian Peterson, Darren, sproles, Corey Clemente. Randall Cobb, Toronto, Alison, Aaron Rodgers all not practicing today. So just monitor that throughout the week keep. Okay. Talking NBA, rich Mitchell, Bron, James. He had an MVP season last year obviously went to James harden, well, the annual MBA GM survey was conducted, and those results are now public as it was last year. Same thing this year, the warriors overwhelming favorites to win the championship according to the thirty NBA general managers eighty seven percent of the vote from them Houston and the and Boston or the two other teams who got some votes there. Man, the NBA is fortunate. I was thinking about this the other day. It's the only sport where there's no conversation before who do you think's gonna make the finals. The NFL season opens and it is open season on who you're Super Bowl, favorites. Okay. Could be on about. If you're an NFL team, basically three quarters of you have an NFL hope of a Super Bowl appearance and we all in the media are saying, you know, hey, this mine was patriots and Rams there were tons of chargers picks. There was some Texans picks. There were some sightings eagles on and on Agwu. Right. And for major league baseball, it is, you know, you can choose from a smaller group, but it still you never know a dozen teams or so that in the NBA who in the house not gonna, say Celtics versus the warriors. Who's going to say, what if somebody come out and say, I think it's going to be Kawai. Versus the rockets? Yeah, you know what? What what would people say to that might del tufo if you say versus the rockets, what do you think they'd say. It wasn't even paying attention. I don't know what you're doing over there. Saving your reading. You just did. Oh, great. Oh, grants for doing that? Yeah. So we know the wars of one three, the last four titles. And and so, yeah, they're the eighty seven percent favorite to win the championship and then to come out of the east. Ninety percent pick Boston with the only the only other team getting for the raptor lucky that there is so much excitement. On on the on the I don't remember what the love boat decks were. The Lido deck was what's the most important? The prominent Lido then there's the Leo on the Lido deck. Yeah, there's a ton of partying going on the Lido deck and the NBA where everybody's still hopes that their team can win and they love watching the ball out and it's got a big fantasy element. There's probably a lot of elements of of Vegas nature, of course. Yeah, but there's no drama, but there's John and thing is like last year everyone. It doesn't matter how we get there. The warriors the and even the top seed going in like what you want, and they were the Cavs, and the Cavs made it and and everyone assumed it was going to be those teams that made it. And this year it's Boston Golden State. I guess we'll see you talking about 'em NBA MVP, James harden won the last year. Of course, LeBron James was the favorite to win MVP this year. Thirty percent of the GM vote. Kevin Durant, second twenty, seven percent. Now, this one I thought was interesting. The player GM's would want to build their team around and guess who thought one. This poll Tatum Jaanus onto Donald slow, thirty percent. Okay. Waiting vocab or their player picked to start a franchise. Anthony Davis future Los Angeles Laker twenty three percent there at your liquor. Nice, of course. He signed a couple years ago, so to see bronze banishment. So. But what would a LeBron VP's and look like. I would think they would have. They would have to be taught for the last year. He was top for the Cavs were fourth and he's numbers were absurd and nobody paid attention. Nobody because it was all hardened for the sixty. You know the the number one team in the west and they thinking about it'll be west going in. Let's see. You know, name a warrior Durant or curry. I think LeBron BBC's looks a lot like what he did last year and he gets the Lakers in the top four. The west is obviously the better conference top to bottom. That would be your Lakers buys. They'll be Lakers vice because the Cavs he had this supporting cast is much better than what he had in Cleveland. There's no Kevin love status, but the rest of collection together. Yeah, they're younger a little more versatile, little more athletic, and I just think if he comes into a new situation all the spotlights they're gonna be on national TV at tons because of who he is and they are if he can throw up Khanna what he did last year, thirty seven and seven. I think I think like like maverick Carter told us winning matters so he can get the Lakers into the top four. That'll be an MVP full. Full. And the last couple of baseball items cho- alter. We mentioned not going to be back with the Orioles man at historically bad season for them. One hundred fifteen losses the the fifth worst record in the modern era. And then lastly, just saw this major league baseball tweeted out teasing. Tonight's game. Not sure if you guys know this winter, go home. Moneyball verse the evil empire who's moving on to the official major league baseball. Twitter account come on calls you guys the evil empire. Are you serious? So there you go come on. Come on. It's official. Did Larry Lucchino takeover the major league baseball account? So what happened. Versus evil empire. What the hell. Yeah. So come on now. No, no, no. Hold on. Hold on a second. Where where with pride hold on a sec with pride. You know what? That's garbage. I I like the the MLB commercial where they're making fun of the unwritten rules. I had no problem with that. I know problem with that where they're making where they're basically saying that flip this, whatever the voice over is junior gang is hat back which as you remember was the death of baseball because he was wearing his hat back where his batting practice and he and then he's reveal with his hat backwards. Now as a bona fide goat hall of Famer saying, let's play the postseason. Eileen joy that commercial, but this stuff about calling the keys evil empire. Hey, guess what? Basically, whoever wrote this. I enjoy baseball without the Yankees brand international. Go ahead. Evil empire that come on man. No problem with that. People don't like them winning, but you would never never never on this green earth, no matter how many millennials or young kids who hit send without thinking. Any of those people in the NFL office using an official NFL account to call the patriots evil or heaters or anything that would never happen on this green beautiful planet. I'll take it rich where the best, the equivalent though. Right? The NFL count tweeting out the calling. The patriots, yeah. Or the deflators or or any any of that stuff for admitting that they're the most hated right doing that for the Cowboys too. Yeah. I'm wondering if Steinbrenner's calling up, what are we doing here. As opposed to our versus evil empire. That was pretty surprising. Kinda shocked at that. These are not the tweets, you're looking for. I mind messaging. These are not the tweets. You're looking full. Broccoli was discover card believes anniversaries should be a time of celebration, not obliga- shin. That's why they think annual fees are ridiculous. And right now just for giving them a try card members for new card members are going to get a one year anniversary gift. They'll never forget from discover at the end of your first year discovers gonna match all the cash back. You've earned dollar for dollar. No caps, no catches try it and believe it at discover dot com. Slash match only for new card members limitations apply before we get to Michael Kelly here on the rich Eisen show. Let's return phone lines. Let's go to all this should be. Oh my gosh. This should be a good one. Tom in Chicago, Illinois. You're here on the show what's up, Tom. Hey, Rick. Thanks for taking my call. The show you gotta help out. You're not a cubs fan who needs a hug. If you are, I'll give you one or, you know, I actually moved marriage Zona a whole. Okay, very good. All right. Know who does that sent me, but I'm here. While you love the cargo, you'll love the cardinals that much. You went to the home of the Chicago cardinals, Tom. That's. That's right. Okay. Back to the roots anyways, I went to the cardinals bears Monday night football game. Danny green meltdown. Yes. Was my first Monday night football game. I watched them on TV for like thirty years and I was excited, took my kids. They were dominating five minutes thirty six seconds left twenty point eight. I'm looking at the scoreboard all the all. The bears fans of left. Look to my kids. I said, it's a lock. We've got, oh Tom, mmediately the wheels came off. I mean this this whole thing is my fault. Tom, I'm gonna give you how. Watch you. Go give you bro, hug, tap, tap in the band. We thank you for the call, Tom preciado it. Then the bears let him off the hook. Of course, the four greatest for best words of The Danny green rent is not out of the mouth of Danny green. We just the bears what we thought they were. What we thought they were. Gosh, we played them in preseason third game in a preseason. We played third game. Everybody played three quarters, the bears or who we thought they were. Let him off the hook. That's why we took the damn field. Now, if you want to crown them, then crown s. But they are. We thought they were. We let him onto hook. We got here cure for best words. Thanks. Go go. Thanks coach, Matt line. Mark, Dalton, one of the best PR man in the business. Thanks coach. I mean the back to back be s.'s. Yeah, right. I think he used it in two different ways. Yeah. Yeah. Tiffany. One was just a declarative who Tae, who takes the third game of the preseason. Like it's Bs Bs. That's two different to do that. That fact that's take something use two different. Anguish. Next level language announced or an adjective. We got to go back to scores retirement. We get our adverbs. All right. Eight, four, four, two, four riches. That's a nice schoolhouse rock reference man. Michael Kelly is on the Calloway coin right now trying to drain some putts. Again, we love him as Doug stamper and house of cards, which is coming up November and he's also Jack Ryan. He's also in a theater near you coming up on October the twelfth in new movie called all square. 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Everybody else knows him as Doug stamper in house of cards. Good to see you again. Michael, Kelly. Pleasure. All right. Let's jump in with both fear because I know you're big, Atlanta sports fan. You are here in Los Angeles, California, the day before the divisional series, the Braves and Los Angeles Dodgers. And you're leaving on a jet plane? I am. I I have. I've been gone for, you know, I'm doing Jack Ryan right now, and I've been gone in South America for two and a half months in not been near my family. I think if I was gonna I'm gonna stay for a couple more days. You might not go over so, and I just miss him so much. I, it's your dad, I doing press for this to impress Raza cards. It's just been a busy which is great for you. So how are you keeping up with the Braves down in South America. I and I'll be man. I, I could actually stream the games from that, so it was great and that. And if I was at work, the phone cell receptors on so great, so I can get text, but you can't actually get the app and a lot of places. So my dad and my brother and I, we constantly every game were Texan back and forth. So you're on this study. Jack Ryan. And so you're looking down in your finding out about the exploits of Ozzy Albee's. Ronald Kuni juniors that are at center this incre. I love this team so much to it's it's been such a fun, you know? Yeah, this is the first time in five years. We've done that division, but it's been so fun following the minor league team in animatedly team, just watching them get to where they are today. So you're locked on what? What's going on triple a. and yeah. Yeah, you know, at least like the. Yeah, I'm pretty much familiar with all the thirty prospects and have been for five years. Very matter of fact, how many people actually do know what their top would, you know, Brockman your Red Sox top thirty prospects, no chance. I mean, I'm not going to see your name thirty. Anderson Colorado, like all these young kids, especially the arms that we have coming up. I was showing Brian, my manager on the flight here for next year we have you could feel two full rotations, and then there were still like three guys. That's all going to be in contention for top five next year. It's exciting time to be a brace and and the the freeze out there. The warning. I got it looks like you. You could be a little speedy runner. And I'm like. If he gave me enough of a jump, if he's like guys almost fifty, he gives you start. I if you looked like give them a good jump 'cause I could take because that's basically all the Braves are known for last year was the freeze pretty much. And now this year they're young team, but nobody's talking about, I mean, last night we saw Rockies cubs. I mean, today, it's all everybody's talking about is the cubs lost two home games and they're done, and the dodgers have Kershaw and they've got Manny Machado, and I could go on and on your about how the brewers are an underdog team, but nobody's talking about your Braves and what a great way to go into the playoffs. Right? Nobody's talking much you, nobody's considering you and and like you and I were talking about before it's house money. We weren't supposed to be here until next year. We were supposed to, I think, seventy three games, right? We won ninety while it's talked to a die hard fan as yourself. Michael Kelly here on the rich Eisen show, and you know, being in Atlanta sports fan as well. We were talking about earlier. Cubs fans all show up at that game. Last night, there dressed ready to celebrate and they see an absolute disaster unfold of what's the worst thing that you have been spectator for that you've seen with your own two eyeballs that you are just like, I can't believe I was here for this and you saw person negative yesterday as a sports fan where got in part in person like that. I don't know about in person that I mean, obviously the Yankees World Series was rough ninety. The wildcard game when the fans through the track the infield fly rule. Remember that. Crazy through all the trash on the field just madness like that's, you know, anytime you have a wildcard loss in just just to be a while game. Terrible, terrible feeling. But I can't think I guess. You at any Super Bowl. Have you been to soup now? Thank God. I was not at that Super Bowl, like is I almost went as would've been watching the falcons lose out of the patriots. I can't imagine if I had to watch that in in person, I would have walked. I mean, I remember walking from the bar. I went to see it with my friend, Greg, a patriots fan, and we've only gone out. We both walked back to our neighborhood from the bar and it was how do you walk back? I was just like, I can't believe this. What we believe it. Now he was very cool and you know, arm on the shoulder kind of buddy being like, I'm, I'm sorry, Greg, his buddy Gregg doing one solid for the New England sports community that might not have been sort of thoughtful. Yeah, yeah, people. It was a good friend right there. Yeah, guy. Okay. Good arts. Let's talk about your your film all square here. You kind of play a butter maker character from back in the day of bad news, bears guy who's a little bit rough around the edges. You play a bookie befriending a young boy, teaching them life lessons while also trying to make book and kind of, I guess, bring everybody together. Yeah, through all squares at an appropriate. Yeah, yeah. You know, it's a kind of guy who is trying to teach life lesson thinking that he's doing the right thing. Sort of like, you know, Billy Bob Thornton's character in bad, Santa, he he's giving advice like a genius, and he's not quite a genius, but he's got a good heart and the film has a good heart like it's got a, you know, it's not this. You don't get the super happy ending, but everyone gets a little bit better in the film. Like everyone grows like an inch and like the bad news bears. It's sort of this. Tip your hat. So to speak to that to that John RA to that old school style of filmmaking where it doesn't have to be this super happy ending is just this is cool little film and even kind of has that looked to as you saw in the in the Trevor? Well, you also told me there's an a little Lincoln and odd to the bad news bears at. Yes, correct. Chico's bail bonds. We have in the outfield there at the part, one of our banners in the field as Chico's. A little bit of back to. There's a couple of things in there that I think real sports fans get get a kick. Excellent, and it's theaters on demand, October, twelve and house of cards returns November second. Okay. For the final now, you for those who are watching right now and can here as well. You are a very nice person. Thank you. Smiling, allot laughing along Doug stamper. You play on house of cards is exactly the opposite. Yeah. Where do you find that? My, I always say that there's, you know, there's a little bit of you in every one that you play. You try to bring his much yourself to the character. I just I don't know where I am in that guy except for that he does. I believe, at least. I mean, I know that he does some horrible things, but he does have a good heart underneath. He does what he does because he thinks it's the right thing to do. But inside he's, you know. He's a misunderstood, kinda guy complicatedness kinda got right. It has a decent heart. He just never has had, you know, you see the relationship with his brother with his family. It's never nothing was ever great in his life, you know? So he just sort of finding his way through it and his addiction is work is all that is sort of a byproduct. You just find his way through life. Well, I'm not going to troll for a spoiler because I know you will not call one up yet, but can you does it? Does it get tied up in bow by the end of it, give us that. Certainly. Certainly a lot does. I mean, they do it is a a proper ending in a sendoff to a show that it's been on for for six years. You know, you do. I think the audience will feel some sense of of resolve to it. It's it's I, I'm, I'm such a, I can't believe the writers pulled off. You know, when you think about the fact that we were to in with Kevin, when when they. Us on the whole dare and what they were able to pull off in three months had author team. We're pretty much done and then completely rewrite a season in three months. So that's what I, that's I do remember that you were to would Kevin Spacey had known was pulled off the cast. Yeah, it they. So you as an actor and everybody else should go back to whatever you're doing, whatever you had to do. Yeah, remarks while the the writers came what we wrote the final season of house of cards. Yeah, and it happened in stages, right? We all went home. I was home when it happened, happened midday and Robin was there. And she said, let's finish today and the whole Christain. They were like, you guys go home and they write, let's finish the day and they all stayed and finish the day. And then we're on on a on a height, and there was a lot of uncertainty, but Robin and myself and Netflixing MARCY. Everyone was just like, we gotta. We gotta finish this and it was just sort of like, okay, but how. You know. So it was three months of sort of figuring out how could do it and how we could bring that conclusion for the fans. And and that was the first streaming show on Netflix. It was the first original content show, and I think everyone's just say, we gotta finish. We, we have to. So I because I was going to say that Michael Kelly here on the rich Eisen show that you know the alternate complement to house of cards is when you first came on the air. It's like, okay, interesting show. But it's on a streaming service. You know, like it's not on TV and it's not on pay cable and it's not something that I could just turn television on. I gotta find it on my TV or stream it. Now there's. Thousand thousand. Yeah, shows I I it's funny. I remember having the phone call with with be my manager and we were. He was like, how's it going? A few weeks in ventured, show me some some dailies adventure. Sure. Sure. And, and he said, how's it going? And I was like, we're making something in incredible. I don't know if anyone's ever gonna see it. Something incredible. You know, I, I knew you could feel it onset. The writing was so good directing loose over. The acting was was in credit had never been surrounded by such a group of fine actors at that time in my career, and it was just, we all knew it, but it was the unknown. Was Netflix funny. I mean, how are they gonna watch it, you know? And now it's just second nature and you're an Amazon show Jack Ryan with John. Christie, who is a diehard patriot fan? Yes. Because funny, you're on my podcast with my wife yesterday and she's a die-hard patriots fan, and she was making fun of my jet fandom without revealing her patriot phantom yet. And I'm guess what teams and you don't tell me. Tell in the way that which she was gloating. I was like a patriot fan. She didn't say diva like that's a patriots fan. We're gonna win. We always win Crecy like that to know he's, he's a pretty cool guy. I mean, he, he laughs, he laughs. About that. But windows actually worse because he's a saints fan. We've had him on the show and he is, but he told me something we were just together to birthday party few nights ago, and he said, you know what? Stop talking because he. I decided 'cause he was like he was. He was jabbing me about upcoming game, and I was like, I don't do that. Man. I, I don't talk trash because it just always comes back to bite you and he's like, what do you mean? He didn't understand. I, I don't know, man, good luck. So what do you say after the game he he was. He was pretty cool like he throws one around and then and then he's like, you know, I'm just playing, but then he told me, like, I think I'm gonna stop doing that one in three or falcons, unfortunately. But you got the Braves to be diving headfirst into the playoffs and all square in theaters and on demand October twelve. You're good man. Michael Kelly, with everything you're doing with the house of cards, can't wait to see the finale and Jack Ryan on Amazon and all square and everything else that you're up to. And you got always Michael j. Kelly JR junior on Twitter, I follow him. You should as well or back with more in a moment. The Lakers are visually here on the official Lakers podcast on podcast, one sports neck joint EMMY award winning sports reporters in pro host, Aaron lar- Soule as they discuss the Lakers news of the day and break down the upcoming season with the biggest guests around including shack magic and the new king of LA libra. Sean, James checkout the official Lakers podcast every week on podcast, one sports net or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. 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So show your love for your punter, but away it was on show this coming Monday. All third hour McAfee. All right, hashtag for the brand about that for the brand. Oh, yeah. Well, done during artillery only segment. We went into a dream sequence because Maliki monk the rookie for for the Charlotte Hornets didn't you took off his warm up and had no jersey checked into the game with New Jersey. I was just like one of those dreams where you just like at your day, and then all of a sudden you're not dressed properly. You started going on how you ever recurring dream with all sorts of recurring a recurring dream that I'm back in school in my entire life as I've known it professionally does not exist because I didn't study for an exam or didn't have a paper on time, and I'm freaking out and I wake up. And then you said you have back cave dreams, Batman, what do you mean. Birds and bat dreams. It's weird. Kidding. Are you the bird like your or. No, I'm like, you're Bruce Wayne. You're the, you're back. Batman, what do you mean? You're dreaming. You're in a bat cave for I get like crazy Dr. Dreams like that. It's not. They're not scarier. Crazy like is, have you sought help for this now? I've been talked it out with anybody. I mean, I wanna buy the batmobile if I can find it, but it's not for sale right now. It's available. I think in the car museum here in Los Angeles. Let's go to phone lines here. Jacob in California. You're here on the rich Eisen show. It's up Jake. Hey, rich, thanks for taking my call. You got it. Just want to say one thing before I tell my devastating sports attendance stories are, but just one thing I wanna give a shout out to my daughter who turned one year old today. Jacob look at you. Congratulations. Thank you very much. You are Welkom. So with that, the game attendant was a saints first Vikings in New Orleans on Monday night football almost actually ten years ago to the day. But so this game the saints shutdown. Adrian Peterson, he had like thirty five yards rushing or something like that. And Reggie Bush almost single-handedly kept the saints in the game. He had to punt returns for touchdowns, and he almost had a third one where he like tripped on his own feet, and otherwise he'd been long gone and had a third return for a touchdown. And again, almost like two hundred yards put return. But. Walk. Martine gramatica Martin gramatica missed a field goal. There was like a thirty yard field goal and Gus Farrah. After that led the Vikings down kick the field goal after that the saints lost the game, and I'll just never being super pissed about it. Jacob, at least you've got your daughters when your birthday too much onto today. Thanks for calling in right there. I thought, you know, Vikings saints. I thought it was gonna go many different directions. I thought he was that Viking fan that was in the the dome for the NFC championship game. I thought it might have been the season kickoff after the saints at one at all. He went off the board. You know, I was in, I was in, I was in that dome when they reopened it for Katrina, that was unbelievable. Just to go positive here because we've been going negative on it. That was unbelievable. I was there for for the NFL network and you know that was the Steve Gleason moment. Right? And I'll never forget. It was me Marshall Faulk, Steve Mariucci. We did the pre game show for that. Spike Lee came on our set so to Paul Tagliabue they reopened the dome three plays in YouTube played. There comes the punting unit, and we all know that you know out came no YouTube play you to play that the reopening they didn't play. Yeah, they played the Super Bowl. Yes, they played before. Yeah, that's right. Wow, that I don't remember because I was remember things come March. Obviously the police in block punt. And then there's two other things too. Okay that I remember for that game. One is on the sideline with Marshall Faulk who is the most popular guy in that stadium because he's from New Orleans. And security comes up to me as I'm standing tomorrow and says, you've got to leave the sideline. What. Tell you the story kick me off and I say to Marshall like this, you have to go to guy. Ios note. He could stay, but you have to go. What. So Marshall talk to the security guy. After I left the stadium and he, he cut me back in. He said the security guy told him that ESPN saw me on the sideline and kick me off. Yeah, my old employer somebody called down and said, he's gotta go. Marshall can stay until I get an SPF inviting more. So now it's time bump. But that was a few years after I hadn't gotten SPN vite. In a mall now, while we got right, I mean, and then and then. We left right around the third quarter because we weren't doing the postgame shell and we're like, aren't mooch. Let's go out marshals. I got the spot. We were all set and she's like, nominee go down. I gotta go to sleep. I'm gonna go back though. Tell room. I'm tired, come on Steve and he goes next time. I'm like, yeah, next time almost off the right and they celebrate a resurgence unlike any other with a block, punt that nearly absolutely took the rue took the roof back off. Right. Let's do it. Then. Come on. The times which went back to his hotel room. Alan Dallas, you're here on the show. It's up. Tweeted that you guys we've discussed before that I was that they call BELTRAN Coltart strike as I know. But I was at another. I think of another game I was at this game. I'll give this one New York football giants, playoff game, two thousand five versus Carolina Panthers at home, January eighth. They lost twenty three to nothing at home. It's not the pain of the calls BELTRAN play, but God that was awful. Yeah. Well, Carolina, not mistaken. Went to the NFC championship game that year. Was that the Super Bowl is that the other made it. Patriots. Those they went to the Super Bowl Sean foster, remember him. Yeah, they were day could hitch in the mouth. That team. I mean, there's nothing worse. There is nothing worse and I wish all your friends and California could experience being giant stadium in January. When your team is losing it is the coldest place on God's earth. Is that really it really would blow off of, you know, Jimmy Hoffa's grave and I'll give you another one. I'll give you another game. I was at jets giants. Probably eighty five eighty seven eight, something like that. Okay. Eighty nine. The giants had to win the game was the last game of the season. The giants had to beat the jets. I think they lost, but then the Rams the Rams won again in giant stadium. Last game of the year. It's the worst. It's the worst, the worst area to be in ever in the cold weather, and I'm sure they'll to been to Brockman Brocklin's. He's back in the eighties. Brockman. Thanks for the call out out eighties Brockman. You were just a young pup looking at dick McPherson hoping that you're Syracuse. Orange connection would actually lead to some patriots wins. The Tony eastern era, I believe I lived in Virginia in the late eighties. Okay. My grandfather was a Redskins fan. And then when did you love? When did you start loving the patriots moved to Maine until you move to me. Okay. There you go. And you're close proximity to Michael Kelly today, he's a big Georgia bulldog fan. I'm a huge bulldog. I know that as your watch is in overtime yesterday. Going to the Braves game tomorrow really braced for now. Okay. That's gonna be fun. Fun darling, Andy, Dalton, Michael, Kelly, wanna. Thank them tomorrow. Show Lincoln Riley Oklahoma's taken on Texas. Lincoln Riley wants talks and Baker Mayfield Michael chiklis is in studio. Yeah. He might bring his pug named Tom Brady. The pug has been invited and Sindbad will be here as well. And I will either be here with bells on or a shell of a man. As according to major league baseball, the evil empire puts it on the line, adding it's moneyball. I mean, come on. All right. Enjoy the baseball. We'll discuss it on Thursday. This week, it's all about survival and rob sister Nina is here to help checkout. Rob has a podcast as he kicks off a new season of survivor. I guess you can go from a, you were almost David, but you're back to a dud, but you cannot go from Goliath to a David impossible. You don't wanna miss this checkout. Rob has a podcast every week on podcast worn or wherever you listen to podcasts. The Starlight lounge presents an evening. Progressive box. Oh, what a great honor. Let's Jim, the lights for this next one too much there. It is. Gotta get things just right. Like progressives name your price tool. Tell us what you want to pay and we hope you find coverage options, future budget, and now the movies, right. Wait, the lights are back on again, Trudy can you know it's completely dark, progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. The FBI investigation of supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh may wrap up today. We're told the Christine Blasi Ford who accuses him of sexual assault apparently has not been interviewed, nor has he does that worry key Republican Senator Jeff flake while we have a statement of Dr Ford and then we have hours of testimony. So frankly, when we talked about an FBI investigation. Was to follow up leads, Mike corroborate her account. So I, I don't. I'm not troubled by that standing next to Senator flake on Capitol Hill, his friend, democratic Senator, Chris coons for whom the speed of the investigation raises questions of that would concern me. I hope the FBI has been allowed to follow all the reasonable leads from the credible allegations that were before the committee last week, and I know that puts them under a lot of pressure, but they've got the resources to do it. He and Senator flake were on the today show this morning. I'm Rita Foley.

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