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Entertainment design just for you, then checkout customizable streaming TV from finishing it makes your life simple easy. Awesome. Expended, he gives you customizable streaming TV options. Enjoy the most free shows anywhere on any device and even access your streaming apps right on your TV with x one. Go to spin dot com call one eight hundred spineta or visit a store today to learn more restrictions, apply. AP radio news. I'm typically at a rally in Houston tonight for Senator Ted coups President Trump accuses Democrats as threats to people's rights, Democrats to replace freedom with socialists. They wanna replace Texas values with Nancy Pelosi value during the rally Trump also calls his former GOP presidential rival and twenty sixteen as being one of his top supporters in Washington twos is a competitive race against democrat, beta Aurore former President. Barack Obama also campaigning ahead of the midterm elections, which are in fifteen days. Does the crowd in Las Vegas? His administration started the economic recovery. Wages were rising uninsured rate was falling poverty was falling. And that's what I handed off to the next guy. So so when you hear all this, talk about economic miracles right now, remember who started thousands of Central American migrants resume, their trek toward the US border with Mexico many bristling at suggestions. They could be terrorist among them. They also say they're being used for political ends by President Trump, Sarah Pierce's with the migration policy institute in Washington issue of the caravan. It's kind of a politically benefit issue for him. It's coming right before the midterms. He campaigned on immigration and being hard on immigration that served him well in his presidential campaign. So I think he sees this as an opportunity to really boost the Republicans going into the midterms as well. Supreme court blocks the questioning, commerce, secretary Wilbur Ross over the decision to ask about citizenship in the coming twenty twenty senses several cities and states are suing the government. They wanted Ross to be questioned before the trial which is set for next month. This is AP. Radio news. A San Francisco. Judge uphold the jury's verdict, Monsanto's weed killer roundup caused a groundskeepers cancer, but she did cut the two hundred eighty seven million dollar award to seventy eight million dollars mega millions fever across the country as a lottery. Now, tops. One point, six billion dollars for tomorrow's drawing at Donahue with more before buying ticket. You have to get over the huge. I've more likely get hit by lightning than winning, but she don't play, can't win either. Then there are the numbers Gordon Medina with mass million says sentimental numbers may not win. The big prize ninety ninety five percent of the people are quick draw. Quick pick random. But if you've got a favorite number, your birthday or your aniversary go for, he was on NBC's today. Show Doug Lloyd near Washington. DC has already started financial planning. We'll put some away and in schools and recreation centers for the children. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news. Hey, covert listeners. There are some things that shouldn't stay top secret. Here's some new Intel that I can safely share with you. We have officially launched emerge store and it's live on audio, boom right now. So if you love covert and you wanna support it head over to audio, boom dot com. Slash merch slash covert. You can buy all kinds of things with more being added all the time. Personally, I love the covert tote bag pretty slick as it to carry my night vision goggles. Go check it out audio, boom, dot com. Slash merch slash, covert. Thanks for your support. Is my let me know on stars goal should honor start full, Kerry what you do to me cafe, shin, nethon new. TIMMY, you could bring a bullet, bring us bring a more, but you came bring the to me Alexa, play Kendrick, Lamar and says, okay. With Amazon music, avoid all you need, get tens of millions of songs, download the Amazon music app today.

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